The Voice Semifinal Performance Recap: Runs, Baby, Runs [Updated]

tony luccaIt’s not easy being a contestant on The Voice. Not only must these fledgling artists show extreme patience at getting upstaged in the midst of their critiques by chants of “I love you Adam!”/”I love you Xtina!” (possibly delivered by Adam’s and Xtina’s assistants, disguised in trench coats and sunglasses) but they also have to endure backstage interviews in the Sprint lounge conducted by a babbling ponytail attached to a stem-cell smoothie. (Sometimes that entity is referred to as a “Christina Milian.”)

This week’s semifinal show, however, proved that sometimes it’s worth putting up with a whole lot of production-related nonsense as long as you get to see a star (or two, or maybe even four) blossom right there on your television screen.

The only thing that sucks for viewers are the vagaries of The Voice‘s voting system and seasonal structure. On Tuesday night, the Season 2 Top 8 will be slashed in half — with only four singers surviving based on a combination of viewer votes and scores from their own coaches that were collected tonight by an accounting firm and won’t be revealed until the results-show telecast. And it won’t necessarily be the four best contestants who move on to next week’s finale, either. One hopeful each from Teams Adam, Blake, Cee Lo, and Xtina are guaranteed berths in the finale, resulting in dubious instances of apples vs. oranges, apples vs. bagels, and bagels vs. toothpaste.

In other words, Voice fans: If you’re sitting on your living room sofa and shouting “Why can’t I have another week of Juliet and Jamar?” then you are not alone.

Who knows, maybe a last-minute rule change will save the day, or at least the season? Or maybe Blake will sacrifice both of his team members and do a last-minute draft of Cee Lo’s eliminated contestant? Until then, let’s dive into the week’s performances!

Tony Lucca (Team Adam): The Heavy’s “How Ya Like Me Now” | As a Malibu Shores fan, it’s hard for me to admit that I’ve been mostly underwhelmed by Tony all season, but who’d have guessed that fancy footwork would turn out to be the missing ingredient in the guy’s performances? Seriously, Tony’s whole get-down-with-the-git-down sidestep/shuffle was like a spicy mustard bringing flavor to his basic-turkey-sandwich-from-the-local-deli voice. Yeah, dude was dressed like a waiter in a high-end restaurant, and no, I’m not sure we needed the slinky backup dancers pointing the way to their nether-regions, but at least we got energy and charisma, if not a particularly distinctive tone. (And the spoken-word twist on the chorus heading into the final refrain was a nifty touch, too.) Xtina, sharpening her claws against the stone wheel, took credit for Tony’s song choice (apparently she cleared it for her own contestant, Moses Stone, before his early ouster) and then lobbed one more bitchery bomb at her former Mickey Mouse Club cohort: “If this doesn’t work out, you and Adam can start a Britney cover band.” Grade: B+

Erin Willett (Team Blake): David Guetta featuring Usher’s “Without You” | I started getting all excited by the pre-performance package, with Blake going on about how this would be Erin’s big, breakthrough moment, but it was clear from the very first note that her slowed-down rendition of David Gueta’s soaring club anthem was gonna be Rated W…for Waah Waah Waaaaah. The opening verse was simply pitched too low for Erin’s comfort zone, and she delivered the song with a clumsy cadence that stripped the impact from the lyrics. And then, to make matter worse, Erin let her emotions get the best of her — not all that surprising considering that her dad recently passed away — causing her voice to close up and her grasp of pitch to slip away like a rope through a mountain climber’s hands. Indeed, the fall was tragic, and ultimately gory. Grade: C-

Chris Mann (Team Xtina): “Ave Maria” (classical) | I probably shouldn’t let myself get irrationally irritated by Chris’s whole “my voice is so amazing and powerful that the world doesn’t understand it, but now I’m just going to let it soar” shtick, but it always feels so rehearsed, so phony, that I find myself shutting down before he even sings a note. It doesn’t help that the guy can barely contain a grin of smug self-satisfaction every time he hits a big note, but I can’t say his rendition of “Ave Maria” wasn’t pretty in an “if you can’t afford Josh Groban tickets, why not try Chris Mann?” sort of way. Still, while Xtina had a point that not many of Chris’s opponents could handle the difficulty of a classical ballad, it has to be said that her prodigy hasn’t exactly proven adept at handling the challenges of modern music, either. Call me when he’s mastered James Brown, Xtina! Grade: B-

Jamar Rogers (Team Cee Lo): Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes’ “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” | Speaking of irritating shtick, as much as I love Jamar as a performer, sometimes I wish he’d occasionally let up on beating the new-age spiritual-guru drum, reminding us that he’s the champion of underdogs everywhere, the living embodiment of overcoming the odds, a beacon of triumph and second chances. Okay, okay, he’s an incredibly talented dude who’s overcome drug addiction and bravely faced an HIV-positive diagnosis, but let’s not confuse him with Mother Teresa delivering meals to impoverished children in the slums of Calcutta. (That said, a nun’s habit might’ve been more flattering than Jamar’s purple tux jacket with tails, matching baseball cap, chainmail vest, and tight white pants.) And yet Jamar’s voice is truly special enough that it’s easy to put aside his sales pitch and focus on the actual product. I’m not sure the electronica-infused arrangement of “If You Don’t Know Me…” added much emotional impact, but you’ve got to give Jamar credit for pushing himself artistically and not just following in the wake of Harold Melvin and Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall. Those glory notes on the chorus were flawless, and I loved how he zagged against the expected with that closing bass notes. Xtina bursting into song on her critique may have been a ridiculous reminder of “I can sing the stuffing out of a ballad, too!” but I still wouldn’t mind a duet with these two at the finale, y’know? Grade: A-

Teams Adam & Cee Lo: The Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done” | All four of these cats sounded great, though Katrina surprised me holding her own with Jamar and Juliet in a rockier arrangement. Grade: B+

Jermaine Paul (Team Blake): Journey’s “Open Arms” | When Jermaine started talking to Blake about wanting to present “the right me” for his semifinal performance, I got all optimistic. Did he mean the version of himself that doesn’t treat every note of every song like a serial strangler wrapping his powerful hands around a tender throat? But no, who was I kidding? This is Jerr-urr-urrr-maay-uhh-ayy-uhh-nuhh-ehh-ugggghh-ughh, the man who never met a word that couldn’t be drawn out to 15 syllables. (A moment of silence, please, for the word “cold,” which died a disfiguring death in the crushing embrace of Jermaine’s “Open Arms.”) Still, while I recognize that from a stylistic standpoint, Jermaine might not be my cup of arsenic, I also thought the performance was loaded with technical problems: Was it just me or did the dude come in late on the opening verse? And to my ears, that final set of runs devolved into a series of haggard screams that bore little resemblance to music. When Adam told Jermaine that he was no longer a background singer, I wondered if he was sneakily implying Jermaine had stumbled so badly he might have to look for a 9-to-5 office job. Grade: C

Katrina Parker (Team Adam): The Fugees’ version of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” | I wish Katrina had stepped off her little platform, or at least stepped away from the mic stand — “one time!” — and grooved a little bit during her rendition of “Killing Me Softly.” After all, this was the Lauryn Hill version (and not Roberta Flack’s) that she was tackling. But that’s just a minor quibble over a performance that was hands-down Katrina’s high point in the competition. Sometimes it’s nice to hear a gorgeous melody sung in a simple, unadorned manner, and that’s really where Katrina excels. She doesn’t try to bend her songs so much that they become grotesque balloon animals; rather, she fills ’em up with helium, nudges them into the air, and lets ’em soar. I get the sense that Katrina may still have some work to do in figuring out what kind of artist she wants to be, of learning how to put her own stamp on a composition, but I’m interested in hearing how she gets there. Xtina had a point when she brutally noted that Tony is the “obvious” “predictable” choice for Adam to reward his coaches’ points to, but “take a look at Katrina Parker because she’s a star.” Grade: B+

Lindsey Pavao (Team Xtina): Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” | Lindsey is nothing short of an enigma. There’s no denying the eerie-sweet tone of her voice, or the fact that she treats songs with a gentle touch of a grade-school science teacher placing a wounded baby robin in a classroom incubator. Her lovely, lilting “Skinny Love” — with a final set of notes as delicate as origami — stood out against the “more is more!” vibe of most of her competitors. And yet I sometimes get the sense that Lindsey wishes she could crawl under an amplifier, turn to pixie dust, and float back over to her local coffee house rather than be surrounded by a circle of vacant backup dancers positioned in a peculiar clap-circle formation. Even worse, I couldn’t understand a single word of the opening verse of her “Skinny Love,” which is somewhat problematic for a performer whose wheelhouse is emotion and feeling. I have no idea whether America and Xtina will end up siding with this peculiar soul or her more outgoing, outsized rival Chris Mann, but if I’m being honest, the finale would be a lot less interesting without Lindsey, no? Grade: B+

Team Blake & Team Xtina: Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” | This went up to the edge of glory, and then fell right off the cliff. Chris Mann was especially terrible, though Lindsey really struggled with pitch, too. Grade: D

Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo): “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” | Had Juliet opened the show instead of closing it, there would’ve been a logical explanation for Xtina wearing nothing but a black frilly jacket to the proceedings, because Juliet’s vocal was so raw and gale-force, I suspect she might’ve blown the pants off of several members of the love studio audience. What was amazing about this vocal was the way Juliet got lost in the wilderness — it was almost as if something feral and wounded had taken hold of the microphone — and she never lost her command of the melody, never let her howling delivery of the chorus veer into a place that wasn’t musical. It’s hard to fathom that on Tuesday night, either Juliet or Jamar will get the boot, while either Jermaine or Erin will advance to the finale, but if this turns out to be Juliet’s final impression on The Voice audience, then let’s all offer up a collective prayer that a major-label deal won’t be far behind, eh? Grade: A

Should Advance to the Finale
Juliet Sims
Jamar Rogers
Lindsey Pavao
Katrina Parker

Will Advance to the Finale
Juliet Sims
Jermaine Paul
Lindsey Pavao
Tony Lucca

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  1. shelbybb says:

    NO CONTEST – Juliet won! Amazing, epic performance….just WOW!

    • Chris says:


    • Rolfe says:

      But if Jamar gets enough votes, she goes home. This is when the format of the show faults.

      • matt says:

        Only if Ceelo isn’t brave enough to give Juliet a higher percentage than Jamar. I love Jamar, but Juliet deserves to go to the final

      • ET says:

        Exactly. That is what totally BLOWS about this show, the stupid format. Finally we get to see ALL the performers on stage on one night, and the next night half of them will be GONE (and with them one of the two BEST singers!!!!). Total stupidity on the part of the show’s producers.

    • angelstorm says:

      Yes !! So so so good !!

    • Lynn says:

      Does anyone see the resemblance of the Voice logo (the hand holding the mic) with the logo from the movie “12 Monkeys” ? I can’t help thinking that every time I see it.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yes, she has been my favorite for a long time. I bet Jamar will surely bump her off though…. with how the voting goes on these things. A real shame she is on his team. He is quite good himself although his last two weeks seemed weaker than his earlier stuff which was often great. But yeah it’s gotta be Juliet for the win!!! But with the weird elims she might not even make top four. Gotta hope she will. Crowd loves her like mad and I see on here people do too, but that Jamar just gets the votes like mad. Hopefully she can somehow squeak on by.

    • TinyTim says:

      I have to laugh at these grades you give, I wish your were one of my teachers, lol.

  2. Love you, Slezak, but I cannot sign off on Jermaine > Erin. They both are underwhelming, but a lot of her problems could have been helped with the band backing off. He was a shouty mess who sounded like his voice was changing on the runs. Eesh. Edge of Glory was just the worst…if only we could nix all four of them and watch Adam/Cee Lo’s teams fight it out.

    Katrina is my favorite for sure.

    • S7 Fan says:

      Katrina is my favorite too. I see the high percentage of votes for Tony L, and I go, Huh? The guy, in my opinion, is cocky and creepy.

      • ET says:

        I have disliked Tony from the beginning; he is a decent dancer (a LOT better than me, lol), but only an average to below-average singer. Only the “Mouseketeer” sympathy vote has kept him in the running this far.

        • Autumn says:

          Maybe people vote for him because they actually know his music which is brilliant. And I don’t see how he is either creepy or cocky…

          • ET says:

            Now that’s rich…. Tony’s music “brilliant”???? LMAO. The guy can hardly sing his way out of a paper bag; he should’ve been eliminated in the battle rounds because Chris Cauley was FAR better; I suspect that politics was involved in that faulty decision.

          • mariah says:

            Um, yes, ET. Tony’s music is brilliant. There’s a reason he’s been supporting himself as a touring artist for the past decade and a half. He’s also won song-writing awards. If you’d do a little research you might know that.

          • Diane says:

            If Tony is so successful as an independent artist already supporting himself, why is he on this show???? He is the weakest singer of the 8 and has been carried by the band and background singers. If he’s great at independent releases and touring, he should be grateful for it. I know it’s a long shot, but Katrina really is the voice and deserves to be in the finals. I bet she could out sing Tony in her sleep.

          • omfug says:

            Except that the audience is supposed to vote based on what we hear on the show, not what Lucca records otherwise, and I have been unimpressed by him on the, Katrina, on the other hand is wonderful and deserves to advance, but with the poll above showing that freaking Tony would be in second place behind Juliette is pretty sobering.

          • ET says:

            Mariah, if Tony’s music was so “brilliant” then he wouldn’t even need to be on this show now, would he??? He would have made it a LONG time ago just like his buddies Justin and Britney and his not-so-buddy Christina. What Tony has brought to the show is NOT impressive in the least.

      • Mike says:

        I don’t see anything creepy about him. Katrina is good but no better than anyone else on the show. I don’t like the way Christina is trying to tell another judge how to vote. In fact Katrina is almost my last choice.

    • Renda says:

      couldn’t agree more, Katrina, Tony, Juliet, and Jamar should be the final 4 hands down

  3. Denise says:

    The Jamar or Juliet elimination is the one that will hurt the most!!

    • TheBeach says:

      Yep, that’s the fatal flaw of The Voice. When the two best are one the same team it just ain’t fair. I think when they get to the semi-finals, it should be the top 4 vote-getters moving on to the finals. Throw the teams out the window.

    • JVC says:

      It totally sucks jamar and juliet can’t both be in the finale. Seriously Juliet completely won me over tonight, and i won’t be surprised to see her go through instead of jamar. I kinda wish they were on separate teams, but both might not have made to this point. All in all, something is wrong with america if either jamar or juliet don’t win it for Team Cee Lo.

      • Sheri says:

        OMG–Juliet and Jamar are the best. Agree the format should change, but as usual CeeLo has the vision to pick the best singers. Can’t wait for results show since Vicci and Dia will be there. Hope Vicci can sing her new song “Come Along”

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah it does really suck taht they are both on the same team. It’s gotta be Juliet but Jamar would deserve it more than some of the others.

  4. rochelle says:

    I thought Juliet and tony were the best but 59 year old dad Hated Juliet so much he wanted to change the channel. Erin and Chris were the worst with Chris far behind. I do not understand his appeal. It’s like a terrible cover of what someone thinks josh groban sounds like.

    Once again it was pretty clear that Christina has a problem with tony that for a beyond his voice/performance. I’ve had just about enough of hee barely concealed sneer.

    • Mariah says:

      My thoughts exactly! Juliet killed it twice in one song and Tony was just an amazing opener for the show. Everybody in between got lost and I do NOT get the Jamar love. His voice is great, but every one of his performances fails to do anything for me. Also, IA about Xtina. I can’t even imagine what her problem is and why she seems determined to undermine Tony at every turn.

      • matt says:

        She probably had a crush on him in the Mickey Mouse Club and he wasn’t into her.

      • Nicole says:

        I think she feel the need to slam him because she knows he is so popular with the support of Justin Timberlake. And he probably gave her the cold shoulder during the MMC

  5. Chris says:

    1. Juliet : I repeat what the guy in the crowd said, “THAT WAS SO F*CKING GOOD”! Standing ovation in my house! Hands down the BEST performance of the season and THAT is what I want to see, hear and feel when I go to a concert. WOOOOW!
    2. Jamar : I absolutely loved what he did with the song to make it ‘fresh’ and that voice! He played it all out in the tune.
    3. Tony : I really liked everything about this performance down to the dance moves!
    4. Katrina : The only thing I wished she’d done differently was get into the groove of the song a little more while the mic was on the stand (move those feet girl – pull the log out).
    5. Lindsay: She held the notes to point very nicely (didn’t like the evening gown + guitar). She did a really good cover and I enjoyed finally getting to hear her voice. She SMILED and I liked it.
    6. Chris : Beautiful. He sure does have a good ‘roll’ in the tongue.
    7. Jermaine : I love Journey and those songs are not easy to sing and pull off, so just for that I am putting Jermaine ahead of Erin by a smudge …
    8. Erin : She looked very pretty and did a good job.

    If Juliet could have sung, “All These Things That I’ve Done” solo, I would have totally been OK with

    I adore CeeLo Green’s heart and his humor.

    What is up with all the returned I love you too comments when they are giving critique? I do not understand. At least Christina did say lets love Lindsay right now (after her return)…

    • TheBeach says:

      I agree with your Top 3 and your comments. The next 3 I might mix up a bit. Xtina’s Tony hate has become so obvious and unbecoming that it’s painful to watch.

  6. shelbybb says:

    I just went back and read your re-cap. You crack me up! Always on point! (That’s why you get paid the big bucks – huh Michael?) Good job!

  7. Tom says:

    IF ONLY these ‘teams’ were irrelevant. A Juliet/Jamar finale would be a showstopper. And yet, one of them has to leave tomorrow. Can’t we just scrap Blake’s dreadful pair right off the bat to let Cee Lo’s team advance? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  8. Pat says:

    It’s absolute bullcrap that one of Juliet and Jamar has to go home. Such bullcrap.

    1. Juliet
    2. Jamar
    3. Katrina
    4. Tony
    5. Erin
    6. Lindsey
    7. Chris
    8. Jermaine

    • shelbybb says:

      Do you think there’s ANY chance TheVoice suits will come in tomorrow night and say there has been such epic voting for Jamar and Juliet, change the rules and let them both stay? It could save their show this season but would cause problems for next season.

      • TheBeach says:

        I would love that. Top four vote-getters period.

      • dan says:

        Nope, can’t change the rules in the middle (actually we’re near the end) of the competition. That would spell lawsuit!

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Except they have already done that – when they created instant eliminations, and thereby took power away from the voting public.

          • ET says:

            Yes, and that is what has made this show go down the crapper….. we, the public (and music buyers) deserve to have MUCH more of a say in who stays and who goes. :-)

  9. mazzblog says:

    Everyone is going to vote for Jamar but I liked Juliet better. It’s a shame they’re on the the same team.

  10. LonePalm says:

    I was underwhelmed by Jamar, Erin and Lindsey. Juliet is good, but can she sing anything that isn’t rugged or requires near screaming?

    I do wonder if anyone of the other 7 semi-finalists could give a decent version of Ave Maria…an incredibly difficult song…

  11. Spycigal says:

    Juliet & Jamar are best 2 IMO…. why oh why do we have to keep teams going into the Final!!!! The whole voting sucks, all the power is with the Coaches… which just made me realise The Voice is about the Coaches not the contestants… Ugh, I’m out!!!

  12. Rick says:

    Why are they even called “teams”? They don’t work together to take out other “teams” – they battle within themselves and destroy internally.
    TEAM ADAM: I’m 90% sure Tony will win, but I would love to see Katrina, saved twice by her coach, pull ahead and win America’s vote. However, neither will win the show.
    TEAM BLAKE: Both were terrible and have been overrated all competition. I’m picking Jermaine to move on, but neither will win.
    TEAM CHRISTINA: Both have seemed to have bad attitudes at various points in the competition, but tonight they both came off well and did great. Chris Mann has never impressed me (horrendous “Viva La Vida,” anyone?) and I was shocked that America picked him over Lindsay last time around, but tonight he was great. Lindsay, however, was brighter and more captivating than ever tonight- I’ve never been a huge fan of hers, but she looked comfortable and sounded fantastic tonight. The winner? Lindsay by a sliver, based on pop relevance… I think last round’s Bottom Two bout will activate her fanbase.
    TEAM CEE LO: Likely the team where we’ll find our next winner. Both were great tonight. I think Juliet did a bit better than Jamar tonight, but I prefer Jamar overall. The show is clearly pushing Juliet like none other- she always gets rave reviews and has gone last in 2/3 of the live shows. Since Jamar’s song choice was slightly forgettable tonight, I predict that Juliet slides ahead.

    Katrina Parker
    Erin Willett
    Lindsay Pavao
    Jamar Rogers

    Tony Lucca
    Jermaine Paul
    Lindsay Pavao
    Juliet Simms

    • Ansa says:

      My faves and should be top four


      unfortunately I think we will get this sucky all male top 4:


      I hope Ceelo, Adam and Xtina have the guts to give their female contestants a chance. If not I would hope for a Jamar win.

      • matt says:

        God I hope it’s not an all male final, if so it would be a disgusting indicator of the level of sexism in our society. Yes, I’m accusing young teenybopper girls of sexism. Time to start voting for your own sex when they deserve it, you young tennybopper girls!!!

        • tripoli says:

          Seriously? That’s a tad ridiculous. Nice of you to assume that all young, female voters only base their votes on who they find dreamy. None of the contestants are that impressive and will surely vanish, almost entirely after the show ends, much like the season 1 contestants. Voting is irrelevant at this point. None have staying power.

          • matt says:

            Gee you’re such a fan of the show! It’s great to see you actually take the time to read articles and comments about a show you love so much lol

      • Nik says:

        Wow. You totally called it.

        *sigh*. I hope this show is better next year. Everything has just been so upside-down and off this season.

    • marie says:

      “Why are they even called “teams”? They don’t work together to take out other “teams” – they battle within themselves and destroy internally.”
      Just one of the many problems I have with the ultra-contrived format of this competition. It IS kind of ridiculous that the contestants never really compete with anyone except for their own “team” members, isn’t it? Over The Voice in a big way; next season, I’ll probably watch the blind auditions – the best, mabye the ONLY good, part of the show – and continue to watch ONLY if there’s someone who absolutely knocks me out in an Adam Lambert / Elise Testone kind of way (I don’t include Haley Reinhart only because admittedly she had to grow on me over the course of Idol’s 2011 season).

      • tripoli says:

        When the show first came out a I assumed it would be a team vs team type of set up. Seems more logical. It would make far more sense to pit one team against another, allow the voting audience to pick their fave, and have the teams advance like that. If a team is knocked out entirely, oh well, that’s the way it goes. Why bother choosing a team of really great people, only to have them eliminated one by one,and potentially before a weaker contestant? The show definitely needs to rethink the format. Seems most of the voting audience, and those that watch but don’t vote, are not happy with the current format.

  13. Jen says:

    Juliet and Tony was both amazing tonight. but tony gets my vote!!

    • FreeHaley says:

      why not both! they are on different teams! don’t forget to vote for Juliet!

      • mariah says:

        Tony’s my #1, but I love Juliet and voted for her as well! I will be so irritated if Jamar and his sob story win over her. He’s right to be proud of his triumphs over adversity, but reminding me every freaking week? Ugh. No. Just sing, dude. You don’t need the sob story to bolster you.

  14. Renee says:

    I’m watching on West Coast and just had to pop in to say that I’m disappointed in Xtina-and my standards for her aren’t that high. Sometimes she gives great, specific and honest feedback and others she’s like JLo’s more tacky, only slightly less evil sister. I def don’t think Tony Lucca is a great singer but the guy is in his late 30s and going nowhere as a contemp singer – yet Xtina – a pop icon – goes out of her way to be a bitch to him on natl tv – the unnecessary jabs – a ‘Britney cover band?’ Maybe Tony was a jerk when they were kids or something but I can’t imagine he deserves to be humiliated in his first and probably last moment in the spotlight. Badly done, Christina, badly done. (That was my Mr. Knightley btw:) )

    • uh huh says:

      AFTER she remembered who he was, she probably remembered that she’d had a crush on him on MM Club, and he wouldn’t give her the time of day.

      • shelbybb says:

        I thought the same thing. She had no idea who he was until someone told her! She doesn’t have time to remember all the little people she’s met along the way :(

    • CF says:

      Any comment that quotes Mr. Knightley is a win! And I agree completely. I don’t understand Xtina’s attitude toward Tony Lucca at all. In general, I thought she came across as a needy, attention-seeking adolescent last night as she managed to turn nearly every instance of feedback into a “yes, but look at what I’VE done” moment. Very unprofessional but sadly, it’s about all I’ve come to expect from her.

      • Christina says:

        My friend and I came up with a drinking game for this show. One shot every time Christina manages to bring attention back to herself. Double shot if she starts singing to show off that yes,she can sing.

        • JT says:

          You guys must have been F’D UP by the end of last nights show!!! EVERYTHING ended up being about her last night. Just once I would’ve loved one of the guys to call her out on that. You know they were probably so annoyed with her.

          • matt says:

            Well what was she supposed to do? She has sung the same song as Juliet, should she have just pretended to have never even released it herself as a single? I agree she’s a bit too hard on Tony, but she should at least be able to acknowledge that her and Juliet have sung the same song.

  15. RM says:

    Last year, all the judges split their votes 50/50 except for Adam. Say, if a judge gives all 100 points to one contestant, he/she will be guranteed to get through since the voters won’t go 100 percent to the other contestant. The Mouseteeer is pretty much guranteed to go through due to his fanbase, so Adam might as well vote 64/40 in his favor to look like he was right. Blake pretty much has no chance at this point, so he’ll go 50/50 again. Christina will probably go 50/50 and see whether the opera guy has enough public support over the coffee house girl. Neither one will sell many albums unless Lindsay can channel some original Bon Iver inspiration. Ce Lo knows Jamar can take the win, so he’ll go 50/50 and let the public take him through. A sobby back story beats old Mouseketeers any day in reality TV. Voters never like women rockers. However, Juliet was great tonight. Who out of this bunch can move any significant number of albums? Maybe that’s why Republic Records is so disinterested in the albums.

  16. Samantha says:

    Lindsey’s my favorite. I hope she makes it through and I also like Tony and Katrina was pretty good too. The rest were just eh I just don’t care for them much …

  17. robshq says:

    I am the only one here that has loved tony, jermaine, juliet, and katrina every single time. I really have a soft spot for jamar but….I want jermaine to win it all.

    • mariah says:

      You’re not the only one…I have loved Juliet, Katrina and Tony every time they’ve performed. I’m not a Jermaine fan, but he’s performed consistently well, I think.

  18. Chris says:

    Juliet owned the night but I feel bad for her because she’ll probably lose out to Jamar and his shoved-down-our-throats junkie/HIV story. Tonight he again told us what a “triumph” he is, and how he’s doing this to inspire us. Shut up already! I’m sick of it. Juliet outclassed him tonight and absolutely deserves the finale over him but I doubt it’ll happen. I actually preferred Katrina to Tony this week, but both did well tonight. It won’t even be close on the votes though. Tony, with his high frau support, will easily be in the finale and most likely win the whole thing even though his voice is nothing short of ordinary. Katrina… sorry girl, but there is no chance for you. I think Lindsey will squeak in there over Chris. We know Christina is going to stack the deck so her girl gets through. Erin was really awful tonight. Not sure what happened there, but Jermaine deserves the finale over her based solely on tonight’s offerings.

    • dan says:

      I’m tired of Jamar’s backstory. He’s actually really good, I just want to judge him for his Voice. As good as he was, I want to just vote for Juliet because she doesn’t have all that extra emotional manipulation.

    • Bobbie says:

      Jamar is just copying his good buddy Danny Gokey’s technique on Idol. You can hardly blame him. Danny brought up his deceased wife every single week for several months, let the tears flow and then reaped the reward. After awhile he stopped. Jamar did the exact same thing. He milked every last ounce of pity out of his story for several months. Now that he’s sure everyone knows it and will send him votes because of it, he doesn’t need to bring it up anymore. However he still wants us to know how we should admire him for overcoming what he did and how he is the torch bearer for everyone with a dream. Yeah right! LOL. I hope it doesn’t cost Juliet the finale but I think it might. America just loves their sob stories.

      • dan says:

        Blech, Danny Gokey. You called it. It feels like he’s convinced he already has it in the bag. It’s almost too bad, though, because he really was good tonight.

      • matt says:

        So judging by most of these comments it seems we are assuming that the rest of America isn’t as sick of Jamar’s sob story as we are and he’ll end up winning tomorrow night, even though Juliet was way better than him tonight. Crappy

        • tripoli says:

          Can’t really blame anyone but the voting audience if he gets the votes, can you? People seem to love the sob stories, even after hearing it for the 100th time. Too bad if that’s the case. Not crazy about him or Juliet, but I find her voice slightly less annoying, so hopefully she doesn’t lose out because she has less of a story to tell.

  19. allie08 says:

    While Erin was not my favorite of the night my heart goes out to her. That was not an easy song choice for someone who is suffering like she is. Having said that, the finals should be between Juliette, Jamar, Katrina and Tony. It is really sad that the show is structured in such a way that we will never know who the best voice really is.

  20. Tim says:

    I don’t see any future stars. The talent is really second-rate compared to Idol.

    • Jane says:

      I don’t agree at all! I’d take Juliet, Katrina, Jamar, Tony and Lindsey ANY DAY over Skylar, Hollie, Phillip, Joshua and Jessica. The only person on Idol I have really enjoyed is Elise. The rest do nothing for me.

      • Jason says:

        I agree. If i could switch Joshua and Katrina though because Joshua would easily be in the top four on The Voice!!!

      • Sheri says:

        Jane you are so right!!!

      • ET says:

        Juliet and Lindsey, definitely. The rest, meh. And the only one of the Idol finalists you listed that is sub-par is Hollie. Otherwise, Idol blows Voice away this year, hands down.

        • Lauren says:

          Agreed! The talent on Idol is much better this year. It’s easy to see. And the choreography on The Voice is a joke and super distracting.

          • ET says:

            The Voice seems to be relying on schmaltzy “choreography” to prop up the otherwise weak singers….. and the set looks like the bridge of a Klingon battlecruiser instead of the sleek, sophisticated Idol set.

  21. Forwarddad says:

    Jamar was not thrown down our throat as the poster said. They didn’t even mention HIV st all. I am so sorry about Erin’s dad but tears – enough. Please someone do something with Katrina’s Adele hair. Her childhood pictures show her as a brunette – she should go back to it. I really like Jamar – thought Juliet was okay. I thought the song was better than her if that makes sense.

  22. David says:

    I agree that Jamar and Juliet were both spectacular tonight. I’m also having a hard time deciding between Katrina and Tony. Jermaine easily beat out Erin. As for Lindsey and Chris, that one is a matter of opinion. Lindsey is beautiful, but her vocal style does nothing for me. Chris was awesome tonight. If I could vote Jermaine, Jamar, Juliet, and Chris I would do so.

    • FreeHaley says:

      The problem with Chris is that his hasn’t really found how to properly transform his voice over to pop, where it would be a huge voice, it’s stronger than most in pop, but he just doesn’t sing pop right and it sounds a bit weird most of the time and then when it comes to classical opera he is ok but I don’t really think he could make it there as any sort of leading opera soloist, put on a voice competition with the top upcoming opera talent I don’t think he’d come all that close to winning, he doesn’t seem like a top opera great to me and even that Jackie Evanco at like less than half his age shows more promise at that.

  23. Luke says:

    Jermaine’s “revelation” that he finally sees what his lady has seen in him for years. Oh, brother.

  24. dj says:

    I really loved Chris singing Ave Maria. I haven’t liked him singing anything else all season, so I sent some votes his way. I liked pretty much everybody tonight, although Erin got a little shouty for me. It seemed like everyone got back to doing what they were good at and picked good songs. I liked Katrina better than Tony, but I had to feel for Tony, because it seems like Christina is trying to stick it to him by influencing Adam to give Katrina a higher score. And what’s with Christina and the tiara? Girl needs a stylist.

  25. Gracie Bean says:

    Loved the show! Juliet blew the roof off and Jermaine was powerful as usual, but the most compelling performance was Lindsey’s…I love her voice and her performance of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love was amazing! Tony had a lot of energy and Katrina was entertaining (although she needs to learn to move–when that beat dropped, there wasn’t even a toe tap!)…As for the rest, that’s all it was…

  26. Blaine says:

    Ok Slezak. I have no feelings about Christina Milian one way or another. However, you are being mean & nasty about her for no good reason. Yes, her interview skills are nil, but she does not deserve this level of vitriol. You hit a new low this week that went beyond disrespectful. She’s done nothing to you personally. It’s sad, creepy, & disgusting.

    • Jane says:

      She really IS bad even at her simplistic job. She has to ask maybe five or six questions per show and cannot even do that correctly. “I’m standing here with… Well, I’m actually sitting here with…” It doesn’t bother me as much as it does Slezak, but she is noticably bad.

      • tripoli says:

        Agreed. She should be able to manage a bit better, having been a performer herself. She’s a pointless, useless addition to the show. They should scrap the backstage, media room all together. After 2 tries, they’ve failed to find someone good, so just cut it.

      • Sha says:

        I agree, she gets easily flustered, names wrong, phrases wrong, questions wrong and the worst part is, she seems to be stating what she hears through an earpiece and even then, she still can’t get it right. I don’t even remember the name of the blonde host from last year but she was miles better than milian. oh well ,at least we don’t have to hear her sing….

    • Jason says:

      I agree !!! It’s bordering on psychotic the way he’s going after Christina Milian. She’s no worse then your usual red carpet interviewer. Slezak has a long history of mercilessly tearing apart beautiful women like a shark who smells blood evry time he perceives them as messing up or not being good enough!!! It’s like him bringing up Kristy Lee Cook once every couple months when she hasn’t been on the show in four years!!! He also has a personal hatred for Katy Perry. Slezak is like an unfunny third rate Perez Hilton clone!!!

      • Sarah says:

        Psychotic??! Please, you need to chill. Sadly, Christina M. is actually significantly worse than most network red carpet interviewers. And I don’t agree AT ALL that Slezak has a history of tearing down beautiful women – on the contrary many of his favorite idols have been attractive women. And many, many of us think Katy Perry is a remarkably poor singer of silly songs made even more ridiculous by being sung by a woman approaching her 30s. It’s not misogyny – just a difference in taste – put away the machete!

        • Jason says:

          WHat beautiful women were his favorites? The only one I can think of was Haley Reinhart. ANd he spent the first three weaks of the season ridiculing her and calling her Haley Scarnato Shorts Reinhart”! Ok he liked Carly Smithson but she wasn’t the bombshell Kristy Lee Cook was. ONe other I can think of was Katelynn Epperly(who’s probably the most gorgeous girl ever on Idol) !!!! Oh and he liked Pia” It’s not that he doesn’t like a beautiful woman when she’s good. It’s that he takes a perverse glee out of tearing apart a beautiful girl if she stumbles even slightly.

        • Sha says:

          agree entirely with your post. and to Jason, who cares if the woman is beautiful? that doesn’t make her beyond criticism jeez. Slezak judges a person based on how they do their job, not how they look. While he may bring up klh every so often he also brings up “not so” beautiful contestants like paige miles…

          • Jason says:

            Criticism is one thing but bringing it up four years after the fact is something else entirely!!!! IT’s like Eight Days A Week was the worst abomination ever commited to music the way Slezak keeps harping on it!!! WHen truthfully she was in tune and attempting a little “originality” the same way David cook did all season by finding Rock covers of songs. She found a country cover of the Beatles. I liked it!!! FOr once and for all leave poor Kristy Lee Cook, Megan Joy, Ryan Star , Haley Scarnato, and all your other favorite punching bags alone!!!

  27. eclipse says:

    Juliet was chill inspiring….not since Adam Lambert did Mad World have I rewound and watched her perform this again and again. Her boyfriend is cute too!

    • perchance says:

      You’re exactly right!! I thought of my reaction to Adam Lambert when I heard her … and I had to keep listening…

  28. Paula says:

    My favorites were Katrina and Juliet. The big thing that has been on my mind this season, though, is what the heck did Tony Lucca do to Xtina twenty or so years ago that she’s still pissed off about now?

    Anyway, I voted for all four of the women tonight.

    • Sha says:

      I don’t think it’s past history like everyone keeps speculating. I think she just doesn’t agree with all the celebrity support he’s getting because she probably thinks it’s unfair.

  29. Sam says:

    Can the producers please tell the audience before filiming to stop yelling I Love You’s? It’s annoying and you can tell the judges think so as well.

  30. Ainsley says:

    Lulz at Christina needing to plug her own (admittedly awesome but a while ago) performance of ‘Man’s World’ instead of letting the attn go to poor Juliet. I almost expected her to suggest we go to YT. Wow, Xtina puts her tiara on with zero sense of irony. I’ve decided the Divas are mostly shallow narcissists attached to big voices.
    Go Juliet and Lindsey! Artistry and heart damnit! (I’m banging the table now)

    • Linda says:

      Totally agree! I got curious and checked out Christina’s performance on YouTube and I think the passage of time has distorted (inflated) her sense of self-importance. The reception that Juliet received versus what Christina got at the time is different. Juliet’s performance received a thunderous reception. I didn’t get that sense from Christina’s although she did getting a standing ovation. Regardless, Juliet’s performance tonight came across as genuine, heartfelt, from the gut. She moves me when she sings. Christina’s “emotional” performances always come across as disingenuous to me.

      And, finally, what’s up with her excessive bitchy attitude toward her former mousketeer, Tony?

      • Sha says:

        respectfully disagree, xtina’s performance of “man’s world” was as genuine as they come (as was Juliet’s). Why does it have to be one or the other? I LOVED both.

    • mariah says:

      Christina was out of control last night, seeking every opportunity to promote HERSELF rather than the contestants – even those on her own team! It was so annoying…not to mention her constant attacks Tony.

  31. Jason says:

    THe final should be one from each team and a Wild Card pick. So we could get both Jermaine and Juliet!!!

  32. Freyja says:

    Personally I think Hands down Juliet was the best singer of the night, she let it all go.. I am glad I am not the only one tired of Jamar’s sob story, this is about the Voice not his personal story.. But Sadly I think they will push Jamar into the final and Juliet will get shafted, if that happens I will vote for anyone but him. ;)

    Tony Lucca Butchered his song, sounded bad not sure how he got that far
    Jamar butchered his song OMG it was bad
    Chris Mann did alright, could have been better. But I love his voice.
    Jermaine- Really impressed me tonight, I was surprised he did a good job
    Erin- Boring
    Katrina- Did good I like her smooth vocals
    Lindsey- Did better tonight than all seaosn long, however she hasn’t been consistent

    Final 4 I want

    Jermaine, Juliet, Chris and Katrina

    • shamoo says:

      You didn’t notice that Jermaine started his song too early, messed up his words, was completely thrown off at that point, sounded shaky & had one god awful note at the end?? Did we see the same performance?

  33. Owen says:

    Okay, quit yer bitchin’ or watch a f*cking different show, this is how the rules were laid down, this is how tension is built. So Juliet has to fight Jamar. You didn’t think this was going to happen? Did you not watch the show last year? Did you not hear Carson lay down the rules at the beginning. Have you not been paying attention, is this a complete surprise to you? One person making a point how they wish it wasn’t so is okay. But again and again and again and again…

  34. FreeHaley says:

    Juliet FTW! Fer sure!

    Jamar and Lindsey for top four, although that is not possible.

  35. Lois Benton says:

    This show needs to change its rules. Team Christina is pathetic. Team Cee Lo has the two best singers. I love Jamar and Juliet and would buy albums by either in a heartbeat. Both should be in the finals. The other six singers can’t really compete with either. You know that viewer votes would rank them first and second. So unfair that we are subjected instead to either Chris Mann or Lindsey Paveo in the finals.

  36. Lois Benton says:

    Michael, I mostly agree with your scores, but Jermaine was a B+. I don’t understand your lack of appreciation for his singing. Tony Lucca’s performance was better than his vocals, which were good. You really have to score him twice, once for vocals, and once for performance. That was a really fun performance.

  37. 30CamdenSquare says:

    I’m happy as long as Juliet & Lindsey move on to the finals. I don’t agree that either Juliet or Lindsey had their best performance of the season tonight though.

    I loved that Lindsey sang “Skinny Love” (Birdy’s cover of that song is still my favorite version of that song though. Her version just rips out your heart.) and thought it was it was her best performance during the live shows. “Say Aah” is still her best of the season IMO though.

    Juliet was my favorite tonight, but I think “Roxanne” is still the best performance of the season, by anyone.

  38. Heidi says:

    Juliet was really good, but I still voted for Jamar and hope him to win the whole show. Juliet was perhaps even better than Jamar, since she brought more emotional and powerful perfomance. However, I really like Jamar’s voice and song choice since he is singing that type of music that I love. Looking at all the contestants on the show, I am most looking forward to hearing Jamar’s music after the show. His album is the only one I would consider buying.

    • ET says:

      I will not buy any of their albums, but if I won a decent lottery I would consider getting Juliet’s and Lindsey’s. That’s all.

  39. 30CamdenSquare says:

    Here’s how everyone is charting on itunes, at the moment. I’ll go by teams, lowest to highest.

    Team Blake
    Erin Willet – Not currently in the top 100
    #55 – Jermaine Paul – Opens Arms
    Side note – IMO the dumbest move made by a coach, this season, was made by Mr. Blake Shelton, when he eliminated Jordis Unga.

    Team Adam
    #41 – Tony Lucca – How Do You Like Me Now
    #31 – Katrina Parker – Killing Me Softly With His Song

    Team Cristina
    #66 – Chris Mann – Ave Maria
    #25 – Lindsey Pavao – Skinny Love

    Team Ceelo
    #34 – Jamer Rogers – If You Don’t Know Me By Now
    #9 – Juliet Simms – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World (Also Roxanne is back in at #98)

  40. N says:

    Christina’s version of It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World is way better than Juliet’s. just sayin’.

    • Ioanna says:

      Christina’s version was far superior not to say Juliet did a bad job. As soon as I realized Juliet was doing that song I knew she couldn’t top Christina’s rendition. And I’m a huge Juliet fan. As for the Christina hate on Tony Lucca, I suspect he must have done something recent to her to piss her off. I can see a bit of arrogant jerk in him. I don’t think her vitriol stems from the MMC.

      • mariah says:

        I think it’s more likely that the media’s reaction to Christina ‘snubbing’ Tony during the blind auditions has more to do with her attitude now than anything Tony has done himself. She was on his side during the pre-taped battle rounds (a very close battle between him and Chris, I must say). It wasn’t until the live rounds that the claws came out. I’m not sure why Tony would get blamed for that since everything I read/saw from him regarding that moment was total class, but… I’ve been wracking my brain all season long, trying to figure out what Christina’s deal is and I’m just at a loss at this point.

    • Sha says:

      I loved both versions but xtina gets the edge, no contest. Bar none.

  41. C Freddy says:

    can’t stand Jamar jermaine or Tony–and Chris is meh–it should be an all women finale–with Erinn going out first followed by lindsay. Let katrina and juliet battle it out for number one–both excellent yet very different

  42. Over it. says:

    Ugh. Jermaine Paul. Nobody murders a song like he does. His song choices are also ridiculous – Journey. What is this – 1980? I had to mute my TV until he was done. Just bloody tragic stuff. Unfortunately, Erin really sucked it this week. So he will be back…
    I love Ave Maria – except when Chris Mann gets his hands on it. There is something about the guy that I just can’t connect to. This is the only time I haven’t been moved by that song.
    I can’t believe I enjoyed Lindsey so much this week. It was like a completely different person – that I could hear and I just loved it and her. Go figure.
    I LOVE Katrina. Could listen to her all day long – but she won’t be Tony – who I also surprisingly liked. I love Xtina but her obvious animosity for Tony is getting old. She is starting look a bit silly. Let the old dude alone.
    The reason I will not watch this show after this season is the injustice of having to choose between Juliet and Jamar. It’s just wrong when either Erin and Jermaine will still be there. There is something desperately wrong with this show and I will not fall for the okey doke again.

  43. JoshJacksononOnceuponatimefan says:

    Christina A really gets on my nerves. My least favorite judge/coach. I really liked Tony, Juliette and Lindsay’s performances.

  44. Loni says:

    I’ve been disapointed with this season of The Voice, but I happened to turn it on last night and saw Juliet’s performance and was blown away. Incredible!

  45. Sophie says:

    The producers made a change midstream and had the mentors vote off one more of their own, maybe…I can dream, can’t I…they will change the rules midstream again and move the top 4 vote getters through to the finals. The only thing that could stand in the way is a major diva fit by Xtina. I think Blake would be upset, but would allow it to happen based on the performances last night. He seems like an honorable man.

  46. Becka says:

    Juliet was, by far, the best vocal of the night. She really does have a talent and a distinct voice that rates right up there with Janis Joplin. We don’t get many of those that come along and really do well. She deserves one hell of a record contract period. She’s too good to leave to dive bars!

    Chris Mann…i don’t like him for the show, but for Opera…he’s fine. he’s nothing special, but he’s good. Though Josh Grobin is far better and way less smug attitude.

    I like Erin, but I don’t think she can win.

    I really can’t stand Tony Lucca. Though he did have this Robert Palmer thing going on. I’m glad that Blake pointed that out! I don’t see his appeal really. he isn’t anything truly special vocally. He isn’t bad…he isn’t great.

    Jamar…i just have a hard time getting past his schtick. Yes, he is an underdog…but I don’t think he’s mindblowing either. But the kid definitely has talent.

    Jermaine…I’m just not a fan.

    Katrina…that was a GREAT rendition of that song. I like how it was solid…very true to the original…and not full of tons of embellishments like Jermaine does .

    Lindsay, great Bon iver tune…i like her…but she’s much more suitable to coffee house gigs. But she’s definitely got a unique thing going on.

    I used all my votes for Juliet though. I think she should win.

  47. Theworld says:

    Jackie Evancho killed Chris in their sing off tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Leila says:

    Juliet and Lindsey are the standouts on The Voice. Then Jamar. Hopefully all of them will be successful even if neither wins the show.

  49. Juan says:

    I love Juliet and was going for her all the way.
    Her performance last night just didn’t feel special, especially with her clearly feeling uncomfortably restrained in that terrible gown.
    Roxanne this performance was not..

    Alternately, Jamar’s rendition of his song felt fresh, and different. He felt in his element, and I think his performance was his season high-point.
    Jamar will win the whole thing, he is the poster boy they have designed now.

  50. Edwin says:

    Wow, The Voice is dominating the iTunes Top 200 Singles sales this morning:

    # 6 – Juliet Simms “It’s a Man’s World”
    # 15 – Lindsey Pavao “Skinny Love”
    # 22 – Katrina Parker “Killing Me Softly With His Song”
    # 25 – Jamar Rogers “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”
    # 29 – Tony Lucca “How You Like Me Now”
    # 42 – Jermaine Paul “Open Arms”
    # 49 – Chris Mann – “Ave Maria”
    # 81 – Juliet Simms “Roxanne”
    #121 -Erin Willett “Without You”
    #122 -Juliet Simms “Cryin'”
    #175 -Tony Lucca “Baby One More Time”

    • mariah says:

      Woot! That’s awesome. I have my favorites, but I think all of the contestants should be proud of themselves and I’m glad iTunes is reflecting that.

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      Great list!! What site do you go to for the current top 200?