Ratings: Community and 30 Rock Rise, Scandal Steady, CBS Dramas Flirt With Lows

Based on preliminary numbers for Thursday, ABC’s Scandal this week inched up 5 percent in the demo to match time period rival The Mentalist, which was down 12 percent to a series low 2.1.

In total audience, Scandal was steady with 7 million viewers, while The Mentalist dipped a bit to 11.9 mil.

UPDATE: Per final numbers, Scandal, adjusted down a tenth, was steady week-to-week, while The Mentalist, nudged up a tenth, avoided setting a  series low.

Teeing up the 10 o’clock hour for CBS and ABC, Person of Interest slipped 9 and 20 percent to its own series lows of 12.5 mil and 2.4, while Grey’s Anatomy dipped just a few points to 9.3 mil and a 3.2.

Thursday’s gainers this week were Law & Order: Community (up 19 percent and a tenth to 3.3 mil/1.4), the live episodes of 30 Rock (up 16 percent and a tenth to 3.6 mil/1.6), and Rules of Engagement (up 10 and 14 percent).

30 Rock Live: Who Flubbed First? Which Surprise Guest Was Your Favorite? Plus: Photo Gallery!

A few other notes:

* The freshman dramas Missing (7 mil/1.3), Touch (6.5 mil/1.9) and Awake (2.2 mil/0.8) all ticked down to new series lows.

* Big Bang Theory (12.52 mil/4.0) led the night in viewers and the 18-49 crowd, yet was down 6 and 9 percent to season lows.

* American Idol‘s results show was flat at 14.5 mil/3.9.

Michael Slezak’s Idol Top 6 Results Recap: Any Way the Wind Blows, Doesn’t Really Matter

* Both Vampire Diaries (2.23 mil/1.0) and bubble show Secret Circle (1.2 mil/0.5) held steady.

* Whereas Community and 30 Rock saw gains, NBC’s The Office (4.2 mil/2.1) and Parks and Recreation (3.2 mil/1.6) each dipped a tenth to series-low demo ratings.

What were you tuned into this Thursday night?

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  1. chris says:

    Grey’s > Person of Interest.

    • Wasajdad says:

      I think that you made a mistake. You meant to put “”. You’re welcome.

    • eridapo says:

      So with ESPN and the NFL Network combined, the NFL Draft had a 4.0 demo and 8M viewers. Add Basketball and Hockey to the mix, and Male skewing shows (like POI) would take a hit naturally.

    • greysfan says:

      Grey’s Anatomy is as strong as ever. The writing and acting has been brilliant this season and well i am so glad it beat up Person of Interest. I like both shows but glad Grey’s came out on top. The final 3 episodes look like they are going to go off. Bring it on.

      Scandal is an amazing show. Thought i wouldn’t like it but Kerry Washington is amazing in this and the show is just getting started. I think its a lock for a 2nd season.

  2. MGL says:

    I think Grey’s has upped its game a little bit. It seemed like Person of Interest was winning the hour for a while there. I also think TV viewership is down this year, or spread too thin. “Missing” is very good, but cannot win against Idol and BBT; and Vampire Diaries seemed for a while to be one of the few CW shows that rated above a “1.0”, but now it is in the same category as the rest, which could of course be due to Idol.

    • Kathryn says:

      I think The Vampire Diaries drop in ratings is in due to bad writing; the writing is subpar compared to last year at this time, and a dragged out triangle everyone is tired of.

  3. Daniela says:

    GREY’S is amazing this season! I find myself more entertained again than in the years before. Would like to see more of SCANDAL next season. It’s a nice show, but something seems missing…

  4. Alex says:

    Ouch, why is no one watching TV anymore? Big drop for Person Of Interest…didn’t it beat Grey’s a couple of weeks ago?

    • AliVee says:

      Well I almost didn’t watch person of interest this week because my TV guide did not say it was a new episode so I almost did not watch it! Glad I tuned in though because it was an AH-mazing one!

    • AliVee says:

      Well I almost didn’t watch person of interest this week because my TV guide did not say it was a new episode so I almost did not watch it! Maybe that’s why viewings were down? Good thing I tuned in though because it was an AH-mazing one!

    • Todd says:

      I think the problem with POI is that CBS has been really haphazard with its scheduling. It has only had 5 new episodes in the last 10 weeks and of those 5 shows, only two were shown on consecutive Thursday nights.

      • Lola says:

        I really believe that scheduling is honestly the major reason that networks are starting to be beaten in the demo by cable shows. I don’t think it’s the major reason that the networks ratings dropped so steadily over the past decade or two — that’s new media, cable competition, loosening of federal regulations, etc. But I think it’s why, or at least a big part of why, the basic networks see such huge drop-off in the spring and why some cable shows have been able to come close, or even beat them, in the demo.

    • John says:

      Here are the reasons why I think ratings are down
      1.Scheduling(I’m looking at you CBS and ABC). They have a break, then do two episodes then another break, then two more. It gets frustrating for people.
      2. People are too lazy and stupid to check if thier favourite show is airing a new episode.
      3. The most important reason is because the Nielsen system is dated. Gone are the days where a show can get 25-30 million viewers live. Its time for the networks to start including DVR and online viewing on thier websites to the old formula and they need to better spread out thier programing and not have random two week breaks.

    • eridapo says:

      With ESPN and the NFL Network combined, the NFL Draft had a 4.0 demo and 8M viewers. Add Basketball and Hockey to the mix, and Male skewing shows (like POI) would take a hit naturally.

      POI was hit hard by the NFL draft and other sporting events (Hockey in NYC and Basketball in other markets)

  5. happy-go-lucky says:

    Too bad so many numbers were down last night. It’s spring and almost summer so I’m guessing that’s why numbers have been down so much lately. I missed ‘Person of Interest’ last night. I’m sure it was good though. The only two shows I caught were ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which was pretty funny and ‘The Mentalist’.

    The ‘Mentalist’ episode last night was *amazing*. The case was interesting all the way through, we got some good team moments, loved the Cho stuff, loved Jane and Lisbon solving a case together, instead of over the phone/long distance during most of it. The writing was so moving and the ending especially.

    Daniel Cerone wrote this one, the same guy who wrote one of the best episodes of the season – “Fugue in Red” – and I just have to say the guy is a truly wonderful writer. He picked a great topic, the episode was funny and moving and just—I can’t praise this episode enough. I really loved the way he wrote Lisbon in this episode too. She was a great leader, smart, strong and yet we got glimpses of her soft side that she tries so fiercely to hide – which I chalk up to great writing of her character and great acting by Robin. The best part about last night? The ending. The song, Jane and Lisbon watching the cabaret and Lisbon tearing up in front of Jane, trying to brush it off– NGL, I got misty-eyed too.

    Basically the episode left me with these two thoughts: Daniel Cerone, why so awesome? And second, Jane and Lisbon on screen together are great. Seriously. Are they going to do something with them? They should. Oh, and ‘The Mentalist’ is really bringin’ it this season. I’m sad the season’s ending soon because it’s so good.

    • Joy says:

      I really love this write up of last nights Mentalist. It was a great episode. Anyone who missed it should watch for it to come up in a repeat. Wish I could write a comment as good as this one.

      • @Joy says:

        It was so good! I feel sorry for anyone who missed it. I almost did, but then someone tweeted it and I remembered it was on again this week.

      • happy-go-lucky says:

        Thanks, Joy. It’s just what I felt after watching it. So much goodness. :)

  6. michelle says:

    More people should be watching The Secret Circle. Its found its stride and I enjoy it more than Tge Vampire Diaries. Hope it gets a season 2. I’ll be disappointed if it doesnt.

    • It’s definitely gotten better in the second half of the season, though Cassie remains a bit of an idiot most weeks.

    • Justin says:

      Totally agree! It’s a freshman show and not really given the chance it needs. The Secret Circle is one of my favourite shows on the CW right now. Even though I like 90210, I wouldn’t mind seeing it cut to give TSC a chance next season.

  7. mick says:

    What do they expect every other week there’s a repeat. You never know when you’re going to get an original episode anymore.

  8. Coco says:

    Great to see Scandal holding steady. Hopefully, they’ll get a renewal.

  9. Chris says:

    Is Grey’s Anatomy still on? Really?!!! I believe the sexiest man on television (Jim Caviezel) has beaten the boring docs all season! Last night’s ep was great! I wish POI would get more coverage EW.

  10. Char says:

    I watched the NBC comedies. Loved Community, 30 Rock and Park & Rec, disappointed by The Office.

  11. holly says:

    I was watching the NHL game 7s, and I imagine many others were too. I DVR’d everything.

    • Jessica says:

      There were a lot of sporting events on last night. A lot of people also probably watched the NFL Draft and recorded their shows instead.

      • Laura E. says:

        That is an excellent point. Parks ratings especially concerned me. The real info will be in the DVR+3 ratings, because then we can see what people taped while they watched sports.

  12. bad kevin says:

    The Idol vs. Big Bang Theory showdown still rollin’ as does Grey’s Anatomy vs. Person of Interest. Last night’s Community spoof of Law & Order was drop dead hilarious. DUN DUN

  13. Heather says:

    Secret circle was amazing last night! Big bang theory was very disappointing. It looks like they are losing their bazinga

  14. kel says:

    POI could be down because a large part of it’s audience are males who like football and were watching the NFL draft instead. I expect of will be back up next week.

    • Danielle says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I’ll bet the guys were watching the NFL draft last night. I caught a clip of the “red carpet” at Radio City Music Hall on the local news shortly before it started and had no idea that big, brawny guys in football jersey’s hung out there. It was kind of funny. :)

  15. BLT says:

    Yeah, my hubby had to watch the NFL draft last night, so I dvr’d POI and can’t wait to watch it later tonight.

  16. LisaILJ says:

    eh, I watched the NFL Draft.

  17. Guest says:

    Thursday is the best night of tv for me!
    I am glad that TVD and Secret Circle held steady.
    It is interesting that Person of Interest was down as on another site they had like 12 million viewers and won the time slot.
    That is not good that Grey’s slipped.
    Awake had the same amount of viewers that the Vampire Diaries did, in comparison that is good for CW but bad for NBC

  18. Forwarddad says:

    Nfl draft had second highest numbers in viewers.

  19. jenna says:

    loved SCANDAL last night! Anyone have any thoughts on who amanda tanner is in cohorts with? I’m very curious how this will all pan out!

    • Max says:

      I think the President’s wife is involved somehow…either she discovered the affair and is using Amanda to get the President under her thumb, or was in the dark until recently and is behind the kidnapping (murder?).

      • misha says:

        I’ve been thinking the wife was somehow involved since she invited olivia to come to that function last week. They way the wife had said I know you’re going to sleep like a baby tonight since you saw olivia made me think she isn’t as clueless as the president may want her to be

        • tp says:

          I figured the wife knew about POTUS and Livvie too. I think it’s Billy Graham that is in it with Amanda. I really want to see Cyrus get his arse handed to him by Livvie. He’s a cold piece of work for lying to everyone.

  20. summertime1 says:

    Its embarrassing that 12 million people watch The Big Bang Theory. But then again it makes sense in this country

  21. Rolfe says:

    Grey’s Anatomy has been on fire lately. The last few episodes have been some of the series best. Scandal is also increasingly addictive. Glad to see it finding an audience.

  22. Shannon says:

    The Vampire Diaries and Scandal–both had great, intense episodes last night.

  23. m says:

    why r people so hateful to the big bang theory? Do u people even watch it? I happen to think last nights episode was really funny especially Amy.

  24. It’s a shame that Awake is doing so terribly. Although it does seem to be the case when something actually innovative airs, nobody’s watching. Then they complain about how all TV is the same.

  25. Annie says:

    Glad Community’s numbers are up! Last night was amazing! I wish it and Big Bang Theory came on at different times because I always end up missing BBT.

  26. RENNY says:


  27. eridapo says:

    Normally watched POI, but yesterday I was watching the draft.

  28. Kristina says:

    Yay for Community! POI was great too, as usual.

  29. emma says:

    Scandal oh scandal..this is the best show/writing.
    in TV history!

    • Chester says:

      You have to be kidding. The plot is great, but it is full of all these clunky dialogue and long speeches like that in Shonda Rhimes’ other shows. Some of it is ridiculous, like when one of the characters, Abby I think, is yelling, “you are Olivia Pope,” like this one sleazy fixer woman is some kind of God. That whole scene in the middle between Olivia and Abby was ridiculous and overacted. It broke the spell of the whole show. Also, what is with all these rapid fire speeches, like the one Cyrus gives to the president. Who talks like that? The whole show is a series of speeches, like Grey’s Anatomy, which follows the following formula: Conflict, insight/learning, speech to sum everything up. It is so unnatural, and I can’t believe that one producer wastes three hours of good television time.

      • misha says:

        agreed! I found the whole ‘gladiator’ speech in the pilot to be quite laughable but then again that is shonda’s style. The one thing that annoys me is how much repetition is within all of these speeches, I almost ADD when listening to them just because they keep repeating again and again and again!

        • Chester says:

          I stopped watching Grey’s because I realized that the speeches all had a similar meter. I am a gladiator. Yes, I am a gladiator. Gladiator is what I am. You would think that Shonda could grow as a writer or hire some editors to help her work on this issue, so that all of her shows did not sound exactly the same. It is a real testament to some of the actors that they are able to create characters out of dialogue that sounds like it was all written by the same person. It was, of course, but a really good writer can give each character a distinctive voice. Shonda gives each character a different back story and different things to do, but they all speak the same way.

  30. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Community was so cool! Joel McHale in a peacoat! drool, drool. It was lit really well too, it was like they had actually hired a Law and Order DP for the episode.

    • Angela says:

      Agreed on Joel, especially with him in the coat. That man never fails to be a looker-further proof why he’s on my “laminated list”, as they say.
      I sadly had to work at the time “Community” aired last night, but I did tape it and watch it back later. I quite enjoyed the episode, and am happy to hear the ratings went up a bit for the show!

  31. Shifty says:

    Scandal is addictive!

  32. Romain says:

    Scandal is great, but enough of those five minutes super-fast-spoken tirades! They’re so over-the-top, they’re becoming more and more distracting…

    • ChrisGa says:

      Agree; it’s highly addictive and the acting is pretty stellar with a few exceptions—the actress who plays Abby was cringe-inducing during the whole “You are Olivia Pope!” tirade—but said speeches and all the pontificating is the show’s weakness and the primary weakness in all of Rhimes’ shows(besides, of course, the over-the-top melodrama). Still, it’s the only show of her’s that I’ve managed to stick with(Grey’s is the same ol’ tired story done for the umpteenth time, Private Practice is alot of good actors saddled with god awful writing and characterization, and Off the Map was……well, it just wasn’t very good) so I’m hoping ABC sees some promise and gives it a second season.

  33. Cathy says:

    CBS needs to stop showing one of two episodes and then show a repeat; it’s annoying, and we need the continuity to hold our interest. They also need to be online! POI was online, but the Mentalist never has been, and it’s ridiculous.

  34. Linderella says:

    Only interested in Grey’s and Awake. I’m hoping no news is good news for Awake. NBC would earn a lot of fans for renewing this wonderful series.

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