Revenge Recap: David Clarke's Killer Revealed!

Revenge JusticeLadies and gentlemen of the jury, you may want to tell your friends and families that you’re going to be in Sequesterville for a lot longer, given what we learned in this week’s episode of Revenge. You thought Tyler Barrol’s murder trial was complicated before? We present exhibit A: the major developments in “Justice.”

Friends in low places | We dropped into the trial two weeks after it started, just in time to see the prosecution’s pretty fantastic recreation of Tyler’s shooting, complete with two dudes acting out the night in question while wearing white dinner jackets. Classy! With Charlotte discounted as a boozy drug addict thanks to Declan’s exclusive Mason Treadwell interview, Daniel’s lawyer thought that Emily was his only hope on the stand. As Victoria choked out her disapproval, Brooks said the blonde might make the jury believe that Daniel wasn’t the devil incarnate. He also zeroed in on a juror named Ann Woodbury, a young mom who could make or break the case… which of course sent Victoria scurrying to get in touch with her thug-o’-the-moment, Lee. You’ll remember him as the baddie who organized Daniel’s prison-shower beat-down — and who Emily subsequently flirted with and then ju-jitsued into oblivion—in the previous episode. As Emily and Nolan watched via hidden camera (seriously, she is EVERYWHERE), Lee posed as room-service staff at the jurors’ hotel and muscled his way into Ann’s room to demand a hung jury and acquittal in exchange for her young son’s safety. Nolan seemed worried, but Emily said she had it all under control.

Bros before… | When Jack returned to Montauk after his Amanda hunt went cold, Declan vowed to make sure his brother’s proclivity for protecting his childhood sweetheart didn’t land him in jail. But that got tough when Charlie, at Victoria’s urging, showed up at The Stowaway in a strappy crimson cocktail dress that was gorgeous but totally inappropriate for a winter, a dive bar, or a dive bar in winter. (Did you “aw” out loud when Declan knew exactly how many days it had been since they last talked? Poor, cute, brother-saving kid.) “We can be together again. All you have to do is tell the truth,” she whispered before they kissed. But Declan held strong and told the jury that no one was on the beach with him and drunk, drugged-up Charlotte the night of Emily and Daniel’s engagement party. He quickly added that his ex was a good person just looking out for her brother, but the damage was done. Charlie bolted out of the courtroom, and the prosecution rested. (Sidebar: It’s too bad you wasted that dress on such a fruitless endeavor, Char. It looked restrictive. Sweats probably would’ve had the same result, and wouldn’t have involved Spanx. At least your drug dealer, who showed up later, is hot and clearly wants some of your action.)

Faking it | Victoria’s renewed affair with frequently shirtless artist Dominic stoked his creative fire so much that he painted with zeal while she watched in post-coital bliss. Not gonna lie, it was kind of distracting to see the seemingly (with this show, everything’s seemingly) pure joy and contentment on Vicky’s face as she came clean with the painter: She’d loved him but been afraid of how much, she’d fled to what seemed like a comfortable deal with Conrad, but then she’d fallen for David. We got even more of the backstory when her soon-to-be-ex-husband showed up at Dominic’s place and dropped the bomb that he knew Dominic was an art forger who used to work with Victoria to con rich, clueless clients into buying pricey fakes. In fact, Conrad had been duped by the pair, himself. He threatened to press charges against the lovebirds if Dominic didn’t pack up and leave. “She told me what you did to David Clarke,” Dominic sputtered. “What you both did.” Conrad was unfazed, and when Victoria showed up for their next tryst, she sobbed to find only her unfinished portrait left in Dominic’s apartment.

Did Jack learn nothing from Monica Lewinsky? | Jack, worried about his brother, told Nolan that he still had the blood-stained hoodie he was wearing the night of the murder. He’d been keeping it in case Amanda was charged with the killing… and now he was thinking that he might need a lawyer. On Emily’s command, Nolan lured Jack away from The Stowaway to look for Declan so the vengestress could break into their place, steal the sweatshirt, and trash the place. Unlike her not-so-bright would-be boyfriend, Em knew exactly what to do with the evidence: Plant it in Lee’s car, then lead the police straight to him. (Her reaction? The most deadpan “Checkmate” ever uttered in primetime. This chick is HARD CORE.) Upside of all of this: Victoria’s thug got sent to prison. Downside: Someone else important was headed back there, too.

David Clarke’s killer revealed! | Daniel, housebound by his court-ordered ankle bracelet, spent most of the episode spying on his fiancée from the Grayson mansion balcony and letting Victoria’s doubts about Emily edge out his ability to reason for himself. Sure that the love of the last few months his life was cheating on him with Jack, Daniel broke into Emily’s abode and angrily accused her of being unfaithful, shoving her in the process. Though he had the good sense to look immediately horrified by what he’d done, his repentance was overshadowed by the police busting in and hauling him back to Rikers Island for violating his house arrest. (Creative license call-out: It’s highly unlikely that someone arrested in the Hamptons would be jailed in New York City’s Rikers Island, which is hours away.) Oh, and hey — Lee just happened to be there, too, making a collect call to Victoria from “your worst nightmare” (heh). He threatened to sing like a thuggy little bird in exchange for his freedom, but Grayson found out and totally owned the scene as he told Victoria he’d not only sent her Hackson Pollack packing, he’d take care of Lee, too.  As Daniel wrote a letter to Emily about putting an end to everything—it’s a break-up letter! No, it’s a suicide letter! No, hold up, it’s actually Lee, not Daniel, swinging from a noose! (nice misdirection, Revenge folk) — we realized once more that you really should never, ever screw with the Graysons. When Brooks came by to tell Daniel he’d be out soon, Rikers’ Abercrombiest inmate crushed Emily’s letter in his fist. Back at her place, Emily listened via bug to Grayson arranging Lee’s offing, telling another man that “We have another David Clarke-style situation.” The normally unflappable Emily was gobsmacked. “How did I not know this?” she asked her fey pal, incredulous. “The Graysons murdered my father.”

As the court goes to recess, folks, let’s hear what you think. Were you as shocked as I was that Emily hadn’t even considered the idea that the Graysons had offed her pop? Did you love the sweet moment between Jack and Emily in front of her fire? Do you think Victoria really loved Dominic? State your case in the comments!

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  1. Patti says:

    I love Jack and Emily

  2. yippity says:

    Actually, it’s David Clarke (with an ‘e’). Even Jack said it in last night’s episode.

  3. Alex says:

    Not surprised about the Graysons being responsible for David Clarke’s death.

  4. Maria says:

    This show just keeps getting better and better.. I LOVE Jack and Emily and the way she is trying to protect him is awesome…

  5. tnvalleygirl129 says:

    I think I am the only person who likes Daniel and Emily….not shocked the Graysons killed her dad. I thought she knew too!

    • I like Daniel and Emily too. I can’t really see her getting a happy ending with either of the guys though. :(

      • Kristen says:

        I’m also a fan of Daniel and Emily, but I agree.. the only way she gets a happy ending with Daniel, is if she forever hides her true identity. As for Jack, she can kiss any happy ending with him goodbye forever. Had the real Emily Thorn not come into the picture, pretending to be Amanda Clarke, I think they might’ve had a SMALL chance, but now? No way. There’s no way he’ll forgive her for something like this.

    • Malu Souza says:

      I love Daniel and Emily too.

    • theroomstops says:

      I love Daniel and Emily. Jack’s too annoying for a sassafrass like Emily.

  6. arianeb says:

    The biggest surprise for me is that I figured the events of this episode would not happen until the season finale. I believe there are still 4 episodes to go this season. What is going to happen next?

  7. Swarkles says:

    I love Daniel/Emily, jack/Emily have no chemistry whatsoever it’s tiresome to watch. The porter brothers are generally unpopular within the audience, especially Declan

    • CJ says:

      In terms of the characters, I like Emily and Jack, but I don’t think the role of Jack is very well cast. Nick Wechsler isn’t a bad actor, but he doesn’t seem right for the role. Josh Bowman has better chemistry with Emily Van Camp (and it’s real, apparently), though I imagine the story will go in another direction eventually.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Actually, I like Jack and Declan…..and know many viewers who do as well.

      One of the things I think Revenge has done well is build this love triangle with Daniel, Emily, and Jack. There’s so much going on in these episodes….so many red herrings and manipulative moments…..that the romance subplot could get lost or neglected. But I think they’ve done a good job of making us like both men, and seeing that Emily really cares for both of them.

    • Robin says:

      I really disagree…seems like a lot of people who have made comments actually said they liked Jack and Emily….so that would make them liking a Porter bro.

    • The Porter brothers aren’t unpopular with me, though I admit that it took me a while to warm to Declan. I especially like that Jack is a truly decent guy, which I think is important in a show like this, where so many characters are more morally flexible. I also like that they add a little earthiness to the show, making a good contrast to all of the uber-rich.

      I’ve never, ever gotten any warmth off Emily towards Daniel. I know I’m supposed to think she’s torn between him and Jack, and her need for revenge, but EVC just doesn’t sell Emily’s supposed feelings for Daniel very well. Mostly, she looks vaguely bored by him. I think she offers up much more in the Emily/Jack scenes, in my opinion. NW’s quiet earnestness is also a nice touch for the show.

      Personally, I’m hoping the most important relationship for Emily remains Emily/Revenge. Once a show becomes obsessed with ‘ships and love triangles, things tend to go south.

      • arianeb says:

        I agree with everything you say. The thing I figured out early on is that the best thing about this show is that there are no black and white characters on this show. Everyone is a shade of gray, and over the season we have seen the good and the bad side of every character on the show. All my favorite shows of the past are like this.
        In constructing a show where every character is a shade of gray, it is important to have all the shades you can. Jack wears the off white hat on the show. He’s the most heroic character, which makes him not quite fit in. Tyler was the black hat until they killed him off. I assume he will be replaced soon.

        • songbyrd86 says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they cast Ashley as the black hat by the way….

          This show keeps getting better and better. AND they’re getting better with the unpredictability too. I totally thought for a few seconds that Daniel had hung himself. I gasped and sat at the edge of my seat for all of 5 seconds. Man I’m glad they didn’t make that last longer till they panned up to show a silohuet of the hanging body and I realized it wasn’t Daniel. Very nice play on Revenge’s part.

          This crazy show! Superb is the word I was looking for….

  8. Leah says:

    Thanks for the recap! My tv went out last night….I just started watching Revenge after the hiatus and the recap episode…I was operating under the idea that Emily already knew the Graysons had killed her father, it seems pretty weird that she hadn’t even considered it.

  9. Jess says:

    I loved yesterday’s episode! (I was a teeny tiny hopeful that Daniel was going to off himself… yes, I know if he died, there’ll be no story, I even surprised myself with those thoughts. maybe that’s how much i dislike daniel… eek)

  10. I love this show, but I feel the last two episodes havent been living up to how awesome it is. But with Emily finding out who really killed her dad last night,i feel like she really going to get back on track and start getting her real revenge on the grayson.

  11. smidnite says:

    Victoria probably “loves” Dominic as much as she “loved” david; but the only person she truly loves is herself.

  12. NCSouthernBelle says:

    I don’t know what made me more angry last night: Victoria telling the lawyer how to be a lawyer (Jack’s back- I suggest you subpoena him as a hostile witness) or Victoria basically telling her daughter she didn’t prostitute herself properly to keep Declan from testifying that he didn’t see anyone else on the beach last night. Also, I wish they’d get off the Emily and Jack thing. There is no chemistry between those two, and trying to make the plot fake some attraction that isn’t there is unconvincing and lame.

    Still though, thrilled to see Emily get back to her wily ways to fix Daniel’s and Jack’s problems!

    • Beth says:

      Sooo agree about the prostitution comment. I also have never understand why Daniel is Victoria’s very obvious favorite when Charlotte is the daughter from a man she actually loved (as much as she’s capable of). It would make more sense if she favored Charlotte.

  13. mikoli says:

    Yeah you would have figured that Emily knew her father had been take care of while in prison…just to easy that he was killed while there. Anyhow, this should prove interesting now that Emily knows this and REALLY wants revenge in a big way. Last 4 episodes should be most illuminating ;)

    • Irishgirl says:

      I was surprised that she’d never wondered that. Even if it was a prison yard fight, I would still wonder if it was arranged. I might convince myself that I’m just being paranoid or something like that, but I can’t believe the thought wouldn’t cross my mind.

  14. Dave says:

    Poor Declan & Jack. How hard it must be to be THE two stupidest men in primetime.

    • Alice says:

      I agree. I was always rooting for Jack/Emily, but in keeping him in the dark, they’ve made him so stupid it’s hard to think that someone that dense belongs with a smart cookie like Emily. They have some major work to do on him next season if Jack/Emily are going to be believable. Boy needs to man up.

  15. Actually really glad that Dominik is gone – didn’t feel that he added anything to the show. He’ll be back (of course), but hopefully when they can spend more time telling us why we should care.

    Liked the suicide misdirection, Victoria’s line reading (and eye roll) of “Well that makes two of us” and Lee’s collect call message.

    In our recap, we discuss why the ending didn’t quite work for us: would Em really have NEVER considered the Graysons were involved?

  16. Bella says:

    I assumed all along that the Graysons were involved in David Clarke’s death. I agree with the recapper that the only thing shocking about this news is that it hadn’t occurred to Emily. Really? And whether Daniel was drunk or not and later horrified or not, I’m sure that shove will help alleviate any guilty thoughts Emily might have about destroying his parents.

  17. Ahmed says:

    Don’t get why people are saying that Jack and Emily have no chemistry. They haven’t had any screen time since she rejected him on the 6th episode of the season. Sure they had, some scnes here and there but these two have been on two seperate storylines. Emily is busy with her revengenda while Jack is busy with Miss Manners Amanda.

    Now, we’ll finally starting to see Emily’s true emotions towards Jack. She’d go leaps and bounds to protect him. I mean, she threw her sister under the bus and risked her fiance going to jail for life just to keep Jack safe from the Graysons.

    The scene between them on last night’s episode was cute and innocent which is exactly what this relationship is about. I can’t get enough of these two!

    • Jamie says:

      THIS. Completely agreed, I don’t get it either. Never have.

    • Chemistry is always subjective. Personally, I see a lot of chemistry between Jack and Emily, and I agree that they haven’t had a ton of screentime together, so its been a nice, steady undercurrent in the background. Part of their relationship is the extreme loyalty they both have for each other due to a childhood bond (of course Jack’s is misdirected to the wrong Amanda). I really like the potential that this relationship has. Not necessarily for romance, but purely for building the characters.

      • Ahmed says:

        I agree, I like how this relationship is developing slowly. I’m willing to wait for those two to end up together as I always get the feeling they’re “meant to be.”

    • Jeremy says:

      Completely 100% agree. Emily’s love for Jack is so pure and undiluted- it comes from a very real place. I think it’s very sweet and in the scenes they do have together, the chemistry is bursting through the roof. Daniel is far too “poor little rich boy” for Emily to fall for.

  18. Jane says:

    The episode was amazing. It can’t believe it hit a series low in ratings.

  19. Robin says:

    I was truely worried for a second that Daniel was the one who killed himself. The show was being interrupted because of storm warnings…and of course it would happen at key moments…
    I like Jack and Emily…but I also like Emily and Daniel. However I don’t think Emily really loves Daniel. She’s a focused vengeful lady and doesn’t really have time to love someone completely….either man really.

  20. Kira says:

    Emily did question her father’s death. She even said she talked to everybody she could think of and they all said it was just a regular prison fight. Given her resources and everything she’s already found out about the Graysons, the fact this is just being revealed is huge. Is Conrad really the master mind behind framing David Clarke? Or is he working for/with somebody? Emily seems to know every dirty little secret about everybody involved in this. So who had enough power to have hid THIS from her?

  21. Michael says:

    Awesome episode and Awesome recap, too!

    This show never fails to disappoint!

  22. greysfan says:

    Loved the episode and the great thing about this show unlike others is that they get to the point pretty quickly. They don’t drag it out for episodes. Its a great show. Looking forward to the next few weeks. I want to know what Emily has planned next. I can see her honing in on the Graysons even more now. Bring it on!!

  23. Todd says:

    Have you ever noiced that when the Graysons are looking (spying) down from their balcony at Emily’s house, it looks like it’s across the yard, but looking from Emily’s back at up the Gryson mansion, it’s a half mile away? Is evil tht good for your vision?

  24. Angie says:

    Lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing. I knew David C died in prison but didn’t remember that he was in a prision fight. Maybe he was coming up for parole or something when they had him killed? I’m glad Lee is dead. One thing that I couldn’t get out of my head is that he should know what Daniel’s future wife looked like from a newspaper or TV. To me, she didn’t look all that different the night in the bar when she pretended to come on to him.