Exclusive CSI: NY Video: [Spoiler] Confronts Mac!

Mac’s love life (or lack thereof) comes to a head on this Friday’s CSI: NY (9/8c, CBS), and we’ve got your exclusive first look at his uncomfortably cute “confrontation” with his new crush, Christine.

Season Finale Spoilers: Scoop on 52 Big Finishes — Including CSI: NY!

Press PLAY below to watch the devoted detective and his potential ladylove have their first ever discussion about their budding romance — a chat that includes Megan Dodds’ Christine calling herself “a catch” (she is!) and Gary Sinise’s Mac grinning from ear-to-ear like he’s in love (he might be!).

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  1. djariya says:

    That was a really cute scene. I’ve been enjoying Mac and Christine’s relationship develoip this season.

  2. sarah says:

    CSI NY has to be renewed!

    • Thazenstab says:

      I so agree!

    • ELLEN says:


    • magaret says:

      i love this show from the beginning even with stella gone, the show is a good one, i would rather have this one than the miami one, and what they have coming on like nyc22, come on what a disgrace to tv, im upset with some other cancellations they are trying to do also, they never learn year after year do they. marge

  3. thedoubleworld says:

    There just has to be a season 9, if only to make this “relationship” go away. This is so awkward and painful to watch and…have I mentioned AWKWARD?! No offense but people who think that this is cute scare me.

    • djariya says:

      What relationship doesn’t start out awkward? Especially for Mac, being a 50 something widower, who has rarely dated since his wife’s passing. I think they have handled it very realistically. Christine seems like a good fit compared to Peyton or Madchen Amick’s character from last season.

      • thedoubleworld says:

        Clarification: I wasn’t talking about the awkwardness inherent in most beginning relationships as much as I was talking about their scenes together being awkward and painful for me to watch. You’re right, a relationship can be awkward at first but if it’s handled right and there’s good chemistry between the actors, awkward could still be really cute. Problem is, as far as I’m concerned this isn’t cute because there is no chemistry between these too, at least not the romantic kind I’m supposed to see. It just doesn’t work for me. If it works for you, then by all means…enjoy.

        • Tania says:

          I will enjoy it because there IS chemistry. Now, it doesn’t work for you and that’s okay. Yet, your first comment contained the following words: “There just has to be a season 9, if only to make this “relationship” go away. This is so awkward and painful to watch and…have I mentioned AWKWARD?! No offense but people who think that this is cute scare me.” Um…I’m frightening to you? lol You want the series renewed if only for one reason, to see the demise of fictional characters’ relationship? Seriously? lol Just stop watching it. It will be so much easier for YOU. lol

          • suzi says:

            Nicely said.

          • thedoubleworld says:

            Wow. Where to begin?! I was commenting on one very specific and undoubtedly temporary aspect of the show that I happen to dislike. You want to take that as an incentive to make generalizations although you don’t know the first thing about me? Please knock yourself out. Let me tell you this though. I have watched the show for 8 years. It’s one of my favorite shows, so no, my desire to see this pseudo-romance end is not the sole reason for wanting S9. Even IF that were true though, what’s it to you?! Who are you, author of the “20 politically correct and Tania approved reasons for wanting CSINY S9” memo?! Yeah, didn’t think so. Anyway, to bring this discussion back to the topic at hand, Mac and Christine just don’t work for me as a romantic couple but hey, luckily there are 40 more minutes in every episode that I will undoubtedly enjoy. You see the romantic chemistry?! Fine. Whatever. Indulge in it while it lasts but leave the decision of why and if I watch the show up to me because, frankly, that is none of your business.

          • Jeanette says:

            Definately no chemisty as far as I’m concerned it’s a shame that if there is no series 9 a good programme ends on a poor note.

        • canadian fan says:

          Agree totally. Season 8 has been such a downer after years of excellent shows. Christine is so blah and does anyone remember Cpl. Stan Whitney, the reason Mac was so determined to save Flack’s live in Season 2 finale. Now Stan Whitney is Mac’s old partner, and his sister comes on the scene. The writers need help with continuity. Characters need to grow not go back in time. There have been very few good storylines or plots this year. I love CSI NY so much and this is painful to see, but I will watch it to the end and hope for the best. If the show ends, thanks for 6 absolute great seasons (last two seasons had sloppy story lines)

          • Mandy sinise says:

            Hey everybody,
            Its just a SHOW!!!!
            You guys sound like fighting moms on a playground!
            But I do admire your dedication!

            Mandy sinise

  4. Grace says:

    I want CSI:N.Y. to come back mostly for the stories and the cast, especially Gary and Sela Ward. LOVE ! LOVE! LOVE! this show.

  5. Haley says:

    I like Cristine. She fits Mac. I have seen enough of Mac romancing the ladies, though. I do hope Mac stays with her, but I would rather see Danny/Lindsay, Hawkes and his girl, or Flack with someone over more Mac romance. It’s been done, a lot already.

  6. Juliab. says:

    I like this relationship. Mac finially has a relationship that feels right. The writers are allowing it to develope slowly and Christine is not directly work related. She is someone outside the lab.

    I want a season 9 and I hope this relationship continues.

    • Jayne Morgan says:

      This is exactly what I think. They took the time to write someone that fits Mac and not just someone who was exciting or convenient. He’s not having to be someone he’s not or being told to be someone he’s not. There’s a deeper connection, and there was a connection that was already there. I like that it started with friendship. Here’s hoping we get a season 9 and 10 and so on so that we can see this Mac, who has someone who settles him.

      On to season 9!

  7. Sue says:

    Then prepare to be afraid.

  8. Sue says:

    My earlier comment was in response to thedoubleworld. Where is the edit key??

  9. bad kevin says:

    I’ll be more than happy to see CSI: NY end after eight seasons if CBS still has the “brains” to pick up more crime producerals. :-(

  10. ............................. says:

    BS. Go and see S1 “Officer Blue”. And then talk about chemistry. F’ Pam Veasey.

  11. CJ says:

    I would love for CSI:NY to be picked up again, but I don’t think it will be. The show has felt for the last 2 seasons as if it’s basically playing out the string. They haven’t had any major developments in long-term storytelling since Danny & Lindsay had their baby, unless you count short term cliffhangers like the guy who survived falling off a lighthouse. Even bringing Sela Ward on to replace Melina Kanakaredes was a squandered opportunity, because her character isn’t really different from Stella (except for having kids). She’s the same wise, warm smart maternal figure who hasn’t had a personal story to speak of. And the short term flirtations Mac has had aren’t any different than the ones they did in earlier seasons.

    • chimel23 says:

      She has too had a personal story…did you forget the rapist storyline last season? Or was it earlier this season? I forget.

  12. JB says:

    We NEED another season. This is still a great show!

    As far as Christine goes. That look on Mac’s face isn’t love, it’s lust. I don’t like her. They have absolutely no chemistry. I’d like him w/Jo but understand them not going there. If they just keep them both single & flirting I’ll be happy. The rest I can get from fanfic.

  13. Juanell Hopper says:

    Well I thought that was just kinda silly. What woman would say “I’m a catch”? And do we really have to see Mac get his heart broken again? Why does she have to be silly like Peyton? I have to agree that that was awkward. If they do take this to another season, i hope they wont keep this going.

  14. Alison says:

    IDC what you guys say I LOVE THEM together (hate me or throw tomatoes at me) idc everyone has their opinions and I do becuz i find them cute together

  15. Libby says:

    if they are going to end the series…then I’d like to see Mac find some happiness – just haven’t felt a lot of chemistry between him and Christine. I know it is hard to make chemistry to just happen with such limited screen time; and, without the promise of another season, they have to rush things…all that being said, I still like Jo & Mac together – just sucks that they will probably never have a chance to properly develop either relationship…but as a fan of the show since season 1, I must admit it has been lacking for a while. Sela Ward can only do so much…she is a delightful actress, but the writers still play a major role – and lately I’ve felt that every character has been rather flat…

    • Jeanette says:

      It’s sad they think a Mac romance will make a difference when the chemistry is awful it’s way better between mac an Jo an much more realistic an fun, it feels like the writers have already given up such a shame for a really good show that I’ve loved watching.

      • hurricane37 says:

        I dont think there is going to be anything for Mac if this is the end of the show because I think he dies at the end of this is the end of the show and it is not coming back.

        • Jeanette says:

          I saw article by director saying if show came back they would continue with mac/Christine stuff. Not so easy if Mac dies sounds like a ‘who knows’ season finale.

  16. If CSI:NY gets canceled, I don’t think I will survive :(

  17. PS: Cristine is okay, but the best girlfriend Mac had was Peyton. I loved her!

    • canadian fan says:

      Have been a fan of CSI NY since its inception. Looking at the entire picture I also did enjoy Peyton’s character. When she came back in season 6, Point of View it was fun to watch them together. Stella brought a lot of personality to the show, but we knew that Mac and her were not going to get together. They were good together as friends and partners. The other “ladies” in Mac’s life just didn’t give off the same vibes. I’m not sure what happened but the writer’s made Mac a lot older in the last two seasons, he seemed to need help with everything….I wanted the old Mac back…the one who took on the bad guys, searched for the truth and was confident. I love police procedurals and I’m sorry Sela Ward doesn’t pull off being a cop very well. A good actress but in this case bad casting. There seems to be a spark missing in some of the episodes between the characters and it’s like they just gave each of them some lines to make sure they were working.

  18. Kriszta says:

    This is the best CSI!

  19. Missy says:

    I hope that CSI:NY gets renewed. I would like to see Mac happy again. It is one of my favorite shows.

  20. Pam Chandler says:

    I was affraid he will never come back after that horid thing with the car crash.

  21. kim says:

    I love csi ny, but I like the old Mac too, the one that solved crimes and was determined, this christine relationship has no chemistry, its blah, they need to have mac in more crimes and let the love interest die

  22. Marie says:

    CSI NY Is a great show – Please reconsider and bring it back with same cast – Thanks