American Idol Top 6 Results Recap: Any Way the Wind Blows, Doesn't Really Matter [Updated]

jessica sanchez elise testoneWe’ve reached the point in the American Idol season when results nights get truly, madly, deeply depressing — and not just because voting off Katy Perry in place of one of the stupendous Top 6 contestants is inexplicably not an option.

But seeing how it was Queen week on Idol, it seems appropriate to find some solace in the words of the late, great Freddie Mercury:

I’ll face it with a grin.
I’m never giving in.
On with the show.
The show must go on.

Yes indeed, no matter how you feel about this week’s elimination — and to be honest, I’m feeling a little like someone grabbed the two-thirds full bottle of sauvignon blanc out of my fridge and poured it down the drain (emotional distress level: horrified) — there was no way I was going to bed tonight without feeling a little disconcerted about someone getting a farewell montage set to Scotty McCreery’s “Pleeeeuhhhzzz remayyyymmmber maaaayyy.”

American Idol Top 6 Performance Recap: They’ll Keep on Fighting Till the End

Because ultimately, although I (and most of you) have spent the last four months nitpicking, kvetching, scrutinizing, and backseat driving over the “journeys” of the Season 11 wannabes, the earnest part of my heart (all 96 percent of it) has to give it up to the last six contestants standing. They’re really good. Good in a way that chart-toppers like Rihanna and Katy Perry and LMFAO and Justin Bieber could only fantasize about if they took the stage without the benefit of a backing track and/or an army of highly skilled backup singers.

So on with the show. The show must go on.

Before we dish this week’s results, though, a few thoughts on the telecast:

* I generally don’t give a flying fig about how many votes are cast each week, but I thought Ryan’s note that this week’s 58 million tally was 10 million more than the corresponding week in Season 10 just proves how evenly matched the current field is, and what a motivator that has to be to the various contestants’ fan bases.

* Yo. Yo. Check it out. The Queen Extravaganza was just a’aight for me, for you. Discuss!

* What I don’t want to discuss? The Top 6’s trip to TMZ. Why not just roll the contestants through a pile of dung, force them to wade through a stream of toxic sludge, then douse them with anthrax powder? The end result would be just as humiliating and equally foul, without giving any unnecessary publicity to Harvey Levin and his creepy empire. (Side note: I can’t imagine any scenario where J.Lo would’ve found funny that joke about hot young guys — including current beau Casper Smart — who’ve advanced their careers by romancing the “On the Floor” singer. And I’m a little bit surprised Uncle Nigel would allow her to be ridiculed like that in her own backyard, even if she can dry her tears with $100 bills.)

* Listening to Jimmy Iovine complain about Jessica’s choice of “Bohemian Rhapsody” — just a week after declaring he’d make sure she chose more age-appropriate material for the remainder of the competition — I couldn’t help but wonder: Why didn’t the Top 6 get their usual mentoring session with the Interscope chairman this week?

* As Elise took her spot at the Silver Stools of Doom (TM), my husband turned to me and asked, “Is she on her cell phone?” Obviously, she wasn’t, but wouldn’t that have been the most jaw-dropping response to a Bottom 3 placement in American Idol history? (Think about it for next week, Hollie!)

* Oh how I want to go down with Casey Abrams to the barber shop.

* My non-Idol-watching friend Drew, visiting for dinner tonight, summed up Stefano Langone’s guest performance pretty succinctly: “He’s like the Scott Baio version of the Black Eyed Peas.” I have to give Stefano 10 points for enthusiasm and a reasonably catchy chorus, but those lyrics (“my ex wants sex tonight”?), those wack backup dancers, and even the song title (“I’m on a Roll”? Like a ham and cheese sammich?) are all Rated SMDH.

* Talk about damning praise: Jimmy Iovine describing Hollie’s cover of “The Climb” as “as well as [she] could do.”

* Congrats to Randy for maintaining his cycle of ostentatiously stupid accessories this season with that “Yo Yo Yo” necklace. As fellow Idoloonie @AdamBaranker pointed out on Twitter this week, all of the Dawg’s “YO” paraphernalia should be secretly flipped backstage and turned into “OY.” (I would also accept “NO.”)

Anyway, on with results…

Sent Directly to Safety (In No Particular Chronological Order)
Jessica Sanchez
Joshua Ledet
Phillip “Does your daddy let you date?” Phillips

Sent to the Bottom 3
Elise Testone
Hollie Cavanagh
Skylar Laine

First One Sent Back to Safety
Skylar Laine

Elise Testone

Ugh. I’ve got nothing. Well, except for the fact that I’m bummed the cameras cut away at the exact moment Elise dropped to her knees and began to bring her exit performance of”Whole Lotta Love” to a raucous, Middle Eastern-inspired conclusion. This is how her Idol runs ends — not with a bang, but with the cold open of Kiefer Sutherland’s Touch.

I’ll be back overnight to update this post with more details — including a discussion of Jimmy Iovine’s “totally” “spontaneous” “responses” to Wednesday’s performances — but until then, I turn things over to you.

What did you think of Top 6 results? Did Elise deserve to get booted? If not, who should’ve been sent home? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AW says:

    Well, now I’ll only be watching Idology because I have no need to watch the show.

      • MamaLis says:

        Also Noa, I know your super bummed tonight and I’m sorry. Elise was a fave of mine as well. :(

        • Nothing against Elise , BUT , the singer with the best chance to do really well as a Solo Artist after Idol would be Skylar if you are thinking about Album sales and Radio play.
          The best singer there if you were hitting a Casino show room be it Indian or Vegas would be Joshua.

          • NoCountrPlz says:

            Sorry BUT Skylar will not be selling her songs to me or being played on my radio station. She’s great and all that, but she does not have the lock down on sales or radio play.

          • NoCountrPlz says:

            And be nice to Joshua already!! Stop the hate! I’m totally on the Joshua train these last few weeks.

          • Tarc says:

            I have to agree with this. About a quarter of the iTunes Top 200 singles are country-pop or country-pop-rock. It’s a popular genre right now, and Skylar fits right in.

          • Marsaili says:

            Skylar is already selling her songs to me and I can’t wait to hear her on my radio! I hope I’ll be hearing Elise as well!

          • Yo' says:

            Who will do well is not nearly so important to me as whom I want to hear from. What an odd excuse predictable success is for taste.

          • Marie says:

            All of them have a good chance. Material, material, material.

          • syb says:

            Do you have stock in Interscope Joseph? Otherwise, why do you care who will get sales and radio play? There are many top selling singers whose mere opening note compel me to change the radio channel.

          • Bob says:

            Are we supposed to vote based on who will have the best album sales? There will never be a Skylar album in my house if it was given to me. Elise, on the other hand, oh yeah.

        • noa says:

          thank you!! that’s so nice. it is tough, but it won’t be long before we hear from her again, i know it!

        • Fan of Haley Rhinehart says:

          Also, Philip is really mean with his comments toward Elise. If P2 is merely kidding, his sarcastic comments about Elise’s notes and personality are not funny

          Philip only wishes that he could hit the notes that Elise hits

          • Tarc says:

            As Elise mentioned in her interview, she and Phillip are the closest. He was totally joking around.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Nah. They are just kidding around, playfully teasing each other. It’s all in good fun. It’s 100% for sure it’s all kidding.

      • Spider3tattoo says:

        I might have it on as background just to keep up, but my interest and my votes are gone. I will not transfer my Elise votes to anyone else. This show needs to change judges, and the judging format, you know, like give honest and sincere critiques to everyone, and stop pimping their personal favorites. They need to limit the number of votes the way they do online…50 per – period. It’s hopelessly out of control and I doubt I’ll watch it another season unless some changes are made.

        • Sue says:

          Could not have said it better myself. I was such a fan of this show for so many years, and it’s become a two hour vaudeville show. Give me the old days when it was just the singer on the stage, and they saved the choirs for the finale! The judges have got to go. I DVR the show and fast forward through them at this point. Jimmy is the only honest one, wishing he would become a judge. Loved how he said last night the judges are boring when they all agree with each other. Unless there are changes, this will be my final season.

          • joelscorp says:

            I agree with your points about Jimmy and the judges. I too FF through all three judges. This show doesn’t stink b/c Elise got voted off. She made bad choices and only performs well in a sliver niche. The show stinks because of Randy, J-Lo, and the old man. The only pause-worthy elements: Jimmy’s honest critique (right or wrong) and watching Skylar, Jessica, and Josh.

          • Dave says:

            Reading your comment and others has me feeling better about my own. I thought I was in the minority with the belief that Jimmy is the best thing going for judging/critiquing these contestants.

            Clearly, the viewing audience want an honest effort (without scripting) by the judges. I’m tiring and frustrated by each one of them for sidestepping questions Ryan gives them when he asks their opinion on who stands out or who is the front runner. This is where Simon was gold, and it is what made AI the champion that it was and still can be.

          • umbrella says:

            The reason for all the pizazz is to keep up with the X Factor

        • Princess Adora says:

          There have been so many seasons where I’ve said “I’ll never watch this show again!” but here I am, so I don’t dare say that anymore. But they really do need to change the voting rules. The expectation is now to keep voting repeatedly for the entire 2 hour block (2 hours? I’m out of the country, so I can’t vote – not sure how long you actually have), and some contestants, like Elise, have a fan base that may be larger than, for example, Phillip, but because the type of people that are drawn to her are not the type of people to KEEP voting over and over again, she ends up in the bottom 3 every stinkin’ week. Meanwhile Phillip (who I do like, I’m not on the hate-on-Phillip train) has all the young girls and cougars voting till their fingers bleed!
          I think this is why being the winner doesn’t always translate to sales, because even the tweens and cougars aren’t going to transfer their voting habits to buying his album hundreds of times!
          But AI will NEVER give up their bragging rights to say we had 58 million votes last night, so they’ll never put a cap on the voting. I mean imagine the shame of making it to 60 million votes in one season, and then having it go all the way down to 30 million the next season *sarcasm*
          It’ll never happen. :(

          • Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

            They could solve all this in one second. Just make the number of downloads of a performer on itunes for the week be the deciding factor. Most people don’t want to buy a song more than once (why would they?). It would at least show who people are really willing to pay for.

        • Joy says:

          This season’s results on The Voice have convinced me that limiting votes won’t matter. Men still consistently beat women, and cute white men beat all the others. The overall viewing audience turns out to have pretty much the same tastes as Idol’s power-voters; those of us who like mature, creative female singers are just out of luck.
          The nice thing about the actual music industry, though, is that a performer can have a solid career catering to a niche market, without having to worry about whether somebody else has even more fans. There are tons of brilliant singers out there making tons of music that I love, and earning comfortable livings even while staying under the mainstream pop radar — which also means having the room to stay true to themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing Elise join that club, and if the majority of listeners out there continue to fail to appreciate her, let that be their loss.

          • Dave says:

            Joy, I enjoyed reading your take on things AI. I have seen the shows motive (have a Idol winner) get lost in the weeks leading to the finale. By this time each year, all the contestants are very good and each has his/her own niche. None of them want to beat the other and win. It’s obvious the best thing for all of them is their friendship and the massive exploitation they have received to jump start their singing careers.

            In a way, American Idol is a launching pad for wanna be singers who have been overlooked, need a break, or would benefit greatly with the industry’s best mentoring them. This may be cliche to say, but “all of them are winners”.

            Another subject–

            I couldn’t help but wonder if Nigel and Co. pulled Colton out of the show, despite his immense popularity and talent to give Phillip the shoo in for the final. Because right now, Phillip is on fumes and his schtick is getting tiresome for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a bottom three next week, barring a complete turnaround.

          • Joe Strummer says:

            People are still watching The VoIce?

          • Joy says:

            @Joe Strummer, I gave it up during the battle rounds this season, and never really got back into the live shows (I didn’t so much officially quit watching those, as just eventually acknowledged I was never going to get through the backlog on my DVR), but I’m guilty of continuing to follow Michael’s recaps. :-)

          • Tom22 says:

            I agree with all you say and I’d like to put a even more positive spin on things.

            We need to look at the show as a Win for any contestant who gets this far in, and each extra week from here really doesn’t mean a lot more in terms of lasting sucess for a performer, espeically for a Niche performer.

            The voting system DOES work if you look at it that way… and of course, only the most main stream pop types of the competitors will get the last spot.. but that last spot isn’t the BEST singer.. its well … “IDOL” .. .. not “Best musicisian” but Teen Idol ? Idol is more a term like a plastic image… the term Idolatry in most of our religions is a repudiated practice of worshiping rare items instead of god itself.. .ooops .. lol im digressing.

            Point is… “winning” the title Idol doesn’t mean the best musician and the title says it all.

            If you get to perform on 90% of the shows during the season , you’re going to have exposed yourself to a potential audience and its up to that artist to connect and produce in the future thats going to determine whether or not they have the career. It looks like 7 kids from last season are getting the opportunity to have their music professionally produced, and at least three, and it looks like 5 or 6 will have been getting full bore promotion from a big label.

            Winnning the term “idol” means just that.. that you’re popular with the greatest number of audiences often meaning the most mainstream, and if “bland” isn’t the term, well at least its with the “fewest exotic spices” because, well you put some cumin or jalapeno in some cooking and one person or another isn’t going to like it.

            Not winning is only a failure if you have a mainstream audience. If your audience is the teenbeat pop 40 type, and you don’t win… well that is very telling about how sucessful you’ll be because the show is set up to showcase that type of performer and they should beat a niche performer every time regardless of musical talent because that is directly what the name of the show is and what the competition is about.

            Feel good if your favorite that is a bit different than what you hear on the raido gets this far… actually you should be dissapointed if they get farther perhaps because then they’ll start making lousy music like JLO or something

          • Bob says:

            Right on, Joy. I couldn’t have said it better. Elise has really worked to create some very unique nuances to her voice and singing style.

          • FreeHaley says:

            That could be. If you think about who they claim has the largest viewing base for Idol, maybe limited votes wouldn’t alter things all that much. It’s hard to say for sure without having the numbers though. It was interesting though on The Voice that one week the results for one team’s iTunes downloads were 100% flipped from the final vote tally (I preferred how the iTUnes vote tally went) so there can be differences even in subtle voting changes potentially though.
            It was also interesting to see that Dial Idol (not that it got much anything other than Elise going home correct, everything else was random to way off) had Skylar going home instead of Elise as of 11:30PM EST and Skylar was going home by like 25% less than anyone else but once central, mountain and west zones had voted, Dial Idol suddenly had Elise going home with 25% lower than anyone else. Middle America did seem to flip the results around a bit.
            Also interesting that Skylar gained strength in Middle America compared to the East where of course much of the South is located. Perhaps Elise now living in South Carolina helped even that out a bit or maybe the large population area up in the Northeast did vote just enough to outdo the country vote or maybe it’s more the middle and the interior west that sends a higher percentage of its votes country than the South these days? Or maybe that is where the super religious part of Colton’s vote lives and they all voted anybody but Elise (one poster here did even say they were voting anybody but Elise now due to supposed moral concerns or some nonsense like that). Or maybe Dial Idol is just totally random this season since everyone in the top 7 is so insanely close that it is all way beyond any margin of error for Dial Idol this season.

      • TinyTim says:

        Elise was pumped up by the show as some type of rock singer yet leaves on Queen week. I wish her luck but she was sent down the wrong road by the show trying to sing rock.

        • adamfan says:

          Maybe Elise could get a job as Katy Perry’s singing coach, that was really painful and it shows how fake the music industry is.

        • millie says:

          I agree, she doesn’t really seem like a “rock” girl. I maybe wrong, but I always thought how lovely Elise would sound singing jazz

    • ana says:

      Right there with you.

      • Leo says:

        I’m sad that Elise goes. She’s my third favorite after Jessica and Colton. Guess, it’s Teen Idol time now :/

        • LibbyD says:

          I woulda taken Elise any day over Hollie

          • Mary says:

            See I prefer Hollie over Elise. That it what makes the world go round.

          • Fan of Haley Rhinehart says:

            Libby, I agree with you

            Elise over Holly anytime….so sad about Elise who was incredibly talented leaving us

          • Chris says:

            Elise over Hollie definitely. Hollie should go home next week.

          • Andy J says:

            I was secretly hoping for an Elise-Hollie finale. Both are great AND both suceeded in spite of obviousoy not being pimped by tptb. It really should have been Phillip going home tonight-at the very least he should have been in the bottom three. But I will miss Elise-she was the most truly unique artist on the show. It was her performance that I looked forward too every week. The show definitely died a .little tonight.

          • RalphE says:

            It never should have boiled down to Hollie and Elise. Phillip should have been in the bottom bunch, and his butt ought to be on the bus heading home. The voters have made this a bunch of “fan” voting not voting on the talents of the performers. Based on his non-melodious shouting in the first tune, and his karaoke in the second tune, his talent pales next to the other contestants. That he is being talked about as if he is a slam dunk for the finals, makes a joke of the show. And the voting puts a lock on just how badly America’s voters misunderstand just hat they are supposed to be voting for. Sad but grossly true.

          • Lee says:

            I think Elise’s attitude did her in. I wasn’t surprised that she went home. I never thought she was that great anyway–very one dimensional.

        • jaxguy says:

          You are probably right. Phil should be gone…

          • Wha?? says:

            Don’t recall anyone saying that Phil shoulda gone.

          • grace2552 says:

            I mean, I’ll say it: Phil should be gone.

          • Tarc says:

            And I’ll say it – Phil should win.

          • Ann says:

            Phillip stinks. He sings like he constipated. And he never changes up his act. If Simon Cowell were still on this show, Phillip would be his target. The judges keep calling him an “artist” when he barely strums in guitar on the days he sings behinds it and he sing out of tune. If he wins, he won’t sell a lot of albums. I would like for Phillip, for once, change his singing a bit so he’s less constipated…

          • karenb says:

            Phillip should absolutely win.

        • chistosa says:

          I’m sorry to see Elise go. I would like to have seen her in the finale. But I don’t understand the admiration for Hollie. She has a power voice but she is pitchy in almost every performance.
          She has dropped more notes in this competition than a cheap cellphone with a bargain plan drops calls. She is the most inconsistent of all the remaining contestants. She is sweet but needs more experience. Another reason that the age to compete should be raised to 18.

          • marie says:

            Chistosa, I’m right with you on all points (although I don’t think Elise ever had a real chance at the finale, through NO fault or lack of talent on her part!). I’d be perfectly content to have the minimum age raised to 18 (I’d even have deferred seeing Allison Iraheta for two years to get that done), but that’s never going to happen. Hollie has a ton of potential, but it’s no more than just that at this point. She could be dynamite in three or four years.

            (Not least, THANK you for typing “I would like to have seen” instead of what we see too often, i.e., “I would have liked to have seen,” which makes me wince every time I see such construction! Your construction, or, alternatively, “I would like to have seen,” is of course correct. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And hey, kids, while we’re at it, the “T” in “often” is silent!)

          • marie says:

            (Jeez, I mixed that up: the two correct contructions are “I would like to have seen” or “I would have liked to see,” and never, “I would have liked to have seen”.)

          • Volcfom says:

            Hollie is 18, so that wouldn’t have prevented her from being on the show. I do agree it should be raised though.

      • Elise has been on the chopping block since Top 13, her staying power is one of the best ever. She was in Bottom 3 almost every single week. I give her so much credit and can’t wait to hear her in the future. I thought she had at least one more week in her, but Hollie got a few more votes. Elise was by far the biggest underdog of the season, and have a lot of respect for her getting this far.

        • MA says:

          Amen to that!

        • KHS says:

          Well said!

        • Marsaili says:


        • writerross says:

          That silly standing ovation for Hollie’s dull as dishwater CLIMB song was a total plant by showrunners. Do you think perennial bottom-feeder Hollie goes last and gets false praise and then goes on to Top 3 while Totally Talented Elise Testone is eliminated? What I would give to be a fly on the wall in the producers’ “war room” and watch the puppet masters at work. Whatever AI Execs Want, AI Execs get. This aint no reality show. We know it. They know it. Revolt. Don’t vote! You think they are really going to let viewers decide “winner”? Not going to happen. And getting a “winner” is not the point of the show. It’s the conflict and faux drama that brings in ad revenues. And that’s all they care about. $$$

          • writerross says:

            Left out a phrase in my comment. Meant to type in 2nd sentence: “Do you think -it was by sheer chance– that perennial bottom-feeder….”

            We correct our own. :)

          • tewence says:

            YES YES YES TIMES 1000! gah this ish pisses me off. they give a standing o to hollie for doing a mediocre job at a stupid pop song by miley cyrus, but they criticize elise on her flawless renditions of real music…?!?! it certainly IS all about the money. they don’t see elise as marketable, therefore not being able to profit off of her as much. but isn’t this true in the music industry today? the real artists barely get any recognition, and these other stupid pop crap artists are constantly fed to the public eye, and screwing up their perception about what real music is. and american idol is a reflection of that. and what the bigger shame is, is that they probably kept elise on the show for the dramatic/underdog contestant who keeps escaping danger. also, the judges really screwed her over. they giving her ridiculous critique, which (and you could see this) left her confused and questioning everything she did. it’s like telling ray lamontagne that he sings the wrong kind of music (only example i could think of off the top of my head). eventually she got back to her vibe, but in the process, she was pulled all over the place and got frustrated, which made the public dislike her. it really is a shame that they dealt her a bad hand the entire show. why would they discourage such an amazing talent while give false hope to those who are lacking?

        • SallyinChicago says:

          Well spoken!

        • Amy says:

          Count me in with another “Amen” to ALL that.
          We’ll be hearing from her (even IF Stevie Nicks doesn’t call. ..Steven might.) Elise has a great, great sound and voice like I’ve never heard. That said…once I thought about it last night, I had a feeling it would be her and not Hollie. She’d been in the bottom 3 so much, and as the weeks go on if you’re not gaining more votes, then it’s process of elimination…and she just seemed next on the list. Not saying she should have been…I simply think Hollie’s had a contingent (myself included, though not over Elise) of people rooting for her from the beginning, wanting to give her a chance to grow & hoping she’d catch up to the promise that seems to be in her. I didn’t see Elise as “the Idol” and all that carrying that torch/brand means….being the renegade rocker chick, she’s probably better free of all that.

          • Amy says:

            and come to think of it…on the flip side…someone like Hollie, I think, needs something like the Idol pop machine behind her to mold, shape, guide and promote her, in order to have a fighting shot post-Idol. Not that she doesn’t have a beautiful sounding voice…she’s just not fully formed, with her star-quality defined yet. Elise is already beyond that, has her musical identity in tact, and can go record and perform now, not necessarily needing an Idol crown.

        • Spikenalabama says:


      • MamaLis says:

        Me too!

    • A great run but her time was up. The producers did their best, giving her the most back-end loaded line-up I can remember, which I am actually ok with, but she placed about where she should have.

    • FreeHaley says:


    • gary says:

      Bummmed. Elise wuz robbed. She was cool. Don’t care about remaining youngins. Does America really believe that Holly Cavanaugh is a more charismatic performer and artist than Elise. Would they buy Holly’s album? Uggghhh! No more idol for me….this year. Will turn my attention to Hockey playoffs. Will wait until autumn to watch remaining Idology segments back to back on youtube. Bye.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      She was a more mature singer, I think she found her niche the last two weeks, but she didn’t have the fan base. She’s going to have a good career. She can go on the road now!

      • mariana says:

        Actually, I think Elise does have a solid fan base. I know quite a few people who favored her but guess what- they don’t vote. Elise has always been at a disadvantage because the people who like her are not willing to do the 2 hour phone thing. I am looking forward to seeing what she will do post AI.

    • Luciana says:

      Should have been Phillip.

      • Kins says:

        Fail ^^

      • Tarc says:

        It should have been Joshua for that mess he made of the Queen song.

        • Jason says:

          Dude let it go!!! You’ve been singing the same tune for two days!!!! No one agrees with you. Jimmy Iovine who has the magic ear said it was a great performance and is behind Joshua!!!! He’s the guy who engineered John Lennon In the seventies, produced Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty and U2 in the eighties and his label is behind nearly every hit artist of nineties and 2000s. He’s the one who put Eminem together with Dr. Dre!

          • Tarc says:

            I’ve got an entire house of people that agreed – and neighbors. The truth hurts. Mostly, Jimmy’s dead on. Joshua’s second peformance was as good as his first was *horrible*. I’ll be happy to repeat it again, if you’d like.

          • Jason says:

            Can you repeat it one more time!!! I’d really like to hear your worthless opinion one more time!!!!

          • Tarc says:

            Right back at ya, babe! :D

        • Vj says:

          Agreed. SICK OF JOSHUA. He can sing, but he has no soul. No personality. Therefore, no star quality.

          • Tarc says:

            Eh, I think Joshua is pretty talented, and had plnety of soul. I just can’t stand the gospel/screechy sogs he picks most of the time. He’s picked two really good pop songs for his voice where that part of his voice is heavily downplayed, and they were quite good. But the Queen song was just bad.

          • MamaLis says:

            He has no SOUL or personality? What are you watching?????

        • wendeeloo says:

          I love it that you think your household and neighbors have a better ear than Jimmy Iovine! I’m not a Joshua fan but i think he had a decent performance of the Queen song.

    • Kim says:

      Elise just came off too bitchy. Even thought I loved her singing, I could never get behind her 100%.

      • john says:

        I am certain that calling golden boy Phillip “boring” did not help her.

        • Tarc says:

          You did follow that the packages were them totally joking around, right? They were mostly saying the *opposite* of what they really think… that was the whole point.

      • wendeeloo says:

        my feelings exactly – Everytime I thought I should vote for Elise – she’d say something that indicated she knew better than the industry pros and i voted for Skylar instead.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Do keep in mind just how manufactured ‘reality’ TV is though and that even there are industry pros who know what they are talking about (and not all do about all things anyway….), on ‘reality’ TV, even then, you won’t necessarily get straight shooting by ANY stretch of the imagination…. just sayin.

        • FreeHaley says:

          And when the comments are not self-consistent…. why blame the whistle blower and not the fraudsters? But then again the whistle blower, in all walks of life, is the one to get hated and destroyed too often. Whatever happened this year, last year, for SURE, there were some fishy twisted goings on, why not get mad about THAT? Instead of taking it out on say a Haley who expects a fair contest?

    • Zoey says:

      Pretty much. Everyone else is talented, but none of them captured my interest the way Elise has.

    • Suggestor says:

      The real problem with Elise is that she got eliminated tonight and the thread turns into how great Philip is within ten posts. Elise didn’t even have time to get off the stage but hey, let’s all debate Philip.

    • djm says:

      That is what I’ve been doing all this season – I decided last season that I absolutely couls not spend one more night listening to JLo, Blandy, and that old dude (that dresses like a lady) ramble on. But I didn’t want to give up on Slezak and MDoo, so I read his cap every week and then watch the videos and let me tell ya – I am loving it! If there is a performance that sounds interesting or like a hot mess I can look it up on youtube. The only bad part is that I don’t see the personality packages, so I am not emotionaly connected to any of them. Having said that, I liked Elise best (her voice is yummy) and I despise PP (sorry, there is already an artist like him – he’s called Dave Mathews and PP does a poor immitation. I get it, he’s “cute”, but so was Kris and Lee and llok at their post-Idol careers – not exactly burning up the charts). So, now that Elise is gone I don’t care who wins – the “cute” guy will be in the finale and will probably win and then yet another winner chosen by the crotches of teen-aged girls and desperate cougars (and lonely 20-something year old girls who are reminded of that hot guy they hooked up with that one night when they were “really drunk” while Dave M music was playing in the background – and whom by the way NEVER called them again) will go on to not sell music. But I’ll still tune into Slezak each week!

    • april says:

      That’s how I feel too. Loved Elise!

  2. Elise leaving is disappointing, not shocking. I much preferred if Hollie had left over Elise this week, but the pimp slot and standing ovation right at the end of the show did just enough to allow Hollie another week. Skylar being in Bottom 3 over Phillip signals that this guy isn’t going anywhere. He had his worst week to date and still managed to make it through. He is in the finale unless something really ridiculous happens.I give Jessica an enormous amount of credit for rebounding from her elimination and now is Top 3. Very impressive.

    • Jose Matutina says:

      Jessica has a solid fan base. They were just complacent on the night she got the lowest votes because they thought she was solidly safe. They’re not going to let that happen again…. ;-)

    • JC says:

      I hope and pray that Jessica wins this season its been a long time coming. But with the way the judges are pimping Joshua and the teen girls voting from Colton to Phillip I highly doubt that Jessica would even make it to the top 2 which is unfortunate. So much for a girl’s season I hate Jlo and her obvious favoritism for Joshua and the way she flirts at Phillip get rid of her :)

      • Terri says:

        Let’s not forget Jennifer saying she wants Philip to win this thing.

        • JC says:

          Yeah can you believe that woman I used to like her before she became a judge. She is so biased she can’t even see it :)

        • TheBeach says:

          But with another breath she says Joshua is the one she most looks forward to every week. Go figure.

          • Kate says:

            All the judges are idiots.

          • Layla says:

            If Jessica with her big core fanbase does not pick up any of the other eliminated idol’s votes then it will be a male winning this again. Jennifer practically told them all so. This is why I thought that whole SAVE stage bumrush was a way to screw Jessica’s chances against gaining new fans. Everyone knew that whomever was in the bottom would be saved, but they can still influence voters down the road so that their real darlings would come out on top. This is why you no longer see standing O’s for the other ladies. Except for Holle but at this time she poses no serious threat to the men and only helps divide the female’s votes.

      • Yeah, it would be great to have a truly worldwide star come out of American Idol and put these other wanna-be-singing-shows (I am looking at you Voice!) in their place. Jessica is the one with the best shot at that and boosting AI’s rep as the #1 show!

        • Lana says:

          There are several worldwide stars that come from American Idol, Kelly, Carrie, Adam, Clay Jennifer Hudson and Adam again (my favorite) Daughtry and so on. Punk that was a weird statement.

        • intelliwoman says:

          You must not be hearing the same one note whiny little brat with no performance skills. SHE NEEDS TO BE GONE GONE GONE

          • Layla says:

            @intelliwoman, Who’s one note? You mean the one who can hit a C5? The one note that is in the register of the biggest names in the biz? The one who never complained once when she got thrown under the bus when the judges rushed the stage? The one who attends school while the others rest or rehearse and still performs every week at a high level without ever complaining? The one who’s grandma died the week after the SAVE and never used it to get any sympathy votes? You mean that one? The one who has such low performance skills that her youtube views dwarfs ALL the other contestants combined? That one? :D

      • I really really hope Jessica wins too. I’m sick of the Idol being picked by the teenage girls instead of because of talent. I mean when’s the last time a girl won??! Last year Haley Reinhart and Lauren were way better than Scotty but he won anyway because he was the favorite of the teenage girls. I’m very annoyed with America.

        • Mary B says:

          My teenage granddaughter liked Haley and so did all her friends so I don’t buy its the teen vote thing. BTW they hated Scotty. They liked James a lot more. I think too much is put on the teen vote thing.

      • Sandi says:

        I’m with you on hoping for a Jessica win. I’m not so sure about Colton’s fans going to Phil Phil. I’m no teen girl but was fully behind Colton. Now my votes go to Jessica. If she goes, I’ll stop voting and caring. Honestly, I hope Hollie is the next to go and then Phil Phil.

        • angelstorm says:

          Right there with you guys too – hoping for Jessica to win. It’s time for a change.

          • Kate says:

            Jessica for the win! But right now, I’m just hoping she makes it to top three. The judges have obviously thrown her under the bus.

      • Vj says:

        Agreed! Jlo has gotta go, and so does that annoying Joshua.

      • intelliwoman says:

        Jessica is a one note nothing, no power and no personalty, and lets not forget no performance skills, she is also a whiny little brat

    • Leo says:

      Jessica deserves at least a Top 3 spot. She may not win it all in the end but if American Idol is legit, then Jessica + Top 3 = Must Happen!

      • Ryan says:

        I agree.

      • Suggestor says:

        It will take a lot of effort and I recall Haley Reinhart tweeting about Jessica being the ONE so early in the season. Haley must’ve been doing some foreshadowing because of all people, she knows first hand it will be uphill.

      • Vicson says:

        I really want JESSICA SANCHEZ to win too!!!! She’s incredibly amazing! I think we really need a female winner this season! And for me, it should be JESSICA! JESSICA for the WIN PLEASE!

        We can make it happen…

        As long as we UNITE and VOTE for her!!!

        Keep on supporting… Keep on voting!!!! I’m really praying that JESSICA will WIN!

    • TheBeach says:

      “disappointing, not shocking”…well said.

  3. Kelly says:

    before all the phillip hate that is about to come in these comments, i just want to say that i like him and is glad he is safe. Sorry about Elise she was really talented, but she went out with a great performance.

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      Good to see that someone can keep their head on around here.

      • karenb says:

        Here! Here!

      • John says:

        I agree too. I hate that everyone is saying Phillip is only there because of teenage girl voters. I’m a 23 year old straight male, and Phillip is my favorite one there (based on my own personal preferences for songs/artists/genres/etc.). I’m not denying that the teenage girl voters are helping him stay in the competition; I’m just saying that it’s not ONLY them and that it’s not ONLY because he is considered “cute” or “hot” or whatever. For me, it’s because he’s talented.

        • Phil Fan says:

          Agreed John. And seriously, I doubt it’s the teen vote that is keeping Phil safe

          All I know is-i can’t get enough of the guy.

          He just keeps on keepin on, and i’m all for that.

          • Jenay says:

            I love P2 and I am not a racist, a teenybopper, a hillbilly or a cougar (well, maybe a little bit. How old to you have to be to be considered a cougar?)

        • phil for the win says:

          I think there are tons of guys that love Phillip. My 27 year old husband likes him. He’s NEVER watched Idol in the nine seasons I’ve known him…until now! Plenty of college aged kids and beyond who appreciate music want a guy like him. They want to jam to his music and say they liked him before he won American Idol.

          • Legalese says:

            I know-my law Proff loves Philip. And he does not belong to any of the alleged fan bases that are hell bent on getting him to the finale.

            All kinds of people enjoy Phillip.

          • Mary B says:

            I think Phillip is a real guy’s guy. Most of the guys I know favor Phillip. He is no frills and he is just so real. I really think without a doubt it is not just teanage girls keeping him around.

          • Yo' says:

            Odd. I do not know one male who will even watch this show. Wonder why. I get my revenge when they buy albums and don’t realize the singer is a former Idol. Heh.

          • CAM says:

            Agreed. He may be considered cute by the young teen girls, but I don’t think that’s what’s keeping Phillip out of the bottom 3. I think that there are a lot of older people – guys, too- who appreciate what he does each week. The good news is, all of these contestants are talented. They are very different, and so people are going to be drawn to the contestant or contestants that are most like the music they generally listen to. I wouldn’t buy an album made by several of them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize their talent. I am sorry to see all the nasty comments directed toward them.

        • Ben says:

          Sorry dude. I meant all the teenage girls + John.

          Seriously though, if he wins, he is part of a pattern that suggests he has a large advantage for that reason. Gross generalisations are always wrong. I don’t think thats a good reason not to like him though, and indeed I’m not one of those people to whom your comment is addressed I suppose. The most talented should win, always. However, in my view, Phil should come in no higher than 4th (past Elise, yep. Past Hollie, sure. The other three are the ones I think should be top 3.)

      • John says:

        (I should also say: I love Elise, too. I don’t think she should have gone home tonight (Hollie probably should have); my first post is only regarding how I like Phillip, I’m wasn’t saying I don’t like Elise.)

    • MA says:

      And amen to that too!

    • Mary B says:

      I’m with you. I wasn’t crazy about Phillip this week but I really like him. I am concerned because Jimmy intimated he has not been well and I hope he can hang in. I am really sad about Elise, she was my second favorite. Honestly, I will be sorry when any of them goes. They are all really so good.

      • Tricia says:

        To me it has always seemed that Phillip wasn’t 100%–you can see it in his eyes. His Mom said that he is still in pain from the kidney stone problem. That’s why he wasn’t in the Ford commercial tonight. My daughter is 32 and loves Phillip. I like Skylar’s energy & passion. Elise is very talented but her voice always sounded strained. It was hard to listen to sometimes.

    • jaxguy says:

      A guy is gonna win again in a year when the best were by far the girls. Hate the voting rules. If they changed them, this would not happen.

    • imho says:

      Love Philip!

    • Tarc says:

      I totally agree.

    • wordgirl says:

      all these kids are great but i can’t help it, i just love phillip. to me, he is just the real deal. last night was not his best and he wasn’t even in the bottom 3. i think a lot of other people think he is the real deal.

      • millie says:

        You can like Phillip all you want, that’s what makes the world go around. But I have to disagree about the “real deal.” Go to youtube – listen to Phillip’s version of The Stone, then listen to the Dave Matthews version. They are identical as to sound, facial expression, even leg movements. That’s not the “real deal,” that’s mimicry.

    • NedPepper says:

      No matter how many times you vote, he will never sleep with you.

  4. Poor Hollie, she doesn’t deserve all this hate. She made it into the Top 5 fair and square. If you were an Elise fan, you should have voted way more!

    • And yeah, the two were BOTH punching bags, so that ain’t fair.

    • Ray says:

      Elise is the only one I voted for the last two weeks. Elise is a better singer than Hollie, I have no doubt about that. Unfortunately, too many voters were against Elise because of her age. I never did like Idol lowering the age to qualify for idol. I do not hate Hollie, but the fact is that Elise is better, It is likely that Holly will be gone next week.

      • Terri says:

        I was against Elise because of her personality, not her age.

        • Ty says:

          personality idol wins again, “yo daddy let you date ?”

          omg vote Vote VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • FreeHaley says:

          talk to people from her home town….. dont go by waht you see on ‘reality’ tv and don’t think that you;d necessarily come across yourself as you’d expect on the national stage either

          • Terri says:

            No. I care about what I see, not what other people say about her. She was pouty the first time in the bottom–she flounced to the stools of doom without looking at her fellow contestants, she was sour-faced the other times, she whined about how hard she’s worked (and no one else in the competition has?), and the worst part of it all is that she was the oldest. She should know by now how to be a good sport. She should know she’s on TV to be judged. Her younger competitors displayed so much more grace than her on Thursday nights. I’m not comparing her to how I believe I’d come across. I’m comparing her to her fellow contestants, and past ones, too.

          • Marsaili says:

            blah, blah, blah—Elise has an attitude because if she isn’t smiling she must be a bitch. You Elise haters are so judgmental and hypocritical. “She flounced to the stools of doom without looking at her fellow contestants” WHAT????? You know, if it were ME up there heading to the stools of doom, it would take everything I had not to burst out into tears. I don’t know what you are implying with that statement, but it doesn’t say anything. “She’s whined about how hard she’s worked” How many times did Jessica say, “I’ve been working hard my whole life”. Did you attack her for saying that? (no? hypocrite!) Elise HAS worked hard—longer than any other contestant. SHe’s more polished than anyone else, she knows herself better than anyone else–and she knows what the heck she is doing—if the judges are being idiots about stupid stuff that she KNOWS isn’t right—why shouldn’t she say something? She isn’t a beginner.

            I have not seen her be a poor sport. Showing her human side does not make her a poor sport, it shows she’s human. I don’t see her as any differently than any other contestant who repeatedly ended up in the bottom 3. Did you attack Megan Joy when she flounced over to the stools of doom flapping like a duck? (no? hypocrite yes? Way to go blasting someone who is trying to make a rough situation lighter.)

          • Terri says:

            I was talking about Elise, not Jessica. Not mentioning Jessica doesn’t make me a hypocrite. You don’t know how I feel about what Jessica says about her hard work. You have no idea how I reacted to Megan Joy, so there’s no way you can know if I’m hypocritical about that. You make a poor argument and misused the word hypocrite.

          • Marie says:

            Why did Marsaili even bring up Jessica? Terri was very clear about her feelings about Elise. Now I am confused.

      • Templar says:

        OK, but to be fair Elise is at the top of her potential now. This is as good as she’s ever going to be. Hollie is ten years younger and is only now beginning to realize what her potential might be. Big difference.

        • MA says:

          Haha…Top of her potential?? She’s 28 years old! Despite what our culture tries to teach you, that’s actually REALLY young.

        • Marsaili says:

          Taylor Hicks was 29—he won. Chris Daughtry was 26, Paul was 26, Phil Stacey was 29, Chris sligh was 28—-there are plenty of older contestants who were up near or over the cut-off age

          • Yo' says:

            But doncha know it is okay for men to age?

          • Suzie says:

            OK and with the exception of Daughtry, where are they career wise? Nowhere. I think the point was that with her background and experience she’s as accomplished as she’s going to get, whereas Jessica and Hollie are just learning the craft. With Elise what you see is what you get. With the younger girls they have lots of room to grow and improve and they are holding their own against Elise right now.

      • Mary says:

        That is your opinion. I don’t happen to agree. Even if Hollie goes next week let’s be real there is no way Elsie was going to win. it is not because of her age, it is because she really does not fit into today music and not everyone cares for the growl in her voice.

        • MamaLis says:

          Did you really just say “she doesn’t fit into today’s music?” “Today’s music,” of course, being the very easily defined, narrow, single-brand “entity” that it is. (??)

        • TheBeach says:

          Doesn’t fit into today’s music?? Ever heard of Adele (only the top selling vocalist of the year)? I’m not saying Elise is at Adele’s level but they share a similar bluesy, jazzy, gruff and heartfelt tone. I’d say she’s more “current” than any of the other contestants.

          • NedPepper says:

            Truth above ^.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Plus what even is today’s music? It’s not as well defined as in the past. It’s a mix of 60’s,80’s,90’s+auto-tuning. Some of it would fit right on the radio 20-30 years ago and you wouldn’t notice (heck, one of GaGa’s latest sounded so 80s Madonna, the first time I heard it, I was what is this, Madonna has a new singles back to her 80s style?) and some like Adele and Amy Winehouse, to some extent, almost 40 years ago, although with certainly a lot of 80s or later styling mixed in.

            I think with the easy access the modern age is a bit more of a blend and younger people seem to be way more familiar with the recent past decades pop culture than in the past. You’ll see still see some kids in college today, 30 years later, listing say Ferris Bueller as their favorite high school type movie and knowing tons of 80s and 90s songs. Go to the 80s and how many college kids would have a 50s movie as their favorite high school type movie?

          • Tarc says:

            While I *hope* Elise finds lots of success, you really can’t hold Adele up as an example: the’s more the exception to every rule. Even Jesse J, who is truly exceptional hasn’t really been able to make much of an impact on the US charts. The rocker vibe could help or hurt. I wish her luck.

          • MamaLis says:

            Hello. I was being ironic. Talent “fits in” anywhere. And Elise is talented. She’ll do great.

      • Fan of Haley Rhinehart says:

        I agree Ray

        I always vote vote vote for Elise. The one night she needed more votes, I was not home…so sad

      • Sandi says:

        When did age become a factor? I remember season 4 with Constantine and Bo. Both had big fan bases and both of them were 28. I don’t remember their ages ever being an issue at all.
        Honestly, I don’t think that age is such a big issue. I genuinely could not get into her music no matter how hard I tried to understand her appeal. Plus, yeah, her “attitude” was an issue for some people, although it wasn’t a problem for me.

        • FreeHaley says:

          The demographic of who watches and votes and how they vote on Idol I think is different from season 4. Plus he is a guy.

        • Ray says:

          What many of you are forgetting, is the fact that Idol reduced the age for eligibility. That has screwed it up for those over in the mid twenties and over. Age IS now an issue, and Elise paid a price for it. And Elise is not the first to have to fight the age issue. Van Pelt comes to mind. Comparing today’s idol with past years before the age was lowered lacks validity. I did not like reducing the age for eligibility for idol. And how many times has it been stated that the younger singers should have waited a year or two? DeAndre is an example.

      • Andy J says:

        Elise is 28, yet people talk about her like if she was Grandma Moses. To me its depressing that all of the top 5 were born in the 90s. And I think Hollie is a great singer-she and Elise are this season’s punching bags and for both of them to have made it this far is a great achievement. It would have been depressing if Elise went home before Heejun and DeAndre.

        • Suzie says:

          Youth must be served. With all of Elise’s experience with her band etc., she should be better than she is. She’s as good as she’s ever gonna get, and it’s not enough.

          • Ray says:

            Your statement lacks validity. Why would you assume that she will not get better? I cannot agree with your comment that she should be better than she is. She was one of the best singers in this competition. The fact that she did not get the votes does not change the fact that she is very talented, Note that Stevie Nicks praised her as being talented enough to be hired by her. Many of us will be buying her record when it comes out. And she will learn to get better as she goes through the process of making a record.

          • FreeHaley says:

            And if she is so bad then how come I just saw something the other day, I forget the exact details, something about her being picked best rock/blues singer by some prominent regional music publications for all of South Carolina or the entire greater South Carolina region or something?

    • tara d says:

      I am an elise fan and I voted…like 5 times then went to bed. Cause I have to get up to work in the morning. That’s what the problem was for elise…I am her demographic. We don’t power text but that doesn’t mean there’s less of us. If idol ever changes their ridiculous voting system we would see very different results. Just sayin…

      • TheBeach says:

        So true. I am also in Elise’s demographic and I vote but I don’t/can’t/won’t power vote. They really need a new voting system badly

      • MA says:

        Me too…and my friends. By last night, there were five of us voting for Elise, two of whom were new from last week (and seriously, we don’t vote for anyone). But we can’t/won’t power vote because 1) we have to go to work in the morning! and 2) it just seems silly. We each threw her five or ten votes and then went to bed, but we’d all buy her music and would pay to see her play.

        • marie says:

          Lol, I know what you mean: I managed something like 160 votes for Elise in about 10 minutes – easy enough to do on a cell phone -and then literally FELL ASLEEP on the sofa! (Yes, at my age, it does feel pretty silly sitting there hitting redial over and over, but I’d really have liked a few more weeks of being able to enjoy Elise’s tremendous talent on the show.)

          • MA says:

            Me too. I already miss looking forward to what she’s going to do next week!

          • Marie says:

            I have been commiting myself to power vote but alas, I only manage to get a few in. I am just not able to because sleep is too important. LOL.

  5. RodMod says:

    The Judges Are Idiots For Their Hipocrisy!!! #TeamElise

  6. Jose Matutina says:

    So glad Elise got voted off!!! Good riddance!!! Now, next Joshua please and I’ll be happy again…

    • ted says:

      Thank you, i agree, i wish it was joshua tonight or skylar.

    • Leo says:

      Joshua please, I’m pretty sure the judges will give him a standing ovation too.

      • Next week I am expecting them to lift Joshua up on their shoulders and carry him around on stage. A standing O for Josh is hardly enough. lol

      • Lea H. says:

        I agree! Joshua could stand there and fart the next song and they would give him an ovation. I really like Joshua, but come on, his first song did not deserve a standing ovation ( that Randy instigated ) the second song he sang though, I think, was the BEST song he has ever done on the show!

    • JC says:

      Joshua is overrated I am so sick of the judges giving him standing ovations for his screechy performances. Jessica deserved a standing o. for dance with my father last night. I also hate Jlo saying that “Joshua’s performances are my favorite and the one I’m waiting for” so much for fairness :)

      • TC says:

        Chill out people. Don’t take it out on Joshua just because all the judges see his amazing talent. Joshua is by far the most well rounded of all the contestants and if you have any appreciation for music, you’d see what the judges, Jimmy Iovine and many others see.

        • JC says:

          I appreciate good music I listen to good music all the time ok? I also appreciate what Joshua is showing off but 12 standing ovations in 9 weeks is a bit much don’t you think? :)

          • Mary B says:

            It’s actually becoming a joke and having an opposite reaction with the public. People are getting annoyed big time and Joshua will lose votes because of it.

        • Tarc says:

          They aren’t; they are just pointing out that a lot of people find Joshua very screechy and annoying most of the time. he did a great job with the Bruno Mars song and the second song this week, but usually I just fast forward though his performance when the screeching gets overbearing.

          • Jason says:

            Another I hate Joshua post!!! IT’s getting pathetic!!!!

          • JC says:

            We don’t hate Joshua we hate the way the judges especially Jlo stands for him every time he performs its just unfair and its getting on my nerves. I hate the judges not Joshua :)

          • Tarc says:

            Get a grip, Jason and bother to read the post. I said he had a terrible performance *and* a great performance this week. How’s that ‘Joshua hate’. Sorry, bub, but I don’t hate the guy at all – but I call it like I see it. If Bruno Mars writes him more songs where he doesn’t screech, I might even buy it. It’s just unlikely he’ll get terribly far in the pop world.

        • Marie says:

          Unfortunately, people are taking it out on Joshua. I have nothing against the guy but the more the judges stand up the more the others/Idooloonies (not casual viewers) nitpick what is wrong with the performances he has given. Inflation is a real thing not just in economics. The more you have it the more it loses its value.

  7. Jessica says:

    One word: Travesty

  8. noa says:

    i’m just so happy this show introduced me to Elise and her music. i’ve been watching AI for 9 years now and i’ve never been this earnest about it or this invested. i am just so amazed by how talented Elise is. i’m really trying not to be sad- but it’s not easy. she deserved to stay- even if the show wasn’t pushing in that direction (which made me mad every week). the rest of the season wouldn’t be the same without her. since i won’t be seeing the idol tour, all i can do now is wait for her album to come out, and listen to Bold As Love on repeat.

    • Ray says:

      My sentiments, exactly. I will buy her album when it comes out.

    • Brigette says:

      Agreed. Elise is captivating when she preforms. She’s just above and beyond so many people who have been on that stage. But, will any of this matter that much in a year? Look at season 10. Don’t 7 of the 10 have record deals? She got some great exposure on the show, and maybe leaving this early will give her the chance to sign with a label that really gets her like Casey did.

      • Joy says:

        8 of the 11, even — but I’ll feel better about that when I actually hear the albums. In the past, it’s seemed like the labels don’t always put much investment into lower-placed finishers — just foist off some mediocre material on them, slap together a recording, take advantage of the pre-existing fan base’s willingness to shell out for anything at all, and then dump the artist. And that’s assuming the albums even make it into existence — some artists (Lil Rounds being a prime example, if memory serves me) end up stuck in the development phase for ages, and then the deal quietly vanishes. I’m psyched to see 7th-place finisher Stefano getting some real promo, but also wondering what happened to the EP Naima was reportedly going to release over a month ago, and nervous about the endless delays with Pia’s album, and the lack of news on how Casey’s development process is going… Maybe they’ll all end up releasing great music soon enough, but I’m not as confident as I’d like to be.

    • TheBeach says:

      While I think each of the remaining five contestants are very talented in their own way, Elise is the only one that I have actually downloaded and paid for.

  9. Ashley says:

    Very disappointed, but I guess I can’t be too surprised. Well, at least that frees up the 2 hours I’ve been spending on voting every Wednesday.

  10. Tracy says:

    Did anyone else think Elise actually looked relieved when Ryan told her she was going home? She seemed to have so much fun with her final performance…I’m sorry to see her go (yes, I was rooting for a Phillip ouster) but she was a fantastic contestant and I think she’ll find a lot of success…without having to deal with more bottom three’s or stupid judge comments. Plus, I’m kind of happy for her that she gets to go home and be with her sick dog. :-/

    • Marie says:

      I actually am worried for all the finalists. They all look really really beat out.

      • MA says:

        Yeah, they all look exhausted and Phillip actually looks like he might collapse at any moment. Is this show really worth it?? I don’t know. It’s a great opportunity for sure, but it’s not the only path to success. Then again, I’ll never be a superstar at anything because I just don’t care that much. I suppose they’re more dedicated than I am, and good for them! But I don’t think you should literally suffer for your art…or anything, for that matter.

  11. Linderella says:

    Has anyone else officially not cared about this year’s Idol? I voted for Holly without even watching the show. If I had watched I would have still voted for Holly. At least I didn’t waste two hours of my life watching this sad, sorry mess of a show.

    • Owen says:

      and blah blah blah blah blah to you too too…

    • Danielle says:

      Actually, this year is a lot better than the last couple of years really.

      • Linderella says:

        I loved last year because of Haley. I’m anxiously awaiting her album release next month. As for who wins, I hope Holly wins and I made that decision when the top 12 was selected. It’s the rest of the show which is filled with mostly junk that I can’t stand. I record the show, fast forward to hear just the singing (and most of the time don’t listen to the whole song) and then vote. It takes less than 30 minutes. AI is not worth 3 hours a week. I posted to ask the question: Has anyone else officially not cared about this year’s Idol? The answers I received amounted to “blah blah blah…” which must translate to “I think this season is awesome.” To each his own.

        • MamaLis says:

          “As for who wins, I hope Holly wins and made that decision when top 12 was selected.”
          “..I FF.. mostly don’t listen… then vote.”
          So I see you’re into making informed decisions, yes?

    • Jose Matutina says:

      But you wasted two hours of you life voting for Holly….

    • ted says:

      If you don’t officially care, then why are still voting?

    • Absolutely right on… just don’t care really about any of them. The show has lost it’s touch.

    • KHS says:

      I say you’re missing out! I’ve watched Idol since the 1st season and I honestly believe this is one of the best..ever. I’ve also caught a few episodes of the Voice this season and the talent on that show does NOT compare to Idol’s. I honestly like something about all of the top 5. Good thing I only watch and do not vote..I couldn’t pick! (clearly I’m THAT idol fan who watches the show religiously but rarely ever keeps up with contestants post idol. Sorry..but not!)

  12. Owen says:

    Does anyone think Stefano was lip synching? If he wasn’t, that was a very, very good performance of an empty, though catchy, pop tune…better than most anything he did on the Idol stage last year…

    • RodMod says:

      I’ve been listening to the song for a few days now. And he definitely sang it live. (Along with (On top of) a backing track that contained some lead vocals.)

      I actually really like the song!

    • Mary says:

      I didn’t like the song or performance, the sad part, this sh.t will probably sell. it right up there with the other crap they play on the radio.

    • Brigette says:

      He was definitely not lip syncing. Those “talking” verses were too low for him. Did anyone else think Stefano looked like he was 12? I mean, a cute 12-year-old, but still 12.

  13. Danielle says:

    I really loved Elise, she’s one of the best female singers they’ve ever had, and I look forward to her post-Idol career. Really wish Holly had been sent home last week, not to mention this week. By the way Michael, Justin Bieber can actually sing his ass off, just sayin. I don’t like his music, but he is naturally talented.

  14. I think Elise is not that great. Would trade Erika Van Pelt over her anytime.

  15. it’s not like she needs to win idol to have a successful career. is it really that big of a deal?

    • Joy says:

      The biggest disappointment for me is that there will be no new downloads from her next week — I hate having to be patient! :-)

  16. Artemis says:

    At this point, the contestants are really evenly matched, and as I have no favorites this season, I didn’t feel a whole lot about this elimination. Someone had to go.

    • ejones says:

      Evenly matched without anyone being particulalrly outstanding, much of a muchness. If the judges suggest that this is the best group ever time after time then eventually watchers will believe them.

      • McFudge says:

        I’m worried that that is the case also. It really is starting to bother me that I don’t have a clear favorite. Last year I was firmly in the Haley camp by now, and thinking back to the years I’ve watched, that’s been the case every year. Trying to look at the contestants’ after-Idol potential, it seems that the only people out of the top 13 I could actually envision headlining an entire concert would be Skylar and maybe Colton. They’re the only ones that are at ease on stage, with the personality and the looks, and are outgoing and articulate enough to carry a show.

  17. J says:

    I am so sad a great artist left the show. Goodbye Elise. I hope you have a huge career that you merit.

    All these top 6 are so good. But I thought Elise would survive another week. Sad I won’t hear that beautiful, unique tone next week.

    • Leo says:

      i definitely agree with you. Well, I kinda hope Elise will be getting into Top 5 and represents “grown up” people out there.

  18. Lisa says:

    I liked Elise and feel she should have made it past some of the remaining contestants. I think when she said at TMZ that she’s not someone who smiles all the time she hit the nail on the head and I think that limited her from making a connection with voters. I voteed for her about 20 times last night, because smiler or not, I think her voice is gorgeous. I will buy her album and Skyler’s but that’s pretty much it.

  19. sally says:

    I am so THRILLED THAT FINALLY ELISE IS GONE!!!!!!! This is directed squarely at all you colton haters who felt the need to kick us fans when we were down. Don’t fret though, she’s got a great fan base to give her a record deal.

    • noa says:

      i didn’t see any comments like this from Elise fans last week. so don’t do to us what made you mad last week. enough, we all have favorites.

    • Ray says:

      I loved Elise. And I did not have anything against Colton. Your comment makes no sense.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Hey Elise was my favorite but I never dumped on Colton. And I don’t know that I’ve seen any signs that Elise fans were particularly anti-Colton. You sound almost like a bitter James fan who all turned on Haley and voted for anyone but her out of some misplaced spite.

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      I said this last week and I’ll say it again. Part of his fan base turned against him for singing Gaga. It didn’t have anything to do w/ us. Also, I don’t/didn’t dislike any of the contestants.

    • Sandi says:

      Wow, easy there. I’m a big Colton fan but I’m not looking revenge.

    • Marie says:

      Huh? If there were ever comments it was never on this board.

  20. Kitty says:

    i actually cried. I’m not a crier. I can’t even claim PMS. That’s how upset I am. She was my favorite. I’m a musician, and I lost all inspiration and passion that I had for it, and Elise was fixing it. So there was kind of an emotional attachment. I honestly don’t know if I can stand to watch the rest of the season.

    • Lana says:

      Kitty I cried too. However I will be crying every week now as I really like all the contestants. Joshua is my favorite but they are all soo good I don’t care who wins. I have loved this season as the voices have been sooo good. I was so glad we got to hear from Jimmy, unlike Michael I do think Jimmy is more right than wrong, no one is perfect but I do feel like he knows what he is talking about and I don’t agree with him all the time, but I like the truth he brings.

      • Marie says:

        The problem with Jimmy’s comments is that we also know he is the mentor. So I feel baffled when he criticizes the song choices and the singer’s take on it. If he commented on the way it was sung at that moment, okay, I will get it but he complains about song choices too! Split personality much?

  21. gailer says:

    I picked Elise to go yesterday just because someone has to and she’s been in the bottom more than anyone else, right?
    I’m still wondering who is voting for P squared?

    • Tracy says:

      Me too re: P2!

    • Ray says:

      I know that I am not and will not vote for P2,

      • vlbartle says:

        I am not voting for P2 either. I really wanted him to go home last night. I couldn’t believe he got more votes than Skylar!!! Her performances Wed. night were amazing, especially her first one!!! Phil’s were nothing special. After watching the results, I felt like P2 could probably get up on stage next week and burp the alphabet and stay in the top 3, whereas Skylar could have an idol moment and be forced to sit on a silver stool of doom. It’s so frustrating! He’s already outlasted Colton and now Elise, who are both more artistic than him, despite what the three stooges say.

  22. Rick says:

    When is Colton’s interview?

  23. sam says:

    I like Hollie a lot and she doesn’t get the credit she deserves, she’s way better than skylar — who doesn’t have to win to be a HUGE country star, she’s more likable than joshua. I still hope for a jessica and philip finale

    • john says:

      In the finals (and it is a foregone conclusion he will be there), Phillip should sing “Lightning Crashes” by Live and be done with it.

  24. Mary says:

    I am not surprise nor that upset that she is gone. Was not my favorite. All of them did well last night, and there is no real clunker in the bunch. I think P2 should be the one going, he sounds the same every week, but it’s not going to happen. The ones voting for him should do him a favor, he will get a contract no matter what, and let him go out. I am waiting for him to keel over on the stage, no competition is worth it. In all fairness if he wins how will he handle the stress and long hours. he needs to get heathy.

    • shelbybb says:

      Not sure if you’re trying to be sympathetic towards P2 or a smart ass but I do worry about him. It’s a very hard road ahead for him. It’s so sad that this is his one big shot and he’s in so much pain! I’m not sure about Joshua either. He’s admitted having a hard time with his nerves and the pressure only intensifies from here on out. (especially with the constant standing O’s!) They are both entering the big leagues now and you really have to be in top shape for the grind, I wish them well.

      • Mary says:

        I was being sympathetic. He is not my favorite, but risking his life, when we all know he will get a contract, to me is not worth it. I know it will be great ratings but seeing him keel over is not my
        Ideal of entertainment.

      • Templar says:

        On the bright side they will all get some good money for the tour and hone their performance skills in front of less intimidating audiences. I wish P2 would get voted off so he can get better before the tour. I’m not a fan, but he is clearly suffering and health comes first.

      • teatime says:

        People, as far as I know he ‘just’ has a kidney stone. They can be excruciatingly painful and can take a long time to pass. So it is a huge challenge for him to be going thru this while dealing with that. But he is not “risking his life” and he would not necessarily get better any “quicker” if he were off the show.

  25. James says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish…she was no Haley Reinhart that’s for sure…

  26. Jen says:

    It was Elise’s time to go. They are equally matched at this point. Now the girls will be picked off one by one until another WGWG wins…..SHOCKER Phil Phil. Until they change the voting this is the way its going to be. They need to have a separate show called American Idol Girls after this travesty of a season.

    • Stephanie says:

      I guess it sounds to you like P2 is the Chosen One this season. I for one would like to see the WGWG streak snapped, but only if the voters start voting for pure talent rather than a cute face (it’s supposed to be a singing competition, not one of those child beauty pageants) – which is why I stopped watching but I still follow updates on this site and others

    • JC says:

      They should make a spin off like that American Idol for Girls haha. I don’t hate Phillip its just we’ve seen his type win this thing for 4 years and possibly a 5th one. Its just sad and repetitive and frustrating :(

      • vlbartle says:

        Agree! Either that or call this show “America’s Favorite White Guy with A Guitar” and only let them audition, because it’s becoming clear they’re the only ones who win this anymore. Aargh!

    • KHS says:

      Travesty of a season? This has been a fantastic season! I have to say I am sad Elise left. But I don’t think you can fault the other contestants. Everyone left is very talented so diverse from one another. No, I don’t think Phillip should win (nor do I think he will) but I think this season is far, far, FAR from a travesty.

    • Mary says:

      It’s not over till it is over. Remember season 8, Gokey was never in the bottom three and was voted off top 3. I think everyone needs to remember fan base. As the contestants start leaving where will there fan base go to, Colton is gone, I think the remaining ones will not go to P2.

  27. shelbybb says:

    I tried to defend Elise for weeks but I gotta say her attitude got her kicked off. She’s really talented but enough of “poor me, I don’t smile” crap. She had to bring it up at the TMZ visit too. Now she can go home and plan her part in the tour and frown in every city if she wants to.

    • Ray says:

      Your comment is ridiculous. Elise did not have a poor attitude.

      • Terri says:

        Oh, yes she did. It was horrible.

        • Ray says:

          Sorry, I disagree. She did not have a poor attitude. Each of us has a different way of expressing our self. Based solely on outward appearance you make an unfair judgement about her attitude.
          Expecting her to smile in reaction to criticism is ridiculous. Only once, when Ryan asked her a question, did she make a comment. And her comment was correct. The judges have their favorites. They overlook flaws for their favorites, and make stupid comments for others.

          • MA says:

            Amen to that! There’s nothing wrong with her attitude, and it’s such a personal, middle school attack. If you think she’s a rotten singer, fine, but the attitude nonsense from people who know nothing about her or who she is as a person is sad, and just makes the speaker look shallow.

      • Leo says:

        She used to have a really bad attitude at the start of the Top 13. She act snobbish but these late few weeks, she has definitely work on it and she starts smiling a lot. She’s really pretty. (Insert Elise’s “hee…hee…hee” here)

    • 2FM says:

      I never understood the bad attitude comments. Engaging in a conversation about her critique is not the same is discrediting it. And when people say shes always “frowning” she’s not…her natural facial expression when she’s not smiling makes her look like that she can’t help it. Besides I’d rather people not like her for her voice, not what assumptions they make about her attitude. Personally she was my favorite and I am devastated that she’s gone. Can’t wait for the career ahead of her.

    • FreeHaley says:

      How ridiculous can you be? SHe’s getting blasted by it week after week from the judges and the likes of you and she was upset by it and trying to find a way to overcome it. SHe just said her natural face is apparently making people think I’m angry but it’s just my face what do I do without then putting on forced expressions and then getting accused like the other weeks of being fake?

      It’s all the ridiculous miss congeniality hyper judgmentalism that drove her to ask that.

      Again talk to people from Haley’s and Elise’s home towns and see what people say….

    • FreeHaley says:

      It’s the very talk like this that ruins Idol and has more and more treating the whole show as a joke again.

  28. FanoFan says:

    Looovvveeeddd ‘Fano!!!

  29. Christina says:

    Disappointing but expected. Elise was probably the only artist there, unfortunately unless you are a white guy with a guitar you don;t stand a chance on this.

  30. Sean D says:

    I’m glad she’s gone, I’m relieved. She was the best artist and singer on the stage, except for maybe Joshua Ledet, but this was never the right venue for her. A win for Haley Reinhart last year would have been validating, there was something so wonderful about her, she felt like the kind of singer American Idol SHOULD get behind. But Elise just wasn’t.

    BUT LORD, I NEED PHILLIP TO LEAVE SO BADLY. Dreams of a Joshua/Skylar/Jessica Top 3, I want it to happen so bad.

  31. ladyhelix says:

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that Simon and Paula were falling all over Megan Joy “a little arm, a little shake”- and talking about the importance of “scripting interesting people – not just good singers”. And the following season the timid warblers would stand stalk still & plod through their songs – getting about 1/4 of the notes in tune and then cry “Well I had fun”.
    I don’t know what happened but I am SO grateful that it did!! As much as it sucks to lose any of them tonight – it is not the worst problem we could have.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Wow, ladyhelix, you just said (or typed) a mouthful. Thanks for the reminder about the Ghosts of Idol Past.

  32. Pam says:

    Very sad that Elise got sent home. I felt she was the most talented of the bunch. Wish the voting would change–1 vote per phone number and maybe a music “expert” getting a say as well. Wouldn’t it be nice if the most talented won! Randy criticizing her Hendrix song last night just showed his stupidity! Kudos to JLo for standing up for Elise. Elise, looking forward to buying your album! Good luck to you! You are amazing!

  33. marie says:

    I’m going to miss Elise on the show; she is right up there with Adam, Allison, Melinda, and Haley as one of my favorite Idol contestants of any season. But I’ll still watch because the show is dynamite entertaining this year. I sincerely hope that, leaving in sixth place, Elise is able to get a recording released; of all those I mentioned, I think she is THE most likely to release an album I’m really going to want to listen to more than a couple of times (yes, have to admit, I’m not too keen on Haley’s “Free”).
    Best of luck, Elise Testone, you’re fantastic.

    • Joy says:

      Marie, I’ll confess “Free” isn’t really blowing me away either — but I’m holding onto hope that as one of the few tracks Haley didn’t co-write, and the one targeted to pick up radio airplay, it’s not that representative of the rest of the album. I remember that the song Crystal Bowersox’s label wanted to make her first single felt much more generic and less interesting to me than the album as a whole, so I figure this could be a similar situation. I guess I’ll know in a few weeks, anyway. :-)

  34. Davey says:

    I was hoping it was Hollie but Elise wasn’t long for this show. Song choice and arrangement doomed her. Nothing wrong with her singing. I don’t know how much I can crazy vote for Jessica, I’m too old for this, but until Hollie is gone I have to keep voting for Jessica. I wonder if Phillip will be too sick to make it to the finale?

  35. Funny how everyone wants to call one contestant an artist. Lets face it everybody up on these singing shows are mere glorified karaoke singers. Elise will continue to sing in probably bigger venues but won’t make it big in the music scene. Other than Kelly, Carrie and all other AI graduates who went country – few have had considerable successes after AI.

  36. Jeremy Gable says:

    The fact is, no one is beating Phil Phillips. He could kill a kitten on stage. He’s winning.

  37. KHS says:

    I am devastated that Elisa left. I thought she was amazing. I enjoyed watching her performances over anyone (well except maybe Joshua and Skylar..). But the real question tonight–what the hell is wrong with Phillip medically speaking? Is it kidney stones again? I like how he just casually didnt appear in the Ford music video. Except I missed his “lady killer” face. Ugh Ryan–please stop making him so uncomfortable on stage. Anyway, despite my sadness over the loss of Elise, I can’t help but be excited for next week. This has to be the best season of American Idol ever. I’m with you Slezak: I like everyone.

  38. MA says:

    I’ll just say it again…Way to kill the sing out, Elise!! And way to go out on a high note!! Also, because I get so tired of this coming up, I like her face.

  39. NikkiQM says:

    The only thing that really bothers me is the whole “Phillip” is too sick and too weak thing. If he is that ill, and supposedly has been ill for a while than maybe he shouldnt be on the show. I hope he feels better and his health improves, I dont hate the guy. But what are we going to do judge him differently every week b.c of his illness and how its affecting his performance?

    • C says:

      Amen to this!

    • MA says:

      No, but maybe we don’t call him a no-talent-DMB hack until we know for sure he doesn’t look like that because he’s about to keel over from pain?

    • KHS says:

      At least they didn’t have Ryan bring a “doctor” out in scrubs to tell the world he is sick a la Lauren Alaina. I believe Phillip is honestly sick. Although, I pretty much buy everything Jimmy says. And there’s also the fact that he didn’t appear in the music video. I feel bad for him–when do you have a chance to be on American Idol? It’s not like he can just quit. But I do appreciate the fact that he is not milking this for all it’s worth. Anyway–I don’t think Phillip is going to make it much further. I like the guy. But there’s no way the producers will let another young white guy win.

      • FreeHaley says:

        I do think he is hurting. Nothing fake about that at all. It’s a shame to see, feel bad about it. I mean last night even at the group number at the start, you could barely even shuffle and looked pained just to try an awkward shuffle or two.

        • Mary B says:

          Did you see when he went back to the couches when he was saved how he so gingerly sat down. You could see he was really hurting.

      • Andy J says:

        I’m pretty sure if need be he CAN just quit. He’s probably just assessing his situation week-to-week,

  40. darcy's evil twin says:

    This is darcy’s evil twin’s husband. I am trying to talk her down from the roof. She was so proud of herself – when Katy Perry came on she backed the show up and re-watched the “Queen Experience” performance of “Somebody to Love” instead of sitting through Katy Perry – she was singing along (even the falsetto, screamy parts), doing fist pumps, and in general acting pretty silly for a 50+ year old woman. Then she crashed hard when Elise was sent home. Hopefully I’ll talk some sense into her and she’ll rejoin you all later.

    • Dr. Reid says:

      Multiple personalities, right? Is there also a sister who cuts herself and starts fires?

    • whatevs says:

      Who cares? Let her jump off the roof. She should just take care of her great grandchildren and get a life instead of trolling these message boards. Anyway, YES Elise is finally gone! All the best to Phillip!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Sorry to disappoint you. I changed my mind. It got cold outside. Plus I have too much of a life to kill myself over this nonsense.

        • Joy says:

          Well said! Honestly, I’m still indulging in a good mope over Elise’s elimination — but with full knowledge that in another half-hour or so, I’m going to get off my ass and have a perfectly lovely afternoon. I have an awful lot of fun obsessing over Idol every year, and that’s now going to be substantially diminished during the next four weeks, but I don’t really expect to be hurting for ways to make up the deficit…

    • elisefan44 says:

      i love darcy’s evil twin’s comments, please tell her that i’m right there with her, and giving her a virtual hug of consolation, x

    • Tarc says:

      Aw! Tell DET we’ll all miss Elise, and she is missed.

  41. C says:

    Looks like it’s a foregone conclusion now that we’re stuck with a Top 3 of Jessica, Joshua (the screamer), and Phillip (the moaner/chanter). Poor Hollie and Skylar. Both of them are worlds better than either of those guys. And, when Hollie is on her game, dare I say it? Her voice actually has more depth and a better tone to it than Jessica. (I know, I know, heresy!) But she’ll be gone next week. We’ll be stuck with a WGWG all over again, even though it took a little longer this time. Curse this voting system!!!

  42. ItIsAGame says:

    Officially labeling Elise as suffering from “Katniss Everdeen Syndrome.” Course if we’re making that comparison, Phillip “does your Daddy let you date?” Phillips is totally Peeta.

    • JC says:

      What are you talking about? don’t put the hunger games in any topic unless its relevant p.s. from a hunger games fan :)

      • ItIsAGame says:

        Katniss struggles to come up with what personality she should present to the audience. She’s not charming, not funny, not sexy–doesn’t smile a lot naturally. She resents being asked about her personal life. She thinks it is pretty absurd that she has to worry about what the audience thinks about who she is, when that isn’t what really counts. Sorry for not explaining. I just get the same vibe from Elise. She is way talented, a strong person, but doesn’t have the kind of personality that plays well on TV, and she kinda hated that that was expected of her. Sorry for the confusion! I should have explained.

        • FreeHaley says:

          And the luck certainly has never been in her favor on the show. Even Randy had to be Randy again and diss her final performance and do his whole anybody but Elise deserves to win crap that he did with Haley on the talk shows this week again.

          • FreeHaley says:

            He is President Snow fearing an Idol uprising of gritty talent or those outside of the Capital (Idol core demo) giving them the results they don’t want.

        • JC says:

          I see the resemblance and Phillip is Peeta because he plays well in front of the camera. I get it but I just dislike the idea of Phillip being anything like Peeta cause I love Peeta he’s my favorite character aside from Katniss :)

        • Bobbi says:

          Thought Jessica is closer to Katniss. Back to regular programming. :)

    • KHS says:

      I appreciated this

  43. afghan says:

    So this results show something clear and simple, it’s a Philip Philips Idol. Everyone would go one by one until he is crowded the winner. I really don’t hate him. Just a little disappointed at the fact that he does not have to listen to anybody cause he is the chosen one from day 1. My favorite is Skylar cause of how natural she is on stage. Second favorite is Joshua and third favorite is Hollie. My three favorite are still in the competition so I am happy. But knowing that it no matter how great they can be the next few weeks, they might make it to the final but they are not going to win Just hurt! But I will keep watching and every year, I will keep hoping that we get a different winner. I really think the top 5 are high quality vocalists and performers. I would understand if someone looking and reassembling Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson win every year. It will make sense cause it would feel like America is looking for the same type of performers that made it big. But why the WGWG? The past 5 are not that big. Ok Scotty had a pretty decent first album sales. And I don’t buy that teenage girls voting thing, cause its not true. Someone that voted for Philip, Scotty and the other 5, please explain to me the rational in that decision. I want to understand.

    • Tiffany says:

      Uh…David Cook’s first single AND album went platinum within 2 1/2 months. I’d say he was doing alright for himself.

      • gailer says:

        And his second album did ????
        I don’t think the show is going to let another guy win due to poor sales etc of the guy winners. I expect the judges to get tough now.

    • Joy says:

      I think a lot of Idol voters don’t care about who’s going to make it big — we’re voting for what we personally enjoy. The Idol viewing audience obviously has different tastes from the mainstream music-buying audience, and is more concerned with satisfying its own tastes than with catering to the industry. I’m not a big fan of the WGWG types, but I don’t find it hard to understand why others would be. (Actually, I find it far easier to understand that than I do to understand why the music-buying masses are so fond of Katy Perry!) And as successful as the WGWG artists have been on Idol the past several years, it only makes sense that the show’s appeal to their fans would be continually strengthened, and that base would continue to consolidate its influence. Whether you call it a vicious cycle or a positive feedback loop just depends on what you like… For me, to be sure, it’s a bummer that there’s not another show out there whose viewership happens to be dominated by people who share my tastes, so that I could enjoy 12 weeks of live performances from my own personal favorites every season…but I’ve got plenty of other places to find music that I like (including getting off my rear end to go out and see it *actually* live!), so I can’t really complain…much. :-)

  44. FreeHaley says:

    Wow what a joke of an absolute travesty! She rocks the night and is the one to get booted.

    At least she went out (as ridiculous and sad as it is) on a high note and man her sing out was one of the tops ever along with Haley and perhaps one other, ever!!

    She did herself proud!

    It was sad to see her booted on a high note, doesn’t make sense, but as everyone has said it makes her look good and the show….

    Best to Jessica but I don’t think I can watch anymore. After last season I don’t even know a single person still watching (probably didn’t help Elise, since I’m from her area) and I skipped the first half and more of this season myself. Nobody I know takes it seriously anymore and I not one person was willing to be dragged into it again even after I mentioned Elise, if she’s good it just means no point to watch, she’ll never make it far (on the show), not with her style, they say and others I knew more casually but saw commenting, still, on facebook about Idol last season, haven’t seen a single post from this season.

    Judges and Nigel drove me insane last season and I think a great many. And while they were not quite as directly diabolical this season it still seemed off too often.

    And the all the constant miss congeniality talk rubs me the wrong way, so what? and most of the talk is all garbage hearsay based on nothing and has little to do with reality. Heck look at Haley, talk to people from her home area and they sure tell a 100% different picture about her than what some made of her (and the show seemed to try to push at times) and yet to this day, very sadly, she is still dogged by plenty on the net, who never met her and just read what they wanted into things or fell prey to production’s games, trashing her character when what they about her goes against everything people who know her say. And you heard some more about Elise this year and all the bad person nonsense. And I wasn’t a fan of Skylar’s vocals and such all that much but even the talk about how she dared to smile when Colton got eliminated, come on, as she said she was smiling in support and so on.

    And with who is left watching and voting at this point I don’t see an Elise ever coming close on the show again. I think the demo of who is left still watching has shifted way too much now. With this year’s even more slanted demo, due to 30% loss of viewers, it’s even harder and will just become ever harder for someone like her to make it far. Haley was amazing and couldn’t even crack the top two last season or get a full standing O on her exit night.

    As my friend’s said what is the point anymore? And as more drop out it just spirals more and more.

    • shelbybb says:

      There are other ways to pursue a singing career than hitting the million dollar jack pot on Idol. We are such a “get rich quick” society that we loose sight of building a career with hard work and dedication. There are still plenty of very talented people out there playing the bars and paying their dues! (and loving every minute of it)

      • FreeHaley says:

        true, sometimes a little luck or exposure helps though and to really break through it can take the full blown power and extra exposure winning gets you (although there have been a few exceptions). It’s a rough business. And sometimes without power behind you it ain’t easy (OTOH sometimes it can be more freeing without the wrong power behind you, true). Hopefully it’s done enough for her to make a living at it now for the long haul and in a fulfilling manner.

      • MamaLis says:

        Actually, my brother is 43 and still playing “gigs” and it’s getting hard. His songs have gotten a couple of t.v. show spots but other than that…. setting up, taking down, no benefits… I wouldn’t say it’s an easy life.

  45. Bob says:

    I am overjoyed that Elise has been sent packing. She never should have gotten into the top 12 to begin with. The judges loved her far more than she deserved.

  46. FreeHaley says:

    There was just something utterly, horrifyingly wrong to be hearing Elise just slay that Zep and rocking the place down like nobodies business, like nobody had the whole season, while she walking on her way…. out of the competition.
    Soo, so wrong.
    So painful.
    But that is clearly what Idol has become. I knew after last season there was no point, but let myself get sucked in half way through this season again anyway.

  47. FreeHaley says:

    There was a little justice in the Jessica escaped bottom three at least but man a sad, sad night. Once again.

  48. FreeHaley says:

    Anyway just gotta say way to go Elise!! What an exit!!! Way to leave everyone desperate for more. THAT is the very definition of how to go and the very definition of taking control of the stage and the audience and just ruling it and rocking it. Wow! Thanks for the great run!

  49. Bobbie says:

    Elise did a wonderful job on the show. She cannot control the votes and clearly will not pander for them either. She stayed true to herself throughout and can leave with her head held high. Like she said “I just can’t win.” True, you cannot win when the producers have it out for you (watch your back Hollie!). Hopefully this experience has opened some new doors for Elise!

  50. PatD says:

    Jessica is ridiculously talented. She may have one of the best voices I’ve ever heard on this show. BUT. The girl has like no personality. She is the epitome of the results of a Toddlers and Tiaras upbringing. Plus, I don’t ever see her making a record I’d buy. I’m no country music fan, but I’d rather see Skylar (who I really think is going to have a huge career as a 21st century Reba) win this thing than Jessica.

    Elise was born to front a band. That’s really where she belongs. But as we’ve learned from the American Idol fates of Carly and Allison, this show just isn’t the right platform for those kinds of singers. If she doesn’t get a record deal, I hope Stevie Nicks follows through on her offer. It really sucked that her sing-out got cut off. Get it together, Uncle Nigel.

    • Jen says:

      I don’t think Idol should be a personality contest.

    • Layla says:

      You’re like five weeks late with this “Toddlers and Tiaras” BS. Look, Jessica was singing because it was her passion. It’s documented on youtube. She wasn’t getting paid for it, nor receiving any ribbons from talent shows, you never saw her with trophies, and you can watch her honing her skills thru the years all by her lonesome. So glad she filmed it. She sang to a computer screen in a little room surrounded by boxes. Her father was away a lot fighting the war. She had a hobby and passion that helped her pass the time. Once or twice her mom or friend maybe holding the camera. It was very light hearted and informal. She never took singing lessons and got accepted to the same talent school that Alison Iraheta did where they became good friends. More likely she is an introvert. Wish people would look stuff up before passing judgement. I find her one of the most interesting idols because it is all about SINGING!

      • mimi says:

        I strongly believe that millions of people will buy jessica’s album… come on guys, try to check the performances video of each contestants every week, JESSICA has the highest number of views on youtube! It only means that millions of people love jessica! I love her! I will buy her albums!
        Jessica is not only famous in America but all over the world! I’m not from America but I love her! And I have a lot of friends all over the asia specifically Korea and Thailand who really loves her!

      • Marie says:

        I also hate the toddlers and tiaras comment because it is pure fabrication. I also took so much offense when some people misinterpreted “working hard” as child labor. Come on. You can work hard cleaning your own kitchen. Work means doing something fruitful.

        Anyway, her voice is one of the best ever and listening to her iTunes, I guarantee that with the right material, she can be a superstar. Skylar is a GREAT and WONDERFUL performer but I think her voice is not as pop radio friendly.

        BTW, Jessica’s Dance with My Father is #10 in iTunes R&B.

      • Parker says:

        So you think she entered herself in America’s Got Talent at age 10?

        • Joy says:

          Not without help, but ten is more than old enough to see something like that on TV, and beg one’s parents ceaselessly until they give in and buy you an outfit, take you to the audition, and so on. I know my mother indulged more than a few of my ridiculous whims at similar ages, even though she had very little inclination to be a show-biz parent — I think it was a mix of wanting to give me the chance to figure out for myself what I wanted, and just wanting to shut me up. :-) And with Jessica’s father in Iraq at the time, I think if I’d been her mother, I’d just have been relieved to see her find any sort of good diversion. It could have been a pushy-stage-parent thing, but could also just have been a matter of a kid with big ideas and parents who were crazy to have *something* maybe cheer her up…

          • Parker says:

            Maybe, but if it had been my kid, the last thing i’d do is throw them into something as potentially heartbreaking as a showbiz competition. To each their own.

          • Joy says:

            @Parker, good point, and I’m sure it depends a lot on the parent, and maybe also on the kid. If I suspected my kid was the sort to really need that external validation, or to get their hopes built up and then be devastated when they lost, I would definitely want to keep them away from showbiz while they were so young. But it’s also the case that some kids take the competition aspect of things a lot *less* seriously than adults — for them, it’s just a fun, crazy ride, and if they end up wining or losing, it doesn’t really matter because as far as they can tell, they’ve still got the whole world of opportunities in front of them. (You see that so often in kids’ sports, too, where the players themselves aren’t half as worked up about championships and things as their parents are — they’re just playing the game…) I honestly don’t have enough of a feel for Jessica to know what kind of attitude she approaches these things with (much less what her attitude would have been six years ago), but since it does seem like her AGT experience didn’t crush her too badly, I’m inclined to give her parents the benefit of the doubt on that one.

          • Layla says:

            “Maybe, but if it had been my kid, the last thing i’d do is throw them into something as potentially heartbreaking as a showbiz competition. To each their own.” Exactly, to each THEIR OWN. Since you don’t have a kid with the talent of Jessica, you can never be in the mother’s shoes. For someone above to diminish her ONE lone time in a national competition as “Toddlers and Tiaras” is pure hogwash. You don’t see the same comment when a kid goes to the national spelling bee or the science fair. Why? How about sports? Gymnastics? All these are skill based and god given talent based competitions NOT dress up. Huge difference. Jessica herself said she cried after but she got over it. Then she put the time in and just pursued her passion on her own. Kind of a cool kid if you asked me.