Exclusive Smash Video: Watch [Spoiler] Get Seduced By Uma Thurman's Marilyn

Bombshell director Derek gets the presidential treatment on next Monday’s Smash (NBC, 10/9c) when superstar Rebecca Duvall sings “Happy Birthday” to him, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at Uma Thurman channeling Marilyn in all her glory.

Smash Troublemaker Looks Ahead to Season 2: ‘Ellis Is Probably Going to Be Even More Hated!’

Press PLAY and watch as the gruff director gets swept away by the film star’s sultry performance. But is it better than Karen’s rendition in the pilot? Sound off in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Caygri says:

    uma isnt marylin :D

    • Nadine says:

      Exactly, Uma’s character isn’t supposed to be a good Marilyn. One of the first comment about her movie star character was “she’s too loud”. Uma’s doing great in this role so far, I don’t think she’s meant to be on for long.

      • Nadine, You’ve nailed it! if only Ellis would get trashed in a major way. Every villain deserves it.

      • Sue says:

        Amen. I’m sure that Uma Thurman could do it however it needed to be done for her character. Karen is so amazing in everything she does that I’m sure she will be awarded the part in the end. But how boring would it be if there wasn’t any drama? This is about theatre, after all….lol

    • Cheleena Davis says:


  2. AmbleAlong says:

    I think Uma’s Happy Birthday was WAY weaker than Karen’s and even somewhat weaker than Ivy’s. She needs to be tossed from the production.

    Karen has actually sung it well twice for Derek: with the stripped down version in his shirt at his NY condo and then when he told her to show Ivy how it was done.

    I know a lot of people sure don’t seem to like Karen in the show, but for the softest moments of Marilyn (like Happy Birthday), no one else compares and she should be handed the part on a platter!

    • AliVee says:

      I agree! I love Karen!

    • Marcie says:

      I agree, too. I much prefer Karen as Marilyn. Ivy is great, but just too obvious – no nuance.

    • Love Karen for the same reasons! Who cares if she’s green. They all started somewhere.

    • NeilRas says:

      For once I agree. I like Karen’s version of the song.

    • Thereasonsy says:

      Obviously Rebecca isn’t supposed to be a good Marilyn. The problem between Ivy and Karen as I see it is that the writers haven’t done a good job explaining that Ivy does a great impression of Marilyn while Karen “is” Marilyn and even though Ivy looks and sings the part better because Karen has that “it” quality we are all supposed to root for her. Which is hard for some people, especially for those that aren’t as familiar with Megan Hilty’s work, because Ivy comes across as being unsympathetic. The new show runner (GG) has a great take on frenemies (Blair V Serena) and will hopefully focus on that next season so that Ivy and Karen both get more fleshed out regardless of who gets the part. Ellis is a horrible, horrible villain. If anything they need to get Ilene’s ex, the Union, and the crew (lighting, sound, costuming, the agencies involved for advertising, SM, ASM) involved more to add real drama.

  3. AliVee says:

    I agree with AmbleAlong, I despise Ivy, especially after that stunt she pulled with Ellis last week! Karen should get it!

  4. Jeff says:

    Nope…too much. Not on board at ALL with Uma’s Marilyn.

  5. smasher says:

    Karen’s all the way! I am quite enjoying Rebecca the character though!!

  6. smasher says:

    Oh and regardless that I think Ivy makes a great Marilyn (they really should split it with Karen playing Norma Jean, but oh well!) I am past even caring for her in any way because of the way she goes about her business! Sure she’s desperate, but to manipulate and play Karen like that was just too underhanded for me.

    • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

      I have thought this all along. Karen is Norma Jean and Ivy is Marilyn. It is so obvious to me. Will Rebecca ever open?

  7. Carla says:

    How does he end up kissing her after this? I’m already so upset with him for doing that to Ivy!

  8. Trina says:

    Well, she looks even more like La Dietrich now or a little drag too. I hope I don’t see a big seduction scene between her and Derek – yuck!

  9. That was horrible! Karen’s was WAY better!

  10. jenna says:

    I actually didn’t have too much of a problem with Ivy’s whole stunt in the last episode, I feel like it would probably happen in show business in real life and I also have to wonder why Karen would A) assume she wouldn’t be in when Julia had been absent for 2 days prior and B) trust a message sent from the number of someone (supposedly) with no authority in the production. Back to the video, I agree that Karen’s performance was much stronger.

    I still can’t decide who I prefer for marilyn, there are momments such as karen’s happy birthday that win me over but then she has her dream sequences with Derek and that atrocious accent…..then there’s Ivy whose performance of “let me be your star” is one of my top favourite numbers in the show so far

  11. Yo' says:

    I just can’t forget she is obviously pregnant, so this can’t work for me.

  12. Angel says:

    I don’t like Uma’s version or her character on the show. I think the show does better with having Karen and Ivy be the rivals in the production.

  13. jimmy says:

    Uma looks about 70 there. Yikes.

  14. I love Uma Thurman. I think she is a wonderful actress and gorgeous in her own way, but she is SO wrong for Marilyn and while that might be why she’s on the show, I don’t like it. Everyone is so freaking talented on it it’s amazing but the whole Ivy being evil is wrong too and grounds for not watching. Also, that whiny boy, Leo, bothers me to no end and either needs to be recast or someone needs to write him differently.

  15. dan says:

    Forget about working on her Marilyn, she needs to watch out for those Ellis smoothies.

    • I agree, I think from teasers that Ellis and/or Ivy are going to spike a smoothie with peanuts so that Rebecca has a major attack and is hospitalized, thus getting her out of the show. Probably will be the season ender with Ivy feeling remorseful yet satisfied and Karen being torn as usual and Derek still playing them against each other!

      • Melanie says:

        which is why in the teaser they yell “She can’t breathe!” ahhh revealed…

      • dan says:

        The season will end with the smoothie poisoning, and a shot of both Karen and Ivy, with someone saying, “You’ve got to go on!” And we’ll have to wait for next season to see who finally got the part. Just a guess.

      • MaryW says:

        Agree…they played that peanut thing up too many times…you know she is going to the hospital!

  16. Danielle H says:

    I can’t stand Uma’s character either, but I’m guessing that’s the point. They are setting it up for Karen to finally get the part next season.

  17. Kat says:

    Enjoying all the partisan cheerleading and booing for the various contenders for Marilyn. Frankly, my only reason for watching the show is Jack Davenport as Derek. Yes, the character is a sleaze, but I care not. I’d watch and listen to Jack read the bloody phone book.

  18. Kim says:

    Karen of course! I am enjoying this show so much. There is just something about it, I can’t wait to see it every week. I hope it gets more episodes next season!

  19. Brooke says:

    Uma is listed in the opening credits as “guest starring”… just a heads up!

  20. Laurel says:

    Yikes ! President Kennedy would of run away from that hot mess !
    We’ll see what Derek does…
    She doesn’t even come close to Karen’s rendition

  21. Uma is doing great at this part. The part being an actress that is totally inappropriate to play a lead in musical because she can’t sing, She can only act. There isn’t even a question of whether this is as good as Ivy or Karen’s because they are singers. Uma is not.

  22. Tanya says:

    Uma did a decent job, but I must go with Kathryn’s rendition. I’m not a fan of Uma’s work, but I will say she is doing a remarkable job, of playing the character that we love to hate and totally don’t trust

  23. Holly says:

    This was nothing at all near good. and I think Derek is smiling only cuz, in his head, he is seeing Karen in his shirt at his apartment

  24. Rebecca’s Happy Birthday is too solid, not breathy enough, where’s that Vibrato? AND she used a faux sort of British thing there too, UGH, cannot wait till this story hook is over, have not been a fan of Uma much, she is doing credible as a Diva Star who over reaches her somewhat sketchy talents.

  25. Mari says:

    Uma’s too old for the Marilyn part…..I think it was a “miss” to bring her into the show…

  26. Amy says:

    Cannot stand Uma, sorry. She doesn’t even play a believable part – as an actress attempting Broadway – she should stick to movies and stay away from television.

  27. Lisa Jakub says:

    Drop Uma and Keep Karen!

  28. I’m a Karen fan through and through. I loved seeing Derek’s expression in last week’s dream sequence, too cute! I do like Ivy, she’s talented, but her desperate attempts at getting the role make me feel sorry for her. Her insecurity is so obvious.

  29. jeanmarie says:

    Totally agree….Uma has been cast simply to throw a cog in the wheel, adding a new mix to the weekly drama. There is no question that Karen and Ivy can sign just about anything; they are both so unbelievably talented! This is the most fantastic show….can’t wait to buy the CD of all the music to date!

  30. Donna says:

    Karen! Karen! Karen! Uma sans Rebecca….uh NO!

  31. Cheryl says:

    I love KAREN’S version much better!!

  32. mopassan says:

    MarKARENilyn. i dont like how uma is singing. she’s not made for this role.

  33. Melissa says:

    I think Rebecca’s peanut allergy is going to come into play. What was that “she’s not breathing” preview we saw?

    • Renee says:

      I want to know the same thing! They also had a clip with Uma saying someone should get fired. Did I miss that. I swore Ellis was going to put a peanut in her shake.

      • CoccinelleMenthol says:

        The promo are often for another episode. Like with the Michael/Julia story, sometimes they would show the scenes 3 episodes before, that’s just weird. Then we spend a week waiting for it, and feel disappointed for having to wait one more week, or two.

        • Renee says:

          How irritating. I hadn’t noticed that before & I haven’t seen any other show pull that on purpose. I kept waiting for someone to get hurt or sick.

        • Yes they’ve started doing that again which is extremely annoying at this point because with only 3 episodes left one never knows which stuff belongs where. Oh well. And the finale is about them debuting in Boston so we WILL know by the finale who is Marilyn. (or if, as I think most of us believe, they will BOTH play her at different stages, Karen being early Marilyn and Ivy being late Marilyn). The whole fight between Eileen and Julia for Michael’s return was teased in the promo for TWO episodes ago and it’s going to be next week… And he’s (Freaking finally!) coming back in 14. About damn time, Will Chase is ridiculously talented and gorgeous and it’s a waste not to have him! Rebecca being “poisoned” is in epi 14 because the summary for the ep says she has a major crisis right before going on stage. And because that’s the last episode Uma Thurman is in, since she was signed for 5 episodes. The finale, episode 15, is the show actually debuting in Boston. Without Uma. So we’ll see what happens with Karen and Ivy and who is Marilyn (I do think BOTH will be).

  34. CoccinelleMenthol says:

    For me it’s Ivy who should be Marilyn. She is the most “Broadway” one. Her scheme for the part is normal, without that she would have been completely left out. It’s realistic, and not that mean. Karen is just too naive.

    About Uma Thurman I agree with everyone, she plays her role with great talent. Her character isn’t Marilyn, her character isn’t supposed to be good as Marilyn. She is just a commercial choice. So no, I don’t think her version of the “song” is good, but that’s normal.

    Question is when do they finally give up the idea of having a movie star playing Marilyn ?!

  35. robynmackinnonad says:

    Much prefer Karen for the role – and hope Uma’s character isnt here for too long, she’s not really that interesting. Much preferred the dynamic between Karen and Ivy with Derek in the middle!

    Can’t really see the seduction between her and Derek – certainly the chemistry is no where near as electric as between him and the other two (Ivy and Karen). Really interested to find out what that whole kissing clip was about though…..hope he’s not going to get together with her, because that’s just rubbish. He’s with Ivy…and holds a flame for Karen. do we need another angle to that???

  36. Titina says:

    BTW I am actually rooting for Derek and Karen to get together down the road! He is totally smitten with her. Plus their chemistry is amazing.
    Uma will be gone shortly. Ivy gets on my nerves! I know she is insecure but she is going to low scheming things with Ellis to put Karen in jeopardy.

  37. Phil Toney says:

    Karen’s rendition of this song (as well as all the others I’ve listened closely to) is FAR superior both vocally and in terms of subtle gestures (acting) to both Uma’s and Ivy’s!

  38. Domenica says:

    Anyone who’s ever seen a Marilyn Monroe film knows that Karen would be laughable in the role. Katharine McPhee is incredibly talented, and she would excel in a musical like ‘Once’ or ‘Spring Awakening’, but she is an awful choice for this part. Ivy is phenomenally talented: from ‘Let’s Be Bad’ to ‘Second Hand Baby Piano Grand’ – she has sung every song perfectly and her Marilyn impression is spot on. Hence why I’m 100% team Ivy.
    Also, I’m an aspiring actress and I must say that Karen is INCREDIBLY naive. When you get a text like that you always double check with the director! Ivy’s scheme was so half hearted that it’s amazing Karen fell for it. Actors will do anything to get the part they want, and all Ivy has done is show that she will do anything to play Marilyn. We haven’t seen any of that hunger from Karen. Very few people in this business by being ‘nice’.
    Anyway, I just wanted to defend Ivy after reading these comments :)

  39. Kimberlee Yee says:

    I like how the writers have developed three different “Marilyns”. Karen is the wide-eye innocent Norma-Jean, Ivy is the bombshell superstar, Marilyn, and Rebecca is the Hollywood bombshell who thinks she can play Marilyn. Each actress is very unique and very entertaining. I just love this show. I originally thought it would be hard to maintain once they chose a “Marilyn”, but the writing just gets better and better each week. My favorite screen was the Bollywood number last week. Standing ovation for the cast and crew of SMASH! NBC has a hit on their hands.

  40. BillieJo Harder says:

    Kat fan since original idol audition (a granny I am too) she is a great Marilyn yet my hope is that Ivy learns a few life’s lessons from Karen & goes on to get the part and Karen goes on to a bigger, hotter new Broadway musical of her own! Makes more since in real life, since Ivy’s Marilyn is great and she has a Broadway career already in the making before Karen entered the picture.

  41. Amy says:

    Still torn on the best Marilyn. Just wondering about something else….I have had the hardest time trying to hear Karen when she is speaking so far this season. I have had to turn up the TV and rewind just to hear her. I was like her mic was not loud enough. This week I didn’t have that problem. Maybe they finally figured out they needed to turn her up!!

  42. Kara says:

    Am I the only one who sees the end game that Karen and Ivy will both play Marilyn at the same time – norma jean (karen) and marilyn (ivy) with duets etc.

  43. Lila says:

    That was awful. I love Uma Thurman but Rebecca is a really lousy Marilyn. I ship Ivy/Derek like crazy but I do not get Derek lately. He’s so incredibly random.

  44. adrienne says:

    Definitley Karen……no doubet at all !!!

  45. ttko says:

    OMG she looks way to old. And why is her hairline so far back, her forehead looks too big.
    Her age really shows here. No Marilyn, IVY is the best.

  46. twee says:

    Did Ivy ever do “Happy Birthday?” If so, link please? :) If not, I want to hear her do it so as to make a comparison.

    On a more global front, Marilyn was incredibly insecure, like Ivy. It would be nice if Derek would advise her to “use it,” and give her a little direction instead of leaving her to fend (quite well, actually) for herself. Seeing as how he gives Karen plenty of encouragement and direction (and Rebecca) in virtue of the fact that Karen needs babying every step of the way – very Marilyn too. Just not very appropriate contextually. Ie, this is a Broadway show about Marilyn, not a show featuring Marilyn herself.

  47. Titina says:

    I ship Derek with Karen like crazy so I really hope this Uma thing doesn´t last too long.
    Maybe Derek is just playing along with her to keep her happy.
    Yeah.. That´s what´s happening. Karen is Derek´s muse and whom he is falling in love with. I am loving the love story arc between those too.
    Uma is done after episode 14 so that is that.