The Voice Recap: Oh Yes It's Ladies' Flight

katrina parker mathai the voiceIt’s been a tough couple of weeks for women on The Voice — and not just because social media dingbat Christina Milian’s interview skills make DWTS timeslot competitor/world’s most curvaceous robot Brooke Burke look like Christiane Amanpour. Indeed, from the show’s two most recent results-show telecasts, we’ve seen America vote four consecutive men into the semifinal rounds, leaving eight individual ladies completely dependant on their mentors to help them find their way to the four remaining spots in the semifinals.

Which isn’t to imply that the ladies of Season 2 haven’t been primarily responsible for their own precarious fortunes. Despite being among their respective teams’ early front-runners, there’s no denying vocalists like Juliet Sims, Lindesy Pavao, Erin Willett, and Mathai all appreared to choke a little after cracking the Top 16. Yet while the fate of the show’s remaining female contestants is still cloudy, one thing is certain: The second Quarterfinal results show of the season wasn’t very suspenseful — no matter how many times Carson Daly barked and yipped about the “difficult decisions” facing Adam and Cee Lo, and no matter how many minutes it took Adam Levine to fall out of love with the enormous word salad he was making and just give us his damn decision already. (I’d guess somewhere in the vicinity of 33 minutes. Anyone got a stopwatch?)

But enough about the standard operating procedures for stretching a 2-minute announcement into a full hour of television! Let’s talk results:

Voted Through by America
Tony “Never forget Malibu Shores” Lucca (Oops!…He did it again.)

Last-Chance Performances
Mathai: Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Cassanova” — I loved Mathai’s blind audition, but girlfriend has been in steady decline ever since. Tonight’s vocal, in particular, wouldn’t have been strong enough to blow out a match held directly in front of the mic. Plus, Mathai’s rogue arm flapping felt like an unfortunate nod to Monday night’s “I’m Like a Bird” cover.

Katrina Parker: Pink’s “Perfect” — No, the vocal didn’t quite live up to the song title, as the pressure of the moment percolated up through some excessive vibrato, but as Blake and Xtina pointed out, Katrina is undoubtedly the strongest singer on Team Adam. Plus, she captured the passion and ferocity behind the lyric, and gave Xtina one more chance to continue her war of muted words against Tony Lucca; surprise, Xtina is more excited to hear Katrina’s original material than anyone else on Team Adam.

Adam’s Save
Katrina Parker

Voted Through by America
Jamar Rogers (Monday night’s standout performer got what was coming to him!)

Last-Chance Performances
Cheesa: Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” — Xtina was correct in pointing out that Cheesa was “a hair under pitch the entire time.” Still, even if the improving performer had delivered a vocal on par with Monday’s rock-solid “I Have Nothing,” I suspect Cheesa knew deep down there was no way Cee Lo could justify booting Juliet Sims. Maybe that refrain — “I’m already gone, already gone/ There’s no moving on,so I’m already gone” — was Cheesa’s way of coming to terms with her fate in the competition?

Juliet Sims: Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” — Xtina, continuing her run as the most astute critic on an reality singing competition in the last 12 months (uh-huh, I said it!), made a good point that if Juliet wants to win the whole shebang, she needs to choose songs that allow her voice to veer into grittier, harder-edged territory than Imbruglia’s ear-candy confection. Still, note for note, Juliet had the night’s strongest performance, making it harder still to fathom a finale that doesn’t include both her and Jamar, no?

Cee Lo’s Save
Juliet Sims

What did you think of this week’s results? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. rochelle says:

    Can Juliet and Jamar both be in the finale since they’re both on Ceelo’s team? I forget how the voting works.

    Christina’s judging may be astute but so many times she delivers it in a tone and with a facial expression reminiscent of Regina George. And what exactly is her problem with Tony Lucca? It’s not as if he asked his celebrity “friends” to give him shoutouts.

    • Manie says:

      What is bugging me the most about her attitude toward Tony is that it’s uncalled for. She could have given the same speech to Jermain and didn’t… Obviously there is something that we don’t know…

      • 4theloveoffilm says:

        It does seem there is a bit of dislike or disdain on her part, but to me Tony doesn’t have a strong or original enough voice to win, and to me Christina is mostly just being honest and giving her professional opinion instead of sugar-coating it and showing preference on a basis of history only while ignoring level of talent. Maybe she likes the guy, but not his voice. Both she and Justin put him quite in the shade, and Britney’s voice, although much less impressive than theirs, is much more unique than Tony’s.

        • rochelle says:

          It’s not that she criticized him. She’s a judge; that’s her job. It’s that she seemed very harsh when worse performances by other contestants were overlooked. She doesn’t have to like him but she should be fair.

        • Yo' says:

          There is something about this guy that I find repugnant, but can’t quite put my finger on. I suspect he reminds me of certain high school characters with smarts who nevertheless sucked up mercilessly to teachers. We gave them terrible names and pretended we were burglars when they babysat: I still don’t like them, even though at least one is a doctor and could save my life in an emergency. It may be Christina has the same problem. Some things you just don’t get over. And this guy is generic, as is Chris.

          • DTC says:

            Repugnant? Seriously? You’ve never met the guy, have never had a conversation with him, have no idea what he is about, have seen for a combined total of 5 minutes on television, yet you are calling him repugnant? For all you know he donates all his money to charity and provides a foster home abused puppies.

        • Yes, there were worse performance, but the situation with Tony is a bit different than the other performers. I appreciate Christina’s willingness to be honest, and perhaps she feels the need to be a little bit more harsh to make sure she gets through to the viewers. It was obvious that Katrina had the best performance on Adam’s team this week, but Tony got the votes. It’s pretty clear at this point that Tony is getting voted through based on his former MMC member status and “celebrity”, not his talent or even personality. Don’t get me wrong, during blind auditions I was really excited to see Tony on the show, loved his first performance, and had high hopes for him in this competition. But I understand this show is supposed to be about finding the best voice, a potential music superstar and that isn’t someone with a mediocre voice, who lacks charisma and stage presence and who is riding on the wave of something he did 20 years ago.

      • erin says:

        I don’t think her problem is as much with Tony as it is with Adam. She seems to really attack him more than the other judges, sometimes going a little too personal with her attacks. My thought is that she’s just going after Tony because of the fact that Adam seems to have taken to him the most.

        My hope for the final is a Juliet win, but I’d be happy with Jamar too, having loved him since he was on AI. Adam & Blake’s teams are pretty weak. I wish Chris hadn’t been voted through by America so that Xtina could have had Lindsay & Ashley at the end. My top 3 remaining are Lindsay, Jamar, and Juliet by a mile.

      • TinyTim says:

        Tony has had a million chances to be a star and others like Katrina never had one until now. That is probably what bugs Christina.

      • syb says:

        Maybe she just understands that he’s likely to be more popular with the voters than he’s earned with his performances.

    • AJ says:

      No, one person from each team goes to the final unless they somehow change from what they did last season.

  2. gregk says:

    Just as usually happens on Idol the guys have the edge in voting. Glad Katrina was saved but too bad Cheesa was eliminated!

  3. Rolfe says:

    I’m still extremely underwhelmed by the talent. I’m over the excessive production. If the show really is about the Voice why do we need men flying around in the air or clowns dancing in the background. I would have loved to hear a Katrina sing a stripped down version of Perfect instead of that high production number.

    Also Cee Lo announces that this show is about the vocal talent then says he is not basing he decision on that? Oh well. I preferred Juliet anyway.

    And I agree with you about Christina. She is spot on. Great to see a judge actually speak truth.

    • Jacob says:

      There was no production on Perfect. True, it wasn’t stripped down, but for all the last-chance performances it has just been them and the band.

  4. Manie says:

    The right peoples were cut this week. Both Cee Lo and Adam (in my opinion) cut James and Pip on Monday because they knew their fanbase could make them pass to the next round, when their performances were not their best. That was a tactical vote to make sure the 2 weakest would be eliminated. Smart move if you ask me, they didn’t take any chances.
    And tonight, people voted, Jamar and Tony went through… After that, it was obvious that Mathai and Cheesa would be eliminated.

    My prediction is that this year it’s between Cee lo’s and Adam’s team.

    • AJ says:

      I think they added the coaches cutting one contestant specifically to target the less talented people that have some little fangirl base voting them through based on “cuteness”. I could not stand James or Pip. Glad they found a way to keep crap talent like them from making it to the final based on stupid little girls.

  5. zombiehugs37 says:

    Not into Tony Lucca at all, but everyone else seems to be. Still don’t know how hewas voted through over Katrina, it makes no sense at all when she clearly is a better singer. The right saves were made tonight though and as usual Christina is by far the best judge, Say what you want about her but she has one of the best voices and knows talent when she hears it as well as knows what advice to give when needed.

  6. dj says:

    I was thinking exactly the same thing about Cheesa singing Already Gone. It seemed like she knew there was no way she was getting by Juliet. And I agree about Mathai. She and Jesse were the two singers I was most excited about after the blind auditions, and they’re both gone. I didn’t feel Jesse deserved to go. That decision still doesn’t make sense to me. But in the case of Mathai, I feel the decision was the right one, because she didn’t even sound like herself tonight. I feel like some of the blame is due Adam for giving her a lame-o song last night, and why did he not know that some random dude was going to be flapping around above her. That was a huge distraction. I’m sad to see her go, but the show did not help her improve, so I’m hoping she gets back to her original sound.

  7. Davey says:

    Juliet and Jamar can’t be in the final. I believe one contestant from each team will be eliminated next week by public vote.

  8. writerross says:

    I won’t be able to sleep until I learn the backstory of what’s going on between Tony Lucca and Christina A. Is there really a conflict or is fabricated for the show? Michael Slezak is the man to get the scoop. Don’t let us down. Your faithful readers are counting on you for investigative journalism! (Seriously. I’ve got to know the dirt!) ;)

  9. sdavenport1 says:

    I wish the judges (tonight being Adam in particular) didn’t take so long to talk/eliminate/give feedback. I know its a tv show and it makes it more dramatic, but Adam took forever to eliminate Mathai!!! And Christina usually likes to give her fair share to say as well when talking to her team. I like Blake’s approach. He says his peace pretty short and to the point and it just gets the job done nicely I feel.

    • TheBeach says:

      Blake has done his share of hem/hawing when it was his time to eliminate someone but it’s usually reduced to a “this sucks” kinda thing. Tonight he called Cheesa out (correctly) on being flat before Xtina did but he kinda chickened out by saying she nailed the glory notes.

  10. Christina says:

    I’m glad Tony got voted through. This is probably unfair, but I’ve heard some of his original stuff and it’s great. He does good covers on the show, but I know he is an actual artist who would benefit a lot from being in the final 4. He will always have a place in my heart for doing Devil Town which played in the season one finale of Friday Night Lights. That song was perfection in that episode and again when used in season 5. I was so excited to see him on The Voice. It bothers me when Christina is being passively rude to Tony, implying he is just there because of mmc or that she would like to hear ‘original’ stuff from Katrina. He has talent beyond that and has the fans to prove that. He may not be your cup of tea, that’s fine, but he is talented and it’s condescending to his fans to completely dismiss him, as if we are blind to his lack of talent or something.

  11. Guest says:

    Ridiculous comment about the song “Torn” — listen to the original version by Ednaswap and tell me if it isn’t gritty.

  12. AJ says:

    Don’t like Jamar and his performance did not deserve to be the one voted through. I’m not sure why the author of this article has such a thing for him. I guess next week we can look forward to more of him playing the “I have HIV and am down on my luck” card. Personally I don’t find a recovering, HIV positive, drug addict an “inspiration” like NBC likes to call him. I call it a great example of “how not to live your life.”

    • TheBeach says:

      That’s pretty f****ing harsh !

    • Alyson says:

      Wow, you are just filled with compassion. I’ve stumbled in my life and been grateful for a second or third chance. I think most people have. May the kindness and understanding you’ve shown towards others come back to you in equal measure when you need it most.

      • jgrant794 says:

        That’s fine if you feel it is harsh. Somehow I have managed to make it through life without getting addicted to drugs or getting HIV. People should not be glorified for attempting to overcome mistakes they should have never made in the first place. Even worse he has that play that card EVERY week for the sympathy vote. I don’t need the kindness and understanding of others because I would never put myself in the position this person has. Some people are actually capable of leading a decent life without making massive mistakes believe it or not. Not to mention the absolute worst thing that can happen to one of these recovering addicts is a show like this. If he wins he has all the money and temptation he needs. If he loses he has all the reason in the world to sink back into his old habits. I feel sorry for these guys in a way because the shows use them for their stories and then discard them back to their real life where they can’t cope.

        • kateshomesick says:

          I’m a sorry…but what you’re saying is complete boll*cks…My mother, my grandparents and my father all work/ed in the social sector- so I have seen stories that couldn’t be more different from each other. We have no right whatsoever to judge or even to assume “that could never have happened to me”…Sure some people do have genetic disadvantages, others tend to be stron gwilled etc. pp. but fact is humans do make mistakes and believe me some of those mistakes are small enough to never think it could/would end in a massive negative outcome like being addicted to drugs and being HIV positive. Also besides making mistakes- not everyone is blessed with a social background that educates most of us to be a person able to withstand “temptations”. Other than that there is also the fact that some people just have bad luck, little knowledge, or awful circumstances guiding their way. I’m glad that you obviously never had one of these factors challenge you so much that you felt the need to take drugs…but I’ve seen and heard stories that were so complex I don’t dare to say: Not with me. I consider myself a very strong person, I have overcome some stuff in my life, I have an amazing family, I have a very good, healthy background- but some things, ljust couldn’t say how I’d react to…just to mention one example: I have a friend that was in terrible pain for most of his life (due to medical and psychological reasons), pain that most of us just can not imagine…morphine addiction is a common route for someone like that…and honestly – I do have understanding and compassion for somebody like that. I could tell you about thousands of other cases but I don’t think I need to. My point seems to be very clear.
          Plus: Have you any idea how hard it is to overcome an addiction. Chemical processes in our brain make it almost impossible to never use again (at least in the beginning)…so anyone that says “no” every day while his brain tells him to do otherwise is a strong person. Bottom line ist: Of course Jamar is not a shining knight in armour who has never made a mistake in his life… instead he is being a real person who has had his fair share of crap coming at him, making mistakes and he is now dealing with it, showing resposible behaviour, being at least a hope for some people that might be in situations like the one he has been in /and always will be in. I think at least that fact deserves acceptance. I hope you guys understand what I was trying to say…english isn’t my mother tongue.

          • Leila says:

            Kate, I love what you said. I’m the type of person who has no desire to get high or drunk and could never understand what fun my peers saw in smoking and other things. But I do have compassion for the ones who are genetically predisposed to such cravings and have the hardest time saying no, and for the ones who had no guidance in their youth. In any case, singing competitions should be about who is the best artist and not who has the most poignant backstory, so Jamar’s will not influence my vote in any way.

          • Preach, Kate! It’s hard for me to understand how people can jugde other people so quickly and not take a second to try and udersatand. My grandmother was an alcoholic, and she never recovered, she past away last year, and that didn’t make her a terrible person, she was an amazing humam being and I miss her every single day. Dealing with addiction is very hard, I know that I have a tendency to it, so I stay away from alcohol and drugs, because I know it would be easier for me to get addicted due to my genetics, but some people don’t know that, some people go for it, trying to put meaning into thir lifes, trying to have some fun, or for all kind of reasons, and one day they wake up and can’t live without that, and that is not something other people should use against them. I’m glad that Jamar got clean, got the help he needed and I think that is inspiring, because most people can’t do it and die from their addiction. Jamar is my favorite, not because of his background, just because he’s super talented and I love his voice. I don’t think his background should play against him or in favor of him. I just think he’s being honest, and proud of himself, as he should be.

        • Yo' says:

          Everyone makes mistakes they should never have made in the first place. Everyone. You will and your kids will. The self-righteous are the first to go.

        • TheBeach says:

          I sure hope that halo of yours stays in place. It seems to have slipped down to where it’s covering your eyes and ears.

    • Russ says:

      I don’t like Jamar either but unless Juliet kills it he will probably be in the finals and could possible win.

    • Jacob says:

      Uh, news flash: Jamar also calls it a great example of “how not to live your life.” That’s why he’s not living his life that way anymore. That’s why he encourages others to turn their lives around as well.

  13. MG says:

    Xtina is the only one with any balls on this show.

    • AJ says:

      So true. Just once I want to see one of the judges go Simon Cowell on a bad performance and call a spade a spade. It’s all just but kissing at this point. When Christina is honest (and accurate no less) she gets booed. Plus it’s annoying all the lies they throw on the contestants about their future fame even though they are getting kicked off. I have heard nothing out of last years winner and saw a couple of songs by Xenia on iTunes. That’s about it. No clue what happened to the rest.

      • NedPepper says:

        You are right in that the Voice doesn’t care about its contestants. But Dia Framton has a great album out called Red. I really dig it. Not that the Voice seems to care…Winning this show means nothing and until it does, it will never be at Idol’s level. So much potential wasted.

        • Sheri says:

          Hope Vicci Martinez CD changes your mind. That girl can outsing any of this year’s group–guys included. The instant eliminations on Monday were proof that cute young guys will never succeed on The Voice. The youngest in the top 8 is Lindsey-22? Idol has teeniebopper contestants which fits in well with their audience. As far as the Idol judges–a bunch of losers sitting there spewing out nonsense. Randy almost seems like he”s losing his mind–forgetting names of the original singers. Last week he couldn’t remember Marvin Gaye, for example.

          Why do you think any of the judges on Idol care about their contestants any more than the coaches on the Voice do?

          • MG says:

            Who cares whether the coaches care about them or not? The point is that *nobody* cares about the contestants from the voice. At least idol has talent. Look at the comparisons:
            Cheesa vs Jessica
            Jamar or Jesse vs Joshua
            Katrina vs Hollie
            Tony vs Phillip
            Chris vs Colton
            That terrible country girl vs Skylar
            Rocker chick vs Elise
            The Alicia Keys backup dude vs anyone on the history of Idol.

            Would you pick the Voice contestant in any of those?

          • Snsetblaze says:

            MG – While I don’t think your matchups are all on point (Jamar does not match up with Joshua at all. Jamar is a rocker. Joshua is an old soul – an old school soul and gospel singer), yes I would pick a few Voice contestants over Idol contestants. In some cases, I’d pick both sides (I love both Elise and Juliet and Tony and Phillip). In others, I’d pick neither (I don’t care for Jessee or Cheesa striaght out but while I find both Joshua and Jessica talented, the type of stuff they would sing bores me.) I’d pick Katrina over Hollie any day – she connects better and is less robotic (and I don’t get why they keep trying to make her look like Adele – she doesn’t sound like her. Just because she’s a large woman does not mean she’s automatically like Adele. Frankly, I think she has a soun closer to Gwen Stefani than Adele.) Chris v. Colton? Not even close to a good matchup. But despite that, I’d choose Chris. Sklyer v. Rae-Lynn. Idol wins here (but I liked Gwen better than both). Jermaine v. everyone in the history of idol is too vague.

          • TheBeach says:

            @snsetblaze….excellent response. Some of those supposed comparisons make no sense at all. Colton v Chris?? The only think they have in common is they are both reasonably attractive white guys. I, too, would take Jamar over Joshua and Katrina over Hollie and I really like both Juliet and Elise.

          • Sheri says:

            Sorry your matchups make no sense. you are comparing eliminated contestants in some instances. Thanks to Snsetblaze and he Beach for keeping it real.

          • Sheri says:

            Mg forgot your “nobody cares” comment. There is plenty of talent on THE VOICE. You must be very young or like a friend I have who is 50 and has never had a clue about music past the metal age. If you hate THE VOICE, you should get on the Idol blog. your comments mean very little here

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I’d have to disagree. I’m not sure about Cristina or Adam or Cee-Lo, but Blake certainly seems to take contestants under his wing. One who did not even make it past the battle rounds, Gwen, has been opening for him. Dia Frampton toured with him.

          • TheBeach says:

            I don’t get it. If Blake likes Gwen, as did I, enough to tour with him, why did he dump her to the horrible RaeLynn? Why not pick Gwen and try to get her into the final 4 like he did with Dia and then take her on tour?

      • MG says:

        Indeed. I also respect Christina’s “sorry dude, it’s my call and I’m making it” attitude when she eliminated Jesse, rather than the whimpering, sniveling, drivel spewed out by the other coaches about how everyone is amazing (completely untrue, they are mostly mediocre at best) and will be successful (wrong again, as you note). It’s like they are terrified that anyone will dislike them. Pathetic.

  14. mia says:

    The main reason I watch this show is for the judges, they are pretty awesome and I love their teasing/bickering.
    Plus, I just love Christina so much and I’m glad the idol I grew up listening too seems like such a wonderful person. And she’s a great judge; honest but not mean.
    Juliet + Jamar deserve to both be in the final. This show needs a format change for next season.
    Ug, Tony Lucca AND Chris Mann?! They are like the same person; boring beige wallpaper same.

  15. Kirk says:

    As if destroying American Idol wasn’t already enough, now women have mosied on over to The Voice to destory it as well by supporting whichever hawt guy makes them percolate instead of who actually performs the best. Good singers were cut early on to make room for such duds as Pip (who most likely would have received the most votes if Adam hadn’t cut him). Jermaine had a terrible first performance of Bon Jovi but sailed through anyway. Tony Lucca and Chris Mann are now in the Top 8 despite being both dull and nondescript. Their singing voices = painfully average. Tony’s Britney cover wasn’t original in the least either. In fact, it was already done on a several singing reality shows (including RockStar INXS). In addition to that, Jamar’s shameless milking of his “sob story” is just revolting to watch. The crying, the hands up to God, the clear self-satisfaction on his face when he tells us what an inspiration he is (gag me)… It’s all too much to stomach without feeling nauseous. Add to that some underwhelming performances from once-promising ladies (Lindsey and Juliet in particular these past few weeks) and the show just flat out sucks.

  16. God, next week may be my list Voice viewing if Juliet is eliminated over Jamar. I feel for his backstory, but Come on. Juliet is clearly the most original and talented vocalist left on this show. The rest are wanna-be karaoeke singers or struggling rockers with little voice.

    • AJ says:

      Back story should have 0 influence on who has the best voice, which is the premise of the show. I doubt I will watch much more if it turns into American Idol Part Deux

  17. AJ says:

    Oh and can they please replace Carson “Personality of a Cardboard Cutout” Daly already? He is my least favorite part of the show by far. Well next to all the crap happening on stage when the show is supposed to be centered on the voice.

    • Belle says:

      I like Carson because he knows the show is not about him (RyanSeacrest/CatDeeleyI’mlookingatyou) & acts accordingly. He is pleasant & supportive to all the contestants & doesn’t interrupt the judges, yet he keeps the show moving. I’m sure Carson has plenty of personality but his job on the voice is to emcee, not be part of the entertainment.

    • C says:

      Carson used to bother me, but after suffering through Steve Jones on the X-Factor I appreciate Carson Daly much more now and actually like him

  18. Sophie says:

    Xtina is doing a great Janice Dickinson imitation from ANTM.

  19. Sophie says:

    Such a shame there has to be one from each team moving on to the final. Otherwise, the 4 from tonight should be moving on to the finals. Team Xtina and Team Blake are so outclassed this year,

  20. Melissa says:

    I love Christina but her attitude toward Tony is ridiculous. And half the time when she’s talking to him she’s not even looking at him. Bugs me so much. Tony’s had a lot of original music out and it’s REALLY good. He has also had fans following him since MMC so for her to say that he’s only there because of “famous friends”, that’s just ridiculous. People vote for him cause he’s good, has been working at this for a LONG time and deserves to win cause he can sing his ass off. BOMT was awesome and I bought it on itunes immediately, the only other that was grabbing my attention was Jordis and now that she’s gone, my vote is 100% for Tony and I hope he gets all the way to the end and wins it all.

  21. Angel says:

    I like Juliet, she has a unique voice, but Cheesa was really good. She may have been pitchy but I felt she was the stronger vocal both nights. Adam was right to keep Katrina, she has the stronger voice. I personally like Tony, but I can do without Chris Mann. He needs to go and audtion for an opera group, his range is to limited. I haven’t heard the others enough to know how good or bad they are. I have heard Erin on Blake’s team, and she’s very good too. I think the finals will be interesting, and if the right people get thru, it could be a tough vote for the winner.

  22. Joe says:

    There’s something to the Tony Lucca Xtina story that we’ll never know. For all we know he could have bullied her as a kid or tried to keep her down or do anything kids do when they are young. She also could’ve had a crush on him and he could’ve been mean/dismissive although the fact that she didn’t remember him makes me think that wasn’t the case.
    Either way, I sort of agree with her re: his vocals. He’s got an old rock star feel. But he hasn’t really made it yet so it feels like he’s doing his 10th tour yet he doesn’t have the body of work that the public really knows. The guy has talent, but I don’t find him as exciting as Lindsey or Jamar at this point. He almost feels, and forgive me for this comparison, like a wedding singer who people when drunk at the wedding comment “I can’t believe he’s not a star”.
    What I am happy about is the show is lopping off the right people. Getting rid of Pip, Massone and Chessa were positives. I didn’t get Chessa. She always seemed to be reaching and straining for the notes and was always under them. She also had one of the worst stage presences. She came off surly.
    Juliet needs to go back to what made her pop. I was stunned when she had a chance to sing for her life she chose a song like Torn over something classic rock. And yes, I know Ednaswap’s version of Torn is rockier, I have the CD, but that’s still not the right song for Juliet.
    I love Katrina, but I’m really starting to get disconnected by her Adele makeover with the fake hair and the mountains of makeup on her face. I liked her better when she looked real. They’ve really overdone it on her.
    Either way, this final 8 doesn’t excite me outside of Jamar. I’m hoping Lindsey can get back to her blind audition self. Maybe Juliet has more in her. Blake’s team and Adam’s team feel too plain for me.
    The one wild card is Chris Mann if he sings opera the rest of the way which he should. It’s called The Voice, not Pop Star. If he can sing the snot out of opera, he should go out there and blows the doors off the place. I’d rather him be that guy, than try to do Coldplay or U2.

    • TheBeach says:

      I agree about Chris Mann. He is not a pop star, maybe more like Buble or Groban in the easy listening genre, but if he is good enough to pull off the dramatic, operatic “Nessun Dorma” he could make a real statement.

  23. marie says:

    Notice: At last count, 386 comments for the most recent American Idol story on TVLine (the “Ideology” video posted yesterday), and 48 comments right now for this most recent Voice story. Last season, I thought The Voice, a fresh new idea at the time, might be an Idol killer, but Idol has fought back strongly and presented its best season in years, while it’s The Voice that’s sinking fast.
    I myself am done with The Voice this season – didn’t watch last night’s show; just came here to read Michael’s recap – but nothing could keep me from watching tonight’s Idol.

    • TheBeach says:

      Idol was starting to bore me after 10 seasons and last year I found The Voice to be a refreshing change. But this year’s talent has won me back and I think The Voice’s gimmick of teams is going to come back to haunt them this year when arguably the two best (or favorite) singers are on the same team. Adam last year was delightful but this year just seems to be indecisive, picks bad songs and blathers on and on. That being said, I would still rather listen to Adam’s blathering than Randy’s inane crap. So I’ll continue to watch both at the same time wishing they could take the best of each and dump the rest.

  24. Personally, I don’t think there’s any “backstory” to the Christina/Tony thing. The MMC kids were, by all accounts, a pretty harmonious group. I think Christina just wants her team to win, and she knows that Tony is a huge threat to win the whole thing because of his large pre-existing fanbase. Thus, she’s attempting to knock him down by pointing out any flaw she can find. It’s a smart play, in terms of strategy, but I think it’s backfiring on her. Tony’s fans are just voting that much more because Christina is making them angry.

  25. Hali says:

    “It’s been a tough couple of weeks for women on The Voice — and not just because social media dingbat Christina Milian’s interview skills make DWTS timeslot competitor/world’s most curvaceous robot Brooke Burke look like Christiane Amanpour.” lololol. Good stuff.

  26. Jason says:

    FIrst off Slezak – What’s up with the Cristine Millian hatred? She’s not that bad!!! Does a perfectly acceptable job!!!

    Second Torn in itself was a cover by Natalie Imbruglia. The original version was from a band called Ednaswap and they have a much more bluesier non pop version of the song. Natalie covered it because her producer was a cowriter of the song with Anne Preven and Scott Cutler of Ednaswap. HAd Juliet been aware of this version she could have did tht arrangement and killed it. Everyone should check out the Ednaswap version.

    Although Ednaswap never gained fame and fortune on their own Preven went on to write for all the big singers and even was nominated for an OScar for writing songs for Dreamgirls

  27. Jake says:

    Jamar is clearly the winner, now that we know that the unbearable Chris Mann somehow conjured up more fans than Lindsay Pavao. However, I’m 100% rooting for Katrina Parker. What an amazing voice, and it would be an incredible victory because she hadn’t gotten by on America’s votes thus far, so it would be superb if she showed she won people over. I hope she has and beats out Tony.

  28. Gwen says:

    Its nice to see some of the judges really take their contestants under their wing! Especially the guys that got sent home pretty early!