Ratings: Bones, House, Smash Up, Gossip Girl Down, HBO's Veep Off to Decent Start

With CBS in repeat mode, NBC, Fox and ABC posted across-the-board increases on Monday.

On Fox, Bones saw a slight week-to-week uptick in total viewers and the demo (7 million, 2.2 rating), while House  added a million viewers (to 6.6 mil) and jumped three tenths in the demo (to 2.3) for an episode that revealed [SPOILER].

Over at NBC, The Voice (10.1 mil, 3.7) was virtually unchanged, but Smash rose 3 percent in viewers (6.1 mil) and 11 percent in the demo (2.1).

Rebounding from last week’s all-time performance low, ABC’s Dancing With the Stars drew 17.2 million viewers (up from 16.3 mil) and a 3.0 rating (up from 2.8). A special Dancing-themed 20/20 followed with 11 million and a 2.2.

The CW’s combo of Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie both averaged just over 1 million viewers and a 0.5 demo, down slightly from last week.

On the cable front, HBO’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus-fronted political satire Veep premiered to a decent 1.4 million viewers Sunday. Girls held steady in its second week with 858K, while Game of Thrones slipped a bit to a still-potent 3.7 million.

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  1. bad kevin says:

    Don’t know what the CW is going to do on the fate of both Gossip Girl & Hart of Dixie. :-(

  2. jimmy says:

    I know it’s not news or anything, but The CW’s ratings are still shocking to me. How does a network keep going with such dreadful numbers? They actually have (mostly) quality programming, too.

  3. tvaddict says:

    Hart of Dixie is so much better than Gossip Girl. Kick GG to the curb!

  4. Stay says:

    sad for HoD it is a nice show but I think underrated and prejugded!! But there are so many shows who don’t even get a whole season! I’m sad for the cast but what must be will be! :(

  5. K says:

    Glad to see SMASH up in demos and viewership!

  6. Jarrod says:

    I’m grateful that Dawn Ostroff is no longer in charge. Least with Mark Pedowitz in charge, we know that it may be canceled. If she were still in charge, it would most likely already have an early renewal over all of the other shows.

  7. Luke says:

    Dawn Ostroff only kept Gossip Girl running this long due to all of the deals involving money. She was just thinking like the typical Jew that she is. Cancel Gossip Girl and move on.

  8. jasie says:

    Really liked Veep. Very funny and Julia Louis Dreyfus is amazing in it.

  9. Rory says:

    Guys, Bones actually got 7.247 million viewers not 7 million. How about you double check and adjust accordingly. Thank you….check tvbtn…Bones has got ajusted up the last 3wks. So I am hoping for a 2.3. Monday night’s are killers against The Voice and DWTS. Bones was doing way better on Thurs without A.I too. And much better than Touch is doing same time Thurs in 2011. . But at least it has stablized Mondays for Fox, and helped House.

  10. Martin says:

    Fox was tanking Monday they were getting a 1.6 regularly. They moved Bones to steday the night, which it has done but at the expense of putting it against the most brutal timeslot of the week, Mondays. I mean srly anyother show wld not be able to survive getting moved so much. But Bones is holding it’s own. Just.

  11. Shaun says:

    Gossip Girl and Hart are sinking fast.

  12. Chris says:

    First, I have to say how shocked I am with all the bad grammar and misspellings. Not sure why my generation is made up of such boneheads. Back to point, why are so many shows hitting reruns so quickly? For f**k sake, Revenge had been gone so long, I thought it had been canceled. What gives?

  13. Jules says:

    Stupid ratings!!!
    Last night [H]ouse’s episode was better than Bones…
    (sorry if I offended some fans)
    It’s painful already to wait a hour..please FOX reput my favorite addiction at his original timeslot…with only 4 episodes left…you should honor/respect them more than any others…

    • ebowers says:

      Allright Jules Since House had such HIGH ratings lets have Wilson die of cancer every episode

    • Jillian says:

      We get it Jules. Fox should move House to it’s original timeslot. I see your comments all the time in this weekly article about ratings. Fox isn’t going to move House. It’s going down in the 8 pm timeslot, so please stop complaining and just enjoy the last episodes of you favorite show.

      I used to watch House a couple seasons ago, but I got bored.

  14. Jane says:

    Yay for Smash! I loved that Bollywood number last night.

  15. sarah says:

    Glad that Smash is up I watch it however I also watch H50 and when H50 is new then I watch it “live” and record Smash, I am sure that is part of the reason Smash did well is H50 was a repeat.
    As for the CW, I still do not think the whole ratings system they do is a little silly as it is not based on all the viewers that watch the show PLUS if you have multiple shows on you end up recording one so the I do not think the numbers reflect that either. However the CW has been around for years and I am sure will continue to be around for many more to come!

  16. ElKabong says:

    Veep wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t by any means good. It mostly felt like everybody involved was just trying too hard.

  17. Actually thought that this week’s Smash was one of the best yet. Not only was there a better mix of musical vs personal storylines, the music itself was great.

    In our recap we highlight the Bollywood piece and Ivy’s final number, though it would have been nice if the show hadn’t gone all Grey’s Anatomy and cut away from it to do a montage of all the people. Boo!

  18. meleliot says:

    WIsh HBOs GIrls had a better audience. It’s really a great show, although not for everyone I suppose. It certainly hit home with our family, especially since our daughter just graduated from college in December and is having a tough time getting a full time job in her field, which means we are still footing her bills. :( That being said, it is very clever and if you are a 20 something guy or girl, or a parent of a 20 something, it’s relatable.

  19. Tracy says:

    I hate Gossip Girl but love Hart of Dixie! The CW’s problem is that too many adults write them off as only offering trite, garbagey programming for tweens and young adults. I’m a 40 something professional with a decent income and the only shows I watch on the CW are Supernatural and Hart of Dixie. Supernatural is amazing and Dixie could have a great following among women if the CW would promote it effectively. Because of my perception of the CW I don’t normally even check out their shows…I found an early Supernatural on reruns and got hooked by accident and saw the synopsis on Dixie and thought I’d check it out. I think Dixie is the best new show of the season for women but no one knows about it!

    • Caroline says:

      I totally agree on your comment about Hart of Dixie. Great and very underrated show with a very talented cast. It’s my must see TV every week (and I’m a 40 something too).

  20. S says:

    omg Gossip Girl needs to go. Its too tired out.

  21. Z says:

    CW should cancel Gossip Girl and keep HoD and Ringer. They are so much better than GG. I really liked GG in the first two seasons, but now it’s just simply ridiculous and boring.

  22. Maggie says:

    scott porter singing was the highlight of hart of dixie!!! so fun!

  23. Jillian says:

    Go Bones!!! They only went up because HIMYM was a rerun, but they are holding their own. I hope it adjusts to a 2.3!!

  24. Boiler says:

    Hopefully Hart of Dixie gets renewed. It is a fun show to watch. Also we need to keep Rachel Bilson on TV!!

  25. M says:

    I really liked VEEP, it was quite funny.