Idology: Who Should've Paid to Save Colton? And Is Phillip Season 11's Only True 'Artist'?

With no Judges’ Save in the mix, someone had to walk the plank on last week’s American Idol results show. But if it wasn’t Colton Dixon’s time for an exit — as Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and I argue on this week’s Idology — then which of his six rivals should’ve wound up dead in the water?

Press play below as Melinda and I tackle this tough question, and take umbrage with Randy Jackson’s argument that Phillip Phillips is Season 11’s one true artist. Plus, we dish the non-musical moment that may have secured P2 a spot in the finale, catch a Joshua Ledet snafu that went unnoticed by the judges, and (in subtitle form) debate whether or not Elise Testone is a “real person.”

So do enjoy this week’s Idology, and for all my Idol news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. smidnite says:

    It’s time to end the judges save. We can’t undo the injustice of Chris Daughtry being sent home too soon by rescuing a handful of people who are nowhere in his league. Right now the save is being used on mediocre singers at the expense of those more talented.

      • Tansy says:

        Her voice is terrific her performances are mediocre.

      • Lee says:

        I agree. Jessica is not mediocre. She is much better than Chris Daughtry.

        • scrutinizer says:

          she is a totally different than daughtry, but she’s still is an amazing singer for her 16 years of age. her phrasing and tonality are the best in this year’s competition. even if she goes this or next week she will immediately get signed by a record co…and will become the next r&b/pop teen sensation, much like xtina 12 years ago.

        • Marsaili says:

          Much better than Daughtry? In what world? Jessica has a terrific voice but she still needs so much work—Daughtry was THERE and ready–he didn’t need work, he was already perfect—he was an artist, he changed up songs fantastically—he FELT the songs, he emoted perfectly, his voice was perfect, his stage presence was perfect. I still don’t know what happened—probably the same thing that happened to Jessica 2 weeks ago—but he should have won that year, hands down.

          • Layla says:

            When Daughtry sings “I Will Always Love You” with as much emotion, nuance and POWER (sans big band backup) as Jessica then you have an argument. Otherwise, it is merely apples and oranges. I like Daughtry but your weekly Jessica bashing ( “but I’m really jot ashing she’s just too young”) got tired way back. It’s funny that Akon, Haley R., Adam L. Kris A., J Hud and so many other respected industry pros and Idols CONNECT with Jessica. They work in the music industry and observe phenomenal performers on a regular basis; so when amateurs try to invalidate her it just comes off as wishful thinking she wasn’t in the competition so that their fave can squeak by. I can play the same game: P2 made NO connection last week and basically put in one of his WORST showings. His body mechanics were not synching up with the emotional intent of the originals and let’s see how HE compares against Daughtry. Nothing he can sing that I’d rather Daughtry sang instead. With or without a guitar.

          • Marsaili says:

            And using your SAME logic, every mentor and Jimmy and the Judges have said that Phillip is ready NOW. Stevie Nicks even said that Phillip could have easily been asked to join Fleetwood Mac—-can’t get much higher an accolade than that. It’s funny when you go rattling off all the people that like Jessica, you fail to remember that that industry greats who have been in the business for many, MANY years (I love Haley and Adam and Kris, but they are not industry legends yet) have ALL said how great Phillip is. I don’t bash Jessica—not at all. I have only said that she is too young—that isn’t bashing her. YOU on the other hand DO bash Phillip—on a weekly basis. So please, take a look in the mirror before you go accusing people. And your weekly Phillip bashing got real old a while back as well. Jessica did NOT sing I Will Always Love You with emotion—she sang it EXACTLY as Whitney sang it—it was a beautiful copy and it even brought me to tears—but it wasn’t anything new, anything exciting—she did a wonderful job of mimicking Whitney—which Jimmy AND the judges have also said.

          • Layla says:

            correction: (really not bashing she’s just too young)

          • Marie says:

            I am sorry but all this “Jessica does not connect” is starting to be tiring because:

            1. Philip connects less. His facial expression looks the same week in and week out. At least Jessica looked frustrated in “Stuttering” and in love in “How will I know.”
            2. Where is the same argument with Hollie who looked so Disney when she sang “Preacher Man.”
            3. I can go on and on.

            That being said, Skylar has the most stage presence for me. Philip is good but stage presence is NOT his strongest suit so when someone defends his stage presence and then puts Jessica’s down, I am baffled.

        • Marie says:

          None of the seven left are mediocre. They have mediocre moments but overall they are not mediocre. They are all probably getting tired now as I hear most of them getting sick already.

          • dianaprince says:

            Totally agree. First season where these are not mediocre contestants. Of course they’re going to have their off moments. Especially when you’re going a mile a minute without stopping every single day. And singing outside of your style and songs you wouldn’t sing to boot.

      • Lee says:

        She is a Disney automoton…she doesn’t “feel” emotion, she performs emotion. She has a magnificent voice…but that just shouldn’t be enough in this competition.

        • angelstorm says:

          Why shouldn’t a magnificent voice be enough in the competition ? IMO that’s all that should matter !

          • Marsaili says:

            Because it’s not just about a great voice—it’s about being the whole package—and Jessica isn’t there yet. I think she should have waited a couple of years before coming on Idol–then she would have had some life experience behind her and might have been able to sing songs with more feeling—like she understood what she was singing about. And her stage presence would have been more honed—-Jennifer and the mentors have been telling her for weeks that she needs to open up, to sing with emotion and to let it show. She can’t do it yet because she doesn’t have those feelings to fall on yet–she’s only a 16 year old kid. Although, some kids are able to do it—Allison Iraheta for one.

          • Layla says:

            FYI, Alison Iraheta on twitter chose Jessica as her fave. :)

          • Marsaili says:

            Layla, I don’t know how old you are—but I have been around since the mid-60’s, I hardly grew up on video. The only think I don’t like about Jessica, is the type of music she sings–I have nothing against her, despite your rant above. Music has been a part of my life since I was born—so I don’t need to be told how to listen to it, seriously. Just because I don’t get into Jessica’s music, doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about music. That’s pretty patronizing of you.

          • Tarc says:

            No. It’s certainly nowhere near enough to do the job successfully as a career.

          • dianaprince says:

            Marsali – I remember the judges saying this to Hollie. Not Jessica. Maybe once or twice, but it was mostly Hollie getting these comments.

        • Layla says:

          So glad we have people who know how someone they have no personal interaction with truly feels. How about YOU choose to project that on to her performance. Millions of others connect with her quite easily, and for other factors as well. They connect with her command of baancing pitch with rawness. They connect that although she knows it is a competition, she treats everyone with respect. They connect that she does not choose to play up to the cameras backstage, that personality is more than being outrageous or the life of the party. They connect that she’s more likely the shy introvert who allows herself to go all out on stage. She lets her VOICE speak. Many of us grew up LISTENING to music, not watching video edited performers. We can admire just the voice. And as much as how others try to define what American Idol is, Jessica is one of the few who we can say is there as a SINGER, not a reality show personality, not a one man band, not a guitar player. A SINGER. This is why her career will soar regardless, because people don’t usually buy music to WATCH. However, it’ do Idol good to actually have someone who coud sing vs. anyone the VOICE has. If you can sing at this level, you are a performer.

          • Tarc says:

            Jessica’s 16 and she sounds like it. She’s gifted, but she connect with songs that a 16 year old connects with – or she just mimics the original. She is absolutely gifted, but she’s not the bees knees – yet. It’s one of the big problems that I have with Idol: they opened the show to children again, and most are not ready. Two years from nwo, I’d probably be a lot more supportive of Jessica, and in five, she’d be a star. But certainly not now – she still has enunciation and vibratto issues, and doesn’t connect well emotionally to more mature subject matter songs. And that’s fine – she’s still a kid! But I’m not sure that she’s where she needs to be to win Idol – and that’s been reflected in the voting.

          • bebe says:

            I agree 300%. i grew up in a family of singers. i always look forward to jessica singing. i dont think another person plays well with their voice the way she does ( maybe joshua)

      • justafan says:

        she is the worst one left in the competition as of top 6…hopefully the wrong will be righted this week and she will go home…please america…make it happen!!!

        • Sk8er Boi says:

          What the heck is your problem? Chip on your shoulder, much, bro?

        • Davey says:

          No Phillip and Hollie are worse than Jessica.

        • Marsaili says:

          I wouldn’t go that far—there is nothing “worst” about Jessica at all. Having said that, she is not ready to be the Idol yet, she should have waited a couple years when she has some more experience and is able to feel the songs and convey that feeling to the audience. She needs to work on her stage presence as well. Holly needs work as well—I wouldn’t say she’s worse than Jessica, either. Phillip is more prepared to win than either of them.

          • Bobbi says:

            Philip had problems conveying himself intelligently with fashion designers and silly questions from Ryan, he’s going to have a tough time dealing with backstage studio politics, management and pushy industry execs without the Idol machine to protect him. I think Elise, and Jessica are more prepared just having performed a lot dealing with the public. Elise takes it all in with a bit of witty sarcasm and Jessica is so likeable that the industry folks appear to be cautious not to be the one known to possibly ruin a huge star. Skylar will do fine in her country niche because she lives that world, and exudes confidence.

          • Marsaili says:

            If you’ve checked out Phillip on Facebook, you would see that he has more than plenty than enough experience working in the public. See, this is why I say anything to anyone—they just assume things without having any facts—-that’s the only reason I say anything to people who just make up stuff about Phillip—-but I also do it when anyone says things about ANY of the Idols—-not just Phillip.

          • Marie says:

            Well Marsaili, you also assumed a lot about Jessica’s parents without checking the facts. Sorry to bring this up but if you have the right to assume that Jessica’s parents were pageant parents, people have the right to assume things about Philip.

          • Marsaili says:

            Have I said anything about that in weeks? NO! I stopped saying anything about her parents being “pagent parents” a long time ago because I realized on my own that it was wrong—If I were still going on about it–I could understand the need for you to correct me–but I haven’t said a word. NEXT.

          • Tarc says:

            And yet Marie keeps repeating the same nonsense she accuses other of…

        • bebe says:


          i think you’re DEAF! Sorry you cant really hear REAL talent.

    • I disagree so much with this. The problem isn’t the Save, which was properly utilized this year, the problem continues to be the voting. They have always had phone votes, but now with Twitter, and Facebook, and Texting and whatever else, there is too much. That there is no limit is wrong and has changed how things are on this show. I’m not saying Phillip isn’t a good contestant, or that Colton didn’t have an off night, but as a whole, for the past several seasons the fact that a white, male with a guitar has won, is no coincidence to the increased voting availability. Every show other than AI has some limit, the limit doesn’t have to be substantial, but it has to be something to put some credibility back into this show.

      • Jason says:

        WHether it was one vote or 500 votes There are still more young girls and cougars voting then other demographics. Same result except for winning 1 million to 800,000, Philip wins 20 million to 800,000.

        • Fernando says:

          Is there a breakdown on this somewhere? You know for a fact that females are ruining “Idol”? I’d like to know a demographic breakdown on the voting myself. So … where did you find it?

          • dianaprince says:

            The Hollywood Reporter, last year 2011, did a poll on who votes on American Idol. And the majority of voters were in the 25-35 yr old range. (If I remember correctly). You can google it. I also agree that the voting is crappy system. However, ON-LINE voting IS limited to 50 votes per contestant. Just the phone calls and texting are unlimited.

      • steve says:

        i couldn’t agree more — we are more interested in voting for those who we think are in danger and what is the big deal about the save, it just postpones the vote and all of you can agree that one week you are not as great as another week.

      • ben says:

        I agree, and thank goodness Colton went this week, it gives me hope for idols voting. He was patently the weakest singer left.

        • Angelica says:

          Wow, dude you’re a freaking idiot Colton was one of the best singers on the show, apparently you don’t know what a good artist is.

          • Marsaili says:

            Wow, can’t give an opinion without being called names anymore. Nice. FWIW, Colton had the weakest voice of everyone who is left (including Elise) he even admitted it in his interview.

      • just saying says:

        I don’t think that any of these popularity contests have any credibility in the first place, because they are just that- POPULARITY CONTESTS. If you really wanted to have the “best” person win the competition, then you would have a panel of industry experts deciding the winner, NOT the american public. But the phone in vote thing will never go away, bc producers see audience interaction as a way of ensuring viewership (because a lot of people are stupid enough to think that their votes matter, etc…). Remember in high school how the popular jock got voted class president, not the nerdy kid who wanted a career in government? This is the same thing. None of these shows is truly about talent. It’s about who the viewer identifies with or thinks is cute or appreciates their back story. This is true of all the new generation of reality talent shows.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Actually at my High School nobody really wanted to be class president so it was basically whoever felt/had the guts to walking up in front of the entire High School in the auditorium and say a few words would get elected hah. Never saw a singe guy dare and usually there would be one girl varying from popular to almost unknown who would walk up, give a quick speech and then get elected by default .

      • NJloonie says:

        You know what else this show could use? Simon! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he would be the voice of reason, and not a puppet for Nigel. I don’t think he would be jumping on the Philip bandwagon, and he would probably have had a few issues with Colton’s nasal tone.
        As for the voting, it should be limited. I’m a mom, and my tween and I both like the girls (not the WGWGs), and if I vote, it’s a few phone calls, certainly not spending 2 hours doing it. Does the Voice have limited voting? Cuz if they do, the guys are still the ones getting more votes than the girls.
        I miss the old days of Idol, when the songs weren’t over produced, and the focus was on their voices.

        • dianaprince says:

          I disagree. I thought I would miss Simon, but I don’t. I really think now we are getting judges that have real experience in the industry and know what they are talking about that CAN COMMUNICATE that information to the contestants. Simon knew what he was talking about, but he couldn’t ever explain it a way that was constructive or useful or understandable by the contestant or anyone. It was just good for laughs and shock value.So I don’t miss him. At all.

    • James says:

      I agree. Jessica is like good but boring as hell to watch and listen too..I’d rather listen to Deandre and I don’t even like him as a singer!

    • Jermey says:

      Huh? this year was the first time they actually used it on the right person!

      • Sandi says:

        I have no problem with the judge’s save. I just wish there was a way that it didn’t have to be used. Because, if no contestant is improperly sent home, then it is used to the detriment of a deserving singer. I’m so glad that they saved Jessica because she is one of the best (or the best ) of them.

        As for the voting being a problem…Well, I can’t imagine that a change to the voting would have helped Colton. I would think he would have appealed to that exact demographic that power votes.

      • Layla says:

        Jessica being Saved was indeed the first time they used it on the right person. Never being on the bottom three and the highest accolades from industry professionals and Idol alums says a lot more about whether she is ready or not than anonymous posters online.

        • Tarc says:

          They used it on Casey Abrams, and he went on five more weeks, is one of the most talentally people they’ve ever had on the show, and he’s got a record contract. Jessia… is a talented 16 year old. So, no, it not the first time.

    • Tarc says:

      Honestly, who cares about the judges save?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Well, I think it adds a bit of drama to the program. And what is Idol without drama?

        • Marie says:

          The save is for the casual viewer not for the ones who belong to fan bases anyway. I think there is a chance Jessica goes home this week / before the final 3 but I still believe it was rightly used on her and at the right time. Top 7 is when fanbases get lazy especially if the fave has not been in the bottom.

        • Tarc says:

          Sorry, I meant to indicate it doesn’t matter either way, and it’s silly to gripe about. It’s a reality show built for drama, and as we all know, the voting is not anywhere near fair.

    • Robin says:

      YES! End the save. I think Jess and Colton being the lowest vote getter for 2 weeks is a result of bad voting. Bad meaning different things. For example…voting for your favorite gets complacent from week to week because maybe your votes went to someone else who you thought was at risk. Or maybe in Colton’s elimination…his fan base didn’t like his song choices. There should be a limit to the number of votes you can make. Maybe more people overall would vote because they would feel like their vote means something!

      • shelbybb says:

        I really don’t think it’s about America’s votes at all. Idol does what Idol wants to do – right uncle Nigel?

    • Breanna says:

      Chris Daughtry sounds like every other rock band lead singer though… It’s boring.

      • Templar says:

        Let’s see: He sounds nothing like Freddie Mercury, nothing like Jon Bon Jovi, nothing like Robert Plant, nothing like Axl Rose and nothing like John Mellencamp. So, which lead singer does he sound like?

        • Joy says:

          I’m guessing Breanna’s thinking more of singers who are more contemporary with Daughtry, along the lines of Chad Kroeger, Scott Stapp, Chris Cornell, Gavin Rossdale, Dave Grohl… I don’t think those guys’ sounds are interchangeable (and there are some in that bunch that I like a LOT better than others), but I would say they all have more in common than any two of the examples you cited.

          • Templar says:

            I’ll concede that Mercury and Plant are not current enough for comparison. But, Chris Cornell and Gavin Rosdale are Jon Bon Jovi’s contemporaries. All born within three years of each other and Jon outsells them and his tours gross higher than theirs. So how are they more like Daughtry’s contemporaries than Jon Bon Jovi or Axl Rose?

          • Joy says:

            @Templar, Daughtry wasn’t on Idol until two decades after Bon Jovi’s first hit. Chris Cornell and Gavin Rossdale are closer in age to Jon Bon Jovi, but took many years more to hit the mainstream — and they were on the leading edge of a different kind of sound than what Bon Jovi and others like them had popularized previously, and to which I think Daughtry’s style owes much more. Basically, over the decade or so leading up to Daughtry’s debut, a whole lot of bands came onto the scene with musical approaches that drew a lot on one another, and a certain style of singer was part of the sound — and Daughtry himself fit right into that niche (and very successfully so, obviously). I didn’t mean to imply that guys like Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose ceased to be relevant or popular during that era, but I’d say they were there at the time without being OF the time, if that makes any sense.

      • Marsaili says:

        Well, I guess you need to listen to more than one rock singer than—-he doesn’t sound like anyone else—and I DO listen to rock and have for 40+ years.

      • Tarc says:

        See, the problem here is you, Breanna – you say the same jibberish about P2 all the time. It’s obviously not true, and it’s been pointed out to you by many people, so why persist?

    • The problem is the voters, not the save. The hillbilly voters who can’t tell when someone is singing in tune and who vote for the nice white folks regardless of talent are the problem. The purpose of the judges is to judge the TALENT, not the voter appeal of candidates. The voice was great last night when they kicked out the no-talent white guys that would have survived if put to America’s vote.

    • Faz says:

      Not a fan of Jessica — but very glad the save wasn’t around to save Colton.

    • Anna says:

      I think the save is a good idea because America does get it wrong. But some artists are better off NOT winning “Idol.” I think Daughtry definitely proves that. Some acts benefit more by getting on the show, gaining a fanbase, going on the tour and getting far, far away from the ‘American Idol’ machine, and a platform that will probably only homogenize them so they’ll appeal to a mainstream crowd. Colton and DeAndre made it beyond the Top 10 and for their careers’ sake, it’s better for them that they don’t win. Jessica Sanchez or Hollie C. would benefit the most from winning.

      At this point, it’s a major win if you can get to the Top 10.

    • bebe says:

      do you know how to sing? mediocre? i bet you dont even come close to the word when it comes to singing and you judged jessica!

    • dianaprince says:

      Sorry, I don’t get Jessica. I think she has a great voice and is super talented, but I feel nothing when I listen to her sing. I don’t know why, she just doesn’t move me. I guess that happens. My favs of who’s left is Skylar. Elise was my fav, so I’m sad now. I would rather hear Phillip sing his own stuff. But really, it WILL NOT MATTER WHO WINS THIS YEAR! They are all so different and talented, that I think that they will all (or most of them) will get contracts.

  2. C.A. says:

    Did anybody see Skylar face after Colton was eliminated. She had the biggest smile ever. Everybody else was shocked and some were crying and Skylar face looked like the girl’s face in Cannon X My Robot is Crazy video. It was priceless!

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      She’s happy that she can no longer be asked whether or not she’s dating him.

    • jimmy says:

      She said in her interview she was happy about the way he was going out, worshipping, and that she was doing the same.

      • JoJo says:

        Nice. Can you really not win this thing anymore without being a fundie Southerner?

        • NedPepper says:

          Apparently not. I used to ignore it, but now it’s starting to bother me. (It’s damn near a show MADE for the Southern Christian Right.) Bummer for the rest of us.

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            Does this argument lose any steam when you consider that the most overtly Christian of the contestants was eliminated last week?

        • just saying says:

          They are trying to take over the country, haven’t you heard? I have no problem with people acknowledging their faith. I DO have a problem with people making it into a holier than thou issue, especially in terms of a popularity contest. Just because someone does not talk ad nauseum about their faith does not mean they don’t have one. And why do I need to know that Tim Tebow is a virgin? Do i care? Does this have anything to do with me? Do i care if Colton is? I get that these religious types feel the need to have role models for their kids. But i don’t get why. I never lived my life based on what other people did. I didn’t say “ooh. this star or that had sex or didn’t so i will do the same”. If your kids are so easily swayed by the actions of complete strangers in either a moral or immoral way, i think you’ve got bigger problems and maybe you should teach them to think for themselves. Ok. Rant over.

    • noa says:

      she twitted about that. she said something about being proud of how he thanked god and sang that worship song or whatever… but i guess she got some hit for how she smiled and that’s why she needed to address it.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Remember, Christians believe in something bigger than themselves.
        I noticed Skylar, and I believe Joshua and Hollie mouthing at least some of the words to “Everything”.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          I just rewatched Colton singing his swan song. Skyler was definitely, at the very least, mouthing the words along with him. Phillip was devastated and Elise was trying to help him hold it together. Joshua, towards the end, may have been mouthing/singing along with him. (It’s not super obvious to me, and I do know that I rely a great deal on lip reading.)

          I don’t think Holly was singing along. She was too busy sobbing, or trying to stop. In this past week’s elimination and in one prior to that (DeAndre’s??), her reactions when it’s not her name that is the one going home have been that of shock. She’ll look at Ryan’s face as though she thinks he’s pulling one of his stunts, and then as it registers (slowly) that he’s not joking, she seems quite torn. Poor kid.

    • Marsaili says:

      Wow, way to make something out of nothing. She was proud of Colton and the way he was singing and ending his run—why do you have to make it out like she was being nasty or something?

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Well, I’m not sure she (Skyler) was proud, but I think she was being supportive in the way that he was going out, and demonstrated that support in the best way that she knew.

  3. Vivi says:

    Hilar, but while I was looking at Michael’s shirt trying to make out the image and words, the subtitles about staring at Michael’s shirt for 5 minutes came on at the exact same time!

    We are HERE…whoever you are.

    • Joe says:

      Slezak wins for best t-shirt ever in this one & also did a great idology w/Melinda (love her). At least they get to speak the truth on here w/o being shouted down by Randy. Also loved the Newt from Aliens shoutout re: Hollie!

    • Realist says:

      I think it’s “Cupcake + multivitamin = Super breakfastl”

  4. album says:

    Elise is the most special one there. Her album will be the kind you keep in the car to always listen to. Who cares that she has been in the bottom three, its still a lot of votes because she is still here and the voting is un-limited.

  5. noa says:


    i don’t know about everyone else, but Elise’s “attitude” is one of my favorite things about her. i hate reality robots. love the honesty.

    • MA says:

      I totally agree! And noa, do you follow her on Twitter? She actually seems to be one of the nicest people ever. She’s just not, as you say, a robot. Shouldn’t she be applauded for that?? Dang.

      • noa says:

        well, as you can probably tell from these message boards, i am a big fan, so of course i follow her! i even got a reply and a RT (the RT was like yesterday, you should look for it, it’s a funny interview the 6 of them did). actually (and now i’m revealing just how truly lame i am), i’m such a bug supporter that her mom started following me. cool mom, cool daughter. i just wish Slezak and Jason would notice me on twitter as well. sometimes i think that they blocked me!

        • MA says:

          Aw, that’s sweet. :)

          • gary says:

            Nice to see a good run of pro-Elise posts. I am a big fan too–of all her stuff. Bur Randy wouldn’t call her an “artist” would he?….Also Randy today went on a talk show (“The Talk”) and proclaimed who his top 3 and 4 were this year on idol. P2,Skylar, Jessica and Joshua. Holly and Elise suck hind teet according to Randy. BTW…isn’t there something wrong with Randy influencing the voting results in this way? Doesn’t he do enough manipulation when actually on the show?

          • noa says:

            @gary i would be upset about Randy saying that, but i wonder- does anyone take Randy seriously?

          • MA says:

            Oy, Randy. That’s like last year when Ryan said (paraphrasing), “Who are the best ones left?” And Randy said (not-so-much paraphrasing), “Everyone but Haley, dawg!” The idea that any of the people on that stage aren’t “artists” is just offensive, and whether or not you like her voice or style, to deny that Elise is a fantastic musician just makes the deny-er sound like he doesn’t know anything about music at all. I mean…I don’t like big Celine Dion or Whitney Houston-type songs generally; it’s just not my thing. But I’d never deny that Jessica has an amazing voice and a great talent. Of course she does!

          • noa says:

            MA- i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

          • shelbybb says:

            I would LOVE to see Elise come out there with her hair straight and NO extensions, less makeup, no fan blowing in her face or weird butterfly looking clothes on – sit on a stool and JUST SING!!!

          • MA says:

            @noa :)

          • MA says:

            @shelbybb Me too! (Though I ALWAYS love a wind machine and feel everything is made better with one.) Just Elise and a guitar on a bare stage with no theatrics or pyrotechnics or choirs. My suspicion is that she’d be able to fill the room. I think they all should have to perform like that at least once so we can see who they actually are. But if we’re stripping her down and going natural, doesn’t her hair have to be curly?

          • noa says:

            ha! i swear i tweeted this before i read your comment.!/noanaaman/status/194857415689248770
            and yes- i agree with you both- Elise alone with a guitar, singing could be (i’m super sorry about this) an “idol moment”. ok, i’ll go cry myself to sleep after using that term.

          • zaza says:

            Clearly Randy hates blonde white chicks. First Haley and now Holly and Elise.

          • MA says:

            @noa Ha! The wind machine for the win!

          • FreeHaley says:

            Wow, so Randy is back to his anyone but Elise (or Hollie) thing again? That didn’t take long. I actually liked the dude in the early seasons but he’s just lost it. And he saves his jerky rudeness for some of the best or the best of each season now. Half the stuff he says doesn’t even make sense in English and even his air quotes and other gestures are more incomprehensibly used. His sense of artistry and musicianship has utterly disappeared. At this point it is hard to believe that people say he once used to be respected for his musical skills and knowledge. I think his brain has gone soft from playing his Idol persona so long that he has literally become it for real in the worst way.

          • Marsaili says:

            Just wanted to say—I love this whole run of posts and I agree with everything! I love the Elise love!! ;-)

          • My Alter Ego says:

            @ Marsaili, I love the run of pro-Elise posts, as well.

            However, I do disagree with the Elise w/guitar, because that is still a WGWG (the first “g” changes to “girl or gal” rather than “guy.”) And, I love Elise — well, I love what Elise does, with rare exception, period — but particularly when she’s at the piano. So let’s change the acronym to “WWAP” (white woman at piano). It can still be very stripped down.

  6. J says:

    Amen Melinda. I was not feelin’ Phillip’s songs last week. I don’t get it either. Colton shouldn’t have gone home. It should’ve been Phillip. Oh well.

    And I have to agree with you Michael, it does seem like a bit of foreshadowing during Skylar’s performance that she might be the winner. LOL. I wouldn’t mind. The gal is rocking it each week.

    • Flippy from Happy Tree Friends says:

      For me, Phillip made one step forward and then TWO steps back. Just frustrating!

      I would’ve kept Colton over Phillip myself, TBH.

      • Tarc says:

        Well, I’m glad to see that you’re in the significant minority.

        • Sandi says:

          Doubtful. I completely agree with Flippy about Colton over Phillip. But I did think Phillip had the better night. Colton just wins for overall performances IMO.

          • Sk8er Boi says:

            Well, sucked to be Colton that night!

            Let’s see: he pissed off his core fanbase with the Gaga song, and other folks hated his take on “September,” which, to be fair, was interesting.

            Just makes me wonder though if all thise remaining have closer numbers than we’d have ever imagined.

          • Marsaili says:

            I think Phillip did have a better night than Colton—and I admit that I didn’t like September the first time I heard it but I bought the album and have heard it a bunch of times now and I really like it. I really like both of Phillip’s songs, too. I think he sings clearer when he’s recording—something about singing live makes him force his voice a little more—I like the gruffness but I think a lot of people would have a heck of a lot nicer things to say about him if they bothered to listen to his studio recordings (since that is what will matter when this is all said and done) I am sad that Colton is gone, though—but there isn’t anyone else I’d want to see gone so I guess I’m just going to be sad every week from here on out!

          • Tarc says:

            It’s not doubtful – it’s fact. Review the voting. *scracthes head at missing the obvious proof* Personally, I went to iTunes and bought the P2 songs – and none of the others of that week.

        • karenb says:

          Tarc–You can always count on me to back you about Phillip!

    • Yeah that kind of irritates me though, feels as if none of these other contestants aren’t good enough for stupid “fireworks”….

  7. Amy says:

    Loving Idology…commentary later (well actually I already said what I thought about elimination week & why I like who’s left on your “ouster” post from last week)…but right now I must admit, I had to stop and rewind because ….yes…I WAS busted…I HAVE been staring, albeit not exactly mindlessly at Michael’s cupcake-T.
    Actually, I thought it was a Twinkie & a Cupcake…which made me wonder what it might have said if it were….(any thoughts?)

    ok. random. I’ll stop now and go back and focus.
    ps, Call me A.D.D., but it was more distracting to me than the “over-easy egg Vase” usually is….what….IS….that thing?

    …back to Idology…

  8. Hollie deserved to stay over Colton. Elise is sort of like Old Yeller, just needs to be put out of her misery.

  9. noa says:

    “what? he said ‘Elise’. we all heard it.”
    Jason- i love you.

  10. imho says:

    Phillip! Are you kidding me? He’s the only reason I’m still watching….

  11. MusicGrrrl says:

    I love Colton, but I thought both his performances were off this week. Bad Romance was especially strange and seemed ill-fitting for him. My favorites left are Phillip and Hollie. I loved both of his performances this week and both of hers. I thoughtElise was the worst. I used to like her vut enjoy her less and less each week. And the big run on Jessica’s first number was waaay off key. So for me, the finale should be Phillp and Hollie with Elise going home this week.

    • sg54 says:

      I’m half and half with you, @MusicGrrl. While I love all the Hollie love, i’m not sure whether Phillips the right guy. He seems to me like just another white-boy-with-guitar as slezak says, after scotty, lee, kris, david, most of whom were better than him. I’m seriously rooting for an all girl final four, culminating in a skylar vs hollie finale. Or maybe we’ll keep josh, and have a joshua-hollie finale!

      • yuan says:

        Omg, sg54/MusicGrrl – im sure you two like personality shows. skylar is like most country singers around, Hollie is a sweet pretty girl, but singing skills, you can find in every street corner!

  12. Geez I’m really glad I found you. I’m an Idol addict and love to hear your thoughts and great seeing Melinda. Elise all the way for me. Love Skylar, but I have to watch Skylar — not sure I could just listen. Hope that makes sense. I could listen to Elise all day long.

    • noa says:

      it totally makes sense! Skylar is a great performer, and a good vocalist. and while i enjoy her on the show i’ve NEVER went back and listened to her studio versions on youtube. Elise, on the other hand- i’ve seen every youtube video of hers- from idol, with her band, alone with a guitar- whatever. her voice is like medicine to my soul.

      • Marie says:

        Totally makes sense! I cannot for the life of me finish Skylar’s iTune recordings but I can totally enjoy her stage performances. If we flip that I can listen to Josh sing but I feel so uncomfortable watching him. Imagine his concerts? Crying every single time. I feel tired thinking about it. LOL.

    • Dawg says:

      Nearly every single one of Skylar’s performances can be broken down into three parts:
      1. Basically just talk in a country twang for 80 percent of the performance.
      2. Over”sing” the other 20 percent by using a loud, shrill and almost completely tuneless scream.
      3. Bounce around a lot.
      It got old the second week. She is an OK and enthusiastic entertainer, but her voice is hardly pleasant to listen to if you ask me.

      • TiaGata says:

        I am sooooo glad someone other than myself feels this way about Skylar…I thought it was my TV making me think she wasn’t really that great of a singer (j/k – because my TV is good). While I do like her enough, it’s not enough to call her a great singer. Hollie and Elise, and Jessica sing circles around her, but we know America loves “country” – LOL!!!

      • FreeHaley says:

        Pretty close, although to be fair, in her 20% part sometimes she does do pretty well there and it’s not necessarily shrill on good phones or speakers.

        I don’t quite get the extreme praise, especially from Slezak. Every song is like 80% mediocre PLUS an annoying country twang and bounce. If you like the twang and bounce I guess that part is pretty good then, but it’s a bit of emperor’s clothes in my opinion, so there really isn’t anything that great underneath that. She usually does manage to do 10-15% pretty well though, so I will give her more credit than you do. But when others only do truly well for 15% it gets called a very poor performance, not just by judges but by Ideolgy too.

      • Marsaili says:

        I don’t agree with anything you have to say about Skylar—but that’s just me. I think she is fantastic, all around.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Well, in regards to the country twang, while I might argue the percentage amount, it’s true, but I don’t think that she can help that (at least not without a great deal of work and since the group she’s trying to appeal to is country, it wouldn’t be advantageous of her to lose it, would it?).

        I do agree that she tends to “over the top” singing approaches (technique is definitely not the correct term here), but isn’t that what Idol strokes, cultivates, etc.?

        Bounces around a lot. Well, once again, she’s being stroked by not only the Idol judges, but others (like Michael Slezak). I find much of her bouncing around, and certainly that lower arm/hand thing that she does to come across as, not energetic, but frantic. I don’t enjoy “frantic performers” – chill, take a pill, something!! Just don’t bring it on stage. Being energetic is one thing — frantic, is something else, and it’s not entertaining.

        She actually surprised me with her rendition of “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and as a result, she opened my mind — and has since done nothing but slowly close it back down since. I’ve really hoped that she might reconnect me, but no dice.

        All that said, I think even if Skyler doesn’t win, she’ll get a recording contract and she’ll do well. She doesn’t need all of us to like her.

      • Tarc says:

        So, in other words, a quarter of the songs on iTunes Top 200.

  13. MA says:

    Another great episode…laughed and laughed…and loved all the insight. But I have to say, there’s a part of me that’s disappointed Melinda and Michael didn’t even acknowledge that Elise might have been having a bad night and speaking out of turn or not thinking “strategy” because she was having a really bad night personally. I mean, it’s a competition and so if you’re off you’re game and end up going home because of it, that’s how it goes. But clearly she was upset and sad and exhausted. Has no one ever felt that way before and been unable to strategize in the moment? I mean…really?? Personally, I don’t find anything Elise said to be rude. If that’s what she thinks, I like that she went ahead and said so. Maybe she’ll reevalutate later; maybe she won’t. It’s just not that big a deal, and I’m so tired of the unspoken “smile and take it” rule of Idol. But all the “woe is me” criticism and the lack of compassion really bothers me, especially from these two. Elise doesn’t bitch on a daily basis. She’s not a complainer or a pity partier that I’ve seen. She was upset about something that was really important to her and JLo was trying to make her cry about it on TV. Whatever Elise (or anyone in a similar situation) manages to pull together to say about that is fine with me. And clearly a lot of other people felt that way too because my girl is STILL there! Woot!

    • Robin says:

      Totally agree. I hate how the judges and Ryan put her on the spot last week. Kudos to her for saying how she really felt. A “Mean Girls” clip with JLo in it would have gone well on the Elise critique. They bullied Haley last year and that got her as far as top 3…I hope Elise gets that far as well. I also bought both her studio versions of last weeks songs. I really like “let’s get it on”…fits her voice…love her recording of “let’s stay together” also.

    • FreeHaley says:


    • BethanyA says:

      I guess people forget that Elise grew up in NJ. This is just the way we all talk. Slezak knows this, being in JC and all (still, maybe?) She just has to set the record straight, and have some fun. She is competing so hard that she is not in the moment. At least that is why I haven’t been so excited by her of late. Politeness is important, and I don’t think that has ever been a problem, but honestly, aren’t there better things to “idolize” than demureness?

    • syb says:

      Thanks for saving me the trouble of typing all that. Geez Michael. You complain about the “strategery” of some contestants, and then a contestant speaks her unvarnished heart and she should go down for the count? How about lets celebrate somebody who says what she means and means what she says? I get the point that middle America may not like it. But how about we don’t worry about that and say what’s on our own minds? Bravo for Elise being Elise regardless of the consequences.

    • Mary says:

      I disagree, she always makes a face or when the judges critique her. her second song was bad and they should of called her on it. Then she whines they are so much harder on me than everyone else. Excuse me, did she not witness the cruelty they showed on Holly. Elise just can”t take that she is not perfect, and I feel like she thinks she knows it all. believe me there is
      Room for improvement.

      • MA says:

        Yes, Elise stuck up for herself. She also, however, stuck up for Hollie on Twitter after that “Perfect” critique nonsense, so I think she’s pretty aware of the crap dumped there. And what was it she ended with last week? “But you can always be better.” My guess is that she’s probably okay with not being perfect.

        Also, I make faces every time the judges critique anyone. I also say things like, “Oh lord…another load of horsesh*t.” So I tend to think that Elise has shown tremendous restraint.

      • Marsaili says:

        I think people just look for things to complain about with Elise—make something little into a big deal. Elise does not make faces—she’s just being her—that’s her FACE! I’m just so sick and tired of all these people trying to make issues out of nothing. She was asked a loaded question and she answered truthfully—you don’t like it—then I have to wonder how truthful YOU are?!!

        • Tarc says:

          She’s an adult, and she shouldn’t simpy accept the judges comments. It’s clear they play games, and often say completely inane things. (Heck, they hated on Haley Reinhart – the best singer that’s been on the show in ages, every single week). P2 uses the tactic of just smiling and ignoring them with a side facade of being a simlpy bumbkin. Elise wears her emotions on her sleeve a bit more. And frankly, she’s nearly always correct when she disagrees.

          • Scarlett Rose says:

            Sure, you don’t have to take their criticism. And you may be right in not doing so. But for someone like Haley, who was new to the industry, to react the way she did to established talents? That’s disrespectful and burning a lot of bridges. Half of the music industry is who you know and networking. I don’t think Elise has been nearly as bad, but she should keep her future network (and just who she’s responding to) in mind.

          • Marsaili says:

            Haley????? She stood there and took it like a champ–each week when those industry “know it alls” told her she sucked—when she didn’t. Please, Haley said one thing once to Randy when he was out of line and obnoxious. Wow, sometimes I wonder if people are watching the same show—all these accusations at Haley and Elise are ridiculous!

          • FreeHaley says:

            So established talents, one of whom doesn’t sing at all and the other doesn’t even dare to sing live on the Idol stage, who may be getting half of their ‘own’ comments fed or at least guided from above to fit the script of the show and who are blatantly not calling a fair game, that you don’t get mad at, but when Haley finally cracks, after having taken if for weeks, when she was really rudely and unfairly called out in a way over the top way, probably just to boost show ratings points, finally talks back a little then you get on HER case?

            And did you see where she turned away and tried to hide she was crying from it all?

            Did you read where Lauren fully agreed with Haley and said that the judging was very hard to understand and that she and I think other contestants didn’t think it was fair.

            Did you see the Idol vocal coach standing up for Haley after that? I guess not.

            All you want to do is kill the messenger who dares hint that your precious show may not be as squeaky clean 100% reality based as you think and because you are too envious of the contestants to be able to handle any of them having any beef about anything, they should just take whatever unfair BS gets tossed there way, whatever digs they get tossed, whatever manipulations of their apparent personality get edited and cut and shown to the world just so your envious nature can handle it?

            And again don’t forget that she took it in pretty good stride for many weeks despite how blatantly manipulative and fake the show was being.

            Granted it is safer to not burn bridges and sadly most people do hate the whistleblower and not the crime, maybe fearing their own guilty secrets will be one day exposed?? But it is hard for these kids, at times, who think they are in an even contest when they are really in a partially scripted ‘reality’ tv show.

          • FreeHaley says:

            also @Scarlett – and I guess you didn’t notice how the one actual legend on the panel, Steve Tyler, sort of tried to defend Haley a bit when Randy cruelly called her out in ridiculous fashion. And I guess you missed the talk shows he was on right afterwards where he was standing up for her to the degree he could and not talking about her behavior but more what had been done to her and that it was a shame.
            And I guess you missed how many former Idols, including even season 1 winner, supported her. Missed other contestants like Casey afterwards more or less said what the judges did to her was ridiculous and unfair. etc.

  14. Jessie says:

    Colton is the most overrated contestant in the Top 10. I was surprised by his elimination last week only because I assumed that he had the most fan support out of the remaining finalists. His two performances were very weak and very unlike him, so I can see why he may have disconnected with the Idol viewers and lost those potential votes. I’m happy with the Top 6 we have now. They’re all contenders!

    • Marianne says:

      I almost agree wholeheartedly with you. Colton AND Phillip are the most overrated contestants. Colton is a weak vocalist and Phillip “sings” in one key (while gyrating annoyingly and making facial contortions).

      • shelbybb says:

        Phillip has a solid fan base and will enjoy a long career playing really great mid-size venues all over the US, Colton will be playing big churches for a couple of years.

      • Tarc says:

        In othewr words, Colton sounds precisely like what’s on the iTunes Top 200, and Phillip will have a long successful career doing blues rock like so many others before him.

  15. Jenay says:

    p2’s asking JLo is if daddy let her date was the cutest thing I have ever seen on this show. I still laugh when I think about it.

  16. abfidy says:

    I think the weird, fascinating thing about this season is that the performers seem to be living week to week. They’re all so evenly matched and they’re all so consistent that there aren’t really huge voting fanbases pulling favorites through on performances that aren’t necessarily memorable. I’m thinking what must be happening is that casual voters, the millions of people who toss in five to twenty votes at the end of the night, have no clear favorites because everyone is so even and no one really has a compelling backstory or personality edit to help them through week to week. So casual votes are actually going to the performances people like the best, as opposed to the contestant that people like the best. So judge’s and producer’s favorites are going home. Jessica almost went home, and Colton did go home. I know people, even Slezak and Mindy Doo, are saying Phillip is unstoppable, but Jessica and Colton were looking pretty unstoppable too, and they were probably commanding the two largest powervoting fanbases up until their eliminations. I’m saying it now, if Colton could go home this week, anyone could go next week.

    Oh and I disagree about Hollie. Isn’t growth part of what makes an Idol season compelling? I’m enjoying watching her journey, for better or for worse.

    • Tracy says:

      I agree with all of this!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I agree with all of that commentary as well. One of my friends told me this morning she had no clear favorite and I believe there are a lot of viewers that feel the same way. Last year at this point in the competition I was rooting for Haley and didn’t really care who else went home as long as it wasn’t Haley. This season I like Elise and Phillip (Joshua comes in third, depending on his performance) but I’ve enjoyed the other contestants as well at one time or another.


      • karenb says:

        I agree with all of you. Except I think that Phillip may be way ahead in votes and the others are clawing their way to the top.

      • Marsaili says:

        I agree, I’m rooting for Phillip, Elise and Skylar—and Joshua—honestly, if any of those 4 win I’ll be happy. I like Hollie a lot and I like Jessica, but I don’t think either of them are ready enough to win Idol.

    • Sandi says:

      Re: Hollie – I think they were saying that while she’s grown, she’s still not up to par. She doesn’t connect with what she sings about and she still comes off as a Miss Teen USA also-ran. Sorry, but that’s my opinion and I believe what Michael and Melinda were saying

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh, I agree with the thoughts about Hollie. I do love her vocals, though.

      • zaza says:

        Holly definitely needs polishing (more than she can get on Idol), but she has one of the best voices in the competition. I don’t see her winning, but hopefully she can get far enough in the competition that someone in the music business (with real mentoring capabilities) will see her and take her in hand.

    • Ami says:

      Agreed! This is the first year since Season 7 where I genuinely enjoy all of the contestants in the Top 6. The only difference is that there is no clear frontrunner like David and David. I will be sad to see anyone go now.

    • NJloonie says:

      Growth is definitely what’s missing from a lot of these contestants. They all started out strong, and they are plateauing. Just singing louder, or growling more, or slowing down a fast song, isn’t growth. That’s why no one really cares too much about who should win.
      How ’bout an a capella night, so we can really hear their voices?

  17. Josh says:

    lord help me but I look forward to these idology videos and all the comments that follow

    • sara says:


  18. Karen says:

    Personally I thought Philip had the best two performances of the night. I was jamming out to both of ’em pretty hard (ugly stank-face nodding). I would have sent home Jessica, if I had that power, since I was finally starting to warm up to Hollie and Colton.
    Still rooting hard for Elise and Philip!

  19. Oscar says:

    I agree, Phillip should go. I feel like he hasn’t really done anything different. It’s as if he’s too stubboborn to take the competition seriously. He is one of those who never really lived up to the hype. Seriously, can you imagine a Phillip Phillips concert?

    • Tarc says:

      Heck yeah – my cerdit card is itching to buy tickets!

    • Sandi says:

      If you mean “too stubborn to take the competition seriously” than I’m not sure what you’re referring to. He seems to put everything he has into his performances whether you like him or not.

      And yes, I can imagine a Phil Phil concert. Absolutely.

    • Robin says:

      I would love me some Phillip Phillips tickets!!!

      • shelbybb says:

        I just don’t get why a performer needs to do something different each week? They are who they are for heaven sake! That’s their uniqueness and how they perform! And hell yeah I’d go see Phillip in concert in a second!
        (not Colton, I can pray at home for free)

        • Tarc says:

          I’d actually say Phil does shake it up a bit, and I’m sure that after he gigs more, he’ll be a lot of fun to see live. I’m pretty sure he’s only has small gigs on tiny stages, so he’s very early in his career.

    • Sk8er Boi says:

      Yup, can’t believe Colton got Johns’d/JHudded/Durbined/Siobhaned for this guy.

      And yes, shelbybb, not all of us have patience for anything copy-pasted week after week.

      For what it’s worth though, his Usher take made me believe in him for a while, only to go back to his shenanigans with the Wilson Pickett number. By that time, I was yelling “NO, NO, F*CK NO!” And I wanted to throw a rock at his face for reverting back to sqaure one.

    • jessica says:

      of course! i cant wait. and taking chances when your on a roll is stupid. look at what colton did. he took a chance one night and some how his whole huge fan base disappeared. when you get to know and love a performer for what they do best, why have them change only to be told to go back to what they are good at.

      • Sk8er Boi says:

        To be fair, Colton was doing the same thing with shaking up a song like hour always does. Problen was: both performances didn’t sit well with everyone. Hence, his fans abandoned him and casual viewers took a liking to other performances. That’s the way it is, I guess.

    • Marsaili says:

      Yes! I can definitely imagine a Phillip concert–I’m there, heck I’m even going to buy tickets for the tour this year! He’s not too stubborn—that’s just people making up stuff to discredit him, taking his words out of context and following all the other sheeple who have nasty things to say about him. It’s the same way with Elise and her supposed “attitude and stank face”—ya’ll make crap up about them to make them look back, take their words out of context and believe whatever anyone says that is negative. Phillip totally lives up to the hype.

      • Layla says:

        Marsaili , you do exactly the same thing for every Jessica post by trying to discredit her performance or readiness due to her age. You might believe it but that’s something you and a few others made up in your heads.

        • Marsaili says:

          Layla, why do you feel it necessary to comment on everything I post? MANY other people feel as I do, not just a few—even J-Lo and Jimmy have said it to her, week after week. Why do you take it as hate? She’s only 16, stop trying to put pressure on her that she may not be ready for—I’m just saying she needs a little more time, not that she’s never going to get there. WOW! And you blast me for defending Phillip when you are CONSTANTLY bashing me for saying something about Jessica that the experts have said as well. Why are you just attacking me? There are tons of other people saying worse than I am–at least I am nice about it and I say over and over that she is talented and has a wonderful voice. go find someone else to hate, I’m done taking your crap.

        • Tarc says:

          Why shouldn’t Marsailli? She’s correct. Hollie and Jessica are really getting shafted by the age change back to 16. They aren’t ready yet.

  20. Alexandra says:

    I just don’t get how Michael would defend everything Haley said with his last dying breath, but scolds Elise for standing up for herself. Just baffling to me.

    • Pat says:

      He’s calling it out as not helping Elise, which it isn’t. He’s not saying she isn’t right, which she is.

      • MA says:

        I think I understand the distinction you’re making, but I don’t see how it helped Haley either. I also didn’t get that Michael and Melinda thought Elise was right. It seems to me that they felt that she didn’t have the right to complain because she hadn’t had a great night. Maybe I’m misunderstanding them, always possible. But I agree with Alexandra that it’s a baffling turn of events. To me, last week, Elise came across as much more vulnerable and raw than Haley ever did. Haley struck me as pissed off by the crap the judges dumped on her, whereas Elise just seemed battered and disappointed. Is it that M & M want her angry instead of seemingly “weak”? Maybe that’s a valid point, but it just may not be who she is. I think both Haley and Elise were right, and I came to admire them even more for speaking up. I like people, especially girls, who fight back, especially in the face of shallow, “kick ’em when they’re down,” blah blah blahing types like JLo and Randy.

    • Emma says:

      I think the criticism is more even this year. They’re not just picking on Elise. In fact I’d say Hollie has gotten worse from what I’ve seen.

    • Teresa says:

      He did explain it in the video. The difference is that Haley stood up for herself after a spot-on vocal. Elise’s second song wasn’t great.

      • FreeHaley says:

        But it wasn’t that bad either and Randy the other week was like everyone could deserve to win. Oh other than Elise and Hollie and that was just a few days after her amazing Zeppelin, come on.
        And he went on more talk shows again and said everyone is in it to win but. but Elise and Hollie.

        It’s weird they sometimes stick up for her but often subtly beat her down, it;s like they learned from Haley to not quite over do it otherwise said contestant might manage to ‘sneak’ into the top three. I don’t know.

        I do think they aren’t quite defending her in the same way or degree and it’s a bit odd that Skylar can have a very averga performance and get the same Nigel/Randy-like pass but Elise is not 100% perfect and they go semi-Randy/Nigel on her. Not totally but a little.

  21. Amy says:

    Like I said last week…I was perfectly fine with Colton going…didn’t click with me or define himself to me, nor so far did he “sell me a record” in my mind. Didn’t hate him. Didn’t love him. Just didn’t think much about him, so he just wasn’t for me musically.
    Ok with everyone else being there for reasons I already posted on last week’s thread.
    Hollie deserved to stay based on growth, and solid performances this week…I get your analogy with a Navy Seal being ready for the BIG mission and all…but why cut her when she stepped up. Who’s to say she won’t surprise us again and more this week. I agree with the “not enough life experience to understand how to feel the songs”…it’s that Idol age limit thing…though some 16 y.o.’s have proven to be older souls on Idol than others…anyway, still rooting for her to have more chance to let her learning curve catch up to her vocals…and I supspect some voters are doing the same for Hollie. I like her, I want to see her do the most she can here.
    Love PP. Love Skylar. Complete packages enough for me already and each week.
    Like Joshua a lot too, agree I want to hear some mix up of style this week, if possible…but he’s been a solid and engaging performer who won me over little by little this season. Didn’t notice the lyric mess up…guess I didn’t know the song well enough.
    Jessica is the next one for me though on my list of least likely to buy her music, despite her clear talent.
    I can’t really pick a Top 3 or 2…but I guess I’d like to see Skylar at least…maybe Joshua. PP, I love and I guess he could win…but not sure he’ll bring anything much different from now until then to put it over the top. Takes one thing to be an “artist”, another to be an “American Idol.” He’ll be ok either way…maybe, in fact, better just as “an artist”, without the AI title. Then again…there’s been others that show similar talent, artistry etc and then we don’t hear much again after..
    Anyway…great competition and show this year.
    We’ll see what happens this week……………………………..

  22. Jeff says:

    Slezak….the fiddle player and I believe the rest of the band for Skylar was Ashley from the band Sons of Syliva (aka Carrie Underwood’s touring band aka the winner’s of that America’s Next Great Band or something like that, that was on Fox a few years ago)

  23. Carrie says:

    I keep shaking my head as commentators are all noting the fiddler from Skylar’s performance, but not noting that it’s Ashley Clark, lead singer/fiddler from Sons of Sylvia. His brother Adam was on mandolin.

  24. eileen says:

    Melinda….you of all people secretly understand how this works…the most marketable contender wins. I’m sure Clive has everything to do with this…but we can’t really say that, now can we? I have been convinced that the show is rigged since you were “passed over” as second/third best…..shame on them…..

    • Ray says:

      Did you buy Melinda’s album? It is super in my opinion. When Melinda was on Idol some people
      did not want her to win based on appearance. They voted for Jordon instead. Jordon is OK but not anywhere near as good as Melinda.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I’ve seen Jordin perform in various venues and I think she’s quite good. My husband heard her sing the National Anthem somewhere and he was very impressed. I prefer Melinda’s style myself, as it’s more of a bluesy, old school style of music, but I wouldn’t say Jordin isn’t talented. They’re just different from one another.

      • MA says:

        Aw, I think Jordin is great! That year was such a fun one, because the three best people actually made it to the end, and I thought, “Dang, whichever one of them wins, it’ll be deserved.” That said, I have Melinda’s album too, and it IS super!

      • Joe says:

        I actually had the pleasure of seeing Melinda do her cabaret show in NYC with my wife. She was amazing. Not just good. Amazing.

        • Alexandra says:

          Did you see her at Feinstein’s? What an incredible show!

          • Joe says:

            I did! She was so amazing. To hear that buffoon Randy claim they only have 1 true artist is a slap in the face to everyone from Lambert to Melinda who bring more than the mere ability to sign a song in tune to their performances.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I hope I get the opportunity to see Melinda sing live someday. I’m jealous!

          • Tarc says:

            Me, too! I hope to be lucky enough to catch Melinda someday soon! She’s always been a fave.

  25. Pat says:

    Thank God someone called Phillip’s U Got It Bad out. The second half of that was absolutely wretched.

  26. TV FAN says:

    I was really bummed the Colton was elimated. He may not have the strongest voice out of the group but I did enjoy his performance very much. I wish him luck for his future. Good luck to the top six it will be a fight to the finish.

  27. John Berggren says:

    I can’t get Dave Matthews out of my head whenever I see Phil Phillips.
    I don’t know why they lavish him with such praise for what I feel is a little bit copycat.

    • Marianne says:

      A “little bit copycat” is a HUGE understatement. I hope Jimmy I. realizes that D. Matthews is not currently played on pop radio.

      • Marsaili says:

        Dave Matthews is definitely played on pop radio—there are 3 stations here in the Cleveland area that play him all the time. And he is not a copycat at all, he doesn’t sound anything like Dave Matthews, I listen to Dave Matthews all the time and Phillip has a totally different voice and singing style.

    • Tarc says:

      I dunno. They sounds almost nothing alike.

  28. noa says:

    Holy s—.
    -T.S. Eliot

    again, Jason- there’s no one like you. not even JLo.

  29. Name That Tune says:

    “When you make music you do it for the right reason: love. Love is the desire of well being, desire to heal the wounded, the person in pain, the person who has problems – to touch the person who needs love. The love inside you manifests through sound, vibration and embraces everyone in the room.” Pepe Romero

    “Artists make art to express what they are feeling or thinking.”

    If I’m looking for this from any of the contestants this season, I’m not thinking of P2. The closest person on Idol this season who manifests these things is Joshua. Followed by Elise when she is having a moment, and, at times, Jessica can mimic it. Not feel it, so much as mimic it. Colton could bring it too (“Piano Man”). I don’t get any sense of “artistry” from the rest of them.

    • Tansy says:

      You nailed Jessica perfectly. Programmed and clueless.

      • Bobbi says:

        Disagree. Jessica ‘s Stuttering, Falling, and more do not sound like the original at all. Melindaeven stated so in the clip above, with accompanied video proof. Speaking about clueless.

  30. JVC says:

    Thank you for calling out on Philip. I just don’t get the appeal, he’s only had one song i found him tolerable (top 11) and that’s it. And randy is working my last nerve by throwing the “whole artist” thing again. Just cause can’t play instruments, doesn’t make them less of an artist. If anything it makes them more of an artist, like Skylar, who’s show more artistry than Philip, but the judges have yet to fully acknowledge it. And the bottom line of it is, almost any theme is easy for because he can sling it to a guitar most of the time. I’m just hoping behind hope he doesn’t win. It will be lee dewyze all over again. Hopefully “Queen” music will be great this week. Elise must rock it out hard this week. Jessica needs to show more versatility. Judges, STOP overpraising joshua. I like him too, but the constant overpraise will screw him over in the end. He wasn’t that great to get two standing o’s, much less one. Is it too early to think scotty mccreery fan’s are voting for her?

  31. Robin says:

    Still bummed that Colton is gone. I had him picked for top 3. Skylar, Elise and Phillip are the ones left who I really like. Maybe they aren’t the strongest vocally, but they (to me, before anyone gets too crazy) are the ones who I enjoy musically and on stage. We all have who we like and don’t…freedom of choice is a great thing.

  32. Sandi says:

    I’m still not over Colton being eliminated. It has certainly taken the excitement out of the competition for me. For me, there is no one left that I’m really 100% behind. But since he’s gone, I’m going to go with my original Pre-Colton plan and root for a female to win this year (Sorry Phil Phil and Joshua). Unfortunately, I cannot get behind Elise (whose appeal I have yet to understand) and Hollie (who seems to have the star power of an above average Chiwhuahua puppy). That leaves Skylar and Jessica. Since country won last year, I would like to see Jessica get the crown. She has an extraordinary voice and star potential. I don’t get the “boring” complaint but I do remember the Carrie U. had the same criticisms and it certainly didn’t hurt her in the end.

    So for me – TOP 3: Jessica, Skylar, and Phil Phil

    Jessica FTW.

    • Robin says:

      Phillip is my favorite. But he will be just fine without the crown. How about Top 3 being…Elise, Jessica and Skylar? 3 totally different singing styles. Let’s have a girl win!

    • Mel says:

      I’m cracking up at the chihuahua comment. Hollie seems very nice, and she’s undeniably talented. But that was funny.

    • I’m not to big on country music… We had 2 country singers in the finale last year and to me it felt more like Nashville Star than American Idol. If Skylar wins then we might as well rename it Nashville Star. I’m not a big fan of Elise but at least she tries to be “original”. And the thing with Jessica is that she reminds me a lot like Pia, kind of just stands and sings but I do have to give her credit, she has sang upbeat songs. don’t get me wrong I love Pia!

    • JC says:

      I really hope Jessica wins it this year she is truly the most gifted and technically flawless singer out of the top 6, Hollie is a close second. But I feel like she’s losing her momentum as the one to beat she needs to reinvent herself and she should stay away from songs that nobody knows :)

  33. Mel says:

    Love you, Michael and Melinda, and love Idology. Sadly, I love Colton, too. And I showed up and voted for him. And that is the only love for Idol I have left. I’m heartbroken and I actually deleted the show from my DVR. I can’t bear to watch any further this year – especially with the upcoming week being one that Colton would OWN. Yes, I am now the person swearing never to watch again. I know no one cares, but I’m putting it out there anyway. I’ll definitely be back here to read the recaps and watch Idology, though. Thanks for a great episode once again!

  34. Baby C says:

    I was overjoyed Colton left. I had a terrible week and Holly really raised her game. One less dull, white, male ‘real artist’ the better.

  35. darcy's evil twin says:

    As usual, GREAT Idology, even if I don’t agree with Michael and Melinda on a couple of points.
    Melinda, I love you, but I don’t think Phillip should have gone home this week. Michael – I didn’t care for Colton’s “Bad Romance”. And no matter how many times I listen to Colton’s rendition of “September” I won’t like it. He took a song with a decent melody and made it sound awful. Colton was possibly my least favorite contestant (other than Jessica), despite trying desperately to like him. I just couldn’t warm up to that whiny, thin voice and those non-melodic songs he seemed to favor; however, I picked him to win this whole shootin’ match because I thought he had the most contemporary sound and look. Shows what I know.
    I do love Hollie’s vocals but she’ll probably be the next to go. She would be great as Sandy in “Grease”, though.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Funny you mention Sandy in “Grease”, because I was thinking about Sandy Duncan, who most Idol watchers probably don’t remember

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I absolutely remember Sandy Duncan. She was blonde, perky, talented, and appeared in several musicals (“The Boy Friend” comes to mind). Crap I’m old.

      • zaza says:

        I’m old enough to remember Sandy Duncan too (loved her tv show), but Holly reminds me more of Petula Clark.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          That’s been mentioned before and she reminds me a bit of Petula Clark as well. Wow, there are a lot of Idol fans that have been around the musical block!

    • Sandi says:

      That is so funny that you said that because Hollie has been reminding me of Olivia Newton John from the start.

    • Jason says:

      I have been thinking Olivia Newton John all season. I wished she had done Physical on 80s night. Couldn’t have been worse then the Flashdance song. If they do movie night she should do “hopelessly devoted”

    • Marsaili says:

      LOL @ Sandy Duncan—I can so see Hollie like that! I also love Hollie’s vocals but she isn’t ready yet, neither is Jessica. I hate Randy and his “artist” comment when obviously Elise and Skylar have that artistry as well. Colton was ok for me—my teenage boys are angry about him leaving—but they will get behind Phillip and Joshua—they like them as well. They feel nothing for Jessica and Hollie—they don’t like the type of music they sing—but they do appreciate Elise and her talent. They want a rocker to win, though, so they will root for Phillip (although they do realize that Elise is a rocker as well).

      • Layla says:

        Third post in this thread stating Jessica isn’t “ready”. She’s done so many ARTISTIC vocal runs that can’t even be approached by most pros. Adam Lambert tweeting excitedly just on her first run on Falling discredits this. She’s more than ready, because she’s only going to get better. That’s when a true producer and studio wants a talent.

        • Marsaili says:

          yes, yes, yes we know you LOVE Jessica yet you attack me for feeling like that about Phillip. I didn’t say anything hateful about her–this is my opinion, as well as J-Lo, Jimmy, Gwen Stefani…….

        • Tarc says:

          Layla, that’s because it’s obvious that she’s not ready. Nevermind the technical kinks, she’s a girl singing mature women’s songs – and it’s obvious when she lacks the emotional connection (she mimicks). She’ll be great after she’s lived a bit, but it’s obvious that she and Hollie are just too young, And that’s Nigel’s fault.

    • jiji33 says:

      trued dat! she IS Sandy! how come she hasnt picked any grease song yet? she could actually win with a song like that…though, perhaps she needs to get her heart broken once to deliver that as well…olivia newton john was quite older when she played in the movie.

  36. Ann says:

    Phillip always sounds constipated when he sings…

  37. Chris says:

    I will repeat what I did last week:

    Jimmy is eyeballing the best return on investment, Randy needs to be eliminated this week, and all of the contestants need to remember this is all one big interview process (come on Elise – run faster, run harder).

    I for one am very happy they used the save on Jessica but still feel like the results have been slightly bogus this year… I am a little bitter still over one lost contestants run on this season. So much talent and they were done so wrong on this show…

    I agree with your alternate picks for who should have gone. I like Hollie’s tone but she is not ready. They saw it in season 10 and there’s been little improvement this season. I don’t know whats keeping her from just giving it 100% (or maybe I do and am just keeping it to myself). I liked her RID performance (but she needs to amp up from there like a lightning bolt) but she missed the mark completely with SoaPM. When Steven Tyler told her she needed to let her hair down WEEKS ago she still didn’t translate to take the log out…. As far as Phillip (and his brilliantly awkward performances – Tylerism) I can’t say anything more than what I’ve said in the past over and over…. It just is what it is now (but I do/did prefer Colton over Phillip).

    I noticed Joshua’s mess up and I also commented on and noticed the standing O’s again last week. Over used and way over hyped at this point (but I suppose there is a defining reason for that hype too). Love J but he needs to mix it up – like you know show he’s an artist ;)

    If the falling gold sparks were a premonition of whats to come I completely missed it. I was also too distracted by the fiddler. I like Skylar but I didn’t care for either performance. The later one was just over the top forced. I like that she wants to bring a party to the stage but there’s only so much party you can get out of Heard It Through The Grape Vine…..

    I am looking forward to the Queen theme night (and ‘one other song’) and still hoping Adam Lambert is the guest mentor!!!

    • Tansy says:

      Adam can’t make it this week due to other commitments [Jimmy Kimmel etc.]. But, he will appear later this season.

  38. Steve Z says:

    Every time I hear Randy Jackson speak, I just keep telling myself “he must be the best bass player that ever lived… maybe he’s an idiot savant.”

  39. lbw says:

    I thing Bad Romance is what sank Colton. I loved the high part, but the low part was really weak, and between the outfit and the performance it was entertaining, but a little on the freaky side.
    Totally agree re: that fiddle player. I cheered when he came out again for Skylar’s second song.
    As for the Hayley/ Elise comparison, Hayley used to sing the crap out of songs and was then told it wasn’t very good. Elise gets criticized when she doesn’t sing well, when other contestants get a free pass. It’s not exactly the same thing, and Elise came off sounding much more bitter than Hayley ever did. That being said I like Elise a lot and thought the first performance was fantastic.
    And now Jessica. I’m trying to figure out why when she was told she needed to connect more with the songs and her audience, her hair was covering her face. As for Try a Little Tenderness, her voice sounded so rough and angry when she was singing that last part. She was trying to put emotion into it, but it was the wrong emotion. I am always left wondering why I don’t like her performances more. She has such an awesome voice.

    • Bonnie A. says:

      Feel the same way about Jessica. Loved her in the Las Vegas performance and was so looking forward to her singing in the competition, but am completely bored by her. Don’t even consider downloading her songs on iTunes.

      I really look forward to Elise and P2’s performances each week. Loved Hayley last year.

  40. Jason says:

    Truth is bad Romance is an awful awful song. It was awful when LAdy Gaga did it and turning it into a tongue in cheek rock song didn’t help. Add that with a very subpar performance of Earth Wind and Fire in a very competitive season with no complete losers left and Colton goes home.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I read an interview with Colton and he thought he strayed too far away from his fan base with “Bad Romance”. Perhaps.
      That said, I like Gaga and I like “Bad Romance”. It’s a guilty pleasure, kind of like Britney Spears’ “Oh Baby, Baby”.

      • zaza says:

        I wonder who Colton thinks is his fan base…judgy christians or besotted little girls. As much as I love Gaga, I don’t think her music would appeal to either group.

    • Tarc says:

      LOL! Bad Romance is genius, and that was reflected (as all pop songs are judged) by the public in huge sales and the launching of a major star. You mistake your opinion for fact.

  41. Dayna says:

    I think Skylar is so overbearing in her delivery – I just don’t get the hype. She is the least likely contestant that I would listen to… and I actually do have some country in my music repertoire.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’ve listened to country all my life – sometimes willingly, sometimes not so willingly. I do like Skylar and have enjoyed some of her performances. There just isn’t anything particularly special about her IMO, but hey, I said the same thing about Carrie Underwood, so my track record clearly isn’t the best. I do think Skylar will finish in the Top Three with P2 and Jessica.

  42. Tarc says:

    I think the phrase ‘true artist’ is moronic in the first place, so asking about it is pointless. Sorry, but kids covering other people’s work doesn’t even reall qualify as art in the first place. A better question is whtehr any of these people will ever make any worthwhile art, and in this case, I’d say a few already have, and P2 is likely to be a yes.

  43. Daniel O says:

    My issue with Phil is that all of his songs tend to sound the same… and that became rather apparent during the recap when they showed his two performances back to back. “U Got It Bad” and “In The Midnight Hour” just seemed to bleed together. I found Joshua to be similar this past week… as Melinda pointed out, both songs ended up sounding the same.

    • Tarc says:

      I own them all now, and playing then back to back, they sound no more similar than any other album in the genre. Really, you have to give all of these kids a break – they really do have a ridiculously limited song choice.

      • Daniel O says:

        Limited song choice or not, if you ask me, Phil made both an Usher song as well as a Wilson Pickett song sound rather similar. Maybe that was just the arrangement used for the Usher track (the added sax). It’s just an opinion, though. By all means, I enjoy almost everyone left on the show.

  44. Jason says:

    Isn’t the Fiddle player and the other guy playing part of the Clark Brothers who won America’s Next Great band!!! They also have been Carrie Underwood’s backing band on SNL.

  45. Elle says:

    Watching this Idology, I am amazed at how much I disagree with Michael this season (and we were in full agreement in the past on contestants such as Allison and Haley). I thought both Colton’s “Bad Romance” and Skylar’s “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” were awful. I do not agree that Elise should censor herself. Keep keeping it real, Elise. If you have to go out, go out with your convictions intact. I also find it strange that Michael has just spent 10 minutes here saying the performances from nearly everyone had problems, yet you would never know that listening to the judges’ comments. Only Elise and Colton were really called out on anything. Perhaps Elise feels they have been more critical of her because they HAVE BEEN more critical of her? Hollie could say the exact same thing, though she is too meek to ever address this on the stage. Those two girls have clearly got it the worst this season. Randy has even been on the talk show circuit proclaiming how great Phil, Skylar, Jessica and Joshua are while leaving them out. Over the next two weeks the judges and producers are going to try to do everything in their power to get Hollie and Elise ****-canned and I hope it backfires on them while a few of their pets get sent home.

    • Jason says:

      Unlike Haley last year when the judges have criticized Hollie and Elise it was usually in weeks they were awful or mediocre!!!

      • Elle says:

        Fine and dandy if they were presumably awful or mediocre on whatever weeks. However, same can be said of ALL of the other contestants yet they are proclaimed “flawless,” “true artists,” “the best singer in America – ever!” and get standing o’s for their mediocrity. And therein lies the problem. Selective favoritism instead of actual fair critiques week to week.

    • FreeHaley says:


  46. karenb says:

    Slezak I will forever love you for your continued support of my most favorite Idol ever, Kris Allen. :)

  47. PleaseGoHomeElise says:

    Elise is the only one who has not loudly proclaimed her faith in God, been seen praying or looking for guidance. As a Christian, I just cannot support her because she seems to be an atheist. I will vote for the other five until she is gone.

    • Sandi says:

      I seriously hope you’re joking. Aside from the bigotry, you think anyone who doesn’t loudly proclaim their faith in God is an atheist?

      Hopefully, you’re just trolling.

      • PleaseGoHomeElise says:

        It is not bigotry, an American Idol winner should be a good role model. Elise, with her stank attitude, sassing of the people who put her where she is, not being humble and not proclaiming her faith is not a good role model at all!

        • Tansy says:

          Would you have been happy with Adam and Casey Abrams pushing Judaism? Or Elliot Yamin praising Allah? Sectarianism has no place on Idol.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Wow, you were serious. You don’t know a thing about Elise personally. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she is a kinder more supportive person than you in real life and probably better follows, in practice, many of the deepest teachings of Christianity than you. I know a great many atheists who do too, ironically enough.

        • 30CamdenSquare says:

          That’s one way to look at it. Another way would be that she’s above trying to use religeon as a way to pander for votes. She’s a singer not a politician, and honestly it annoys me when the politicians do it too.

        • Angela says:

          How lovely to state that if you’re not praising God every second, or not a Christian at all, that you’re automatically a bad role model! What an enlightened attitude! Tell you what, why don’t you go read a few stories about those infamous Catholic priests who claim to believe in God and see how great of role models THEY are.

          Not to mention, I do believe Jesus said something about not being “showy” with one’s faith. That’s not to say you should never talk about it, there’s nothing wrong at all with being open about your faith, but rather that you shouldn’t rub it in everyone’s faces and act like you’re better than them because of what you believe.

      • Tarc says:

        I’m certain that that was a troll, but it’s surely a sentiment that is heavily pushed out there in this religious whackjob day and age.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I’m sorry, I am a Christian as well and I find that comment to be completely offensive, whether it was intended to be serious or not. This is “American Idol”, not “American Christian Idol”. Did Elliot Yamin not belong on Idol because of his faith?
      Some people are more private about their faith. Perhaps Elise is more private about her faith. Perhaps you should be more private about yours.

      • PleaseGoHomeElise says:

        It is not offensive. It is my opinion. Everyone votes for what reasons they want. You just do not like my reason. Again, I will vote for the other five until this bad attitude woman is gone forever.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Look at your own attitude before you call hers bad. You disparage her character based on gossip and rumor while upholding your own and casting her out. Ye may be in for some judging yourself.

        • MA says:

          It IS offensive. It’s also your opinion and, thankfully, not one shared by the majority of the American public.

        • Joy says:

          What happened to “Do unto others…”? I thought it was unfortunate that some non-Christians refused to support Colton just because he talked openly about his faith, and it’s no better when the shoe is on the other foot. Remember, Jesus taught his followers to reach out to nonbelievers, not to shun them — do you really want to sell out his teachings for spite?

        • Tarc says:

          It’s ridiculously offensive and patiently bigoted. And sweetie, if you think DET has a bad attitude on this subject, you’ve never met me.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        Well spoken D.E.T.!!!

      • marie says:

        Well said. And let’s not forget, in this great nation, you are free to speak about your faith, you are free to be more private about your faith – and you are even free to hold no religious faith at all! Perhaps Elise is more private about her faith – or perhaps she IS an atheist, with no faith to be private about. Or perhaps something else entirely is the truth of the situation. Whatever the truth is, she is free to be an American, whatever her persuasion. I have no clue what her faith may or may not be, and I’m not the least bit interested. I like her singing, period. Anything else is none of my business.

    • Alexandra says:

      Did you skip the whole “judge not” section of the Bible? I think I will go with the whole beware false prophets thing, and simply giggle at your post.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I hope this is sarcasm…. wow. Then again having lived in the South for two years I realize it actually might not be. I also realize that the people who went on like that and about their superior morals and so on were often the ones who were quickest to stab people in the back or abandon people in trouble and arguably the least decent folk underneath it all.

    • marie says:

      Get lost, creep. Idiots like you scare the hell out of me: if you bigoted jackasses really ever DO grab control of this country, then the tolerant land of liberty and freedom I treasure really does get flushed down the toilet. Remember: freedom of religion is built right into the Constitution; you get to worship as you please, but everyone else gets to worshio OR NOT as they wish, too. Go stuff your religion down peoples’ throats elsewhere.

      • Marsaili says:

        They are probably with the Westboro Baptist Church with that attitude!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          The Westboro Baptist Church (going off topic here momentarily) is in my area and they are not a church. they are a political action committee masquerading as a church so they can retain their 501C3 tax status. They only have about 60 or so members. How many churches do you know of that protest funerals of military personnel killed in action? Margie Phelps, Fred Phelps’ daughter, is one sharp cookie. I’ve heard her on many local talk shows – she knows the constitution and knows it well. But don’t give all churches a bad name by calling Westboro Baptist a “church”. Okay, back to Idol!

          • Marsaili says:

            You are absolutely right, DET. I was being facetious but they aren’t anything to joke about. I live near Chardon where the school shootings were and they threatened to picket the funeral of one of the kids that died, it was horrible that the parents and the people of Chardon had to even worry about that. It is horrible that anyone has had to deal with them. Ok back to Idol!

          • Angela says:

            The Westboro people are a truly scary bunch. And I’m not a violent person by any means, but if I were a family member at a funeral for someone I loved and those morons were nearby with their ugly rhetoric and signs, I would REALLY have to use all my willpower to NOT “interact” with them in that moment, seriously…

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I neglected to write Margie Phelps is an attorney – Phelps has 13 children and I think 10 or 11 have law degrees. that’s how they afford all these ridiculous lawsuits. There are also 40+ grandchildren. MOst of the church “members” are family and I think Rev. Phelps is a disbarred lawyer and they are NOT Baptists. Just don’t want people to think this is a real church – Okay, back to Idol.

          • 30CamdenSquare says:

            I live in Kansas City. The Phelps group is in Topeka. I think Darcy was too kind in referring to them as a political action committee. I’d put them closer to the level of the KKK. They’re a hate group.

    • Marsaili says:

      Another judgemental Christian not living as Jesus would.

  48. Sandi says:

    I just want to say a word about this whole Elise = Victim thing that I’m reading here as a justification for her “attitude.” First of all, I don’t mind Elise’s “attitude.” I think she’s fine. She’s not hostile or arrogant. She just expresses her real emotions. When she goes to the stools of doom, she doesn’t paint a happy smile on her face that would instantly read as phony. She doesn’t lie when she genuinely feels like the judges are harder on her. She’s being real and that’s fine. So, I’m not talking about her personality.

    However, this idea of “poor, suffering Elise” just gets to me. How many tens of thousands of people tried out for this show and were kicked to the curb? I think they have way more justification for feeling “unfairness” than someone who was given the shot that Elise was given. They put her on American Idol. Without Idol’s judges ( :P ) and producers, no one would know who she was and we certainly wouldn’t be talking about her right now. It’s not like they throw tomatoes at her. They tell her – in a very diplomatic way – that sometimes she’s less than fabulous. This does not make her the victim. This makes it a reality show competition. I doubt there’s a single Idol castoff who wouldn’t trade places with her right now.

    So again, I’m not saying she’s done anything wrong. Although I’m not a fan of her music, I think her personality is fine. What I don’t think is fine is this idea that a woman who has been given the chance of a lifetime is painted as a suffering victim because she doesn’t get her booty smooched on a consistent basis. If my boss doesn’t like the way I do my job, I’ll hear about it. She should hear about it if she’s less than spectacular.

    • MA says:

      I don’t think she’s poor or suffering or a victim. I just think she had a sh*tty few days. I can feel compassion for anyone, no matter how lucky, how famous, how gifted, how beautiful, how smart, how whatever she is, in that context. I also don’t see the need to continue to kick someone who is already down. I don’t care if the judges blast her for doing a bad job on stage, and we can all agree or disagree about how talented she is. But when they say she did a bad job because she didn’t cry enough about a personal issue for their entertainment, I cry foul. That’s just nasty. I do think it’s interesting how often compassion is considered “painting someone as a victim,” though. No wonder we’re so mean.

    • Elle says:

      I think the issue is that others in this competition can royally screw up or be very mediocre and NEVER be called on it while everything she does – from simple gestures to facial expressions to her actual performances – seem to be analyzed with a fine-tooth comb. Her character has been called into question by this show. She is told to smile one performance and cry the next, while most of the others can do the same old, same old with the same demeanor they always show and are just fine. She is not a victim, but she is certainly being held to a higher standard for whatever reason. I just get the impression she is genuinely confused by the feedback she receives, but who could blame her? Much of it makes absolutely no sense.

    • 2FM says:

      I agree with this so much. I don’t think her attitude should change, and I’m a huge fan of her, but people saying that shes such a victim is not true at all. I think it’s more people are mad that the other contestants get praise at times she doesnt, not the fact that she gets critiqued. And who knows- maybe they are harder on because of the reason she stated at the results show. Shes an adult among children and she should be able to take the critique, but she should also be able to give her input as well. To me, shes doing exactly what I thought any adult on this show would and should do.

  49. Laladee says:

    Whoever the video editor is, I love you. Idology can always use more Elise, even if I thought this week was shaky for her.

    Pretty happy Colton went home, even though that’s a mean thing to say. I can’t really explain my dislike of his singing – it’s really entirely irrational – but I was never on his bandwagon and am happy to not have to hear him anymore.

    As for Skylar, I still haven’t jumped on her bandwagon, but her performance of Born This Way was my favorite from this week. (Yes, even over Elise or Joshua. Huh.)