House Exclusive: Will 'The C-Word' Kill [Spoiler]?

Robert Sean Leonard House The C-Word“The fact that it’s an episode that I have a bunch of serious stuff to do, I’m comforted to know the director is someone I know pretty well,” shares Robert Sean Leonard of next week’s Hugh Laurie-directed House, titled “The C-Word.”

The episode picks up where last night’s episode left off — with Leonard’s Wilson coming to grips with his Stage 2 cancer diagnosis. “This episode contains an immensely powerful storyline for Wilson,” notes Laurie in the following behind-the-scenes featurette.

VIDEO: Hugh Laurie Drops Huge Series Finale Spoiler

Press PLAY below for more from Laurie and Leonard, as well as an exclusive first look at the big “C” episode. And then scroll down farther to sneak a peek at the official promo for the sure-to-be-powerful hour.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Poliom says:

    Lol it looks so crappy. Am i supposed to feel bad for Wilson? I can’t at this point. All this melodrama just makes me laugh

    • Shepherd says:

      Heh, an oncologist dying of cancer… there’s a joke in there somewhere.

      • TV Gord says:

        Never mind that St. Elsewhere did it 30 years ago with Dr. Auschlander, the liver specialist who contracted liver cancer. It took him six seasons to die.

        I love House, but I don’t get emotionally involved in the characters, either. The most interesting part of last night’s episode was the way the patient’s storyline was resolved. Saved by one of two impossible cures…but which one did the trick? I love it!

      • tielfeathers says:

        cancer plays favorites to no one

    • Yes, because cancer is incredibly funny. Like slipping on a banana peel.
      I always have to wonder why people who clearly do not enjoy a show keep reading articles about it and trolling the comment section, telling everybody how awful it is. I don’t know if it says more about the show or about the person commenting on it in such a fashion…

      • Patti says:

        Agreed, the ignorant ones can’t seem to stay away. RSL and HL are going to deliver big time on this one.

      • Kenna says:

        I have to completely agree with you Kati!!! Why bother reading the damn article or writing their no need negtive crap. If they don’t like it then thats their problem but quite frankly I am sick of all the negative stuff gets posted everywhere. It says nothing about the show just points out how crappy their life must be for them to be so negative. So sorry people if you dislike the show or the way it’s ending bbut keep your useless thoughts to yourself

        • Jacob says:

          Kati, thank you for saying what everyone else is thinking but doesn’t feel like saying.

        • becky says:

          it’s TV series guys…i love it, if u don ‘t like it why do you watch or follow. Apparently you don’t appreciate their sick but sense of humor. too bad. i’ll really miss the show.

      • mxlplk says:

        what I don’t understand is why, just because you don’t agree with some of the comments would you think it’s trolling?

        • Patty says:

          It’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with a post. It’s the fact that most of the disagreeable posts are from people who claim they stopped watching House 3 or 4 years ago. If you haven’t watched in that long, you’ve given up the “right” to make any sort of comment about the show or respond to anyone’s post.

          • rita says:

            Asolutely agree! It’s like morons who spout political tripe when they don’t even listen to the news or read anything but still think they know it all. If you haven’t watched the show in years then you don’t know what you’re talking about and why are you here if you don’t care to even watch it anymore? Just to rant and make other people feel miserable?

          • becky says:


        • BiteADick says:

          Because she’s either a squealing fangirl or a fat, middle-aged squealing fangirl not old enough to allo others to have opinions.

      • lisa lambert says:

        as someone who watched their son fight cancer from the age of 8, yeah, i have to agree. funny as hell. wish the trollers would get cancer or better yet, someone they cared about. see how much they laugh then. idiots.

      • Denise says:

        I agree with your post. If they don’t like house why watch. I love the show and will miss it!!!

    • Sara says:

      If it just makes you laugh and you don’t care, why do you bother watching, or even commenting? Melodrama or not, this story is going to hit close to home for many viewers, and your insensitivity is rather irksome to me. I haven’t been a huge House fan for the past couple of seasons, but I’m certainly not about to be disrespectful. Why wouldn’t you feel bad for Wilson? I can’t for the life of me understand why anybody would find watching someone die funny, TV show or not.

    • j davis says:

      Oh shut up..

      • K says:

        lol…I don’t think people are laughing at people suffering from cancer just the desperate measures the writers are going to in order to pull some emo drama out of their hats for the final eps. Im sure RSL and HL will do their best with it but it seems a little bit random to me. I’m interested to see where it goes though. I really doubt it ends in death for Wilson. If it does, it just proves TPTB really have lost touch with the audience. Wilson is the last character that deserves to die and it will end up being all ‘woe-is-me-and-my-sucky-life’ for House which would p*ss me off

    • KevyB says:

      Yeah, the Who Will Die element of this final season has been a bore. Because we knew it would be House or Wilson and who cares if either die? House would deserve it, and Wilson deserves it for being friends with House. I’d be more interested if one of the other doctors got it. Well, not that white chick who bitter-beer-faces her way through the show. But Taub or Thirteen or Chase or even Park or Masters would make me care more than either of these two.

  2. Anders says:

    It wouldn’t come as a complete shock to me if Wilson dies Monday considering Fox’ release from yesterday regarding the last few episodes.

  3. The Annoyed Elephant says:

    Allow me to cross-post:

    I think Wilson will die (which would explain most of the old characters coming back – for a funeral), which would be bizarre since thymomas are not aggressive (only a 10% mortality rate), but given the state of the medicine on House recently, I’m surprised someone hasn’t pooped a lung and been diagnosed with an ingrown toenail at this point.

    As I’ve said here and elsewhere: this is leading up to about the only conclusion I can imagine for this series outside of the trite “House Dies” line. It will end with House’s team gathering in the conference room, House saying “good morning”, and the team beginning their next case.

    In other words, “Everybody Dies”, but life goes on.

    • Olita says:

      I’m equally puzzled by what seems to be pretty drastic measures/treatment for Wilson’s condition. Stage 2 of a non-aggressive cancer, yet choosing treatment that could kill him? (Note, I haven’t watched the clip above, just the teaser last night). Maybe Wilson’s, not House, is the one with the death wish all along.

      • I thought that was a little wierd too, so I am assuming there is more to come next week. Perhaps its actually progressed to a higher stage already? Either way, I can suspend disbelief for what I’m sure is going to be a GREAT House/Wilson story

    • Lila says:

      Yep, that’s how I think House will end as well.

    • Brandy says:

      I don’t get why they chose such a treatable cancer if they want to kill Wilson. There MUST be at least one cancer out there that has few symptoms and usually kills within days or weeks of a diagnosis. But that would require the writers to do research beyond cool names. I mean jeez, they could have at least made it stage 4.

      • The Annoyed Elephant says:

        My guess is that it won’t be the cancer that kills Wilson (although it does have a 10% mortality rate) – it will be the risky treatment he gets House to put him through.

    • roxie says:

      I didn’t watch the first few season’s, had no clue about this show till I watched one night. I was diagnoised with hep c and cirrosis after rear end car crash? then diagnoised with diabetes? found no diabetes after a year?? NO TREATMENT IN TWO YEARS AND TEARS?? BUT LEARNED ALOT MORE FROM HOUSE THEN DR OZ! why would Dr.s lie to me, presribe me harmful medication, hospitalize me all on my good insurance?? went in for a transfusion and came out after 6.5 days sicker then when I went in. The US has great health care?? thousands of people now have diabetes? If I believed my DR. I could be dead from insulin shock, but my health insurance would pay for my death?????????????

      • BiteADick says:

        Wow, thanks for the bizarre rant that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Tool. Oh, and try more question marks next time. It really makes your post look good.

  4. Dee says:

    Well if they do kill him off at least RSL would have been happy he didn’t have to go into work for the last few eps, until he returns as a hallucination in the finale.

    Sceptical at this point. They haven’t followed through on anything this season so far. House might go back to jail- he didn’t. Chase might die- he didn’t. Here’s House’s biological father- no he’s not.

    The medicine with this storyline is so suspect too. Did the medical advisors go with the budget cuts as well?

  5. Kim R says:

    I have totally enjoyed this season of House. I had not planned to watch after the last season’s finale but the first episode sucked me in. This is the old House that I first became a fan of. Last night’s episode was excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing how the wind everything down. :)

    • Monte Cristo says:


    • Me says:

      I enjoy it too but it feels like it’s been rushed for me. Everything happens suddenly, without a warning and continuation like they were running out of time and tried to fit at least two series in one.

    • The Annoyed Elephant says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Last season was an extreme disappointment, and Season 6 wasn’t much better. At this point, Season 8 is feeling (with a couple of notable exceptions) like the House we knew and loved back in Seasons 1-5. The show is fresh and while the medicine’s a little shaky and some of the Macguffins are downright dumb (how could that guy earlier in the season secretly build a secret gun room off his living room and load it up with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of military-grade hardware without his wife noticing?), it’s much more enjoyable and will increase my sadness when it’s gone.

  6. BTM says:

    Since the end title is “Everybody Dies,” I’ve been kind of hoping the entire cast would get fatal food poisoning or something.

  7. JB says:

    I think he will but not until the finale.

  8. Belle says:

    Wilson die?! Hum, don’t you think House will help him thru his treatment and Wilson will be fine eventually…the irony will be that House dies (hence returning characters??) suddenly and unexpectadely. Everyone will be so focused on Wilson, someone else dying isn’t even on their radar. Who knows though, Wilson could die. Gonna be a fun few weeks =D

    • sinisalakic says:

      exactly they wanted us to pay atention to wilson because cuddy`s daughter is his next patient

      “The team must deal with a doctor who is also the mother of their patient, a 6-year-old girl”

      • Mickey says:

        …except Cuddy’s daughter is like 3 or 4 lol. last season they were trying to get her into a prestigious preschool. Unless they rapidly aged her 2-3 years, I doubt it’s her xD

  9. WhizGidget says:

    Everybody dies? Nah, it’ll be Lupus.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad they are focusing on these two, it is long overdue. I’m not surprised Wilson has cancer I only wish a storyline this meaty had been done sooner. I also like the irony of the cancer doctor having cancer.

  11. tahina says:

    Everybody will die, meaning fans will die of emotion in the very last minute.

  12. nitemar says:

    Getting directing instructions from Hugh must be so hot and thrilling for the girls, with his voice and accent and..well just saying. On a different note, maybe it was Cuddy who was going to be terminally ill and die in the end.

  13. kirads09 says:

    I have not been watching this last season so this is all I can say. Wilson has been my favorite character from the get go, so this made me sad. I had hopes for a Marcus Welby type spinoff for Wilson somehow. (just dreaming). I may have to catch the series finale to see if it is ridiculous or sublime – or both.

  14. House kills 13 in the finale

    • sinisalakic says:

      that`s also one of the possibilities for final episode …but there must be something more, that`s not an end for series such as this

    • kirads09 says:

      I am dreadfully afraid of this horrible scenario as an ending. Wilson dies. House is severely distraught at not being able to save him. House trips on something bad, goes postal, commits murder suicide.

      Out there, but given what he did end of last season…

    • Kate says:

      The good thing about Wilson possibly dying means House probably won’t kill 13, which means little storyline for 13 which makes me very happy. I was worried OW was going to suck out all the media attention.

  15. H says:

    RSL told that Cuddy’s return not necessary!Well,his sick a very good reason!He and Cuddy always like each other,she should be next to the Wilson!

    • rubytu says:

      right? House’s one true love doesn’t show up for the finale? Because they don’t want to pay her! What jerks the producers are. So they stick him with some girl half his age, who he has nothing in common with, and is in no way his equal. Like that would make us happy.

      • Tracy says:

        one true love? STACY!

        • rubytu says:

          or maybe tracy :)

        • Brandy says:

          Yes! Now THAT is who I want to see back! Sela Ward’s not doing anything at the moment, is she? Damn, I just looked and apparently she’s on CSI now. Hm.

        • Kriszta says:

          Nonono……Cuddy was the only one forwhom House wanted change,and she was important him than his job! And this is the 20 years love story!

          • @ Kriszta says:

            That’s why their relationship didn’t work in the first place.
            Cuddy always wanted to change house always, it was one of the many problems in their relationship knowing that it would never be possible. since the beginin ( “news flash” ) House doesn’t change he is who he is …period, Specially after she told him and swear she loved him as he was. why said that if in the end you are gonna change your mind and do the opposite.

          • Cuddy's lawyer says:

            “after she told him and swear she loved him as he was. why said that if in the end you are gonna change your mind and do the opposite.”

            Just because the idiot writers wanted destroy their relationship and made Cuddy’s character a silly cunt!

      • rita says:

        Wilson is actually House’s one true love!

  16. Jules says:

    I’m dying of a suspense overload….why it’s not Monday everyday…
    And with Hugh directing…it’s simply priceless!
    Hlaurie&RSL have the best chemistry ever(on/off screen) than anyone..
    RSL is a 2.0 Stephen Fry in way..but shorter😜

  17. rubytu says:

    Maybe House’s treatment kills him. I missed what type of cancer that Wilson has, though. Usually stage two of a cancer would be more manageable, afaik. Pancreatic cancer is pretty bad, but I missed what type he has.

    • He had a thymoma, which is a type of tumor on the thyroid. This is a non agressive cancer so yes, I believe that House’s treatment will kill Wilson, not the actual cancer. Which will make the ending episodes even more meaty because House will have to deal with the fact that he contributed to the death of his only friend

      • Welcome to the Real World says:

        Actually, its cancer of the thymus, which is a small organ in your chest where T-cells mature and are “educated.” Stage ll thymoma is very treatable (surgery and sometimes chemo) and the prognosis is excellent. I have no idea what “drastic treatment” House is speaking of that has an “equal chance of killing” Wilson. Sounds like a lot of dramatic tripe.

        • I’m assuming that next week we will find out Wilson is worse off than he thought before he decides on the treatment. I really don’t care though. I can ignore medicine (I didn’t even know anything about thymomas until I started reading these comments) because the storyline will be really good

      • rubytu says:

        It would be a real-deal tragedy.

      • j says:

        House had been an awesome part of my life for 8 years, I have loved HL work for decades, being English myself I have grown watching this brilliant actor and talented musician. House will be missed by millions, Wilson will also be missed, they have that chemistry going that makes the show what it is.
        Wilsons cancer bombshell is horrific, I cried, and sat there with my mouth open, not wanting to believe it, and although maybe, I thought I saw a glimpse if a PET scan in the background which suggested that it had spread throughout his body.
        Bad enough that house let that polish/Russian girl walk out, when they both are obviously in love, that sucks, will house ever be happy, glad that cuddy is gone, she got on my last nerve, suck up cow!
        Roll on Monday, and another fabulous episode, I will be watching and crying, and very upset for the finale. But there are box sets for birthdays and xmas, not the same, but I can get my fix

        • Patty says:

          If you had watched the preview, the aggressive treatment is Wilson’s idea, nor House’s. House reluctantly agrees to administer the treatement. Doesn’t matter if a thyoma is a non-aggressive cancer or not. Wilson is the one choosing agressive, risky. And as with everything House did to himself in House’s Head & Wilson’s Heart to help Amber, he appears to be willing to to anything to save his best friend’s life.

  18. D says:

    Houses one love and only one he has ever loved is Wilson. This is what drama is about RSL and HL have been amazing in creating characters that are unique and complicated and have given us the most amazing love story on television,I dont think Wilson will die since HL called the finale uplifting

  19. someone says:

    Well I don’t know if he dies or not, but it would be interesting and ironic for House to have to make a call like Stacy had to make when he had the infarction. Would he go against Wilson’s wishes to save him? I’d love to see something like that.

  20. Mark D. Moss says:

    Good grief … even on a tv show, one thing can be true (“everybody dies”) without meaning another (“everybody dies” IN THE FINALE). It’s a play on the title of the first ep, not a teaser for a meteor destroying Princeton, NJ.

    And as to other posters being insensitive about a character on the show getting a cancer diagnosis. It’s a character on a show with just a few episodes left, not the actor.The writers have been acting like Lucy with the football all season … being numb about “shocking” twists, and unmoved emotionally when it’s almost completely meaningless (given that the characters are gone either way in a few weeks), is more of a statement about sloppy writing on a once essential show one that’s just run out of creative gas. I’ll miss House out of habit … but the car through the living room, and most of this season, has been textbook shark jumping.

    • rita says:

      Hugh Laurie is such an awesome actor and so absolutely gorgeous that I’d still watch House if all it was was Hugh standing on his head for an hour every week!

  21. i love me some house but i think this would be good show there are so many people dying of cancer my mom is one of them an my stepdaughter

  22. Taylor S says:

    What if it’s all still a dream, from the most recent episode “Body and Soul” … ? That would be cool … and at this point, who really knows? Maybe all 8 seasons were a dream … :O

  23. Daniel C says:

    With House’s “wife” leaving, we had a sneak speak of what could have been a happy ending. She’s gone. Now, Wilson seemed to have gotten a Stage-2 Cancer out of absoluetly nowhere. Have no idea where the story development comes in on that one, just seems a little drastic randomness. However, House was quoted earlier in the show, “If you die, then I’m alone.” when speaking about Wilson. If he dies, House is alone. He has been forever unhappy and miserable for eight seasons, following up on the motto “People don’t change.” that has become so famous from House, I definitely think House will not have a happy ending. Regardless of his genius, the lives he has saved, and how he definitely is worthy of happiness in the end with a brilliant ride into the sunset, he won’t get one. We want House to be better, that’s why we come back each week, to see if our anti-hero will overcome. But with all this show has thought us about people and life through a man like House’s perspective, a happy ending just wouldn’t seem right. Not now, not after all we’ve been through.

    • H says:

      I think House not cares because Domiinika left,he never loves her…
      But I hope Wilson not will dies because House than goes crazy!Better after Cuddy’s break up…

  24. Brandy says:

    I looked up stage 2 thymoma… it’s usually treatable with surgery, and even when it’s not, it can take up to a decade to kill the person. Not that a show that acts like “chemo” is a single drug that’s given to all cancers (instead of a whole class of things that has to be specific to the cancer you’re treating – meaning you need a diagnosis to know which chemo to give, you can’t just throw chemo at a patient and see if it sticks) is too worried about cancer accuracy, so he’ll probably die.

    • paolo says:

      he won’t, 13 is back in the last 2 eps and Wilson will still be there. But maybe in the last ep, wilson will die but I don’t think so.

  25. Kathy Worsey says:

    No, Wilson Can’t die, I like Wilson. This will make me cry if I watch it.So I’ll watch it anyway and have a good cry.
    Will miss House too.

  26. Laurel says:

    I will miss this show. There is so much mindless crap on TV – too many dumb “reality” shows which are mostly scripted and acted badly. Those types of shows are cheap to produce. Maybe we should write all the advertisers and say we won’t buy their products/services if they continue to support crap TV.

  27. Jessica says:

    Sherlock fans will understand.
    Oh God. I won’t be able to watch this. I can’t. I just can’t.

  28. roxie says:

    some of you people are really out of touch with reality, suppose you watch jersy girl’s for your reality? If you really pay attention and get the messages you are intelligent! If not why are you watching? This show has everything in it. educstion to health issues, personal feelings, humor and really looking at who you are!

  29. josie says:

    House wont be able to take it!!!Wife left him.Wilson dying maybe.House will end dead somehow. Maybe by his own hand.Is it too much to ask for him yo leave with his wife into the sunset?

  30. jackiesampieri says:

    ah those who are trashing House, go jump off a bridge

  31. Benjamin says:

    Ever since the end of season 6, when Cuddy and House are in the bathroom, and House asked how he knows this isnt a hallucination, I’ve been a little suspicious that eventually he would wake back up to reality in his bathroom with an empty bottle of Vicodin, and it would all be a dream
    I read that someone said when they were talking about the finale that it “won’t tie up any loose ends” so I think that it wont necessarily ‘end’. It will prolly just start off like any other morning at work, working on another case and then lights out.
    Who knows! I’m dying for Monday to come!!!

  32. Leo says:

    On another note I know a lot of people complained about 13 returning. I can’t imagine why they’re upset really because she’s hot, but I won’t argue the point. However didn’t House agree to help end her life (as she did for her brother), once her disease progressed to the point that she didn’t want to live anymore? Is that maybe why she’s back in the picture now for an assist from House? It would also fit into the Everybody Dies theme.

  33. Hello says:

    Honestly, how isnt cancer funny yet?
    Amyways, wilson getting cancer? Seriously guys this is just silly. Hugh laurie is just mad his show is ending. Much like jk rowling ended up depressed at her last harry potter book amd killed a bunch of you people.

    Everyone just needs to lighten up and focus on the fact that this is too ironic to be good tv.

  34. frolick29 says:

    It seems obvious to me. Besides Wilson, “Everyone Dies” of some kind of Auto-Immune or POSSIBLY amaloidosis. (Sp). But I have been watching since season 1 and it HAS TO BE. Oh, yeah, but I don’t think Auto-Immune diseases kill you that fast. Bummer. But whoever said no lupus is right. Sometimes it “fits” at first but it has never been the diagnostic. I am going to miss House MD on my tv, no matter how the series ends. It was a unique medical drama with interesting cases from which I found myself able to learn, knowing to take it w a grain of salt. Plus, great chemistry between characters, I shed tears when Kal Penn died, the music is amazingly fit to the storyline. And, I am in Love w the man everyone loves to hate, Dr. House. His audacity just makes me laugh so hard. His clinic hours are the funniest! And his lying? Who does that? No one. That’s why its fun and fictional, while still giving us the drama we need. :-)

    • rita says:

      Having suffered from chronic pain and depression for many years, House has become a hero to me. How many times have we seen the ‘man with no soul’ staring through the glass walls into a patient’s room, probably having been there for hours? Also, as another victim of child abuse, I understand his trust and relationship issues. People could really learn a lot more from this show if they really took the effort.

  35. julie engelhardt says:

    my son starred in and directed a few episodes of a famous WB show. It makes me realize just want a brilliant man Laurie is.

  36. janet says:

    Why take off the good shows?

  37. M Mitchell says:

    I hope each and every one of you that thinks dying of cancer is funny contracts lung cancer within the next six months. Then you can have the last laugh. (If you can work up the air and energy to laugh).

    • K says:

      Somehow I think wishing cancer on people is worse then laughing at it. Especially when people aren’t laughing at it but at the direction of the show…

  38. Sheryl says:

    I believe that Wilson will get treatment and go into remission. And House & his beautiful fun loving woman, will move to a deserted island!! And the rest of the team will go on wondered if House is ever coming back!!

  39. Tiffany says:

    Wilson said he had “stage 2 thymoma”. That’s completely curable with surgery and doesn’t even require chemo. Get a better medical reference if you are going to kill him with it. Makes us as medical professionals look so stupid.

  40. Larry says:

    I just saw the episode. The I’ve got cancer b

  41. Larry says:

    I just saw the episode. The I’ve got cancer bombshell was such hogwash. It’s not inevitable that Wilsin get cancer. In fact his lifestyle counter indicates that. What is wrong with these “wrating whores”?

  42. emilea says:

    I used to love this show, so much so that I have been watching even as it has become more and more melodramatic, and as all the best characters have left or been killed off. House’s acerbic personality and mischievous intelligence counteracted all of the bs melodrama. But lately the show has just been one big ball of suck all the time. It’s downer after downer – jail, cancer, the insanity with Cutty, and House getting called out on basically every thing he does. Let’s admit it: the fun part of the show was how House cheerfully flaunted the rules. The viewer was on his side because ultimately he was right. It might not have been all that realistic, but it was fun as hell to watch. That was the “verve” of the show. But some seriously ploddy, depressed/depressing, literally minded writers got their hands on this show one or two seasons ago and wrote it into the ground. Too bad they ruined it, there aren’t really any other intelligent characters like Gregory House on TV.