Ratings: Once Upon a Time Inches Up, NYC 22 Slips, Fox's 25th Bash Poorly Attended

A meager 4.3 million revelers turned out for Fox’s two-hour 25th Anniversary bash Sunday night, giving the network a rare last place finish among viewers. In the demo, the special averaged a 1.8 rating.

Encores of the Married With Children and Simpsons pilots that preceded the soiree drew roughly 3 mil and a 1.3 and 1.5 respectively.

After a three-week break, Once Upon a Time returned with 8.8 million and a 2.9 — up 5 percent and 4 percent respectively. The network’s Hallmark Hall of Fame telepic Firelight, meanwhile, drew 7.6 mil and a 1.7.

Elsewhere, it was business as usual with Harry’s Law (8.6 mil, 1.0), The Amazing Race (9.1 mil, 2.5), The Celebrity Apprentice (6.3, 2.0) and The Good Wife (10.3, 1.9) at or near recent levels.

CBS’ NYC 22 shed more than a million viewers from its premiere last week and was down a tick in the demo (7.4 mil, 1.4).

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  1. TV Gord says:

    It’s too bad more people didn’t catch the Fox special. It was very entertaining. As usual, there was plenty of great television on Sunday night, and I’m happy to see so many people saw another really good episode of Once Upon A Time. The show has gotten better each week! And of course, The Good Wife was The Great Show, as always. And although it’s cable, I have to mention Mad Men! What a trip!

  2. Kate says:

    I tried to watch the Fox special, but it was very poorly done. I was expecting to see more reunions and the ones they had were really short.

  3. bad kevin says:

    Last night’s Good Wife episode rocks (Jack Snyder from As the World Turns did great in his guest starring appearance) and by watching The Amazing Race, it was emotional when on the Roadblock challenge, Mark did everything he could to complete a traditional Bollywood dance routine in just 12 attempts. As for his teammate Booper, they will live to fight another race since it was a non-elimination leg.

  4. Carmen says:

    MWC was trending on Twitter last night for its whole run and then again during the short but sweet cast reunion. Disappointed by those ratings, but I agree with the person who said the FOX special was poorly done.

  5. John Berggren says:

    I missed the Fox special. Meant to watch it. Perhaps it will be on demand.

  6. jasie says:

    Man I love Harry’s Law and for NBC 8.6 million browsed should be a huge win considering its the highest volume of all scripted shows in their line up but the demo could doom it nonetheless. Such a fun entertaining show.

  7. Saint Alicia says:

    Last night’s TGW was sooooo good (what else is new?). Lana is clearly unbalanced, Lemond gives no f-cks, and I suspect it was Kalinda’s ex husband who called Alicia in the promo for next week… SO glad Alicia and Kalinda have each others’ backs–looks like they’ll need one another. Though I refuse to believe Kalinda will ever be killed (for me that seems to constitute “Schmuck bait,” to quote the Kings).
    However, the show needs to embrace the “ships” (Will/Alicia, Cary/Kalinda, Kalinda/Alicia) a little more with their storytelling, that’d probably bring in more young viewers (it’s worked for NCIS).

    • Caitlin says:

      That’s unfortunate because I think that The Good Wife is stronger when it stays away from Will/Alicia and Cary/Kalinda story lines. The beginning of the third season proved that to me.

  8. BrianR says:

    The 25th bash would have been better if they picked 5 shows and had more extensive reunion interviews. As it was they lasted less than 5 minutes and I would have liked to hear more from the MWC cast and That 70’s show. Pluis doing more on the X-files and a couple more.

    • TV Gord says:

      How do you pick five shows out of a 25-year history? How do you explain to the fans of all the other shows why they are being ignored. Bad idea.

  9. bad kevin says:

    What do you think of the guest appearance of Jack Snyder from As the World Turns aka Michael Park on The Good Wife?

  10. Lauren says:

    My husband and I really enjoyed the Fox special. That being said, I don’t think Fox promoted it well enough. The only reason I knew about it was because of this Web site.

    • TV Gord says:

      Have you watched Fox in the past couple of weeks? I had seen the promos for it so many times, I could practically recite along with them!

  11. Gerald says:

    7.4 Mil people are still watching NYC22? I am shocked. I couldn’t get on board.
    Once Upon A Time was essential TV viewing. So good. AMazing Race was also great. Love the really tough challenges, but question the “just one more time” decision. Producers totally got in on that. But still loved it.

  12. Amy says:

    Embracing the Will/Alicia ship in the beginning of the season didn’t raise the ratings of The Good Wife (nor did their extremely misleading sexy, sexy ad campaign). The ratings actually went up a little when they broke up, though they’ve since gone back down again. The show’s critical reputation took a hit during that time period, too, and only started getting better notices once Alicia regained her senses.

    Younger viewers aren’t going to turn in because they think there’s going to be some quasi-adultery on the show. They don’t care about a triangle among fortysomethings who should know better than to act like sex-crazed coeds. They’re not going to change their minds and start caring if it happens again.

  13. Saint Alicia says:

    I’m assuming you were responding to my comment, so…
    The show’s time slot change and the fact that it rarely began when scheduled adversely affected ratings more than anything. it’s pretty spurious to claim a direct correlation between vacillating ratings and some vague event within the show like “regained her senses” (when exactly did that occur/what does that even mean?).
    Also, Will/Alicia isn’t the only relation(ship) I mentioned. The fact that the writers have held Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship hostage for nearly the whole season has been frustrating. Likewise, the start and stop “courtship” of Cary and Kalinda which suddenly fell off the map is somewhat jarring. As for the Will and Alicia hookup/pairing, for two seasons it was built up as some huge event with every interaction adding to the will-they/won’t-they tension. Then when it finally happened, it lasted only a few eps and was promptly brushed under the rug. I’m not a Will/Alicia cheerleader but for a storyline they milked for two years, the “payoff” was completely insufficient.
    Viewers would feel less “cheated” by their investment in the show (and more likely to stick with it), if the writers crafted more satisfactory emotional conclusions. Just my 2 cents…
    By the way, the prized demo is “18 to 49”—MUCH more than just teenagers. Also, you wouldn’t happen to want a Peter/Alicia reconciliation? Your arguments and word choice seem to strongly suggest that. Keep being objective ;)

  14. Name That Tune says:

    LOVE Once Upon A Time.

  15. Patti says:

    I watched parts of Fox’s special to see the simpsons, married with children and in living color but everything was really short. I loved Once Upon a Time. I think Rumpel’s son is going to be a not yet met Henry’s dad. I picture Joshua Jackson in the role (not leaving fringe of course). I think August is Pinocchio but the Pin they’ve shown is a red head. If magic doesn’t exist though how is the queen able to hold on to people’s hearts and crush them.

  16. Rjrtist says:

    Robert Carlyle should be nominated for an Emmy. He was able to make you feel sorry for is character and then contempt.

  17. INFINITE LOVE! One of the most amazing shows of last years!