House Shocker: Thoughts on The Big Twist?

WARNING: If you have yet to watch this week’s House, avert your eyes now. And we repeat: If you have yet to watch this week’s House, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

It would appear House‘s top-secret series-ending arc is a secret no more: In the final moments of Monday’s episode, viewers learned that Robert Sean Leonard‘s Wilson — and not Hugh Laurie‘s titular doc, as many assumed — has cancer.

Exclusive: Look Who Else is Back For the Finale

The diagnosis sheds ominous new light on the show’s final four episodes, beginning with next week’s Laurie-helmed hour, “The C’Word” and ending with the May 21 swan song, “Everybody Dies.”

Series creator David Shore recently told TVLine that the House-Wilson friendship will take center stage as the show nears its conclusion. “I think male friendship is something rarely explored on TV or even in the movies in much depth,” he said. “[There’s] plenty of wingmen, plenty of guys trying to get other guys laid and stuff like that. But a real friendship with real depth and lasting years and going through challenges and being there for each other and confronting each other… [is unique]. The [House/Wilson] relationship is one I’m particularly proud of because it’s something you don’t see on TV very much.”

Thoughts? Did you see the twist coming? Are you holding out hope that House has one more miracle up his sleeve?

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  1. CAM says:

    Stage 2 Cancer is not a death sentence, certainly not an immediate one. And the final episode being called “Everybody Dies” does not even mean that someone will die in the episode. It could just be a statement of fact.

  2. karomana says:

    I honesty do not know what to think! I should feel surprised but I just feel numb and apprehensive!
    I only hope that, as thymoma cancer is not as deadly as pancreatic or small cell lung cancer, Wilson will not die at the end.
    I also hope that House might finally face himself.

  3. cris says:

    the last episode is gonna be aired in spain and USA the same day ¡ jajajajjajajaj no puedo esperar para verlo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  4. Jules says:

    I’m still in shock!!
    Feel like the world is crashing down…not just on me, but obviously on House…
    This is worst than his breakup with Cuddy & been jail…because his best & only friend could die before him (not fair)…and I remember (& rewatched) ssn6 “Wilson” episode, where bfore the surgery, House said to him: “…if you died, I’m alone…”
    Well, it looks like…after reading the synopsis for the last episodes, that we’re are going in that direction…to him, it’s the worst thing it could happens…ending up Alone…
    But whatever if it happens…I think House will found a sort of redemption and with the help/comfort of 13….he will “fight” this and take a BIG desicion/s that will change his view on (his) life….
    Plus, if some of you rewatched(like I did) the pilot…who we see after the teaser & at the end…It’s House &, at the end is these two I want to see…nobody else…
    But with 4 episodes left…I’m not ready to say goodbye…

  5. Stunned says:

    Wilson broke my heart last night.

  6. In love with Wilson says:

    Same here. Not Wilson please!!!!!! what if post mortem were just the experiences Wilson or House had as he was dying and saw all these dead people, but didn’t actually die??

  7. dennis g says:

    Just before the final scene after Wilson’s death, we see house shaking his vile of vicodin, then the final scene we have Dr. Forman entering the conference room where House’s team has gathered. A saddened forman states ” I have some bad news” at that point the screen goes black and we hear Journey singing Can’t Stop Believing !!

  8. Rosemary del gado says:

    If Wilson dies then there is no possible excuse for Cameron and Cuddy not returning to the show. Both of them would come back for the funeral and Cuddy would come back to see him if she simply knew he was terminally ill. And Wilson would tell Cuddy, if the writers respected any continuity in their own character development.

    • D says:

      They couldn’t decide if Dominika was Russian, Ukrainian or Polish so it’s pretty obvious consistency in their characters isn’t important. You are entirely right though.

      I doubt he’ll die to be honest.

  9. De La Penne says:

    They are going to cart House off to the looney bin just the way they carted Hawkeye Pierce off a the end of “MASH.”

    They both are smartasses who at the end snap.

  10. Barb says:

    House aides in Wilson’s death. Then I think he is investigated. Maybe even losing his license. I think his death makes him quit the Vicodin. Or maybe even overdoses.