Glee 'Dance With Somebody' Preview: Wedding Jitters, Blowout Fights, and Crazy-Good Music

The graduation countdown clock ticks down to 42 days on Tuesday night’s Whitney Houston-centric episode of Glee (8/7c, Fox), and the prospect of huge changes on the horizon drives one couple to the brink of a breakup, sees another duo experience tension over their wedding planning, and spawns the unlikeliest of musical partnerships. Here’s a little tease of what you can expect from “Dance With Somebody”:

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Quinn gets a tingling sensation…in her heart | Last week’s Glee found Quinn spending increased quality time with both Artie and recent New Directions addition Joe (The Glee Project‘s Samuel Larsen). In this week’s episode, one of those suitors turns up the heat (with adorable/awkward results) in an unexpected venue: During a trip to the physical therapist. Plus, Brittany gets to hilariously weigh in on the new kid’s appeal: “Joe’s really pretty, but I heard she doesn’t shave her armpits.”

Schue and Emma seek professional help | Even in Northwest Ohio, finding somebody to plan your nuptials doesn’t come cheap, but thanks to a healthy tax return and the sale of some blood platelets, Will manages to secure the services of the “Northwest Ohio’s premiere wedding planner.” Ultimately, though, when one half of the engaged couple clashes with the in-demand Mr. Lavender, concerns bigger and more serious than color schemes and reception favors bubble to the surface, leading to a particularly nice scene for Jayma Mays.

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One couple suffers a bout of “Lesbian Bed Death” | Wait, two randy teenagers who haven’t had an unscheduled makeout session in a month? Sounds like a case for one of Ms. Pillsbury’s trademark pamphlets. Or, on second thought, maybe not?

Mr. Hummel returns from Washington | Glee is always a little better when the fantasic Mike O’Malley is in the mix, and this week the newly elected Congressman takes time from his busy schedule for a touching one-on-one with son Kurt featuring this fabulous little zinger: “I was 9. Who knew paella was gonna be so complicated?”

Frenemies make beautiful music together | Rachel and Santana team up for a spin on “So Emotional” that’s so sensational, I’m not sure why Mr. Schue doesn’t immediately add it to the set list for Nationals. Perhaps just as interesting, though, the new musical alliance leads to two out of the following three things coming true: public displays of affection; class photos hung in each others’ lockers; and eventual accusations of stalking.

Kurt’s fashion sense leads to serious relationship woes for Klaine | No, it’s not that Blaine doesn’t appreciate things like Kurt’s hippo-head brooch, it’s just that Porcelain’s outre accessories happen to catch the eye of a certain someone else. And that someone else happens to be pretty handy with text-message compliments. You see where this is heading, right?

Major musical moments galore | From Whitney’s early hits (“I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” a stunning a capella “How Will I Know“) to her later chart-toppers (“It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay,” “My Love Is Your Love”) the hour is packed with music from a variety of New Directions members, and there’s not a weak link to be found.

Excited for “Dance With Somebody”? Which story arc are you most looking forward to? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Guys don’t jump down anyone’s throats. We all know Ryan Murphy is the biggest troll in the world so i honestly don’t believe any rumors until i see them. The point is for us to discuss it and then watch..and it works. I truly love glee because I just let myself enjoy it and when ever they do covers i separate it form the original and just enjoy the new versions. There is no point getting annoyed with a fictional show, the whole point of glee is to listed to crazy talented young people and enjoy it for what it is. don”t like it? dont watch.

  2. Rae Cerce says:

    I think im most interested in the Rachel Santana thing.

  3. Disco Diva says:

    Glee is like a blind archerist. Sometimes they hit the mark,sometimes not so much.I like all the characters & actors that portray them. Do I get highly disappointed with some of the episodes? Hell yes. Take for instance the 1st episode back from the Winter finale. Brushed over Quinns accident.Could’ve done flashback scenes to when they got the call,in the hospital,extent of injuries,had the car @ the school for kids to view. I would like to see more to the relationship of Santana/Brittney.Sam/Mercedes.I am going to watch because I enjoy the show,the music,what they will do to entertain & irritate me.Simply put I am a Gleek and I will watch it as long as its on.

  4. Heather says:

    Are people seriously arguing over all this. It’s a show it is NOT all about real life. If you don’t like it, why watch it? I do not like all of the directions the show has taken, but I’m not going to cry about it. Each character has their own good points and bad, but if they were all good I can guarantee I would not want to watch that. To much perfection is annoying.

  5. Who told this cast that they had the vocal ability to sing Whitney? says:

    I find it funny that people keep encouraging those who don’t like the show to stop watching it. You realize that if they did, you wouldn’t have a show to watch right? Glee is losing more viewers every week. You think FOX is going to keep it around if it continues to do so? I hate this tribute. Glee had no intention of doing Whitney until her untimely death. This is not being done to honor Whitney. They’re just doing this to cash in on her death. Glee has hit a new low and I will NOT be tuning in for this massacre tonight. Every song that I heard is crap. It sounds like something you hear at a karaoke bar during happy hour. I’m ashamed of what they put out and they should be ashamed of themselves too. I highly doubt they are though. I’m sure RIB+ will be laughing their way to the back as their deaf fans gobble this poo up like it’s chocolate pudding.

    • Who told this cast that they had the vocal ability to sing Whitney? says:

      I meant to type “laughing their way to the bank”, not “to the back”.

    • seun says:

      i agree, how will i know saved this episode thanks to Amber’s vocal, my love is your love was good till i heard blaine and kurt’s voice – amber and kevin are the only one that call pull off a rnb song and both didnt even get a solo. The songs have been so white-washed and they lacked soul and emotion – the key things that are required to sing a whitney song. You dont give Whitney songs to showtunes and mediocre singers. I have nothing was just horrible, that song is a Whitney classic and Glee’s version was so bad and completely white-washed

  6. Trey says:

    I honestly like everything they’ve done with the show. It’s funny and teaches lessons and it’s just a fun show. I love the relationships and everything they’ve done with the show. Santana and Rachel have interacted with each other numerous times; although most of the time Santana is making fun of Rachel. But they do still have their moments. Kurt is still fierce and amazing and he’s going to NY. He still wants to and he’s still trying. The show has helped a lot of people and it still does. I honestly have no real complaints.

  7. Danielle says:


  8. Sammy says:

    I’m sorry but all of this arguing is making me laugh. You don’t have anything better to do than argue with people you don’t know about a show you could simply stop watching if you don’t like it and go about your life? You are all wasting your time, because it doesn’t matter what you say to each other, the person you are arguing with is so set on believing what they believe and stand behind the ships they like, they aren’t going to agree with you ever. Say your opinion one time, fine, but then move on.

  9. tay says:

    Okay some of your comments are just harsh. I understand ur frustration tht u may not like a couple of the songs tht is why they COVERS!! And a couple others said they probably had to tweek the song so they could perform them. Stop belly aching about the bad covers and enjoy what ur watching. And thts also why they have I don’t know technology so u can listen to the correct copy of the songs u really enjoy! Continue keeping up the good glee cast! Love the songs!

  10. yep says:

    I thought this was a topic about a duet and the interaction between Rachel and Santana. Wow, how griping grows into talking smack about totally other topics and circumstances and other characters. Negativity, children. Negativity breeds negativity. That is all there is on this forum. I’ve heard the Emotional duet of Santana and Rachel-it was OK. I didn’t like the acapella of How Do I Know. And I love most of Glee’s cover songs. As for the songs and the 30 sec promo of Santana and Rachel interaction, I’m gonna wait and watch the episode before I project, claim clairovoyance, or pass judgement on the episode brcause of one simple 30 second promo. I doubt with all the underlying unsettleness between them that there will be any big or solid friendship. Just two senior girls coming to terms with their situation on the eve(I know it isn’t time yet-just a figure of speech) of their graduation day.
    As for the Whitney Houston song sung in this tribute, I don’t care who sings them. NO ONE will ever be able to do justice to these songs the way Whitney did. These songs are covers which Glee has made its own-different but relevant and deep meanings. The lyrics to certain songs are to relate to us the audience the respective characters feelings about whatever. These characters sing the song as they feel it at that moment. I sure don’t know what those moments are because the episode hasn’t aired. I suggest to refrain from self-proclaimed clairovoyance of unseen episode until we’ve seen it. Then fire away as you wish with the derrogatory remarks and condemnations. For that is what you guys do best. You are experts.

  11. Ann says:

    Wemma. Wedding plans. That is all.

  12. Nick Houle says:

    Hope that Quinn will wake again for graduation

  13. musicnote99 says:

    I think glee is getting awful. Why do I still watch it?

  14. May I just say what a relief to find someone that actually knows what they’re talking about on the web. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people should look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you aren’t
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