House-Centric Spoiler Alert!: Cast Reveals Who's Back, Who's Dying and (Much) More!

Hugh Laurie HouseAre House fans in for an epic bait-and-switch with regard to the show’s upcoming series finale? If Hugh Laurie‘s preview of the swan song is to be believed, the answer is a big fat yes.

In the following special edition of Spoiler Alert! — shot on location at the House wrap party — Laurie and his fellow co-stars open up for the first time about the top-secret plot of the May 21 capper, ominously titled “Everybody Dies.” But it’s Laurie’s rosy assessment of the episode that is likely to raise the most eyebrows — mostly because it stands in stark contrast to much of the cryptic intel that’s floating around out there.

First Look: What’s House‘s Big News?

But that’s not the only significant piece of scoop Spoiler Alert! correspondent Megan Masters uncovered at Friday’s event. Series creator David Shore drops a major spoiler about Thirteen’s return (“She ********es with House and Wilson,” he reveals), fellow comeback kid Amber Tamblyn teases Masters’ role in the finale, and Omar Epps hints at a rough road for Foreman leading up to the last episode.

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  1. djesus says:

    nobody will die, everybody lies.

    • Annie says:

      Why do I keep seeing an “All That Jazz” ending? A giant musical number that House hallucinates on his death bed, with appearances from all the returning folks, dead and alive?

    • Helene says:

      no, House promised 13 he would kill her when the time came so I think thats why shes coming back and it will take 2 episodes

  2. Babybop says:

    I will most likely be bawling my eyes out during the retrospective AND finale. I hope Hugh Laurie is right and the finale is uplifting!

    • They're not real says:

      They are characters that aren’t real. Get over it. Grow a pair.

      • Gigi says:

        If that’s what you think then why are you commenting on a spoilers site? Do you seriously just troll this website and tell people to get over the events in lives of fictional characters? Really? Becuase I don’t think there’s a person in this world who wouldn’t agree that YOU are a hell of a lot sadder then the people you’re hating on. Seriously. TV, films, books, they’re there to be cried over. To be laughed at. It’s become a central part of humanity, and yeah maybe that’s a weird quirk for humans to have developed, but it’s NATURAL. Now admittedly not everyone enjoys or becomes invested in these things as much as some, and that’s fine, but you’re on a website devoted to TV and you’re spending you’re time commenting on it-now that’s just ridiculous. Frankly if you’re so bored, or messed up emotionally that you’re commenting on this when you apparently don’t care, then you need to get some help, because it’s pathetic.

      • Tara says:

        Good observation. Growing a pair is irrivelant.

  3. Dani says:

    This feels more and more like they’re going to rip off ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

    • sarcastic jerk says:

      OMG yes!!!! Exactly!! You nailed it!!!! That is dead on and not completely out of the freaking blue. Well done.

  4. maf23 says:

    omg, thirteen is doing what with house and wilson? i need subtitles on david shore!

  5. shiremaid says:

    omg House has a future! Yeah!!!! uplifting! YES! Thirteen intervenes. LOVE IT!

  6. Will says:

    I have an answer for Amber Tamblyn’s challenge. The Scrubs finale (the actual one, not the spin-off teaching school season finale) was one that I have never heard anyone say anything other than “that was everything I ever wanted.”

    • Lana says:

      You are absolutely correct. That was the perfect finale. And then they ruined it by trying to recreate the same show with lame characters.

    • Brendan says:

      I maintain that the Chuck finale was pure television perfection, but there are people that disagree with me on that. But they’re wrong, so I guess I can half count it? ;)

      • TJCrinc says:

        i actually think the season 4 finale was an excellent end to the chuck/sarah relationship, but season 5 provided an end story for everyone else.

  7. Jane E says:

    Nice interview and synopsis. Thanks guys

  8. Mary says:

    There are lots of “satisfying” endings out there….I really hope this is one of them..

  9. Jules says:

    We have 31 days to wait until the finale….I’m dying of a suspense overload….
    Im anticipating the last 4 episodes….. With that possible uplifting ending….what does it mean exactly??
    That House will found a sort of happiness in heaven or in hell…whatever happens I’m up to it…
    HLaurie look amazing in his black tux…

  10. Pepper says:

    Well, satisfying doesn’t necessarily mean happy. Or at least to me it doesn’t.

    I secretly hope for a Blackadder Goes Forth kind of ending. Tell me that wouldn’t be memorable.

  11. jhon says:

    Jennifer no esta ?ella era muy importante en el éxito de house,era la mas bella de la serie

  12. Brooke says:

    I thought Buffy and Angel both had satisfying endings. Angel’s was a disappointment from the fact that the show was canceled far too soon due to network stupidity, but the writers gave it a very fitting send off.

    • They're not real says:

      Angel suffered from samitis. It kept repeating the same stuff. Angel goes Angelus; Cordy gets preggers with some demon thingy in super fast delivery. Loren’s place gets destroyed by ____.

      They could have went plenty of ways since there was so much out there. I tired of the ciggy ads in the show. Vamps can’t breathe, but they can smoke ciggys?

      House developed Angelitis several seasons ago with the samitis.

  13. GJ says:

    Is that Lisa Edelstein standing behind Omar Epps in the interview section?

  14. Celeste says:

    I always though The Shield has the most satisfying perfect conclusion.

  15. rod says:

    I loved to see Dave Annable next to his wife, i miss him and Brothers and Sisters in my tv so much !!!!

  16. Steve says:

    Killing off House would be very unfortunate and, I think, rather unlikely. The title “Everybody Dies” probably has more to do with the acceptance of the idea in the context of the series rather than implying or foreshadowing a character’s (or characters’) death. I bet the penultimate episode will segue into the final hour, similar to House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart. An interesting scenario would be to have House completely incapacitated in some way, near death, and to have his entire team (+ Wilson, Masters and 13) bring him back through their combined efforts. Maybe throw in some dream/flashback sequences for House as well.

  17. Robin says:

    They’re all going to die of lupus!

  18. nitemar says:

    “Up-lifting” whatever meaning Hugh implied, but he has never mislead the fans of the show, so I hope it will be a good ending..on another note, it sucks neither Jennifer nor Lisa will be in the finale..

  19. Brock says:

    I think that House will die and then see Kutner in some sort of afterlife scene. He will then turn around and see Martha Masters and realize that she is dead too (having been killed by the serial killer she treated). I think that will be a nice little twist and works well with Amber’s comment that she’d only be in it for a little bit…

  20. sandy says:

    They got Masters but not Cameron :(

    • Valeria says:

      House procer/writers hate Jennifer Morrison. That’s all. She was the only one was fired (what a shame!) none of the House writers follows her on twitter (SHAME!) she is constantly being ignored, and she is the only one that has not been called! Horrible people, really.

      • karo says:

        Yeah, it is truly a shame. The credit goes to the inkompetent writers/producers to throw a great character with big potential of development away. It is sad, frustrating & disrespectul to the actress. She was a fan-favourite, there are still fans out there who are making fanvids and writiing fanfics about her and the writers think it is particulary cool to call 3M or 13 as Houses` demons to justice their existence in the final. Nobody ever really cared for them or acknowledged their importance but the writers don´t listen. This kind of stubborness probably fits to House but the Finale will suck big time b/c the viewers won`t care. The producers/HL have choosen their favs and they chose the wrong people. It is a true fact. ( no offense to the respective actors, it is not their fault)

        • Cameron says:

          Realky the writers are incompetent? You can’t even spell incompetent. And it’s not cause they hate here, many articles stating she didn’t wanna return because I’d her busy schedule filming once upon a time.

      • Melissa says:

        Cameron was always my least favorite character in the show. I was happy to see her go.

  21. Brendan says:

    I’m thinking 13 will die in the penultimate episode, then appear in the finale in the same dream sequence/flashback/whatever plot device they’re going to use as Kutner.

  22. grecia says:

    I want Cameron. ”House” IS the first three season and nothing more. David Shore, a man a destiny: ”How created a masterpiece and totally destroy it in few moves.”

  23. merkof says:

    Yes, the first 3 seasons were the best but for me it is still the most satisfying show on TV and that is mainly due to Hugh Laurie and the mixture of drama & comedy.
    Although i would have have liked to still have Cameron and Cuddy in the show, I feel that bringing them back only for the finale would have been just cheap pandering for ratings.
    I have found nothing to replace House and anticipate with bated breath the final episodes.

  24. nicole says:

    if kutner’s coming back then i want amber (anne dudek) to make an appearance as well. i loved her ghostly appearances in season 5.

  25. maggie says:

    Michael & Matt,
    The most important question is if Stephen Fry will guest star before the series ends?

  26. Looking on the Bright Side says:

    “Uplifting” to someone like Hugh Laurie (who forgets to take his Prozac at least half the time) could mean something light and simple, like gardnerella, instead of something more dark and complicated, like syphilis. Its all relative.

  27. H says:

    I hope everybody lies and Lisa will back in totally secret!This will the really big bang in the end!

    • JFE59 says:

      I am with you. I really hope LIsa is back. The core of the show is House, Cuddy and Wilson.. It actually does a disservice to the show if they do not have her on.

      • Sally says:

        Sorry, but it’s time to move on. You might have been deluded into thinking Cuddy is important, but face it, she’s not. She’s as important as any other member of the team, nothing more, nothing less. House is the center of this show, Wilson as his best friend has a more important role too, but the rest of the cast not so much. The show moves on, it would be stupid to bring Cuddy back, downright stupid. As much as I would love to see the entire original cast one last time, but it’s not going to happen.

        • Kriszta says:

          You like or not like Cuddy, this is your free choice!But she was after House and next to Wilson,the third in this show! Not random,he has so many fans!

      • karomana says:

        ANo! The core of the show is House. All the rest revolve around him and as characters depend on him and gain importance through him.
        I hope and pray that the final arc is focused on House and just House.

      • Dolcetti says:

        JFE59 You are right!The House-Wilson-Cuddy holy Trinity was the best part of the show!

  28. wadequeen says:

    I always thought the final scene for “House” would be that since we never found out who shot Dr. House in from season 2; the scence would be House ordering a pizza at his apartment, moments later the doorbell rangs. he opens it thinking its the pizza guy only to find a gun aimed at him-3-shots-BANG-BANG-BANG; and the camera pans up from House’s body to the revelation of the gunman’s identity: SIMON FRY (Hugh Laurie’s old comedy partner from their British TV days in late 80s-early 90s), with Fry giving a smug and witty send-off remarks as the final line of the series!

    • Mark says:

      Whaaa… Did you just say ‘Simon’ Fry?? You know, there is a special place in hell destined for people who makes terrible mistakes like that one. For instance, not knowing STEPHEN FRY is punished with an eternity of endlessly watching Flash Forward and Terra Nova over and over again. Shame on you !!

      • Looking on the Bright Side says:

        First of all, Flash Forward rocked.

        Secondly, every other male British citizen is named “Simon,” so it was an easy mistake to make.

    • Lois says:

      STEPHEN Fry is Hugh Laurie’s comedy partner.

      I would love to see him pop up on the show before it ends. Maybe he could appear as his psychiatrist character from “Bones” and send House back to the psych ward.

  29. Paul says:

    As someone above said, the Six Feet Under finale is pretty univerally loved. I’ve never heard anyone say they weren’t satisfied by that finale.

    • Didnt look very hard says:

      You must not have looked very hard since it was disliked by a large number of people who loved the series.

  30. maria amelia hungerbuhler says:

    espero que eles deem um tempinho,e retornem c/a série novamente,House já faz parte da nossa vida,o programa é bom,além de instrutivo na área médica,pena que David Shore,perdeu 1 pouco a maõ no final,acho que foi desanimo pelo término,mais bem que poderia fazer força p/retornar.

  31. robb says:

    the whole show is an hallucination

  32. DayattheSHORE says:

    OK everyone, listen closer to the comments you got during the video on This website. There is a comment made that is somewhat of a Freudian slip and the person who says immediately exhibits body language as to say, Oh $hit.

    House is a show that pay homage to Sherlock Holmes, correct? But what has it done that Sherlock Holmes never did? It have kept you waiting for answers that you will never receive. However look at the pilot. Look at the questions you have all had for 8 seasons…. or just be patient and wait 3 weeks. Just keep in mind that you’re dealing with people who based a show on the mantra “everybody lies”….

  33. 13 says:

    Who shot house?
    Does anyone remember “Who shot J.R.”?

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