Vampire Diaries Triangle Scoop: EP Julie Plec Confirms Elena Will Make Her Decision By Finale

Holy hot Vampire Diaries kiss! Our girl Elena locked lips with a Salvatore brother in Thursday’s episode, and it wasn’t ex-boyfriend Stefan who was on the receiving end of her affections. Below, executive producer Julie Plec weighs in on what the bold move means for Elena’s relationship with Damon and whether she’ll finally figure out which sibling she truly wants (hint: a decision is coming soon).

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TVLINE | How will the kiss change Damon and Elena’s relationship in the upcoming episodes?
What’s going on now with Elena and Damon [and] Elena and Stefan is a lot of exploration and a lot of thinking. As we’ve seen [with] Damon and Elena’s relationship in the past, they keep being drawn to each other, but obviously there’s something holding her back, rightfully so in a lot of ways because they’ve been through a lot together and not necessarily all good. As we get closer to the end of the season, really the key word is “confusion” for Elena. The brothers have to decide if they’re going to be OK with allowing her to think this through or if they’re going to reach a point where the confusion becomes frustrating for them.

TVLINE | So for Damon and Stefan, is there a peace treaty? Like, “Whatever she decides, we’ll be fine with it”?
The conversation of what will it be like when she does choose is something that happens in the second to last episode of the season. It’s actually a really introspective, nice and emotional moment between the brothers. It’s a scene I really like, and I think other people might like it too.

TVLINE | Will Elena make a definitive decision by the end of the season?

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TVLINE | Can you rule out a Kelly Taylor “I choose me” ending?
[Laughs] No, I can’t rule it out. That would be giving too much away to rule out one of the three options. I guess there’s a fourth option, which is, “I choose both of you.” [Laughs] The big thing with her choice is she’s not the one in complete control of it. These two men really deeply care about her, and she deeply cares about both of them. It’s really a decision about what does love mean to me and to us and where are we supposed to be in our lives with each other. It’s pretty poignant.

Vampire Diaries Damon and ElenaTVLINE | I have to imagine it’s pretty hard to go back once you’ve gotten a little taste of Damon. Is she able to restrain herself? Or are there some more heated make-out sessions on the horizon?
[Laughs] Well, look, after that hot and heavy make-out session, I [have to] imagine it’d be a little distracting. Unfortunately, the chaos hits Defcon 11 in the next episode, so she’s not going to have a lot of time to think about it before things start going terribly wrong in Mystic Falls, once again.

TVLINE | Right now, the only person who knows about the kiss is Jeremy. Is she going to confide in anybody else? Will Stefan find out?
Yeah. Put it is this way, she’s not going to be deceitful or lie about it or keep it secret. So we’ll see what happens in the next episode.

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  1. Xel says:

    “love is blind and love conquers all so yes she has to choose Damon and follow her heart instead of head.”

    I could not disagree with this statement more.The most dangerous thing a person can ever do is “follow your heart and not your head”. The heart is deceitful. It makes you do/say/believe things that are not true, that are immoral, that are not real, and that are not logical. Why do you think so many bad things happen to people when they follow their hearts? A woman in an abusive relationship is “following her heart” and not leaving the abuser because “my heart is telling me I love him”. But really she would rather be beaten than be alone. I understand that that whole situation is not cookie cut and there can be MANY different circumstances to that particular situation, but the idea is still proper. You dont FEEL love… you DO it.

    The whole “if it feels right/good, do it” nonsense is why people get screwed up so badly. I mean heroin FEELS good, but should anyone EVER do heroin? No.. why? because it ruins you.. it kills you. it makes you do horrible things. A human beings heart is so selfish. Love is NOT how you FEEL, love is an ACTION. It’s what you do. You devote yourself to someone no matter what. Whether that person gets hit by a car and is comatose, loving them means to stick by them. OR to wake up way earlier than you would like to cook breakfast for your mate because you know that they need to eat in the morning or they will feel bad throughout the day. You are tired and dont want to do it, but you do it anyway because you know they will appreciate it. Love is not selfish but our hearts are inherently selfish.

    How this pertains to Elena? It doesn’t… because this is a TV show.. it’s not real. She can pick whoever she wants or doesnt’ want based on how the writers want it to go. Doesn’t matter in the end. Because it’s for entertainment purposes. It’s all to strike an emotional chord. And it does its job well.

    The fact that people believe that Love is Blind is a perfect illustration on my point. Love is NOT blind… it should never be blind. Because when you’re blind you cannot see. And you don’t only fall and get hurt easily, you also make decisions without knowing anything about the choice, which can prove disastrous. You should ALWAYS think through what you do. Never just blinding follow how you feel. Your emotions can and will deceive you.

    “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jeremiah 17:9

  2. brazilliangirl says:

    Damon is not the good one! We can’t forget that in the 1 season, the last ep he kissed “elena” was katharine but he didn’t not that! He kissed her thinking that was elena and elena was daiting her brother! STELENA FOREVERRRR! Stefan is the best, they love each other sooo much! She feel something for damon, but is not the same that she feels for stefan! She loves stefan!

  3. anm says:

    Damon spent centuries believing that he loved katherine! What are the odds that one day he wakes to find that he has no feelings for elena anymore. Damon’s personality isnt as strong as stefans! And damon hasn’t changed for elena, much of the credit goes to stefan. He was the one who made elena believe damon could be a better person!

    Then again, whenever theres been any problem, stefans the one who finds out a solution more acceptable to elena and something that she wants, but damons always done things his way.

    And when stefan and elena were together, damon was still always hitting on elena. Even on the road trip, he made that move even though he knew things between elena and stefan werent over yet. Whereas stefan hasnt made any move since he’s known elena might have some feelings for damon. He’s waiting for elena to find out herself, while damon’s always been relying on physical attraction for his relationship to workout.

    I personally am a damon fan, but it would just not be fair to the plot if delena worked out in the end!

    • bommarito says:

      I totally agree with you Damon is a snake in that department he did the same to Stefan with Katherine …………. besides he is always angry with Elena and Stefan (unless compelled) was always good with her……………

  4. ysabel92 says:

    I think that Elena puts herself ahead of other people when it comes to her feelings for Damon/Stephan, but at the same point she puts them aside to which is why she cant make a choice, I think that her and Stephan have a great everday romance but her and Damon have passion and excitement, the whole point of this show is the love triangle between elena, damon, and stephan so she has to pick one at the end of season 3 especially since she has just been thinking this whole season and not actually been involved with anyone. I would like to see Damon and Elena in a relationship because its always just been chemistry so far, and if you dont eventually put them together fans will keep wanting it more and eventually get frustrated at her being with other people and not him. On the other hand I think that when she makes her choice she needs to also get closer with her brother and learn to talk to him more like stephan and damon are trying to do with eachother, I think that has been a big part of this season is sibling bonds. Whatever her choice is it better be good I want her to pick damon but if she chooses neither they better have her choose him next season. And to respond to some of the negative comments about the relationships on this show and how people dont like Elena, the writers make her character they want her to struggle between the brothers and make mistakes or else she cant grow as the show goes on, she is only eighteen after all she is still finding herself in many ways plus many other people like to act like they are so great in relationships when the reality is most likely you screw up a lot not because your selfish or a bad person but because your human and your heart takes over your head so something to keep in mind while watching this show. P.S. I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

    • Kel says:

      TOTALLY AGREE ysabel!! It is the BEST SHOW EVER!! And yes, she better pick Damon. Many fans will be upset!

    • Elena says:

      Very true comment! Stefan and Elena is such a boring couple, from the very beginning ! No development, no passion. On the contrary there is so much chemistry between Elena and Damon that it just looks very fake when Elena is trying to show us her ” epic love” to Stefan.
      They cannot make it endlessly and if she chooses Stefan again – what the sense to watch it further on?!
      Besides, to say the truth – all fans of Damon can get very disappointed ( wasted long time expectations) and there will be no more interest to this subject at all. It is already fading away and people want a new girl for Damon.

  5. jessica says:

    i really want elena to choose damon but if she doesnt, its not like im going to stop watching. people need to realize this isnt the last season and next season, she could change her mind again. if she chooses one this thursday, keep watching bc who knows whats going to happen next. i love this show and would hate for it to end without a few more seasons bc people dont like whats happening at that moment.

  6. Nikki Rae says:

    I think that Elena should choose Damon because he was always fighting to save her whereas Stefen was going to sit back and let her die during the ritual for Klaus. He is a perfect match for her. I was always hoping Damon and Elena would end up together.

  7. Ruby Sorto says:

    I think that Elena should stay with Damon, and there are so many reasons why.

    A) Elena brings out the goo in Damon, nobody can do that, not Stefan not even himself.

    B) Damon gives Elena adventure, and excitement.

    C) When Stefan and Elena met it was like “Oh hey hot guy, hot girl, let’s get together, and we are in love” meanwhile, Elena hated Damon at first, but that hate developed, it to took time to actually develop into something true. Into true love. Damon and Elena do represent something true.

    D) Stefan really didn’t ever get over Katherine. He has a hard time admitting that she didn’t compulse him into loving her. It’s an excuse for him to say that she ruined his life, which isn’t true because she actually does love him. And he actually loves her, and that’s why when he first saw Elena he made sure it wasn’t Katherine. And he wanted to talk to her, which meant he was interested. Later on he said “she’s nothing like Katherine” but that wasn’t until WAY after. Katherine still loves him. And they do the same thing, Stefan brings out the good in Katherine, she always sacrifices something because she’s in love with him, and he just does not want to admit that.

    E) Stefan kept a picture of Katherine his whole vampire life span. Meaning that he still loved her and couldn’t get over her. Meaning that he loved Elena based on the resemblance of Katherine.

    F) Damon had an OBSESSION with Katherine because she kind of gave him the wrong idea and used him as a puppet. But Elena never used him, and she always rejected him, but she was also kind and loving. Which actually did make him truly fall for her.

    G) Elena clings onto Stefan because he was this first “new” person that came into her life when her parent’s died. So she felt happy that she found a love that was missing, which was from her parents, its “protection” and “love” which is exactly what Stefan provides. And that is why she holds onto him so closely, it is not because she is truly in love with him. If her parents wouldn’t have died, she would have been with Damon happily. Because her parents would give her love and protection, and Damon would give her true love and adventure.

    As you can see Elena simply cannot see that Damon is correct for her because she is infatuated with the idea that Stefan is the best for her, but he is not, because he is in love with Katherine. And Elena cannot see that there is true love between her and Damon, because in her tiny little scared mind she believes that Damon is dangerous for her. But he isn’t, he’s in love with her and she’s in love with him, but she’s scared to admit it.

    And that my love’s is my thesis.


  8. Taylor says:

    Dear Delena fans, (FYI, it’s a bit lengthy….bare with me)

    You guys FINALLY got the top three things you’ve been waiting for since possibly season one.

    1. Elena and Stefan broke up because of Elena’s “strong feelings” for Damon.
    2. Elena finally admitted to Damon that she was in love with him.
    3. Elena and Damon did the do (big-topper)

    So now, what’s the future for Damon and Elena? I mean, not to be annoying, but, can you actually see Damon and Elena being a couple as him and Rose, or Andi and him, or even Stefan and Elena was? And I’m not saying that Stefan is better for Elena – because he’s not – but Damon is a very complex character, much more complex that Stefan. I’m not picking sides, because, at this point, I can care less about this love triangle; the writers needs to rebuild the relationship between the Salvatore brothers. And that’s why I loved season two the most because they never let Katherine, or Elena, break their strong “bond” together.

    Also, just to play Devil’s Advocate – Stefan never compelled her during their relationship; he always wanted Elena to have share his love and his pain with him – which drew their relationship closer. Damon, as all the fans know, met Elena first, but compelled her to forget him. Damon told her that he was in love with her and he compelled her to forget also. If he compelled her to forget his love, is it too impossible to believe that he knew that the sire bond (which also is a f….n annoying plot element) would affect her feelings for him? And I know the fans say “Damon never MADE Elena fall in love or have sex with him”, but, if Elena had feelings for him when she was a human, and Damon dealt with the sire bond with in the past with Charlotte…wouldn’t Damon know that her feelings for him would grow unhinged with the sire bond. (Of course, feel free to disagree. I’ll love to explain my reasoning.)

    So to the characters:

    Stefan: Do as Elena told you to do: Let her go. She’s different now.
    Damon: Don’t love Elena as you once did Katherine. Don’t love with such suffocation – let everything happen within in own times.
    ….Elena: Stop being, in the words of Mr. Ferrell, stop being a trampire. Even though you were hallucinating, do you remember what Katherine said? “When Stefan knew the real me…he hated me.” And if you play both the hearts of the Salvatores, Damon’s not gonna want you either. Choose a side, Stefan or Damon, and just let that relationship be. Okay, darling?
    Bonnie: Come back, we love you!
    Caroline: While we love your shipping of Stelena, don’t fall to hypocrisy. Damon = “badassery”, Klaus = MAJOR badassery. See what I’m getting at?
    Klaus: Keep doing what you do. Love you!
    Elijah: Um, where have you been? I’m tired of this damn love triangle.

    Well, I told you it was lengthy. I don’t expect you to read this word for word, but, take it at least into consideration. I am officially done with my overlong and unneeded rant. Bye guys!

  9. Tzsoo says:

    I am really disappointed at Elena for sleeping with Damon. Like seriously? Did you forget your love for Stefan that fast? What the hell, sleeping with both brothers – I am actually angry at the writers for making the plot like this. She and Stefan are meant for eachother, yeah at times I hoped that it would be something between Damon and Elena but now as I watched the latest episode, I was literary creeped out when they were kissing and acting like a couple.

    • Lynn says:

      @Tzsoo I am in total agreement with you……watching that last episode creeped me out to…..I am a strong believer in honour between two people and the writers overstepped their boundaries on this one…..especially because Elena started off in season one with MORALS and sympathy and most of all MATURATIY………Stefan helped her through everything as she helped him through the worst when sired (there goes that word again) to Klaus ……and yes that little something between Elena and Damon is cute and a little sexy but the “love making” between the two made me sick……so now everything that goes on between the two I can’t even watch anymore……ugggggg I get that fact that they are a real couple outside vampire diaries but as far as the show goes SORRY JULIE PLEC you are a wonderful writer BUT YOU GUYS HAVE DRAWN THE LINE ON HOW THIS ALL PLAYED OUT…….and trust me I am a follower of Vampire Diaries to the highest degree but now it has stepped down a few notches for me as a fan….I now would rather watch Beauty and the Beast ……at least that damsel in distress has her head screwed on tight :(