Vampire Diaries Triangle Scoop: EP Julie Plec Confirms Elena Will Make Her Decision By Finale

Holy hot Vampire Diaries kiss! Our girl Elena locked lips with a Salvatore brother in Thursday’s episode, and it wasn’t ex-boyfriend Stefan who was on the receiving end of her affections. Below, executive producer Julie Plec weighs in on what the bold move means for Elena’s relationship with Damon and whether she’ll finally figure out which sibling she truly wants (hint: a decision is coming soon).

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TVLINE | How will the kiss change Damon and Elena’s relationship in the upcoming episodes?
What’s going on now with Elena and Damon [and] Elena and Stefan is a lot of exploration and a lot of thinking. As we’ve seen [with] Damon and Elena’s relationship in the past, they keep being drawn to each other, but obviously there’s something holding her back, rightfully so in a lot of ways because they’ve been through a lot together and not necessarily all good. As we get closer to the end of the season, really the key word is “confusion” for Elena. The brothers have to decide if they’re going to be OK with allowing her to think this through or if they’re going to reach a point where the confusion becomes frustrating for them.

TVLINE | So for Damon and Stefan, is there a peace treaty? Like, “Whatever she decides, we’ll be fine with it”?
The conversation of what will it be like when she does choose is something that happens in the second to last episode of the season. It’s actually a really introspective, nice and emotional moment between the brothers. It’s a scene I really like, and I think other people might like it too.

TVLINE | Will Elena make a definitive decision by the end of the season?

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TVLINE | Can you rule out a Kelly Taylor “I choose me” ending?
[Laughs] No, I can’t rule it out. That would be giving too much away to rule out one of the three options. I guess there’s a fourth option, which is, “I choose both of you.” [Laughs] The big thing with her choice is she’s not the one in complete control of it. These two men really deeply care about her, and she deeply cares about both of them. It’s really a decision about what does love mean to me and to us and where are we supposed to be in our lives with each other. It’s pretty poignant.

Vampire Diaries Damon and ElenaTVLINE | I have to imagine it’s pretty hard to go back once you’ve gotten a little taste of Damon. Is she able to restrain herself? Or are there some more heated make-out sessions on the horizon?
[Laughs] Well, look, after that hot and heavy make-out session, I [have to] imagine it’d be a little distracting. Unfortunately, the chaos hits Defcon 11 in the next episode, so she’s not going to have a lot of time to think about it before things start going terribly wrong in Mystic Falls, once again.

TVLINE | Right now, the only person who knows about the kiss is Jeremy. Is she going to confide in anybody else? Will Stefan find out?
Yeah. Put it is this way, she’s not going to be deceitful or lie about it or keep it secret. So we’ll see what happens in the next episode.

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  1. kim says:

    I swear this is what’s going to happen. Damon is going to be the bigger person as usual and he’s going to be selfless and tell Elena to be with Stefan. It’s going to kill Damon to do this, to give this gift to Stefan, and because of it I think Damon is gonna leave Mystic Falls for a while. Long enough to get over Elena and long enough for Elena to get over him. Whether we want it to happen or not Elena is always meant to be with Stefan that’s the way it is. It just does work the other way. We only want Damon and Elena to be together because we as an audience want what we can’t have. If Elena gave into Damon and left Stefan it would change her character dramatically. Damon is going to leave for a while I think. Maybe in season 4 he’ll meet someone new and better than Elena.

    • matt says:

      It’s already been revealed that the brothers make a deal that whichever one she chooses they will respect it and the other will leave town. Just look it up. Don’t know why they didn’t just put that here too since it’s old news.

  2. Mrs Damon Salvatore says:

    Elena deserves neither of them. (•͡˘˛˘ •͡) she’s so annoying omw. She’s takes away the “bad guy” image of Damon, she tries to change Stefan because she’s selfish. Ai.

    • A.J. says:

      Precisely, if Elena keeps trying to change them it means she’s not in love with either one of them. And if they are still trying to get her to choose, it means that neither brother has got over Katherine which it’s pathetic more than anything else.

  3. Tigerlillie says:

    Elena needs to be with Damon–especially after THAT kiss. It doesn’t mean that it will be the FINAL choice, the writers have their own universe, they can make up any plot twist they like to stir things up later and bring back the Stefan-Elena romance. The storyline could be FABULOUS–as they bring out both more nuanced and grown-up qualities in each other. Life is complicated. Love is MESSY at times. We’re not talking “I Love Lucy” here. And for goodness sake, where is that minx Katherine when you need her. Katherine was not ALWAYS the selfish sociopathic serial killer. She had a child who was taken away at birth, and her entire family was slaughtered. The writers have left room there for some interesting stuff, like, maybe she left Damon and Stefan because she didn’t want them in the crosshairs of Klaus and his siblings. Could Stefan be her savior? Could she ultimately be his?

  4. Jill says:

    Yeah i think she will choose for herself actually. She cant hurt stefan by choosing Damon and choosing stefan would be so boring! I really want to believe that rose’s speech gave us a hint that Elena is choosing Damon though..

  5. Simone says:

    I think she will choose Damon but dam

  6. Simone says:

    I think she will choose Damon but Damon will say no because of Stefan…

  7. Burr says:

    She best choose Damon. I could probably quit watching if she didn’t …. I kid. But really, ho better act like she has some sense and choose the sensual, sexual, enticing …. Damon Salvatore.

  8. pale blue dot girl says:

    I just discovered TVD this season and spent weeks getting caught up with Season 1 and 2. I am absolutely a total Delena fan as a result. Besides how incredibly smokin hot Damon is, look at how good Damon has been with Elena and since he fell in love with her, letting her decide, giving her room. Some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking moments in the whole series have been around Damon and Elena. When he returned her locket and so many other moments, the kiss scene, and now the hotel kiss scene. He’s just so vulnerable now. He’s found the human side of himself and he’s really great, when it comes down to it. Besides, Damon isn’t a killer like Stefan. Sure he’s killed plenty, but it’s been out of hurt. He’s not a ripper, who actually gets off on death. That may sound harsh towards Stefan, but he really creeped me out in a way Damon never did.

    Team Damon for me, and Team Delena FTW.

    Elena’s got to put on her big girl pants and make a decision and put the poor brothers out of their misery.

    All that said, as much as I love seeing Damon and Elena together, it wouldn’t be good if they did get together and everything was flowers and butterflies for too long. It has to be conflicted and painful and challenge them both to the max for it to work as a pairing and keep our interest. Dramatically speaking. Besides, I love the darkness in Damon, the suffering. And his cockiness. I wouldn’t want him to become too good. He is such a goooood bad boy. Makes all us bad boy lovers very happy. :)

  9. Melissa says:

    No matter who Elena chooses, this show will continue to grow, and get better with each episode. I think this is the most brilliantly written, and acted show in television. I love all of the characters on this crazy show. You just never know what the hell is gonna happen next! I think both of the Salvatore brothers have something great to offer Elena, and they also both have dark sides, and reasons why she should not choose them. It is obvious to me that the is a ton of chemistry between Damon and Elena after THAT KISS! But I believe her feelings for Damon grew out of their common concern over Stefan while he was out playing bad vampire with Klaus. She loves Stefan, she WANTS Damon. That’s just my honest opinion. I am completely team Damon, (with those eyes, and snarky comments, how could anyone not be?) but I think when it’s all said and done, she will realize that is has always been Stefan. I will admit I hope she at least sleeps with Damon first, so we can all live vicariously through her. Just sayin. ;)

    • Rina says:

      Oh Melissa, that is all I’m hoping, that Damon and Elena have at least one night of tv-screen-melting and sheets-on-fire sex…after that, she can choose whoever the hell she wants… Arggg…

  10. Melissa says:

    ps, where the hell is Katherine??? lol

    • - says:

      Yeah, I forgot about Katherine! You know, if Elena choses Stefan, we could still see Damon and Katherine together and thus get some Damon action to enjoy. :) Maybe he could change her! Make her a better woman, one who deserves him — the way Elena has done for Damon. I could see that as a great romantic arc. I mean, Damon was in love with her for a looong time. She didn’t deserve him but one thing this show is great at is character development. Katherine is really more suited to Damon because they’re both much stronger characters. I could get all affectionate towards Katherine if she showed some real weakness and vulnerability towards Damon.

      • Melissa says:

        Now THAT is a great idea. I could totally see that being a very interesting storyline!

        • matt says:

          It’s already been revealed that the brothers make a deal that whichever one she chooses they will respect it and the other will leave town. Look it up guys

  11. Maureen says:

    The shippers are going to need oxygen.

  12. Eliza says:

    I will seriously combust if Damon and Elena don’t hook up before the end of the season. Or if there isn’t a chance that they will in Season 4. If she goes back to Stefan, I will have to say — fool! If she chooses Stefan, it will be because she is afraid of too much passion. I *have* to see Damon with someone and make it really angsty and dark to be happy. Who could he corrupt or who might make him fall head over heels? WIll he get Katherine back? Will there be a new character who will come along and make Elena regret choosing Stefan?

  13. Hannah says:


  14. tanner15 says:

    I think a lot of yall are assuming that this is the FINAL decision that Elena is making. Obviously Elena will make a decision but I do not this it will be the last time the Love triangle is brought up. I assume she will choose Damon therefore this is not the end because I truly believe that Stefan and Elena are endgame.

    So just because she makes a decision does not mean it is the final one for the series. Whether she picks damon or stefan i am sure there will be more talks of it later on.

  15. Laura says:

    I don’t understand why everybody wants Elena to stay with Damon. Did all of you forget why you fell in love with the show in the first place? It was because of Stefan and Elena! The story is about them they’ve always been there for each other and the times Stefan has not been there for Elena is because he gets himself in trouble while trying do something good. (I.e save Damon’s life). If Elena and Damon ever get serious she better not go back to Stefan after she regrets it bc then shed just be a skanky. You guys seriously need to re-watch seasons 1 and 2 bc you’ve obviously forgotten how pure and real Elena’s and Stefan’s love is. Yea anybody can be infatuated by a hot bad boy, but Elena does not feel for Damon the way she feels for Stefan. She loves Stefan, she said it herself “it’s Stefan it will ALWAYS be Stefan”

    • Nicole says:

      Stefan and Elena HAD a great love. The kind that doesn’t just go away. But it’s obvious that even though she loves Stefan she fell in love with Damon. I think Elena wants to be with Damon because too much has happened between Stefan and Elena to just go back to the way they used to be. Like Klaus said “that love never dies” and that’s the only thing stopping her from choosing Damon. What rose said really puts things into perspective. Stefan will always be good for her but Damon has the chance to be the best thing for her. I think she will realize that and accept that her love with Stefan is in the past.

    • Jackie says:

      people change. have you ever fallen in love? i did. And I thought it would be always and forever. And it’s not. People change, people grow up. Our opinios change. You fall in love again. C’mom she is 18. This is not twilight and she is not Bella, who meets one guy and is in love forever and bunnies and rainbow. I never had nothing against Stelena,they had their epic moments. And like someone said up here this is probably NOT her final decision. I think it’d be fair to explore Delena a little more before deciding an endgame…

  16. Eliza says:

    Stefan is a bad boy as well. He’s the ripper after all, and really loved killing so he’s no saint. He’s hurt Elena before. Think of the Wickery Bridge.

    Damon makes it seem as if he’s the real bad boy, but I suspect a lot of it is a defence. He was hurt really badly by Katherine and now he’s bruised and when you have a big bruise, you protect it from further harm. He’s taking a risk letting himself get closer to Elena. He’s opening up.

    Elena may have said that it would always be Stefan, but she is only 17/18. People change, especially when they’re that young.

    Damon is seriously in love with her and I don’t think it’s any less pure than Stefan’s love. Think of when he gave back her locket and made her forget that he said he loved her.

    Damon is different from Stefan, but in the end, who is the one Elena is most in love with? I think right now, it’s Damon. If she chooses him, it will be a real test of the brother’s love for each other.

    I think that right now, Stefan knows that Damon truly loves her and would do anything for her. Damon has been there for her when Stefan was out on a killing spree. Yeah, he screws up now and then, but he’s also trying real hard.

    I know the writers will keep me happy, one way or the other. I’ve been happy so far.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree with you when you say Elena loves Damon more right now. Elena and Stefan have a strong past and if Elena didn’t love Damon more than Stefan then the decision would be easy and shed go right back to Stefan. I think Elena’s dilemma is having to let go of Stefan and finding a way not to hurt him.

  17. Nicole says:

    Stelena had a good past. They were the epic teenage romance. But Elena is an adult now and so much has changed in her life since she met Stefan. She has matured and became stronger and wiser. She’s not a kid anymore. She and Damon spent season 3 trying to get Stefan back but along the way Elena fell in love with Damon, whether she admits it to herself or not. I think that Stefan is starting to see that Stelena is in the past and i think Elena is catching up to speed. Elena will realize that she loves Damon and that Stefan is the past and Damon is now and the future. She should choose Damon. But in the end I think the single brother will be ok with Elenas decision

  18. Cynthia says:

    I’ll stop watching if/when Elena chooses Damon.

    The writer’s practically punched me in the face with how much Stefan/Elena love each other, so I only really care about them. It’s their love story, Damon is just a part of their journey. That said, obviously I think the writer’s have to explore the Damon/Elena dynamic more because it is huge. And Elena needs to scratch that itch. I just don’t have to see it.

  19. swtangel06 says:

    it should be damon and elena, and stefan and katherine together. damon challenges elena, and she changes him too, while stefan makes katherine a better person too.. kinda.

  20. Samantha says:

    lmao you seriously think people fell in love with this series because of Stelena? um okay. Maybe you and others did but not everyone. I love this series for many reasons and Stelena does not define it. Damon has always been my favorite since the beginning because he’s so awesome! I’ve always found Stelena boring and find that they bring the show down. I like Stefan but he just doesn’t have it with Elena at all zzz he’s so much better off alone, being bad, or even with Katherine. Elena really needs a change as well because she has annoyed me so much this year omg and I think she has fallen for Damon way before Stefan left jmo. And if she actually would be smart n choose D and he doesn’t want her cause of Stefan sorry but that would be so lame too.

  21. K says:

    I’m getting tired of this show maybe I will stop watching after this season. Humans dating vampires was so 2007 out with vampires in with the hunger games. there should be a threesome with the 3 main characters and after let all the characters have sex with each other

  22. Samantha says:

    WTH are you watching Cynthia? Damon being apart of Stelena’s journey? you act as if he’s only a recurring character lol you stelena fans act like Damon is a nothing. Damon is a main character as well you know and he has feelings too and is just as important as Stefan and Elena! wow. I’m so tired Damon getting S** t on by Stelena no you don’t want him Elena time to move on writers give him a real romance! this man is sexy and deserves real lovin! no more heartbreak for him.

  23. Samantha says:

    Goodbye K. Why’d you even comment then? go watch your hunger games then. @@

  24. Maryam says:

    Mark my words Damon will sacarfice himself and be the better person and tell Elena to go be by herself or go be with Stefan. Even though I am a die hard Delena fan there is no way in hell Damon and Elena will be together by the end of this season. Damon will be the one to leave Mystic Falls at the end of this season and he will make his return by the beginning of the next. Julie Plec is a tease and always will be.

  25. Khristina says:

    Damon: Hey Stefan, remember when you killed Dad?

  26. Samantha says:

    I’m sorry but if Damon told Elena to go be with Stefan or be by herself how would that be exactly an exciting finale? … lol as usual Damon would be alone and miserable. If Elena actually wanted Damon but was with Stefan cause Damon told her to be then he’d be 2nd choice. If Damon left and Elena got over him that fast then imo she never had feelings to begin with. Either way it sounds lame if this would be the plan for a finale…

    • Maryam says:

      I meant he will be the better man by leaving her be. Even if Elena does finally fess up Damon will still choose to leave rather then be with her because he will not want to bring more chaos and misery into her life. I have read a lot of spoilers regarding this choice and from what I gathered all signs point to Damon sacarficing his love for Elena at the end of this season. It is a sad thing to admit coming from me a die hard Delena fan but I’m certain this is how the finale will play out. I will be totally shocked if it goes any other way.

  27. Michele says:

    Even as a former Stelena fan, I think I will actually be a little disappointed if she picks Stefan…

  28. Manie says:

    I don’t know why everyone thinks Damon will sacrifices himself, when has he ever done that before?! Stefan is the brother who will sacrifices himself. Damon has been pursuing Elena non-stop even when she was with Stefan, so him starting to sacrifice himself would pretty much make him another Stefan and I’m sorry but I’m getting fed up with the series messing up with the characters this season.

    IF Elena goes for Damon, I mostly see her choosing Damon, because she wants to try with him and Stefan gets sacrificed/killed/taken because of it. And we’ll get a S4 Delena season until Stefan resurface or they have to find him (like in the books)

    Problem is, the writers turned Elena into a Mary Sue over the season, so I really think that she will choose herself in the end. Let’s face it, both brothers have brought love in her life, but so many others died because of it. And if the final is about Elena thinking of a time where everything was simpler, she either dies or loses her memories at the end of this season.

    And as many said before, Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire, so it is pointless of her to chose a brother. I’m 100% Team Salvatore and I hope (for their sake) that she doesn’t pick any one of them in the end.

  29. Kel says:

    I’ve been a Damon fan from the beginning and watched the show from Day 1. It’s always more interesting for fans to see a character arc like Damon’s and seeing him go through changes. If we think about all the other shows (I’m a fan of True Blood, Smallville, Once Upon A Time, Being Human) and the patterns in any love triangle, we never get what we want until the very very end. Vampire Diaries is only in its third season. Smallville went til 10. So I highly doubt we will see Damon and Elena all happy together like how we so desperately want! It will be even more tortuous for us next season! I agree with the idea that Damon will leave Mystic Falls like how Edward Cullen left Bella. I would hate to see that but those writers have something dramatic in store!!!!

    • Eliza says:

      I’ve been a Damon fan from the beginning as well — in fact, Damon is why I started to watch the series, so what happens to his character is what determines how I feel about the series. I like drama so I don’t want too much love and light between he and Elena if they get together, although lots of hot action would be nice. Personally, I could still be happy if Delena never happens, as long as Damon stays in Mystic Falls. Egad, if he left for any length of time, I would be really really grumpy. If Elena chooses Stefan, I’d like to see him mope around for a while, maybe go a little crazy, and then have someone new come to town who he hooks up with, or maybe Katherine returns to torment him. Team Damon FTW.

  30. Kel says:

    Oh! Anybody else viewed scenes from Heart of Darkness obsessively, over and over again? Been doing that a lot this weekend!!!

  31. Kris says:

    Personally, I’d rather the “cop-out” of I choose me. I know people think that would be weak, but right now, the couple I ship most is Damon and Stefan. They’re finally getting to a good place, and I’d rather explore that. Plus, while I know many fans want their “ship” at any expense, I think right now whatever side “wins” is being somewhat cheated. It would be better to have her feel less torn. Or at least a different type of torn. The whole “I’m not sure who I love, but I’ll decide on someone at the last second and it’ll be totally convincing and believable” is what I consider weak. It shouldn’t feel like a flip of a coin, and based on how conflicted she’s been this season, it would to me.

    That said, I do believe the next brother she’ll choose will be Damon. For it to be an explored triangle, she needs to experience a relationship with both. I’d just rather see it next season.

    And for those getting all worked up, it’s not as if this is THE choice. Julie Plec herself said that this is not the final resolution and “For us to say that this is the one and only choice and no other choice will ever be made would be premature.”

  32. Fran says:

    Both Delena and Stelena shippers can be unreasonable and refuse to see the other sides argument. Those who love Damon “forget” that he did want to be a vampire all along and Stefan didn’t completely force him to do it. Not to mention that Damon did kill her brother and could give a crap about Elena’s other friends- Bonnie, Caroline, Matt… Those who love Stefan “forget” that he did genuinely enjoy killing at one time- more than Damon- and he hurt Elena pretty badly. It can be pretty annoying but I guess that’s how it goes. Personally I’m much more interested in the other characters. Give me more Caroline and bring Elijah and Katherine back! And for goodness sake please do something with Bonnie’s character. She has so much potential but the writers just keep screwing it up. Let Elena be by herself for awhile. And am I wrong in that I loved Damon and Rebecca’s chemistry when they were together?

  33. Kel says:

    I do agree!! I want to see Katherine come back! I love Elijah too. And Rebekah totally needs to get hooked up with someone. I like her too!

  34. Candy says:

    She’ll choose Damon. To me, that’s incredibly obvious. I personally, much prefer Stephan. Damon does nothing for me.

    On an unrelated note, why are they always drinking booze on this show? Is that really a good idea considering how many kids watch?

    • Becca says:

      You object to the drinking, but not the sex or torturing or murdering? lol

      • Eliza says:

        LOL — yeah, when you have vampires killing innocent humans, drinking their blood, drinking booze and having sex seems pretty tame… :) Besides, teens don’t drink or have sex because of what’s on TV but because of what their friends are doing – and because they’re … human? JMO.

  35. Aidan says:

    if she doesnt pick damon. AFTER 3 SEASONS. they’re gonna lose a lot of passionate loyal followers

  36. Kel says:

    True, true, Candy. There is a lot of alcohol and teen sex on the show…Damon did give Elena bourbon in one scene…

  37. matt says:

    On other sites it’s already been revealed that the brothers make a deal that whichever one she chooses they will respect it and the other will leave town. Just look it up. Don’t know why they didn’t just put that here too since it’s old news.

    • Eliza says:

      I read an article on that in which Ian S reveals that if Elena chooses Damon, Stefan will leave and if Elena chooses Stefan, Damon will leave. And if Elena chooses Stefan, I will leave. :)


      I tune in each week for Damon/Elena. Sure I love other characters but seriously, Damon’s the one I want to see get Elena. It would be really hard for me to keep watching if I knew Damon was gone for good.

      Hopefully, Elena willI choose to be alone so the brothers can stay in Mystic Falls. I love the brotherly relationship and would miss that.

      The show runs the risk of losing a lot of fans who favour one or the other brother.

  38. lucy says:

    i hope joey picks pacey!!!

  39. bommarito says:

    everybody it’s a show on t.v you all make it sound like it’s real………relax……let the writers do their thing!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don’t like where it’s going DON’T WATCH………

    • Eliza says:

      Come on — we all *know* it’s a show. :) We happen to be ‘fans’. That means we really like it and really get into it. If it wasn’t for us caring about the characters and story, the show wouldn’t exist. Us tuning in each week keeps it alive.

      Only a person with a very thin connection to reality would think it’s real.

      I just feel it has really great writing and character development and acting, OK? I appreciate it. This is fun. Some people get into sports teams and know everything about every player and their stats and the teams stats and the coach’s stats, and all that. My husband could name every player and rattle off their stats for his favourite football team. This just happens to be my thing. Chill.

  40. Samantha says:

    If she chooses Damon and he leaves wth? why? that is so annoying and depressing to me. Why would he do that to himself again? and where would that even leave her? alone? or to move on with Stefan again? can I just say LAME. This is not looking good lol

  41. Kel says:

    What??? It’s not real?!! Haha. I agree, we are loyal, dedicated fans and we enjoy watching the show. Comic book geeks have their talks, hence the show, Comic Book Men, so why not have healthy discussions about the characters and how the story will go? Love it! There are few things to look forward to during the week, and at least Vampire Diaries is one of them to make work stress less chaotic! :)

  42. cas says:

    I think she belongs with Damon and I want her with Damon, however, I would be satisfied with a season 4 relationship with Damon and then have her end up with Stefen in the end for all those Stefen fans. I think that is a good compromise.

  43. lauren says:

    Who cares about Elena, she’s not that great of a character. Now, Caroline & Klaus, that’s something to talk about!

  44. Mikael says:

    Ugh, this is Buffy/Angel/Spike all over again. But at least that ended with neither guy ending up with her! Stefan and Damon should BOTH tell Elena to get lost. Or maybe they can bring Lexi back from the dead, because she and Stefan had WAY better chemistry.

  45. sarah says:

    I have been team Stefan since day one and I hope she chooses him! I like Damon too but I think she belongs with Stefan.

  46. Chris says:

    I for one would love to see an Elijah and Elena story. There is a chemistry between those two characters and it’d be a nice (and welcomed) twist.

    Stefan saved her life and the story line runs deep between those two. The way this relationship has been displayed to us for me is layered among a very intense and deep, nurturing kind of love (one that never goes away). I don’t think its just guilt that keeps Elena’s character from giving into the attraction to Damon.

    Elena’s attraction to Damon seems to stem from anger, disappointment, and adrenaline. It challenges her in a way that is not always healthy and it makes her continue to analyze. Passion is great but it dissipates….

    I think the very thing that could be holding her back now is the life that she wants for herself long term….

  47. Kel says:

    When Stefan and Elena were together, it was so boring with no excitement at all. However, with Damon and Elena, it is electrifying and challenging, making the relationship far more interesting. In movies, it’s those kind of relationships that make the story such as in The Notebook, Jean Gray/Wolverine, Edward/Bella, and so on. I vote for Damon! Whoever HE chooses to be with gets my support! :D Elena doesn’t smile at all. She is never happy or playful unlike the other characters.

  48. Elena says:

    Elena became a gloomy and always sad girl with Stefan – no smiles, no happiness. Unpleasant to see his everyday question ” Are you O.K.?” ( give him more words in this series please!) and her pity for “poor” Stefan who is always a victim! Absolutely boring couple with no future.
    With Damon she at least smiled, had fun and her kiss was really passionate! Anyway – for the 4th season the triangle story will already make so many people sick. And even more sick to see how Elena again is trying to ” love Stefan” :)))

    • Kel says:

      So true! Omg, that would be sick to see Elena trying to love Stefan again next season. Hope next season, they make her to be more tough since the storyline hinted at her becoming more independent and training hard so that she can fight for herself. That way, we won’t hear so much, “Are you OK?” Lord, that IS annoying. This is the age of female fatales! Come on Elena! Stop being so hopeless and whiny!!! If you’re not going to turn into a vampire, then you better know how to fight better! Stop getting slammed!! All the other female characters on the show, have some kind of power or strength is some way! She’s the only one that’s weak!!

  49. Shipper says:

    Before truly making a real decision on either of them (if she can’t have both, that is) is to put full weight on BOTH guys, first. She needs to ‘be’ with Damon a bit more seriously before entering him into the picture. She doesn’t really ‘know’ Damon except for their platonic, bantering relationship. Ya know? Damon also needs to stop being so harsh and snarky to her all the time, to give her an insight into him. And many of you are right who brought up the lake house confession to Stefan when she said she never wanted to be a vampire..that shoulda practically ended the whole series, right there. I bet Elena will end up a vampire at some point, though.

    • matt says:

      Hot damn, do ya think? Put spoiler alert before you assume she’ll eventually become a vampire. It’s not like this is pretty obvious and even happened in the novels….oh wait.

  50. Katty says:

    For me it’s like Blair from gossip girl trying to choose between Nate and chuck at the end of season 2. Nate/Stefan is a safe choice but she desires and wants so badly chuck/Damon