Ratings: Fringe and The Finder Rise, Nikita Steady, Supernatural Slips

Fox’s The Finder, facing repeats on ABC, CBS and NBC this Friday, seized the opportunity to rise 20 percent in total audience (delivering 4.21 million total viewers) and 33 percent in the demo (scoring a 1.2 rating).

That teed up fellow bubble show Fringe for upticks of 11 percent, with 3.1 million viewers and a 1.0.

Fringe Stars Talk Finale (‘We Shot Two Endings’), Drop Clue About Season 5 Storyline

Now remember, Fringe fans, what Joshua Jackson told us about last night’s episode and how it relates to Season 5 (if there is one): “The door to the fifth season is opened in Episode 19…. If you watch that, you’ll have an understanding of where they want to take the series.”

Elsewhere on the night:

* A thrilling and emotionally draining episode of Nikita (1.5 mil/0.4) enjoyed a 15-percent gain in viewers but held steady at its all-time low demo rating.

* Supernatural (1.48 mil/0.6) dropped double digits, returning to its series low demo rating.

* NBC’s already-renewed Grimm (4.46 mil/1.3) was down 11 and 19 percent.

What were you watching live/live-ish this Friday night?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Renee says:

    Yeah for Finder, but what happened to Grimm?

  2. Fringe is one of the most innovative, creative shows on tv. I know its been said over and over but its really a shame more people aren’t watching. I mean how ar more people watching The Finder?! Geez!

    • sheila says:

      totally agree w/u michelle lee. fringe is terrific & not enuff people watch it. i dont get it either

    • Dale's RV says:

      I’m going to miss Fringe if it gets cancelled, it has creative material for at least two more seasons.

    • Toby says:

      Lots of people are watching but we’re not the all-powerful Nielsen families, so we don’t count. you’d think with all the recent innovation happening in technology and media that they’d come up with a more reliable system to track viewership.

      • Richard Kassell says:

        Getting an accurate viewer number is very hard. Even if you can tell a TV is on, and on a set channel it is impossible to know if and how many people are watching the screen unless there is audience participation. That brings up even more problems, they might not want to or they may lie. Collecting accurate data is a problem audience researchers still find very hard.

    • smidnite says:

      I prefer Finder because I like the cast better.

      And no matter how many reasons people tell me that I should prefer Fringe; I cannot get past the fact that when I did try watching; I found the core cast and characters repellant.

      • Jason C says:

        That is honestly something I’ve never heard before, I’ve never heard anyone say that the core cast and characters of Fringe are repellent. I would really like to know what made you feel that way…

        • meleliot says:

          Jason, myself also. Originally there was not a lot of love for Anna Torv, but after season two she came into her own, and I never heard anything but wonderful things about the rest of the cast. I think they are all a great team. Please smidnite respond with your reasoning.

    • Rachel says:

      I totally agree! I mean have you tried to watch The Finder!? I can feel my IQ dropping when I try!! Fringe, on the other hand, completely blows me away! It is clever and smart and makes you what to keep watching, not turn the TV off!!

      • suzi says:

        It’s possible to watch and enjoy both shows without any noticeable loss of intelligence. It’s also possible to voice an opinion calmly. (!!!)

        • Jason C says:

          Yeah, personally I enjoy both shows, not equally, but The Finder is a fun and interesting take on the typically procedural. Hyperbole about losing brain cells on a show that actually takes time to do something different with the genre is not needed…

    • S.Cutajar says:

      Mind boggling show. I really liked what I saw in episode 19… so season1 to 2 opened up the alt universe concept, season 2 to 3 showed us a glimpse of the future, end of season 3 to 4 described what will happen when both universes are under the threat of collapse. Now this… which somehow ties nicely with what Peter saw when he activated the machine…
      Walter is becoming a really complex, unpredictable yet overarching character. At the same time, he is much more than he seems to be… fantastic show. I’m sure season 5 is possible and not the end of this brillant sci-fi. Well done to whoever is part of this magnificent story.
      And what to say about the Observers? There are now MORE questions than answers? It’s like seeing the birth of a new splintering universe after a new big bang…

    • XXXDragon says:

      I quit watching the finder after watching its pilot seri. Fringe is the best and way much better than the finder.

    • Crystalka89 says:

      I think that Fringe has so low viewers only because it’s so complicated. To really understand this show, you would need to watch it from the BEGINNING. I absolutely adore Fringe and think it’s the best show I have ever seen, but even if you wanted to start watching Fringe from, say, second season, you couldn’t because you would not know what was going on :-( It’s a real shame.

    • leahbh says:

      I watch both. If I had to choose though, it’d be fringe. But then I’d choose the finder over bones now. HATE the baby storyline!! I can’t bring myself to watch the new episodes.

    • Jesse Reid says:

      The Finder is really good don’t knock it, the Fringe is Sci-fi so Its comparing apples to oranges

  3. kat says:

    Who do I have to blow to get people watching Nikita? (Or get someone to invent a new system to replace the antiquated Neilson system)

    • sheila says:

      totally agree w/u as well, kat. nikita is a gr8 show & the nielsen ratings r ?????. i’ve never been asked to participate in nielsen ratings. so who is behind nielsen ratings?????

    • Shaun says:

      It was a really unnecesary episode last night,besides the Senator scene.

    • Olivia says:

      Haha mte. It’s one of the best shows on tv that no one will watch because it’s on the CW. I’ve had people actually tell me they wouldn’t watch it because of the network it’s on, it’s so unfair.

    • leahbh says:

      I’d think with everything being digital now that it wouldn’t be hard to get accurate ratings and do away with neilson, but I don’t think it would ever happen. All they need to do is have cable/satellite customers opt in to have their ratings counted. you KNOW they have to know what people are watching. But I’m sure networks pay neilson a lot of money and they want to do anything possible to keep their system, even though it cannot be accurate.

      • Jason C says:

        Why do you assume the satellite and cable companies know what you’re watching, or keep a record of it? The boxes for cable and satellite are not created with those capabilities, they capture your DVR requests, but not what you watch live. If you are anyway fastforwarding through commercials those shows will not be counted toward ratings because the whole idea of ratings is to show advertisers who is watching their commercials. So you need cable and satellite boxes capable of not just sending the information on what you’re watching (right now they’re set up to receive not transmit) and they will need to be able to tell if you are fastforwarding through commercials or allowing them to play. Also, the networks at that point would have to take cuts in order to compensate the cable and satellite companies for the information and the changes in designs to the cable and satellite boxes. In other words, what you’re referring to is a massive undertaking which will cost a lot of companies a lot of money that they will not be willing to give up.

        • leahbh says:

          wow you put way too much thought into that. I’m not saying they do, i’m saying it’s possible, just update the boxes. And it would give a much more realistic view of what’s being watched than the select few who have neilson boxes and fill out those little booklets.

          • Jason C says:

            I didn’t really put much thought into that my minor in college is Mass Media, that’s part of my field. It’s not that easy to update the system. It’s not just a software update that would be needed it’s a hardware update. In order to do that you would have to change out every box. For the cable companies and satellite companies to comply with such an order major changes in deals between the networks and the companies would need to be made. Unfortunately, unless you can come up with a cheaper alternative that is still better than Nielsen you’re not going to see any change. Having the cable and satellite companies form the ratings is not going to help.

  4. Mamoru says:

    Who missed Fringe last night? Watch it on your DVR asap!!
    I tell ya brotha’ this episode is THAT epic you’ll think you can handle.

  5. Rachel says:

    Fringe was really great, I couldn’t believe it ended when it did!!! I could have sworn we’d only been watching for half an hour at that point. WHERE DOES IT GO NOW?! I’m kind of frustrated that we won’t see Etta again (at least, yet) – she was great!

    • Mamoru says:

      I need an Etta/Olivia reunion!!!!!!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have to echo that, it was the fastest hour of FRINGE I have ever witnessed. I couldn’t believe it was 9:55 already just as the bombshells started hitting.

      • Awful419Fringe says:

        This was an awful Fringe episode, in every way: all the cliche Nazi superior Ubermensch versus abusing women and treating people of colour and natives like dirt.
        Fringe is a scifi show, they created a new world Over There, and this what they come up with the most hyped episode of this season? Copy, copy, copy.
        It ruined the Observers for me, Bell for me, and most of all Olivia Dunham.

        Most disgusting part :
        The treatment of Anna Torv: completely removed from the episode to set up season 5, more insulting replacing her with any other Australian actress, and pure backstabbing IMO: this actress than just copies the Olivia Dunham that has been created by Anna Torv.
        (and where is the coming of age story of Olivia promised in january this year, or was this it, writing for Etta what they do not write for Olivia?)

        So J.Jackson goes off doing movies during 4,17 and 18 and 19 but still gets his scenes, Anna Torv works her but off saves the showrunners from their horrible writing for Olivia, and she not even gets 1 scene?

        If the showrunners would have done this to Noble or Jackson they would be all over the media, first up TV line, complaining , Anna Torv is the class act (she must be very upset), Anna chooses the high road, and keeps silent,
        So I will do the complaining for her.
        Disgusted with Fringe and how they have treated Olivia Dunham , especialy since midseason 3 and the awesome Anna Torv.

        • Mike says:

          Clearly you don’t have enough creative vision to realize it was intentional to remove Anna Torv from the episode for plot purposes not to mistreat her. Season 5 wouldn’t completely take place in 2036 you know. We would have to know what happened to get to that point.

          But also clearly, you’re that same troll that’s always complaining about Joshua jackson so I’m not sure why I’m feeding you.

          • Ken says:

            Mike,pay no attention to that awful obsessive troll “Awful419fringe” if she cannot go to the bathroom she will find some way to blame it on Josh Jackson.I have learned,like many others, not to read anything that she writes .She makes good Anna Torv fans look bad.
            Bottom line,she is just another nut job.

        • panda says:

          I must admit that as an Olivia/Anna fan myself i have a major problem with your comments.Fringe is an ensemble show and all of the characters/actors are important.That is what really makes the show amazing.Now stop the endless nonsense.

        • lauren says:

          HI, EGNIRF!!!!

        • polerus says:

          TROLL! IN THE DUNGEON, TROLL! (Seriously, get a life Anna-Torv-fanatic, we all know who you are)

        • Jenn C says:

          Obviously, you aren’t clever enough to figure out that the reason Anna Torv was left out of the episode was because you were supposed to assume that she was part of the “team” that was in amber with Walter, so it was a complete shock finding out that it was Astrid and Peter. I also have questions now about who Etta’s mother is. I had assumed it was Olivia, but only knowing that Peter is definitely her father, it brings the question of whether she is actually the child that Fauxlivia had that Walternate ended up taking. This was a brilliant ending to the show, there are so many questions now, that I really really hope it’s picked up for another season (at least one more, to give some satisfying resolution to everything). What happened to Olivia, and what did William Bell do to her? Didn’t William Bell DIE when our team was leaving the alternate world a couple seasons ago? So does this mean that David Robert Jones is working with the Observers to try to destroy both worlds? Or is he working some other angle? IS there a way to change the outcome of 2036? Olivia is “destined” to die, but that destiny has been placed by the Observers, right? Maybe there’s a way to change that? Seriously, this is the most thought provoking show on television right now….

          • polerus says:

            Olivia is definitely the mother of Etta. Fauxlivia had a son, so yeah, Etta is the child that was meant to come from Peter and Olivia (according to September). And we may have confirmation sooner than you’d think, because the episode was in 2036 and Walter+Peter+Astrid have been in amber for around 20 years, so that means Etta last saw them (when she was 4) probably in 2016. Now, when was Etta born?

          • Mike V. says:

            Yup, Peter and Fauxlivia’s son was HENRY so it’s probably safe to assume Peter and OLIVIA’s daughter would be HENRIETTA, the very important and special child that NEEDED to be born, per September. And it just happens to be a child born of someone from each universe (as Peter is from OVER THERE).

          • Fido says:

            @Jenn C – I came here to post a “so does this mean a S5 would be OliviaLess, but after reading all your whatabouts my brain has literally imploded and exploded with all the possibilities a S5 could gift us. Fingers crossed.

          • Jenn C says:

            Thanks everyone for the info, I had forgotten that Peter and Fauxlivia’s child was a son. So much happens on this show sometimes it’s hard to follow along! LOL Also forgot September said that Peter and Olivia’s daughter needed to be born so thanks for the reminder. What a great show!

          • cj says:

            william bell DID die, but when Peter was erased from the timeline, that would presumably mean william bell could still be alive in the alternate universe. in THIS episode we see william bell in the amber so clearly he is still alive and we may or may not get to see him in the future, depending on if they get picked up (–> logistically, leonard nemoy doesn’t really do guest spots anymore, so we’re not very likely to see him again *sadtimes*)

        • niks says:

          Wow. Never thought that a fringe fan could be so dumb. Fringe is a show where story is the star and there will be times when a character will be absent from the episode. Anna is going nowhere and is more awesome than your simpleton mind could ever comprehend, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be episodes without her character if the story demands. And to say that Peter and Walter are of any less importance to the Fringe universe is pure ignorance.

        • Amber says:

          So if you’re so disgusted EGNIRF (er, I mean AWFUL) does that mean you’ll quit watching AND stop posting your ridiculous, insane conspiracy theories and personal attacks on the rest of the cast and crew on every Fringe recap on the web in your demented infatuation of Anna Torv??? Please. I know Fringe can’t afford to lose viewers, but we’d all be glad (and less fearful for Anna) if you’d find a nice piece of amber to make yourself home in. Insanity. What is your deal?? We all love Anna. Let it go.

          I’ve never responded to a fellow poster like this before, but we’ve all had enough. These people all work hard to give us a show we love. Quit berating and attacking everyone and everything for your own sick, disturbed pleasure.

        • Kaa says:

          Ignore the Anna Torv groupie troll, everyone. She does this EVERY WEEK.

        • Patti says:

          I am a huge fringe fan, and huge fan of our olivia. I don’t get were this childish crap come from. it is an ensemble show. if any fans should complain it’s astrid, broyles or nina fans. i think half the point last night was that we should feel olivia’s absence and what happens to her. if htere is a fifth season, i hope it’s with the our team, the core of the show to me olivia/peter/walter.

        • Jason C says:

          This is by far one of the most inane comments I have ever read. You seem to have no true knowledge of Fringe and therefore are unable to formulate any rational arguments or discussion about the episode or series as a whole.

        • cj says:

          i really shouldn’t even reply to this trollishness, but you clearly didn’t even watch the episode. if you’re gonna be annoying, at least do it properly.

        • lisa says:

          Patti, is that you?!!

      • niks says:

        True Matt. When it ended I was like come on, this couldn’t end already. It just started. One of the best fringe episode, and that is saying something cause it hardly ever has an average one.

  6. Jennifer says:

    They need to announce season 8 of Supernatural already! Then I won’t have to feel the need to look at the ratings and worry!

    • Morgan Alford says:

      You are so right! And they need to get touched by some angels in a hurry. Sebastian Roche was on GRIMM last night. Come on CW, there’s only so much we can do!

  7. James says:

    Wow Fringe was so Killer, I mean this show just keeps getting better, every time i watch i feel like it goes by in like fifteen minutes. after i Watch it i Get so infuriated that this show is getting shafted by the moronic Neilsons that haven’t been relevant in more than a decade. made props to the writers of that episode it was very clever, and to whomever casted Georgina Haig she was a perfect fit, she totally picked up on Anna Torvs manerisms. this show must survive so we can see her agian. A+

  8. Look at the positive Jennifer, the plan was for Supernatural to have 5 seasons, so every one past that is a bonus. Fringe was meant to have six :(

  9. sheila says:

    fringe only gets better as does nikita. i dont understand it either, how people are not watching these really gr8 shows. fringe is so creative & innovative. nikta is a fun ride every week w/intelligent story lines. it simply boggles my brain how people are not watching these shows consistently. i also agree, something needs 2b done about nielsen ratings because its ridiculous how many gr8 shows, because they dont get high ratings like “two and half men”, etc r cancelled as a result. shameful. other fun, creative shows to watch on tv: revenge, grimm, once upon a time, thirty rock, supernatural. the only one that has the ratings is once upon a time. these other shows are so DAMN FUN TO WATCH.

  10. tleigh says:

    nikkita is definitely awesome show! everyone should be watching this show!

  11. Jane says:

    Last nights Fringe was the best hour of television I’ve seen since Lost’s ‘the constant’. Maybe HIC is magic.

  12. lora says:

    Fringe is the sole reason why I haven’t lost all hope for television. SEASON FIVE please!

  13. Kalie says:

    “Supernatural” was so good last night!

  14. Alex says:

    Last night’s Fringe needs its own post. There’s way too much to discuss. That was phenomenal tv at its best and if there isn’t a season 5 after that, I’m going to flip. If they had marketed this show properly it had the potential to be the next LOST. Henry Ian Cusack in that was fantastic! He can do no wrong. Hell I’d find a way to pull him off Scandal and make him be an integral part of season 5. Just so well written.

    • Lauren says:

      I was thinking that too!! I checked out Scandal just because I love him, but it was too quippy for me. It’s probably not nice to hope it gets cancelled so he can go on Fringe (which would only be for thirteen episodes most likely) so I will instead hope that he can manage to squeeze some guest star episodes in along with his Scandal schedule!

  15. Nikita fan says:

    It upsets me that a show like Nikita doesn’t get better ratings. Is it the system that is used? The network not promoting it enough? Wtf is wrong?! The show iis as good if not better than other shows. Last nights episode was outstanding and if it was up to the fans of this brilliant show we would give Maggie, an Emmy. This show is definitely award worthy. The problem is that it airs in a network that is not taken seriously due to their less brilliant shows.

    • tripoli says:

      Season 1 was good. Season 2 became increasingly bad. It was so boring I stopped watching. And seeing as it may not return for another season, I see no reason to start up again, even if it has gotten interesting again. It’s far from award worthy, even though I think Maggie Q is pretty awesome. Just be glad you’ve gotten more than 1 season to enjoy.

      • kavyn says:

        Power and Wrath are both great episodes. Amanda shines incredibly well in Power as does Nikita in Wrath. When they don’t focus on the Nikita/Michael stuff the show’s a lot better, and lately it had been mostly about that stupid love triangle with the blonde. Wrath has some Mikita stuff, but it makes sense in the context of the episode and what’s going on. Power is one of my personal favourite episodes.

  16. drhenning says:

    Fringe is a wonderful show but I don’t blame people who have not been watching to suddenly start watching this after 4 years… Every serialized show loses audience over time esp after a few years… Let’s hope we get at least one last year..

    • tripoli says:

      I watched in season 1 but for some reason always missed the episodes during the initial airing so I stopped. I fully intend to one day watch all the episodes, but as you said, why start now? I’d really hate to watch the first 4 seasons only to get really into it and have it be canceled soon after. Rather wait till the series ends and watch it all then.

  17. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Fringe was absolutely amazing. The ONLY part that I disliked was the lack of Olivia, but that’s because we have yet to hear what happened to her. Which seriously, has the potential to be EPIC (it already is… I love this storyline!). I REALLY want a season 5 so we can continue on! The character of Etta is amazing, and she was casted perfectly because she is just the right melding of Peter and Olivia. Speaking of which, what an emotional ending, ugh ugh ugh I utterly adored the father/daughter reunion between Peter and Etta.

  18. Michael says:

    It is obvious a show with so high viewer numbers for the CW is not getting cancelled.They always knew Nikita is more a show to bring in viewer numbers over demo and especially on a friday.

    Still hope more of the nielsen people will watch come on man.

    • kavyn says:

      Unfortunately viewers don’t matter with renewals. Only the ratings. Although to be honest all of the CW’s shows are rating low, so who knows what they’ll do. I’m desperately hoping Nikita gets a third season.

      Nikita deserves a better network, that’s all I can say.

      • llws says:

        Nikita does deserve a better network…since the CW made the switch to Fridays…I was like SMH…Nikita deserves better than this…although they will never admit…the CW can thank Nikita’s decline in ratings (despite being a great show) to their stupid decision to move it from Thursday to Friday

  19. Krissy says:

    I really hope Jeremy Carver can inject new life into Supernatural. To see a show I used to love decline so badly – the plotholes last night were amateurish – and to see the leads going through the motions with no visible chemistry remaining in their onscreen relationship, is sad. I hope for a return to form along the lines of Mommie Dearest in 7.21, when Team Free Will is reunited, but the promo for next week’s ep isn’t giving me any incentive to pick Supernatural over Grimm.

    • Laura says:

      I agree with you. I started watching again with 7.17 and lost interest again in the very next episode without Cas there. I’m going to skip next week’s and come back for episode 21 and hope for the best. If Misha isn’t in S8 I think I’m done with the show for good. But since Jared and Jensen have both said how much they want him back I’m hopeful he’ll be there.

      • Etta says:

        Bye. All the ‘I’ll only watch if Castiel is on’ people bug the crap out of me. I hope he doesn’t return after this season. The angel storyline should be done and over with. Period.

      • hlots11 says:

        They lost me at Slice Girls. Trite and sexist crap. I’m keeping up with the recaps at this point, but I’m waiting until Carver’s in charge next season (if they get renewed) to actually start watching again. This season’s been the same formula as last season – badly designed meta plot, lots of stagnant filler episodes with gigantic plot holes, rehashed go-to scripts, stupid fan service (Meg), and we’ll see the conclusion rushed beyond all sense in the last three episodes, surely missing several points that should have been tied up. Dean’s damaged almost beyond repair at this point (forgetting about Adam when they had Death on a leash, the way he’s treated Cas since Season 4, and the whole mind-wipe thing with Lisa & Ben that does nothing to protect them since Dean & the baddies still know who they are), and they need to write Jared some material he’s actually good at (physical comedy and dry humor, for starters). They also need to stop killing off peripheral characters because: 1) death starts to lose the drama after a few times; and 2) you cannot have a show with only two characters, especially when they’re related, and expect to keep the story fresh and interesting. The whole “getting back to just the brothers” just means we’ll keep seeing repetition clumsily marketed as “literary symmetry”.

  20. Scott says:

    Fringe is the most fracking human show on television, which is a bit incongruous since it’s rooted in science fiction. The dialogue and the actors are pure brilliance. Would be thrilled to simply meet the cast.

    • Jason C says:

      Science fiction should be naturally human, it’s meant to explore the human condition and where that will lead us. That’s the whole purpose of science fiction.

  21. Pat says:

    I don’t know about the other series, but Supernatural needs to stop having so many hiatuses. When it seems it has just returned from winter holiday hiatus suddenly they are showing repeats. There are other series that do this too. A summer hiatus and a holiday hiatus is enough. Fans want to see first runs. With Supernatural I will hang in there as long as the series goes because I love it so much. I’ve already dropped some series because so many hiatuses caused me to lose interest.

    • Ruby says:

      The hiatues this year have been terrible across the board. Since the holidays we’re only getting 2-3 new eps of a show and then they’re off again for what seems like months. I don’t know how they expect ANY shows to maintain an audience that way!

  22. Cheryl says:

    Supernatural lost iits way and half its fandom between Season 4 thru 6. when Kripke stopped focusing on its heart,the brothers and their relationship And the damage done the the two lead characters and this shows history, it has never recovered from Even with ti struggling to the last season and a half. Killing Bobby was a big mistake and as was shoe horning in Castile when he and the Angel mythlogy had already stayed seasons too long

    I hope Singer does what he talked about return this show in Season 8 to its original format which is the journey of Sam and Dean. Don;t let Bobby stay too long and send Castel off for good this time.

    • Etta says:

      Yes, no more Castiel in Season 8, please.

      • RJ says:

        Absolutely wrong–Cas is a vital member of team free will…who cares if the same few loud complainers keep complaining. They are a minority.

    • hlots11 says:

      You cannot have a show with just two characters. You have to have peripherals – just look at any good “buddy” show. The other characters are what provide the new angles for stories and keep the lead characters interacting in new situations in interesting ways. You can’t accomplish this with characters you’ve only know for an episode and then disappear the next week – there’s no sense of connection and no real concern about their well-being, and no natural development of any chemistry (romantic or otherwise) between the lead and the one-off. If you get what you’re asking for – a show with only two actors and no one else – it’ll be cancelled in a season for low ratings.

  23. bad kevin says:

    Nikita on Fridays = ratings torture.

  24. ndavika says:

    Dear God after last night…there NEEDS to be more Nikita, CW! Maggie Q was outstanding, that was possibly the best episode of the series so far, look at the magic you are lucky enough to have! More needed, Season 3 please!!!

    • God says:

      Dear ndavika, after your prayer I decided to make a change in CW BOD `s hearts. Now they are renewing the seri……More prayers please…..I am getting lack of prayers nowadays :)

  25. oliver says:

    Nikita is one of the best, if not the best show currently on CW’s lineup. They should have shown more appreciation for it and not have placed it on fridays. Maggie Q is right, her show deserves at least another season, so CW keep your quality shows and put the trash shows where they belong, in the trash.

  26. Raeann says:

    Supernatural is one of the best shows on tv. The story line is not predictable; I am surprised each week with what the writers put out. The cast has good synergy. I absolutely LOVE Supernatural. There are only three shows I watch during the week and Supernatural it’s one of them.

  27. llws says:

    It’s disappointing that Nikita’s ratings were low yesterday because yesterdays episode was undoubtedly the BEST of the season. Maggie Q should be super proud of herself, her performance was outstanding. As for those saying they wonder why no one is watching Nikita…I think we can all safely blame the CW. These days CW doesn’t care about promoting any of thier shows, and Nikita isn’t the typical teenybooper bubble gum shows that the network is used to have like 90210, Pretty Little Liars, etc. Nikita is a smart, sexy, mature show in which 30 year olds aren’t trying to play 15 year olds, there’s no endless love triangles, it doesn’t take place in a highschool, etc. Considering the network and this type of show, the CW should be doing more to promote it.

    To me the writing int he second season hasn’t been as great as the first season but I feel thats sort of due to Nikita not being in a competitive timeslot like it was in its first season on Thursdays. Why the CW thought switching a show that is still is just coming out of its first season and is still establishing its fan base…why they thought it would be wise to switch it from Thursday to the …dead Friday…is beyond me.

    Also I find the writing this season has gone downhill a bit….considering the nature of the show…the first season was so intense…it lost it’s intensity in this second season up until last night. So I really do hope that they renew the show because it really is great, and the actors/actresses in the show are TOP NOTCH. Nikita deserves so much more with the cast that they have and the concept that it has. I do hope for another season…cmon CW…do the right thing….keep this brilliant cast, up the quality of the writing, and MOVE Nikita from Friday!

  28. cj says:

    Fringe blew me away this week. It simultaneously fulfilled and continued to tease all the ongoing plot lines from the last 4 seasons. If the promise of this episode (and Etta!) doesn’t win them a final season, I don’t know what will.
    (I mean seriously, could they have cast Etta any better?)

  29. luvmygreys says:

    Used to love Fringe but around season 3 I found myself tuning out. I agree the cast is terrific, I just didn’t enjoy the storylines. I think the “death” of Peter was the clincher. I just lost all interest.

    • Jason C says:

      The problem with losing interest at that point is that you don’t understand the purpose of what was going on and clearly had no interest in the subtext of the show. It’s a real shame, it’s not just how dense the show is that it loses viewers, some viewers are just too lazy to contemplate the depth of the show.

  30. Tracy says:

    I love Supernatural and have it ready to watch on my DVR but I probably won’t watch it until tonight. I wish the networks for get away from Neilson – it doesn’t give a true reading. Also, they need to look at overall viewing numbers for the season – not just a night. Some people (like me) like to save a few eps and then catch up all at once.

    Plus, please stop with the inconsistent programming. Don’t give us one new ep, then a month of reruns, then another new ep, two or three weeks of reruns. It’s confusing and it doesn’t build audiences. People forget…

  31. Maris says:

    WOW I don’t usually comment, but that episode of Fringe>> Amazing! At first I thought they were opening the idea of a spin-off but then I was like oh man this is even better and it better continue to a new season! Please don’t take Fringe away from me! I need to see where this goes!

  32. Ruby says:

    Supernatural is now and always will be my favorite television show. The thought of it EVER getting cancelled makes me sick to my stomach, to be honest.

  33. Kevin says:

    Finder was GREAT last night. ( even with the continuity errors ). Who Played Agent mc sexy butt, i’ve seen the blonde before, couldn’t place the name.

    Supernatural was much better as well!

  34. I’m Team GRIMM. I ADORE the show! Adore it. With the new addition of Rosalee, it just made it all much more perfect <3

  35. megs says:

    Loving the Finder. It was a slow starter for me, but now it definitely has the season pass on the dvr. Geoff Stults is just so darn charming, and he and Michael Clarke Duncan have great chemistry- so fun to watch! Theyre airing the episodes out of order so it throws me off when they “introduce” a new character, situation, or bit of information that we, as viewers have known for weeks. Other than that, I’m hooked…holding on to the teeny tiny bit of hope for a second season!

  36. Supernatural Fan says:

    Not surprised that Supernatural dropped. Felicia Day was the guest star, what did you expect?

  37. Kathy says:

    Supernatural is excellent but suffers from constant reruns. Stick with the new stuff and you;ll go on forever !

  38. Elaine Atherton says:

    I wish someone,somewhere would get Supernatural back on UK screens!
    We still havent seen Castiel go bad yet! Come on,people!! Im dying here.

    • Pat says:

      Elaine Atherton, if you’re not getting it in the UK have you tried You Tube? We in the States never waited for BBC America or PBS to show Doctor who, Torchwood and now Sherlock. We got them from the Internet any way we could, You Tube, ZShare, whatever. BBC stopped making us wait for Doctor Who and Steven Moffatt, writer of Who and of Sherlock is well aware we do NOT wait. He says there is the Internet, no one waits anymore. So go to it, girl. Supernatural is there, go find it. I do not know if the States have such a nice little thing as Expat Shield, which I learned about during a visit from an English friend while BBC was showing Series 2 of Sherlock.

      • Elaine Atherton says:

        Thanks,Pat,the idea did cross my mind but on Youtube,the shows are broken up and it just does my head in!
        Sitting back with a Coke and a bag of chips and waiting to watch uninterrupted is the best.

        • Pat says:

          When I got a show from You Tube I always downloaded the approximately 10 minutes blocks to my own computer, copied to disc, then watched. You could hardly tell it was broken up IF you downloaded all the blocks from the same person (uploader).

  39. Velvet says:

    Supernatural is awesome! I record/watch reruns on TNT everyday. I really enjoy Grimm but Fringe and Supernatural win the timeslot hands down. I watch Grimm online. The Finder is a decent show with the current cast.

  40. Velvet says:

    I can’t believe there are only two more epis of In Plain Sight.

  41. tvdiva says:

    I said it before and I will say it again. Grimm, Supernatural and Fringe would all have more viewers if the networks did not show them in the same hour on the same day. Now we have to tape two of them and can only watch one live. This was the best Fringe episode ever and would make a spectacular kick-off to a Season 5.

  42. Jesse Reid says:

    the Finder is a great show check it out people, you wont regret it