New Spoiler Alert!: Terrifying Once Upon a Time First Look, Ugly Revenge Twist and More!

This week, Spoiler Alert! goes bad. Not that it is bad, mind you, it’s just, we traipse over to the dark side to preview the upcoming Revenge episode in which Daniel flies into a violent tizzy, and we also offer a sneak peek at a Once Upon a Time episode that apparently features the Evil Queen doing a full-on Wicked Witch cackle.

First up, Matt Mitovich and I reveal that not only does Revenge‘s Daniel lash out physically after learning it was Mommie Dearest who arranged for him to be pummeled in prison, but the person he hurts is just about the last one you’d expect. Next, we analyze Private Practice‘s ratings performance in its new Tuesday time slot, dish on upcoming Scandal twists and hint at an offbeat Smash triangle. Finally, we spill the beans about the Mad Hatter’s begged-for (okay, demanded) return to OUAT.

Oh, and to top it all off, this edition of Spoiler Alert! Theatre features Smash‘s Jaime Cepero as OUAT‘s Henry and Suburgatory‘s Ana Gastayer doing her best Margaret Hamilton as his momster, the Nasty Mayor/Evil Queen, in a scene from the April 29 episode. Be afraid… be very afraid.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Babybop says:

    LOVE the evil laugh. She needs more Suburgatory airtime! Can’t wait for next episode, hopefully there will be more info on House’s finale…

  2. ChicagoDan says:

    LOL. At Daniel lashing out. Poor guy can’t act his way out of the proverbial paper bag. Should’ve killed him and kept Tyler. This will be pure camp.

    • jess says:

      lol. i agree! i really wanted him to be the one who got killed. yes, i agree that he’s total eyecandy and the only link for emily to the graysons, but the boy’s just too damn boring. ugh…

  3. sk says:

    greet spoiler alert!

  4. MJ in Michigan says:

    I look forward to Spoiler Alert (and especially Spoiler Alert Theatre) every week. Seriously. Mix that with my favorite show, OUAT, and I’m totally doing a Kermit flail. Someday you’ll hafta get Jane Espenson on a red couch!!

  5. Wow, there was so much delicious scoop in this. This is my favorite Spoiler Alert to date. I wonder if Daniel takes it out on Charlotte. I can’t imagine him taking it out on Amanda as she could kick his ever loving ass (as demonstrated in that Amazing alley scene). Unless she lets him beat her and then takes pictures to use against Victoria. I’m getting worried about Henry. If Regina is willing to kill her father for her goals I’m not entirely certain that Henry will escape unscathed if she thinks that Emma has won. God forbid Emma get custody of Henry. Regina will go full out Medea on him. I am totally indifferent to the Mad Hatter storyline except as it pertains to a way back to fairytale land. Also, in this case I hope that any publicity is good publicity for the actors sake but dear god I want a bus to hit Ellis.

    • deanna says:

      I think the opposite, that Henry is the only thing she wouldn’t destroy. As much as Regina loved her father, she must have had some anger at him for how he stood by for decades and let her be physically and emotionally abused, something that resulted in the death of her lover and trapped her in a seriously creepy marriage to a much older man. It’s not uncommon for abuse survivors to turn against the parent that did nothing. Whereas Henry is innocent and its more likely her love is genuine and she wouldn’t want to hurt him like her parents hurt her.

      • Really? You think there is enough goodness in Regina that she would care about Henry that much? I haven’t seen a single thing that she has ever done to put what is best for Henry before her own emotions. Everything she’s done has been to keep possession of Henry not what was best for Henry. She shows no understanding or compassion. She sees him as “hers” not a person but a possession just like the sheriff. We all saw what happened there.

        • deanna says:

          She puts Henry first constantly. He’s always out seeing Emma when Regina is very within her rights to keep him from her. To start with she was the only one who found it disconcerting that a drifter with no ties to anyone was constantly chatting up her ten year old son. If anything, Emma is the one who puts her own desires above what’s best for Henry, she heavily abused her relationship with him in the latest episode.

  6. New York says:

    Sorry to hear Private Practice lost some audience, I wouldn’t have known it was on unless my dvr had taped it. It was a good episode.

    • Christy says:

      I agree! I watch ABC live all the time and I almost never saw any previews either. When I did soo them, they did not stress TUESDAY enough and I almost forgot. Plus I think even though Dancing has more fans, Grey’s had many of the same fans so it did better. And it was an awesome episode…the Mason/Erica/Charlotte/Cooper thing had me bawling. Can’t wait for tonight’s!

  7. Amanda says:

    Loving Scandal and can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes. I also love Private Practice and am sad that the audience wasn’t larger. LMAO at Matt’s comment about Shonda viewers. FWIW, not all are crazy. There’s lots of us that enjoy the shows without going on a bender each time there is a plot twist.

  8. Jon says:

    As is always the case, I just FF through Spoiler Alert Theater. Everything else is great!

  9. Kenbud says:

    Why do I think the new guy is Emily’s father … not dead, but with a facelift? Definitely something Victoria would do.

  10. Joan says:

    I heart you two!

  11. Emma says:

    I see that Community shirt, Matt, and I approve.

  12. Apolonia says:

    What is it with your videos that makes them so slow to load?? Have to be really patient as it pauses to catch up. Don’t have this problem anywhere else.

  13. Petra says:

    I hope Daniel doesn’t lash out at Emily. He needs to lash out at his crazy mother! I watch a lot of ABC (or have it on in the background). There was a ton of promotion for practice moving time slots during daytime and nighttime for weeks. I was surprised, because of the huge lead in from dancing, that it didn’t do better. But it wasn’t because of lack of promotion IMO. It will be interesting to see how ABC spins whatever they decide to do with practice and body of proof for the fall season. Now how about some grey’s spoilers which is what I’m really interested in?

  14. I love Purfoy but that seemed like a waste of his talent. I’ll be curious if it grows in story.

    • Danielle says:

      Agree. Don’t watch Revenge but watched a little of it since James Purefoy was on and had to turn it off it was so bad. Awful to see his talents wasted on this show. Guess he’ll always be Mark Anthony in Rome to me. Hopefully his appearance in Episodes this summer will be more to my liking. This show I do like.

  15. bob says:

    Please provide a transcript. Can’t watch the videos.

    • lauren says:

      Youtube now has built-in captioning, I thought? That little “CC” button on the bottom. Works fine for me when I need.

  16. ultimate troll says:

    Pre-enact. Nice.

  17. sana says:

    i really hate Daniel in Revenge, and wish that the writers stuck with their original plan to kill him off. Tyler was a much more interesting character. he was good with Nolan and it would’ve been fun to see how their story turned out.

    • According to the writers not killing Daniel WAS the original plan. They considered killing him after all the buzz took off about them chickening out and not doing it but in the end decided to go with their original plan (ie. not killing him).

  18. Scott says:

    Disagree . Daniel’s Josh Bowman is one of the best parts of the show. Just hope they don’t go to far by making him violent with Emily. Would hate to see that

    • lanam says:

      i have a feeling that daniel will take his anger at emily – just from what i saw by looking at a few promos; they show him screaming, flailing his arms, at her. he has misplaced his anger towards his mother and will prob take it out on emily. if he hits her and marks her up bad, i hope she takes pictures of herself for what he did – just another thing for em to have over victoria and her dysfunctional family. daniel already had his probs in the past before em entered the picture (ie dui, -drinking problem) what else has this crazy ass family been hiding about daniel? he could be abusive in the past as well and of course victoria found away to sweep that under the rug by paying off the girl he may have beat up — i’m just guessing here, but i don’t put anything past that family and victoria’s crazy love for her son. charolette – is the one i feel sorry for, and i hope that emily starts taking her under her wing since they are “half sisters”. victoria is cold to charolette – even her soon to be ex hubby who isn’t Char’s father seems to care more about her. victoria’s fixation on her son is creepy. sorry so long

  19. Felicity says:

    Daniel probably will be violent with Emily. That way she’ll have no conflict of emotion with choosing Jack. I recall there was another spoiler recently saying that something serious happens that makes it clear to Emily who she will support.

    • lanam says:

      emily and jack belong together; daniel is part of revenge (altho she did start to fall in love w/him or at least care a lot) but i truly think in the end it will be jack that she ends up with – i want her to come clean to jack though bc he deserves to know the truth about what she’s doing and her reasons for doing it. he maybe pissed at first but i think he will eventually come around and support her – sorta like nolan. jack knows that victoria and her family are rich a**holes who get away w/anything bc of being so rich. wondering if daniel beats emily and jack sees her face – surely he would wanna kick daniel’s ass for beating on a woman he suppose to love.

  20. Emily says:

    What a waste of six and a half minutes. They told us virtually nothing and the “scene” from Once Upon a Time was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I definitely won’t be watching one of these videos again.

    • Renee says:

      Have to agree I was sucked in by teaser for OUaT and Revenge scoop and the Ana Gastmeyer bit was beyond irritating – as she always is. The only thing I took away from that silly piece was the return of the Mad Hatter which pleases me greatly. Wonderful actor. Re: Revenge, i too fear James Purefoy will out-act everyone in site – there’s a lot of telenovella acting in Revenge (which is part of the fun) but Purefoy is the real deal. Maybe some scenes with Nolan – I’d enjoy that.

  21. Maryam says:

    Jack and Emily need more scenes together. I’m tired of seeing Mama’s boy Daniel getting all the action.

  22. Julia says:

    The reason Private Practice got bad numbers is because it’s not the type of show that people seek out. I watch it regularly online and even I’m a few weeks behind because none of the current story arcs are in the slightest way interesting. The whole thing with Addison and her therapist is SNOOZE-ville. Honestly, I don’t know what they can do to fix the show – more steam would help, fun stuff like in season one between Addison & Naomi chatting about chocolate and watching hot guys.

  23. scifisiren says:

    Ana Gastayer is so fab. Her “Lana” was hilarious.