TV's Most Divisive Love Triangles: Which Pairings Get Your Vote?

When it comes to TV love triangles, there is no such thing as “in between.” You are either Team Ben or Team Noel. Team Stefan or Team Damon. Team Brandon or Team Dylan. Period.

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If you doubt it, check any TVLine comments section that veers toward a discussion of Gossip Girl‘s Chuck/Blair and Dan/Blair, and you’ll get all the proof you need. Couch potatoes are as passionate about which couple should be/stick together as Republicans and Democrats are about who should be the next president.

In honor of this phenomenon, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of TV’s Most Divisive Love Triangles, from classic Gilmore Girls and Friends threesomes to current obsessions from The Vampire Diaries and Revenge. We won’t bother to remind you to hit the comments afterward to let us know where your allegiances lie and to chime in with any trios that we snubbed. That would be as silly as Frasier ending up with [insert the name of Diane or Lilith, whichever you didn’t favor].

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jules says:

    Luke & Lorelai
    Big & Carrie
    Dan & Blair
    Brandon & Kelly
    Pacey & Joey
    Seth & Summer
    Stefan & Elena
    Mark & Lexie

  2. erose115 says:

    Team Damon and ELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh especially after that kiss
    CHuck and Blair

    These are just the basic couples of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  3. SKo says:

    The whole Ben/Felicity/Noel thing I remember well…mostly because it drove me up a wall. CLEARLY Noel was the best choice, Ben was moody and cheated. Anyway, here are my picks for the ones you listed:

    (as stated) Noel/Felicity
    I would have been okay with Kate/Sawyer OR Sawyer/Juliet, honestly

    • Shelby says:

      I completely agree with you about Felicity. I never understood why Fecility was so in love with Ben and why he was so clearly the one. I mean, seriously, I never even really liked him. On the other, Noel was absolutely perfect and such an amazing guy.

      • sally says:

        ^ This sooo much
        Felicity infuriated me with her obsession with Ben, they should of let Noel and Felicity stay together at the end because they suited each other so much better

  4. Shelby says:

    1. Wesley/Fred – I never really did like Gunn all that much but Wesley was always one of my favorites.
    2. Apollo/Starbuck – I can I just pick Apollo and Anders? I never was a huge Starbuck, tbh. But I’d have to go with Apollo: he was always my favorite. (Plus, those eyes…)
    3,4. Dylan/Kelly – Was a huge Dylan/Brenda fan until Kelly came along. Surprisingly, never liked Kelly until the Dylan/Kelly storyline. And I never liked Brandon all that much.
    5. I hated Ridge. And I mean HATE. So, neither. I always loved Nick/Brooke though.
    6. Buffy/Angel – Actually, can I pick neither and go for Angel/Cordy and Spike just being Spike. Loved both Angel and Spike (Angel was my first love tho) and never liked Buffy (yeah, I know, there’s something wrong with me. Haha)
    7. Jeff/Annie – Absolutely love these two. It’s such a strange pairing, at least in the beginning that I instantly fell in love. Like Jeff/Britta, but doesn’t hold a candle to Jeff/Annie.
    8. Pacey/Joey – All the way. I liked Dawson/Joey up until the point where I realized I hated Dawson. He just annoyed me and never stopped. Pacey on the other hand was my favorite from the beginning.
    9. Felicity/Noel – Again, not a huge fan of Felicity herself but I never really got the whole Ben thing. He was good, I guess but I always liked Noel better. Idk, maybe I just like the underdog? Haha, although, I have to admit, Scott Speedman is smexy and love him in everything other than this.
    10. Tim/Lyla – Timmy is my boy, always has been, always will be. Never liked Jason, not Scott Porter (the actor), can’t really even explain why.
    11. Didn’t really watch Friends all that much. I mean, I love it and watch reruns all the time but don’t really have an opinion on this triangle.
    12. Didn’t watch General Hospital back then, nor I have I caught it since Brenda came back. So don’t really know. I did love her and Jason’s fake marriage. That was fun.
    13. Rory/Jess – All the way. Never liked Dean what-so-ever even though I love Jared, the actor.
    14. Luke/Lorelai – Always loved Luke and wasn’t a big Chris fan.
    15. Haven’t watched Glee since season one so no opinion.
    16. Haven’t seen The Good Wife yet. But I did decide the other day that I was gonna give it a chance and watch from the beginning. So we’ll see. I’m expecting it’ll probably be Alicia/Will but you never know.
    17. Nate/Serena – Even though I highly dislike Serena, her relationship with Nate was always my favorite. Hated Dan back then and absolutely hated the two of them together.
    18. Blair/Dan – At the moment it’s them. But it can easily be tipped back to Chuck/Blair. They were always my OTP but I think Blair/Dan is adorable.
    19. Casey/Cappie – I must admit I haven’t actually sat and watched all of Greek yet (I’m planning on it) but Cappie is my favorite and every time his heart broke, it felt like mine was too.
    20. Lexie/Mark – Haven’t watched in a while but Mark was always my favorite, not a huge Lexie fan. Can I just pick the Jackson/Mark bromance? :)
    21. Zoe/Wade – Again, don’t like Scott Porter or his character. Wade on the other hand, have you looked at him. Gah…
    22. Barney/Robin – Never was a Robin/Ted fan but Barney? Heck yes!
    23. Any of them. I wasn’t a huge Sawyer fan at first cuz I always loved Jack, but I went back and watched and realized that I was just stupid and Sawyer is awesome. Loved Jack/Juliet and Sawyer/Juliet. But I wasn’t a huge Kate/anyone fan.
    24. Summer/Seth – Adorableness!
    25. idek. Dwight/Andrea, I guess. But only because I love Andy/Erin. :)
    26. Peyton/Lucas – Loved Lucas/Brooke up until the end of season three. Thought it completely ran its course and just needed to be given a rest.
    27. Emily/Jack – Jack, how adorable can you be?
    28,29. Didn’t watch.
    30. Eric/Sookie – Have only caught bits and pieces but wasn’t a fan of Bill.
    31. It’s been so long, I don’t even remember which one I rooted for. Probably Betty/Henry just because Christopher is adorable.
    32. Damon/Elena – All The Way. Damon is seriously my favorite person that TVD, while Stefan happens to my least favorite (of the guys at least.) Plus, can I just say, I am so sick of the whole love-at-first sight thing that apparently trumps actually falling in love with/growing to love someone. imo, the most powerful love is the one that actually grows and takes time.
    33. Caroline/Klaus – I seriously hate this show and all these amazing Caroline pairings. I can’t keep up with the one I like at any given moment. First it was Caroline/Matt, then Caroline/Tyler, and now Caroline/Klaus.
    34. Logan/Veronica – All the way. Never liked Duncan at all. On the other hand, started out hating Logan but he grew to be my favorite character.

    Did I really just write that much? Sorry. But honestly, I could go on all day about most of these pairings. haha :)

  5. Melissa says:

    Eric/Sookie FOR SURE!!!
    Big/Carrie (I hated Aiden!)

  6. Jason says:

    What was always great about the Cappie/Casey/Evan love triangle and the Pacey/Joey/Dawson one for that matter was that there was a friendship beforehand, and it was the love that set up the triangle in the first place, the fact that the friendship ended was made it so great to watch.

  7. Carol says:


  8. Amara says:

    top 10 in no specific order:
    Dan/Blair- come on Chuck is abusive. No one, not even Blair deserves that.
    Nate/Serena -mainly becuase they are really really pretty
    Julian/Dax- I shipped Julain with Jadzia and the Ezri, must be the Dax factor
    Worf/Deanna- aww…Beauty and the Beast trek style :)
    Quinn/Artie- I like the geek with popular girl thing
    Annie/Abed-again geeky guy with the popular girl
    Clark/Lana- there are another pretty couple and Lois on Smallville is just ewwww….
    Chloe/Jimmy- aww…my geeky loving babies
    Olivia/Peter- star-crossed from two universes
    Belle/Rumple- she made him a better person :)

  9. Leah says:

    Jeff and Annie!!!
    Alicia and Will,
    Ross and Rachel,
    Peyton and Lucas,
    Emily and Jack,
    Carrie and Aidan!

  10. joy says:

    There are some couples that it doesn’t matter how many people the show puts between them it always comes back to them.

  11. darcywilson says:


    Then everyone would’ve been happy!!

  12. kim says:

    Bill and. Sookie
    Damon and Elena

  13. stella says:

    >Team CHUCK and BLAIR All The Way!!!(Gossip Girl)

  14. Bart Bass says:

    Lily Van der Woodsen and Bart Bass…I am never leaving Lily again
    Blair and the Humphrey Kid…Humphrey is going place my idiot biological son no so much. Also much father then that father of his.
    Rufus and the bottom of the Hudson river…no moves in on my wife and then becomes a trophy husband gets away with it…NO ONE!
    Jack Bass and Diana…may as well keep it in the family
    Serena and Nate or some other rich kid…I want Serena to take over the family business so she better marry well!
    Eric and happiness…I want my step-son to be happy no matter his life style choice.
    Chuck Bass and another spot at the bottom of the Hudson River…my son is a disappointment but that is okay I have Serena and Eric to carry on Bass family legacy now.

  15. AC Shillings says:

    — I MISS LOGAN!! Veronica never truly believed in him – never gave him the benefit of the doubt. It could have worked. He’s awesome.

    — Some of these are too contrived (Dan and Blair? ppft). I feel so uncomfortable seeing any PDA with them. Blah. Plus, Dan’s been annoying/boring since season 2, while Blair has become my fav character – she deserves better.

    — I miss Pacey, too! Joey didn’t deserve him.

    — I mostly agree with the consensus here.

    • Al-C says:

      Blair deserves better than a guy that dotes on her and loves her no questions asked? It doesn’t really get better than that.

  16. elizabeth says:

    brandon & kelly
    joey & dawson
    felicity & noel
    tim & lyla
    rachel & ross (duh..)
    rory & jess (of course!)
    lorelai & christopher (really wanted them to end up together :( )
    alicia & will
    serena & nate
    dan & blair
    barney & robin
    kate & jack
    lucas & peyton (love them!!)
    big & carrie
    betty & gio ( just cause daniel wasnt a choice )

  17. Jamie says:

    SETH / ANNA (THE O.C.)
    RORY / LOGAN (GILMORE GIRLS) I know not one of the options but thought that they really complimented each other the most!

  18. Allison P says:

    Some of the triangles are easier for me than others: Dylan/Brenda but Kelly/Dylan, Pacey/Joey, Luke/Lorelai, Tina/Mike, Summer/Seth, and Eric/Sookie. As for the harder ones: mostly Buffy/Angel but I liked the idea of Spike/Buffy when that first started; Dean/Rory UNTIL Jess helped Rory with the sprinklers; Chuck/Blair in the end but I’m enjoying Blair/Dan right now; George/Zoe in the beginning but now Zoe/Wade; Peyton/Lucas but I loved Lucas/Brooke whenever they were together; Daniel/Emily though in the beginning I was Emily/Jack, Elena/Damon now but I loved Stefan/Elena when they were together; and Tyler/Caroline although I’m interested with the Caroline/Klaus arc. Also, forget Serena; I was rooting for Nate/Dan!

  19. Mari says:

    OMG my heart almost stopped when I thought you guys was forgetting Loga-Veronica Mars-Duncan, but YAY they were there!! Oh I loved that show so much!!

  20. Amy says:

    Okay, I seriously thought I was the only one who wanted Rachel/Joey to be endgame. I hate Ross. So. Much.

    Also, people who ship Bill/Sookie after reading the books defy all rationality. Eric all the way!

    Jeff/Annie, Delena, and I ship Aidan all by himself, because Carrie never deserved him. :)

  21. Cora says:

    Chuck and Blair!

  22. Lindsey says:

    Blair and Chuck , forever and ever!

  23. JC says:

    There’s several that I was really surprised were not on here –

    – The whole Cuddy/House/Cameron thing was hugely divisive.
    – Smallville had several love triangles – Lana/Clark/Chloe was the big one in the beginning, and then Lois got added to that.
    – If you’re going to have Angel/Buffy/Spike, you also need Buffy/Angel/Cordelia.
    – Roswell had Liz/Max/Tess.
    – Star Trek TNG had Riker/Troi/Worf.

    Lesser known – Jack/Allison/Nathan on Eureka, which turned into Allison/Jack/Tess later on.

    That’s all I can think of right now.

  24. Tyra says:

    Chuck and Blair – Gossip Girl
    Dylan and Brenda- Beverly Hills, 90210
    Klaus and Caloline – The Vampire Diaries
    Declan and Holly J – Degrassi
    Sean and Emma- Degrassi
    Damon and Elena – The Vampire Diaries
    Nate and Serena- Gossip Girl
    Brandon and Kelly- Beverly Hills, 90210
    Liam and Naomi- 90210
    Angel and Buffy- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Lucas and Peyton- One Tree Hill
    Nathan and Haley- One Tree Hill

  25. Kris says:


  26. Lola says:

    Chuck and Blair, Lucas and Brooke!

  27. sha100 says:

    Barney & Robin of course, best ship I ever had and favorite couple of all time.
    Sawyer & Kate (best couple on Lost)
    Dawson & Joey (My teenage years couple)
    Ross & Rachel (One of the best couples of all time Joey couldn’t hold a candle
    Chuck & Blaire (Do not like Blaire with Dan)
    Dan & Serena (Should get back together)
    Buffy & Angel (Favorite original couple 2)
    Carrie & Big (Typical couple it was obvious)
    Betty & Gio (Didn’t like Henry)
    Jeff & Britta (Just started shipping them)
    Dylan & Brenda (First couple I ever shipped along with Kelly & Zack)
    Kelly & Brandon (I actually like him more with Andrea but I did like him with Kelly)

    One couple that we missed here is Zack/Kelly/Slater SBTB.

  28. Darla says:


  29. Lizzie says:

    Starbuck/Anders – probably alone on this one lol

  30. Gina says:

    Chuck and Blair
    Carrie and Big
    Dylan and Brenda
    Spike and Buffy
    Lucas and Brooke
    Ryan and Marissa
    Pacey and Joey

  31. Barney & Robin of course, best ship I ever had and favorite couple of all time.
    Sawyer & Kate
    Dawson & Joey
    Ross & Rachel
    Chuck & Blaire
    Dan & Serena
    Buffy & Angel
    Carrie & Big
    Betty & Gio
    Jeff & Britta
    Dylan & Brenda
    Kelly & Brandon

  32. Danielle says:

    It’s Chuck/Blair and Stefan/Elena for me <3

  33. Jessica says:

    Pacey and Joey
    Lucas and Peyton
    Chuck and Blair
    Carrie and Big
    Seth and Summer
    Dylan and Kelly
    Slater and Kelly- I think I am the only person who ever shipped Slater and Kelly. I liked Zach and Kelly too, but man did I love Slater!

  34. This is going to take some time!

    Beverly Hills, 90210- My first obsession
    Dylan and Brenda
    Brandon and Kelly
    David and Donna
    Steve and Clare

    Saved by the Bell
    Zach and Kelly
    Salter and Jessie

    Gossip Girl
    Chuck and Blair
    Nate and Serena
    Damien and Jenny- I wish they would have made that work better.
    Dan and Serena- Sigh….. I used to adore them…. They would really need to redeem Dan.
    Nate and Vanessa

    The Vampire Diaries
    Damon and Elena
    Klaus and Caroline

    Declan and Holly J
    Sean and Emma

    Pretty Little Liars
    Toby and Spencer
    Caleb and Hanna
    Ryan and Aria- Yes, I am the only freak that doesn’t ship Ezra and Aria

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    I shipped Buffy with Angel and Spike equally
    Xander and Willow

    One Tree Hill
    I shipped Lucas with Brooke and Peyton equally
    Nathan and Haley
    Clay and Quinn
    Julian and Brooke
    Jake and Peyton

    Dawson’s Creek
    Pacey and Joey

  35. sally says:


  36. ilovegossipgirl says:

    chuck and blair
    nate and serena
    dan and vanessa
    willow and oz
    spike and buffy
    angel and cordelia
    xander and anya
    pacey and joey
    ross and rachel
    damon and elena
    caroline and tyler
    brooke and lucas

  37. Rachael says:

    I loved Chris but I will always love Luke and lorelai. And I loved rory and Jess.

  38. Gilmore Girls : Rory & Dean and Lorelai and Luke!

    Friends: Ross/Rachel/Joey, IMO wasn’t a real love triangle. We all knew it was going to be RR in the end. Either way my favorite couple on friends was actually Chandler & Monica

    One Tree Hill: I was a hardcore fan of OTH back in the day, then they jumped ahead five years and no more Brooke and Lucas :( Yep, I was a BL fan all the way. I stopped watching OTH after the 3rd season, but I peaked in a bit on the 4th.

    General Hospital: Sonny/Jax/Brenda… YUCK! I hate Brenda with a passion. Now my favorite GH Triangle is Sonny/Carly/Jax and I am and Carson fan all the way!!

    Dawson’s Creek: Watched off and on, I was a Joey/Dawson fan though.

    Other faves: Lois/Clark, Chloe/Clark, Piper/Leo (Charmed), Lucy/Kevin (7th Heaven)

  39. Emily says:

    I love going through this and having opinions on shows I have barely watched. but I am 100% on a few things

    And I am really starting jump ship from Caroline/Tyler to Caroline/Klaus. But that might be my not secret desire for him to stay forever.

  40. Amanda says:

    Robin belongs with Barney. They are so much better together. It’s not even a contest. Robin and Ted are much better as friends. They’ve had a brother-sister vibe going for years, which is what made it so odd when Ted started trying to get back with her this season.

  41. Spikesaa says:

    Barney/Robin (How is this even a love triangle when we know Ted will meet the Mother and fall in love with her? This is just a matter of waiting for Barney and Robin to get their act together and for Ted to meet his One (hopefully at their wedding).)

    Buffy/Spike or Spike/Angel (Why not just settle the love triangle, which is still going on in the comics, with Buffy/Spike/Angel? It is practically canon anyway…)

    Alicia/Will – The Good Wife

    • Ivana says:

      I don’t think it’s going on in the comics anymore…not since all the things Angel did in season 8 (trying to avoid giving spoilers, but who’s reading them knows what I mean) which is why she can’t even look at him. I can’t imagine Buffy giving Angel a chance after that.

  42. amy says:

    Jeff & Annie FTW!

  43. orchardist says:

    I’m not an active member of all these fandoms so I’m sure some may have been just as bad but I have to say that two “triangles” were very very divisive to the fandoms:

    1) Buffy/Angel/Spike — They didn’t technically overlap but that really didn’t matter to the fans. AND IT STILL GOES ON TODAY (See S9 Comic Books). I liked both options just fine so I’ll go in a different direction for pairings:
    Buffy/Xander (although I love Xander/Dawn and I’d substitute Riley but he’s married)
    Angel/Darla (so long as they both have their soul or both are souless at the same time)
    Spike/Illyria (she may think of him as her “pet” but it’s a nice match IMO)

    2) Clark and EVERYONE – What a divisive topic that the show runners purposely egged on
    Clark/Chloe – the best team
    Clark/Lana – tragic
    Clark/Lois – funny
    Clark/Lex – well, it was THERE people, how could you miss it? – the most intense

    As for the others, I’ll cast a
    Veronica/Logan vote – I want a movie!

  44. minalba says:


  45. leigh says:

    Big/Carrie- SATC
    Chuck/Blair – Gossipgirl
    Logan/Veronica- Veronica Mars

  46. Anna says:

    Barney and Robin! They are meant to be. I hope we’ll all get our pay off in a few short weeks. Ted and Robin are doomed, so like someone above said… not really a triangle so much. Though I’m quite heartened by the lack of people mentioning that horrid Quinn.

    In the past:

    And one that I didn’t see on here: HYDE/JACKIE on T7S (against Kelso, because I don’t even acknowledge the ending of that grim 8th season). Still one of my truest of OTP.

  47. Lexie says:

    Damon and Elena (TVD)
    Caroline and Tyler (TVD)
    Veronica and Logan (VM)
    Ross and Rachel (Friends)
    Chuck and Blair (GG)
    Barney and Robin (HIMYM)

  48. sss says:

    90210″s love triangle was my favorite one cause i cared about all three characters but we all know dylan belongs with brenda

  49. Elisha says:

    Ross and Rachel on Friends (Joey and Rachel had no chemistry except as friends)
    Chuck and Blair on Gossipgirl (Dan and Blair are the Joey and Rachel of GG. They are just boring)
    Big and Carrie on Sex and the City (Best ever)
    Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)
    Buffy and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    Brenda and Dylan (90210)
    Kate and Sawyer (Lost)

  50. sarah says:

    Ok, Im team Chuck and Blair, Pacey and Joey, Ben and Felicity, Dylan and Kelly, Buffy and Angel (but i like Buffy and Spike), Peyton and Lucas (but I like Lucas and Brooke). And I like Wesley and Fred and Fred and Gunn, Ross and Rachel, Lexie and Mark, Seth and Summer!!!!!!