The Glades Exclusive: CSI: Miami's Taylor Cole Cops Recurring Role

CSI: Miami beauty Taylor Cole is headed to The Glades.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Cole will recur in the upcoming third season of A&E’s cop drama, playing Jennifer Starke, a dynamic FDLE Bureau Chief.

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Starke is sent to the South Florida station to evaluate its high success rate in hopes of recreating it state-wide. But when it becomes clear that said success is due to Det. Longworth’s unique approach to law, Cole’s character changes her evaluation tactics, which creates an “interesting” dynamic between the two.

Cole’s other recent TV credits include Two and a Half Men and NBC’s short-lived The Event.

Season 3 of The Glades is set to premiere in June.

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  1. Shauna says:

    I turned it off when they hung from the tree with the cougar nipping @ Jim’s back. I have loved this show from the beginning and I am completely irked that Jim is deciding in the next episode that he just “can’t do this anymore”. Who’s whining now? He is the one who insisted she go to Atlanta….and he can’t handle a year of semi-separation? These two have been through a LOT and their coming together–finally–was very satisfying television. This turn of events with Jen is just jerking around with the fans who have been enjoying watching this romance develop. If you watched “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”, you know how good the writers were at keeping interest alive in a “settled” relationship–it can be done! Yeah, I was reminded of a soap opera when I watched the most recent episode. I won’t watch it anymore if they split up. BS!

  2. Deidre says:

    So the war of the keyboards is on. Who likes Callie, afew like the BC. I didn’t see every single message board but thats how it was on the ones I’ve seen. I will comment on The “sexy and confidant video. She should be confident. Everything possible has been done to sell her character. Imagine the money spent on that wardrobe. The rest of the ladies are dressed in what appears to be hand me downs. If its true about filtering that’s got to cost in time. Then they put on Jordan Wall who states the relationship between J&J will be exciting for the fans. Oh really. Why is something going to happen with them. I wish they would give that guy a life. Last season they had him drooling over SS. She is lovely and probably a nice person in real life. If they are bringing her back on season4 as Jim’s lover, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  3. Deidre says:

    Just saw the 2 clips on tv line.com. How does a man who very recently made a commitment to a women suddenly decide to turn to someone new. This is not going to go well for the show. Don’t know if renewed or not. The fans forgave season 2. I don’t believe they will this time. If Jim had his way he and Sam would have “made a new start”. We wouldn’t be here today. Sam dumped him so back to Callie. How much more stupidity can we tolerate before givivg up. i.e. read other message boards. Many have already.

  4. If you end the series without keeping jim and Callie together, I will never watch A&E again. However, I REALLY WANT A FOURTH SEASON. PLEASE DONT CANCEL THE SERIES. GET RID OF JENNIFER AND BRING CALLIE BACK TO FLA. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW ON TV.

  5. Doris Murray says:

    Aug 11 Sunday am Turned on tv ep Glades Foof fight. As I tuned in Jen was standing hands on hips watching Jim drive off looking amused. Next scene Jim questioning an actress. He doesn’t even sound like the old Jim. The few scenes I’ve seen on season 3, the acting has taken a hit maybe because of inane plots. Perhaps season 4 (if there is one) should be THE TAYLOR COLE SHOW supported by Matt Passmore and jordan wall. Needless to say I turned it off.

  6. Deidre says:

    Now that the dust has settled. I want to say that being a rival of Callie is a monumental task. Not to many people will like you, no matter how beautiful you are. She acted as she was written (Miss Cole). I’d wish her luck.

    • Jaye says:

      Yes your are correct but that does not make the show any better. It is, of course, the writers’ fault for this mess but we don’t get to see them. We are basically stating that the show has gone so far downhill that it buried itself.

      • Deidre says:

        Jaye, I totally agree with you andShauna. it was upsetting and i am not a person who gets upset over a tv cable tv. I really became disgusted when I saw (on another post) the things her fans said about Callie. They have absolutely no class and didn’t even knoe Matt passmores name called him pressmore. I think i’ll stay away fromthat board. Thx for your response. See you in season 4.

  7. Joanne says:

    Now that we know how Season 3 ends I really hope that she says yes and that it doesn’t turn into a storyline where now she loves being on her own in Atlanta and passes up on Jim. These two characters are perfect for each other; down to earth and you believe they are in a realistic relationship based on love not lust. They need to bring it back for Season 4 and show that a cop can have a real meaningful relationship. I love this vulnerable and soft side to Jim. When I saw the season 3 finale I was depressed for days feeling Jim’s pain (how crazy is that, I let a TV show affect me this way). I really want Jim and Callie to stay together but it’s TV land so she will probably break his heart.

    • Deidre says:

      Joanne liked your post. i agree with you on bringing the show back. I tried to figure it out. Why am i letting this show get to me. I’m a reasonably educated person. i believe its the cast. they make you care about them as if they were real. Its an indefinable quality both Matt & Kiele have called class. Thx for an intelligent opinion.

    • Dory says:

      It won’t stay broken for long. He’ll be back to chasing someone else. Hope its no Sam. Have a niggly little feeling about that.

  8. Deidre says:

    Its been my experience that both male and females alike who go right to someones looks are in real life and fantasy are lacking somewhere. Some of the posts re: Callie. I am thinking size 12 with unfortunate features. Jusy saying ,you have the right but how about something intelligent.

  9. Deidre says:

    REading some other posts and this one of course, it seems that many of the comments and quesions are less emotional and more thought out. i.e. What did TPTB want to achieve by making the BC the star of season 3 (the same was done with SS in season 2 although SS couldn’t hold a candle to the BC) . I doubt there will be an answer to this and they don’t have to. i did notice that some members of the cast were excited about her appearance on the show and didn’t mind being relegated to the background. Chemistry reads are done so everyone had a part in it. Will Callie say yes or will they bring in another beautiful woman. There is no shortage of beauty in Hollywood. IF they get season 4 I hope they don’t make another mess. The writers,directors makeup people wardrobe mistress are horrible. Spend some money guys get some replacements.

  10. Deidre says:

    Had an idea for season 4. Since the writers wrote Carlos as an immature drooling fool in season 3. How about a guy for us frankly 40 gals. maybe someone who comes and goes in Manus’ life. She has the potential to be a more involved cast member. Try using the talent you have. There are many bikini and badge bunnies on the show which should satisfy those who want the T&A. Its Florida, by definition beautiful gals are a given.

  11. Deidre says:

    ACCORDING TO MATT PASSMORE THE GLADES HAS A SEASON 4. WORKING OUT DETAILS OF EP #’S 10 OR 13. Now all the angst and criticism can rest for a while.

  12. Deidre says:

    Have been ou of town and this am got caught up on comments and opinions. It was entertaining to read theopinions on a wedding (gowns rings etc.) I hope thry deal with some issues from season 2 i.e. Jim’s obvious distress when SS left. Was she the love of his life and Callie 2nd choice. He wanted to start over with SS. Are we to assume he and Callie talked it over. What could he say? Marriage is seriuos business and as much possible should be resolved. Jim was involved with many women in season 1 but they were not written as being serious. Other then that pesky detail i hope they do continue they’re relationship. Just love Callie. Don’t write her as a whiny jeaulous person and Jim will always be Jim. Maybe they don’t have to have every woman he meets fall for him. Of course he’s good looking and sexy. They don’t have to keep proving it. It becomes a joke.

  13. Dory says:

    Seasons 2 & 3 were not good but I think the BC was far superior to SS. Something was very off on Season 2. There could be many reasons. Maybe we’ll find out someday. In the meantime look forward to season 4 and YES I do know where the off button is.

  14. Dory says:

    tv line runs a very great message board. the operative words are message board. If everyone had the same opinion, what would be the point. i believe it would benefit the fans to watch Matt Passmores’ interview on Access Hollywood. Listen to his opinion on Callie. I believe he and Kiele are good friends in real life and is part of the chemistry. Those who don’t like her—–stop beating your heads against the wall. She’s baaack.

  15. Kim says:

    I am almost finished watching season 3, and I really dislike the lady cop following Jim around. Is she a pretend cop because she is so unbelievable? No one would dress like a hootchie mama at work unless undercover and she also seems quite dim. The actress is pretty but looks like a real housewife of Miami. Her acting skills are lacking.