Exclusive Hart of Dixie First Look: Zoe and Wade Partner Up [UPDATED]

Dying to see some cutesy quality time between Zoe and Wade, Hart of Dixie fans? Well, look no further than our exclusive first look photos from the CW charmer’s April 30 installment.

The episode, titled “The Race & The Relationship”, finds “Woe” (a moniker we just created, pronounced “whoa-ee!”) reluctantly teaming up for the annual Bluebell Battle in hopes of winning a major cash prize. Elsewhere, George and Lemon consult with the town reverend about their estranged relationship, and sweet little Rose is back and again turning to the pint-sized doc for love advice.

Season Finale Spoilers: Scoop on 52 Big Finishes — Including Hart of Dixie!

Peruse the pics below, and then shower the comments with your thoughts on the latest Bluebell festivities.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AmyLynn says:

    Oh I so hope the CW does not cancel this show. It and TVD are the only things left on that channel that I can’t wait to see every week. GG is so utterly lame now & 90210 well that show never really was any good. I love Bluebell and i would be so sad if This show was gone at the end of the season. It has so much potential and I need to see what happens with the doc once her year is up.

  2. Avi says:

    Even though I hate the moniker ‘Woe’ I’ll go with it. Woe is so freaking adorable. Really rooting for those crazy kids to work it out.

  3. OMG So love this show. Don’t they dare cancel it. But, I really wish sometimes Zoe had more dramatic moments. I can’t stand how Bluebell treats her sometimes.I can’t make up my mind yet if she should end up with Wade or George. :)

    • kaodai says:

      I made up my mind from the start. I want Zoe to end up with Wade, because his character has so much potential and is more complexe than it appears. They made George a little too perfect and perfection is boring. Wade is a character who can be developped and grow. It’d be much more interesting to see Zoe and Wade in a relationship.

  4. Danielle says:

    Absolutely love this show!!!! Really hope that Zoe and Wade get together. This is a long wait for them! Hopefully it’s worth it in the end!!! Definitely my favorite show at the moment! !

  5. LoveWADE says:


  6. Kathy says:

    I love this show but I really want to see George and Zoey have a chance together! I remember the pilot episode and it was so obvious that these two are destined to be together. Every scene they have is incredible. Wade is sort of sexy but he would never be able to hold Zoey’s interest longterm. It’s a shame Magnolia is too young for him because those two have some serious chemistry. Lemon and Lavon are interesting together. I’d like to see Zoey do some more doctoring. She was obviously very good when she was in NY so lets see more of competant Zoey mixed with the ditz in season 2.

  7. tp says:

    What a waste of Justin Hartley last night. Wade is an ass. Placing his insecurities on Zoe and calling her names. When she met each of those men she didn’t know what they did for a living. I say she deserves a chance with George. He’s hurt right now but he will get over the (not so much) betrayal. #teamgeorge

    • Marsha says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I could not believe that Wade tretaed Zoe so shabbily last night and when she confronted him about it, instead of apologizing, he had the nerve to confirm what he said earlier. He really is an insecure manchild. He had several opportunities to fess up about his feelings, but he’s such a coward, what does he expect Zoe to do? Twiddle her thumbs while she waits for him to grow up. Sorry, Wade is cute, but I wouldn’t want to settle down with someone who doesn’t know what they want out of life either and doesn’t even hide the fact that he resents the crap of those who happen to have their lives figured out. He should start by working on his self-esteem and goals before approaching Zoe.

      • Brandy says:

        Thank you!My thoughts exactly!Wade treats Zoe like crap from betting against her &Judson and playing childish pranks on her & not just admitting he liked her to tak

  8. raven says:

    I think that they should have Justin Hartley back, but doesn’t he have his own pilot now? It’s quite obvious that all the Kinsellas have issues…I mean, seriously, you know your father is the town drunk and you buy him a car? Really? And I really can’t call Wade an ass for saying that about Zoe because I’ve thought to myself a few times that she can be snobbish and shallow. She’s not that way all the time, mind you, but she is enough of the time. And obviously Wade likes her that way :P Plus, Woe (man, that name sucks, Zade is much better) are good for each other.

  9. Emily says:

    I agree. Zade is a better name for them than Woe.

  10. Ashley says:

    Zade!!! Love them together. Let’s see some progress on that relationship front. It’s obvious there’s more between them than attraction as some people try to claim. Zoe looked very disappointed when Wade didn’t admit he liked her. And their friendship, banter, and chemistry is a win in my book. Time to step it up.

  11. Danielle H says:

    I hope this gets renewed. TV needs more light fare like this. I don’t see how they can do a Bluebell event every week forever though. They will eventually have to toy with the format.

  12. Erin says:

    I love Wade and Zoe, but I was super disappointed in the way they completely wasted Justin Hartley last night. At least they made him Wade’s brother so he has a reason to return in the future. Also, did anyone else notice that it looks like Zoe is wearing Wade’s sweater in a couple of these photos? Maybe they’ll actually make some real progress on the relationship from instead of just teasing it like they have been all season.

  13. rob says:

    Love this show. I hope to be renewed :( Zade 4ever

  14. Alice says:

    I really think that at the end of the season there will be a couple and i trully hope it will be Zade :) Wade is so gentle when he is with Zoe, except for last night of course !So it’s’just a question of time !
    (Sorry for my spelling mistakes I’m french)

  15. Emily says:

    Absolutely love this show it’s my favorite! please renew it!!!!!!

  16. Ruby says:

    Words cannot express how much I love this show. And last night’s ep was SO GREAT!

  17. Brandy says:

    Wade is mean and childish to /around Zoe and treats her like crap from betting she &Judson would break up, playing pranks on her,not admitting he liked her to taking out his personal issues on Zoe last night and it seems like he dosent want her but dosent want anyone else to have her either.Its also none of his business to tell his brother or Zoe who to date or not to date.Zoe &George all the way!Wade isnt even cute.

  18. Lo says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I see Wade as the Han Solo of this trio and George as Luke Skywalker. Zoe SHOULD like a ‘nice man’, but she doesn’t want to admit that she really likes the scoundrel. Plus, who wants to see boring do-gooders together? Look at Sawyer/Kate on Lost, Chuck/Blair on GG, Pacey/Joey on Dawson’s Creek, etc. The opposites always make for better stories and chemistry, especially if it’s a more damaged/immature/bad boy character, it makes the evolution and growth of their individual characters and pairing that much more satisfying.

  19. Bia says:

    I love Zade and I can’t wait to see them together! George said many times that he loves Lemon, so at the end, I think they shoud marry and be happy… Away from Zade, please.

  20. aidagda says:

    More Justin ASAP, it was great to see him in Bluebell and there is so much Kinsella drama to solve there. Zade, Woe, whatever you want to call it, just bring it on!
    George is a nice guy, and him being with Zoe is ok but boring. Wade is soooo much better. Besides George is still in love with Lemon, so he has his own love triangle over there
    This show better get a second season or I will be so unhappy. Love my bluebell crazy events. Rose back is great news and, WTF is going on with Tom and Wanda???

    • AJ says:

      Wade is a better character than Jesse, Wilson Bethel can act circles around Justin Hartley too. There only need to be one hot Kinsella man and thats Wade. I wasnt at all impressed with the Jesse character, he brings nothing to the show, that Wade int already provng . Wade is funny, sexy, dramatic, badass etc etc. We need someone lie George as a contrast to Wade, not Wade 2.0.

  21. Jen says:

    I simply adore this show. It is a light, fun and charming show. The CW should renew this. And I love Wade. Yes, he treated her badly but he has insecurities and while he shouldn’t take them out on her I cannot help but feel that he just misplaced his anger and will apologize. At least, they look like they like each other enough to always be up close and personal.

  22. Sonia says:

    I love this show and hope it sticks around for awhile. With my OTH gone, I Hart of Dixie and Nikita are the only two I’ve been religously watching since being over seas for the past year. This one is my fun, witty, good-hearted show that keeps me entertained with the craziness and I don’t want it to go anywhere. And can’t post without saying I’m a huge Zoe/Wade fan and love the back and forth between them. Yes, George and Zoe have chemistry but it’s not like Zoe and Wade. Can’t wait for Monday’s episode! It’s gonna be a fun one, as always.

  23. Lillyg says:

    OMG! I think pics 11 and 12 just killed me!

  24. Mandy says:

    I love Zade! George is too perfect for Zoe, she’s Wades girl and don’t realize it yet! They need to get together! And Im hoping cw will keep hart of Dixie for another season! It’s such a cute little show that I have an addiction!

  25. Danielle H says:

    YESSSSSS progress on Zoe/Wade!

  26. Giovanna says:

    I’ve been on board with this show since the promo and I was for Zoe and george but by episode 3 Wade stole my heart and I will never look back. Wades words to Zoe were true. george has a fiance and judson slept with her best friend. She’s not nice to Wade, always putting him down so he let his frustration. Zoe isn’t perfect and Wade isn’t perfect but they are perfect together. Zoe and Wade or WOE or ZADE, I just love them.

  27. Tracy says:

    After reading some of these pro-Wade comments, I think I understand our high divorce rates a little better! Maybe some of you think that Wade is hotter than George but that’s looks and a love of bad boys. I cannot understand why anyone would truly think Zoey and Wade would be happy together!

    Wade doesn’t know how to talk about his feelings, sleeps with anything that moves, takes great delight in causing problems for Zoey, says nasty things to her and is a bartender of average intelligence and limited interests.

    George has never been anything but decent to Zoey. He tries to take care of the town of Bluebell and he is a warm, caring, decent man who knows how to communicate. He’s also good looking, smart, diplomatic yet strong, urbane and educated. George is perfect for Zoey and they have a real connection that shows in every scene they share.

    All we see with Wade and Zoey is her frustration over his treatment of her and subsequent desire to pay it back and his slight yearning for an unattainable and feisty hottie he doesn’t have the guts, verbal skills or self esteem to pursue.

    George is a little tamer than Wade but that’s because he’s naturally more laid back and he’s been with Lemon who is the most uptight character ever created. We’ve never gotten to see him with Zoey, to see him let loose a little.

    Can you ladies, honestly say you’d rather be with someone like Wade over someone like George? If so, you probably shouldn’t get married because you will only be headed for divorce. Guys like Wade don’t change and they don’t stay! Which is why in the real world, Wade would never have a chance with Zoey!

    • Ryce says:

      Wade is too Good for Zoe.He deserves better. What he said of her last episode couldn’t be more true, thats exactly how he sees her deep down that hidden goody- too- shoe demeanor

  28. sarah says:

    I like this show, however this weeks episode where Wade was super mean to Zoe made me upset, first they have Wade and Zoe do super immature pranks to eachother then now we get Wade being being to Zoe. I do not want to see Zoe and George together.
    I like Wade when he is being funny like when they had the drink making contest, so if we get that Wade all the time then that will be great.

  29. LA says:

    If you look at past episodes , yeah wade’s been a jerk to Zoe sometimes , but there have been times when he has been truly emotional and sincere with zoe , he’s done lots of things to help zoe out too , so you can’t say that he’s always been to her . I hope they end up together , cause wade is definately changing and hopefully zoe realises too