Ratings: Glee At New Low, Private Practice Down in Tuesday Debut, Ringer Rises

Disco, duck! Glees bout of Saturday Night Fever made its numbers a bit listless this Tuesday, as the Fox hit dropped 9 and 11 percent to new lows of 6.2 million total viewers and a 2.4 demo rating.

Leading out of that, though, New Girl held steady at 5.3 mil/2.7, while Raising Hope‘s season finale (3.93 mil/1.9) delivered slight gains.

Ringer Finale Recap: And Everyone Lived Unhappily Ever After

Speaking of finales, Ringer (1.16 mil/0.5) wrapped ts freshman run with gains of 5 and 25 percent. Too, too little too, too late, though?

Private Practice Recap: ‘Do You Want To Comb Your Hair, Or…?’

The night’s other notable outing was Private Practice‘s Tuesday debut, which with 6.8 million total viewers and a 1.7 rating did lead the 10 o’clock hour in the demo (opposite an Unforgettable rerun and NBC’s Fashion Star). That said, the ABC drama was down 23 percent in the demo from its most recent Thursday broadcast (where Grey’s sets the table with a beefier rating than DWTS) and off two tenths from what Body of Proof last did here.

Elsewhere on the night….

* NCIS (17.6 mil/3.0) was of course Tuesday’s most watched program — and damn, wasn’t Gaius Charles great as “the kid from Baltimore”? — yet dipped a tenth to a season-low demo.

* ABC’s Last Man Standing (6.4 mil/1.6) was down 6 and 11 percent, while Cougar Town (4.62 mil/1.4) dipped 4 percent and a tenth.

* Dancing With the Stars (13.8 mil/2.4) upticked a bit, while The Voice (8.75 mil/3.3) dipped a bit yet nonethless led the night in the demo.

What were you tuned into this Tuesday?

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  1. Emily says:

    Yikes, Ringer. 0.5 for a season finale on a Tuesday? Does that even count as a gain? New Girl was great, though — poor Schmidt!

  2. sara says:

    Shocking that moving a show that’s spent two years in a one timeslot after a long hiatus might result in lower numbers.

    • Dash says:

      That’s ABC’s chosen method of killing a show. Take it off the air for an extended hiatus and then move it to a different night. BAM instant failure and they can blame the ratings.

      • tom says:

        dwts is a better lead in. i’m shocked that it didn’t do well in the demos.

        • KSM says:

          I think Grey’s actually is higher than DWTS in the demo, usually.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Yes, as denoted in story, GREY’S most recently scored a 2.9 demo rating while DWTS last night did 2.4. (In fact, the last time PPP aired on a Thursday, GREY’S did a 3.0.)

          • vivian says:

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      • Kristen says:

        exactly, they LOVE killing shows off like this. they dont want to pay for this show anymore.

      • David says:

        ABC is consistent in killing off popular, but fading series. Not sure what the ABC entertainment chief has against proven shows — but I would rather watch Private Practice or Body of Proof over some of the other new shows (Missing, The River, et al) that are not worth the time. I guess this is the the trend at ABC — first it killed Ugly Betty, then Brothers and Sisters, and this year mostly likely Cougar Town and Private Practice will be killed to make way for new crap this fall. The President may have done a good job at building ABC Family, but his record really sucks so far at ABC.

  3. Lea says:

    Ringer was so amazing!! I really hope the network picks it up for another season!

    As for Glee, I couldn’t stand it. It was so hard to watch. 😓

    • dianna says:

      Right! Stop shoving Finchel down our throats!

      • Don’t like Finchel STOP WATCHING they’re here to stay!

        • rachel says:

          “STOP WATCHING” I think that’s exactly what happened this week, darling.

        • Marina Sabino says:

          Oh, my God, a fanatic that signs with @KlaineFinchel. It’s useless to discuss with a delusional Finchel / Klaine fan.

          • Yeah I’m a delusional person that I ship 2 amazing couple on Glee and HORROR have my twitter username say just that. I’m not some delusional teenybopper I’m a full grown woman who happens to enjoy ALL the characters they just happen to be my favorite. (and since I don’t hide behind UN as my real name is clearly show as well. I don’t care for haters – I find it disgusting and uncalled for! – I’d be just as passionate about them even if I used a different UN

        • dianna says:

          The people have spoken…Please make your way to the Finchel island. You’ll feel more at home there. ;)

        • Sue says:

          Amen love finchel and they are also trying to wrap up all the characters before graduation so I’d say get over it or quit watching lol

          • dude. says:

            Everything you said didn’t make sense, Sue. Why would they wrap up the characters when they’re coming back for season 4? If they wrap them up now, then what in the world will they do for season 4? Also, honey, I say people did take your advice and quite watching Glee…That explains the poor ratings. Now, if you want to keep your precious show, you better stop telling people to stop watching it. It’s not only annoying, but it doesn’t make sense on your part. You want the ratings to be high not to decimate it.

      • KSM says:

        Rachel and Finn weren’t the problem.. it was the music. Disco sucks. Most of the people that watch Glee have never seen Saturday Night Fever or heard any of the music. There was no incentive to watch the episode.

        • yep says:

          Totally agree with you. I, personally, enjoy listening to disco music but that genre ran its course years ago, but fine music it is. It is a shame that viewers missed the episode because Cory’s portrayal of Finn was exceptional. The cast and its covers of the songs were wonderful-even the falsettos. Most of the viewers today prefer popular contemporary music and not venture out to Broadway music or various other genres. Top 40 Billboard is usually the favorites of Glee’s fans. That is what I miss the most of the season 1 Glee, the introduction of forgotten older Rock and pop music to the present of 2009. Have to admit though that Glee is one of those shows one loves or hates. This fandom is very passionate with its demands and requirements of the show. If it doesn’t produce what it( the fandom) wants it revolts quit vocally and violently. So as much as I enjoyed this episode for the storytelling the music was enlightening and enjoyable to revisit. As spring gets in full gear so do the days another reason for lesser viewers-people going out enjoying the evenings out. Kids in tournaments-soccer/baseball/etc. People are busier. Yet some people would rather their kids watch shows less controversial in topics and themes. One thing that Glee has done is bring into mainstream TV shows awareness and fairness issues of the gay community. Which was a good thing but this episode brought into light another aspect of this community. By the way, Alex was great in his performance. Some may say and to a degree I agree that this season has past by with several agenda drive topics, such as texting and driving. Other things that contribute to less number of viewers is content or lack there of. Start a story about Quinn but don’t see it thru. Have Idina Mendel return to have a fling with Puck-WTF? Youth not ready for marriage. Yes, this season has been rather different but interesting. Except for Quinn, she fails or falls each time she has a story. And I am not a Quinn fan but would appreciate a plausible end to the starts of her stories. Some episodes this season have been wonderful while others flail or I find myself flailing because of them. Yes, I understand the disconcerted and unenchanted viewers this season. Some shows seem to do better, like The New Girl, which is not interesting at all to me. I watch two shows, NCIS and Glee. All I can say is that the creators of Glee have “their” story to tell which doesn’t jive with the desires of some of its audience. For me alot of the stories are relevent and relate to alot of teens today. But there are those who choose to watch more adult programming and have less public announcements to swallow in a so-called comedy series. I have to say that this episode was full of one-liners by many characters that had me on the floor. Again, I loved this episode and wish that people could watch and enjoy just what is, not take it as anything but entertainment to forget the reality of today and enjoy the fictional characters for what they are.

          • Diane says:

            You hit the nail on the head. I started watching Glee to watch Damian McGinty from Celtic Thunder. I think a different writer must write the story each week because there is NO FOLLOW Up to stories. The winter finale was great witha powerful message which then fizzled. Quinn looks good for such aterrible accident, how long was she in the hospital, what happened to Max? The triangle of Sugar/Rory/ Artie was so cute. It finally showed Damian as a cute character Now we don’t even see them for two weeks. Some character are overused others underused. It is almost as if the writers are trying to kill the show- it is no way to keep viewers.

          • Sam G says:

            That was a wonderful comment! I’m a huge Gleek and I agree with you on a lot of what you said. I’m not a huge fan of disco music so I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I would have liked to. But you’re right about Quinn, she gets storylines started, but the writers just never finish them! Like where was she this whole episode? I do think the writers need to regroup and think over a lot of things. But I just wanted to say that your comment was spot on.

          • @Sam G it’s been announced that the reason for Quinn’s absence is due to the fact that Dianna took a short vacation at that time to go to fashion week in Paris and so she wasn’t available to film more than that little bit at the top of the episode. It won’t effect any other episodes. And they do switch writers from ep to ep many/most shows do.

          • yep says:

            I need to add to my previous long winded comment-sorry about that. I had alot to say. I have been reading other forums and tweets about my passion-Glee- and became disturbed by the audacity and arrogance of illogical and delusional fandom who take this show to heart to the point of reality. They have the audacity to invade actors personal lives and threaten them physically because of their dislike or as they go raging in the web-world(Twitter) “hate” spewing hate. Their comments bashing these actors about their physical or professional attributes and abilities. This goes beyond the barriers of reality and even simple decency. I am embarressed to even associate myself saying I’m a Gleek with these lunatics(crazed fandom). JMO, but I feel freedom of the press shouldn’t include these allowances to invade the private sanctum of the actors lives. It is lunacy. And those who threaten to harm anyone should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Which in today’s society, those in the public eye are free to be accessed to press because people want to know. Lea Michele on her own twitter account had to read some ass-wipe’s threat to her person. What a creep. I’m a fan and not ashamed of it. And I abhor the actions of many who wish to abase themselves for the sole purpose of discrediting and insulting an actor of a show they so-called are a fan of. That is a bunch of hockey-puck.

          • freyoda says:

            I totally agree with you! I personally thought this was one of the best episodes this season… Storylines that ended well and for once and no cliffhanger (something glee started only this season). A happy groupsong as final performance and scene… it was like glee in season 1 :) Furthermore I think Quinn’s storyline is very unbelievable because of all the things that happened to her… They could have easily let an underused character get into a car accident while texting if they needed to put that in there, but Quinn again? Come on… The writing is poor. They have many more writers that they had in season 1 and 2 so that might be part of the problem.

  4. Dash says:

    That picture of Blaine on this article is everything that I hate about that character.

    • What is there to hate about Blaine? I will never get this? His character is wonderful (adding in that Darren is a triple threat who can sing, dance AND act) He makes Kurt happy (& vice versa) I’m so sick of the haters around her who call themselves Gleeks – most of who either hate on Finchel or Blaine for some freaking reason. Finchel haters tend to be the ones who ONLY want gay couples on the show (the imaginary couple of Faberry fans are the worse they’re down right mean & rude to Finchel fans & worse to Cory too not just Finn) Not sure what is up the Blaine hater behinds but I’m tired of it. Glee is about ACCEPTING people and not just being mean bullies because someone doesn’t like the same thing you do! My advice to those who don’t like Blaine/Klaine/Finchel/Finn STOP WATCHING!

      • sarah says:


      • Matthew Thomas says:

        Lol at Darren Criss being a triple threat. He might be able to sing (however bland his voice might be) but act he can’t. It’s not completely his fault though since Blaine is the show’s worst written character in a show full of badly written characters. He’s supposed to be charismatic and charming but he just comes off as smug and sanctimonious.

        • stittsyk says:

          Smug, sanctimonious, as well as a cry-baby attention-whore who’s highly overrated and overused. There is a lot to hate about Blaine, for many of us. I like my characters with real, you know, characterization. I always laugh at the “triple-threat” title too. He is a very flashy average, but that’s unfortunately what the mainstream media seems to sell a lot of. Too bad so many people still buy into it.

          • jrs says:

            Oh I am sooooo agreeing with you Matthew Thomas and stittsyk. I HATE, HATE, HATE Blaine. Cannot stand anytime he is on that show. You’ve articulated a lot of the issues I have with him. So frigging smug, I want to slap his ugly mug every time he’s on.

          • Sushi says:

            PREACH!! Blaine is the reason Glee is becoming a stale, soulless mess. Blarren fangirls always have to make us “haters” seem like we hate him out for no legitimate reason. Well you guys are wrong. Blaine is a blatant cash cow who is overused and poorly written.

        • Well considering he actually went to college and has a degree in theater SOMEONE who has more knowledge than you thinks he can act. And the fact he’s done Broadway (and has an solo album in the works someone with more knowledge than you thinks he can sing) and since he can hold his own with the likes of Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr dancing. That’s called a triple threat. And he writes his own music (and musicals w/ his theater company). I don’t see where you people see someone who’s smug, sanctimonious, cry baby attention-whore. (people might and did say the same of Rachel in S1) These kids are show choir/theater kids. Everyone is over dramatic. And using the word hate for anything especially a tv character or actor makes me ill. How can you ‘hate’ anyone? Do you watch Glee or do you not get the message that hate is wrong and hurtful?

          • Ashley says:

            I agree with you completely. Hate goes against everything the show stands for. And I also agree that certain people want the show to be all gay couples (specifically Finchel haters), and a lot of people don’t want that. It’s about representing everyone as you said, and Finchel has been a huge part of the show since the beginning when the ratings were at their best.

          • stittsyk says:

            LOL, having a degree does not automatically make you a good actor/singer/dancer, it just means you paid your tuition and passed your classes. I can hate a fictional character, it’s OK. I’ll just say I have little respect for Darren, who I also regard as an attention-whore of average ability, who’s been riding on a whole lot of coattails to get to where he’s at right now. When I see him making a real name for himself based on his own talent, away from Glee and Klaine and Ryan Murphy’s casting couch, maybe I’ll gain some respect for him.

          • Josh says:

            I find it funny that you’re calling people dramatic, haha.

        • Sarah says:

          YES! I didn’t mind him at first but glee has this tendency to jump on a character or a theme and then WAY overuse it. It has just been too much Blaine this season and I am sick of it, not to mention that they seem to have changed his character dramatically from the initial introduction. On top of that, Darren criss just over-acts – I thought that was painfully on display when he sang side by side with Matt Bomer last week.

      • Well as you can see half of Glee’s audience has stopped watching and its getting lower, they don’t have to end Finchel but must they be the focus every single week?

        • Ashley says:

          It’s not because of Finchel, it’s the storylines in general. The show was at it’s best and highest when Finchel were still a huge focus, during Season 1 and 2. A lot of people love them, I admit I’m one of them. Glee needs to cut back on some of the ridiculous and be more consistent w/ their characters, IMO.

          • Katie says:

            I found the finn/rachel relationship to be much more bearable and less toxic to both characters in the first and second season. It was trying at times to watch their scenes especially in season 2, but no where near as trying as it has been to watch them try to operate this season. Finn and Rachel is one of the storylines they’ve been focusing on this season (the wedding, their constant disfunction over the future) so you can’t blame the storylines and not blame that relationship.

      • KSM says:

        The character is just not very good. Maybe Darren is a fine person, actor, and singer, but the character of Blaine is just very forced. They threw him in there to be a love interest for Kurt, and then it’s like they didn’t know how to keep him around.

      • I can’t stand Finchel and most of my ships on Glee are straight ships, I only have a passing fancy with Faberry in a friendship sense, so you’re incorrect about Finchel haters. People hate them because they’re badly written, Finn is supposedly “in love” with Rachel but barely knows a thing about her, Rachel is willing to give up on her dreams to be with him. They’re bad for each other, and to be honest I’m sick of them being shoved down my throat, which is the reason I haven’t watched this show since yes/no when he asked her to marry him and the show went into the absurd.

      • Dash says:

        A.) Never called myself a Gleek and never will.
        B.) Blaine is a waste of space of a character. I find nothing about him appealing. From his over gelled hair to his smug over emoting facial expressions to his too small shirts to his god awful bow ties to his flip flopping personality, everything about Blaine is annoying. I’m sure Darren Criss is a nice guy and he’s probably talented but that character is a train wreck. I really don’t understand the appeal. I’ve never seen someone explain the appeal of the character without saying, “Plus it’s Darren Criss!” Take the DC factor out of it and look at him as a character. The character is awful. He’s a predictable character with limited range who falls back to the exact same routine always. No growth, no change, no anything but mugging to the camera in too tight shirts.

        • sarah says:

          The things I love about Blaine… 1) Too tight shirts 2) not afraid to rock a bowtie. 3) The guy’s got a voice and his stage presence is phenomonal. 4) He’s helped Kurt embrace who he is 5) He stands up for his fellow glee members 6) He’s delicious eye candy and sometimes its ok to like a character just for that reason…..

          • Sushi says:

            Sarah, you just sound ridiculous for thinking those are valid justifications. This is why fangirls ruin EVERYTHING. 1) The shirts look terrible on him (he’s a scrawny guy). 2) I like bowties, he just ruins them with tasteless color coding, flood pants, and hideous cardigans. 3) His voice is overused, even if it is good (I say decent). And his stage presence makes him look like a show off and a giant attention whore (i.e. jumping on a piano to try and upstage your attention whore brother, overdone facial expressions, etc.). 4) Kurt always has embraced himself for who he is. In fact, since Blaine has been put in the picture, have we even gotten to see Kurt embrace himself?? No it’s just Blaine. Kurt embraces himself more around Karofsky FFS! 5) He barely does that at all if ever? Slut shaming Sam, leaking set lists, not letting Tina have a f**king solo for a change. 6) And here’s why you fangirls are even defending him. Sad, shallow world we live in. Pathetic.

          • stittsyk says:

            OMG, I agree, the your whole list of why you love Blaine is ridiculous, but #4 takes the cake. Kurt has ALWAYS embraced who he is, way before Blaine showed up. #3 and #6 are very subjective too, because I just don’t hear/see it at all…

        • sarah says:

          Dude, its a tv show. Not based in reality at all. Good grief!! HAHA! I am actually a Finn girl myself. And the addition of Blaine has taken a ton of solos from Finn, but I still like Blaine and he can sing!!! I dont get how people get so mad about him. Its silly! HAHA I am far from shallow, but thanks for that anyways. And BTW why is Sam a slut?? There are a few more people I would put in that catergory way before Sam!!

          • sarah says:

            Oops read your comment wrong so nevermind the thing about Sam!

          • I so agree with you Sarah. I’m both a Finn girl & Blaine (obviously) Finn was the character I fell in love with first followed by Rachel & Kurt. Then Blaine was introduced and I found him amazing. I don’t even say ‘besides it’s Darren Criss’ I like Blaine for who he is and I find his singing phenomenal (love both his duets with Kurt & Rachel) I love Finn’s voice too & Cory has come along in the last couple years to become an amazing singer. I don’t understand all the Blaine hate & then those that even take it out on Darren. Yes he gets a lot of solo’s (not his fault he’s not RIB) & Darren has joked about it. I found that list adorable it’s a tv show not real life. Darren can pull off Blaine’s outfits (I don’t care for the pants so short but I don’t mind them being tight & he can rock a bow tie) He’s short but far from scrawny. If you think he’s scrawny then I’m guessing you didn’t see him in Big Brother? So stop blaming fangirls saying they ruin everything. And Faberry fans you are not innocent bystanders in the ship war. I have a friend who got a death threat from a Faberry fan for shipping Finchel.

      • Jamie says:

        Okay, you need to calm your tits, and not jab at someone who just had their own opinion. I get it you love klaine and finchel half the fandom does, but the other half actually does like faberry. They are not delusional they just have an otp just like you do. Even if it never will happen it doesn’t mean you have to be rude and commit tons of logical fallacies. I’m sorry that some of them were rude to you, but it’s probably comments like you just made that make them highly dislike you.

      • Sue says:

        Totally agree!!!!!!!

    • Stacey says:


    • peace yo says:

      I think Dash means Glee has turned into Blee. It’s actually true he gets so many solos all the time it’s kind of annoying. I think Darren has actually even made a joke about it. :)

    • Kendall says:

      A textbook hipster doofus.

  5. Glee sucks! says:


  6. greysfan says:

    Good for Ringer but god damn it ABC you know how to kill a show. Private Practice was great last night and look what happens. In saying this what does this say about Body of Proof now?

  7. Julie says:

    Glee promotes Blaine and Mercedes in songs and lets a clip of Will and Sue out to promote the episode, so it should be no surprise that it didn’t draw in ratings. Despite what some over-zealous internet fans think, the focus on Blaine, Mercedes, Santana, and other better-left-in-the-background characters has hurt Glee. The show had a more focused storyline when they didn’t try to have 15 main characters. Go back to the season 1 formula — clear leads with everybody else supporting and getting 1-2 b or c level stories in an episode.

    This is why Glee can’t afford to lose its most popular younger characters (Rachel, Finn, Kurt) because the others just don’t bring the ratings.

    • I agree with Julie. I feel these long breaks have hurt too. Absence hasn’t made the heart grow fonder. It’s given people the opportunity to sample other shows and move on.

    • Chace says:

      THANK YOU! Exactly my point!

    • Rachel says:

      I would say it’s more to do with the fact it was promoted as ‘the disco ep’ and not who was in the promos that put people off. People just aren’t into disco, which seems completely apparent by how badly the songs have sold on itunes this week. It’s apparently one of the worst episodes they’ve had for music sales, especially considering how many songs there were. The highest selling song currently is Stayin Alive at 53. Which to put into perspective, 3 of the 5 songs last week broke top 25, one made it to number 4 (Somebody that I Used to Know) and STIUTK is still 30 places ahead of the new songs at number 23, despite being released over a week ago. Basically, this was the kind of ep that a lot of people just weren’t interested in. I do agree the ratings are dropping in general, it’s not just this ep. But I do think this ep did so badly due to the fact that many of the young audience that make up the majority of Glee’s viewership just aren’t interested in Saturday Night Fever and disco music.

      • Mile says:

        I agree with Rachel

        • Becca says:

          Definitely agree about the disco. I usually watch Glee live, but decided to catch up on last night’s t.v. instead because the music just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

      • Walter says:

        And what will be your explanation when the next new episode tanks as well?

        • Rachel says:

          I specifically said I know and am aware of the fact the ratings are dropping and it’s not just this ep. I was simply pointing out that this ep in particular will have turned a lot of the younger general audience off due to the song content and theme. I’m not trying to use that excuse to explain the general ratings drop for Glee, just for this ep in particular. Especially coz the drop was so steep. It didn’t just drop one tenth, it dropped 3, to a rating lower than anything we’ve seen before. A drop of 3 tenths is massive. That to me seems to say a lot of people simply weren’t interested in this ep in particular. Next ep is a tribute, and they normally do well in ratings, although I’m not sure how popular Whitney is with the general audience compared to Madonna or Michael Jackson, so I’m not sure what will happen. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But I do think the disco theme played a part this week. How big a part, who knows? I guess we’ll see next week.

    • Mile says:

      Most people are really tired of Rachel and Finn.
      Blaine was barely even in this episode and Mercedes is amazing and almost never gets focus. What really hurts this show is the bad writing and the completely INSANE fandom.

      • really? says:

        Your kidding right? Mercedes gets too much damn attention. She above anyone has been a whiney selfish self centered character. She’s annoying and her screaming/singing is old news. She’s not the best singer, she’s not the best character, and she is too damn annoying to be likable.

        • mile says:

          then we have to agree to disagree. I love Mercedes and I think she rarely gets a decent storyline and not enough songs. But that´s just my opinion I guess. I don´t find Mercedes annoying at all.

    • Dash says:

      I disagree. Well, kind of. Glee is terrible, I mean really really terrible at being an ensemble show. However, there are a lot of ensemble shows out there right now that are doing it right, Raising Hope, New Girl, Parks & Rec, Community. I think that these days, stronger shows have more of an ensemble feel because it gives you the chance to explore different stories with different characters in a way that a show with clear leads doesn’t. That being said, the key to a well written ensemble is writing those stories about different characters without shipping your other characters off into T-Dawg land where they only show up once an episode to say some kitschy trademark line.

    • Better get used to Blaine being a lead character. He’s not graduating and is the second half of one of the most popular couples. Like it or not Klaine has a huge following as does Britanna. And personally I think a show with just Finchel & Klaine like was thrown around as spin-off probably would have worked. The lower ratings right now have more to do with Fox putting them on a 7 wk hiatus than Blaine/Santana/Mercedes.

      • stittsyk says:

        If Blaine is to lead the show next season, there will be no season five. I know his fans believe differently, but he just doesn’t have the chops to be an interesting enough character, outside of Klaine, to hold the general public’s interest. They’ve already lost so much of the general audience that started out loving Glee, including me. The proof is already in the numbers this season.

        • You’re opinion. Yes I am a fan of Darren/Blaine & Klaine but how do you know if he can hold the show? For one he won’t be doing it on his own since Rachel/Finn & Kurt (as well as I’m sure a few more veterans from S1 like Artie & Tina who are also juniors) will be in S4. And all we know even now about Blaine is he has a brother 10 yrs his senior who is an actor. They’ve never explored his life before Dalton and Kurt. We don’t even know his parents names. Are they married or divorced? Do they accept that fact he’s gay? And obviously to me you just aren’t a fan of Darren and/or Blaine to have any clue what his talents are – you can’t blame him as the reason the ratings are lower this season the show is aging like it or not it’s gonna happen. So personally instead of listening to people like you who don’t know his work outside of Glee & therefore have just chosen to not like his character – stop watching we won’t miss you. And no I’m not a teenybopper & I’ve been a fan since it began. I loved it before Darren but personally I missed him when he was gone during half of Michael & Heart and not in The Spanish Teacher. (and where was he – oh yeah on Broadway selling out shows)

          • Katie says:

            The show lost it’s novelty that’s why it’s been having such large drops in the ratings, this isn’t just aging this is indicative of the show’s quality. The ratings decline has been steady all season, viewers aren’t interested to tune in to see how the stories that are being set up are going to play out. I agree, you can’t put the blame on Darren Criss – you have to put the blame on the people writing the show and determining what direction it goes in.

          • Josh says:

            Chrisie…calm down and respect other’s opinions. Stop jumping down everyone’s throats. If they don’t like Blaine, they don’t like. Stop taking it so personally.

    • stittsyk says:

      I agree with Julie. I myself stopped watching Glee when Blaine started being so overused and overrated as a human juke-box, with bipolar characterization, that still gets his ass kissed on a regular basis. I miss the first season, and am actually glad to see the ratings dropping steadily as the writing becomes even more ridiculous. While I want my favorite actors to have a steady paycheck (Chris, Lea, Cory), I would also love to see them off the sinking ship that is Glee.

      • You said all of the things I wanted to say. The season finale of Season One is where the “Gleeverse” ends in my mind, because after that season the show became a sad caricature of its own self. I tried cheering for Blaine, but at some point, a character becomes unbearable.

  8. Becca says:

    Aw that sucks on both the Private Practice and Cougar Town fronts! Pretty sure they’ll still pick PP up for another season, but Cougar Town’s fate was sealed the minute ABC decided to wait til Feb to put it on the air :(

  9. thefirstmrshummel says:

    After last week’s episode, I’m not surprised viewers are staying away from Glee in droves. It’s a shame, because I actually thought the disco episode was fun and had a few great moments.

  10. Kim says:

    It’s so disappointing that an episode highlighting the incredible range of Cory Monteith’s acting skills was not seen by more viewers. It was a surprisingly great overall episode, as well. Cory for all the awards! Among other things…this guy can definitely…strut! ;)

    • sarah says:

      TOTALLY AGREE!! Cory always makes the episode for me! we need a Finn focused episode to get back into the groove!! And you are right he sure can strut!!!!

  11. Perhaps if ABC promoted Private Practice, as much as it promotes Greys and Scandal, the numbers would be better. Every time I tune to ABC, there’s a Greys/Scandal promo. When Private Practice aired after Greys, they never promoted Private Practice as much. And they still don’t. The show was on hiatus for a month… and we didn’t see a promo until LAST WEEK. And even then, the promotion of the show on the network was scarce.

    • And this is not to say airing the show on Tuesdays is a bad thing. I think it’s nice ABC thinks the show should have a chance to stand on its own, but in order to do that, the network itself has to do THEIR part in promoting the show. The actors/showrunners can only do so much. This one is on ABC.

      • Becca says:

        Agreed! Like you said, it’s a show of support on the network’s part to move PP to a new spot, but they definitely should have promoted it more.

    • Dash says:

      I didn’t even know it was back until about 3PM yesterday when I read the TVline what to watch.

      • Lack of promotion. ABC didn’t start showing promos til last week or end of the week before. And even then, they didn’t show them too regularly.

        • eridapo says:

          Nothing new there for ABC…Promotion? I don’t think that word exists at ABC. ABC’s problems with ratings are due to lack of proper promotion and erratic scheduling.

          • Dash says:

            They promote the H-E-L-L out of Revenge though. I still can’t watch that show because all I see are the overused summer promos. I can still recite the little monologue from memory because it played constantly on Hulu/ABC. They just pick their pony and stick with it and leave the rest of the shows to the glue factory.

  12. Jos says:

    Glee did Disco after driving off older fans who might like it what would they expect. Plus they made their promotion about Blaine’s performance and everyone I know is tired of him singing all the time. Not the way to get fans to turn in after last weeks Blaine-fest which also had low ratings.

    • OMG last week was not a Blaine fest sheesh! It was shared by Quinn (or did you ignore that fact because it was called Big Brother) Darren has been on the show a little over a year now and a regular since this season and never had an episode dedicated to learning his background. That’s all they did explore his background! And a human jukebox maybe because Darren KILLS every song they give him (and they sell on iTunes – No #1 from Big Brother wasn’t one of the Quartie duets – it was Darren’s duet with Matt Bomer) I swear if a person is talented people hate on him.

      • Ummm last week was a Blaine fest with about 20% Quinn. I don’t hate on Blaine but I’d like to know him as a character not just him singing every week or Kurts boyfriend.

      • sarah says:

        Agreed! I heart Darren all the way!! I love Blaine and the song in the beginning last night is why!!!

      • stittsyk says:

        Darren’s duet was successful because it WAS with Matt Bomer, and because the original is the number one song in the country. That’s the kind of recipe they have to go to now to sell Darren’s highly overused voice/performances this season. I know it’s your opinion, but many people don’t see Darren as “killing” every song he’s given, except in a bad way. His voice is very average. If a person is overrated and overused, beyond their talent level, people will hate on him. Familiarity breeds contempt, and all that…

  13. Ben says:

    It might be because I’m French and I don’t understand the american school system, but … Why Blaine, who’s supposed to be a junior, attend classes with seniors like Finn or Mike (I’m not talking necessarily yesterday’s episode, but I was already hit once or twice) ?
    Does that make sense, or Glee’s writers are so bad that they don’t care about that kind of detail?
    (If you understand what I mean… My knowledge of american language is so pathetic)

    • Ben says:

      I mean… Not talking ABOUT last night episode. Not necessarily, I mean.

    • Carmichael says:

      It makes sense, at my school there were some classes juniors and seniors would take together. Like for instance math, depending on what level you were at. Plus some electives.

    • Anon says:

      I understand what you’re saying. In American High School, there are some classes in which different grade level students can take at the same time. For example, in my first year of high school, I took an Art 2D class and there were some students in my class that were a few grade levels higher than me, such as juniors and seniors.

      This is because some courses in high school here, especially elective courses, in the US are not grade specific, so various students from different grade levels can be in the same class together.

      I hope this explanation helps you understand it more!

      • Ben says:

        Yes, thanks. We got a really different system here. We don’t mix up with older or youger students in high school, and we don’t have the possibility to choose our classes… not that much at least). Do you realize how lucky you guys are ? I wich I could do that when I were in high school.

        Anyway, thanks for the heads up !

    • Dash says:

      I went to a small high school and our English classes were combined, so were science classes. Those are subject you don’t need to take in sequence so they would combine us to make the classes larger. I don’t think Glee is concerned about it but this is one instance where I give them a pass because it really happens.

    • It could also be that Blaine is taking an advanced level class. Kurt pointed out to Schue in the S2 Christmas episode that classes at Dalton were harder than at McKinley therefore when Blaine transferred he may have tested out of some Jr level classes and is taking the Sr level of those classes.

  14. Jane says:

    Can you imagine? 17.6 million people with lower-than-average intelligence watching CBS at the same time! It could be an advertisers dream under the right circumstances.

    • John says:

      NCIS may not be the most challenging show on television but I look at it the same way I look at a summer tenpole film. Fun yet goofy entertainment.

    • loki says:

      Better than being a sad, stupid sore loser – that’s for sure

    • Steph says:

      if you don’t like NCIS don’t watch it and don’t talk about it.

    • tp says:

      Every week with the same comment. Ignore “Jane”…..or just laugh about it. That’s what I do.

    • kalamapolice says:

      Jane, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I have an IQ of 148. And I watch religiously, not because it’s a Mensa level program but because I ADORE the characters and stories involved. Please, please, please think again before judging us NCIS-lovers. We’re happy with our “lower-than-average-intelligence” program…

  15. Amanda From Michigan says:

    I’m about ready to give up on Tuesday TV. I’m ready to get this season over with and go with the summer shows!

  16. Carmichael says:

    Take this as a lesson Ryan Murphy & other Glee producers: We don’t want disco back. Don’t do it again. BAD GLEE! Also, the less of this Wade/Unique character the better.

  17. Heather says:

    I hate what ABC is doing to Private Practice. I really hope they pick up the show for a sixth season and don’t let the ratings news from the time slot change affect it. The show was really good last night and has been pretty great all season. I was hoping the ratings would be better. =( I love having it back to back with Grey’s (it makes sense to keep those shows together) and hope they move it back there. Keep PP around please ABC!! =(

  18. bad kevin says:

    Hope the CW renews Ringer for a second season and Smash Williams from FNL rocks on last night’s NCIS. :-)

  19. SaraK says:

    I blame Flopson.

  20. S says:

    I’m STILL thinking about Ringer. It was really awesome. They did a great job!

  21. llws says:

    Im not surprised PP was down…I watch PP every week..but Iw ouldn’t have known it was back on a TUESDAY if I didn’t see it here on TV Line. So hopefully, it’s numbers will be up next week

  22. tu says:

    I’m sorry I really like Cory but i don`t think that he is a good actor. Yesterday he was ok, but not good at all. He always has the same face every single time, like he is constipated or something. I like him, he is such a good guy, but Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer or Naya Rivera are way better actors

    • rachel says:

      This. He seems like a nice guy and the potential is certainly there, but I think he needs to take an acting class or two. Maybe work on emoting with his face more or something.

  23. TVMovieLove says:

    Loved Ringer and hope they bring it back for season 2! There are so many questions that I want answered even though the truth came out. Hopefully the powers that be will let us have another season! Read more of my thoughts on the finale episode by clicking on my name.

  24. april-ann says:

    I love Ringer but seriously, was that supposed to be the kicker — that Bridget is shocked to finally realize that Siobhan wanted her dead? Because that would be well, kind of lame considering that it has been obvious to viewers from the first episode. I guess it was more Siobhan not wanting Siobhan dead more than Siobhan wanting Bridget dead (but if Bridget turned up dead that would be okay with Siobhan). Someone was after Siobhan so Siobhan sought out Bridget, took her on the boat with her, faked her suicide and left the country, conveniently leaving behind an exact lookalike for the killer to pursue instead. And Bridget never suspected any of this until last night??

    • Shaun says:

      I don’t get that either…..she keeps running into folks tied to Siobahn but never clues into why they are doing these things to her?Like that Charlie guy had Siobahn henchman written all over him.She never even saw a body of her sister,so for all she knows someone came and picked her up on a Jetski,lol.

      • april-ann says:

        I know, right? Also Siobhan could have bet her life on it that Bridget would assume her identity, which is obviously why she set up the whole boat “suicide” thing. I liked the season finale but was disappointed that the very end had Bridget all “Siobhan wanted me DEAD????”. I thought that was so anticlimactic as a cliffhanger since viewers have known all of that from the get go.

  25. Just Me says:

    Private Practice was soooo good last night. I do wish it had stayed on Thursday night because of the character connections between Grey’s and PP. As for Scandal? Still haven’t made up my mind as to whether I will stick with it or not.

  26. Rosie says:

    Poor Ringer! 0.5 for it’s seaosn, and most likely series, finale is awful. Such a shame, really enjoyed the show.

    As for Glee, I agree entirely with Rachel. This was the old-school disco episode, and was promoted as such. Glee has a lot of young people watching it, who simply have no interest in watching performances and listening to songs they don’t know. Sad, but true.

    I honestly don’t think WHO was in the promos had anything to do with it. Blaine was hardly in the promo (or the ep for that matter) so I’m not sure why he’s getting blamed. Yes, they released his performance beforehand, but they also released Mercedes’ Disco Inferno too, and to be honest, I don’t see any of the general audience even knowing about these released performances anyway. To most of them, they’ll see the promo at the end of an ep and nothing more, as they don’t spend time online on Glee fansites and such. And the people that do spend time on Glee fansites are generally the people who will watch an ep regardless of who’s perfomances are being promoted, because they’re, you know, fans. The promo that most of the GA would have seen didn’t really feature any one character very heavily, so I don’t see how a particular character can be blamed. What it did feature however, was the fact that this was going to be an ep dedicated to disco and older music. And that is what will have put a lot of younger people off. As Rachel said above, the Itunes sales have been abysmal this for this ep. Fans of Glee are evidentally not fans of disco.

  27. joe says:

    Before I start this let me say I watch pp, but it has been a time slot hit , remember when it started it was on wed it was dying ,only when it got moved after greys it started to do well ,I want it to stay but not do well on tues because I like body of proof and I don’t want to see that gone

  28. joe says:

    And with glee I’m going to end this season and the I’m done ,its getting painful to watch ( I’ve been watching since the first episode)

  29. Angie L says:

    I’m not surprised that Glee is down, that show has become boring. I really loved it the first season, got sick of all the guest stars the second season, and now I just DVR it. I’m a couple of episodes behind and thinking about just deleting it altogether. Ringer, on the other hand, I love, and it’ll probably be cancelled:(

  30. tom says:

    All you PP fans had better start emailing, blogging ABC NOW, the show is in danger of cancellation and I hear that the finale is a cliffhanger….

  31. rachel says:

    I actually don’t mind Blaine as a character, even though he came off as massive baby last week, but does he have to sing in EVERY episode? Overexposure, Glee writers. Look it up.

    As for Finchel, I’ve never been a fan. But after this episode, I have never wanted a couple to break up so badly in my life. I can’t believe they’ve turned Rachel into this pathetic girl that would give up her Broadway dreams if her boyfriend couldn’t be with her. She should want to go to NYC regardless of if Finn said it was okay or not. So disappointing.

    Glee has definitely lost my viewership after this week. I wonder how Fox will feel about that season 4 if the ratings continue to drop like this.

  32. ggny says:

    dear glee…this proves that disco sucks

  33. ggny says:

    Also where the hell was Quinn? After last weeks episode she isnt even in this episode? Wtf?

  34. Gerald says:

    I know it is a stretch, but I would LOVE if Ringer had a wrap up movie. The way Season 1 ended could easily be resolved with a neat 2 hour TV Movie. They may not have a chance at a second season, or even enough storyline for a second season, but a TV movie would be VERY satisfying to us fans.

  35. Angel says:

    The best episode this season of Glee was last night. It was equally balanced in characters and had continuity. Finchel parts were soo good and proved haters how healthy their relationship is. Cory is such a good actor. Every show is at lows right now. Sadly many don’t like disco and with the long ass hiatus, it really hurt the ratings. Since yes/no the quality of storylines has gotten better. Glee has been renewed already. General audience love Finchel and Blaine. If Fox can renew raising Hope at those ratings, I have no worry about Glee. I love every episode

    • rachel says:

      … If anything it has proved how unhealthy their relationship is. She was going to drop her plans if Finn didn’t want to go to NY. How is that healthy at all? Is she seriously that co-dependent on Finn that she would drop her life-long dream? Also, I want to know where people are getting these facts about Finchel and Klaine being well liked from. Because if anything Finchel being the main focus of every season 3 episode has done nothing but hurt their ratings.

      • LeSo says:

        I don’t understand why everyone is so up in arms about Rachel suggesting that she put her Broadway hopes and dreams on hold while Finn figures out his future plans. I don’t believe for a second that Rachel won’t leave for NYC with Kurt upon graduation. Both are driven almost completely by their desire for stardom on a Broadway stage and neither has proven him/herself to be the type to give up on his/her dreams on a whim. Everyone needs to remember that these are high school relationships. Every teenager is overly dramatic, believing that the smallest issues are life or death situations. A great majority of teenagers act before they think as well. If Finn is expressing doubts and concerns about his future, then I would expect Rachel to attempt to comfort him and provide reassurance that they’re in it together, especially if they’re serious about getting married. If offering to postpone her NYC dreams helped him to realize his potential and allowed him to find some direction, then I don’t see the harm in the offer. Like I said, it never crossed my mind that Rachel would actually put her plans on hold. It was just a suggestion.
        Since this is a high school relationship, I would also expect that both Rachel and Finn would attempt to compromise in order to protect their relationship. In both of their minds, their love is the most important thing in the world. With graduation looming, I’m sure they’re both afraid of what the future holds and they’re clinging to the security they feel in their relationship. It probably doesn’t help that Rachel hasn’t actually been accepted to NYADA yet either. For all we know, she could be attempting to create a plan B for herself. For right now, I’m just going to let the story play out. I would like to believe that the writing staff has a proper graduation storyline in place for Rachel Berry. For me, she is the only character that I have never stopped rooting for since the very first episode.

        • rachel says:

          The thing is though; the reason Rachel was so likable for a lot of fans is that she was NEVER the typical high school girl. She was ambitious and selfish and talented and put her life long goals ahead of stupid high school drama. But now she’s just a shell of the character we grew to like. She’s just a normal high school girl who just wants to make her boyfriend happy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not the Rachel Berry we’ve known for years and it’s understandable that fans would be upset that she’s gone from an amazing character to something so run-of-the-mill it’s painful.

          As for a good graduation storyline, well I wish I had as much faith in the Glee writers as you do.

          • LeSo says:

            In all fairness, almost all high school kids, girls especially, are selfish. To suggest that Rachel sets herself apart from that is rather off-base.
            I certainly can’t deny that she is selfish, ambitious and talented, and I definitely love her in spite of that; but even when that part of her personality was a bigger focus in the first and second seasons, she still wanted a boyfriend. When she couldn’t have the boy she wanted, she tried to make him jealous. When that didn’t work, she was even more adamant about putting everything she had into polishing her talent. It could be argued that diving head first into her talent was an attempt to bury her desires for a boyfriend. I’m not saying that I necessarily believe that to be true.. Just that it could be argued.
            What one might see as Rachel pushing her own dreams aside in favor of her boyfriend’s future, another might see as Rachel growing and maturing, realizing that she can’t spend the rest of her life thinking only of herself. Again, she didn’t say that she was giving up on New York; just that she was willing to wait until he figured out what he wanted to do. She gave him the time and patience that he needed, and in the end, they agreed to stick with the plan of going to New York.
            I can’t dispute that I would like to see Rachel stay true to her single self, at least when it comes to maintaining her confidence and ambition for stardom, but I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that she should turn her back on the person who she believes to be her soul mate just because he’s struggling with what his future holds. Relationships just don’t work that way, regardless of the ages of those involved.

  36. joe says:

    Ryan Murphy screwed up nip/ tuck after the first season did it with glee ,with that said can’t wait to see what kind of a mess he makes of the 2 nd season of American horror story

  37. joe says:

    Hope ringer gets renewed ,not holding my breath ,ratings are not good

    • sarah says:

      I love Ringer. It is a solid show. I wonder why more people didnt tune in. I hope it gets a second season too!!

      • Aubrie says:

        I agree, it’s a great show. You can basically blame the lack of viewers on CW not pairing it with a lead-in that makes sense and for the winter hiatus that went on forever.

  38. I’m still watching GLEE and I loved the music from Satuday Night Glee-ver, but LISTEN UP POWERS THAT BE, the reason Glee is dipping is it’s become a machine with no heart and no soul. It’s edited bits and pieces of emotionless acting. The musical numbers are still pretty good, but the BIG MACHINE that Glee has become will be the cause of death of this once vibrant, fun hour of television.

  39. Saturday Night Glee-ver is too cheesy.

  40. TRMJ says:

    Hum, Glee hit a new low… Well, that’s no surprise, since they turned Glee into GLUM and especially after last week’s BORING Blaine-centered episode.
    If they want higher ratings, perhaps they should consider bringing KAROFSKY BACK but who am I to say that? I’m only one pirate among hundreds who will watch whatever Max Adler stars on. But you wouldn’t want to upset the Klaine fanbase, right? They bring such high rates….oh, WAIT A MINUTE! They’ve dropped the ball! Glee has hit a new LOW! So, RIB if you want higher ratings? BRING KAROFSKY BACK an give him a HAPPY GLEEFUL ending!

    • Sushi says:

      I freaking love Karofsky. Max Adler’s performance in “On My Way” was the only well acted part of this season. They don’t even appreciate him enough to let him know if he’s even coming back. His character almost committed suicide, you would think a MENTION of how he’s doing would come up!!

      • Carl says:

        I agree so much with this… yet it seems Glee doesn’t care about quality acting or any consistent plot they may have left (sigh)…

    • Rosie says:

      Posts like this kind of annoy me, because none of it is based in any kind of fact. Yes, Glee has hit a new low. But you think it’s because of Klaine, as opposed to, lets say, the outdated disco theme of this weeks ep, the contrived storylines that get no resolution/a rushed resolution, the focus on songs and itunes sales as opposed to story, the awful and sometimes bordering on offensive writing (I’m looking at you, I Kissed A Girl), or the simple fact that ratings drop the longer a show goes on/always drop after daylight savings/are largely down across the board (many shows, not just Glee, are hitting lows every single week).

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Karofsky too. I hate how his storyline has just been left hanging. But Klaine (or Finchel, Brittana, Tike, Wemma or any other couple or individual character for that matter) is not to blame. As for Karofsky increasing the ratings, in hasn’t happened before, so why would it happen now? His ‘big’ ep this season, On My Way, scored a 3.0 demo, which while it did tie quite a few eps (Pot O Gold, Hold On To Sixteen and a couple others) was still beaten by most of this season. Only 3 eps scored lower in the demo than On My Way, 2 of which have come after the hiatus (Big Brother and Glee-ver), and the third was another ep Karofsky was in (Heart, on a 2.8). Even the other ep he was featured in (The First Time) only hit a 3.1. So Karofsky’s 3 eps this season got a 2.8, 3.0 and 3.1 respectively (and he was hardly in The First Time, his personal highest rated ep this season, AND it was heavily Klaine centric, which you say is bringing vieweship down).

      All I’m trying to say here is there’s no way you can blame one individual couple/character for the decline in ratings. It’s an amalgamation of things, which I think pretty much all lead back to the writing. On the flip side, you also can’t claim that one individual couple/character will improve ratings and save the show. Especially when previous ratings evidence says otherwise. Karofsky certainly doesn’t hurt the ratings. But he doesn’t improve them either. Also, your comment about hundreds who will watch anything with Max Adler – to make a dent in ratings, you need hundreds of thousands to millions. Hundreds of people are a drop in the water to ratings.

  41. kayla says:

    “too little too late” for ringer??no..i want ringer to be renewed..i wanna see bridget and andrew back together :( save ringer!

  42. fiona says:

    glee’s episode was so boring i think i fell asleep during it O.o

  43. carrie says:

    can anyone explain to me why there are blaine haters? i actually like blaine i dont know why some glee fans actually hate him

    • Rod says:

      my answer: for me Blaine is a boring character with a “prince-charming” vibe which makes me puke… I don’t hate the actor (Darren is a talented guy) but the writing is awful, always trying to shove him as the most amazing thing in the world, “sex on a stick” and so on… and there’s his “suave” preppy attitude which I can’t stand anymore… and the “Klaine” romance is just too insipid, without chemistry and any sense of desire or passion, is just too fake and painful to watch (speaking as a gay man).

  44. Angela says:

    I watched “Glee” last night and enjoyed it. Why it struggled in the ratings, who the hell knows. I don’t pay attention to that aspect of it all.
    Also watched the “Dancing” results show as well.

  45. my366in2012 says:

    If I’d been watching live, I would’ve turned Glee off. Disco music was painful and the plot, what little there was, became trite and repetitive. Jokes were flat and Sue was soft. Too much time spent on too many relationships. And speaking of which – no matter how rabid the respective shipping fanbases might be, the majority of those several million viewers don’t really care. Go look at forums, tumblr and all the other places. List how many individuals there are raging about Klaine or Finchel or Puckleberry. That’s the actual percentage who care about shipping. The remaining 99% of us just want a story that is entertaining with that blend of silliness and emotion that Glee used to embody. With less awfully dated and irrelevant music.

  46. J says:

    I hope Glee will get a higher ratings next week please! i dont want Glee to be canceled …sad

  47. Kathy says:

    I am not surprised that Glee’s ratings have dropped. RM has eliminated the uniqueness and spontaneity that made Glee so wonderful in year one and replaced it with his pet causes, pet actors and pet guest stars. He’s ruined the show!

    I love Finn and Rachel. I think Lea Michele is by far the best singer on the show but we rarely hear her anymore. And when we do hear her she doesn’t get to belt the big notes that she does better than anyone else. We also never hear she and Finn duet anymore and they had the best duets. Now when they do get the very occasional duet they get assigned the lamest songs. Now it’s all Mercedes, Santana and Blaine. UGH!.

    I am so sick of Mercedes, Santana and Blaine! I wish they’d killed those characters off in a car accident! What about Quinn and Puck? Kurt being Kurt? Brittany dancing? Tina can sing as well as Mercedes and Santana but we never hear her. Mike and Tina. Will and Emma. SAM! They went to all that trouble to bring Sam back and then they forgot about him! His ex, Quinn, gets into a car accident and they don’t have a single scene together. Quinn and Puck had a baby together and he doesn’t even ask her how she is? Finn and Quinn have a long history and yet…nada.

    And what about the Glee project people? Talk about being not necessary! They need to get back to what made Glee great or cancel it. I am only watching for Finn and Rachel right now and to see the seniors graduate. Smash is kicking Glee’s but!

  48. aquarius1271 says:

    Most of you people declaring that disco is dead don’t know what you are talking about. The disco sound has always been amazing and will always remain that way. The melodies are timeless. As for the Glee cast and crew, I was physically salivating at the perfection of their Saturday Night Fever covers. All the songs were dead-on and the vocal perfoamances were amazing. The cover of If I Can’t Have You by Naya Rivera was almost better than the original. Amber Riley killed it with a wonderfully energetic rendition of Disco Inferno. Cory Monteith used a great falsetto voice on More Than A Woman. Night Fever by Matthew Morrison was as magical as the original one. The same for You Should Be Dancing by Darren Criss. Lea Michele was utterly perfect as always on How Deep is Your Love. Even the last Glee project finalist Alex was able make his mark with a positively rousing Boogie Shoes. The whole team should be proud of their work in this episode. It deserves its own CD issue, it was that brilliant. Shame on everyone who failed to catch with them.