American Idol Top 7 (Part 2) Cover 'Now & Then' Theme: Who Were Your Favorites?

elise testoneWhether or not you know what a quartet is — and make no mistake, Randy Jackson is pretty certain you don’t — there’s no denying that American Idol‘s Top 7 Redux performance night was packed more tightly than J.Lo’s shoe closet. A whopping 14 songs over two hours represented a new Idol record, noted Ryan Seacrest, and while I can’t say the evening came close to last week’s sensational Top 7 (Part 1) telecast, there were certainly enough enjoyable moments that I never once felt a pang of resentment over having to DVR Don’t Trust the B— in Apt. 23. (Well, except maybe when Randy exclaimed “The girl blew the box out of the song!” after Jessica Sanchez’s Alicia Keys cover.

American Idol: 10 Dream Theme Nights!

Anyhow, I’ve got a full recap to crank out — look for it on Thursday at — but before I do, allow me to offer some pithy first impressions on the night’s set list:

Now (Songs from 2000-2010)
Hollie Cavanagh: “Rolling in The Deep” by Adele
Why didn’t “mentor” Jimmy tell her that short of whipping out her wand (Hollie’s a Hufflepuff, right?) and conjuring up Adele herself, there was no way to have a true Idol Moment with this song. Which isn’t to say the performance wasn’t strong and in tune.

Colton Dixon: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
Yeah, the verse was pitched too low, but that rocky rearrangement fit Colton like a pair of black skinny jeans. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought this was one of the night’s most exciting performances.

Elise Testone: “No One” by Alicia Keys
Not sure which was lovelier: That flowy tangerine dress or the ethereal grittiness of Elise’s performance. What the judges need to realize, though, is that Elise just isn’t the kind of singer who’s going to discuss her terminally ill dog in a 15-second post-performance interview with Seacrest. (Not that there’d be anything wrong if she did, but…)

Phillip Phillips: “U Got It Bad” by Usher
Now we know what would happen if you took Usher’s original track, placed it overnight in between two encyclopedias, and compressed it to like two or three notes.

Jessica Sanchez: “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys
Aside from that choppy ending, I had my “I’m feelin’ it!” stankface on for the duration of the performance. File under: Get it, Bebe!

Skylar Laine: “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
I never quite believed Gaga’s countrified spin on her fab dance anthem, but little monster Skylar has made me a total convert. La Laine is as tart and genuine as a jar of homemade rhubarb jam.

Joshua Ledet: “I Believe” by Fantasia
Not sure if it was a sense-memory thing taking me back to Fantasia’s Season 3 performance-night finale (a three-Kleenex experience for me even eight years after the fact), but I came thisclose to full-on sobbing during Joshua’s performance. (And yes, I noticed he botched the ending, even if the judges did not.)

Then (“Classic Soul” Music)
Hollie Cavanagh: “Son of a Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield
Oh dear. I feel like Hollie interpreted that “teach me” line as if the good reverend’s son was an algebra tutor. Not as wrong-minded as DeAndre’s “Only the Good Die Young,” but close.

Colton Dixon: “September” by Earth Wind & Fire
News anchors J.Lo and Randy are calling it: In the race between Colton and Phillip, they’re declaring a victory for Phillip — with only 7% of precincts reporting! Honestly, though, if dude had ended with “Bad Romance,” I wouldn’t be worried at all, but this dreary emo twist on “September” felt as bleak as mid-January in Winterfell.

Elise Testone: “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye (or, in Randy’s mind, Al Green)
From the wrong-minded song choice, to the white leather couch, to Elise’s weird yelp, to the judges acting like they were starring in In Treatment, nothing about any of this made any sense whatsoever.

Phillip Phillips: “In The Midnight Hour” by Wilson Pickett
This was even less sexy than Elise’s “Let’s Get It On” — not that the judges were paying a lick of attention.

Jessica Sanchez: “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding
An oddly loungy arrangement seemed at odds with Jessica’s “someone’s performing psychic surgey on my spleen” delivery. A pretty solid effort, though for me for you — trademark: the Dawg — it doesn’t touch what Nadia Turner did back in Season 4.

Skylar Laine: “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye
On a scale of Kris Allen’s “Heartless” to Kristy Lee Cook’s “Eight Days a Week,” this fell a little closer to the former than the latter, although I’d probably have a hard time arguing if you insisted on the exact opposite. Which is another way of saying I adore Skylar.

Joshua Ledet: “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke
No doubt he’s got a voice that grabs you by the wrist and makes you drop that game of Scrabble you’re currently losing, but I didn’t think there was quite enough electricity to warrant a Standing O. Anyone else with me?

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  1. Weakest of the night for me was Colton. Oh such bad attempts at bad covers. Skylar tried but still sounded screechy on both songs. Her pissed off face during P2’s critique certainly did not help her cause. Phillip should also be at the bottom especially with his then performance. It wasn’t brilliantly awkward. Just plain awkward to me. Nice touch though on the first song.

    But the bottom will prolly be Elise, Hollie and Skylar. Such a travesty but the judges are so hard on the girls.

    I’m rooting for a shock elimination though tomorrow with Colton getting eliminated since everybody’s thinking he’s safe.

    • Tarc says:

      So bizarre. I’d give the best song of the night to P2’s Midnight Hour. P2 and Skylar swept the night.

      • tewence says:

        by reading your comments in all of these posts, it’s clear you have some kind of obsession with phillip, because he lacks in many areas.

        • Marsaili says:

          To YOU he lacks—to many others (including Jimmy, the mentors, the judges, past Idols) he’s awesome. Your opinion isn’t the TRUTH it’s just an opinion. Just like Jessica does nothing for ME—it’s MY truth but many people feel differently. I don’t know why people have to resort to insults when someone feels differently than they do.

          • tewence says:

            well “tarc” (or is it “marsaili”?) it looks like you’ve been caught. you insult people, too.

          • Layla says:

            There’s numerous examples of both tarc and Marsaili going after Jessica. It’s often trying to tie in whatever they can drudge up from her background to devalue her Idol performance. She’s an easy target because there’s lots of old footage of her so yea it’s easy to twist them to however you want to suit your argument. We get she does not connect with you BUT be consistent at least – when you get caught posting negative comments about Jessica in a variety of ways ( “I fell asleep twice” but on posts further up ” she was screechy, yadda yadda”) the ruse is up.

          • Marsaili says:

            What are you talking about—I’ve never said anything about her background other than she’s been doing this since she was young and that she’s probably spent too much time on her music and not enough being a kid which she admitted to HERSELF! And I don’t “go after Jessica” I have said over and over again that she is extremely talented but she just doesn’t do anything FOR ME. What is your problem with that? I have stated over and over that it is my OPINION–not a truth. I’ve never watched her old footage, I tend to talk more about the people who I do like so I don’t know what you are going on about—and consistency? I dozed off while she was on both times I watch the show—but I also heard her singing—why do I have to explain myself to you? Oh, I don’t! I’ve never said anything terrible about Jessica and all I have said was that I think she’s young and needs more experience to be able to connect to the adult songs she’s singing—so how is that attacking Jessica? Are you in cahoots with Joe?? LOL!

          • Tarc says:

            @Layla – I’ve got no problems with discussing the downsides of any of the contestants. Both Hollie and Jessica have some serious flaws – most of which would not exist if Idol didn’t let 16 year olds in (and they were on the show at 20). I think both ladies could be great (eventually, as I’ve posted several times), but they aren’t NOW. *shrugs* It’s np concern of mine if you can handle the things I point out or not; we see them reflected in the voting each week. Also, I’ve been competely consistent in my eval of Jessica – and I’ve never said “I fell asleep…’ about any of the contestant. That’s just inventing things.

        • Tarc says:

          Um, no, I’m not Marsaili. Though Marsaili makes a great point – he lacks to YOU. You obviously don’t have much of an ear for blues. Phillip’s teriffic.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      since the judges used the save last week doesn’t that mean TWO will be eliminated tonight?

    • Lois Benton says:

      The weakest contestants are Colton and Phillip. They’re cute, okay. And they are talented, Phillip more than Colton. But let’s be honest here.

  2. Josie says:

    I LOVE HOLLIE! and i can’t wait to see the judges faces (and if I could only see nigel’s) after she DOESNT get voted off tomorrow!

  3. Samantha says:

    I don’t see where Colton was that bad or where its going to his head @@. At least the guy takes risks and makes songs his own and tries not to be a snooze fest. Yeah it wasn’t his best week but he doesn’t deserve to go because of it

    • Red in Denver says:

      To me, Colton’s voice is too whiney; and some of the faces he makes when he’s singing make me laugh out loud.

      • Suggestor says:

        Colton did not connect with me tonight. It was as if he lost momentum in the middle of the Gaga song.

        • Marsaili says:

          This wasn’t a great week for Colton—but it’s the first time he had a less than great week—I think all the contestants have had an off week here and there—but they are all only human! To dismiss his talent like some people are doing is very extreme, though. This is a stellar case of wrong song choice—although I did think his Gaga song was ok. I did not like September at all–but I’m not really fond of the original, either.

  4. KHS says:

    Ok, so first off let me say that I do NOT want Phillip to win American Idol, nor do I think he deserves to. Honestly, I’d be happy with anyone but a white guy. But I have to say that I enjoyed his two performances (combined) more than anyone else. His first perfoance was just down right sexy. And not how he looks–but his actual performance. And his second performance, he just looked like he was having an absolute blast. Which is more than I can say about the others who just looked like they were taking it WAY too seriously. I’d say my other faves were: Jessica, Skylar, Joshua. I’m worried for Elise–I’m a big fan but didn’t love her tonight. I wouldn’t lose much sleep if Colton or Hollie left.

    • HudsonRiverside says:

      Elise should’ve switched songs with Jessica. Fallin starts with a very bluesy take that is very much in her wheelhouse. Jessica changed it into this awesome run but she would’ve been just as good on No One. Jessica had an energy of defiance to night and that would’ve fit her mood. Although I liked Elise’s performance tonight, I felt she chose the wrong Alicia song. With Fallin she could have connected a bit more because it allows for her to play with the runs more. Also, anyone catch JLO referring to the wrong song title? (not by Zep). :)

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        Jessica doing LET’S GET IT ON? she already gets alot of crap for her age and lack of experience but that particular song would be totally inappropriate and overtly sexual for her young age (though maybe an interesting choice for Philip or Colton)

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          OOPS – I reread HudsonRiverside’s post and realized the comment referred only to FALLIN’/NO ONE (though I think Philip doing LGIO or something similar could be the change he needs to diversify his sound)

      • Lois Benton says:

        I thought Elise should have sung Colton’s song in round one and Phillip’s in round two. The producers are cheap and the song list is short. I bet she would have killed “Bad Romance” and “Midnight Hour”. I’d buy those songs.

    • tewence says:

      i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i am just really starting to be baffled how people like phillip’s voice and/or performances. both painful and awkward.

      • Marsaili says:

        Well, you are certainly entitled to you opinion—and that’s ok! No one is going to like every single contestant—Well, that’s not true, I like them all but I won’t be buying Jessica’s album. I will buy Phillips. and Elise and Skylar—possibly Colton and Joshua and Hollie.

      • Tarc says:

        I’d suggest developing an ear for blues. You might understand the appeal then.

  5. Peyton says:

    I feel like I always like Hollie and Phillip more in theory than I do in actuality, but I feel like they both had redeeming performances tonight. Hollie finally felt more natural (at least during “Rolling in the Deep”) and while I haven’t DISliked Phillip lately, I can see why people would use the word complacent. But I thought “In the Midnight Hour” was easily his best performance of the season. It was just so happy and effortless, without all the growling and angry faces.

    I’ll never really understand the Colton appeal. I get that he’s playing all his cards correctly, but I just don’t see the appeal – musically, vocally, stylistically, physically. Maybe because he doesn’t necessarily play the kind of music I listen to, but he just comes across as extremely insincere and affected.

    That said, I really really really think people have been underrating Skylar the entire season. From the beginning, if I had to pick a girl with the best chance of winning it would be her. She’s the only person on the show who I never worry about when she performs. I never have that fear that she’s going to miss notes or that she’s going to come across as uncomfortable.

    • tewence says:

      did you watch midnight hour? all he did was growl and make faces.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        loved it!
        Did you ever see Joe Cocker, LOL?

        • Marsaili says:

          Watching Joe Cocker sing is certainly an experience! He contorts like he’s in pain—but it’s just all his passion and energy in his song coming out of his limbs, LOL! I see that in Phil, too, not to the same extent but he certainly gets into his music deeply!

        • tewence says:

          i was just commenting to say that he did in fact growl and make faces, unlike what peyton said. i said nothing of joe crocker. i personally don’t care who you are, if you look like you are constantly in physical (not emotional) pain, i don’t much care for it. i’d rather just listen.

      • Tarc says:

        I think she meant the Usher song – which was sung in a straight up chest voice, on pitch, on melody and no growling. Midnight Hour was growly – and the best song of the night.

        • Peyton says:

          Haha I actually really did mean “In the Midnight Hour.” Maybe instead of saying there weren’t any awkward faces, I should have said he didn’t have many aggressive and threatening faces. He just seemed so darn happy!

  6. allie08 says:

    I liked the majority of the performances but I kept having one thought… as good as this group is as a whole – and there isn’t a Sanjya amongst them – as individuals they aren’t as good as years past. I kept imagining that if previous contestants had sung their songs there would be no competition. When Colton sang “Bad Romance” I thought Adam Lambert could do it so much better. When he sang “September” I wished Kris Allen was singing it instead. As great as Jessica is, for both songs there was no doubt in my mind that Jennifer Hudson could do better. When Elise sang “Let’s Get It On” all I wanted was Haley. Joshua was great but was he really better than Fantasia in her “moment”? Skylar and Philip, while not the best singers, didn’t make me yearn for years past so maybe that is a good thing. .

    • Owen says:

      It probably because we’ve never had contestants quite like Skylar and Phillip…there are predecessors to the other five, but these two are originals. Not WHAT they sing, but their styles…

      • allie08 says:

        I agree. I like country but I also like alot of other genres. I was NOT a Scotty fan. In fact, I quit watching at about week 4 of the finals last season. But I am picky. I was a Bo Bice fan yet Carrie is my favorite AI winner (Kelli being a close second). But there is something about Skylar that I really like. She doesn’t have Carrie’s voice yet she is spunky, entertaining and a solid singer (unlike that hideous sound from The Voice’s RaeLynn). I’ve liked P2 from day 1 but he worries me. Can the AI machine do right by him or will they turn him into another Lee Dwyze or Hicks?

      • Flippy from Happy Tree Friends says:

        Skylar, I can agree with. P2, STILL think he’s DeWyze Redux.

        • Tarc says:

          Considering that they are *completely* different singers with completely different voices, I’m not sure why.

    • ejones says:

      I’ve mentioned this before but as all 7 seem to be neck and neck it does mean that not 1 is particularly outstanding, its highly improbable to have 7 outstanding in one season. Last season Haley stood out as the best by far, Adam, Fantasia etc before that.

  7. rodeoblu says:

    Whoa..completely disagree with young Michael..pretty much all season. Particularly tonight.
    P2 was onnnn. Hollie was at her best..Colton was pure ‘$#@$#” front and back..and Joshua and Jessica..need to get out of this constantly oversung over embellished screach-a-thon..

  8. Owen says:

    I want all you Hollie lovers to look at what Skylar does. Skylar might not have quite the voice that Hollie has, but her connection to songs is stellar. Its what Hollie is missing. There is no doubt that Hollie can sing, but there’s so much more to it than just a great voice.

  9. imho says:

    Michael, I am wondering if we actually watched the same show….except we agree on that 2nd standing O for Joshua :)

  10. Callum says:

    Let’s see…

    -Hollie did amazing on both.
    -Colton ruined both songs and now I hate him even more.
    -Elise did amazing on both.
    -Skylar ruined both of her picks.
    -Jessica did ok on the first on, but horrible on the second. and judges, why the love for her only? The song is called, “Try a little TENDERNESS.”
    -Joshua did pretty good on both.
    -Phillip did pretty good on both.

    1. Hollie
    2. Elise
    3. Phillip
    4. Joshua
    5. Jessica
    6. Colton
    7. Skylar

    Colton and Skylar should be going home.

    • FreeHaley says:

      perhaps overall:
      1. Elise (the best of all on the first one, good on the second)
      2. Phillip (good on the first, not bad on the second)
      3. Jessica – good on the first, not bad on the second but nothing special
      4. Joshua – great on the first but not as good as Elise, didn’t care for the second one
      5. Hollie – solid on the first although not as good as Haley or Adele, ok on the second
      6. Colton – not bad on the first but not as good as the others other than Skylar, pretty solid on the second
      7. Skylar – not bad on the first but nothing special at all and worst of the first on round 1, nothing special on the second and annoying at times

      sadly Elise is doomed

      • FreeHaley says:

        it’s a tough call other than Elise on top and Sklyar trailing the pack, she just had nothing special either time, nothing bad, but nothing ever special and she just plain got outsung

        • 2FM says:

          Finally some Elise lovers for tonight! Although I admit that I can see why her second performance would have been offsetting for some I was just enjoying myself all the way through it.

          My ranks for tonight:

          1) Hollie- I really thought she came out strong especially compared to past weeks, and although she may have trouble comparing to Adele and with going first, I thought she did an outstanding job
          2) Elise- Obviously I’m biased, Elise is my favorite. I think her first performance was great, if maybe forgettable, and her second could most likely go either as terrible for those who aren’t fans and really fun/enjoyable for ones her are.
          3) Jessica- “Fallin” was technically amazing, as she usually is but like almost every week it just seems too…trained? The second song didn’t wow me but it was solid.
          4) Joshua- Ok well Joshua has an AMAZING voice but it felt like I was watching the same performance over and over. And the over-the-top praise gets on my nerves personally. But it can’t be denied he’s almost always great, shows emotion, technically good etc etc. but hes just gotten boring and predictable to me. Good for post-career, not for the competition.
          5) Philip- LOVED the first song and how he twisted that Usher song but I thought the second song was a train wreck.
          6) Skylar- Shes got the chops but I just hated what she did with “Heard it through the Grape Vine”. That’s one song I did not want to hear country (and personally one I thought Elise would’ve downright KILLED had she done. I was upset she didn’t grab it). “Born This Way” was just ok but again I don’t like everything turned country.
          7) Colton- Oh Colton, sorry dude but both performances were very weak. Though props for putting the rock in Lady Gaga but vocally it just was not stellar.

  11. blingedup says:

    “Whether or not you know what a quartet is — and make no mistake, Randy Jackson is pretty certain you don’t -”

    OMG! I thought I had SURELY misunderstood what he said there. He is so unintentionally hilarious.

  12. kelly says:

    i think hollie sang it better than haley did last year with rolling in the deep..i think she redeemed herself..n is better than skyler tooo..

  13. sguarbmp says:

    I actually liked Colton’s Bad Romance. I loved Hollie and Elise.

  14. hannah says:

    skyler is so annoying. i hope she gets eliminated.. i think hollie is more versatile than her..n is also a better singer

  15. Samantha says:

    Colton didn’t ruin anything. He made the songs his own.

  16. Chuck says:

    Hollie: Decent 1st song, soulless on 2nd. Colton: Worst of the night. Elise: OK on first, but “Let’s Get it On” was embarrassing. Phillip was pretty good, and I’m not usually that big a fan. Jessica: 1st song was probably tops of the night; 2nd song was too shouty. Skylar: Bad choice for 1st song; 2nd was really good. Joshua: Probably most consistent of the night, but he could have helped himself by going more pop with his 1st song.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I came on here before I watched the show, so I went into Elise’s performance of Let’s Get it On with low expectations, but… I actually really enjoyed it. Okay, so the staging was kind of cheesy. But her very unique voice was on full display, with lots of interesting runs and wails. Maybe it’s not her most “serious” effort, but I had a lot of fun watching her.

      • elisefan44 says:

        i agree, miscellaneopolan, and i actually loved elise’s take on ‘let’s get it on’. i also thought she was very sexy and unabandoned in her performance, and i am huge fan of her voice, so for me that was my fav performance of hers tonight (not a big fan of that alicia key’s song she did earlier).

  17. MA says:

    People…Elise’s dog is dying. By all accounts, she loves this dog A LOT, and I have to say, after I read about this the other day, there was a part of me that wasn’t going to be at all surprised to find out she’d just packed up and gone home this week. Tonight, she looked exhausted to me and like she was just keeping it together. I’m not saying she gets a pass; this is still a competition and people fall as they fall. She was definitely not in top form. But this BS about she needs to smile more? She needs to connect more? Come on. She’s distracted and has something else on her mind that’s probably a lot more important to her than this show.

    “Let’s Get It On” was just…bizarre. I don’t even know what to say about it.

    I actually thought most of this was pretty boring. Skylar was kinda fun, though!

  18. Michelle says:

    Phillip was the best to me. Loved both of his performances. Hollie was great tonight too. I didn’t care for Jessicas second performance.

  19. corey says:

    i find colton sooo unpleasant and weird…and the judges are so biased towards him that they never say that he’s not good, like tonight.

  20. v says:

    Hollie surprised me tonight. It was definitely her best night to date. Id have to give the overall night to Skylar, though, with Joshua not far behind. I was disappointed with Colton’s performances, but he will most certainly be safe. Elise will most likely be leaving, even though I’ve been a fan throughout the show.

  21. Joe says:

    Josh’s “I Believe” was sensational. Hollie’s “Rolling in the Deep” was also a standout for me. Outside of those 2 songs, everything else sort of blended together. There were no bad songs. No bad performances. Just those 2 stood out the most for me tonight. If it turns out it’s Hollie’s turn to go, she’ll have went out with her best performance of the season. No one should attempt Adele, but she was fantastic tonight.
    I liked Bad Romance, but disliked the song choice of September for Colton. The problem with September musically is there is no bridge and Colton needed a bridge in a song. Especially, one he sings at the piano.
    Skylar’s Gaga cover didn’t do much for me. Her 2nd song was good but not great. I felt like she was a solid “B” night when she needed an “A” mixed in there somewhere.
    Elise’s first song worked. She looked great up there and sounded great. Her doing Marvin? Not great. The whole thing came off Jack Black at the end of High Fidelity. She was too lackadaisical with the song. Almost having too much fun with it if that’s possible.
    Jessica’s first song I’ve heard so many times I’m immune to it. I can’t stand the song and I don’t care if it’s sung pitch perfect. Her 2nd song wasn’t great. It was too fast. Really wish Josh sang Try A Little Tenderness for his 2nd song. A Change Is Gonna Come is a classic song, but I’ve heard it too many times like Fallin’. I’m immune to it’s charms.
    As Dave Matthews, he was classic Dave tonight down to the little Dave dance that J. Lo had never seen Dave do before. Amazing, since Dave’s been dancing and singing exactly like that on stage since the early 90’s. Anyone seen the bridge?

    • Peyton says:

      I don’t really understand why the Phil Phillips/Dave Matthews comparison is such a bad thing. I mean, obviously the comparison is valid and yes, it’s kind of annoying how the judges act like “THIS HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE” but…so what. There are lots and lots and lots of artists out there and many of them are similar; it’s not like there’s somehow only room for one of each style. And even looking at just American Idol that holds. Chris Daughtry (a million generic rock bands), Carrie Underwood (Martina McBride), Scotty McCreery (Josh Turner) and so on and so on.

      And I say this as a girl who wants 100% for her to take the crown, but Skylar Laine is essentially Miranda Lambert, Part 2. When she did “Stay with Me” my immediate thought was “I’ve seen Miranda Lambert cover this in concert before.”

      All of the comparisons are valid; I just don’t see why they’re negative.

      • Tarc says:

        I really don’t see the comparison myself, being a fan of both guys. But hey, DMB is doing great, had a ton of hits, is still going strong, and is making good money on tour at the moment. One should be so lucky!

      • MusicFan says:

        Whether or not you draw a comparison between Dave and Phillip the biggest differentiator is that Dave has a melodic sensibility and falsetto that Phillip completely lacks, consistently.

        • reddirtblues says:

          Right — P2 is channeling old school blues. Raw. Emotional. Unconcerned with smooth edges. Better by far than DM’s sensibility and falsetto. Enough said.

          • Marsaili says:

            That is the most perfect description of his yet—describes him to a “T”!

          • Tarc says:

            Yup – DM is a pop singer, and P2 is a blues singer. However, P2 has shown that he can also do the whole DM thing over the last two weeks. His first song tonight was totally all pop voice, on pitch and on melody throughout, and he also did that last week for 2/3rds of the one song. P2 is a totally different singer than DM, but I really enjoy both.

          • Layla says:

            “unconcerned with smooth edges” and “raw’ some would say that was “screechy”

          • Tarc says:

            @layla – I suppose – if you like to redefine words at random.

        • tewence says:

          YES!! it is an injustice to dave to compare phillip to him.

          • MusicFan says:

            Thank you. Not having melodic sensibility and falsetto is not a compliment to Phillip. I’d never compare the two though I can hear some similarities. I can sit through Dave, not Phillip.

          • Tarc says:

            @MusicFan – Phil’s done three of the last four songs he’s performed precisely on pitch, so that’s not a valid issue. And falsetto? I liked DeAndre just fine, but most men have ugly falsettos. I’m good with the no falsetto. LOL!

      • Joe says:

        Peyton – I said above there were no bad performances tonight. I just can’t sit and listen to the “groundbreaking artist” nonsense being spewed on the show in regards to him when he’s a carbon copy of Dave. Go watch “Anyone Seen The Bridge Live At Piedmont Park” on Youtube to see where Phillip’s little dance J. Lo was so amazed by started. As for Skylar being like Miranda Lambert, I remember her from Nashville Star back in the day but I don’t know her well enough to agree or disagree with you on that one. If Skylar is just rehashing Miranda up there, that would be disappointing. I was actually stunned she pulled “Stay With Me” out in the early rounds and killed it. If that’s a Miranda tune in her set, I’d be a little disappointed.

        • Tarc says:

          It’s always amusing that you keep repeating this silliness. *shrugs* And Joshua’s “Change’ sucked tonight. I love you also ignored that P2’s first song addressed all of your earlier complaints… and did it beautifully. So much for that hate. LOL!

          • Joe says:

            Where did I say I hated anything? I said everyone was good tonight. It was Phillip pretending to be Dave doing an Usher cover. The issue are the morons on the judging panel acting like they’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve seen it at every DMB, Dave & Tim and Dave solo show I’ve ever been to. It’s derivative and completely unoriginal. It’s insulting for them to act like this has never been done on a stage before in the history of music.

          • Marsaili says:

            Joe, you’ve said so many hateful things about Phil that you can’t even come up with your own insults now? We know you hate Phil, lay off already, geez. And those of us who also are fans of DM happen to think Phil sounds nothing like him.

          • Tarc says:

            Yeah, again, I reapeat, Phil sounds nothing like DM. At all. Repeating otherwise is silly. DM is a tenor, not a baritone, for one. I could go on, but hey, other have pointed out the differences at length. If you told me that you hear a lot of Joe Cocker in P2, you might have more of a point.

          • Joe says:

            It’s only hateful to you “fans” who can’t accept that he’s mimicking Dave Matthews. I’ve never once insulted his personality or said his performances are bad. For some insane reason, you can’t accept that I and many others see him as a mimc of a truly original artist. He styles & arranges his songs EXACTLY the way Dave has for decades now. He builds the songs EXACTLY like Dave does. He holds the guitar and plays it EXACTLY like Dave does. He moves like a drunk guy on the stage and does the leg shimmy EXACTLY like does. He makes pained faces and expressions EXACTLY like Dave does. He’s probably been studying him since he was a kid and it was cute that he got good at the Dave impression. But that’s all he is. I’d love to see him sing one song not like Dave. His style is copied right down to the smirk, scream and smile. He’ll drop like a stone once he’s off this show unless part of his mimicking ability is he can write epic songs like Ants, Two Step, Rapunzel, etc.

          • Tarc says:

            Yeah, no.

      • Red in Denver says:

        For ME, it’s mostly because the judges wet their pants over him each week and continue to refer to him as an ‘artist’ while I see him as nothing more than a Dave Matthews impersonator.

        • Marsaili says:

          And that’s YOUR opinion–doesn’t make it right. I don’t think he’s anything like Dave Matthews, he may like DM and he may have some similarities but he sounds nothing like him and I think people just keep vomiting up that comparison because they can’t come up with any real reason to be hating on him so strongly.

          • tewence says:

            actually the reasons he sucks are….1 – he is unpleasant to listen to (close your eyes and listen…disappointment) 2 – he IS predictable. we know how and what he will do every single week. 3 – NO range. his voice will not allow him to do anything special to songs. 4 – if he ever has an album, it will be a bore fest due to reasons 1-3.

          • Marsaili says:

            Tewence, have you listened to any of his studio takes? Seriously–if you haven’t, try listening to them and see what you think—I think you may be surprised. I agree that live he can sound the same sometimes—but when you hear what he’s doing in the sessions with Jimmy and then you listen to his studio versions—a different sound comes out. I don’t know if it’s nerves or what when he’s on stage, but I think he’s much better than he sometimes comes across live.

        • Tarc says:

          Maybe it’s just you. Because, of course, it is.

          • Joe says:

            You two just stalk these boards looking for people mentioning his name and post ad nauseum trying to rally the troops to see the way EXACTLY like you. If anyone is incapable of letting people have their own opinions, it’s you two Phil bullies. At least I contain my thoughts to my thread which the two of you can’t help yourself from responding to again and again and again. I wonder how many other boards you frequent all day and night professing your astute opinion that this mimic is a fabulous new artist. The fact that the both of you can’t leave it alone and let people share their opinions makes me think you’re both scared that I and others may enlighten people that Phil is phony. He’s talented for sure. But he’s not what the show is selling him as. At all.

          • Marsaili says:

            LOL, that’s so hilarious—you look through all these threads and the only thing repeated is your little “phil is a carbon copy of Dave Matthews” mantra over and over and over again. I don’t have these discussions with anyone else but you and your multiple personalities. Of course, most of the rest of the posters here aren’t so obsessed with dissing Phillip as you are. Sorry Joe—it’s all you!

          • Joe says:

            Marshall – Give it a rest. I don’t have multiple personalities. I post under one username. Email the site and ask them to check IP’s and registration if you have a problem like that. In fact, they’d probably ban me if I was posting under different usernames which I don’t. I don’t even write like the people you claim me to be. I post comments on TV line about Idol, Survivor and The Voice. You gang up on me & anyone else because we dared to compare your precious Phil Phil to Dave Matthews, which others on other boards besides this one constantly do and Jimmy Iovine has himself. You’re a bully and you know it. You think you’re some great person scanning threads in defense of Phil who will never be part of your life other than as your Idol of the moment? I’m a fan of the show and I’m annoyed they are calling Phillip original and groundbreaking and you just can’t accept it. I’m not allowed to have an opinion according to you and Tarc who could easily be the same person if you ask me. You just can’t leave my threads and comments alone because you’re so scared of someone agreeing with me. The truth is, once the show is over in a year or so, most of these contestants disappear from the business (a business I work in I might add) and they’re lucky to play state fairs. Phillip will be among those because he’s not original. The only way he knows how to style and sing a song is like Dave and when he tries to do that when people actually have to pay for his original material it’s not going to work out. The best advice he got was from Jimmy who told him he needed to stop sounding like Dave Matthews covering a song. He hasn’t even attempted that with the exception of the Gotye duet with Elise maybe.

          • Marsaili says:

            blah blah blah—whatever. You don’t want to hear dissenting opinions, then go elsewhere. I know it’s hard for a know-it-all to get dissenting opinions but when you just troll the boards posting your hatred for Phillip over and over again—people are gonna say something. You don’t know me and my intentions any more than you know Phillip’s so take your opinions and put them where the sun don’t shine. I haven’t argued with anyone but you and your other Joe’s and Jaxguy—who many people are thinking are the same person, not just me.

          • Joe says:

            Grow up Marshall. I don’t just bash Phil. I talk about the contestants I like all the time. I’ve been posting on this board since Slezak first came to TV Line. You just see what you want to see because you can’t stop drooling about Phillip Phillips. While I think this is the best season of Idol ever, I can’t wait for it to be over so you P2 fans can all move on to your next heartthrob w/a guitar. Josh is one of the best contestants on Idol ever. Skylar is making me love country music and I hate country music. The show is great entertainment and the fact that I’m passionate that I think he’s a Dave mimic is small potatoes. I’m much more interested in seeing what Josh & Skylar sing next. I’m much more interested in seeing if Jessica can draw us all in. I know what Phillips is and he’s not straying from it. Why don’t you just try not responding to me and let my posts go? I’m sure it will make you a lot happier. Not everyone sees artists the same way and the way you take Phil’s criticisms so personally strike me a bit unhinged if you want to know the truth.

          • Marsaili says:

            Well, Joe—if you knew anything about ME you would know that I have said that my favorite was Joshua—NOT Phillip—I said it in my first post yesterday that I picked Joshua and I wanted to see Joshua, Elise and Skylar in the finals. Gee, guess you need to stop attacking ME, cause you don’t know a thing about what I’ve really posted—do you? All this talk about me worshiping Phillip—I don’t worship him, I just don’t think it’s fair how you attack him all the time.Talk about unhinged….

          • Joe says:

            Oh sweetie…Why in God’s name would I know anything you or about what you post? You actually think I care about you? Are you serious? I come in and post my thoughts and get railroaded every week by you & Tarc. When I scan through posts almost 2 out of 3 on every page is by the two of you. You’re an internet nothing to me. I don’t want to know anything about you nor do I give a fart what you’re really like. It’s an internet message board Marshall. Not Match or Eharmony. I like to post my thoughts and get the temperature on what other people think. I enjoy Slezak’s snark and the videos he posts. Getting sucked into this ridiculousness with you & Tarc each week was somewhat entertaining but now it’s tedious. The two of you can’t help yourselves. The record exec on the show said Phillip sounded like Dave covering songs and that he needed to work on changing that. That’s all the confirmation I need to know I’m correct in my assessment and you’re attempts at demanding I admit I’m wrong are ludicrous. All I’ve said from day one was he’s a Dave copycat. I’ve said he’s the best impersonator I’ve seen. I’ve seen DMB cover bands. He blows them off the stage. If that’s so wrong that you can’t stop yourself from posting another lame retort, I don’t know what to tell you other than go outside for a walk and have a nice big Churro and think about life for awhile.

          • Marsaili says:

            LOL, yadda yadda yadda—for not caring you sure spent a lot of time trying to insult and denigrate me. Whatever………:-D

          • Joe says:

            Marshall – I do care. Deeply. I want you to go outside and get some sun, get some help and get yourself a nice big Churro. It’s gonna be okay champ. Mommy and Daddy still love you.

          • Tarc says:

            Joe – You need to get a life dude. No one’s telling you you can’t have an opinion – only that yours sucks. It’s on you if you can’t handle it.

          • Joe says:

            Tarc – Thanks for checking in and posting. I was starting to really worry something bad happened to you or you were still stuck incessantly commenting on page 1 of the this thread. You’re my island in the stream & all that “that” implies. Hugs-N-Stuff!

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I have to point out that Joe Cocker stood and moved like that way before Dave Matthews. I ways think p2 sounds more like Cocker than Mathews.

  22. Chris says:

    I think the person who should be eliminated next week is Randy.

    Hollie: Rolling In The Deep
    I still think you are missing the mark in clothing style and song choice. Jimmy should have steered you away from Adele for the most obvious reasons BUT you went deep chica – proud moment indeed. Welcome to expressionville and keep it rolling!
    Colton: Bad Romance
    I felt like he was in an accident and I couldn’t get past the residual blood left in his hair. This is Colton topped out folks – this is your ‘front’ guy America. It was OK. I liked the rockier arrangement but it’s nothing I’d buy or go see live (in full disclosure I’m not a big GaGa fan). They did a good job on piping in the back up vocal work. Maybe he’s trying a little too hard…but it was a really good effort C.
    Elise: No One
    Did not like the fan affect – so unnecessary. You looked beautiful tonight Elise – gorgeous. Sing girl….siiiiinnnnggg. You had that one from beginning to end. Can’t wait to check out the itunes version.
    Phillip: You Got It Bad (or is You Got It Wrong?)
    No Jimmy – most would not say keep doing what you’ve been doing. I liked the vibe and the break down on the arrangement. There was a hint of melody…a hint. I think what I dislike the most about Phillip as a performer is the way he ‘builds’ up a song because all of them end up the same way. In fact they all sound the same vocally. That was not standing ovation worthy (and yes Steven we do know what we are going to get from Phillip every week). Oh Phillip…. I don’t know why but I keep hoping you’ll turn my opinion around.
    Jessica: “Fallen”
    I liked that Jimmy said ‘spiritually have fun with it’ – translation what he or his assistant read from Michael’s reviews. Remnants of Las Vegas week in that performance – get in it girl. Loved it! In and out fawwwauuulinnnn’. Yes Jenny she did play that song very well. I don’t know how you blow a box out of a song though. Did I mention I think Randy should be eliminated next week?
    Skylar Laine: “Born This Way”
    LOVED the mandolin and the recommendation from Jimmy to start with the bridge. I was totally distracted by the violinist. I think Skylar over sang the song a bit in the beginning (didn’t seem to fit the feel) and I also felt like she was ‘punching’ a little too hard. Did I mention I was totally distracted by the violinist? Oh yeah Skylar is singing – it was OK but again not much of a GaGa fan. It was a really good effort S. No Jenny – there are a ton more better songs for her.
    Joshua: I Believe
    I do not think this performance required a choir (overdone at this point) and it was hard to hear anyone other than Fantasia do this one (cried like a baby at her performance). I enjoyed the beginning, the restraint he showed but the ending, much like Phillips endings, all the same. This was not standing ovation material (I mean every week this guy gets a stand???). I get the emotion I see it and I feel it – but it doesn’t mooooove me. I am past it. Tons of talent J, but not my ‘lane’. Would love to see what you could do with just you and an acoustic guitar.
    Hollie: Son of a Preacher Man
    Missed the mark on that one for me Hol’s. Bad interpretation of the song but a good effort (can someone explain the meaning behind that song to her just for the learning curve – instead of telling her to drive her car)? Maybe she was thinking about her bestie relationship when she should have been thinking perhaps about a moment she hasn’t had in life yet…and what would certainly loosen her up pre-performance (yes I just put that out there).
    Colton: September
    When I heard what he was doing, I laughed out loud. This was the most painful performance I’ve sat through of Colton’s. I did not like the arrangement – absolutely no soul – and the rhythm was completely lost not to mention the blues. Where is DeAndre when we need him? Yeah still have a bad taste on that elimination.
    Elise: Let’s Get It On
    I didn’t like the song choice – nothing about this performance. Oh Elise… I know you’ve got soul girl and I know you could have chosen so many other songs… so many other songs (was praying for a James Brown). And Al Green, Randy? Did I mention I think Randy should be eliminated last week?
    Phillip Phillips: “In The Midnight Hour”
    Was he suppose to sing something new? Oh he did? Ok…. Blah.
    Jessica Sanchez: Try a Little Tenderness
    I liked it Jessi and it was almost there… almost. I didn’t like the beginning and the jazzie feel was a little weird, but I do appreciate what you were trying to bring to the table. I had my hand in the air by the end and can clearly see where you wanted to go with it. GREAT effort!
    Skylar Laine: “I Heard It through the Grapevine
    The whole performance felt pushed on me in an unrealistic country vocal way. I didn’t like it, at all. Bad song choice because like Elise there were so many others, tons you could have done.
    Joshua Ledet: “A Change is Gonna Come”
    I liked the camera look at the beginning (made everyone in my house giggle) but again same feel as all others. Not standing ovation worthy at all (really judges???? Why?)

    If I HAD to pick a winner for the night I’d give the crown to Jessica.
    2. Elise
    3. Colton
    4. Hollie
    5. Joshua
    6. Skylar
    7. Phillip

  23. Justin says:

    I thought Elise’s “No One” was the best performance of the night.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      didn’t care for “Let’s Get it On” at all, although I can’t profess to ever having been wild about that song, but I loved “No One”.

    • FreeHaley says:

      +1 for sure

    • MA says:

      It was beautiful. But I’m so worried that the stilted, breaking speaking voice and not looking anyone in the eye is going to sink her. And “Let’s Get It On”…I’m biased. I hate that song. I love Elise and am no prude or conservative, but I could hardly listen to it because it just makes me cringe.
      I’m voting like a madwoman, though!

      • Justin says:

        I feel about the same. It’s hard to enjoy a performance when you flat out hate the original song. I was disappointed she chose to do that one.

        • MA says:

          I’m not entirely convinced they always get to choose. Haley made a comment last season about how hard it was sometimes to say no to a song you knew you shouldn’t do because the powers-that-be push so hard. I got the feeling that the people in charge sometimes (often?) have a list of songs they want and the contestants have to fit themselves into that. So I don’t blame Elise for that hot mess at all. She sang it really well. It’s not her fault it’s a cliched bunch of drivel.

          • elisefan44 says:

            i’m so glad you said this, MA. i had this sneaking suspicion that the powers that be gave jessica ‘fallin”, rather than elise, and that she was saddled with the ‘let’s get it on’ for the second song (though, surprisingly, i ended up loving it – though from the comments here, i can see i’m in a very tiny minority!).

    • Tarc says:

      I’d give that to Phillip’s Midnight Hour, and then Hollie’s Rolling In The Deep (if you didn’t look at her). I thought elise struggled tonight (and I love her).

      • Justin says:

        I didn’t like Midnight Hour at all, but I really liked his first performance. Kind of lukewarm on both of Hollie’s tonight. Not bad but not great for me personally.

        • Tarc says:

          I can see that – being a blues guy, I like the source material much better (Midnight). I think both songs were really close in quality.

      • Marsaili says:

        Listen to the studio version of her “Let’s Get it On”—it’s so much better, I’m loving it!

        • Tarc says:

          Yeah… I wondered. Elise is so very good, but her live performances can be a bit erratic. I think she was just a touch off tonight. I’m glad to hear the studio cuts are at the level we know she can put out.

          • Marsaili says:

            I think the problem with the live performances for all of them is that they have to condense the song into 90 seconds or whatever it is—and convey all the emotion and feeling in that short period of time while singing perfectly. it’s really amazing that all these contestants are able to do that so well! But when you go and listen to the studio versions—which are admittedly going to be better because of editing—they sound so much better because they are relaxed and just concentrating on the whole song where they can expound and build up to a great finish. I think people that have a problem with any of the contestants performances should reserve their opinions until they listen to the studio versions, I think they may have a change of heart with some of the kids!

  24. MusicFan says:

    Colton butchered a great Earth, Wind and Fire song – killed it. WHAT THE HECK WAS HE THINKING? Horrible… terrible… gah.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Yea, I think I even liked Danny Gokey’s version better!

    • It was an interesting Coldplay take. WAY better than Gokey and Anwar before him.

    • jaime says:

      And weird that jlo mentioned his next song after his first being so good… I assumed that was a preview for his first standing O

    • Marsaili says:

      I am surprised he even picked that song—I’m not a huge fan of the original, it’s ok for me, but I didn’t even think of that song as a “soul” song in the first place and it’s not an exciting, over-the-top song originally. That was really a poor song choice and while I admire his attempt to change it up—it really didn’t work.

  25. 1. Phillip – I think he won with night with In the Midnight Hour. His first song was sung well, but I thought it was a bit boring. Others seemed to like it (on Twitter). His second performance was the most fun of the night. I thought it was sexy and fun it made me get up and dance around the living room. I loved it.

    2. Hollie – She had two strong and solid performances tonight. I thought I was sick of Rolling in the Deep, but I loved her version of that song. Her second performance was also very strong. I thought Hollie seemed more at ease tonight than in the past.

    3. Colton – I loved his performance of Bad Romance. It was weird, but in a totally good way. I liked his second performance, but not as much as last week’s performance. Overall, I liked Colton best of the night when considering both performances. I don’t think he won the night since he didn’t have one of those special moments and I think perhaps both of his performances were a bit polarizing.

    4. Skylar – I’m not a fan of country music, but I like Skylar and thought she did well tonight.

    I love Elise but felt her song choices were not great. She sang really well on both songs, but I’m afraid she might go home tomorrow. I wonder if perhaps her second song choice might turn off more conservative viewers. Of everyone on the show, Elise is my favorite, but for some reason, she’s mostly just not connecting. I don’t really know why. Whole Lotta Love was amazing. She needs another performance like that. The only good advice from the judges all night was Steven telling the contestants to go back and watch their performances that went well and then multiply that (or something like that). I think Elise might not get the chance to do that, though.

    I didn’t really care for any of the other performances tonight. I think it’s likely Elise will go home, but it could be Jessica after that strange and shouty second performance. I didn’t even recognize the song at first.

    I voted for Phillip, Elise, and Hollie, but the most for Elise.

    • Tarc says:

      Part of the first song, though was addressing the (goofy) comments from some that say he always shouts (or growls, or whatever). He did the entire song in a straight voice, the third in a row dead on the melody. It was one of those “I’ve got to do it to show my versitility’ things – and his straight voice is really nice. Hollie did amazingly well on Rolling, but her face is still stony. I just can’t get past that. I’ll say that Joshua/Elise, Jessica, and then Hollie (going home) for the bottom three (in order).

  26. Musicfan123 says:

    Hollie definitely was the best tonight, but is she truly American?
    I feel sorry for Colton, this wasn’t his best night. I think he is in trouble. Well, if he gets voted off P2 will win cuz so many split votes are between the two of them and he will get Coltons.

    • Lois Benton says:

      That’s funny- “Is she truly American”? I laughed a lot. You are joking, aren’t you? I always said Michael Johns and Carly Smithson didn’t have a chance. I don’t know if Holly is an actual native or not (I’d guess NOT), but she is a cute little kid. that counts for something. And it is only a TV show, not a presidential race.

  27. Tarc says:

    Phillip and Skylar totally KILLED it tonight – head and shoulders over everybody else. Joshua’s ‘Change Is Gonna Come” was flat out terrible (and I generally like his interpretations); it was his worst of the competition by far. Hollie’s growing, but she she’s still stone-faced, and is the bottom for me. Jessica finally didn’t mumble, but she was still too emotionally attached. Elise strugled, but she’s was still midlle of the pack.

    • Justin says:

      I agree with “Change Is Gonna Come” being completely botched. I am so sick of the judge’s and their manipulative dishing out of Standing O’s. I think they have stood for the last four or five of Joshua’s performances whether deserved or not.

      • Tarc says:

        I’m not the best judge of Joshua overall. I pretty much hate gospel music, and Joshua’s voice – to my ears – gets grating on most songs about sixty seconds in. I can appreciate what he does most nights, but ‘Change’ was just bad – the arrangement was awful, he completely botched the melody, and there was no emotional connection. It was his worst by far.

  28. GeorgeR says:

    Im watching again,right now, but Michael, Phillip did do what you have been saying (Ididnt particularily like the first song loved the second he moved, like a rooster but he moved) the three stooges gave him an ovation,. no love? Hasnt been in the bottom three Is this your Gokey for the season? I usually agree with you but I see Phillip in the top three even winning!. btw you and Melinda are terrific together she was and probably will be the most overlooked Idol contestant of all time amazingly talented and from what I hear a truly nice human..

    • tewence says:

      please don’t interpret my comment as being rude, because i am not trying to bully like so many others on this board. but what similarities artistically do you see between melinda and phillip, for example (and i use that example since you like both of them)? i am having trouble understanding how some can look at somebody like phillip and think he can win, and then look at melinda and think she also was great. again, definitely not trying to be rude, just want to spark intelligent conversation.

      • Marsaili says:

        Honestly, Tewence, Phillip is the kind of singer that people either really, really like or really dislike. He doesn’t have the usual “pop” voice. He doesn’t have a typical “rock” voice. He’s being made to sing songs that he probably wouldn’t sing normally so it’s hard to make his voice suite those songs. I think the things that people find endearing in his singing—his gruffiness, the growls, the faces, the weird movements are the types of things that REALLY put people off as well—so with Phillip he’s going to produce a strong reaction in people—there really isn’t any middle ground. I think he’s a more bluesier singer—which isn’t mainstream at all, so that set him apart immediately. Then you have someone like Jessica who everyone can agree has a beautiful voice—but people either like the kind of music she sings or they don’t–there really isn’t a big deal because we all know she can sing and she is technically perfect much of the time. Phillip isn’t about perfection, he’s more about feeling the music—and that is so subjective. Does any of that make sense?

        • tewence says:

          yes it makes sense. i am of the persuasion that jessica WILL feel music, but phillip will never have a pleasant-sounding voice. i know, its just my opinion, but i see more potential in jessica than phillip. also, i don’t think jessica is about perfection in that sense, i think she just naturally sings perfectly. if she hones her craft right, she has the potential to sing a variety of styles. phillip is pigeon-holed, which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not what is right for the competition. i also personally think that his voice fails to portray anything bluesy because he can’t color it to do so…so all we are left with are growly, in the club renditions of songs. i shudder to think what kind of crap music will be on his first cd if he wins american idol. just my subjective opinion. :)

          • Marsaili says:

            I totally agree with you about Jessica—I think that she needs some more time to grow, and experience life and love and heartbreak and –well, life! It’s so hard to have a kid sing an adult song as it is—but a song about love or longing or heartbreak, those are things that I think , for the most part, you need to have gone through to be able to convey the feelings. Not always, of course, otherwise actors wouldn’t be so good at their craft. I think once Jessica grows some she is going to be the next Christina or Whitney or Aretha—you get the picture!
            As for Phillip—we’ll just have to agree to disagree ;-D

          • Tarc says:

            I also agree that Jessica will be amazing – in 4-5 years when she has the life experience to be able to connect with the ‘big’ songs she sings. It’s also true that if you make an effort to listen to more blues, it’s likely that you’ll gain appreciation for people with voices like Phillip’s. Some people just have to develop an ear for American music forms like jazz, blues, and bluegrass. They aren’t as easily accessible as pop music.

          • tewence says:

            i have an appreciation for bluesy voices…good ones.

  29. Snsetblaze says:

    Does anyone know, was the violinist that performed with Skyler one of The Clark Brothers (later the Sons of Sylvia), the winners of the band series that failed several years ago?

  30. Vetle says:

    I think Colton’s “September” was way underrated. I hate that song, but I thought his version was legit.

    • Tarc says:

      The problem with Spetember is that the verse has about a three note range. When sung originally, it was kind of a ‘break’ song between really dynamic ones. It’s not contest winning material as a song itself. Colton sang it well, but it’s still sort of dull in comparison to the material that the others used.

      • tewence says:

        wow, i actually agree with you.

        • Tarc says:

          LOL! It’s not surprising to me… you just don’t have an ear for, or will ever appreciate bluesy voices. If you don’t like Joe Cocker, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Casey Abrams, or BB King, then you won’t like P2. Sometimes that’s just exposure, or it sometime with maturity. It’s just a shame to miss out on some great American music – but it’s certainly not required. LOL!

          • tewence says:

            ok you are ridiculous. not sure how people even like you? i happen to like all of the artists you mentioned. i just don’t see any way in hell that phillip will EVER be in their category. you are talking about people with real talent who are better than the nightclub level of phillip.

    • Erin says:

      I agree with you in that it was underrated. Another year would have him praised, and everyone else would be told “you didn’t really do anything different with it.” Which is a criticism heard countless times the last two years but not this year. This year is the year of the big voice.

      • Mel says:

        Thank you, Erin! That is so true – I’ve been trying to put my finger on why the judges have been giving Colton muted praise, and you’re right: it’s because they’ve decided not to credit song arrangement anymore. In previous years it has been a HUGE deal. I really liked what Colton did with September. Even if the judges didn’t like it, they could have at least given him props for his creativity, which – like him or not – he brings every single week. (I do like him, and I’m a fortysomething mom, and I’ve voted for him consistently.)

    • ladyhelix says:

      I never got past the song choice – or the creepy image (and sound) of Gokey singing it. I’ll try re-watching it a few times – maybe it will come clean.

    • Robin says:

      I LOVE “September”. But Colton’s live version left me flat. The original by EW&F just makes me wanna dance. I think that Joshua would have been better on it…loved “Runaway Baby” last week. That’s the kind of energy that song needed.

      • Marsaili says:

        I loved Runaway Baby as well and the thing that makes me nervous is when Jimmy was asking Joshua what he did wrong—like he DID do something wrong last week—it makes me worry that Joshua’s never going to try anything like that again because he’s going to think no one liked it. I think Joshua was just a victim of the extreme voting that was happening last week, I honestly don’t think that people didn’t vote for him because he had a bad performance.

  31. B. says:

    Kinda loved Colton’s “September” for some reason. It’s my parents’ fun wedding song so it is really special and he made me actually understand the words for once! But I liked Phillip the most tonight. I don’t think he’s the best in the whole competition, but I enjoyed his performances. “U Got It Bad” just sent me straight back to ninth grade drama class. Tomorrow’s results should be interesting. Everyone is pretty dang good in the Top 7.

  32. Liz says:

    Jessica is terrific! I have no doubt she’ll have a great singing career post idol. Can’t get over that she’s just 16! Amazing!

  33. kcostell says:

    Phillip was comfortably in my bottom three last week and the week before, but this week he was miles ahead of the pack.

    • Red in Denver says:

      Phillip is the VoteForTheWorst website’s pick for the worst singer on the show (since Deandre was booted off). I can barely tell one of his songs from any of his other songs ,,,. although tonight, for instance, the 1st one was slow; while the 2nd was fast. So, I guess, for me, all his songs are basically the same except for the tempo.

  34. Ana Muti says:

    For as obtimistic as I was for this season, tonight was just kind of blah. I think the most suprising was Elise’s “soul” selection. I thought that she, of all the contestants would have gotten it right. Wrong song, and she didn’t sing it like she meant it. Totally disappointed.
    I have no interest in seeing who makes it to the end, as it won’t be anyone I’ve had any interest in, which isn’t the way I thought it would go.

  35. MA says:

    Wow. JLo really is a b…witch. Way to kick Elise when she’s down, JLo! And with a comment that makes no sense whatsoever. Holy smokes. What is wrong with that woman??

  36. Red in Denver says:

    Elise is my favorite, because, rather than belting out every other note, her voice has CHARACTER. I love her tone. I also think Joshua is pretty amazing.

    My LEAST favorites are Colton, Phillip and Jessica. Colton is too whiney and some of the faces he makes are very distracting. Phillip’s songs all sound pretty much the same (and that’s not necessarily good) and Jessica just seems to be calculating every note and facial expression for extreme impact. She seems not really to FEEL ANYTHING. She has no soul.

    • elisefan44 says:

      word to your entire post. i really didn’t enjoy either of jessica’s performances tonight, especially.

    • JC says:

      Jessica has soul when she sings her only problem is her personality after she sings. She is a bit dull when she is interacting with Ryan and the judges but when she sings she takes in every bit of soul as possible :)

      • Layla says:

        I think Jessica’s really an introvert who shines on stage. Many well known performers are like that. We have to remind ourselves that the judges and Ryan are the authority figures who have some sway about her destiny on the show, so she’s looking at them the way most good shy students would to authority figures. Joshua gets tongue tied with them and he’s even older. Elise gets nervous as well but does the opposite and runs on. These are all performers who are probably just thinking about not messing up on stage so we’ll never see their true personalities at this time. It’s like the longest job interview in the world, with millions (us) judging every tick and slip up. The most outgoing I feel are Colten, Skylar and Hollie on the after interviews. P2 is on his own thing so doubt he gives a hoot what Ryan says.

        • Marsaili says:

          I can’t even imagine how nerve wracking it is to be up on the stage, knowing that millions of people are watching and judging. It’s really amazing that kids like Jessica and Hollie and Skylar can hold it together as well as they do! Joshua does get tongue tied an awful lot of the time–which is probably exactly how I’d be, LOL! Colton is just a natural at the whole biz.. I think P2 does give a hoot—I think he gets just as tongue tied as Joshua up there! But for all that, the differences from Hollywood to the finale or whenever each kid is voted off are huge, they certainly do learn a lot in a short amount of time!

          • Templar says:

            I mean this in the kindest possible way, and I love Joshua. My impression is that, being a preacher’s son and from the south, Joshua is a bit sheltered. Probably has a small town background and is overwhelmed by the scope he finds himself in.

          • Marsaili says:

            Yeah, I can totally see that! Plus, isn’t he the youngest of like 12 kids or something—he’s probably babied (and I don’t mean that in a bad way, he’s just the baby of the family) and very protected by parents and older siblings.

  37. Mel says:

    It’s true that the talent this year is amazing. However, I feel that most of the top 7 have been so consistent that it’s almost not a good thing anymore. Like, I’m forgetting what most of them have sung, and since these judges hand out standing ovations like they’re handing out Halloween candy, even that’s not special anymore. To illustrate my point, try this: QUICK, name 3 memorable performances by any of the current top 7. (I do think a few of them have been very memorable, but I won’t spoil the game by naming them.)

  38. Kari says:

    MJ, to your point that Elise won’t discuss her dog in a 15-sec… wonder why she brought it up in the first place? JLo was reluctant to stand up and give an SO to Joshua’s second song. See look on her face as she glanced at Randy as he stood up. Is it a package deal among them that if one feels giving an SO, the whole panel shld stand? Seriously!

    • Red in Denver says:

      Elise did NOT bring the dog ‘up’. Ryan ASKED her about her emotion; and she responded with the comment about her dog.

      I was wondering about the standing “O”s. What can you do, even if you weren’t thrilled with the performance, when the other 2 judges stand up…. or even just ONE?

      • Mel says:

        In years past, standing ovations were rare. As they should be! And second, Simon stood up for Adam Lambert’s Mad World, and none of the other judges did. Randy stood up for David Cook’s Always Be My Baby, and no one else did. I think Paula stood up more frequently, and the others usually didn’t. Also, I seem to remember that when a judge wanted to stand up, he or she would do so during his/her individual critique.

        I’m getting really put off by all these standing ovations. When everyone is special, then no one is special, know what I mean? And I have to say it’s grating on me that they haven’t stood up at all for Colton, who is showing more creativity than most other contestants, and had pretty great moments on Piano Man and Love The Way You Lie. In a different year, I would never be wondering why he hasn’t gotten a standing O. But if Joshua gets one for every performance, then you gotta be kidding me.

    • Justin says:

      Seacrest brought it up, she didn’t.

    • MA says:

      Amen to the above comments and I’ll add…not only did she not bring it up, but she could hardly even talk about it. Her voice started cracking and she basically tried to sidestep it, but JLo couldn’t have that. I have to say, all along, Elise has been the solid, unshakeable one and it’s like they saw this opportunity to break her and they did it. Why is that fun for people?!

  39. Kari says:

    the only way for either Skylar (best chance for a female to win, or Jessica, long shot) to win is for them to consistently have a wow moment starting from next week. if colton reaches final 2, you’re looking at the nth male idol winner. no twitching of his face nor awkward dance moves will allow phil to beat him.

  40. Chris says:

    Loved Hollie’s first song and the second was even better. From reading the comments, it’s nice to see her finally starting to get some of the credit she deserves for her talent and her performances. Just like last year it took Pia leaving for some to start noticing Haley, I think the the hit that Jessica took last week is making some people realize that there are other female singers in this competition besides Jessica who are really good.

  41. Samantha says:

    Kari, um actually imo Philip is the guy to beat since it seems Colton is getting hated on tonight but a lot of people. It looks like he could even make it in the bottom 3 sadly :( I hope not but it looks like it could happen

  42. Johnny Arkrost says:

    This is preposterous. Skylar’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” was the best performance of the night. Elise’s “Let’s Get It On” wasn’t far behind. It’s heartbreaking to watch Slezak morph into Randy Jackson before our very eyes

  43. Crys says:

    I thought Jessica’s second performance was fab, I loved how she put more grit into it. Elise was pretty off for me tonight (but the emotion thing by the judges was strange I agree) and I tuned out during P2 and Colton. Skylar is always rockin’, she continues to be fave of mine. Joshua had a couple moments as well I thought, he puts so much into his pieces. Hollie wasn’t bad tonight really, liked the Adele but the Preacher Man was pitchy.

  44. lynn says:

    Hope they bring back duets and trios next week. Two songs each was just a bit much!

  45. MK says:

    Jessica desecrated Try A Little Tenderness. Taylor Hicks killed it when he sang it. I don’t know. I’m starting to get so bored with these kids. No one, no one, no oneeeeee has every gone the distance and made it really exciting although Colton IMO is at least the leader of that pack. Over pimping on Phillip and Skyler has turned me off to both. Jessica…should have gone last week.

    Most exciting thing about tonight’s episode…Kris Allen in the audience saying he’s performing tomorrow.

    • Layla says:

      LOVED Jessica’s take on this song. It was more aggressive and she was adding a different meaning to the lyrics with her feisty delivery. Took it as standing up to some jerk who did her BFF wrong. If she did a THicks take, it would’ve been the same old critiques of “being boring” “mimicry” etc. We want more of that SWAG!

  46. Tahoe Mike says:

    I have no idea who is going home tomorrow.
    Skylar is my favorite this season, and I am voting for her.
    I thought Hollie had a personal best tonight. I have heard so many covers of Rolling In The Deep that I’m sick of it, but that was one of the better ones. Something about Hollie has always reminded me of Dusty Springfield, so I loved hearing her sing Son of a Preacher Man. She took on two British powerhouses tonight, and had her best night. I wrote last week that since her accent disappears when she sings, I wondered if she was focusing on it too much. I’d love to hear her try some Joss Stone one of these days.
    I liked P2 on Midnight Hour, he sounded much better this week than he has in a while. I love that sexy sax player he has played with the last two weeks. Glad to see her back from last year.
    Joshua was great on A Change Is Gonna Come. Talk about picking a song that fits you.
    The real star of the night was J. Lo’s left boob!! Bless her hearts.
    RIP Dick Clark. For those to young to remember, he was Ryan Seacrest before there was Ryan Seacrest.
    Raise your hand if you grew up watching American Bandstand. How old do I feel that I grew up watching Bandstand, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, The Midnight Special (that they are now selling on dvd’s on an infomercial), and listening to Wolfman Jack on the radio.

    • Marsaili says:

      Raising my hand to all of the above! Wolfman Jack and Casey Kasem for the top 40! Before the days of MTV (back when it WAS MTV) I couldn’t wait for Bandstand or Midnight Special or Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert to see my favorite bands. Kids today don’t know how cool it is to have YouTube and the internet—I used to record the top 40 on many cassette tapes to have the newest songs! Dick Clark was a pioneer, I kinda think Ryan is on his way to being the Dick Clark of this generation–and good for him—he’s certainly good at what he does! I would have LOVED to have a show like Idol when I was a teen! We did have Star Search, though! Thanks for the memories, Mike!

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      no disrespect to Dick Clark but I also grew up on American Bandstand and Where the Action Is so it was a little strange having the Dick Clark lead-in to…Soul Train??? Couldn’t they do separate nights for Dick Clark and Don Cornelius? these guys totally represent 2 different ages of pop/soul music with Soul Train the real monster influencing top 40 radio IMO (its Gidget vs Chaka Khan)

      • Tahoe Mike says:

        I’d guess that the Soul Train bit was planned in advance, and the news about Dick Clark broke about the time that they were taping the show.

  47. Lois Benton says:

    Okay, Michael, I’ll tell you: Both of Colton’s performances were terrible. “Bad Romance” was bad. He was the worst of the night. And it wasn’t a great night. BUt I love JOshua anyway. And Jessica was pretty good. Phillip is rather like a caricature of himself.

  48. Mindy Moore says:

    The bias from Michael Slezak against Hollie has no end. She came out there and owned that song! Who says you can’t have an Idol moment with an Adele song? Didn’t you go crazy about Haley’s version last season and anything else she did? So it just has to be someone you like.

    Too often these critiques are informed by too much bias. I don’t like the singing style of Colton or Philip, but I can give them credit when they do well. If anyone thought that either of Colton’s performances worked, then I don’t know what planet they live on. He butchered “September” so badly that it was a crime. With all those soul songs from which to choose? Earth, Wind and Fire done emo style? Yikes! Horrible.

    Joshua caterwauling and screaming on Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” was a travesty. Just listen to the man himself, the great Sam Cooke, to see how it should sound. Oh and Joshua has some serious technical issue with the shouting, which have been overlooked. I am speaking as someone who loves male r&b singers. I like the guy, but this oversinging is not a good thing!

    Skylar also has a case of the oversinging blues. She knows one speed – full power throttle. No restraint, no ability to pull back, just singing full out at the top of her lungs with that annoying twang. Oh the country music fans will love it.

    You think that Hollie did a bad job with “Son of a Preacher Man”? With what followed, I think she came out looking the best.

    Elise is just trying too hard. I did like her first performance but she oversang “Let’s Get It On” and then made that stank face again. She needs to just smile and let the judges talk. I see her definitely in the bottom. Who knows after that.

  49. Zoey says:

    You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve voted for Elise. I keep getting scared for her being in the bottom 2/3.

  50. tom says:

    btw,since it was mentioned, the b in apt 23 had the most laugh out loud moments of any sitcom in years, if you didn’t dvr it, catch it online, you won’t be disappointed. i’m amazed they could fit this many performances in one episode, remember when they ran out of time because they reduced the show to an hour.