Voice Recap: Sugar Daddy, She's Comin for You

Does anyone actually care what happened on this week’s The Voice results-show telecast? No, that’s not (entirely) my bitter commentary on the producers’ annoying decision to place most of our collective viewer power back in the hands of the judges — who got to cut one of their final four singers on Monday, and then were able to choose between their two lowest vote-getters on Tuesday, as America’s top choice sailed through to fight another week.

Rather, I’m wondering if anyone could focus on anything other than Justin Bieber dropping by for a “surprise” visit to premiere a snippet of his new video, “Boyfriend.” [Insert eardrum-shattering squeal here.] Let me repeat that in my best Oprah Winfrey bellow: JUSTIN! BIEBER! VIDEO! SNIPPET! PREMIEEEREEE! Not only that, we were treated to the “musical” stylings of five rakish gentlebots who came from the same supersecret factory in Uppsala, Sweden, that produced the Bieb. (Okay, maybe I’m just being bitchy because I’m jealous of their hair.)

Voice host Carson Daly — who it should be said, will never win an acting Emmy — pretended to “spontaneously” invite Bieber back to peform on The Voice finale, as if everything that happens on The Voice and everything that happens in the life of Justin Bieber, isn’t carefully conceived, planned, and executed at least six months in advance.

In any event, the evening’s other noteworthy moment came when Xtina failed to forcefully and succinctly explain why she cut early fave Jesse Campbell after his self-immolating rendition of “Halo” on Monday. “I am no stranger to controversy, and I am okay with that,” she declared, before she heard someone in the crowd shout “I love you,” and she was forced to assume the fetal position, pop her thumb in her mouth, and babble like a baby . I wish she’d just said, “Did you guys hear him on Monday? Dude was not on pitch, and honestly, his ‘What a Wonderul World’ two weeks ago wasn’t all that, either!”

But enough about the Passion of the Xtina, let’s talk results:

Voted Through by America
Chris Mann (oh, America, when did you develop an unseemly taste for runaway vibrato?)

Last-Chance Performances
Lindsey Pavao: Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” — This was like the most musical kitten-mewling ever. And I think I mean that in a positive way? In any event, it made Xtina cry, and you know with the amount of makeup girlfriend wears, she’s not one to fake her tears.

Ashley de la Rosa: Lady Gaga’s “You and I” — Not sure the deliberately staccato, guitar-fueled pace added much to Haley Reinhart Gaga’s hit, nor did it provide much of a vocal showcase for young Ashley. But come on: This underdog was indisputably the best of Monday’s eight performances. Shouldn’t that be enough for the save?

Xtina’s Save
Lindsey Pavao

Voted Through by America
Jermaine Paul (brace yourselves, Voice fans: more melodies will be brutalized in the coming weeks!)

Last-Chance Performances
Erin Willet: Tina Turner’s rendition of CCR’s “Proud Mary” — A big, muscular vocal, although not a particularly original one.

RaeLynn: The Band Perry’s “If I Die Young” — There’s something disconcerting about this child and her froofy pageant skirts and cranky old lady facial expressions, like some day she’ll end up dancing on the beach, makeup running down her face, after tormenting her housebound sister. In all seriousness, though, I felt like RaeLynn was more on pitch, but significantly less interesting, tackling a quieter, more intimate tune than we’ve seen to date on the live shows.

Blake’s Save
Erin Willett (who did her best to comfort her “I ain’t having it!” competitor)

What did you think of this week’s results? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. rochelle says:

    Admittedly, I am not a country music fan. It would not be unfair to say I hate the entire genre. However, I can appreciate vocal ability in any form so I never understood why raelyn made it this far in the competition. She sings exactly like I do when I’m obnoxiously mocking country songs. Can someone explain the appeal of her complete massacre of proper pronunciation and phrasing….and tune

  2. Walrus says:

    This time around, America put through the two I’d hoped would be easy eliminations for the coaches. I don’t (didn’t?) care about Blake’s decision… didn’t like any of them… but I was rooting for Ashley. I liked her style. I am pretty much done with the show. Cee Lo has a couple I’m still interested in, but is that enough to keep me tuning in? Not really. I’ll probably just catch these recaps and if I read something interesting, find the video on-line if it’s not embedded in the article. The Voice lost me tonight.

  3. Toia says:

    Whenever ther did the group number (i watched both episodes today cuz I had DVD fail) team Blake had a weak link and it was RaeLynn. Im not a country fan but I know what sounds good. I wished Xtina would have either given a real reason for cutting Jessie or said nothing. I wasn’t a fan his voice had an unpleasant quality to it for my ear. I can not for the life of me understand the people voted through but I also don’t listen to radio so there you go. Watching this show is like watching glee. It’s mostly just background noise whole I work on papers.

  4. abfidy says:

    Nice Haley shoutout. Although I gotta say, I don’t understand why anyone would choose to cover that song on a reality show. In Haley’s case it made sense because who’s going to say no to an unreleased Gaga track that offered to you, but elsewhere there are many many problems with it as a choice. It’s a mid tempo song that takes time to build itself up. It’s one of Gaga’s less entertaining hits. Its big refrain is really just repeating YOU AND I over and over again. And most importantly, Haley Reinhart killed it dead last year. Why even bother trying?

    • ASH1157 says:

      I think that may be why people keep singing it – they think “If Haley Reinhart can sing this, I can, too!”

  5. Jesse isn’t commercially viable. looking at who “america” votes through, its no wonder why they had the judges make eliminations.

  6. Luiz says:

    God, you guys can’t be watching the same show I am! Almost all of the comments (including Slezak’s) are so bitter!!!

    Xtina’s not the only person who cried watching Lindsey’s performance. I was moved to tears for the first time ever in a show like this (and yes, I watch these shows for 10 years). It was one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced in reality television, and The Voice is the one who made this possible.

    I’m Team Lindsey all the way, but the results don’t really matter. When I remember The Voice, I’ll always cherish that unique moment: Lindsey’s last chance, the most emotional performance I’ve ever seen. And, for that, I”ll always be thankful.

    P.S.: Ashley’s great, and she’s been getting better and better, but she’s not HALF as good as Slezak says she is.

    • Tarc says:

      I think the Idol tweeners are voting for The Voice, because the guys were safe (undeservedly so). I just wish we could have kept both Christina’s people and gotten rid of Blakes. And regardless what anyone says, Lindsay Pavao is a *star*. Big time. Best of eveyone that’s done the show either season.

    • Mariah says:

      Agreed. The bitter is out of control in Slezak’s recap.

      • Kyle says:

        I agree too. I like this show a lot because (regardless of its name) it really isn’t about the voice. It’s the full package: performance, marketability, etc. That’s why Idol (and Slezak) can annoy me sometimes. I don’t care if it was a bit pitchy if it’s awesome to watch as well. Also, Jesse wouldn’t have sold. He would have almost been in the same boat as Javier last year. That’s why I like The X Factor and this show over Idol. Pitch and singing ability are trumped by star quality, which is a way more realistic way to look at things if you’re trying to find a superstar.

    • Belle says:

      Ick…Lindsey. I hate that kind of kittenish whispering “singing”. She was off-tune again, as she has been in every song. And she has the most stupid hairdo I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen people have their hair a little longer on one side that the other but hers is just ridiculous.

      • gailer says:

        yes, she was off tune, but she is modern and is choosing songs young people who maybe vote the most relate to. but america didnt save her, so i have no clue who is voting on this show

    • dan says:

      I just watched Lindsay’s performance, she was great. And talk about changing up a song. I listened to a snippet of the original on iTunes, and her version is quite different. I wish they would put it up on iTunes, I would buy it in a second.

    • Leila says:

      Agreed! It was genuine on both parts. Lindsey is really interesting and I always look forward to seeing her perform. Ashley has a great voice but there’s nothing unique about her.

    • Selbs says:

      Lindsey is just about the worst ever. She thinks she’s Katey Perry because she kind of looks like Katey Perry, and, frankly, shame on Christina for keeping her on the show! So she cried. So what? I cried listening to her try to sing! This is a big disappointment because I honestly felt these judges were truly able to judge, not like those “in it to win it jerks” on Idol, but Lindsey stays? Man, what is happening here? As for eliminating the little blonde, I’m surprised only because Blake had exercised such bad judgment last year I was so certain she would be saved. Voice – you’re beginning to let me down.

      • Luiz says:

        Lindsey is the most iTunes selling artist of this season, with 1 #23 song and 1 #25 song so far, while Ashley made it to Top 80 ONCE. Lindsey’s blind audition made it to Billboard’s Hot 100.

        Choosing Ashley in this cenario simply doesn’t make any sense! Oh wait, it does, if you want the show to fail at having finalists who can actually sell music. Since I want The Voice to succeed, there’s no way I’d want Lindsey to go.

        • Selbs says:

          May I just ask, so what? Look how many hits Justin Bieber has gotten on iTunes and would you honestly say he has a voice? Maybe it sounds differently on iTunes, but we are not privy to that when we watch the show. And based on what we hear on TV, she is all style and no substance.

          • Luiz says:

            The Voice, like every other singing competition nowadays, desperately needs to discover marketable talent, not just people who can sing. Lindsey is (at least) a good singer who can amazingly rearrange the songs she performs, and has a great taste (except for the Katy Perry song, of course).

            Although miss De La Rosa is a great singer, there are tons of Ashleys out there, and not a single talent like Lindsey’s. And THAT’s why Lindsey is the top seller of this season.

            The comparison with Bieber, who has no personality and is just a product packed by other people, does not apply to this case at all.

  7. Jill says:

    Monday nights instant cut was the end for this seson for me. They need to do something to keep the viewers interested. This is about the time I checked out last year. On to the UK’s the Voice. They start battle rounds next week. Hope they keep it interesting.

  8. Blank Slate says:

    Christina A’s team … yawn. Not a winner in the bunch. Chris Mann? Are you kidding? Take the q-tips out of your ears. He’s a mess.

    I was surprised Blake let his little baby RaeLynn go. Thought she was his pet. She’s a horror show, not a singer. Where’s her mommy? She needs a diaper change.

    I don’t think there’s a bankable star in the bunch. Maybe Jamar…?

    Erin can sing — she’s got her voice — but hell once the chairs were turned around and you see her… something goes out the window.. I’m not talking looks. No energy or sparkle on the stage. You NEED THAT.

  9. Blank Slate says:

    Whoa. I just read the re-cap on another reality tv blog and so many of the thoughts sound like mine. They were posted before I posted what I wrote. Eerie to see how similar people think sometimes. I guess ears and eyes don’t lie!

  10. Pat says:

    This show has gone so so wrong so quickly. It’s 10 times the trainwreck the X-Factor became and 100 times worse than Idol’s manipulation-fest (AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING).

    The format is ATROCIOUS: the singers get cut with awful to no final explanation as to why they’re being cut, America’s vote is pointless since the judges control who stays anyway, no attachment to vocalists since they only perform every two weeks, awful tinny arrangements, the acoustics are horrible, and you can barely hear the singers at times, etc.

    It’s awful. It feels cheap. The whole thing does.

    Unless they majorly revamp the format next year, I’m done with it.

    Get rid of the battle rounds. Fix the live rounds.

    Stop forcing the teams to remain at even numbers. Eliminate X-factor style regardless of coach depending on America’s vote. Blake and Adam picked some awful vocalists, eliminate them.

    Stop eliminating people BEFORE America votes, who thought that was a good idea?

    Ugh. Just fix it.

    • Tarc says:

      I agree that the ‘battle rounds’ are awful – I skipped them this year, and don’t plan on watching them ever again. Really, I love the blind auditions and I’m watching the UK and Aussie ones right now, but I’m proabbly going to skip the rest of the shows when they move on.

  11. Blank Slate says:

    Another thing. Zero truthful reviews and after the glossy paint we get over at American Idol, that’s saying a lot. Everyone is amazing, the best, fantastic, blah blah blah. Why feed them half-baked truths? No criticism is believed when everyone is lied to and told they’re the best.

    Still not sure why Jordis went down. What happened to her? She was SO darn cool on ROCK STAR on CBS. Was it the hair? They should have let her come out in her dreadlocks on VOICE. They made her look too Prom Queen. That’s not her and it made her look like 5000 other singers out there trying to find a break.

    • Tarc says:

      It seems to me that Jordis is just very sensitive, and she couldn’t take the beating that she got in the industry up to now. She was so awesome and fearless on Rockstar… and we didn’t see even a hint of that on The Voice.

      • Blank Slate says:

        Honestly… she didn’t feel like the same person on The Voice as the one she presented on Rockstar. I hope and pray she isn’t acting to fit the role of the “reality” competition. Which one is the real Jordis? Will we ever know? I really liked her on ROCKSTAR. Had I not seen her and her performances there, I doubt I would have been rooting for her as much on the VOICE as I was. I still think of her Rockstar performance re: the song about the man who fell from the moon.. It’s late and the name isn’t coming to me but I was haunted by her version back then when she was the darling of ROCKSTAR….

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        I think that’s because of the songs she was given. The one song she chose herself, “Wild Horses”, was far and away her best performance. After her ousting, I couldn’t care less about watching. I did watch last night in the hopes that Junior Miss Loretta Lynn would get eliminated. Couldn’t stand her at all.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          Calling RaeLynn Loretta Lynn was an insult to Loretta Lynn.

        • Karrie says:

          I think I’ve heard that Jordis has issues with anxiety but she was such a badass on Rockstar and I rooted for her every week on The Voice; when Blake cut her instead of the little Miranda that couldn’t sing to save her life, that was it for me! I’m no longer watching. All of her songs from Rockstar are now on iTunes!!

          • Selbs says:

            I thought Jordis was a winner on Rock Star when she started, but toward the end of the season she suddenly fell apart! I was so sorry that happened to her then, and she got stiffed again last night. Problems or not,who cares. She really has a great voice but she does not possess that most important of element for success – luck! When you think of the Justin Biebers of this world, talent is NOT essential. Too bad, Jordis.

  12. Brian says:

    I think Blake and Christina put money on Adam or Cee Lo’s team to win based on the awful choices they made the last two nights. They should just let America decide the outcome and leave it at that.

    • TheBeach says:

      I am wondering if the judges are privy to the number or percentage of votes each of their contestants receives. They’ve already said they check the itunes sales so it wouldn’t surprise me if the producers clued them in on how the votes went down. I don’t know if that is a violation of the rules but it sure could influence which ones they put through and which they cut.

  13. Sarah says:

    I loved this show last year – and was excited for this year. It really is like watching a derailment. Bl
    ake’s elimination of Jordis while keeping Raelynn – and then (rightly) cutting her – then snarling at people on twitter about it… all bad. And it was more controversial than Xtina’s decision but Blake’s not grilled about it the way Xtina is. (I have no problem w/polling the other judges on whether they thought she was right but please do it for both judges.) Otherwise I can’t really blame the judges – Adam and Xtina especially seem to be trying in terms of feedback – seriously when was the last time you heard a judge on a singing competiton raise an issue like phrasing and address it constructively?
    But what are the producers thinking with this new format? It’s so disheartening – cutting so many people at one time severely undermines audience investment in contestants.
    Finally, one housekeeping agenda item. I adore Michael – have adored him for a long time but maybe someone else should cover the Voice. He is clearly too wedded to Idol and has is consistently dismissive of the Voice and never conveys genuine interest. I agree Hailey Reinhart’s version of You and I is genius – trumping everyone else’s including Gaga but Michael decides not to bring it with Elise Testone but does sneak a jab in at Ashley de la Rosa (who I thought did a better job with this particular song than Elise though I adore her.)

    I really enjoy the Voice (that’s in serious danger right now but hey look how many Idol viewers survived Season 9); I would much appreciate a correspondent who brings at least some of the same genuine interest and thoughtful commentary to the Voice as Michael does to Idol. Sorry but it feels like disrespect to the people who actually like this show and are sorry (not smug) to see it such a rough patch.

    • Tarc says:

      It’s just insanity to say anyone does You and I like Gaga does live. Like Adele catalog, you just can’t touch it.

      • Belle says:

        People are trashing The Voice left & right for this year’s format & lack of real talent but let Slezak say anything & you think he’s biased & bitter. Yarite.

    • Sheri says:

      Sarah you are correct. Slezak will always trash this show in favor of his favorite, Idol. I have wondered all season why he is writing this blog. I am sure there are others who could be less Idol-biased. I vote for you Sarah.
      The format for The Voice this year isn’t as good as last year. Hated the instant eliminations, maybe go back to last year’s format. There are still some great singers on this show, especially from team CeeLo.

      • Yo' says:

        This year the Idol talent is better than The Voice and at a point the audience gets to participate more. The Voice is boring and the eventual finalists are an anticlimax. Many of us would trash this show in favor of Idol this year: we know the contestants better and it seems more like an actual contest. The author writes for a living and gets to express his opinions. You, however, are free not to read them.

    • Connie says:

      You are so right…if you generally dislike The Voice that’s fine but the need to give this recap to someone else and let Slezak do what he does best and that’s Idol.

    • Michael says:

      It might be difficult to find someone on the staff that actually likes the voice. Michael snipes away at Idol too and I like his snark. You could always just read another blog.

    • seriouslysalty says:

      I agree. I love Slezak. love love. love his snark, love his wit. but it is clear that he is never going to be fair about recapping The Voice.

    • TheBeach says:

      It pains me to say this because I loves me some Slezak. I really do. But I have to agree somewhat with what Sarah said. His columns on The Voice oftentimes seem dismissive, kinda like it’s the ugly stepchild. I think a bit more objectivity would be in order.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I have to agee with Sarah in some ways. This site’s coverage of the Voice is like the show is the ugly stepchild. Even the XFactor gets more overage … and that show was bad. I barely could get through the first episode of that and I never went back. I mean, with The Voice, we don’t get a weekly interview with whomever has been kicked off (even though I realize it is more than one person). We don’t get extra articles on power lists or a version of Idology for the Voice or articles suggesting (or asking us what we think) regarding what the contestants should sing. I do notice a more bitter tone to the Voice recap even though I generally love Slezak’s writing.

  14. Juan says:

    Blake, right choice.
    Xtina, wrong choice.
    And even worse, TV voters, wrong choice.

    • Tarc says:

      Are you crazy? Lindsay’s the best of the whole lot. She’s already proven that she can move records… she’s kinda brilliant.

    • Becka says:

      Man…America got it wrong on the saves! Chris Mann? SERIOUSLY? He just doesn’t fit in. he’s not versatile. His voice is opera all the way and he tends to oversing every song he is given and he just doesn’t FIT any of the genre’s covered on The Voice. I was happy when they cut Tony Vincent for the same reason…he didn’t fit. His look fit, but his voice was too Broadway and had a way of turning every song he sang into a broadway number. Same with Chris Mann. He has to go.

      I was happy that RaeLynn was cut. I LOVED her song in the performance night…but doing If I Die Young the way she did…just wasn’t good. The arrangement was AWFUL.

      That is something I have an issue with this season. A lot of the arrangements are just flat out bad. Some have been really good…but the others….awful.

      and my BIGGEST complaint is the sound engineering. They don’t have the vocals up enough in the mix and sometimes their mic’s cut out entirely. So it makes them look like they are lip syncing. The band is WAY too loud and overpowers the singers. And sometimes that’s the singers just not being powerful enough, but the house band and the audio engineer should know that’s a weakness and bring up their vocals in the mix and tone down the band! But they seem to want to let the band go and have these huge performances and staging…sometimes it is just a bad idea!

  15. NedPepper says:

    After Jordis was cut, I quit watching. As in, I was watching it on DVR last night, tried to call her numer and got a busy signal….and I realized Blake actually cut her. So I deleted it without finishing it and said “Eh, I’m done.” Last year was fun. There was great talent. (I actually own Dia Frampton’s album. It’s great…not that the Voice would let you know it exists…) The talent is boring this year and the judges have made horrible decisions all season. It’s turned me off to this show big time. It’s not about finding talent. Not really. It’s really about the judges rapport and the gimmicky “twists.” There’s no investment in these perfmormers. They’re really just extras. It’s a shame. Ask Javier Colon what the Voice can really do for you…..

  16. MK says:

    Once Blake eliminated Jordis, I stopped caring. Then I remembered. Blake loved Dia Frampton. I thought Dia was awful. So what was I to expect? Christina lost me with her critique…ice queenish that it was, of Tony Lucca. Not that I thought Lucca was all that, but her critique was nasty. Adam’s team is a snoozefest. Someone on CeLo’s team will win. As for Rae Lynn…trust me. Nashville will swoop her up. Silly outfits and all. Lyndsey P. Snoozy to me. There is no one ultra exciting on the show. Which is okay because then I’m not invested and I don’t care who wins or who gets a contract.

    They don’t seem to be helping Javier Colon. So I don’t care if it’s Dia, Pia or Mia. No one does it for me.

  17. Ethel says:

    I have been watching the Voice on an intermittent basis this season but after watching last night’s show……..where is the talent? No one impressed me, glad RaeLynn is gone, something irritating about her. Chris has talent but it is for opera and he has difficulty with anything upbeat. As much as I love Blake(who doesn’t) I doubt if I have any interest in who wins this year’s competition……boring

  18. Blank Slate says:

    Attention Christina A: Breasts. We know they exist. Please find a shirt and bra that fits yours in the immediate future. Seeing you stuff yourself into your clothes is wholly unattractive. You also do not need to wear the entire cosmetics counter to look attractive on television. In fact, you’re making yourself look really….unpleasant. Are there any mirrors in the dressing rooms at The Voice?

    • darcy the slutty twin says:

      Preach it! Christina needs to tone down the slut factor. Anyway, I am ecstatic that the little mumbling monster Raelyn has been cut!

    • matt says:

      Telling Christina to not dress slutty is like telling a bitter zoo gorilla to not throw his/her poop: it’s not gonna happen.

    • Spider3tattoo says:

      You didn’t mention the bird that barfed out it’s nest on her head. That weave is the most nastiest thing I’ve since since Brit Brit was growing out her oopsie.

  19. MusicFan says:

    I for one just kept having WOW moments. That is usually what comes out of my mouth when I can’t compute what I saw / heard happen. However, I think the judges let some of their most talented vocalist go before we even got to America’s votes.

    As far as the switch up in the program (immediate elimination and judges making the elimination call) what does remain is The Voice gives America 12 HOURS to vote by phone, to text and to purchase Itunes tracks which are all tallied for the wins, so it’s hard to argue with that. I see so many folks say its the tween voting population but I disagree. If it were the youngsters voting I don’t think we would have seen the two contestants from last night make it through. That’s all conspiracy though withholding the fact you have 12 HOURS to vote as much as you want through 3 methods (and I hear they are adding a facebook ap). This is again an interview process and like it or not – it is what it is. The one thing I feel sure about is not everyone who watches votes and they’ve all been given the same platform for exposure and coaching.

    I think Carson could do so much better at winging those moments he needs to and develop better hosting skills. Letting the judges go on and on and on is just a waste of time (hence his you have to tell me your choice NOW with one minute left on the show). If the judges are in this for a popularity contest then don’t be a judge. Be straight forward on why you eliminate and then move on – I don’t need the fluff. Obviously you saw potential for them and if they need meet the long term needs you let them go.

    I think Jermaine, Chris, Erin and Lindsey are all very talented. I don’t know if this is the right platform for Chris ultimately but The Voice is about the voice and they coach them to other heights. I can see how Chris brought something different to his performance from previous critique. RaeLynn will be fine – she’s got a recording deal waiting for her. She’s young – she’ll do just fine. As for Ashley things could go either way for her but I hope whatever comes her way from this (and I think at a min it will be a single to release to a ‘test’ market) she’ll be fine. She needed this opportunity to find out ultimately if this could be in her wheelhouse. After all, all you really need is a fan base in the grossly overpopulated, blessed industry.

    Imagine how many awesome artists are in the world you miss out on because they aren’t played on syndicated radio?

  20. matt says:

    Just wait until next week when Team Ceelo and Team Adam sing, then everyone will like the show more again, since the better singers are there. I still agree with a lot of people here though, the format, just like last year, eliminates competitors too quickly.

  21. marie says:

    – Lay off Slezak! He has his legitimate criticisms of this show, independent of his views on Idol; why shouldn’t he voice them?
    – Chris Mann? Really? The Voice voters have jumped the shark. The show as a whole has jumped the whole aquarium.
    – I’m done with this show this season. I’ll likely watch the blind auditions next season – those are the only episodes I really enjoy – and see if there’s anyone who really makes me jump up and down (and it would have to be jumping up and down on the order of Adam Lambert at his first Idol audition) before I decide whether I want to try to stick it out through more episodes.
    – Keep the blind auditions; jettison the interminable and insufferable battle rounds; re-vamp the live shows so that 1) there are more of them; 2) each contestant sings every week so that we don’t forget who the heck they are; and 3) the voters decide who stays and who goes, with minimal to no coach involvement in the process. Until then, I’m outta here (but I’ll still read Slezak’s recaps, which at this point have much more entertainment value than the show itself).

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      “The show as a whole has jumped the whole aquarium”.
      LOL! Good one, marie.
      Don’t hate me for this but I believe Chris Mann is from my area.
      I’ve been watching this season of “The Voice” vicariously – those battle rounds were painful to watch and honestly, the live rounds haven’t been a whole lot better.

  22. marie says:

    I do have to hand it to Blake, though, for going with his head and keeping Erin over his little darling, the looneytunes and non-talented RaeLynn. I think he showed integrity and honest in making that choice.

  23. Jess says:

    Why does America have no taste? Christ Mann and Jarmaine Paul were the worst of the two teams. #teamceeloFTW!

  24. Tim says:

    For a show called The Voice, this show is pathetic. They are using over-produced musical numbers like the X-Factor. They are turning the band up to 11 in the mix, but dialing the vocalist down to 6 or 7.

    I don’t think it is Paul Mrkovich’s fault. His band was brilliant in the Rockstar series. But somebody should fire the sound mixers and the producers.

  25. tracyg36 says:

    Last night I removed “The Voice” from my DVR schedule. It’s just ridiculous, plus it conflicts with “Eureka” Monday nights. The only thing that made me happy was Raelynn being kicked out of the competition.

  26. Go XTina says:

    Jesse was cut because he was awful. Mystery solved.
    RaeLynn ceased being interesting when she was not stomping around the stage. Slow tempo points out all of her vocal imperfections.
    If Jermaine Paul wins – I am done with this show. I just don’t believe anyone but Alicia Keys is voting for that hot mess. He is atrocious. I have never heard anyone bastardize the simplest melodies quite like he does. Blake teach him how to EDIT. Ugh.

  27. Christine L says:

    I did not understand the save for Lindsey. Her sing for your life performance was awful. She looked at the floor for most of the time–way to connect with your audience. I feel like she cried her way to the save. This show is best during the auditions round because the emphasis is on singing. Now it’s in a phase with way too much filler, too much talk, and little singing. I felt that way with the first season, too. They have stopped having every judge talk after each song but it’s still too much. And Carson Daly is almost as bad as the guy from XFactor whose name I can’t remember. Last season I thought Blake was doing a terrible job picking his team but he ended up with Dia in the finals. This season I don’t think much of Adam’s team but he had a winner last time. I can’t see Chris or Jermaine winning but who knows?

  28. gailer says:

    my first year watching the Voice, i really like the format of the show, but the singers not so much. so proud of blake for letting raelynn go

  29. Beth t says:

    OK – I am almost afraid to admit this… I d/l Chris Mann’s song Monday night. That is the only performance of the entire year I have d/l, and I have not done any other kind of voting for the Voice this year. Do I think Chris should win? No way. But I appreciated his awareness that he needed to take on something current and…it’s the first time I understood all the words in that song. I actually kinda liked his take on it, and of course the recorded version is a bit cleaner in terms of vibrato, etc. (In my defense – I immediately went and d/l some real Coldplay tunes to atone!):D

    My DVR hicupped, so I did not see the results show – apparently no loss. I have to assume Chris is getting through on the typical cute guy factor. I have a hard time thinking Jermaine has the same thing going for him and his style does nothing for me. Yet – he gets the votes, so who knows?

    I do wish Erin would get some energy going, but like many, I am glad Raelynn is gone. As someone noted above – she seems like the parody of country to me. I’ve never been much into Lindsey and thought Ashly pulled it out this week, but I’m not the least bit surprised Christina kept Lindsey. In the end it doesn’t really matter to me, as I don’t really care about anyone on Christina’s or Blake’s teams. :D

  30. allie08 says:

    I wonder how many people really voted at all. Could be that Monday was so crazy that people forgot to vote. Chris and Jermaine? Really? I am very happy that RaeLynn is gone but would anyone like to place a bet that she will end up in Miranda’s band? Slezak did point out that Miranda gave her a pistol necklace just like the one she and the other’s in the group wear. Hmm….. Speaking of Slezak. I love your Idol recaps but it is clear you really do not like the Voice – can you get someone else to recap it so those of us that are fans can enjoy the recaps?

  31. Kathryn says:

    Best moments of the show:

    – Carson saying something about “perfect timing” after the near break down of Pavao and Christina’s tears. (honestly, that transition to Beiber was awkward and ill-timed to say the least)

    – Christina clearly dying to shun Beiber – casual wave off was offered but she was forced to actually touch him when he leaned in for a hug.

    • TheBeach says:

      So glad you mentioned the Xtina/Bieber moment. I laughed out loud at the face she made after air-kissing him…priceless.

  32. Jane says:

    What is up with the Voice this year? The judges have cut all of my favorites. It started with the battle rounds when Blake kept Raelyn over Adley, Cee Lo kept Chessa over Angie, and Christina kept Chris over Monique. I actually disagreed with all of Cee Lo’s picks. Thank goodness Blake finally let Raelyn go. I’m still baffled he thought she sang “Free Fallin” well enough to make it to the next round. Thank goodness Adam still has Katrina (I think). I quit watching last week. I can’t figure out why the judges are consistently picking the wrong person. Go Katrina if she’s still on!

  33. TinyTim says:

    I think you guys could be missing the point, and I saw what that was last night when they showed the clip of Blake doing the gig outside with the 4 team members. Blake is sly and I think this was his way to see which of the contestants could entertain a crowd with only a stool and a guitar if they wanted. RaeLynn looked lost on that stage without all the bells and whistles of The Voice producers, even Jordis did not own the stage.

    And with Christina she was around Jesse enough to see who he really is, not what they show us for a couple moments on TV. If you watch his interviews he really thought he had already won the show, so that is why Christina probably keeps mentioning growth.

    If you think you already won it, no need to grow!

  34. luke says:

    Michael What was that weird exchange between Bieber and Adam – seems like Adam got pissed – he said he “quit” Does anybody know what was happening there. I can’t stand Justin Bieber. He comes off so cocky and I don’t think he has the talent to back that up.

    • TheBeach says:

      They both mentioned that it was Kevin that backed out of the collaboration and they were both a bit annoyed at him. Does anyone know who the Kevin is they were referring to?

  35. syb says:

    My DVR cut out before Blake’s choice was made, and I’ll admit to a little surprise, but I’m glad he took Erin. I’m warming up to the country contestants on most of the shows, but I did find Raelynn a little annoying.

    Gotta disagree with Michael on Lindsay vs. Ashley. Ashley is quite good, but when Lindsay came on I was in the other room and her rendition stopped me in my tracks. Perfect vocal? Not hardly, but interesting, passionate, great song choice for her. I thought it was really well done. She’s the one contestant left I can root for at this point.

    What are the voters doing? Weird.

  36. wmcc520 says:

    Happily surprised that Blake cut RaeLynn. She was annoying. I can’t believe America saved Chris….he should not be on this show. I like Lindsey but I am sad that Ashley was cut. She deserved to be there more than Chris.

  37. I am not liking the show much this season. I think all the changes are BS and its left us with contestants that are average C level while A+ers went home.

  38. FreeHaley says:

    ugh! Chris Mann over Ashley?? As soon as I saw Chris got the save I was like wow. oh no. since either Ashley or Lindsey had to go and both deserved to stay. How could America blow it that badly?? Maybe they should’ve just let xtina pick ’em all. (unless maybe she would’ve save Chris too????)

    it is interesting that by iTunes votes, Ashley got more than Lindsey got more than Chris, yet by total votes Chris wins? That shows even more the horror of power voting….

    What wreck of a week losing both Jordis (and for all of Blake’s picking Erin over Jordis to save RaeLynn and then he doesn’t even save RaeLynn anyway? So what ws accomplished but dumping Jordis for Erin? what a mess) and Ashley.

    By the semis I might not even have anyone left to care about at this rate.

    I don’t like how they eliminate so many so fast once it gets to live performances, and it shouldn’t be team by team so much since you get great ones leaving and stinkers staying. I know they need to leave some for the judges but they could at least go all teams at once although once a mentor is down to one or two left then they are safe, at least for one week??

  39. FreeHaley says:

    So yeah I think Jordis and Ashley were my two favorites for the week and they are the two who go!

  40. Natalie says:

    I’d like to know just who in the hockey sticks voted for Chris Mann? Seriously?! [insert convoluted babbling of curse words]

  41. AS says:

    Yes Michael, there is something disconcerting about RaeLynn and her frothy ballet skirts…she’s been channeling Claudia….Tom Cruise’s child-doll vampire from “Interview With a Vampire”….down to the pasty white skin….scary. The show’s a disappointment compared to last year.

  42. Justin says:

    Just like on American Idol, women have clearly taken over the voting on this show and are ruining it by power voting for guys they think are cute regardless of how badly they do. It’s no wonder the producers are giving more power to the judges: You simply cannot trust this type of thing to the public. How in the HELL did Chris Mann get the most votes? His Coldplay performance was dreadful. I think Christina got rid of Jessie because she wanted the two girls to advance (she probably thought Lindsey would get the most votes because she had the highest charting song on iTunes and then could pick Ashley over Chris). You could tell how pissed she was by how the vote panned out. Guess that means the finale will probably consist of such “zomg soooo kewt” singers like Chris and Pip. Puke puke puke.

  43. zombiehugs37 says:

    I would have liked to see Lindsey and Ashley go through, but oh well. I would have cut Jesse as well honestly I didn’t get the big deal about him. He seems very nice and of course talented but was just kind of boring to me. Blake cut the one I thought she be the last one standing on his team a while ago so I don’t really care what he does anymore..

  44. Sarah says:

    I was really happy when Adam told RaeLynn curbing some of her inflection in her voice. Not only that but i think she needs some help with diction. So help me, I am from a place where I can hear a country accent and understand it pretty well, but RaeLynn was singing almost like jody Foster’s Nell by the end of that song… It was a little ridiculous

  45. David says:

    Team Xtina: Lindsay- Most Relevant
    Chris Mann- Improving quickly (I’m classically trained like him. It is very difficult to switch to Pop music like he is learning. Trust me.

    Team Blake: Jermaine- Most Talented, but he needs to settle on one style for each song. Monday’s performance went through 5 or 6.
    Erin- Big Voice, but I think Katrina is better.

    Team Adam has Katrina, Tony Lucca, and Mathai. Mathai is the most marketable if she can connect with the songs better.

    Team Ceelo is the strongest team. He has Juliet and Jamar. I just wish he’d kept Tony Vincent.

    • kyle says:

      i don’t like katrina. i don’t see what is so good about her voice. Kim should have gone on to the quarter finals in my opinion. I think Adam made a terrible choice in keeping her.

  46. kyle says:

    ok there has been a lot of talk about the shows format and getting rid of the battle rounds. I say keep the battle rounds….BUT let AMERICA decide who goes on. once the auditions are done and the coaches have their “teams” then let america do the voting. i would much rather see america vote for someone like monique than chris in the battle rounds than christina’s god awful choice. just saying.

  47. teatime says:

    “There’s something disconcerting about this child and her froofy pageant skirts and cranky old lady facial expressions.” The was something off there. She reminded me of Kristen Bell’s character in Deadwood. That is not a good thing. I was very plearsantly surprised when she was cut since I did not think she should have stayed as long as she did. Part of the thinking was probably that if she did not get the most votes then maybe she’s not as popular as they thought she would be.
    Erin has may favorite voice in this competition right now.
    The big issue with this show is that they cut people too soon. We want to be able to form a strong opinion if we are to spend our time voting.

  48. Fernando says:

    Hi, Michael. If you hate the show so much and are so bitter about it, you shouldn’t do recaps. Just saying.

  49. sandi says:

    The quality of the contestants this year are pretty bad. I record it each week and watch it when I have time. And I don’t bother to vote. Conversely, American Idol is awesome this year. The judges are finally giving good, constructive criticism and the talent is amazing

    • Selbs says:

      I cannot believe that anyone could give credit to the Idol judges for the “quality” of their critiquing the contestants. I listen to what the Voice judges have to say, then I listen to those poseurs on Idol and wonder if I’m on the outside looking in! These people have no talent themselves, and to watch them gush over each contestant telling how much they LOVE them is a joke. As for Randy – the less said about him the better. I may not agree with the panel on the Voice much of the time, but their commentary has merit. Idol judging is sooooo difficult to listen to. Sorry, Sandi.

  50. FreeHaley says:

    Wow Juliet totally took this week (the week after what the above review refers to, no other place to put this post)!