Ringer Finale Recap: And Everyone Lived Unhappily Ever After

Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Ringer, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on….

Ringer‘s majorly twin-sted debut season came to a dramatic end on Tuesday night, with countless loose ends tied up, a handful of deaths and an awesome little cliffhanger that — should The CW pick up the drama for a second season — will make for a fun jumping-off point.

NOPE-TIALS | The finale opens on that gorgeous vow renewal ceremony we teased here, but — as predicted — it was all just a dream. Poor Bridget has been stressing out about telling Andrew her secret, and it’s giving her nightmares.

TRUTH OR DARE | During an NA meeting to celebrate a year of sobriety, Bridget gives props to Malcolm (who, unbeknownst to her, has apparently been found dead by the feds), then says she’ll be walking down the aisle in a week with the man she loves — after she tells him the truth about who she is. They, of course, think she’s referring to her druggie past, but still…. She starts to give the whole “I’m not Siobhan” thing a go during dinner the following night, but her efforts are thwarted by Andrew’s overly soapy yet incredibly sweet proclamations of love. Sadly, his happiness is short-lived thanks to Henry’s icky father-in-law Tim Arbogast — who just so happens to have purchased Martin Charles. Gemma’s dad, in all his vengeance-seeking glory, spills the beans to Andrew about Siobhan’s long-ago affair with Henry. Moments later, the (fake) husband scorned scolds Bridget-as-Siobhan for her behavior and tells her the marriage is off. Andrew does eventually agree to hear Bridget out after she reveals her true identity (and after he calls her a “drug-addled prostitute”), and while he admits to still loving her, he can’t get over the fact that it was “all a lie.”

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THE LONG CON | Who knew Henry had it in him? Things started out simple enough: Henry asked Siobhan to move with him to Chicago so they can raise their family there and rid their lives of the drama — and she reluctantly agreed. She even offered to foot the bill on their new home. But being the Pinocchio that she is, Siob couldn’t help but lie to Henry about the paternity of her daughters — a move that would be the end of her. After noticing that nearly all of her hard-earned (?) money was gone, Henry confessed to stealing her stash: “I wanted to take away the one thing that meant something to you, like you took away everything important to me.” He tells his poser baby momma to hit the highway, and that’s that. So, Henry — who is perhaps an evil genius — got off scot-free, ‘cept for that mean right hook he took to the face courtesy of an angry Andrew.

BIG BAD IS BACK | Jimmy shows up at Siobhan’s demanding money. If she refuses, he says he’ll tell Bodaway that she is actually Bridget. Unfortunately, Bodaway drops by the dirty cop’s hotel room, kills him and sets off to find Bridget — knowing that she is holed up at Siobhan’s. Elsewhere, Bridget slowwwwly but surely tries to piece together why her sister hired someone to trick her — a fact revealed to her by Jimmy — and once she sees on the news that he’s dead, she races back home to Andrew’s, knowing that the Big Bad B awaits her.

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS | A newly homeless Siobhan breaks back into her old apartment to steal some things — the lady is broke! — only to be put in a sleeper hold by Bodaway. She begs and pleads and repeatedly tells him that he’s got the wrong twin, but he’s not having it. Thankfully, Bridget drops in — thinking she’s witnessing an attack on Andrew — and saves the day, shooting Bodaway dead. But, wouldn’t you know, Bridge never gets a glimpse of her twin sis, who has immediately fled the scene. Just then, bodyguard Solomon produces some surveillance footage from the day of the boat incident (circa: the series pilot), and what does Bridget see? Siobhan is alive! Henry confirms the news to B, explaining, “Siobhan knew that somebody was trying to kill her… and she wanted you to take her place, for what you did to Sean.” To which Bridget responds (ending the hour-slash-season), “Siobhan wanted me dead?!”

So, what did you think of the Ringer finale? Are you hoping the show returns for a second season?

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  1. Jane says:

    Loved the finale. Love the show. Must come back!

  2. GS says:

    Loved it! I’m going to be ticked off if it doesn’t come back! I want to see what happened now that Bridget knows about Siobahn. Awesome scene when she told Andrew the truth. I have come to love that actor. So handsome and classy. And SMG has been great at both roles! C’mon CW! Give it another season. TVD and Secret Circle are the only other shows I watch on this network. And Ringer is up there with TVD in my book!

  3. Amanda says:

    So glad that I didn’t give up on it. The second half of this season has been amazing, and last night was awesome. I REALLY hope that it is renewed!

  4. Marcelo says:

    I’m so mad and disappointed at the same time. We had an amazing episode but it didn’t have an ending! And we all know it’s not getting renewed – we, the producers and the CW knew that since what, January? And still, they didn’t let it have an ending! I hate when channels do that, cancel a show and leave it unfinished, I think it’s so disrespectful for the fans that have been watching all season…

    I’ll never watch a CW show again. I’m done

  5. elizabeth says:

    This is my favorite show and I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope there is a RENEWAL!!!!!!

  6. Beth says:

    Please renew! Seems like all the new shows I like are being dropped! So again please renew!!!!!!!

  7. Regina says:

    CW, please please please renew this show for a 2nd season! That was by far one of the best season finales of any show I’ve ever seen! This is my new favorite show!!!!

  8. Please renew this show! I liked it from the start and watched every episode as it aired. The cast is stellar and I really care about the characters. I enjoyed all the twists and turns throughout the season. I want to know if Bridget will be reunited with Andrew and Juliet, and I want to see Bridget confront Siobhan, so please let there be a season 2 so that all of this can happen!

  9. Julia says:

    Best new! Must renew! I hear Ringer!!!

  10. Lana says:

    I thought the season finale was great! I was on the edge of my seat and emotionally vested in the characters the whole time. That was what I loved about Ringer… each episode kept me interested and wanting to see more. I could hardly wait for the next week’s episode! I thought the twists and turns were brilliant. The actors are amazing! In my opinion, it is the BEST show on television. It deserves a second season. I sincerely hope CW renews it for season 2. Hart of Dixie and Ringer are the only shows I watch on the network, since Smallville is finished and Hellcats was not renewed. So, CW please renew Ringer and Hart of Dixie!

  11. Atawewe says:

    I love Ringer! Yes it started off slow but i still stuck around. Hopefully, *fingers crossed* the series gets renewed. Btw, that finale was awesome!!!

  12. Liz says:

    they better renew for a season 2! the show is great! i’m totally hooked.

  13. J says:

    Please, please, please CW renew this show! Great finale. Each episode is so gripping. The best new show on TV, IMO.

  14. Emerald says:

    Definitely need a second season…..I will feel cheated!!! Siobhan and Bridget have not come face-to-face, Andrew needs to come to his senses…seriously, can we start a petition to the CW to just pick up this show for a second season already!??!?!

  15. Kyle says:

    Hands down one the best TV finales I’ve ever seen. It was gripping from minute 1 all the way to the very last second. Brilliant writing, acting and directing. It was emotional, suspenseful, aching, and even scary! The ratings may be small, but Ringer has an exceptional and loyal fanbase. Just looking at all these fans commenting, praying for the CW to renew our favorite show, makes me have hope that we will be seeing the twins again in the fall. PLEASE RENEW RINGER!!!!!

  16. sara says:

    this is really really really my #1 favorite tv series ! i really want to know what is going to happen next, and god! i am dying to know what will happen next!! this show made me so addicted. i totally loved the finale for season 1. how bridget changed. how she made her new family happy. how she fell in love. how bridget is hopeful about being a better person, made me also hopeful about being a better person.

    i must say, for the first time, a tv series that is influencing me to be a better person.

    please dnt make me suffer

    i want a second season :”(

  17. Vicki Knibbs says:

    I am a ringer fan by far lol. Sarah Michelle Gellar is my top actress and idol. I just watched the final and i have to admit i loved it and was on the edge of my seat, which i never am. I hope there will be a second series it just feels there will be because there so much more that needs to be shown.

  18. bill fernander says:

    i thought the show was great even my wife who has a hard time keeping up is trotally involved with the show and i record it every week please do not cancell

  19. Andrea says:

    This show was amazing !!!!! I absolutely loved it!! Never missed a episode!!!! I will be very DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!! If there isn’t going to be a second season!!!!

  20. cynthia says:

    Yes i so lov dis show…i want it to comebck i jst read.sumwhere it will ny b comin bck is that tru? Please say its nt so…it cnt end lik that i want more lol…

  21. Vickie A says:

    Oh Pooooooo…now we will never know who is the real father of Shiv’s twins! And… Andrew just have to love Bridge

  22. Sheryl McCall says:

    One of the best TV shows I’ve ever watched, so many twist and turns. I watched the entire 1st season on Netflix and found out later that the show was cancelled. I really hate that. I know that the ratings have to be good to keep a show going, but anyone that gave it a chance would see it is worth watching. I hope they tie up the loose ends for us. It would be a real shame not to finish a good show like this. I love the actors and would love to see Bridgett and get her family back. They were all so close ever since she came into their lives. I want to see her happy, she deserves it.

  23. Pattie says:

    Watch the first season on netflix. Loved the show so much. Hope there is going to be many more seaons of this show

  24. Daniel says:

    Rlly hope there’s a season 2. I love this show

  25. I really love this movie,its intriging,i which there could be another season

  26. Salut vous tous. Génial article, merci.

  27. TINA LOWRY says:


  28. TINA LOWRY says:


  29. michellene granger says:

    I loved ringer too.I watched it every week. I hope they pick up where they left off.the show was so good.they shouldn’t leave us hanging.

  30. ainzuky says:

    I love smg..I hope there’s a second season.I love and enjoy this story…can’t wait for second season..

  31. josy says:

    we at Nigeria are not getting the full series.All the same it’s fantastic

  32. Sheila says:

    please renew!! or at least write a good ending..so we fans can feel some closure!!!

  33. Adriana Cuervo-Ramirez says:

    Yes, I was hopping for season 2!!!!!

  34. Anne holmes says:

    Hope they make another series, really loved it

  35. Linda says:

    I love this show……2nd season please!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Vin Frost says:

    It was stupid. I’m trying to contact the writes to find out what’s wrong with them that they didn’t end the show. Andrew and Bridget were meant to be together! They knew it was canceled. They could have ended it instead of leaving a cliffhanger. It was the best show, with the best twists, we’ve ever seen…except for Gemma dying. I need to contact the writers to tell them how pissed off I am. I don’t know how to contact them.. It shoujld never have been canceled anyway. It was obviously a great show.

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree. They knew it was going to end. (No season 2). A complete let down for fans. I feel ripped off

  37. Annie says:

    Just go done binge watching this show on Hulu and am amazed at how well written and planned out it is!!!

    Too bad they cancelled it- might have been a big hit like Seinfeld, Friends or Cheers.

    Maybe they could do a movie??

  38. Harriet donohoe says:

    What an appalling piece of pay tv. I was going to send a message to the Welch/English actor to say this: only when I was banged up in bed with orthopedic injuries and was forced, through utter boredom and prescribed use of strong narcotic pain relievers that I watched the very worse of American Soapies. The team that put together this rubbish were certainly drawn from this genre. The leading lady ought to have stuck to vampire gigs and the Brit actor certainly devalued his currency. What? Were they all hard up for the rent?

  39. Sarah says:

    Does anyone know if Ringer was based on a book. Just finished watching loved it but realised not being renew devastated. I want to know how it all ends. Sisters meeting Andrew marrying Bridget ?????