Ringer Finale Recap: And Everyone Lived Unhappily Ever After

Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Ringer, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on….

Ringer‘s majorly twin-sted debut season came to a dramatic end on Tuesday night, with countless loose ends tied up, a handful of deaths and an awesome little cliffhanger that — should The CW pick up the drama for a second season — will make for a fun jumping-off point.

NOPE-TIALS | The finale opens on that gorgeous vow renewal ceremony we teased here, but — as predicted — it was all just a dream. Poor Bridget has been stressing out about telling Andrew her secret, and it’s giving her nightmares.

TRUTH OR DARE | During an NA meeting to celebrate a year of sobriety, Bridget gives props to Malcolm (who, unbeknownst to her, has apparently been found dead by the feds), then says she’ll be walking down the aisle in a week with the man she loves — after she tells him the truth about who she is. They, of course, think she’s referring to her druggie past, but still…. She starts to give the whole “I’m not Siobhan” thing a go during dinner the following night, but her efforts are thwarted by Andrew’s overly soapy yet incredibly sweet proclamations of love. Sadly, his happiness is short-lived thanks to Henry’s icky father-in-law Tim Arbogast — who just so happens to have purchased Martin Charles. Gemma’s dad, in all his vengeance-seeking glory, spills the beans to Andrew about Siobhan’s long-ago affair with Henry. Moments later, the (fake) husband scorned scolds Bridget-as-Siobhan for her behavior and tells her the marriage is off. Andrew does eventually agree to hear Bridget out after she reveals her true identity (and after he calls her a “drug-addled prostitute”), and while he admits to still loving her, he can’t get over the fact that it was “all a lie.”

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THE LONG CON | Who knew Henry had it in him? Things started out simple enough: Henry asked Siobhan to move with him to Chicago so they can raise their family there and rid their lives of the drama — and she reluctantly agreed. She even offered to foot the bill on their new home. But being the Pinocchio that she is, Siob couldn’t help but lie to Henry about the paternity of her daughters — a move that would be the end of her. After noticing that nearly all of her hard-earned (?) money was gone, Henry confessed to stealing her stash: “I wanted to take away the one thing that meant something to you, like you took away everything important to me.” He tells his poser baby momma to hit the highway, and that’s that. So, Henry — who is perhaps an evil genius — got off scot-free, ‘cept for that mean right hook he took to the face courtesy of an angry Andrew.

BIG BAD IS BACK | Jimmy shows up at Siobhan’s demanding money. If she refuses, he says he’ll tell Bodaway that she is actually Bridget. Unfortunately, Bodaway drops by the dirty cop’s hotel room, kills him and sets off to find Bridget — knowing that she is holed up at Siobhan’s. Elsewhere, Bridget slowwwwly but surely tries to piece together why her sister hired someone to trick her — a fact revealed to her by Jimmy — and once she sees on the news that he’s dead, she races back home to Andrew’s, knowing that the Big Bad B awaits her.

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS | A newly homeless Siobhan breaks back into her old apartment to steal some things — the lady is broke! — only to be put in a sleeper hold by Bodaway. She begs and pleads and repeatedly tells him that he’s got the wrong twin, but he’s not having it. Thankfully, Bridget drops in — thinking she’s witnessing an attack on Andrew — and saves the day, shooting Bodaway dead. But, wouldn’t you know, Bridge never gets a glimpse of her twin sis, who has immediately fled the scene. Just then, bodyguard Solomon produces some surveillance footage from the day of the boat incident (circa: the series pilot), and what does Bridget see? Siobhan is alive! Henry confirms the news to B, explaining, “Siobhan knew that somebody was trying to kill her… and she wanted you to take her place, for what you did to Sean.” To which Bridget responds (ending the hour-slash-season), “Siobhan wanted me dead?!”

So, what did you think of the Ringer finale? Are you hoping the show returns for a second season?

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  1. Natasha says:

    I love this show. The finale was awesome. Im really hoping for a renewal.

    • Princess Adora says:

      I love this show too!! It’s so crazy, like a soap opera, but without all the annoying repetition and storylines that don’t end. It better get renewed!! I love SMG <3

    • Comments by Beverly 1/15/13 says:

      Yes, I enjoyed Ringer, the suspense each week and keeping up with who’s who. I hope it comes back even on another station if need be

  2. Rolfe says:

    Great ending to a great first season. I just hope we get a second season now. Long shot, but why not?

  3. S says:

    Ringer started slow and a bit sleepy, but the last… 6ish episodes really kicked it into high gear and took us on a roller coaster ride. I think it ended quite strongly and much better than it started. I hope it gets a second season, so long as it keeps this breakneck pace.

    • dude says:

      That’s the problem. People don’t invest 15+ hours into a series anymore hoping it will get better. If it doesn’t pull them in within the first 4 episodes (or less) most people tune out. I stopped watching after the pilot, but it does admittedly sound like it was a good series.

      • It was an incredible series. I wasn’t expecting much, and admittedly, the Wild Things rape plotline was a huge albatross for the show, but as a complete series it has been a highlight of the TV year for me.

        I really hope they give it another year. I think with the advent of DVD and Netflix, it makes no sense to finish a show in the middle of its narrative. I think should a show get a full-season pickup, the network should be willing to fund a few closure episodes. Then perhaps more people would be willing to spend time on shows if they know that they won’t be euphanised before their eyes.

  4. gadabout says:

    BRILLIANT!!! Please give us a second season!

    • keylimepie78 says:

      I agree completely! I would love to see a second season. And maybe a reconciliation between Andrew/Juliet and Bridget? Pretty please!

  5. Erik B says:

    This finale was FANTASTIC! The final three episodes of the season were great. It’s too bad these came too late to save the show.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Ringer is one of the shows that constantly lose me, but after reading reviews and clips reels me back in! The last few episodes were completely amazing. Good season finale. Hope it will get renewed by the CW for a second season.

  7. Jennifer says:

    I have enjoyed this show since its premiere, I am a huge Sarah Michelle Geller fan (glad to have her back on TV). The way Ringer ended this season was fantastically planned. I am soooo hoping CW renews this show.

  8. TV Gord says:

    I’m such a big SMG fan, I am rooting for this show to have a second season, but the implausible storyline, combined with the more implausible ratings, forces me to wish her well on her next project.

  9. I am such a fan of this show! I watched every episode and desperately hope the show returns for a second season. The finale gave me everything I needed to satisfy me until the show’s return. Any idea of when it will come back on? Thanks for the recap!

  10. Renda says:

    The finale was amazing and really suspenseful and at times even scary…they did a great job of making Macawi, who we haven’t seen in action that much, terrifying . I reallllly hope this gets a second season! Come on CW!

  11. Lyndsey says:

    If the execs at the CW have a brain on their heads then they must renew Ringer! I’ll readily admit that with the slow start I almost stopped watching before the holidays but boy am I grateful that I stuck with it! Once they hit their stride it was one of the best & most engrossing shows on TV. Every week you could count on at least one jaw-dropping moment and just when you thought you had it all figured out, BOOM…they changed the game. It has been an awesome season with one of the best season finales I’ve seen years. Here’s hoping the CW doesn’t act as stupidly as their counterparts at the other networks!!!!

  12. sam_wise10 says:

    The finale was EPIC!! ~ Please CW, do not cancel RINGER!! ~ You will be making a big mistake if you don’t renew the best show of the 2011-2012 season!!!

  13. Jacqi says:

    PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW!!!! This show is one of my favorites!!! Loved the finale. Can’t wait to see what happens

  14. Ed says:

    the finale was brilliant!!! I want more!!!!!

  15. S says:

    AWESOME FINALE. Even though the entire ending wasn’t really THAT shocking, it’s nice to know things are in the open. I’m actually most interested in what Siobhan is going to do! I feel really bad for her.
    But seriously, that was OUTSTANDING. Best show on the CW. Pity it’ll be cancelled.

  16. S says:

    Oh, Sarah Michelle Gellar was ON FIRE this episode.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Love the show. Awesome ending. They just have to renew it for another season.

  18. PinkDrink says:

    Who is Rebecca Shelldrake on the paternity test?? She’s listed as the Mother??

  19. HannahLin says:

    I really hope that if the show is canceled, then TV Line can get an interview with the producers because I really want to know if Bridget and Andrew end up together! OH MY GOSH.

  20. angelsrc79 says:

    The show is great! I agree with what everyone is satin, it started slow, but it’s BRILLIANT now. Keeping my fingers crossed for season 2!

  21. Cynthia says:

    I love RINGER. It is an amazing show. Hope CW brings it back. The actors are great. CW please renew…pretty please?

  22. That was a very big finale. I was moving around my seat the whole time–anticipating what will happen next. We really need to see a second season for this one.

  23. whyohwhy says:

    I really enjoyed the finale, but I wanted Bridget to actually see Siobhan. Also, not amused by the handling of Malcolm. He deserved better. Can the show not handle two African American men at once? Does anyone know if it was behind-the-scenes drama that got Malcolm written off the show? Glad they tied up most of the loose ends, just in case it doesn’t come back. Thought the final scene between Andrew and Juliet was very sweet.

    • S says:

      I have to disagree with Malcom. I was waiting for him to die. Thank god. He was so useless. I thought maybeeee they were going to make him the villian and have him turn against Bridget because he really loved her in the beginning but he just became someone Bridget could talk to. He was pretty useless and I think the writers probably figured that out

    • MaryAnn says:

      We have no guarantees that Malcolm is actually dead — there was not a positive ID. That’s just one more cliffhanger that we get to find out — or NOT — depending on if this wonderful show is renewed or not.

      • whyohwhy says:

        I know that we have no guarantees. Death isn’t real til we see the body. But I was just really frustrated that Malcolm never was back on the show. I would’ve been more satisfied seeing him, dead or alive, but seeing him again. Gemma remained a force, even when she disappeared, and then we got to see her again and have resolution. I just wanted the same for Malcolm. I might not feel that way if I felt the show had a better chance for renewal.

    • Robin says:

      I hope Malcolm is not dead actually…not that I want him with Bridget really…he was just such a close friend, and the girl could use another friend.

    • R says:

      I agree! The head on confrontation between Bridget and Siobhan would have been a helluva cliffhanger! But overall a strong finale, If Ringer doesn’t get renewed,I will be disappointed big time!

  24. Paul says:

    That finale was phenomenal. I wish they’d renew it, I’m not expecting it to be renewed but I really am hoping they’ll see the potential for season 2. I want to see if Andrew forgives Bridget and they work it out, if shiv keeps causing problems for Bridget etc… Best show on tv!!

  25. JAmandaFan says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens next! The CW NEEDS to renew this show!

    • Andrea says:

      I absolutely loved this show it was great from the start! I really hope there is a second season! I will be really disappointed if there is not!!!!

  26. ringerlover says:

    Ringer has been an amazing show- having seen the commercials for it mid-season I watched the first 8 episodes within a couple of days and was gripped from then! Still some important loose ends to tie up though- Bridget and Siobhan have to cross paths and there has to be some serious drama there. And was Malcolm definitely dead? They didn’t sound conclusive in saying so, so I’m hoping he just lay low for a while and that it’s just some other random person’s body the cops found. Also loved the end scene with Andrew and Juliet. Big question that we need answered though is whether Andrew/Juliet can accept Bridget as Bridget and take her back. She was awesome- their lives were so much better with her in them and I think that in season 2 (which HAS to happen) we’ll see that they can acknowledge and accept that. Fingers crossed for a renewal!

  27. I Love this show I have watched since it started!!!!! I love both the characters that Michelle plays!!!! Yes I would Love to see it for a second season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Manie says:

    Great final! Seriously CW must renew that show! At least till the end of S3 since they said they had 3 years of stuff planed out! :D

  29. Remy says:

    Love Love Love this show, we have to get a second series.

  30. Alexia says:

    Excellent season finale. It had me at the edge of my seat and at points had me hurling things at my tv which is still in one piece. I am still disappointed at how Bridget didn’t see Siobhan running to the other room. They literally crossed paths. Also I think I am going to enjoy Aborgast as Andrew’s new partner coz he is definitely involved in some shady deals that will up the drama. Am curious, just how many people will Bridget as Siobhan keep shooting at and no “official” investigation is done where her fingerprints will be taken? Argh, The CW needs to hurry up and renew this show very soon because the mystery got us all hooked. The pace was slow at first, but for those that hang around long enough, got used to it and the frustrations of all the cliff-hangers left each week, made us want to return for some more.

    CW renew Ringer soon!!

  31. Kalie says:

    Clever finale. I really hope the show gets a second season. I’d love to see what happens next. Come on, CW!

  32. ChicagoDan says:

    I watched the last eight episodes in a marathon this weekend, leading to tonight’s finale. I was surprised at just how much better the show became – it really got it’s groove in the second half of the season. The problem with Ringer is that the characters are too old for CW. That said, the CW should consider dropping one cycle of ANTM so they can have one more drama. Regardless, if it’s cancelled, at least, they gave us a pretty satisfying finale. On side note, Malcolm had to die – they needed to clear the decks of all the Wyoming stuff. Frankly, I liked Solomon much better as a confidant to Bridget.

  33. Adam says:

    This show absolutely needs to be renewed. That’s all there is to it.

  34. ralene says:

    I LOVED the finale so definitely hoping for a second season

  35. Van says:

    Megan Masters… great review… but how can u miss the best part! Siobhan staked Bodaway in the leg! I mean of all the things to leave out that is not one of them. I will say that Bridge telling Andrew the truth was one of the most emotional things I’ve seen on TV in a while… SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!!

  36. David E Metcalfe says:

    need a second season

  37. Georgia says:

    Watched every episode…LOVED this show! Hope it is renewed! Great finale!

  38. Tammy says:

    Any other network, this show wouldn’t have made it past a few episodes. What else does the CW have anyway? I only watched this in the first place because of SMG. They ended it with a cliffhanger but one we could kind of live with if it doesn’t come back.

  39. royalty says:

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!yes it does start of slow but u know those last ten minutes u hold ur breath w/anticipation, shock, suprise…the finale was crazy and I loved every minute of it!!!CW plz plz plz give us another season!!!!

  40. Totally disappointed. As we discuss in our recap, this finale didn’t tell us anything new: it just caught the characters up to where we are. And then they don’t even bother to put the two twins in a scene together, opting instead for a “cliffhanger” where Bridget finds out Siobhan wanted to kill her? Dull.

    In all honesty, it would have been a solid episode, but as a finale, this wasn’t satisfying.

  41. Jess says:

    I loved the finale!!! I didn’t like that the series got distracted from the main B vs S plotline with the whole Catherine/Olivia/Juliet/Carpenter thing, so I’m happy to see everything coming to a (fairly) satisfying end in this episode. RENEW PLEASE!!!

  42. Angie L says:

    I love Ringer! I hope CW brings it back.

  43. Stephanie says:

    Ringer NEEDS a second season! Hopefully The CW renews it!

  44. Lisa says:

    This show has had some of the best writing on tv – it kept the twists and turns coming all season but stayed true to the through storyline- very, very few other series can say the same and maintain the long storyarc! I’m really hoping this show gets a renewal…

  45. Chace says:

    RENEW!!! RENEW!!! RENEW!!! Even if SMG got another show it wouldn’t be this good, because Ringer gives us TWO SMG! Any other show won’t give us that!

  46. sarah says:

    Such a great finale!
    So much to day I am not sure where to start.
    We did get 3 deaths as promised but the only real big death was Macawi.
    Henry, I knew too that as soon as he talked about the downpayment for the house that he knew about the paternity test and was getting Siobhan’s permission to take the money and then he was going to find the right time to tell her he was tired of her lies! I knew that she find a way to get money right away, however after being attacked by Macawi she did not have time to grab the jewelry, so what I think will happen with her storyline is she will pretend that Henry beat her (as the nurse at the hospital thought right away that she was abused and offered to get her a cot so she could stay at the hospital) and she will blackmail him into giving her the money back or she will play out the abuse angle and threaten to tell the police that he killed Tyler. So he will cave and giver her the money back.
    I feel so bad for Bridget, you can tell earlier on in the episode before Andrew new the truth and Bridget told him that everyone deserves a second chance and she was kind of hinting at seeing if he believed in second chances. However I knew that her telling Andrew the truth would not be good, that scene with them was so heartbreaking. However I think if the show comes back then her and Andrew will get back together and start dating.
    I wonder if Machado will be fired as he went against the orders to stay away, he really was the only one that actually took the case seriously and I hope that his boss will realize that, I kept thinking that Bridget would tell Machado that she was Bridget.
    Andrew punching Henry was priceless!
    I am so happy that Bridget finally knows that Siobhan is alive and when she went to confront Henry that was great too! I think they will work together to take down Siobhan.
    Ringer deserves a second season. I watched Hart of Dixie last night as I recorded and watched it before Ringer and as much as I loved HOD it is going in a bad direction so PLEASE Ringer and cancel HOD if it comes down to those two!

  47. Robin says:

    Great finale! I was suprised Bridget actually came clean with the truth…I wasn’t sure she was going to. And now she finally knows that Siobham is alive too. I wonder if Henry is going to tell her more information about Siobham too like the fact that she just gave birth to twins! Speaking of the twins, did she really name them Portia and Reagan? As much as Siobham is a horrible crazy person, end the end I did feel a tiny bit sorry for her…she had no where to go…granted she is the only one responsible for her being in the situation she is in…

    I really hope the CW renews Ringer now more than ever….I can’t wait to see where this goes next season!

  48. Aria says:

    This show has gotten better towards the season end, I ended up loving it. I will be really disappointed if it does not get picked up for a second season. I need to see Bridget get revenge on the “good twin”.

  49. Alex says:

    I really liked the finale but I thought the cliffhanger was a bit “blah”. Bridget finds out Siobhan wants her dead…not that exciting. Glad Henry stood up to Siobhan though, it’s about time. I don’t have high hopes for a renewal but sure want it to happen!

  50. Tyler Barnes says:

    This is one of my favourite t v series. I like the premise of one twin (BRIDGET) in danger replacingthe other (SOHIBAN) who seems to be POSSIBLY mentally ill. SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR has done a great job of acting. The stories are suspenseful. I hate it when the episodes end and can not wait for the next one. That is a sign of a good t v series. Part of me is not soory for Sohiban for being broke and homeless and part of me feels sorry for her. I do feel sorry for Bridget who has been changed in a positive way and has changed and helped her family. She has been “saved” and become a “saviour”. I really hope the series is renewed. I want to see what happens to the twins especially Bridget who has become a good person through all this.