General Hospital Exclusive: Meet the New Kristina - and Get Scoop on Her New Attitude

Port Charles crime boss Sonny Corinthos’ most unlikely yet nonetheless formidable adversary may turn out to be his own daughter.

TVLine has learned exclusively that ABC’s General Hospital has cast Lindsey Morgan as Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis, and with the recast comes a new direction for the character.

General Hospital Cheats Death as ABC Instead Ends The Revolution Talk Show

Morgan, whose credits include recent episodes of Happy Endings and How I Met Your Mother, will make her debut the week of May 21, when Sonny and Alexis’ daughter returns to Port Charles in not the best of moods, having learned that there was much more to her admission to Yale than she originally thought.

In fact, Kristina will put her scant Ivy League days behind her to lay down roots in Port Charles, where she has some major plans for the summer — and I’m pretty sure they don’t include waitressing at Kelly’s.

General Hospital Puts Another One Life to Live Vet on Contract

Lexi Aisnworth, who previously played Kristina and earned an Emmy nom during her two-year plus run, exited the sudser in October.

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  1. Sasha Lane says:


  2. Steffj89 says:

    Robin left the show for MANY years though. When she and Jason broke up. It was great to have her come back, but it was obvious that she had grown a lot from when she left. I like Lexi fine, but will be very excited to see what this new girl can do and where she can flow with the character. the new Kate is fabulous. The other one was fine, but this girl has rewritten the book on Kate.
    As for all the “new” people, please….most of us who have been watching a LONG time had the same gripe when Alexis, and Ned, and Lois and Jax originally showed up. And Kate, and Lexi, and Olivia….I have been watching 31 years. Trust me it may not be perfect right now, but this is far better than Anna and the space alien storyline.

    I love Kirsten Storms, but I am actually kinda really liking Jen Lilly as well.

  3. Sarah Guyer says:

    I don’t think that this Kristina looks as old as everyone is saying, I’m looking forward to how her part will play out. As for the new Maxie, at first I did not like her at all but now she has grown on me and I like her but I wouldn’t complain at all if the old Maxie came back. I love the new Kate Howard/Connie though!! She is a definite keeper in my opinion. And I totally agree with Susie Scott! I can’t believe that they made Franco be the father of Sam’s baby! And I think they really need to get a move on with what’s going on with Robin, I haven’t seen her since that little clip they showed of her laying in the hospital bed! Kinda makes me wonder if Lisa Niles is really dead and has Robin.

  4. PinkTi x says:

    I liked the old Kristina, I did NOT like the storyline written for her regarding Ethan. She is way too young for him. It was just stupid. Lexi and Lindsey are almost the same age so I’m not sure if Lindsey will be any better if they keep writing crap for Kristina. Also I will never accept anyone in the role of Maxie except Kirsten. She IS Maxie and Jenn Lilly can not do it.

    • Lena120 says:

      I love how everyone keeps saying Kirsten Storms IS Maxie, when in my book Robyn Richards will always be MY Maxie. She grew up in that role and just how people are complaining about the recast of Kristina to “sex her up” they did the same thing to Robyn Richards when they bumped her for Ms. Storms. I think it’s hilarious how so many of KS’s die hard fans forget that SHE was a recast of a beloved actress. They seem to be so blinded by their hate for Jen Lilly that they can’t see that. When I watch KS I see Belle from Days of Our Lives. All day. Every day.

  5. PinkTi x says:

    It took a while to get used to chad but I think he’s much better now. Change goes with the type of show this is but sometimes I wonder who is making these choices, like in the case of maxie! Really? You thought this girl could do what Kirsten does? Um NO!

  6. Linda says:

    I am still mad about Lexi – won’t like this one – just on principal. Lexi was good, she was Emmy nominated, she didn’t deserve it – dumb, dumb, dumb….and dumb. And they aren’t making it right by bringing her back, so screw them. I’m starting to get really sick of all of this crap………..Oh Oh…….

  7. soaptime15 says:

    Halleluiah! Welcome home nuKristina! LM is gorgeous! With good acting, it will be believable, rather than disgusting, that men in PC view Sonny’s daughter as a dangerous young temptress. This time we will be able to see why Sonny thinks men like Ethan and Johnny would be attracted to Kristina. LM looks age appropriate. Lexi looked closer to Molly’s age. Lindsey looks closer to Michael’s age, like his slightly younger sister.

  8. christina salinas says:

    If the real Maxie doesnt come back then Im out. My daughters 11 and 12 and I have watched her since the Z shows and they love Kirsten S. Please bring her back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Steffj89 says:

    I don’t get the mad about Lexi comments…she asked to leave to go to college….why are you mad that they accommodated her?

  10. Erica says:

    They need to put Jason and Elizabeth back together because they still love each other and do they can be a family!!!!!

  11. Need to bring back Nathan since Kristina is coming home. Also should bring Carly and Sonny back together. We need a strong family. The Qs can’t be the only one, and the Spencers come and go to much. These days the Corinthos are the hub.

  12. Jessica says:

    As long as dry keep Sony around 4get about everyone else dat man runs port Charles if he was to Eva leave Da ratings would go dwn. IN MY OPINION. JUST SAYN…..

  13. “Storms vacated the role (of Maxie Jones) in fall 2011 due to an illness that prevented her from working. She was announced to return to work on-screen in February 2012. However, it was later confirmed that Storms would not be returning to the role until further notice”

    “In 2011, Storms’ performance had been affected by an illness, causing her to walk off set or miss work altogether due to bouts of severe pain. Later, it was discovered that she has a serious case of endometriosis.”
    …If you watched Dirty Soaps on E! She talked in length about her illness and how she was coping with it.
    I hope Kristen is able to resume her role as well as I don’t really care for Jen Lilley she is ok but to me she is much more winey and annoying. I am really angry about Sam’s baby being Franco’s but at the same time I am a little pissed that she is keeping Jason out of the loop and turning to McBain. I think there are too many fans out there that love Jasam and don’t want the writers screwing it up, so I really hope they get a clue and take care of this issue. Maybe they will wisen up and have it so Heather messed with the dna results and it really is Jason’s and everyone will find out about it when November sweeps rolls around. Just like a lot of people were outraged that they killed off Robin and now she apparently isn’t dead and this way they can always bring her back and keep her character open if and when KM is ready to return. Also I am happy with the new Kate/Connie at least she’s better than the other Kate actress (megan something or other). And lastly, I am just glad that the other Lexi is gone, she just drove me crazy with all her brattiness and she was a winer too. That whole immature stunt she pulled trying to pretend she was with Johnny to get at her father was STUUUUUPID! Especially knowing she was putting herself in danger and I agree with everyone who said she looked way too young to be trying to hook up with Ethan and that would have been a creepy situation if the writers had allowed them to be involved. At least Chad looked older than 18 and Abby looked younger than 28 so it was more realistic to me.

  14. Jackie Bowman says:

    I love Kelli Sullivan who is playing Kate/Connie. She is fabulous. It took a while for her to grow on me, but now she is one of my favorites. I honestly don’t miss K McCullough nor do I miss Lucky. It is time the character of Elizabeth gets a new love interest. Iam happy to see that the character of Felicia is returning. Must we now must see more of Tracy, Edward and Monica. They have always been the staples of the show. I will wait to voice my opinion on the new Kristina. Nothing against Lexi but I felt she couldn’t act. As far as Starr is concerned, I am still waiting for her to come around. Perhaps down the road she can be Michael’s love interest. Let’s put Mac and Alexis together and bring back Diane and Max. They are sorely missed.

  15. Margaret Chizek says:

    I never watch ABC in the afternoon when OLTL and AMC used to be on! And I catch up with GH on the weekends. I know I’m “p—ing against the wind” but it’s my protest over the loss of my favorite soaps. I am seventyfour years old and have been watching since OLTL first began. AND I MISS THEM!!

  16. Rose Cross says:

    General Hospital has just about worked my last nerves. First Maximeesta, now Kristina. Please tell me what was wrong with Lexi Ainsworth? Watch GH, ABC might just change their minds!!

  17. she is pretty, could look 24, guess the new EP decided Kristina needed to age just like the former EP. Wait a sec…Kristina is really only about 12 years old. Hate SORAS, wish she was still 12.

  18. Kristen says:

    I have been watching GH for 14 years. I LOVED Kirsten as Maxie! I want her to come back to her role cuz I think the new Maxie is horrible. When these people have been the same since the beginning, you just can’t expect us to like their replacement. What’s next? Recasting Luke? Come on now! Lol I do like the recast of Kristina, even though she might look a little too old. I did not like the whiny little girl before. I DO NOT like bringing in these cancelled soap people. They were cancelled for a reason. Starr is a horrible actress. While this Carly has grown on me, I loved Sarah Joy Brown as Carly. I don’t like the new Connie/Kate either. Did they ever show Lisa dead? Cuz I think she has Robin. Who else would leave her locked in a room unable to call her family?

  19. I liked the old christina, I wish her all the success in the world, the new girl is gorgeous, I hope she can fill the shoes of the old christina.

  20. kim white says:

    Robin left for a career in producing people.and the new maxie is doing the best she can.i miss ethan never cared for whiney katrina anyway but they could have made her ok with ethan. old carly back no way.franco the dad really sux sam and jason need to be happy.you are making a mistake with john and sam.they need to tone starr down.michael and her could be good together.clear sonny already love the new kate.

  21. Steffj89 says:

    There was a comment somewhere asking about the whole Liz/Jason/Heather connections…
    Liz and Steve share the same father Jeff Webber. Heather is not related to her by blood. Heather was Jason’s mom’s cousin.
    The paternity tests thing with Sam has me confused, if Jason and Franko are fraternal twins, there should be no need for a second paternity test. Their DNA would not be identical and possibly not even close. It wouldn’t be any closer than any other sibling relationship, I am tired of Franko….really hope he is dead and does not come back again….ever.
    Although, I could see him as a possibility of who is holding Robin, cause that would definitely bug Jason. Personally I think GH is just about the best it has been in 3-4 years. I was over the whole Lisa story the day she arrived. I loved Claudia and miss her as a character. sarah joy brown was awesome in that role, but when she first came on the scene way back as the original carly…she had growing to do, but she did well. Same with Tamara Braun the second Carly….the third one was awful and that is why she only lasted a few weeks, but Laura Wright has really made carly her own. The only way I would want Brenda to come back would be with Jax. The show has always gone in cycles, where it was really great and involved lots of people and others where it was ho-hum. I won’t quit watching though there will be times I fast forward more than others.

    I love Lu-lu and Dante, I like Johnny and Carly, and even Olivia and Steve, I am just tired of Liz, she may get better again, but right now I don’t like how she is being written.
    I love Diane and cannot stand the lady cop or Ronnie….ready for those two to go.

  22. lisamarie says:

    I think the whole carly&johnny thing is STUPID!! she’s slept with everyone in p.c. and as 4 jasam they should let em b happy they finnaly got married they’re having a baby….and starr she sucked on oltl and she sucks on gh…and wat da hell happen 2 the rest of da cast olivia patrick tracy luke. liz and wheres jax? i know they have new writers but the show is general hospital not oltl and as 4 the new kristina thank goodness the old kristina was 2 spoiled and annoying..sonny and jason r my favorites im glad they’re still on

  23. No disrespect to the new actress. But, She is not Kristina Davis. We want Lexi Ainsworth back now, we have been fight for Lexi to be rehire ever since she was so wrongly fried!
    Lexi has more then owned the role of Kristina, she had on screen chemistry with the whole cast. Lexi is the one they need!
    Kristina won’t truly be back till Lexi is back in her shoes, and that is a fact.

    • Lena120 says:

      Speak for yourself. I’ve been a fan of GH for 23 years and that “we” does not apply to me. Hated Lexi in the role and I’m happy about the recast. It’s wrong how she was let go but she always felt wrong for the part. And she didn’t have chemistry with everyone, especially Ethan.

  24. GH needs Kirsten Storms back ASAP!!!! At this point, will she ever return? and Nathan Parsons and J.Jackson :/

  25. ANDY BRIJOSE says:

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  26. Mimi says:

    On Twitter Lexi says that Frank Valentini offered her the role of Kristina again but she turned it down because she didn’t want to be on contract and she wants to continue doing new projects. I’m definitely disappointed all of my waiting patiently for a kristina/ethan romance was for nothing. However I feel better knowing that they at least tried to get her back. Now that I know what really happened I’ll give new Kristina a chance.

  27. cheri says:

    I can handle the new Kate but I really want the other Maxie to please come back home, I miss you :-(

  28. Silgiaagru says:

    Seems like ABC needs to retweek their Hiring Department as all the new charaters they hire have no acting skills. New Maxi = SUCKS! Can’t wait for the old Maxi to recover and come back. New Kate = a good Connie but a bad Kate. Why does the new Kristina look older than Michael – bad move. I like the other Kristina. Hate Starr Manning – I thougth she was bad on OLTL and she is still bad on GH.

  29. Dee says:

    She’s glorgeous!!!!! mmmmmmm

  30. rosa vacca says:

    i dont like starr i hate the fact that she thinks sonny is guilty i did not like her on one life to live love john mcbain in gh bring back our originals please!

  31. she111 says:

    they need to put sonny with someone whose like carly, keep carly and johnny together, get rid of kate/connie actress not happening, get rid of starr not everybody from 1 life to live needs to be on GH, really should have left 1 life to live on anyway, Nicholas don’t need to come back he’s boring he needs a better storyline, old lucky and ethan need to come back. jason and sam are done, john and sam are better, jason needs a carly also. hopefully this kristina won’t be lashing out at her father everytime she see’s him, thats getting real old. morgan needs to come back too

  32. mp says:

    can olivia be supportive to kate and connie come on kate is not between olivia and steve can olivia be supporting her instead of interrogating her they suppose to be family she is turning her back on her and helping her with did and carly attacking her

  33. General Hospital desperately needs to bring back some of their old writers, the ones who created the characters, and knew the characters well. As far as the “split personality”, been there done that on every other soap-which in case you haven’t noticed not many soaps on tv lately!!! Come on GH, you got lucky this time around not getting the ax, the only way to guarantee your livelihood is by getting rid of these writers and stepping up to the plate!!! Biggest problem: I canNOT understand why GH would hire a writer who basically contributed to another soapoperas’ demise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Steffj89 says:

    I am amazed reading some of these comments that we are talking about the same show. I loved JJ the first time around, but never felt right when he came back. I miss Nik more than lucky for sure. I like the Connie/Kate split and don’t remember GH doing it many times thru the years. I like having Anna back and speculating about who has Robin. I think this Maxie has grown on me and am REALLY dying to see what happens next with Felicia having shown up yesterday. I like LL and Dante and I think Tracy and Anthony w/ Luke is hysterical. I am tired of the Steve, wierd girl, Olivia thing already, but cannot wait to see what Heather does, The show is getting better all the time. I am watching more now in the last 3 months than I have in the last 2 years, because I am not FF the Tivo through half of the plots.

  35. Kelsy says:

    I think Robin is being held by Lisa Niles. We never actually saw her body, not that that would make any difference. If you ask me, they definitely need some more interesting juicy story lines to keep people watching or another one of their regular catastrophes. I like the new Kate Howard, I think she looks the part. And I hope that this new Kristina will bring some life into Port Charles.

  36. I agree with people when they say the new Kate/Connie is a good actress and that the old one probably could not have pulled it that well BUT, yes there is a BUT. I do not see any charma going between her and Sonny. They just don’t go well together. Every time he kisses her, he seems like he hesitate before he does. It is just not natural for one so *in love* as he is (or was) supposed to be.

  37. Santa says:

    Hahahahaha Susie…David from AMC.

    • please find someone who knows how to write a great storyline and stop giving us a bunch of
      grap, or just completely withdraw the soap from coming on, if you cannot forefill the shoes of the pass writers, it’s just down right silly right now,

      • Steffj89 says:

        I really can’t believe I am watching the same show as some of you. I think its the best it has been in YEARS. I am not loving the OLTL people, but its growing on me a little bit, but the Kate/Connie story is playing out awesome. I like the snag with Sam and Jason and the possibilities on the Horizon….Luke and Tracy with Anthony a la weekend at Bernies….priceless!

        • StEFFJ89, I think that it’s wonderful that you are enjoying the storylines, and I am alright with everyone comments, everybody has their own thoughts and that’s the way life should be. I do think however, it depends on how long one has been watching some of the soaps, and what they have seen over the years, for all that matter I maybe in a whole different generation than you or others and if some of these Soap Stars have been around for years, you kind-of know them, you also know what they have done and been thru. Perhaps now they have writers who have tried to use storyline that is pleasing for a new generation, but has no knowledge/history of what has been taking place over the years. It would only make sense to fade out the Stars of thre Past, retire them, or they have moved to a different state, and every now and then, you have them appear on the show, while you have a whole new line-up of characters with a completely different show such as THE NEW GENERATION OF G.H. THE Storyline with Kate/Connie, was played out years ago with OLTL, with Vickie, then her daughter, Jessica, continued on with it, it was over played, but at least several generations had a chance to know what this particular illness is about. Enough is Enough. I continue to write because I hope that the Writers will take notice or somebody will notice, and do something about the show, I hate to see it go out like this, for one of the longest running Soaps for years to end like this. This show has been on for all most half of a century

          • Steffj89 says:

            I have been watching GH for 32 years. I have followed many of the characters as well. In my honest opinion, I had thought the writing had gone way downhill for several years. When Brenda(who I totally love) came back last time? And to have let Claudia go when they did when they could have done sooo much with that story. I hated the stupid text message killer crap. Perhaps one major difference is that I never ever watched OLTL. Couldn’t get into it. I have watched GH through the Aztec princess stories, Maxi’s heart problems, BJ’s death, Tania’s death, and it has gone in cycles, there will be times I ff through half the show(anything with emily and then her fake twin crap, most anything with JJ at his last return, the txt message crap), and there are times like now where I am on the edge of my seat and DYING for the next episode to come on.
            I like the Quartermaines, but I miss the espionage in favor of the mob and the thought of Anna taking on the role of Police Commissioner again….well that gives a whole new line of history to explore. I have always been more a fan of Jason and Liz than Sam, as much as I like Sam, they just never seemed to fit right to me, I kinda like her chemistry or whatever with McBain, and I like him and want him to stay. Todd, Starr and Tea are just annoying, but they aren’t taking over the show really. Carly is awesome and have to say she is one of the reasons I always keep tuning in even when the rest of the show is kind of crap, but I love the surprise stories, like having Matt be the killer, and Maxi marrying him to not testify….that is CLASSIC GH. I still miss Tiffany, Sean, Frisco, Lois(the original) and Ned. Jax was awesome at the beginning, but in the later years he had become such a goody-goody trying to be the opposite of Sonny that he lost his edge….
            And this current era is certainly better than all the fake marriages and the Chloe(was that her name) storyline, or the Casey the alien story, we have survived many of those over the years., All I am trying to say is that there have been much worse eras in GH and we need to give this crew a chance to REALLY take hold.

          • STEFFJU89, perhaps, you’re right 99.9%, I must say I enjoyed reading the history that you have with GH, it brings back old memories. As I explain yesterday to a person who had posted their comment; I think that everyone has the right to like or dislike these different storylines because each person who inact with it has some type of history/ or a reason why they started looking at this particular Soap from day 1. STEFFJ89, I had hope that I got the attention of someone who might be a part of writing(or know someone who does) the storylines, I realize you can not please everybody all the time, and people have choices, it seems like the storyline is gear for a new generation of people, it’s not for me or my friends, because none of us can really get comfortable with it, for everyone storyline that is exceptable with us, the others are just out of sight(out of mind) in a bad way. I use to have bad day every now and then and once I looked at the Soaps, I completely forgot about what the bad day consist of, it work for me most of the time. I too, was on the edge of my seat or recorded and watch the shows at night when I came home from work, or when my work days became nights instead. It was so bad with me became some of them came on at the same time, which means their were 3 different stations to watch or record by in the days.
            Yes, we had it pretty bad, because we were married to the Soaps(my friends and I).
            So, we are a group of people(friends), who generally talk about what was going on with the soaps, and staying out of other people’s business, which kept down the he/she said crap that most other relationship have.
            I personally feel that it was best to due away with G.H. and rename it,(spin-off) The New Generation of G. H., and allow all of the Great Super Stars that we loved to watch of the past, move on to another state/town, and allow the children who have grown-up, to take and a visit from their parents every now and then, would be welcome, but mixing-it-up, they just can’t seem to BRING IT. So far, it’s not what I or my friends where expecting, and it’s to easy to figure out the whole entire plot as, you don’t have to use your brains to figure who did what.

  38. jean milbourn says:

    Kristina hasn’t been on long enough to know if she is good or bad (a minute or 2). But the rest of the cast are doing a fine job. There are storylines I don’t care for but I am enjoying the show. I love seeing Todd act out. I like Star She is a good actress although the storyling she was given does not work for me. She is to young to put her against Sonny. Todd should be taking on Sonny not Star. She should be focused with people closer to her age. I don’t like Heather but, I have to admit I can’t ff her ,I have to know what she is up to. I love Tracy & Luke with Heather. The 3 of them are great. Daunte & Lulu are just boring. I don’t care for Sam. I love Carly. So that is my 2 cents. I know not all will agree with me, all in all I like the show .

  39. leeann says:

    she is a terrible actress…her acting does not do gh justice.

    • konnie says:

      I agree with you Leeann, I really do not know where the writers are going with this girl or the storyline for all that matter. As far as I am concerned, they could have just allowed her to stay in college, move on with her life and allow her to have guest appearence on the show, so that we would know she recovered from all the bad things that has happen in her past, but did not effect her from becoming, a positive young lady.
      I truly understand why Sonny is the way he is(his past), his daughter is another story.

  40. Kari says:

    Question, I never watched Loving but I heard that is what the de ja vu between Sam and John is all about. Can anyone confirm? I think that is all the vampire stuff between Luke and John too . Thoughts?

    • konnie says:

      Kari, I believe 95%, that John McBain and Sam were a couple on Loving, I check it out a few times years ago. I could not get into this particular Soap to much, I prefered Dark Shadows as a teen, and this was the knock off verison . John McBain and Sam was also toghter on WHAT IF, too, I believe.

  41. Ali says:

    OK, In what world would a mobster’s daughter actually push her family around by threatening to leave?? Kristina wouldn’t last a second on her own and her Lawyer-Mom and Mobster-Dad are not “wet noodles” (at least they have never been in the past, don’t the writers watch the show???), Kristina’s attitude would be met with swift justice and Alexis and Sonny would cut her off in a second!! I am disappointed in the writers’ lazy attempt to bring in the Trey character (who it’s obvious will turn out to be Connie’s abandoned son). It’s like the writers don’t think we, the audience, are cleaver enough to keep up. I hate story lines that are so obvious. Bringing back the old characters isn’t enough, you have to bring back the their intrigue too!!! I know Kristina is back for the summer with her entourage to bring in the young viewers but dive into the deep end-the “twlighters” out there need more than attidute to keep them tuned in!
    As for the JASAM – over it! Glad they are done, Jason needs a HOT CHIC, how about Johnny Z hiring a new blonde “hit woman” who could be Jason’s new love interest/nemesis – now that’s a story line worth watching!!
    As for Maxie, Jen is cute but cute isn’t enough, Kirsten was the BEST! Please bring her back!!
    Carly rocks – but she and Johnny are to May/December, no chemistry, (and don’t even think about a Carly/Todd romance).
    Speaking of Todd – love him. Roger has played Todd long enough he knows what he’s doing… put Todd into Luke’s love triangle and WOW – maybe for sweeps week??
    Luke’s love triangle… YEAH BABY Luke deserves alot of lovin’… after all you took away his alchohol so give the guy something… (wink, wink).
    Starr was annoying on OLTL—-, why is she still in Port Charles? Michael can do alot better, please give Starr a recording contract and send her on tour…permanently.
    Who did I forget? Sonny/Kate/Connie – I love Sonny but like I said, he’s a mob boss for cryin out loud, he should act like one! Give him is backbone back!
    BRING BACK DIANE she was awesome! OOOOh, how about if Diane comes back and hooks up with Todd???!?!?!?! Think of the possibilities… :-) LOL!!

    • konnie says:

      Your comments were so good, I had to read it twice. You are just keeping it real, by telling it like it is. I agree with totally with everything you said. You are right, they got Sonny acting like a softy, what kind of Respect can he get from any Crime Family, if he can not control his own daughter; you know in a the real world she wouldn’t do anything Stupid like that, or she would have come up swiming with the Fish. I was done with Sam before Jason felt in love with her; she did a 360′ and all of sudden became this perfect person and you realize what her life was like from Jump Street. She ‘s been in the sack with TOM, DICK, HARRY, fathers and brothers; for God Sakes, she’s a TRAMP, and BABY SHACKER. How Jason or Liz, forgave her for what she did concerning little Jake is a mistery to me. As for Carly and Johnny, I frankly don’t understand how the writers have her playing the DUM DUM game.
      Diana, is Great, she, should have never, ever been replace with Alexis as Sonny’s attorney.
      If ever I was in trouble with the Police, I would want her to defend me anyday.(That’s just how real she played her character) besides, her evening time activity with her man, was so real. Luke needs a great storyline, he has been hanging on in there from the begining, stop, and came back, I love his character, and he plays it so well. Carly needs to be finger for the death of Jake, since Michael switch certain evident from one car to another. Johnny, needs to go where his Grandpa went for all I care; and make it soon, nobody needs to wait 50 years to find out. My head still hurts behind Heather from the pass, I was glad when she was gone, hate that she is back.(Sometimes a writer needs to know when a charcter has over played themselves and storylines) With all the mess that she has done I don’t know why she was granted permission to get out Nuttsville, Who miss her?, Did the writers run out of thoughts or something.
      Kate and her son, can pack up and move, I am not personally intrested.
      This Maxi is a no brainer, the other Maxi, was sharp.
      Lulu, character needs to kick rocks, along with, a few other characters.

  42. Steffj89 says:

    The connection they are alluding to with Sam and McBain is that they were a supercouple on Port Charles when he played the Vampire who made her….
    Heather is one of those who you don’t really miss while she is gone, but boy you love to hate her when she is here.

    • konnie says:

      Thank you STEFFJ89, YOU’RE RIGHT,it was PORT CHARLES. I don’t know what their names were at that time, but I do know they were hook up some kind of way in that show.
      As for Heather,(if we happen to be on the page of GH), she is unreal, I am trying to think of anybody that has gotta away with as much stuff as she has, for so long, and none was the wiser.

  43. Steffj89 says:

    Yeah….but I don’t want GH to be ‘reality” I have enough of that in life, I want it to be entertainment. I love that Heather is nuts and has all those almost run ins…
    Her name on PC was Livvie….he was 2 characters, Father Micheal and Caleb or something like that. I watched the show originally, but not as they got into the stupid twilight type stuff.

    • konnie says:

      Okay STEFFJ89, point well taken. I hope that what ever happens in the near future with GH, that the writers kinda look back in time to see why people like yourself and I were so interested in the program or it’s characters in the first place. When the ratings were at it’s highest points, which would be a indication.
      I read that Jason was leaving the show. They said his last appearence was taped in April; what, if anything have you heard STEFFJ89?
      It just seems to me, that they are loosing a lot of good characters, and replacing them with new kids/ AND OLTL FOLKS, as if in THE NEW GH, NEXT GENERATION. WHAT’S YOUR OPT?

  44. Gabriella Holt says:

    I do not like the recast of Kristina -this new actress doesn’t have a single redeeming quality about her – not one. With all the young talent out there – this is the best they could pick? Makes you wonder who she is related to on the production staff.

    • konnie says:

      You are so right. Though I have not watched GH in three and a half weeks, you are just keeping it real. The storylines and it’s characters took on somekind of nightmare that I just could not tolerate and I never thought in a Trillion years I would ever say something bad about that show.(i WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAN’S)
      Now I am over it, the looneytoons are more understandable.

      • Kianna says:

        exactlly! i feel like out of all the other changes i miss the old kristina the most. and it’s not as if they even replaced her with someone good the whole GH show seems to be going crazy as of late

        • kellie says:

          I totally agree. It’s really ashame but it is what it is, and time will tell. I have not watched GH, in a while; friends tell me about the goings on. It seems to continue to take on a serious turn for the worst(Those of us who use to be glued to our chair), do not want to see two mins. of Sonny, Luke,Jason and etc., while we have to deal with watching OLTL characters. That show was a done deal, the folks in charge of getting rid of OLTL , either replace it, or let it stay dead with it’s characters or bring it back in it’s own time slot with it charcter and stay the devil off of GH time. Then again, if a lot of old-timers like myself have stop watching it,perhaps, GH will be off the air soon enough, and if it doesn’t , more power to the doggone folks who loves it the way it is.

          • konnie says:

            Kellie, Could it be that we, are loosing it or what. The only Daytime Soaps left, are about 4, and you know I just could not bring myself to deal with GH anymore.I quess it’s the new heads in charge that don’t give blip about the old, or older heads. From what my neighbor told me you got to be from the new generation, or be highest to the high to understand the crap they have invision now!! The Y&R, are starting to get straight crazy(but a least they have something worth watching). B&B, comes on and goes off as usual in a split second, Days, is impossible as usual, the same old mess and madness for years(they should have taken that one off the air, years ago). The complaints about GH, is unreal, and maybe that’s why all these soaps are crazy; maybe the intention is to stop folks from watching it to be force to watch something else. Are you still keeping up with ME TV, right now that and the cartoons, will due me just find. I like to keeep it real, if something ain’t BLIP, stop complainting, cause no one heards you; find other interest, and DON’T Give a DAMN, they ain’t worth it.

          • kellie says:

            Konnie, I have 8 friends at work who feels the same way, that means WE ALL ARE NOT FRUIT CAKES. 2 of the girls continue to watch GH, they hope and pray everyday, that there will be a change, so they have not gave up, while we kind-a listen to them, because, we do not want to hurt their feelings. I believe one day, they will get tired of dreaming about the change, and kick GH, to the curb, like me. Because of your comments and common sense, I realize that I was hook like fish, so were you, but at least you admit it.
            I got piss off with myself for being played like a sucker, and I am to old for that.

          • konnie says:

            Well Kellie, I NO CAN DO, either, thanxs, I could not have thought of a better way than this one to express my feelings. I love it. I am sorry about the other 2 friends, but they will get over it. If they are somewhere in between our age group or older, have them look a Me TV, there are less advertisements and more of the story going on. Also they may want to look at AMC, it’s comes on in the evening, though it’s did not start from the begining, it might help them, and then again, they may dismiss this one again too, one never knows. Whatever they do, DON’T GET CAUGHT LIKE A FISH!!

          • kellie says:

            There you go girl.

          • kellie says:

            somebody is triping, and it Ain’t you.

  45. Pamela says:

    Starr is a dreadful actor, does anyone read these blogs, hello, please hear us, she is a terrible actress. After 30 years of watching GH I find myself for the first time fast forwarding through her scenes. She is awful, please, please get rid of her or replace her w another actress!

    • konnie says:

      Pamela, I understand what you’re going thru, but whoever is in charge, don’t seem to care, because they simply don’t do nothing to help the situation. Maybe some of the characters
      from OLTL give those fans somekind of enjoyment. My friends and I, quit watching GH, because the storylines and characters aint what it use to be. Why anyone would ever mix
      and match to different soaps and characters together is truly unreal.
      Try watching the Young and the Restless, now they really have something going on, that makes sense, besides they are not trying to combine another soap/or other soap’s characters in their mix.

  46. suzyQ says:

    I like Lexi as Kristina. She expressed anger and frustration towards her father in a believable, real life manner. This new Kristina in my opinion has a sullen manner towards everyone. She does not look like Sonny to me and I don’t think she will receive any Emmy nominations for her acting either.

  47. Kianna says:

    First of all, although I do want the old Kristina and Maxi back I would like to say the new Kate it just fine. But back to Kristina and Maxi, there was nothing wrong with Kristina and with her being on the show for so long i don’t care who you replace her with she’s irreplaceable. And Maxi i know the girl who plays her is sick but I really do hope that when she is better the show does bring her back.

  48. lillie cooper says:

    i think yall need to bring in a good hunk to replace jason but there really is no one to take his place but his character is to important to let go please let sam and jason have there family and big wedding i love them please get rid of dukeand bring robin home to patrick please

    • konnie says:

      Lillie, who knows maybe you will get your wish, a dream might come thru for you, I wish you luck. I personally, had to kick GH to the curb, it was to much wishing, wanting, waiting, and praying for a change for the best, somehow, it continued to go down hill for me, I guess I just could not get with it

      • kellie says:

        My feelings exactly, I am with you 110%. I quit watching it to as well as the people on the my job. What sense did it make to complain, nobody gave ump anyways. The problem was trying to bundle OLTL with GH, even though I loved both of the Soaps, they were different. Of course when you see the main characters leaving, it was totally the end of the road. It’s always better to out on a good note.
        Good Luck to any of the soap fans out there that’s watching, I hope that you continue to stay tune and never be disappointed.