Idology: Did J.Lo Sink Jessica? Who's Our Dream Final 3? Plus: Has Colton KO'd Phillip?

Ryan Seacrest warned on Twitter that last week’s American Idol‘s Top 7 results show would prove “very shocking,” and when pitch-perfect diva Jessica Sanchez wound up singing for her life, that proved to be something of an understatement. But how did the Season 11 front-runner wind up in jeopardy? Did it have something to do with Jennifer Lopez’s tough, somewhat enigmatic critique the night before? Was it all scripted? Or has there been something missing from Jessica’s performances that has kept her from winning the public vote?

Season 6 star Melinda Doolittle and I tackle those questions in this week’s episode of Idology, dive into the subject of whether Colton and Phillip are locks for the finale — or if one of them is eating the other one’s lunch — and finally force ourselves to go out on a limb and name our dream Final 3s. Plus, there’s some Community cameos and an extended metaphor about a trained dolphin and a baby seal! How can you not press play below? And how can you not follow up by hitting the comments with your own thoughts? Spoiler alert: You can’t!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jessica is the best girl singer on the show. People vote for friends and don;t care if they are the worst singer on the show. Time to change the voting process and find a much different way to pick American Idol. I think it’s ridiculous to have the best singers taken off and the lousy singers stay on. Your show will go from #1 right down the tubes, After all the years it.s been on it’s time to get it right.

    • Tansy says:

      They got it right last year. On average they get it right about one out of three years. And one thing I’d like to say about all of the cries about racism. There was just as much dissension about Pia last year and she’s white. Just as many people fought over Haley, she’s white too. it is NOT about race.

    • Marsaili says:

      There are no lousy singers this year and Jessica may have the best voice but she isn’t the best performer.

  2. Luis Sanchez de Tagle says:

    i remember what my voice coach told me before.. there are two types of singers, the one with a beautiful voice and the one who is a good singer.. the first is the one which is apparently innate.. one cannot learn how perfect the pitch, the timbre and the overall quality of one’s voice.. performing can be learned.. Jessica was born with such talent.. she has a voice so rare.. i don’t understand why people says she doesn’t connect.. her performance of “I Will Always Love You” and “Stuttering” were filled with emotions.. i think i found the reasons why.. people tend to make up their decisions at this point of the competition by any standards they have.. some may like P2’s kind of music, others may like Colton’s, etc.. and these people will watch their idols with all awe.. now, comes Jessica which is the reserved little girl with a powerful voice.. now, people who doesn’t like her type of music will definitely not appreciate her performance despite everything she will try to show.. i wonder have any of Jessica’s critics ever tried to appreciate her type of music.. for once, try to close your eyes, and lend out your ears.. just listen how this little girl sing.. i believe that is how true connection is achieved..

    anyways, Jessica has proved herself to be a phenomenal singer.. and other notable artist are also well aware of this such as Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, India.Arie, Akon,, Chris Rene, Billy Joel, Jazmine Sullivan, Steven Tyler, etc.. even A1 allumni such as Adam Lambert, Laueren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze seems to be rooting for her.. anyways, like what Jessica said herself, she doesn’t expect anything.. whatever happen, happens.. good luck to Jessica and the others.. everything if pre-destined.. if its not for you, then its not for you.. but if its for you, no matter how other put you down, you will rise to the occasion..

  3. DB says:

    Love Slezak.. getting bored with Melinda Doolittle. Funny episode but what is with the distracting egg thing on the table next to Michael?

  4. FreeHaley says:

    Jason FTW!!

    A little nice editing there saved this week’s Idology that had run off the tracks and had been about to plunge over a high bridge.

    The weird thing is Jason’s edits seemed an awful like the old Slezak so more and more I do wonder if Nigel isn’t sneaking into Slezak’s room each night and slowly reprogramming his brain.

  5. desifish2011 says:

    The title of our show is American Idol. The purpose of the show is not to find the best singer, but to find the person that America connects with! All of these kids, for instance, are by far and away better singers than Bieber or Britney Spears. But those two are superstars. Why? Secondly, our current crop is better than alot of the previous season contestants but there are alot of previous contestants that are better than these guys and went nowhere. Bo Bice is by no means a superstar but he has a career now and I’d pit him against Elise or Colton (or any of these kids) in a competition any day of the week. Same with Elliot. Kat McPhee would own Jessica, imho. Fantasia would mop the floor with Joshua. Even Taylor, the poster boy for winner failure, is better than any of these kids. You get the picture. In other words these kids are not just competing with one another but they are also unconciously competing a)with established stars and b)previous contestants. The same people vote year after year. Their tastes my change by degree, the time they are willing to devote may increase or decrease, but they have long memories. Slezak himself references Mishovana Henson at least once a season! LOL I think the reason we see wild swings is due to judge selection. There are alot of people who like country but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a contestant automatically gets the “country vote” st because they are country, for instance. There’s alot of split voting in every block and some contestants get lucky by falling in with more than one block. Like Scotty got some country votes, some tween votes, grandma votes, and disney votes. If he was getting purely country votes he wouldn’t have won. *shrug*

    All of these kids are strong contestants, especially in their own genre. I was shocked about Jessica because I thought she would have the Disney vote, but I wasn’t shocked that she was the lowest vote getter in the grand scheme of the show. My current top three would be Joshua, Colton, and Skylar with Skylar taking it. Joshua technically sings better than her, Colton is a more well rounded artist than her, but she has pop and sparkle that neither boy has that makes up for her shortcomings.

    I also wanted to address this thought that Idol is rigged. I have no doubt that the bottom three is rigged BUT Nigel would never allow anyone other than the lowest vote getter to actually get the boot. 1)It’s against the law. 2)It totally negates the judges Save. 3)If rigging the lowest vote getter was ever proven the whole underpinning of the show, viewer participation, would blow up and people would justifiably stop watching.

  6. LI says:

    Will you shut up and let Melinda speak already?