Idology: Did J.Lo Sink Jessica? Who's Our Dream Final 3? Plus: Has Colton KO'd Phillip?

Ryan Seacrest warned on Twitter that last week’s American Idol‘s Top 7 results show would prove “very shocking,” and when pitch-perfect diva Jessica Sanchez wound up singing for her life, that proved to be something of an understatement. But how did the Season 11 front-runner wind up in jeopardy? Did it have something to do with Jennifer Lopez’s tough, somewhat enigmatic critique the night before? Was it all scripted? Or has there been something missing from Jessica’s performances that has kept her from winning the public vote?

Season 6 star Melinda Doolittle and I tackle those questions in this week’s episode of Idology, dive into the subject of whether Colton and Phillip are locks for the finale — or if one of them is eating the other one’s lunch — and finally force ourselves to go out on a limb and name our dream Final 3s. Plus, there’s some Community cameos and an extended metaphor about a trained dolphin and a baby seal! How can you not press play below? And how can you not follow up by hitting the comments with your own thoughts? Spoiler alert: You can’t!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ash Q says:

    Since Jason and Michael are split on their favorites (Elise vs Skyler), who do you think is going to receive the bouquet of flowers during their exit interview?

    • Zoey says:

      I hope it’s Elise personally. Skylar’s better than the average country bumpkin on the show, but not even she could make me listen to that genre of music.

      • Jamie says:

        Such an awesome question, I was actually wondering this. I have a feeling its going to be Skylar, which I’m totally fine with, but I would go for Elise personally. I guess we’ll see.

    • Justin says:

      Michael clearly favors Skylar, so I’m guessing her. Unfortunately when that girl belts my hands immediately go over my ears. It’s loud, shrill and whiny all at the same time… and not the least bit melodic. I think Michael is still hung up on the “Stay With Me” performance and she has not come closing to topping that yet.

  2. I think Joshua is a great singer but he screamed his way through Runaway Baby and he does not strike me as “smart” in a musical way.. He said something about knowing nothing about older music because he’s 19. He basically admitted to faking it — which I don’t want to know … I believe Colton, Elise and Philip — they are the ones with real chops.

    • CMC says:

      you are crazy if you think Colton and P2 have “real chops” compared to Joshua. Joshua merely stated that week that he can’t relate to the love song he sang that week because he’s never really had a heart break. And for him to be able to still sing that song with as much conviction and feeling and as wonderfully as he did, depsite that , says a lot. If you don’t feel it when Josh sings, then you are missing some sort of sensitivity chip.

      • Tarc says:

        I think Colton and Phillip have real chops compared to Joshua. I also thought Joshua showed up for the first time last week with Runaway Baby. Gospel is DOA, and his gospel voice goes grating after about a minute, but he sounded great on a properly selected modern pop song. Colton and Phillip (and Skylar) are simply totally marketable right now – check the iTunes top 200 for examples.

      • Marsaili says:

        You know what, who the heck are you to tell someone they are crazy for their opinion. People like you need to go to and spew with the haters there. Geez! I love Joshua too—but I wouldn’t belittle someone because they don’t. Oh, and Phillip and Colton and both great in their way—why do you have to tear people down? Just plain nastiness.

  3. Sandi says:

    I hope Jessica shows up on Wed. in a clown suit and sings Macarena while bouncing on a trampoline because I really don’t know how much more “She’s an absolutely incredible singer but, yawn, I like Lady Gaga style theatrics” comments (I’m paraphrasing) I can take.

  4. Sandi says:

    And as long as we’re naming our top threes, I’m hoping for:

    Colton, Jessica, and (insert person least likely to keep those two from the finale).

  5. Dan says:

    I found it downright rude that the judges and everyone else threw it in our faces that we got the bottom 3 wrong. Excuse me, but if you want to paint the picture that all the contestants are amazing and anyone could win, then the flip side is anyone can go home at anytime. Steven especially saying the save would have been used regardless. I bet it all he would have said that had Philip, Colton, or Skylar been switched into the bottom 3. So basically this whole week was one big witch hunt of Hollie. Good for Hollie fans to vote her in.

  6. Holy crap, I was NOT expecting to see a Mass Effect clip, however short it was. Major props!

    Anyway, I’m still clinging to the hope that Jessica reaches top 2. I don’t really get the criticism of her being “robotic” or too disconnected, I’m just more inclined to think at this point that America’s just not the proper stage for her. I have a feeling she’ll do just fine post-idol, when international audiences can have more means to support her.

  7. ASH1157 says:

    Hey Michael – Pretty sure that Ruben Studdard was in the bottom 2 one week during Season 2 – or at least that was the implication at the time. (Pretty sure I was enraged that the producers were manipulating votes for Ruben over Clay). Check it out…

    • Preston says:

      THIS. (I’m not mad, bro, just catching your eye :) ) Ruben was in the bottom two with Trenyce in Top 5 week of S2. It was that season’s “Tamyra moment.”

  8. Zoey says:

    Why the lack of analysis of Elise? D: Thank God Jason edits this thing, otherwise she would have been severely missed.

    My personal dream final 3 is Elise, Joshua, and Jessica. But as Jessica is doomed by the “save” and Elise keeps making bottom 2 or 3, I may have to become inherently disappointed by this season’s outcome. Neither White Guy with an Instrument has impressed me enough to be okay with their inevitable journey to the final confetti shower.

    • Seker says:

      Exactly – which is why I don’t have a good feeling about it myself either sure Elise brings in a ‘older’ demographic (great for the Advertizers) but something makes me think its just not enough…

  9. idolmama says:

    Yeah, Michael and Melinda…why are you suddenly forgetting Elise. You both have been such a big fan of her in other episodes. Maybe someone needs to begin a “save the rocker” chick campaign. Let’s see Haley was Buffy and save the growler, Alison was all japanese sci fi and save the rocker chick. What could Elise be?

  10. sara says:

    I love you Jason.

    Also, this season is really frustrating in such an unfamiliar way – I could think of so many different top3 combinations that would be really awesome, but still missing someone I don’t want to let go of just yet. Can’t we just have four more top7 until the finale?

  11. Tom22 says:

    I don’t see what you guys see in Joshua and Colton.

    I just don’t feel like Joshua connects with the lyrics even in a ‘one off” way. (i.e a love song with lyrics about a girl/significant other could apply to love of god or love for what is good in the world or bambi or your mom, but there has to be a “something” for the lyrics to work) I just hear yammering.

    Colton is just not appealing to me , but I guess Miachael put it all straight. I still don’t see why that puts him in you “ideal” top three in front of one of the two peformers you do like (either or for Jessica / Elise as you put it)

    Good episod though

  12. Marianne says:

    Joshua doesn’t sell me. Not really sure why. Just not my cup of tea.

    • Marsaili says:

      I think Joshua is in the kind of line of music where people either get it or they don’t–even Phillip is there but at least his types of songs are more mainstream. I don’t usually listen to R&B at all, I’m a rocker chick—but I would listen to Joshua’s album. When he sings he GRABS my soul! I know that’s just me but WOW, I never though an R&B singer would do that to me! To me, Joshua is the real deal. Of course, to me, they all are in their own ways—I don’t think any of this gang is comparable to the next—they all have their own sound and different genre.

  13. J says:

    My top 3 would be Elise, Joshua, and Skylar or Colton. Honestly this Top 7 is so mega talented, my Top 3 could change. I am agreeing with Michael. This is the first time I can’t give an exact Top 3.

    As for the judges, can we replace them with Melinda and Michael? As for the third judge, maybe Jimmy. I would like to see what he says live as compared to something recorded the next day.

    • ejones says:

      Its not that the top 7 are mega talented its the fact that, other than Hollie, the top 7 are similarly talented. There isn’t an obvious top 3.

  14. Made says:

    Bottom line for me, and the question I always ask myself, is: who is the contestant I would pay to go to a concert to or for having his/her music? And the only answer I have is: ELISE. That’s why I’m begging everyone who likes her to vote for her. As much as the producers want us to think they have the decision, WE DO. Make your vote count!

    • Marsaili says:

      I’ve bought all the studio albums since the top 13 and I have to say–from the top 8 down, I could easily listen to all of them. Now, some move me more than others (Jessica not so much, Joshua and Elise YES, Skylar, Phillip, Hollie and Colton, easily yes! I can even listen to DeAndre—although I prefer when he’s in his lower register as opposed to his falsetto all the time.) I think I’m actually going to go see this Idols tour this year—I wanted to go last year but the closest venue was too far away—I’m hoping that changes this year! I wish I had gone last year—but there were a couple people last year that I just wasn’t interested in at all (Pia, Jacob, Stefano)

  15. hmr says:

    I felt satisfaction in seeing the “teachers’ pets” in the bottom three last week. What they have in common is oversinging, although I enjoyed Josh’s performance last week a lot more than before. I can appreciate Jessica’s talent, but I feel nothing when she sings.
    Hollie was very rudely thrown under the buss for no good reason. Her confidence has been taken away by the judges and that is probably why she is uncomfortable on stage. I do not mind her lack of experience because her voice is stellar.
    I can see Colton and possibly Skylar in top 3. I do not believe Elise or Jessica will make it.

    • Sandi says:

      I don’t understand this notion (and I’m also directing this to Slezak) that Hollie was “thrown under the bus.” Did everyone start watching Idol last year? Does no one remember Simon? He would sit there and casually eviscerate people on live television. He wasn’t polite or diplomatic in the least. The worst thing Hollie got was a polite but less than positive critique.

      The music industry is brutal. What Hollie’s been given is nothing compared to the real world.

      • MA says:

        I don’t think Hollie’s been thrown under the bus. I think she’s not that good. She’s got a fantastic voice and a great personality and seems like a lovely girl. But she’s stiff and uncomfortable on stage. She’s not a performer yet, and she needs a lot more experience to get comfortable. The problem with the judges is that they don’t say that. The drone on some BS about…I don’t even know what. Simon would probably say something like, “Hollie, you look like a dead fish out there. You need to show some personality and stop counting steps.” As opposed to J Lo’s “You’re so pretty but it doesn’t work for me.” Simon’s critique might actually benefit Hollie. JLo and company are just talking.

        • hmr says:

          I can’t speak for the music industry, but IMO Hollie was treated unfairly and that is why lots of people reacted to it on a gut level (sympathy) and voted for her. Hollie had a good performance unlike P2. After weeks of negative comments any one of them would feel nervous on stage. The judges are not good for anything else except finding talent.

          • Templar says:

            Yes. It was reminiscent of the way Simon treated Siobhan Magnus. As for Hollie needing experience, you’d be amazed how much polish these kids will get just by being on the tour. Even Heejun will be more of a showman and his voice was always OK.

        • Sandi says:

          Can’t argue with you there. The judges are awful. Awful. I actually thought Randy was a halfway decent judge until Simon left which I guess sucked any motivation for delivering decent work right out of him. They are terrible. You’re so right. Simon (the old pre-xfactor Simon) would have done Hollie a world of good.

  16. My top 3 Josua, Jessia and Elise.

  17. Q says:

    I’d just like to say we should all take a moment and reflect on the fact that this is the best top 7 this show has had in years.

    • JVC says:

      You said it Q. While there is only one i really don’t like/don’t get (Philip). This is an evenly matched group.

  18. Trisha says:

    Phillip tried something new this week and was sensational. Joshua tried something new this week and was sensational. Elise did GaGa, not quite as well as Haley (season 10), and didn’t approach GaGa’s mastery, but she was current, adult, and accomplished. That’s my top 3.

    Jessica is emotionally dead on stage, Michael & Melinda both got there eventually in their analysis, just like Pia last year – and unless she’s belting it’s subpar.

    Hollie has a tremendous voice but no control, and is inexperienced both emotionally and professionally. She’s just the latest talented teen to be trotted out with a fantastic talent and nothing to back it up but naivety.

    Colton is an enigma, is he good or just quirky and cute?

    Skylar, to me, is just another forgettable country wannabe. Heard the voice before, seen the shtick before.

    Lastly, Michael, I love you, but could we have a little more Melinda, please?

  19. ana says:

    Jason Averett rules! My dream top three is Colton, Phillip and Elise as well!

  20. JVC says:

    My final three is skylar, jessica, and joshua/colton. And I’m leaning more towards colton because not only has he been consistent, he’s also been interesting in song choice and arrangement. Also I think it is a good thing he hasn’t gotten a standing o yet, which is something completely ruined by this panel, even though they have improved this year. Keep in mind this is the 2nd uptempo song joshua has done and in between that and I wish, nothing but ballads, and the judges i think have overpraised every week, which i think might hurt him in the long run. I do like joshua more, unless colton flops this week, he should be top male contestant this season. I think skylar might win this competition if she continues from this point forward to be as consistent as scotty was. On night where it was literally an even playing field, going first and singing an obscure song didn’t hurt skylar at all, and it was her best performance so far in my opinion. Jessica needs to start thinking outside of the box if she wants to win. Pick song we would expect her to pick.

  21. Princess Adora says:

    1. Idology is too short!!! :(
    2. My top 3 (in NO particular order): Joshua, Skylar, Elise
    3. However I’m very partial to Hollie, I really want her to succeed – to get out of her head a little and let go on stage. I hope she follows the pattern that Erika, Heejun and DeAndre started and go out on a really good performance, a bit of redemption before she goes.

  22. Team Jason! Colton/Phil/Elise is my Top 3 for sure. Jessica and Joshua are super talented but I don’t think commercial viable enough.

  23. S says:

    Regarding the comment, if you’re in the bottom three you don’t win. Maybe my memory’s failing me, but wasn’t Kelly Clarkson in the bottom 3 once? And we all know how that turned out.

  24. Davey says:

    Top 3 for me would be Jessica, Joshua and Elise. or maybe Colton.
    I feel I don’t need to see Skylar anymore as good as she is. I know exactly what kind of album she will do. Nothing she does surprises me.
    Joshua as good as he was last week could have done that number on the Ed Sullivan Show and he would have been at home.

  25. Davey says:

    I wonder now if the only way Hollie will be eliminated this week is for the judges to say they were wrong and she is the best singer to be on Idol ever and she’s in it to win it.

  26. MJ says:

    I’ve known since the top 13 was announced that Skylar would be the last girl standing, just as I also knew Jessica was going to be gone before top 5 week (if the judges already used their save). This is because by looking at the past few seasons of idol i have noticed that the last girl standing on Idol is always the spunky teenage girl. Think about it, Allison and Lauren both were teenage girls, they both did a fair amount of both uptempo and ballads and did it well, they both always had consistently good performances, with a few great ones scattered throughout (Allison: Alone, Can’t make you love me) (Lauren: “Anyway” “Candles in the wind”), they never really had a terrible performance. But because they were consistently good not great, it made you love them more because they weren’t perfect and made you appreaciate it when they had great performances more. They weren’t the best singers, but they were good ones and they were both great performers. But most importantly they had the personalities to go with their singing, they were both spunky teenage girls who were very relatable and they could make you feel the song, and that coupled with their great singing and performing kept them around so long. Are you seeing the trend? Skylar meets all of these requirements, she will be the last girl standing. Their great personalities and singing weren’t enough for Allison or Lauren to win, will it be enough for Skylar? Probably not, but there’s a chance, i think she is better then lauren, maybe even better then Allison.
    As for Jessica, i also predicted Pia Toscano would not make it to the top 5 of American Idol last year and I was right. She sufferes from the same fate as Pia; she’s too perfect, lacks any personality, and is not a great performer, and it will be this that will cause Skylar to outlast her.

    • Seker says:

      In otherwords ( it is a ‘personality’ contest not so much a singing contest (yeah I got that last yr first yr watching AI with the 1-2 twanger finish)

  27. Jane says:

    I always thought Jessica delivered stellar performances. She is not a Pia-bot (that’s Hollie). Jessica has soul, especially for only being 16. If there’s any justice left in this reality show world for true singing talent, Hollie and Phillip will be out next, then Skylar. Skylar, screams half of her songs, (so does Joshua but I like his style more). My top 3- Jessica, Joshua, and Colton/ Elise. I love Elise, but I don’t know if her style is current enough to make a hit record.

  28. James says:

    I would also prefer Jason’s top 3…but Melinda’s is not half bad either…

  29. MJ says:

    just wanna add i hope i didn’t come across as dissing jessica. i think she is great and would be happy to see her make top 3, but i don’t think it will happen, just because of the way i’ve observed america’s votes the last 3 years. it’s a shame too, because the past four male winners have all prety much all had personalties as bland as jessica’s but they get free passes because the’yre hot.

  30. Yes! I was vindicated by Michael and Melinda about Jessica not connecting and Jason totally has the bottom 3 that I want as well–although I want Joshua and Skylar too. I want them all. Wow, this is a tough year, I’m so with Michael, I usually know who I’m rooting for by now and I can’t pick one! I think that is a sign of a great year–despite all you scrooges complaining about this person and that!

  31. steve says:

    Thats Jessica problem she is a great technically singer but she however isnt connecting to the song/viewers. I cant see anything but a colton P2 final

  32. syb says:

    Ah, I’m a little disappointed in my Mindy Doo for picking Colton in her Dream top 3! Really? Do you find anything about the wardrobe, the music, the persona authentic? He’s the one I’d like to see go next. I realize he’ll probably win, but a girl can dream.

    My Top 3: Elise, Joshua, Skylar

    • Tansy says:

      And what is original about P2? He looks like every guy working at the car wash, or holding a slow/stop sign on the highway crew. He has zero sense of occasion. And nothing and no one impresses him. He does that shuck and jive thing really well, but he’s actually an egoist.

      • Marsaili says:

        Oh, and you can guess his personality from a few snippets here and there and so you are expert enough to be able to make all those judgments? Wow, I say Jessica is quiet and shy and I get blasted, you’ve got Phillips entire personality and and self whittled down to YOUR “T” and it’s the end all and be all. Get real!

        • Tansy says:

          Star power and charisma are at least 50% of a successful career these days. And a singer needs to, at least somewhat, appeal to both guys and girls. Teen girls are crushing on Philphil now because they only have him and Colton to choose between. That won’t sell music or tickets down the road.

          • Marsaili says:

            Well, just on these boards alone many people like Phillip because of his singing so I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss him as just being “cute”. Phillip has been lauded by every mentor that has come onto the show, by Jimmy, by the judges—there is more to him than his being cute—whether you get it or not. I think the teeny boppers are voting more for Colton rather than Phillip.

          • Tansy says:

            Yeah, those are the same Jimmy, mentors and judges who are equating JSan as the second coming. It means nothing.

  33. Ady says:

    It’s funny, i just realized Elise has been in the bottom 3 the exact same weeks haley has: top 13,12,8,7, hopefully she’ll get the same outcome as well even though i’m not getting my hopes up.
    Elise truly is a gifted singer and performer, i just wish more people will see that.
    I’ve had my eye on her throughout the auditions but it was when she sang one and only that i really fell in love with her, in the middle of the song when she cracked ’cause she almost started crying and then when the judges were all complementing her and her eyes were welling up, that really got to me and made me teary eyed.
    you can tell how much music means to her when she’s performing or in her interviews and how much she needs something good to happen after years of struggling.
    i’m really hoping for a positive turnaround for her this week, especially with 2 songs, she really has to have 2 standout performances in order to rise above the rest, she’s one of those contestants that can’t afford to have just an OK performance but even then there’s no guaranty she’ll stay in, i keep expecting her to go every week, that’s why I’m not stressing and just enjoying the ride along with her.

    • MA says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I saw an interview with her, and I forget what the question was, but her answer was that, at one point, she’d booked herself too many weekly gigs and was freaking out from being overworked and decided she needed to destress. So she cancelled a couple of the jobs, rented a cello, and used youtube videos to teach herself to play it, just for fun and as a way to relax. Wow. That’s someone who has music deep in her soul and it shows. She also said she was simultaneously using youtube videos to teach herself to juggle, which I found funny and charming. I really like Elise (as a muscian and who she seems to be as a person) and, even though she probably won’t win, she’s a fantastic “character” for all these kids watching Idol to see. She’s not just raw talent. She’s a product of study and hard work and sweat-and-tears determination, and on top of that, she seems very kind and soft-hearted. I admire all that in people much more than a Mariah Carey voice, and I like it in my music too.

  34. Liaa says:

    My top 3 would be: Jessica, Joshua & Colton. Why? I think (i actually know) Jessica is amazing and by far the best singer in AI, hands down. I think she has to either try something upbeat yet not too overwhelming of a song (not too much & not too bland) and show emotions (more emotions that can connect to the audience) this week and if she does that she’ll be in the top 3. Joshua on the other hand has a mindblowing vocal ability but he has to prove he can sing contemporary songs like what he did last week. He can sing something in Cee Lo Green’s type of song. I think he’ll be effective on that and if he pulls it off he goes to top 3. Colton (i have to admit that he has been consistent), i feel like he is actually ready to record an album. His performances aren’t pith perfect but he is consistent & he knows what he wants to sing and what type of artist he will (and can) be. He’ll probably be lucky to be in the top three if Skylar (i also love her to death) becomes inconsistent (which i think will be impossible) or chooses a wrong song or something not likely her lol. Honestly, all of them will have contracts waiting for them and I can definitely hear them on the radio (at least PP, Jessica, Joshua, Colton, and Skylar… :D)

  35. Joan says:

    Please, why did JLO’s comments send Jessica towards elimination? That is just as dumb as the JLO/Pia elimination conspiracy. Phillip got worst critiques from JLo. And oddly enough, Joshua was in the bottom 3 also. Sorry, but most weren’t paying attention to what JLo said. That is stupid. She had NOTHING to do with it.

  36. selena says:

    My dream final 3
    Hollie/Phillip or Skylar

    No to Jessica and Joshua

  37. PFitzDC says:

    I just don’t get the love for Joshua. He’s talented, but Top 3? I sure hope not. I feel totally disconnected with him in his interview packages and even when he sings, he always seems dead behind the eyes. He seems to be performing it, rather than living it.

    I’d be happy with his surprise elimination this week, followed by Hollie, and then let the Top 5 chips (Elise, Phillip, Jessica, Colton, Skylar) fall where they may….

  38. ABinCO says:

    My final 3: Joshua, Jessica, and Skylar or Colton (will likely be Colton). My theory is that some ppl (like me) didn’t vote for Jessica and Joshua because they just thought everyone else would. Usually the judges will say “BE SURE TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE” right about now. I don’t like Elise unfortunately. Phil Phil = boring. Is he consciously trying to be Dave Matthews, but less entertaining? You are both right: skylar has such a pure voice and a lot of heart; she’ll do well. Funny editing Jason. An unusual season I would say — very high level of talent! Can’t WAIT for Kris Allen Thursday! I really want him to stick around in the biz for awhile!!

  39. Justin says:

    I absolutely cannot stand Colton. He has the thinnest voice of ALL the singers. Everything about him from his hair to his wardrobe to his forced and nasal little yelps is contrived as hell, though he is playing this particularly “game” brilliantly. I give him full credit for convincing people who should know better than he is anything but completely ordinary. I bet he’ll be in the Top 3 and might even win the whole thing. Bravo to you Colton.

    But if I had it MY way, I’d have a Top 3 of Joshua, Elise and probably Jessica (perhaps Phillip).

  40. megs says:

    I think it’s very plausible to have Colton and phillip in the final 3. Their fan bases aren’t as similar as you guys are speculating. I think Colton’s fans are the typical tween/teen power voters who are voting for the cute, non-threatening emo boy, and Phillips fans are a little bit older. A lot of Phillips fans are probably adults, actually. Think the demographic at a Paramore concert vs. the demographic at a Dave Matthews concert. Both big, passionate fan bases, but very different nonetheless.
    I totally agree with Jason’s final three, btw! Would love for Elise to get there!

  41. Yoyoyo dog! says:

    I’m surprised Slezek didn’t note that Elise seems to be following in Haley’s footsteps a little too closely, and not in a good way.
    She’s trying to appeal to Haley’s fanbase by singing the same exact songs as Haley (come’on, “You and I”, “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, and a Zeppelin tune??). I get that Elise wants to be the Slayer, but I think choosing the exact same songs draws direct comparisons to Haley, and I’m sorry but Haley is the far superior singer to Elise. Elise tries too hard, and doesn’t have anywhere close to the range Haley has.

    Sorry Elise, I love you (when you’re being yourself and not a cheap imitation) but you have no shot at top 3.

    Top 3: Colton, phillip, Jessica. Mark my words. I dont think P2 deserves it at all for the record.

    • Tom22 says:

      I absolutely agree with your comments about Elise vs Haley. I find Haley so superior in what extra she brought to the songs in terms of unique voice and subtle but visceral takes on the songs meanings that I actually dislike Elises pretty good performances.

      Elise’s Vienna was awesome though — absolutely her song and I’m sure Haley would be challenged to equal that interpretation of that song.

      I just haven’t heard Elise get into the underlying swing of the rythym and blues vibe.. its so 4/4 ,

  42. aifan says:

    Let us give Jessica credit for making Jasmine’s song “Stuttering” popular after she sang it on Ai. If you dont like her, fine, to each his own, but whether you accept it or not she’s a good singer. In my point of view I think fans of Jessica should start to vote seriously now after what happened last week. This is a wake up call for all of you guys for being complacent you always think she is safe because she sings great. Never ever forget that not all people like or adores her. They like other contestants too. So just support her, she needs your vote.

  43. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    Actually Idol has the right to throw out votes that they feel came from a “questionable source.” So I agree with Melinda, she was in bottom 3, deemed some votes questionable and then leaked the result to TMZ to up their ratings.

  44. forrubbishonly says:

    Joshua is IT, for me (I’m ol’ school: Otis Redding, Teddy Pendergrass, Sly Family Stone and Stevie Wonder, of course… I’m in my early 30s). He’s head & shoulders above the rest, as a performer. He brings something EVERY week. He doesn’t need to win this thing! Just hope he hangs in there til the finals – just so I can watch him perform on stage! I’ll buy his music, pay money to see his shows, etc. The other person I wouldn’t mind listening to / watching on the show is P2 (but won’t buy his music nor go to his shows). I think he has a certain appealing undercurrent something that’s hard to describe. But his inexperience shows very quickly when he’s not comfortable – gets bad & weird real quick. If he gets better suited material for his style and a few more years of experience, am sure he’ll be very successful. Actually, I hope that for Joshua, too – that he gets to work with brilliant songwriters / producers and doesn’t get lost down some auto-tune / pop-py path! Bring back to soul & funk!

    As for the rest of them, am totally indifferent…

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      you echoed my sentiments perfectly, except I do like Elise.

      • HairLikeATeddyBear says:

        Elise’s voice is interesting, but sounds a little hollow, to me. In saying that, just thought she’d be great doing a Dusty Springfield number, like Fever or Spooky. She seems to take this competition too seriously, sometimes, and comes across… bossy.

  45. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    So we are still arguing about Jessica? Week in and week out message boards, YouTube vids, Twitter and FB are arguing about her. HENCE, ladies and gents, the “winner” of Idol 11, JESSICA SANCHEZ.

  46. darcy's evil twin says:

    Believe it or not I finally had the chance to watch last Thursday’s program in its entirety (I was out of town last week and turned on the TV in the hotel just in time to see Jessica announced as the lowest vote-getter).
    Honestly, I enjoyed James Durbin. He sounded just like he always did to me and I thought he was pretty good. But, I’m old and have no use for boring piano-backed music with no melody.
    that said, I just can’t get behind Colton. I’ve tried so hard to like him, just like I struggled to like Paul McDonald last year but couldn’t quite get on board. Colton’s just not my type of performer but I will agree he has the most potential to win this whole shootin’ match.
    My top three are Elise, P2, and Joshua. I find their voices to be the most interesting and, like forrubbishonly who posted above, I’m very “old school” when it comes to R&B. Joshua was wonderful last week.
    That said, I’m shocked at the allegations of racism against the people that don’t care for Jessica. Seriously? Is that the only thing adults (and teens) under the age of 30 know? If someone criticizes someone that isn’t white is “racism” the only acceptable reply? I’m old and white, and back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s everyone of all races was listening to Motown, James Brown, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Rick James, Teddy Pendergrass, Wilson Pickett, etc. Yet here it is 2012 and people don’t like Jessica because they’re racist? This is politcal correctness run amok. If I had a Time Machine I’d transport all you whiners back to where I was in 1965, so you could see and experience REAL racism. If I were Queen every single post where someone accused somebody of racism would be deleted because it’s just insane. People that are truly racists probably don’t watch American Idol! They’re watching Lawrence Welk reruns. Oh, wait – there were black people on there as well, but they were tap dancing – oh wait, that’s racist. Mary J. Blige can’t even do a fried chicken commercial because it’s racist. the world’s gone nuts.

    • Tom22 says:

      without taking issue of some of your good points I’d like to say that I know Filipino’s pretty well having been married to one for over 15 years.

      From either what clips they choose to show of her of the 100s of hours they film each week and from the way she responds to Ryan and the judges .. she just isn’t bringing enough of charming parts of the Filipino culture….

      Skylar plays the southern girl in a charming enough way. Jessica just isn’t showing the Filinio warmth and ironic humor …. the humble covering her teeth when she smiles is cute (a shared regional thing in south east asia I believe), she mentioned shopping in one snippet but she needs to bring on the charm in ways she would talking to her aunts or uncles (tito’s and titas)… and excitement about life and the present so charming to pilipinos

      • Marsaili says:

        Jessica is half Filipino, half Mexican (hence the Sanchez name)

        • Tom22 says:

          most filipino’s with “upper class” (or grandparents etc) have spanish sir names. Spain did claim it as their teritory for hundreds of years and spanish was the dominant lanquage even leading up to WWII even though teddy rosevelt took colonaial rule of it from spain for the US around the turnd of the century

          Marcos, Aquino, .. I know filipinos named Lopez and Carlos.

          Spanish Colonialists formally married native citizens of their subjugated holdings throughout the new world.

          • Marsaili says:

            Her mother is Filipino and her father is Mexican. So she is half and half.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Didn’t we get Guam and The Phillipines as part of a settlement as the result of the Spanish/American war? Just curious. And it does make sense that upper-class Filipinos would have Spanish surnames. I thought about that later. But whatever Jessica’s pedigree is she is American and she can sing.

        • Tom22 says:

          but yes, I have read that her father is from Mexico not the Phillipines … just it wasn’t the name that proved it.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Well, I didn’t know she was Filipino. I assumed “Sanchez” was Hispanic – not that it matters one bit. She’s not my type of performer but it has nothing to do with the fact she’s Filipino. I knew a lot of Filipinos when I was a kid. Jessica has boatloads of talent and I absolutely think she deserved the save. She strikes me as a shy 16 year old girl and that shyness may account for why we aren’t seeing more of personality, but wow, when she sings! What a voice! No matter what happens she will have a career in music.

    • Marsaili says:

      I really like your top 3 Darcy, although I do like Colton—he doesn’t WOW me, but I could easily listen to him and not change the radio station or skip his song. JOSHUA however, I love him, I have since he did Jar of Hearts during Hollywood week. I wish he would do the whole song—that was just AWESOME!

      As for the one or two people shouting racism—I think they are just trolls trying to get people riled up—I’ve not seen any other posts from the one dude except the racism posts, so I think it was just a ploy and they probably don’t even mean it. Just a stupid person being stupid.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        you’re probably right. But everyone was called “racist” when they commented on Heejun’s accent (he had one), his diction (it did need a little work), and his attitude (which some of us found annoying but it did NOT mean we didn’t like Asians!).
        Now people that aren’t into Jessica are accused of being racist.

        Sometimes a horse is just a horse.
        I kind of run hot and cold on Colton. The problem is I envision him singing that boring contemporary music with no melody. Oh how I miss the days of bands smashing their guitars on stage and guys setting things on fire, LOL. It amazes me how kids these days like such boring music, LOL.

  47. Jeffrey Jewell says:


    I’m glad you discussed the judges being so harsh with Hollie but I am shocked the you did not have her any credit for her best performance of the season, you could tell she was feeling it, she sounded really really good and to me it was like she was singing her idol story. I’m shocked you never gave her any cudos!! In an interview Elise said she cried because it was so good and cried again when steven slammed her!!!


    • Marsaili says:

      I cried as well, I thought that performance was top notch! I was SO angry at the judges…..I don’t think Hollie gets enough credit, I have all her studio performances and they are awesome!

  48. Name That Tune says:

    I think the whole thing last week was staged. Steven let the cat out of the bag when he said “We’re going to use our card tonight.” It was guarenteed they would use the save, so they didn’t have to tell us who the B3 really were. All for drama and “shocking results”. Like the “shocking results” they have every year. We’ll find out this week who the real B3 are.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      But didn’t he make that announcement as he was looking at the bottom three (Elise, Joshua, and Jessica)? I’m all up for a good conspiracy theory but I’m not seeing it here. I think they would have saved any of those three.

  49. Name That Tune says:

    I said 2 weeks ago that my ideal top 2 would be Jessica and Joshua. I’m not in love enough with the rest of them to care who is third, but it seems that either Colton or Skylar are good choices. Reality and the show’s history tell me the final 3 are P2, Colton and Skylar, with Colton the winner.

    Elise doesn’t even crack my top 5. The voters have it right with her. She can do some tricks with her voice, but overall it is not an easy voice to listen to, even in her rock/blues lane. So I would choose her or Hollie to go next. Gotta believe it’s Elise who goes next.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I like Skylar but I put her in fourth place in my rankings. She’s very talented but I’ve been listening to country music for a long time and there’s nothing particularly special about her; however, she will undoubtedly have a great career. Of course I said the same thing about Carrie Underwood, LOL.

  50. Addie says:

    Does anyont think its time for an adult to win? Jessica is great but she just doen’t do anything for me, yeah she’s young and sings like an adult but when can we have an idol who can leagly get drunk? Also when your sixteen you shouldn’t have to worry about your career, you should be worried about getting into college.

    • MA says:

      Amen to this, Addie. As I watch, I always find myself thinking…these kids are singing about life, love, sex, heartbreak, struggle, and so on and so on…but they can’t even get a drink in a bar! Hadn’t DeAndre just learned how to drive?? Good lord. Go to college, people. Play some dirty clubs. Get drinks sloshed on you and have someone spit in your face. Figure out how to sidestep hecklers. Have your heart broken, lose a real friend, have sex, buy a car, get drunk at least once, hold down a job, raise a pet or a child all by yourself, travel, pay your rent, meet people who speak different languages, struggle…grow up. Then start singing about life and maybe I’ll believe you.

    • Name That Tune says:

      That would require adults who care to vote their fingers off. Ain’t gonna happen.