Idology: Did J.Lo Sink Jessica? Who's Our Dream Final 3? Plus: Has Colton KO'd Phillip?

Ryan Seacrest warned on Twitter that last week’s American Idol‘s Top 7 results show would prove “very shocking,” and when pitch-perfect diva Jessica Sanchez wound up singing for her life, that proved to be something of an understatement. But how did the Season 11 front-runner wind up in jeopardy? Did it have something to do with Jennifer Lopez’s tough, somewhat enigmatic critique the night before? Was it all scripted? Or has there been something missing from Jessica’s performances that has kept her from winning the public vote?

Season 6 star Melinda Doolittle and I tackle those questions in this week’s episode of Idology, dive into the subject of whether Colton and Phillip are locks for the finale — or if one of them is eating the other one’s lunch — and finally force ourselves to go out on a limb and name our dream Final 3s. Plus, there’s some Community cameos and an extended metaphor about a trained dolphin and a baby seal! How can you not press play below? And how can you not follow up by hitting the comments with your own thoughts? Spoiler alert: You can’t!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Yan says:

    Yay! have been waiting for this episode of Idology!

    • Me too. I know we are at Top 7, and all these contestants have fans and all that, but is there anything to the fact that Joshua, Jessica, Elise, Skylar and Hollie, all whom have been in the Bottom 3, or 2 or 1, had faaaaar less screen time in the early stages compared to Colton and Phillip. Plus Colton still has fans from last season. I mean I knew little about any of those 5 before we got to the last round in Hollywood and Top 24. But we saw Phillip with Heejun plenty of times and we saw Colton be “forced” to audition, then saw his journey with his sister. Or by now do we forget about the earlier rounds? I know they are cute boys and there are a little of teen girl fans, but I think there is even more to that.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I think the save and Jlo’s emoting killed it for Jessica. She won’t make it to the top 3.

      • Marsaili says:

        I’m thinking it’s more about her not connecting–J-Lo has been telling her she needs to find that connection, Jimmy and the mentors have been telling her—I think she’s just too young yet and needs to grow some more. I can’t imagine what a wonder she’s going to be once she figures out how to connect to the songs she’s singing! (and don’t bother blasting me for my opinion, there are plenty of people that feel the same way–otherwise she wouldn’t have been voted off last week!) thank goodness for the save, eh?

        • hardy curtis says:

          are we sure thats the reason why she’s voted out? there are so many factors behind that.

          • Marsaili says:

            no, we aren’t sure of anything—it’s all speculation but it’s all I can come up with at this point—those are the same reasons Pia got eliminated last year and Jessica has been told by everyone to essentially stop mimicking and start feeling it herself. I don’t think it’s that simple—she has to learn to do that—just as she’s learned to mimic her Idols. But she obviously has massive talent so over time I think she can accomplish that as well.

      • tintin says:

        apparently, you’re wrong.She made it to the top 3

      • well now Jessica’s already in the top sorry..your prediction was not that reliable.

    • hardy curtis says:

      to everyone here commenting bad issues on how jessica handles her singing please get a life and clean your ears.. she might not be the american idol but when you ask professional musicians and producers of good and quality voices they chose jessica sanchez for the reason that they knew she has real good talent, yah you are all right that she’s not your type but please do not pull her down because she’s just doing her best. For Us we still gonna vote for Jessica sanchez because she’s a great talent.

      • nesty says:

        thanks hardy curtis… please let’s keep on voting for JESSICA!!!!

      • Marsaili says:

        Wow, that was a mature statement. You can’t tell people to not hear what they are hearing. Professional musicians have said stuff about ALL the contestants, not just Jessica—she isn’t the only one, she isn’t the best one, she is one of 7 really talented kids and everyone is going to have a favorite so stop telling people what to do because they don’t agree with YOU! Personally, all you people being so snarky to those who see where Jessica needs improvement, you are part of the problem if people don’t vote for her—being so rude and nasty to people who just don’t get her isn’t going to make them vote more for her, it’s just going to turn people off.

        • Tansy says:

          I won’t argue with you about the quality of Jessica’s voice. However, what do experts say when they are asked to evaluate her as an entertainer? That’s where the dog is buried. Because to quote The Buggles “Video killed the radio star”. Visually, Jessica is not engaging or charismatic. She doesn’t draw in the audience.

      • Calli says:

        Jessica has a beautiful voice. I absolutely agree. But she hasn’t moved me during the competition. If I’m going to buy a song, an album, a concert ticket, it’s because I feel something. When she makes me feel something, I’ll throw a vote her way.

  2. ktbanks says:

    Well played, Jason Averett, well played….

  3. Sarah says:

    jessicas boring
    & hate the judges for pushing her on us

    • Flippy front Happy Tree Friends says:

      Kinda stupid to take your resentment out on the one simply caught in the crossfire, no?

      • Calli says:

        She didn’t say she hated Jessica, just that she was boring. She said she hated the judges for doing things like getting on stage and commanding us to “vote for the best,” when clearly there are many who don’t think she’s the best. She resents the judges, and she thinks Jessica is boring. Pretty simple, really.

    • Sandiegocat says:

      A lot of people feel that way, but the judges want us to feel stupid for feeling that way. The technical proficiency doesn’t matter if all we feel is sleepy when she sings. Goodbye Jessica.

      • Marianne says:

        A lot of people don’t feel that way. No way was Jessica the lowest vote-getter. Bored and sleepy is how I feel listening to Colton and Phillip – real yawners. Same ole, same ole. And a little bit annoyed is how I feel when listening to Joshua. Slushy shrieking is what annoys me. The only one of these 3 guys who would end up being heard on radio is Colton – on Christian music stations. Good for him, but I won’t be interested. Phillip (Dave M) Phillips on the radio? No. Joshua? Where? I think the girls are better, with Jessica and Skylar being the most marketable.

        • Lee says:

          I’m with Marianne 100%.

        • abfidy says:

          Jessica had to be the lowest vote getter. They are contractually and legally obligated to broadcast the correct results. Nigel is not trying to lose his cash cow show over one contestant. I’m all for conspiracy theories on Idol but that one is plainly not possible.

          • Jason says:

            ACtually I heard the contract reads that the producers have the right to throw out the voting results whenever they want!!! This isn’t a legal election.

          • abfidy says:

            Only if it’s under reasonable, legal terms. If they toss away votes, they will be interrogated by Standards and Practices and they’d have to prove that the votes they tossed were tossed for legal, justifiable, FAIR reasons. They can’t just toss away votes whenever they want. They’d be sued within an inch of their lives, and they’d also likely be charged with fraud. I’ll say it again, there is no way is Nigel risking all of that for the sake of tossing away some votes.

          • marie says:

            @ Jason and abfidy: Your points both seem reasonable and fair-minded, but the way I see it, the one and only motivating factor on this show (and all TV shows) is profit. “Standards and Practices” wouldn’t get in the way of making money. And I’m not condeming that at all regarding a commercial TV network in a capitalist society! Lawsuit? Who is going to sue? A contestant who feels he or she has been treated unfairly? You think the producers wouldn’t be capable of burying any possible evidence he or she could try to dig up? Nah. Idealism is commendable, but I think unfounded in this case.

          • Marsaili says:

            There are tight laws about this—Idol isn’t above the law and would have to comply or they would be gone, the money would be gone, everything would be gone. I don’t think that changing the voting results is worth losing the Idol empire—they aren’t going to risk it, no matter what people want to think, it isn’t happening.

          • FreeHaley says:

            @marie – if some news reporter got fed the info from some insider, they’d be in deep trouble, it is not legal, look what happened decades ago when a game show tried it, I just don’t think they would take it so far as to dare risk that. Places like TMZ probably make it known that they’d make any staffer who leaked a scandal very rich too.

        • Josh says:

          Its entirely possible that Jessica was the lowest vote-getter. It has happened in the past. People feel certain people always do great and will never get sent home, so they don’t vote for them, but they vote for someone who they like who they feel could possibly go home. By doing that, the best ones get lower votes. Remember Pia Toscano? Everyone thought she was there to stay but she got eliminated. It happens.

    • Suggestor says:

      Yea, She is so ” boring” that people are still talking about how boring she is. Lol. Watch how low American Idol ratings drop if Jessica goes home. We’ll finally see how multiple text voting relates to actual viewership. Talk about backlash. Boring? Jessica’s the talk of every media coverage this week and if she goes… (mic goes dead)

      • jb says:

        I don’t think in all the years of this show the ratings have significantly dropped when one contestant in particular gets eliminated. Regardless of how much you like a contestant, the statement you made is quite the exaggeration.

      • Marsaili says:

        and yet, she was voted off.

      • D says:

        Pia was all the talk the week after she got booted, but her single flopped. Like Jessica, they are both awesome singers that don’t connect with a lot of people who PURCHASE music

      • hardy curtis says:

        i do agree with you. you can check the american idol youtube site that every performances of jessica sanchez shows that almost half greater than the other contestants views. that means jessica sanchez is not just america’s idol but world idol.

        • Marsaili says:

          or it can mean a few (hundred or thousand or whatever) people are watching her videos over and over again. Colton has more fans than anyone on FAcebook and Twitter, Jessica usually comes in third behind Phillip on social networking sites. So the numbers either mean nothing or they are totally right on. At least with Twitter and Facebook one person can only count once. On YouTube on person can watch a video a million times and get counted each time—so it isn’t an accurate count.

      • nemesis says:

        way to go suggestor =)

    • amanda says:

      I have to agree with this. I feel nothing when she sings. I’d rather have feeling with minor pitch problems than perfect singing but no emotion.

      • Carlos says:

        i think amanda is racist..

      • Marianne says:

        Jessica – no emotion??! You must have been channel-surfing during “Stuttering” or you are daft. Hollie earns that status. She is still so robotic. Poor thing.

        • Marsaili says:

          Wow, Jessica’s fans are ridiculous. They can tear P2 a new one or Colton, they can tear the fans who like P2 or Colton a new one and if someone happens to not like Jessica’s singing, they tear them a new one, too! You people need to grow up and realize, not everyone likes the same thing! Jessica bores the heck outta me—and I’m not deaf, I know music, I love music, I don’t really care for her kind of music and when she sings it she doesn’t move me. I don’t really care for R&B at all, but when Joshua sings, he DOES move me. Get over it and stop insulting people when they don’t like what you like—that is SO juvenile. I love Phillip’s music and I could care less as to whether you like him or not—I’m not going to insult you if you don’t. I don’t think Jessica sings with emotion—Michael and Melinda don’t thing so—even J-LO was telling her to BRING IT. Jimmy and Gwen Stefani said the same thing. So for those of you who love her—that’s great! But don’t get your panties in a wad when other people don’t.

        • Calli says:

          I watched all of “Stuttering” and it did nothing for me. Didn’t care for the song at all. I don’t care if Jessica felt it or not, because I didn’t. And that’s why I voted for someone else.

      • Lee says:

        What are you talking about, Amanda? Jessica sings with plenty emotion. Did you hear her growl with Joshua in I Knew You Were Waiting For Me? Even last week, she growled (and showed emotion) in Stuttering. I think you need to clean your ears.

    • Stella says:

      As to who’s boring and not boring, to each his/her own. Jessica is an extremely proficient singer despite her youth. And to some, perfect = robot = boring. I seem to recall Ms. Doolittle had some of the same criticism for perfection. Obviously, Jessica touches some people (Jennifer Holliday being one of them) but all that depends on your taste. In all your analysis, you miss the one factor that determines who gets into the finale. And that is, voting demographics. Who really votes on American Idol? You can cite emotional connection, performance skills, etc. They’re all irrelevant and non-factors. It all comes down to who the tween girls are voting for. And I wouldn’t necessarily translate that to who will have a life after Idol.

      Lastly, I don’t know if I would take any of your advice. After all, Erika was eliminated right after taking it. LOL!

  4. Michael C. says:

    Slezak, give the Skylar pimping a rest, will you? She’s a cornball, big hair, twangy also-ran and out of her depth with the rest of the remaining field. And I know we’re all supposed to insist on putting the girls first (because it’s “their turn”), but maybe a boy will win (horrors!) because, well, he’s actually GOOD.

    • Sandiegocat says:

      I wish we could “like”comments on here, because I like yours! Same with Jessica. She’s bored me for weeks, so stop pushing her just because she’s female.

    • Holly says:

      Skylar has the singing and performing talent plus consistency to win this. Most of the other contestants, male or female, do not. The other two in my dream top 3 would be Joshua and Colton. Both have been consistently good performers and have adapted their skills to a variety of songs. As Slezak pointed out, Colton is playing to win. Joshua probably will not win because the audience he appeals to does not include 12 year old girls. I think it comes down to Colton vs. Skylar, or the 12 year old girls vs. the country music voting bloc. Could be one helluva a fight!

      • Marsaili says:

        I agree, Skylar is the whole package. I don’t think Slezak is “pimping” her but he is truthful as to how talented she is and how SHE is able to put emotion and feeling into a song that may still be older maturity wise than she is—Jessica needs to take some lessons from Skylar on how to do that. Skylar also has a few years on Jessica—there can be a BIG difference in maturity from 16 to 19 so hopefully Jessica learns it as she grows.

    • Angel says:

      amanda is insecured :)) -poor amanda she didn’t know hot to appreciate MUSIC and TALENT as i know she doesn’t have any of those.

    • jw says:

      Skylar is the next Reba, pure and simple.

      • david valderama says:

        She can be the lead singer of the “Chipmunks”

      • Michael says:

        I think that she is considerably better than the top two country crooners from last year. She’s not my favorite but I think that she could have the most profitable career of this lot.

    • FreeHaley says:


      I’m honestly shocked. It’s like Nigel snuck in one night and reprogrammed part of Slezak’s brain before the start of the season or something.

      Thank god for Jason’s editing skills to fix this week’s Idology up though!

    • Craig says:

      I think Skylar needs to stop promoting guns in her opening VT’s. We get that she’s country but do we need to see her shooting guns week after week. Also really surprised Slezak left Elise off his top 3 thought she was his favorite?

    • Craig says:

      Sklyar or Raelynn from the Voice who will be the bigger star and who do you like more know? I vote for Raelynn.

  5. noa says:

    the return of Jason Averett!! missed your magic last week…

  6. Kate says:

    Highlight of my Mondays, hell of the week. Love love love Idology!

  7. Deb says:

    Nope, Jessica is sinking Jessica. Sure she has tremendous vocal range and abilities, but she lacks originality and nuance. More importantly, she is not connecting with personality. As one journalist pointed out the reason Jessica ended in the bottom could be found in the pre-trio footage. Idol is as much about connecting with the audience as it is about singing. Jessica is not a novice, she’s been in several other talent shows/competitions before and if she hasn’t learned that by now, she may never “get it.”
    Unless Phillip has another emotional meltdown and ends up looking like an a–, I think Jason has it right, Colton and Phillip will be in the top 3, and probably the top 2. I’d like the 3rd to be Elise, but can’t say if I think that’s going to be the case.
    Last—stop with the fake-out conspiracies… the producers cannot name a contestant as the lowest vote getter who is not. See quiz show regulations because for all intent and purpose this is a “game show.” With careful wording they put someone in the “bottom three” who doesn’t belong there (watch the wording) but they cannot mislead the audience about who got the lowest votes because that would be seen as tampering with the results.

    • Rik says:

      Jessica reminds me of a robot who can sing all the notes yet fails to bring any emotion, passion, or connection with the audience. Whereas Colton misses notes, sometimes sounds off pitch, and has a of-times nasal sound yet he utterly connects with the music and the song and makes you feel it.

      • kenshin says:

        give the girl a break! she’s just 16 yrs old and she’s already very good at what she does, btw you both sounded like a gigling teenage girl who will vote for the cute guy in the competition whatever song they will sing…come on you can do better than that

        • Sandiegocat says:

          Ken shin, neither of the two above you sound like giggling teenage girls. You sound like a bigot who thinks anyone who likes either Colton or Phillip must do so because of their looks instead of their immense talent. And we shouldn’t give Jessica a break because of her age. She wanted to come on this show to compete against adults, and she has to be able to compete equally. No slack will be given because of age.

          • Bobbi says:

            That trio clip was filmed the day after Jessica’s own BFF Deandre was booted off. People forget that these kids create bonds throughout the show. Then we wonder why she’s not jumping around frolicking with Joshua and Hollie. I think Hollie is cute as a button and Joshua has tremendous talent but these kids are human. If Jessica joined in the fun, it would be awkward considering what happened the night before. Then you’d get people critiquing her for being a robot and shutting off her feelings about the elimination of Deandre. Let’s face it, everyone has their faves and people project what they think Jessica or Philip personalities are because they do not meet the image of the bubbly Miley Cyrus type or the appeasing sell out guitar guy. One is labeled a ” robot” the other is labeled “fool of himself” . Perhaps these two are actually the most genuine in the competition and Idol producers are having a tough time capturing their nuances, because they are too focused on their music rather than trying to win by fabricating a persona for the cameras. They both have viewers that don’t like them but let’s look at different povs. Maybe it will change their naysayers but who really cares if it doesn’t?

          • Bobbi says:

            “full of himsel” … Sigh the age of capacitive keyboards.

          • Suggestor says:

            :D “himsel”

          • Carlos says:


        • Tarc says:

          I think you’re right, and Jessica will be great. But she’s not great NOW. And that’s what we are supposed to vote on.

      • Stella says:

        No, Hollie is the robot, not Jessica. LOL!

      • Marianne says:

        I just can’t believe this talk of Jessica being robotic or singing with no emotion after her “Stuttering” performance. Y’all are nuts.

      • Marianne says:

        Wow – that’s exactly what I want from an artist who will be given a recording contract . . . missed notes, off-pitch and nasal sound!! Blech! Good job, America. -__-

        • Tarc says:

          Yeah, well, that’s your view. And to be honest, if you go right now and listen to every song sample on the ITunes Top 200, Colton fits right in prefectly. (So, does Skylar, and to a lesser extent, Phillip.)

          • Stella says:

            I tend to think there’s a reason these producers are slobbering all over Jessica. She is as current and radio play ready as a singer gets…. and cap that off with pure talent. The girl is solid gold and that’s why they’re itching to work with her.

      • hardy curtis says:

        hands down to you for being very good critic.. maybe you are a perfect person… very good…

    • Noel says:

      Well, as someone, who isn’t watching Idol regularly, I’m a fan of Jessica. Yes..she may be a bit reserved, but I love her voice. Also, after listening to the studio versions from last week, I would totally buy her album.

    • Stella says:

      You obviously have not read the contract each contestant signs with American Idol. The bottom line is, AI has the ultimate say on who wins. If they have the ultimate say on who wins, they certainly have the same say as to who goes home each week. This is a reality show for heaven’s sake. The producers have to keep it interesting.

      • Cara says:

        @Stella, legally that’s not correct. In the rigged game show scandals, the contestants were fully in on it — that doesn’t stop it from being fraud. @Deb is correct — there’s no way they’d risk it.

        American Idol is hugely profitable, and has been from the start. They’re not going to throw that away to mess with the results. (Besides, if they really fake the results, why in heaven would they have had Taylor Hicks win, or keep Sanjaya in so long? Both lost them credibility in the long run….)

  8. Dayna says:

    Philip definitely needs to step up the game a bit. I really enjoy his performances and his vibe but I agree that he doesn’t seem to realize he’s on a competition. He needs a “Tears of a Clown” moment.

    • Tarc says:

      I think he realizes it perfectly, he’s just not will to go certain places to ‘win’. He’s made it perfectly clear in many interviews that he doesn’t think he’s the best singer on the show, and I think he’ll be perfectly happy with the exposure, the tour, and everythng he learns along the way. I mean, there’s no doubt that he’ll be signed at this point. He’s just a cool dude. LOL!

    • D says:

      He’d be more likely to have a “Billie Jean” moment :-)

  9. Rik says:

    My “wish” final three: Colton, Elise, and Phillip. Won’t happen but I can hope.

    • libby says:

      “Instruments rule!”

    • Mel says:

      Why wouldn’t it happen? This is my dream top 3, too.

    • ding ding ding — I just wrote this .. these are the three real musicians to me. Jessica can sing and will grow into a beyonce double – but i’ve never bought a beyonce album anyway. Skylar will tour and do a country music show – but that’s not for me either.

      • TiaGata says:

        You are the opposite of me – because Beyonce and Jazmine Sullivan are the 2 artist that I have seen showcased (modern music not including Whitney) that I have bought. I don’t own an Adele, Bruno Mars, Left Eye Blind, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, Blue Cherries, etc., I hope you get my drift, just as “MOST” people that respond on these message boards aren’t into R&B, I am not into pop, country, rock, metal, alternative rock, or any thing that is not R&B and some Hip Hop.

    • Raven_Moon says:

      Colton, Phillip & Elise are my dream top 3, too. I’m worried Elise won’t make it, though. On the other hand, Haley spent a lot of time in the bottom, 3, too.

  10. Kristi says:

    In regards to the 10:00 minute limit: If Elise’s interview is only 10 minutes long, then we’ll know there was really nothing they could about the limit :)

  11. Guttfil says:

    The American voters are racist! Jessica does not stand a F…ng chance!

  12. lisaschef says:

    You go Jason! Love, love, love your editing magic.
    This is a great top seven. It’s tough to pick a top three, much less a winner.

  13. Monica says:

    I HATE Randy telling us how to vote. I love Jason telling me who to vote for. Elise is sublime. I’m with him on his final three IF P2 can switch it up again and not just look angry when he sings. Jessica just doesn’t do it for me. Her PERSONALITY on the show has not matched her voice. I want charisma, people. Colton has a lot of charisma, for me. This season is great. I hope Jason is not fired (lol). While Michael rocks, Jason rolls.

    • Jenay says:

      Imagine that Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen were on American Idol (yes, I know they are not that good). There are millons of people that would vote for Bruce, even though he is not techinically as good as the others. Music is all about taste. And you can’t call someone a racist just becasue they pick Bruce.
      Some people like big power singers, but to me it is more about connecting with the lyrics. The singers on my iPod are more like P2 and Colton than Jessica and Joshua.

      • Mel says:

        Oh my gosh, an emphatic YES to everything you just said.

        • Mel says:

          Well, except for the note that Whitney, Stevie, and Bruce “are not that good.” They aren’t all my favorites but I’d have to say they are, in fact, very good.

          • Jenay says:

            I mean that they contestants were similair to Whitney (Jessica), Stevie (Joshua) and Bruce (P2, Colton) but obviously not nearly as good.

      • Jeff says:

        I’ll accept this argument for Colton; however, your analogy can also be used against P2. Even ignoring song writing skills, Bruce is much more compelling than P2. He has a better sense of connecting to the audience and has more than one trick up his sleeve (P2 = sing it angry). In comparison, Jessica is much closer to Whitney and Joshua is much closer to Stevie.

      • Sandiegocat says:

        Completely agree Jenay. Maybe 1% of my music would be considered diva and only about 20% female. The music I like is usually sung by guys. And some of them are really ugly, so it isn’t about looks. (Google pictures of Primus and Screeming Trees if you don’t believe me.). I would vote for Bruce over Whitney or even Celine Dion even though they hit notes more precisely and have a larger range. They rarely make me feel what he does.

      • Suggestor says:

        Theory works until Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake show up. Anyone named Justin :)

      • Templar says:

        Mmm, yes and no. Stevie and Bruce are as successful as they are because they are phenomenal songwriters, just like Bob Dylan. And they sang their own songs and no one else could sing them for years due to copy-write laws. Whitney sang but didn’t write her own songs. So maybe those three were not the best example.

      • Marsaili says:

        Bruce may not be vocally as strong as the others (P2 has a Bruce-like voice)—but he’s a killer songwriter—he writes all his songs and he puts every ounce of himself into each song—THAT is what sells. Stevie is not only a prolific songwriter, but he also has a killer voice. He’s more in the soul vein, though, so his music doesn’t reach the wide range that Bruce’s does (well, it does for me) Whitney didn’t write any of her songs—but she’s got the vocal chops and the emotion to back every single thing she sang. I wouldn’t call her a musician compared to Bruce and Stevie—but she’s one of the best singers and emoters ever (I know, that’s not a word) My iPod has more music like P2 and Colton, too, but I do have smatterings of Whitney and Stevie as well. Unless Jessica learns to put herself into her songs like Whitney did—instead of trying to be like Whitney—she will never grab me the way Whitney did. And I’m a total rocker chick—I don’t really like R&B but I did love Whitney! I would buy Joshua’s album too—he totally does it for me!

    • Stella says:

      I don’t mind the judges telling us who to vote. It’s not like they can make you do their bidding. I look at it as the judges expressing their opinions. They have theirs, I have mine.

  14. Robin says:

    This is the best top 7 group of contestants since season 8…IMO. The album sales on ITunes speaks volumes…and the powers that be at the Idol machine know that. I have a favorite or two or three. I could see anyone of them wearing the crown this year. Top 3 is going to be so hard to predict…!

    • MusicGrrrl says:

      Season 8 wasn’t even close to this one. Season 7 was the closest, but even they weren’t as good as this season.

      • Calli says:

        Season 7 is still my favorite, and no one has gotten to me the way David Cook did, but overall the talent pool this year is stronger as a whole.

  15. Sasha says:

    Made my day Jason!

    I could live with your final 3.

    I’m with Melinda on her final 3 but Elise is interchangeable with Colton either or is fine with me.

  16. DIANA says:

    I think J Lo is totally useless this year. Steven seems to have it in for Hollie and I think Randy is so baffled by J Lo and Steven that he doesnt make any sense either. Jessica is a fabulous singer but for a reality show she is just boring. i think Hollie is going to be around for a couple more weeks because of the harshness of the judges towards her. I think Elise has a really nice tone to her voice but I find her totally unlikable. I know this is a singing competition but likability also plays a factor. My dream final three…Joshua, Phillip and Colton, sorry about all those who want a girl to win, the guys are just better.

    • Flippy front Happy Tree Friends says:

      Better in what exactly? If it’s talent, the girls wipe the floor with those three.

      • Marsaili says:

        Says you, I happen to believe the talent is evenly matched by all. Jessica can sing to holy high heaven, but she isn’t a musician like Colton, Phillip, Skylar and Elise. I think in the long run, they are more talented because not only can the sing but they can play multiple instruments really well also AND they write their own music—Jessica can sing—but she puts her all into her one instrument and she doesn’t write her own music, she only sings other’s music. To me, that is more of a really talented mimic than an actual musician. But that’s MY opinion.

    • MusicGrrrl says:

      I love Hollie, but I don’t think the girls are more talented than the guys. I would be happy with a Hollie, Colton and Philip final 3.

    • jessiesk says:

      better because they are all from the south? better because they are guys? better because one dyes his hair and sings through his nose, one who sings the same every single song? A woman hating women, how original.

      • Marsaili says:

        And you aren’t hating because her opinion is different than yours? Maybe she just like the guys better—doesn’t mean she hates women. Talk about melodramtic.

  17. TC says:

    For the exception of Elise, I have to disagree with Jason and go with Jess and Josh for the other two in the finals. They have been consistently on their game. Josh is in another league from the others. I find it a bit disturbing that America’s tween voters can’t see that.

    • noa says:

      no, Colton and Phillip are only there to make sure Elise takes the win… it doesn’t matter who else actually makes it to the top 3. only Elise :)

      • kcostell says:

        So if Colton and Phillip are both there to split votes for an Elise win, what happens when one of them’s eliminated in 3rd and all his votes goes to the other one?

        • Kristi says:

          Exactly….you really need 2 girls in the final 3 to have the possibility of a girl winning.

        • noa says:

          if Phillip gets eliminated at finale 3, i think many of his votes go to Elise, not Colton. the other way around- that’s the problem. but you make a good point.

    • MusicGrrrl says:

      I’m not a tween and neither are any of the other Idol voters I know (and I know a lot), and none of us enjoy Joshua’s singing. His tone and screaming are aggravating; not enjoyable.

      • Cip says:

        to each his own MusicGrrrrrl-there’s got to be a reason all the judges and Jimmy love Joshua…and I’m not a tween either, and I have a lot of adult friends who watch Idol and can appreciate Joshua for his talent, charisma on stage and incredible vocals-which are spot on and far superior to Phil and Colton. Sorry-they don’t hold a candle to him

      • Nael says:

        Yeah, I think he would go much further in the competition if he would tone it down.

  18. ilovefree says:

    The girls are better than the guys. Any girl finalist (except Shannon), even EVP is better that Philip.

  19. ilovefree says:

    My dream top 3 – Joshua, Jessica and Elise. This is a perfect combination IMO

  20. Made says:

    Hmmm… love Jason! Kinda not loving Michael and Melinda right now, lol. Although I cannot deny Jessica’s and Joshua’s singing abilitie,s and in the latter’s case, stage presence, I just don’t feel anything when they sing. Sorry! Sooo, my choices would be Elise… and ____ (fill in the blank with whoever you like). To be honest, I’m not sold on the rest of the contestantsl and I don’t think this is the best 7 we’ve had at all!
    I know this is a long shot but “if you don’t dream big, what’s the use of dreaming” :)

  21. Kelm says:

    Not enough Elise :)

  22. Flippy front Happy Tree Friends says:

    Jason really lost it for me with his Final 3. Seriously?!

    Elise has been running on empty for weeks now, especially with her glorified take on the Gaga ditty. P2 has been trying my patience for many weeks now with his copy-pasted performances.

    And Colton, won’t mind seeing him through to the end. That goes for the rest of the field at this point, especially with a field as strong as these folks.

  23. Yo' says:

    I’m not sure if Philip will be in the bottom three, but certainly right now, Colton looks to be out front. I was ambivalent about him until this week, and if he has another on-stage religious moment, I may be again, but so far, as you two say, he is doing all the right things. Certainly Joshua deserves to be in the top three; he may yet make it.

    I’m not at all sure about Jessica and was surprised at the passion she displayed in your clip. That Jessica needs to make an appearance or she will not be around for more than another few weeks; it is becoming easy to drift off during her and Hollie’s songs. Hollie has got it, but she isn’t going to show it during this contest.

  24. Mary B says:

    My top three is also Phillip, Colton and Elise. Jessica sings beautifully but I just can’t connect with her and believe me I tried. I think she has been trained so much since she is so young she has lost herself and became a robot going through the motions without much spirit. I just do not like Joshua’s over singing and can’t stand his too small jackets. Skylar is okay but I’m not a country music fan. I had enough of that last year. Holly is my fourth favorite. It does bother me how hard the judges are on her and I think with some maturity she is going to be spectacular. I just like the boys and Elise a little more. It is a very talented group and at this point it won’t be a horror if anyone one of them win. Just a side note with Phillip’s personality it will be better for him if he doesn’t win. I don’t think he would be happy conforming to the idol mold. He needs to be more in control of is own career. He is my favorite and I truly love his originality and his self confidence of who he is. He will go far and it will be on his terms. That said I see Colton as the winner.

    • Marie says:

      really MaryB-you aren’t going to like someone because of their “too small jackets”?? Wow-it’s reasoning like this that explains the results from last week…sad really

      • Shana says:

        sad, but she’s probably (unfortunately) not the only one who thinks that way….

      • Marsaili says:

        No, I doubt too-small jackets had anything to do with the results last week—it was all about Hollie being pushed under the bus, Jessica being too boring for the majority (Before you flame me for not loving her like you do—she was voted OFF. Not, bottom 3, OFF! She’s only here now because of the save and J-lo, Jimmy and the mentors have been telling her for weeks that she needs to bring herself into her singing—stop mimicking the originals and to show some real emotion—it’s all there on tape—watch it before you go slaying people for not getting her) I don’t understand why Joshua was in the bottom—I think it’s more just because we’re getting down to the nitty gritty and someone who is awesome is going to be in the bottom three every week. But Jessica was voted OFF for a reason and it had nothing to do with Joshua’s too small jackets or whatever else you people want to dream up. Lots of famous people liked Pia last year, too, but she still went home early—and it was because she was boring, too.

  25. reen says:

    love, love, love idology!

  26. Mel says:

    Ok, Slezak. First of all, I love you. Second, why aren’t you a Colton fan? I know these things can’t always be explained. But you liked Adam Lambert, you liked Kris Allen, you liked David Cook. Colton has qualities in common with all of those guys. Please tell me it’s not the religion thing. You strike me as too intelligent to be turned off that Colton has passionately professed his faith. Oh well…the thing is, I love Colton. And as I’ve stated, I love you. So I just want you two to be friends.

    • Dan says:

      Guess, I’m just “unintelligent” then. The fact that Colton continuously dog-whistles to the “Worship Jesus or BURN!!!! Gandhi’s in Hell, but Hitler (assuming he embraced Jesus) is in Heaaaaven” voters makes me want to use his face for a drum kit.

      Christianity is a murderous excuse for bigotry and hate. You start pimping it, you lose me. End of story.

      • Mel says:

        Wow, nobody said anything about burning, hell, Hitler, or hate. Nobody until you. Certainly Colton didn’t. He only professed his personal belief, and he did it very genuinely without any judgment on anyone else. So, um, yes – it just plain doesn’t seem very smart to me when people such as yourself bring up everything you just did.

      • Mel says:

        Also, I gotta laugh. “…makes me want to use his face for a drum kit.” So let me see if I have this straight. Christianity is a murderous excuse for hate. Ok. But anti-Christianity is apparently a good excuse for hate. You are, in fact, the one doing the hating, no?

      • MusicGrrrl says:

        You are a bigot against Christians. From your above statement, it is obvious that you know nothing about what Jesus Christ taught or what He did and nothing about the love and forgiveness that is the basis of Christianity. You are so full of hate that you can’t see the truth.

      • H says:

        He said about his favorite worship song once… where is it coming from that Colton “continuously dog whistle” about his faith. I am atheist and Colton is my favorite. He can believe in Christ all he wants, he is not preaching to me to do the same. He seems like very nice kid and if faith is what inspire him to be a musician then be it. I think you need to be little bit more tolerant to people with different views then your own.

        • Craig says:

          Isn’t Colton’s twitter tag #messenger? I rolled my eyes when he Tebowed and when I see his fans sings that say Colton’s messengers. He should keep his beliefs to himself and not use tv as a platform for his religious beliefs. To his credit he has toned down the jesus card the past 2 weeks and I do feel emotion when he sings so I give him a break. Seems like a genuine dude to me, not a hypocrite.

  27. noa says:

    i wonder who’s getting flowers this season… i think it would probably be Joshua, right? but it looks like if Michael decides alone it could be Skylar. Jason- give Elise some flowers. i’ll pay!

  28. Kathy says:

    Jessica is boring and so is Phillip. I hate Elise’s voice but then again I don’t like raspy vocals. My top two would be Skylar and Colton! I’d like to se Skylar win because I think she could have a real career whereas most of the Idol winners crash and burn.

  29. blingedup says:

    Love Monday morning coffee with Idology.

    Thank Goodness for Jason! How can Elise be left out of anyone’s Top 3??

    My dream Top 3? Elise, Skylar, and Jason. That would be perfect.

  30. ar says:

    Jason’s back, nice!

    Hollie will never wear jeans and a t-shirt unless it’s against her will. She said before that she loves the sparklies and sequins and glam looks.

    Since Idology is so short and I’m left wanting more video analysis, is there any other site that Idol fans like to watch?

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      Check out Jim Cantiello’s hysterical weekly recaps on his YouTube channel, jambajim3d. (Don’t worry, you can turn off the 3D if you don’t have glasses. But you need a special plug-in either way. For me, his videos work on Firefox but not on Safari.)

    • Lunakit says:

      Thank you for asking that question, ar! (and thanks for the answer, IdolFlash)….
      Needing more and tired of having pleas for a longer Idology go unanswered.

      • Lunakit says:

        LOVING JIM CANTIELLO!! Dude is awesome! …and now I will never listen to Colton’s voice break without thinking of Peter Brady… bwaahhhhh!!

  31. H says:

    Nice, Jason! LOL! I disagree with you on two of your top three, though, but I hope you a not fired! Melinda is so right about P2 and Colton. One is making his artistry help him to play the game and other is just doesn’t know that you have to do that to win. Love both of their personality, but I think Colton is more of a top three material then P2. Although Colton is my favorite, I think Skylar will win this thing. And Colton and Joshua behind her as 2 and 3 places.

  32. Alan says:

    I love a good dolphin metaphor!

  33. noa says:

    i watched an interview with Elise, where she was asked who is her biggest competition and she said Jessica. because she’s amazing and they’re so different- each one has all the good things the other doesn’t (from different vocal abilities to experience vs. innocence and more). it got me thinking- that would be an amazing finale 2. and the vote would really be on what kind of music do you like! i think it would be an incredible show that finale. though i doubt it could happen, i’m still hoping!

    • F2 says:

      I agree and I’ve always wanted these as my F2! Jessica + Elise = Final 2! They are each immensely talented and skilled. Plus, they are each equally polarizing, so the voting-against factions will cancel themselves out, so that we’ll get a pure vote on talent.

  34. Chris says:

    I do not believe Jessica was at the bottom of the seven contestants. I think the producers needed a justifiable reason for the save, a controversy, something to draw attention from not applying the ‘save’ to the previous weeks contestant (who deserved it). I honestly believe that Joshua was at the bottom of the seven (by a skinny margin between he and Elise). I do believe Colton was the leader of the pack last week for number of votes, followed by Phillip, followed by Skylar, followed by Hollie by a skinny margin (then Jessica with an extremely skinny margin between she and Hollie, Elise, and Joshua).

    I really don’t care what Jennifer, Steven, or Randy have to say because its my vote. I do not think running up on stage was necessary (more drama for folks to talk about) or tossing Jessica around like a rag doll. They may or may not reap what they sow but I kind of understand their strategy to get two girls in the top five (perhaps top 3). They are entertainment factors for me and its fun to joke about them. I love Steven Tyler dearly. It is a television show after ratings, after all. As far as the Pia Toscano relation, she was never in the top 5 as started by Nigel a very long time ago (never in the top 5).

    My dream top three isn’t possible, so my preferred top three as of today are:

    Elise – A very experienced performer singer, songwriter who genuinely likes to entertain (as seen of her Zeppelin performance) and any of her youtube footage out on the web. Even if she doesn’t get the crown, she’s getting a record deal – guaranteed. The only thing Idol is doing is confining her talent as a performer. She has such great character in that voice of hers… Put her on a stage, with a full band and she is home.
    Colton – He’s not what I prefer from a vocal standpoint but he’s clearly taken some notes from past contestants and he’s smart. He knows how to play this game and he’s done it very well from the beginning. Some of his song choices have been questionable but nonetheless a talented singer, songwriter who will do just fine, just fine.
    Jessica – This teenage girl can sing with the best of’em. She’s 16 and there is not doubt by the time she hits 25 she’ll have one maybe two hits singles out there and a platinum artist. That just is what it is – undeniable. I’d like her to surprise me though (getting back to Jenny’s critique) but not in a Joshua way. She peaked for me during the Billy Joel performance, because she truly made an unattractive song, attractive to me. She will need some good songwriters and commercializing coaches to get her where she’ll need to be to maintain the hype. I can only imagine the number of artists who are already willing to work with her, right now. Dang…16 can’t even imagine what that voice will be like in 10 years.

    * Elise being crowned Idol winner and Jessica as runner up * but whatever happens I will make it a point to see where their careers go.

    Skylar, Joshua, Phillip, and Hollie are all very fine and talented contestants but they are just not my cup of tea for the long haul (seeing their live shows and buying records). There are just too many Skylar’s in the music industry, I’m not into jam bands where Phillip will surely end up, I don’t care for ballad singers, and Joshua’s industry have never attracted me.

    I do feel regardless of whatever happens with the exception of Joshua and Hollie, they are all guaranteed a record deal of some sort. I think it’ll take a little more time for Joshua and Hollie simply because at this point they just aren’t commercial ready – but they will get there one day.

  35. gailer says:

    Great idology but i cant agree with your final 3s. I think Skylar will be there because of the country vote. I don’t like Elise’s voice. Jessica is boring. DeAndre was a much more interesting R&B singer than Joshua. The other guys are mediocre singers, but no doubt will be sticking around for awhile.

    • Marianne says:

      I agree with you about Deandre, but not about Jessica. I can’t believe so many are calling her boring after “Stuttering”. That was packed with emotion. I miss Deandre. The other guys are more than mediocre.

  36. w. says:

    Jason! If you get fired you must give us a forwarding address so we can find you! My dream top three is Elise, Skylar, Joshua – Dream on, right?

    • elisefan44 says:

      that’s my dream top three, too! i think they’re the most entertaining performers, the most connected emotionally, and the ones whose songs i’ve been inspired to track down after the show (elise in particular).

  37. inksinger says:

    One of the highlights of my week is Idology! Feels so good to check in with Michael and Melissa every week.

  38. NJloonie says:

    Jessica would do well with BETTER MENTORS! (as well as Hollie. Mentors that can teach them to change up a song, and pick an unexpected song. Belted ballads are boring week after week)
    The other advice I would have for the bottom 3 is simply to SMILE during their song.(not the whole time but at least once) Show the audience you are happy you are there. – When Elise and Joshua, and Jessica and Hollie for that matter, do not smile, no matter how earnest they are during a performance, they end up in the bottom.

    • Templar says:

      Mentors can’t make a singer feel the music. it’s the same problem Pia and Thia have. They hear the music, they sing the melody, but they don’t respond to it emotionally. It doesn’t touch them deep down. And it can’t be learned.

  39. MA says:

    Eliiiiiiiiiise!!! I’m with you , Jason!

    My dream final 3 would be Elise (!), Skylar, and…whoever. Joshua maybe? I really liked him last week. Colton or Phillip would be fine too. If only both Elise and Skylar could be there, all would be right with the world.

  40. luke says:

    Elise fans! Now that the save is behind us, we have to put our voting into action. If she performs well this week – please support her – I think she needs us. For me, the show will be a lot less interesting without her.

    • Jamie says:

      Completely agree, this is a shoutout to all Elites, she needs us next week, so we gotta vote our butts, after the pimp slot she’s for sure getting a less than decent positioning!!

    • MA says:

      Have you both watched the voting video? Do you have your straws ready? Just checking. :)

    • Seker says:

      Well for me it (without Elise) would be SOOO less interesting that I probably quit then and there watching ..period. So obviously I want badly to see Elise 1. Kill it 2. everyone to Vote Elise

    • FreeHaley says:

      yeah she needs mad votes from all this week

  41. Lea H. says:

    I think, at this point in the competition, it comes down to who has the biggest fan base. Mostly, everyone has picked their favorites and that’s who they’re voting for, whether they have a good performance or not. I think, it also, depends on who gets eliminated. Where do their votes go? If it was a Colton, Phillip, Elise top 3, and Elise or Phillip were eliminated, I think Phillip’s votes would go to Elise and Elise’s would go to Phillip. Just like Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in Season 8. Danny Gokey votes probably went to Kris, which gave him the win, but if Allison Iraheta had been the top 3 voted off, Adam would have gotten her votes and maybe he would have won instead of Kris. Can’t wait to see how it plays out!

  42. ngh18 says:

    Perhaps it is my tv, but I don’t always hear Jessica as being “pitch perfect”.

    • kcostell says:

      She’s been for the most part, except for the trio last week. And I think it’s best for everyone involved to just pretend that trio never happened.

  43. kcostell says:

    I don’t have a dream top 3 so much as a dream top 5 at the moment: Colton, Elise, Jessica, Joshua, Skylar.

    Up until a couple weeks ago Phillip would probably have been up there (or even in my top 3 — “My Life” and “Still Rainin'” were both my favorite performances of their week). But I wouldn’t be too unhappy to see him going out after Hollie unless he actually gets his act together and pulls out something amazing.

  44. Tahoe Mike says:

    that was the best video in a while. I’ll go with Michael Slezak’s final three. Skylar, Joshua, and I’ll take Elise, would work for me.
    People talk about who’s album will you buy, but that is irrelevant in this day and age. Nobody buys albums anymore, they download singles. The question is who will you spend $50 to go see in concert? For me that is Skylar, hands down.
    This comment was not produced at Oak Tree Studios Nashville, TN.

    • Templar says:

      $50 for a concert? Where do you go to see talent? Most concerts are more in the $100 range, and that’s not counting parking, souvenirs or snacks.

      • H says:

        All my favorite bands are usually having gigs in House of Blues or similar venues. So yes, I am usually paying 50-80$ per tickets. And Rihanna or Katy Perry is not on my list of concerts I want to visit.

        • Templar says:

          Fair enough. The concerts I attend are generally the Bon Jovi, Sprinsteen, Queen type, although I’ve seen Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken etc. in smaller venues.

      • MA says:

        $100! Wowza. Very, very rarely do I pay that, but I’m not much into the big concerts either. You can see fantastic people on club tours for around $20…maybe $30 if it’s someone like Carrie Brownstein’s new band. I did pay $120 once to see the Eagles and the Dixie Chicks, but I mean…that was the Eagles and the Dixie Chicks! I’m not paying $50+ to see any of these people in concert. But I freely admit that I’m not Idol’s demographic. After they kick Elise off, though, and she goes on a club tour, I’ll definitely pay to see her.

      • D says:

        I’d fly to Vegas to see a David Cook show (from LA) because he is THAT good, and he comes out and actually talks to his fans after the shows.

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      In all honesty, I don’t go to many shows these days. I am 47, and I spent most of the late 80’s and the 90’s going to see every show that came to town, or within a couple hundred miles of town. I quit going when general admission became a thing of the past, and prices headed north of $40. The last big show I went to was a couple years ago when Allison Kruass and Robert Plant toured together, I am fairly sure that I paid about $90 for a pair in about the fifteenth row.
      I still see Skylar, and perhaps Joshua and Elise as the only ones I’d get off my butt to go see for free or at any other price.
      That tix are that expensive these days, makes me want to puke.

  45. kcostell says:

    The Pia comparison was interesting. Pia also had an amazing Hollywood group performance (“Grenade”) that was completely different than all of her Idol performances. I think a lot of people spent the week or two before Pia’s elimination wondering when the heck the “Grenade” Pia was going to come back.

  46. Jay says:

    Melinda, SO glad you’ve joined Michael on Idology! I also like your final three and agree completely.

  47. Rebecca Parker says:

    Really? No discussion of Elise vs. Haley in the “You and I” performance?

    • Brigette says:

      That’s what happens when the show is only ten minutes. :( I miss my long, over-kill Idology!

    • ejones says:

      Elise a 2’30” version, Haley a 1’50” version, the only discussion that would have been valid is a pro and con on song length, 2’30” is very unusual for Idol and makes a big difference to the impact of a performance. This week its 2 songs so back to shorter versions.

  48. Aiyana says:

    In no particular order, here are a few top 3 combinations I would love:
    (all girls): Skylar, Elise, Jessica – all great singers from different genres, would be a great show
    (all rockers): Phillip, Colton, Elise – this would be another great show, imagine the song arrangement
    (big voices): Jessica, Joshua, Skylar

    OK, as you can see I’m having trouble picking since everyone is pretty good this year. I love Hollie, but don’t think she’s been consistent enough to make top 3, but I would love for her to continue since she has a great voice and seems like a sweet person.

    Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of either Phillip or Colton, but it’s pretty likely that at least one of them will end up in the top 3.

    People whose albums I would consider buying when the show is over would be Elise and Skylar. I’m not a country fan at all, and I find myself consistently enjoying Skylar’s performances which is a surprise to me. (I never enjoyed Scotty or Lauren). And some of my favorite Elise performances have been for songs that I didn’t know or didn’t like, which shows me how much she connects with a song and really sells it.

    • idolmama says:

      I really like your combinations Aiyana. Any one of them could make for a great show. But I have to add Jason’s pick. Colton, P2 and Elise would make for another great show. Really would love to hear another duet with Stevie Nicks and Elise. It brings me back to Alison’s and Cyndi Lauper’s duet. What a moment.

  49. sheetzweed says:

    jessica’s style is appreciated both by the young and old audience. her voice is beautiful… she can sing anything! TAKE NOTE SHE DID NOT TAKE VOICE LESSONS. AMAZING RIGHT? and she is only 16 she can still improve a lot better. people say shes a shy girl but humble.. i like her for being that way. when she performs, shes really performing and delivering a good show.. but after performing, shes back to her original self, the 16 yr old sweet girl. about the trio clip (joshua,hollie and jessica) that wont prove that shes doesnt have a good or close relationship with her fellow contestants, isnt it shes best buds with deandre. come on, its just a short clip… we dont know whats really going on… lets not over analyze things and judge the person right away… I love her attitude, shes really down to earth.. shes proper, etc. she will go a loooong way for sure! all their guest mentors, everytime they hear jessica sing, they cant believe how good she is… And Jimmy, its pretty obvious that she likes the voice of jessica as well.. and the judges, they know what talent is.. and a lot of other pervious contestants of AI season 11, most of them are rooting for jessica. BECAUSE SHE IS GOOD! WITH OR WITHOUT THE TITLE SHE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!! im sure a lot of producers are already waiting to hire her in case she gets eliminated.

  50. Ash Q says:

    My fav three of the top 10 this year were Heejun, Philip and Elise.

    Philip and Elise both have good weeks/ bad weeks- and arent necessarily consistent -unlike Colton or Jessica, but they both still have a very special place in my heart.

    Ultimately I think I want Jessica to win -her vocal ability is crazy. I wish she had a more solid fanbase because she can potentially cater to the Miley Cyrus/ Demi Lavato/ Taylor Swift fanbase (not that she sings anything like them, just that she can reach for that tween/early teen audience.)

    Otherwise I’d like Elise in the top 3. She’s my favorite female vocalist. As for the third spot, I don’t know. I really like Skyler, I really like Joshua and of course Philip. Still not sold on Colton. I dont find his voice very spectacular -at all. It just sounds like an average voice to me. Once again, I want to like him. But despite being a front runner, I think he’s vocally one of the weakest left in the competition.

    And Hollie has been incredibly inconsistent, Eh.

    • MA says:

      I actually think Elise and Phillip have been pretty consistently strong. With the exception of that “I Want to Know What Love Is” performance (which is sad because the recording isn’t bad; I don’t know what happened to her during the show; it was like she was always slightly behind or off-key or something…like she couldn’t hear it? I have no idea), they’re both pretty solid. Phillip was high on my list for awhile and I still find him incredibly talented, but he always looks so pained when he performs, like he’s not having much fun. Maybe he’s sick on a lot of those days, but, selfish as it sounds, that’s dragging his performing down for me. And so Skylar has taken his place as my second-favorite. She’s not the best voice, she’s not seasoned, but holy smokes is she fun and spunky. I dig that.

      I think Elise is musically ahead of them all by leaps and bounds, though. She’s so professional, so technically skilled, so emotionally connected, nothing shakes her, and like Melinda said a few weeks back, with every song it’s like she makes the music a real place and just sort of sinks into the groove, like “yeah, pop a squat, grab a few beers, and let’s jam.” She’s bluesy, raspy, a little dirty…all my favorite things. Love her, love her!

      • Spider3tattoo says:

        I agree completely about Elise, she’s exceptional. Unfortunately, I think she would have done better if she’d gone to The Voice instead of Idol. I don’t think she’s going to get the tween girl power voters here. Sad.

        • MA says:

          You know, I don’t watch the Voice very much, so I don’t know how they do things over there. I didn’t much connect with the guy who won last year, though. If I’m remembering right, he wasn’t white or young, which is a step in the right direction, but he was slow and ballad-y. Just not my favorite kind of music. I can’t help wondering if Elise would run into a lot of the same stuff on the Voice as she does on Idol: she doesn’t smile enough, she’s not demure enough, she’s not likeable enough, she sounds too old-school, etc. Or maybe I’m just cynical. Or maybe I’m selfish and don’t want her to do anything that makes her too super famous because then she’ll be out of my price range and inaccessible, and I’d rather keep her all to myself. It could be any of those. :) I would like her to get a ton of money from the Idol machine, though. I’m all for that!

    • Shana says:

      I agree with your thoughts on Colton. I also feel like 50% (or more) of his appeal can be attributed to his look which is evidently attention-grabbing.