Spoiler Alert!: Good Wife's Cary/Kalinda 'Moment!' Thrones Face-Off! Gilmore Movie Update!

This week’s Spoiler Alert! is brought to you by the letter “G,” which presented us with the perfect opportunity to spotlight three of our favorite obsessions: The Good Wife, Game of Thrones and (because some of us just can’t let go) Gilmore Girls.

First up, official Friend of TVLine Matt Czuchry drops by to tee up this season’s final three Good Wife episodes. Specifically, he previews a huge, long-awaited (and recently confirmed) development for Cary, shares a little “Calinda” scoop, and promises a thrilling finale plot (particularly for one much-loved character). Czuchry also talks about his new career as an author and humors me when I ask for an update on the Gilmore reunion movie that’s currently in production (this just in: it’s not a lie if you believe it).

Lastly, winter is coming to “Spoiler Alert Theater,” so bundle up before you press play below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. OMG the Tyrion performance was spot-on!!! <3

  2. Caitlin says:

    Love him! He is so nice and so adorable. I’m glad that he will get more to do on The Good Wife!

  3. ha! the game of thrones clip was brills!

  4. Please do not toy with my emotions I need a GG movie almost as badly as I need a VM movie!

  5. Lucy says:

    Thank you! Matt is adorable and I’m glad he used all his spare time (and he got a lot of it this year) for a book!
    And rimind me not trust Kings anymore when they’ll say they want to develop a relationship…a moment. What a shame, they had gold in their hands.

  6. Josh Gray says:

    it’s hard to believe that when he first showed up on gilmore girls, i found him so freakin annoying and by the end of it all, I was Team Logan all the way. now he’s one of my favorite actors, always doing incredible work and every time i see him give an interview, he seems like a great guy. really down to earth. great episode of spoiler alert, TV Line!

  7. Emma says:

    I laughed really hard at the end of the Game of Thrones clip. I love seeing Michael Urie in these videos.

  8. Rachel says:

    I actually started watching Gilmore Girls because of Logan, the first episode I’ve ever watched was “But not As Cute as Pushkin”, season 5 episode 10 (yeah, I memorized most of them lol) it’s one where he and Colin invade a classroom and pretend to fight over Rory, and I just thought that was both brilliant and hilarious. Immediately after that I got all season on DVD and was instantly hooked… I was the saddest I’ve ever been over a TV show when it ended, and since then I have re-watched the 7 seasons at least five times (it’s my go-to show to marathon when I’m sick or on vacation) and I’m pretty sure it will always be my favorite show (: so I guess you could say I’m one of those people who just can’t let go.

  9. cjeffery7 says:

    that spoiler alert theater was LEGIT.

    • Vanessa says:

      Hi, right??????? is has to be legit. how ca he fool with us the fans i mean break out hearts??????? im diggin online to see what else i can find but he’s the only one who was said anything about a movie, well confirmed it .. fingers crossed!

  10. Jess says:

    omg the game of thrones spoiler theater was A-MAH-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Miachel Urie should be Peter Dinklage’s replacement on the set if PD ever has baby (or puppy) emergencies.

  11. Belmon says:

    Hey, don’t mess with Gilmore fans’ feelings! I’m also one of those who found Logan quite annoying the first time he showed up, but I ended up liking him a lot through season 6.

    I don’t think a GG movie is such a silly idea anymore, from the financial point of view, at least. Melissa Mccarthy has become quite a star, Lauren Graham has gained relevance again and so has done Matt.
    I just think they need a good story from the Sherman-Palladinos to convince the studio that fans and the general audience are going to see it.

  12. scifirules says:

    Man..I got my hopes up when I read that about the GG movie…then you dashed my hopes..not nice! :)…maybe I’m just naive to think that it will happen someday….haha

  13. Danula says:

    I miss Parenthood!

  14. Steve Ortiz says:

    Why isn’t Rachel Dratch on a sitcom? Michael Urie was his usual fabulous self. Awesome sauce!

  15. Drawn says:

    As if I didn’t love him enough already. Matt Czuchry, is literaly the best! Loved him on Gilmore Girls, love him on The Good Wife.

  16. sarah says:

    I would LOVE a Gilmore Girls reunion, Rory once she finished with the campaign trail, moved back to NYC and she and Logan are back together each working in NYC and they come back to Stars Hollow for a double wedding: Rory and Logan and Luke and Lorelie (who is pregnant). That would be so great!!

    • Iris says:

      Sorry, but I think you meant Rory and JESS…

    • MAS says:

      Definitely Rory and Logan. Their final breakup was completely ridiculous.

      • Taz says:

        really? I think that marriage proposal was a ltitle premature. plus as much as I liked Logan and Matt as an actor (really every actor on GG was good!) and they made sense as a couple. but Rory and jess just had a spark. Especially since Jess isnt such a dick anymore.
        on the Good Wife, I really like kalinda she’s awesome and totally sneaky, a meatier storyline for her sounds great!

  17. Natalie says:

    Thanks for having Matt Czuchry on SA. He seems like a genuinely down to earth and nice guy? I like the concept of his books and what he said about choosing the pictures. He’s right, as kids we do live in the moment more and experience a more pure joy of life and a sense of wonder that seems to dissipate as time wears on for most people. Looking forward to the rest of the season of “The Good Wife”. And enjoy “Game of Thrones” a great deal.

  18. Ausiello, you are cruel and unusual man. You do not toy with Gilmore Girls fans like this. GG is still my go to series for when I’m upset, overwhelmed or just plain sad and I need it like a crazy blanket that is super soft from years of use. Every time I watch the 7th season I get angry at the character assasination that took place and wish that they had just given Amy the extra season that she asked for or barring that a movie to end the show the way she planned from the beginning.

    • florence says:

      the gilmore girls final season pisses me off so much I just pretend it didn’t happen.

      • Lauren says:

        I don’t like to pretend it doesn’t exist because then the show would end with Lorelai sleeping with Christopher. I thought the season seven finale was better than the season six finale, at least we got a Luke and Lorelai kiss. As a whole I probably preferred season seven to season six, just because I hated watching Luke and Lorelai’s relationship destroyed.
        But seasons one to five were just perfection.

        • florence says:

          You see: what I did was I made up in my head a different season 7… one that I imagine Amy Sherman Palladino would have written, where Luke and Lorelai reconcile before the 5 final seconds of the show! Not getting to see them be together again or get married was a huge disappointment, so was Logan’s ridiculous proposal, that just ruined him for me, of course Rory said no but she wouldn’t have to if they hadn’t butchered Logan’s character by getting him to propose in the worst possible time and way.

          • yeah, that’s kind of what I do too. I just can’t stand what they did with Christopher and Lorelai’s marriage and even though it was nice to see Luke gradually coming around after the blow up I hated everything, everything to do with Lorelai’s story and Rory’s whole progression was effing irritating. Logan was so good all the way up till his insanly premature proposal but Rory did her patented freeze and be un-articulate thing. It makes me think she really doesn’t have what it takes to be a reporter. Why couldn’t she just have said, “I love you and I want to marry you some day but now is too soon. Can we be engaged for a year or two so that I have a chance to work?” Is that so hard, really?

          • Taz says:

            Nah I kinda think the proposal was completely in Logan’s character. He’s very committed to Rory but has always had a flair for excitement and is very spontaneous. He loved Rory I think it made sense. it obviously didnt make sense for Rory, it would have been ridiculous if she said yes.
            On the Luke/Lorelai front, man that was gutting..!! But what else could you have done really? As much as I would have wanted them too, you couldnt have them get back together soon. And when they didnt and Lorelai married Chris.. it all takes time. I liked how the season ended, but I wish there was one more, like a year later thing or something

        • Mikael says:

          While Season 7 could have fixed Luke/Lorelai much sooner, Amy pretty much ran them into the ground in Season 6. To this day, I don’t know WTH happened with season 6! I understand why Lorelai freaked out and gave Luke an ultimatum, since he was basically excluding her from his life once the daughter came along. Why would he want to postpone their getting married? It wouldn’t affect his relationship with his daughter at all. And he was supposed to be “all in” when it came to him & Lorelai. So I think the new showrunners did the best they could with the horrible mess Amy left them with after Season 6. That being said, I hope they make a movie one day to finally see a proper ending! (and a Veronica Mars movie is a must also!!!)

          • Taz says:

            I completely agree Amy left such the character arcs in such a corner that the new writer, cant remember his name, had little choice in what he could have done. plus I applaud the guy for stil getting the humour and the references in. if it could have been Amy and her husband then good choice! yeah the whole Luke and April thing… did not like how Luke handled it, but hey tricky tricky situation. I think Lorelai sleeping with Chris was totally out of character..

  19. David E Metcalfe says:

    don’t tease want a gilmore girls movie so much!!!!!!!!

  20. tanner15 says:

    GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHY DO YOU TORTURE US FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 2.5 “metrosexuals” in this video….can’t watch it to the end….sorree….

  22. Gem says:

    Spoiler Alert theater was especially good this week. I’m actually quite upset that they would mess with GG fans like this(me being one of them). I’m on TVLine probably 5 times a day and I realize that usually people joke around about shows on Spoiler Alert but this time I thought he was serious. Seriously disappointed in you guys with this one. Bad form…some things just aren’t funny.

    • L says:

      You visit tvline.com all the time and you didn’t realise this was a joke? They do it with every show with a big following, like Veronica Mars. I didn’t quesiton for a second that it was a joke.

  23. Alice says:

    Michael Urie NEEDS to be back on my TV NOW.

  24. Saint Alicia says:

    Great sitdown with Matt C., he’s so forthcoming with the character/show insight. So glad viewers are getting more Cary plus another Kalinda ep. Also, best reenactment yet! Didn’t realize they spoiled/previewed scenes yet to come.

  25. DW says:

    Matt is just the best! What a credit to his family and profession. I read Matt’s book and it is really great and thought provoking, Highly recommended.

  26. Catherine says:

    did anyone else think that Michael Urie’s accent sounded like the six-fingered man from The Princess Bride? :o)

  27. I ask for an update on the Gilmore reunion movie that’s currently in production (this just in: it’s not a lie if you believe it

  28. Jenn says:

    My goodness Matt Czuchry is an attractive man. What a sexy voice. I’m going to have to start watching The Good Wife.

  29. JAO says:

    Great interview! Loved Michael and Rachel .. that scene was priceless!

  30. Ella says:

    Whaaaaa? NO Cary/Kalinda?! What about the kiss we saw in the 2012 promo???

    • Lucy says:

      It was just an alternate version of the other kiss we already saw. Cary and Kalinda storyline this year was all about falking and teasing. They’ve teased us all the time about a storyline that, besides writers’ promises, they did drop out at all. No, wait they didn’t drop out it. They didn’t even try. I’m almost 100% sure that moment between Cary and Kalinda just will kill any residual hope that next season we’ll finally give those two a chance.

  31. RomonaGri says:

    hares a little “Calinda” scoop, and promises a thrilling finale plot

  32. Dj says:

    Which is sexier, his looks, talent or personality? Close to perfect if you ask me.

  33. Merry Angel says:

    I ask for an update on the Gilmore reunion movie that’s currently in production (this just in: it’s not a lie if you believe it).

  34. Alessia says:

    I think Ausiello wanted to say something to us with that “It’s not a lie if you believe it”. He was a huge fan of the show and of Lauren Graham as well and he had always insisted a lot for this movie with all Gilmore Girls’ actors. It just sounds weird to me that he was just making a joke, I think there’s something more this time. But maybe it is just what I want and not real stuff.

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