Did Grey's Lock an Emmy Nod? Does Chuck Bass Get a Raw Deal? A Glee Miracle? And More TV Qs!

Fringe Lincolns AltliviaWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we’re going to lob at you, from shows including Fringe, Glee, Gossip GirlNCIS: LA, Psych and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Does Fringe not receive enough kudos for the top-notch quality and bountiful quantity of its split-screen work featuring actors acting opposite themselves?

2 | Did the “feeding” scene in last week’s Grimm make it the most gruesome episode to date?

| Are any Fairly Legal fans actually warming up to this new guy, Ben? Or are we just distracted by the actor’s struggle to mask his Aussie accent?

4 | Who on Mad Men made you prouder: Peggy, for swindling Roger out of big bucks, or Joan, who finally kicked her jerk of a husband to the curb? But Roger needs to carry around less cash, don’t you think? The guy’s getting bled dry each week!

5 | Is The Client List giving out all the happy endings that Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen took away?

Exclusive: Fringe Stars Talk Finale (‘We Shot Two Endings’), Drop Clue About Season 5 Storyline

6 | Of all the perfectly valid reasons Donald Trump had to dismiss Lou Ferrigno from Celebrity Apprentice, he fired him because he honestly answered a direct question posed to him in the boardroom? Seriously?

How I Met Your Mother7 | Did How I Met Your Mother‘s flashback to the days of Ted and Robin make you nostalgic for Robin’s old hairstyle?

| Billy Connolly is House’s actual father! Wilson has a son! Why do some of House‘s coolest storylines always turn out to be fake-outs?

9 | We’ve been fans of Thorsten Kaye since his days on One Life to Live, but whodathunk he’d end up a Smash scene stealer? And for all the surreptitious spying Ivy Lynn has been doing, how has she not yet bumped into Ellis hiding behind a potted plant?

10 | Two months — heck, even two weeks — ago, who’d have predicted Christina Aguilera would wind up as The Voice‘s toughest, most insightful coach?

11 | Chuck’s done some terrible things on Gossip Girl, but will Blair ever stop jumping to conclusions and accusing him of things?

12 | Anyone else see the fancy “exposed brick walls” in the RuPaul’s Drag Race work room ripple from the breeze caused by the fan, revealing them to be nothing but cheap paper backdrops?

13 | Glee‘s Quinn crushed her spine, but walked away without any other broken bones or visible scratches? And with Sue taking over Booty Camp and Cooper teaching the kids about acting, has Mr. Schue’s role in New Directions  — and Glee in general — ever been less vital? On the plus side: Can Matt Bomer appear in every episode during White Collar hiatuses? 

14 | How many inches did your jaw drop down when Justified‘s Quarles was (ahem) disarmed?

15 | Dear NCIS: LA bomb makers: You do realize that an old-timey tape recorder’s “record” button stays down on its own, right?

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16 | Seriously, General Hospital‘s Sam?! After you almost lost Jason for lying to him about Robin’s death, you think protecting him from the truth about Franco and your baby’s possible paternity is a good idea?

17 | Can you believe that Barney Miller‘s cuddly Wojciehowicz did what he did in the Psych finale? How can [spoiler] possibly survive that?

18 | Being besties with that B—- in Apartment 23 may be the best thing to happen to the Beek since the Creek, don’t you think?

19 | Did Suburgatory leave any doubt that the show is building to a Tessa-Ryan romance?

20 | On Grey’s Anatomy, did Mark’s temporary promotion come with the magical ability to alternately sprout and lose 1/4 inch of facial hair throughout the entire episode? But on a serious note: Can we go ahead and pencil in Sandra Oh for her sixth Emmy nod?

21 | Although we know Capt. Harper is eeeevil, wasn’t it nice seeing Laura Innes get a warmer moment on Awake?

22 | Does Community‘s Jeff doff his shirt just to make other men feel utterly mediocre? And who else is hoping the NBC comedy follows up on that Troy/Britta stuff in a major way? (What do you think he said in that text message?!)

23 | Does The Office just get more and more uncomfortable with every passing week? And not in the Michael Scott way. For one, Robert California seems to get ickier and sexual harass-ier, right?

24 | After that perfect finale, did Up All Night secure a spot on your Must Be Renewed list? Wasn’t the re-proposal the sweetest thing anyone has ever seen?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amanda says:

    #22–I so wanna see that text!

  2. Brittany says:

    20 | On Grey’s Anatomy, did Mark’s temporary promotion come with the magical ability to alternately sprout and lose 1/4 inch of facial hair throughout the entire episode? But on a serious note: Can we go ahead and pencil in Sandra Oh for her sixth Emmy nod?
    A – I penciled her after “Dark Was the Night” aired in December. When she found out she killed Henry.. that was an incredible scene. Sandra Oh is brilliant.

  3. jjovana3 says:

    Chuck has been treated unfairly by Dair fans without realizing that troubled characters on shows arw just that – troubled. Chuck has done terrible things. He was the shows original villain made with no redeeming qualities which changed later in the season. He has appologized to Jenny who forgave him. If Jenny can forgive AND give him her virginity willingly…why cant the audience? Irrational Chuck hate is irrational. He is the most complex character on GG, no doubt about it. He is fully aware of bad things he has done and has been seeking redemtion for the longest time. He appologized to Blair, she accepted it, and he let her move on. But for the sake of ridiculousness thats been Season 5…she seeks him out again only to throw things she forgave him in hia face, even after he corrected a mistake she made (after EVERYONE even her own mother warned her not do do it) so she can freely have repulsive sex with Dan. I dont care if she ends up with Chuck at the end. If they do, great, if they dont thats fine too, I simply dont care for Dair because Dan & Blair lack any REAL sexual chemistry. Forced romance is forced and fans see that. Less than million viewers? Cmon now.

  4. juan says:

    Agree, Sandra Oh is so overdue for an actual emmy win, not just a nod, she is one of the best actresses and has been increadible this season with the abortion and cheating story. She needs to get it now.

  5. Sarah says:

    #11. Chuck’s done some terrible things on Gossip Girl, but will Blair ever stop jumping to conclusions and accusing him of things?

    Um, speaking of terrible things Chuck has done, am I the only one who was utterly HORRIFED by the weird red hoodie/onesie he was wearing at the beginning of this week’s episode?? ICK x584230584209380291

  6. Brianna says:

    I am totally loving Ben on Fairly Legal. He is just so much more interesting and way more adorable than her boring ex-husband. She needs someone who can match wits with her and I think Ben is the guy!

  7. ibs says:

    The Up All Night finale/proposal was SHEER PERFECTION!! I actually had tears in my eyes! I love this show and the characters. It feels real and solid and if there is any sense in the universe, IT WILL BE RENEWED!

  8. ibs says:

    Goodness, how CUTE was Ryan with Tessa?! Up until now, he’s mostly seemed like a self-involved lunkhead with passing moments of sensitivity, but this week – he was just freaking adorable! And so clearly smitten. I’m just happy that Tessa wasn’t shooing him away. I can’t wait to see where the story takes them!

  9. Meg says:

    I think bet seasons end Blair will trust and pick Chuck- that seems to be where this story has been heading and Chuck has grown a ton. He has only wanted her happiness this year

  10. sarah says:

    I love Chuck and I love Chair and Chuck change a lot!!. He is and always will be the most complex and interesting character of GG!!, definitely the best!!. I know, Blair loves Chuck and that some day they will be together again!!!

  11. Donnis says:

    Love me some chuck and blair newsssss they are amazing and i am not watching gg right now since they decided to ruin the show with nonsense db. Give me chuck and blair pls :))))) the most unique, romantic, great and tru love there is <3

  12. Olivia says:

    7. YEEEEEEEEEES. Please, I want the old hair back. Any hairstyle but this old-lady one.
    11. I really don’t like Chair, I think it’s beyond repair. And what the hell is going on with Serena? What does she want to achieve by being GG?
    20. I never came around Owen very much, since his start, but now I hate him. Give this woman an Emmy!

  13. Paige says:

    I’m so happy someone actually acknowledges fringe actors for the fantastic work that they put into every single episode. This show is like no other, nothing can compare. Anna torv does wonders as both olivias. She puts a lot of heart into her work and can get across any message to the audience using her facial expressions. John noble is a great man and brings so much humor and joy to fringe. He is always heartwarming and wonderful. Joshua Jackson and Seth gabel have also portrayed their heartbreak beautifully. I can always spot the hurt that they are feeling when parted from Olivia.

  14. Angela says:

    13: Yeah, that is odd…but if the episode is supposed to be set a month or so later like the hiatus was, then…I guess she spent that time healing up any scratches? I dunno. I have heard some crazy real life stories that don’t make that sound so farfetched. But whatever. Ultimately I’m glad she’s back. And seriously, yeah, Will’s barely on anymore. I’d kinda like to see more to him and Emma being together every now and again, or some new storyline of sorts that doesn’t involve him painfully trying to “fit in” with the kids. As for Matt Bomer, well, he’s quite popular with a lot of people, so I think it couldn’t hurt!
    22: Who cares what Jeff’s reason is for being shirtless? I just know I sure as hell ain’t complaining :D. And I’d definitely like to see more progression with the Troy/Britta thing-I’m DYING to know what that message was that he sent her! Something along the lines of, “I can’t stop thinking about you”, perhaps? Since he was trying to couch it in Britta’s ex’s voice and all? Such a sweetly sad moment, that whole thing.

  15. jon says:

    I love the new guy on Fairly Legal. It’s Sarah Shahi I still can’t get warmed up to. If there is a season 3, better yet, cancel Fairly Legal and USA please give Ryan Johnson his own show.

  16. Pia says:

    2. I thought the “delivery” scene in the same episode of Grimm was worse.

  17. person says:

    Not to start more Dair/Chair fights but for people who clearly care so much about who Blair ends up with, I find it kind of frightining that you’d want her to got back to Chuck. I mean sure he’s changed some and that’s great that he’s trying to improve himself, but that doesn’t mean she needs to go back to him. The things he did if they were done to me or someone I loved my response would be stay the heck away from him. I used to love Chair but once the writers had him sell her for a hotel they ruined it for me. They went way too far with that one. I just can’t even in good conscience ship that relationship anymore. She can’t trust him and she never will again. How could she? And I think we can all agree that mistakes have been made by all, no one is perfect on this show or at all for that matter. But seriously nothing Dan or anything else does can compare to “selling her for a hotel!”, short of physical abuse. I really hope Dair is here to stay, especially after like 2 seasons of build up, b/c I think they have great chemistry, they have a deep connection, and are way way way healthier than Chair. Chair just sends the wrong message to the girls watching this show. Not to mention have you seen how happy Dair are together? That’s love. I just hope the writers are smart enough to see that.

  18. tom says:

    Private Practice’s Kadee Strickland with her rape storyline was unfairly ignored during awards season, i hope that Sandra oh gets a nod. It’s insane that the one year that I thought Chandra wilson would have finally won (the shooter episode), she was not nominated that year.

  19. Anonymous says:

    You people need to get a life!

  20. MC Maine says:

    On GLEE, Quinn didn’t say her spine was crushed, she said it was severely compressed. When I was 16, I was in a bad car accident in which my spine was also compressed, resulting in fractures. I wasn’t paralyzed, fortunately, and I had barely another mark on me. So I don’t find the Quinn story as unbelievable as you do.

  21. Fido says:

    3 – I’m still trying to warm to the Sarah Shahi character – her opening lines in the last ep “what am I late for again” kinda sums up her character perfectly.
    1 – Fringe deserves kudos by the bucket load, and I hope those actors playing double roles get double pay.

  22. elr says:

    1) Not nearly enough – you would swear at times that everyone has a twin
    4) Both Peggy and Joan were impressive this week so I can’t choose – I would be very nervous if I had $400 on me
    13) Glee was totally unbelievable, especially Quinn’s accident recovery and Rachel and Finn’s wedding getting postponed – how would they have known?
    20) I noticed the stubble and how it changed with each scene – and I thought Sandra oh overacted a bit or maybe it was just the way it was written – I’m tired of this particular storyline

  23. GG says:

    What´s even the point of the Chair/Dair Fight? Both couples are awful and the show is really poorly written. You are not going to convince a Chair fan that Dair is cool or viceversa all the endless flame wars are really annoying.
    I just watch this show because is so bad that´s is funny and I think that Penn and Chace are hot.

  24. matt says:

    Ms. Oh should get an Emmy for all her amazing years on the show! Please keep giving her quality material; she knows how to make it work!

  25. Gwenie says:

    Sandra Oh is amazing!! She sooo deserves an Emmy. I was little annoyed with the problems between Christina and Owen this season b/c I love them so much as a couple and want them to be together. But, with this last episode, it allowed me to reflect back on their journey and made me realize how compelling it has been and how invested I feel in these characters. The storyline feels more organic than some of the stupid “problems” Mer and Der have had. Way to go Shonda!

  26. airhead says:

    7 | Did How I Met Your Mother‘s flashback to the days of Ted and Robin make you nostalgic for Robin’s old hairstyle?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I get that they’re supposed to grow up and change hairstyles etc etc etc, but I think Robin’s current hairstyle just makes her look old. Long & straight made her look a lot younger and I think she should grow her hair out again!
    I also think that the HIMYM team should work on their use of wigs… could definitely tell almost every time someone was wearing a wig.

    13 | So… Quinn is magically ok? and one of the first things out of her mouth were reassurances that she would walk again? You would think that there would at least be a bigger fall out from something that they built up so much.

    But I’m on board the Matt Bomer train!! He’ll always be Bryce to me though #chuck

    22 | Must. Find. Out. What. The. Text. Said!!! (sorry, I know that kinda annoying.)

  27. joybrennan says:

    Actually, I do expect Christina to be the most demanding and insightful voice coach. People get hung up on her costuming and persona, but her music theory training, ears and sheer vocal talent are amazing. She knows her stuff. She and Blake are my favorites. Blake’s more heart and story and she’s more on vocal control and presentation, but they are both dead on about sound, pitch, and realness.

  28. Kara says:

    Um, so I am the only one wishing there was a ban on Gossip Girl debates on this site? Get a (fan)room people!!!

    • Christine says:

      No you are not!! I never even read the comments section on Ask Ausiello anymore because the immature and petty arguments over Dan/Chuck have become ridiculous.

    • Angela says:

      Lord, no, you’re not. Hell, I wish sometimes there was a ban on insane shipper wars altogether.

  29. I definitely miss Robin’s longer hair. I don’t really like her hairstyle this season. I actually prefered Lily’s hair from seasons 2-4, when it was darker and she had bangs, but the long red hair is cute on her, too!

  30. Mindy says:

    1. Fringe’s actors do an absolutely AMAZING job in those split screen scenes. These actors have been doing stellar work creating multiple versions of their characters. It is incredible how I see each character as completely distinct from the same person in the alt-Universe. Anna Torv, John Noble, Seth Gabel and Jasika Nicole get a standing ovation from me. They are SPECTACULAR.

    13. Why restrict Matt Bomer to Glee? I think he should guest star on one high profile show a week during the White Collar hiatus. This way fans of all shows can be made to understand how awesome he is.