Survivor: One World: Can You Ever Imagine Choosing Food Over a Shot at Immunity?

survivor chelseaCall me a sadist, but I love it when Jeff Probst waves delicious food under contestants’ noses to try to get them to drop out of immunity challenges in favor of stuffing their gullets. And it never ceases to amaze me how many players would give up, for example, a 1-in-9 shot at $1 million for some cookies or cupcakes or burgers.

During this week’s Survivor: One World, Kim and Jay — two of the three folks who raised their hands and said they felt at-risk during Tribal Council (the other was Troyzan) — had previously given up their chances at the immunity necklace for a plate of cupcakes and a tray of chicken wings and beer, respectively. And in Jay’s case, that weakness for poultry proved fatal, as the rising women’s alliance (plus Tarzan) conspired to smoke out Troy’s hidden idol and send Jay to an early date with jury duty.

Given that women outnumbered men 6-4 this week, and given that only men had been booted since the merge, it’s hard to fathom how Jay rationalized his decision. Did he let his stomach do the thinking? Did he figure a square meal would strengthen him for later immunity challenges? And why give up when the competition — in which he had to keep his arm over his head or risk having a giant bucket of water come down on his head — was down to only himself, Leif, and eventual winner Chelsea?

I just can’t figure it out. And given how the winds can shift oh-so-suddenly on Survivor, I can’t figure out why anyone — even queen of her own alliance Kim — wouldn’t have kept fighting till the bitter end. After all, a cupcake is gone in mere minutes, but $1 million is forever(ish).

What do you think: Could you imagine a scenario where you’d stop fighting for immunity just to get food? And would it depend on the scenario, or what was underneath the platter? Sound off below, and for all my reality TV recaps and news, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rolfe says:

    I would never give up immunity for food. Even if I was in a great position. I believe getting down just shows other players your hand.

  2. Babybop says:

    When I’m hungry, I lose my mind. So if I hadn’t had good food in a long time, and I saw it right in front of me, I’d probably give up anything to have it.

  3. jef says:

    I guess brains get frazzled out there! Jay should have fought and Kim shouldn’t have shown her hand so easily. She will be a prime target when it gets down to all women.

    • John Berggren says:

      I think it will actually make Kim less of a target if she gets to an all-female tribe. Her biggest risk was in this challenge, tipping her hand to the guys… but then Jay and Tarzan aren’t as bright as they’d like us to think.

      • dan says:

        Kim’s biggest threats are within her own alliance: Sabrina, Chelsea and Alicia (maybe even Christina). If Kim makes it to the final three with any of them, they can all blame Kim as being the master manipulator. Some juries are bitter and don’t vote for the kingpin (just ask Russell) while other juries reward them (I’m looking at you Boston Rob). Personally I think Sabrina has a decent shot of winning this game. She hasn’t burned any bridges, she is decent during challenges, she sticks with her alliance, and she hasn’t really lied to anybody’s face that we know of (although Jay may disagree with that).

  4. John Berggren says:

    I have a hard time putting myself in Jay’s shoes since I have the benefit of an edit, but I don’t know how he could be so dumb given the information that (I think) he had available to him.
    Telling the person who might be looking to take you down how someone else is going to prevent it? Dumb.

  5. Larry says:

    I don’t blame anyone who legitmately felt safe to give up immunity for food. But I just don’t understand how Jay thought he was safe after he saw Alicia give up so easily. Something should had rang in his head that “how can she feel safe if she is the one we agreed is going out”. And after Troyzan even commented to him the girls could be plotting -he still felt Chelsea and Kim had his back. I’m actually getting bored with this season -especially if it ends up with the core group of girls making it to final three. It’s been advertised since the beginning that Kim probably wins -and it was that way with Boston Rob recently and Earl in an earlier season. I am thinking of quitting the show -until the finale because I just don’t want to see the guys being lined up one by one to the slaughter. It’s too predictable. Troyzan is most likely gone next week -he doesn’t have the numbers and he doesn’t have an immunity idol. Unless he wins EVERY immunity -he’s gone. Just bored with the show now. CBS isn’t going to save this season and the ratings are probably going to go down for the next few weeks.

    • dan says:

      But think about how bad and dysfunctional the girls’ tribe was during the first few episodes. They were terrible! Now they’re on the verge of wiping out all the guys which is pretty incredible. Of course, it helps that the guys are idiots. I thought Troyzan had some brains, but even he couldn’t convince the pretty boy (Jay), the plastic surgeon (Tarzan), or the back-flipper (Lief) to all vote for the same person (somehow the girls have convinced Tarzan and Lief to vote with them which makes no sense…do they think they’ll be kept to the end? only if they can convince two of the girls to flip on the main alliance). I think this season has a chance to get really exciting if somebody (or two people) decides to make a big move soon.

  6. sarcasmo says:

    But you forgot about the part where Jay was on the winning team for the BBQ. So he had some real food, at least within a day of the immunity challenge. Very baffling!

  7. nyguy says:

    Lol, i think that chiron next to Jay’s name pretty much answers your question: Model.

  8. sam says:

    Even if he didn’t give up food, Jay would have blindsided no matter what because he truly believed that he was safe, despite his own suspicions that the girls were taking over.

  9. CJ says:

    If I was confident I was safe and that I wouldn’t be giving anything away, AND knew I probably would be incapable of winning that challenge, I’d certainly consider taking the food.

  10. Teag says:

    I would like to say I wouldn’t give up immunity for food… but who knows… I might, I might not.

  11. Ryana says:

    What a shame, Jay was my favorite. I can see why Kim wouldn’t care about immunity… she had the girls on her side (and apparently Tarzan too), so they had control regardless of who won immunity.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. No interest in any of the remaining players. Jay was the only one I was rooting for. Although I am rooting for Troyzan to take some cocky girls down before he is ousted. Just cannot fathom why the 4 guys didnt try to get togther and pull in possibly the girls on the fringe of the female alliance. And why on earth Jay was so damn trusting of the girls. Silly, silly mistake on his part. It is going to be a dismal rest of the season.

      • Ryana says:

        Kind of want to see Kim blindsided, but at this point, it seems there is no chance of that happening, especially now that Troyzan used his Idol.

  12. Jenner says:

    I can only imagine giving in if I had gotten to the point I knew I couldn’t last much longer (like minutes). Then I think you could justify quitting for the chow to give yourself an energy boost for the next day or so.

    • dan says:

      I could justify stepping down if I looked like Jay, had a semi-successful modeling career, and thought that I could earn big money just for taking my shirt off (especially with a Reality TV show on my modeling resume).

  13. Gabe says:

    To be fair to Kim, she did say later on in the episode that she stepped down so as to be less of a threat challenge-wise.. And considering how threatening she is strategy-wise, it’s better for her not to be too threatening in the challenges as well.

  14. I think if I’m in their position wherein I haven’t had a decent meal in days, no proper sleep and pressure in the competition, I might give up immunity. I mean, I am so hungry.

  15. Russell's Hat says:

    Sabrina is in the PERFECT position to take this game. Once Kim is revealed to have been the “master-mind” behind the female alliance, Sabrina will look even better. Kim and Chelsea have repeatedly lied to people’s faces, not Sabrina. I found it interesting when all the girls were reassuring Jay the dope on the beach that he wasn’t in jeopardy, there was one notable absence as Sabrina sat by the fire with others. She is playing a perfect game so far, vocal enough to let people know she’s there and quiet enough to not let people know she’s involved in the decision making.

  16. Jimmy says:

    When Jay told the girls that Troy had the hidden immunity idol he diverted all their votes on himself and sealed his own fate. He would have been far smarter so say he knew for a fact that Troy didn’t have the idol.