Idol Top 7 Results Recap: Saved by the Belle?

hollie phillip colton idolWhether or not you’re happy with the outcome of this week’s American Idol Top 7 results show, I think we can all agree on one thing: The sight of Phillip Phillips with Colton Dixon’s head in his lap, gingerly stroking his rival’s magnificent coiff as they delivered the line “Why so serious?” in a group rendition of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” was the stuff of Idol legend.

Actually, maybe we can agree on two things? Because, to paraphrase Randy Jackson, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, America got it wrong with the Bottom 3 this week, baby!

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And hey, while we’re at it, let’s go for the hat trick: Randy has got to stop trying to make those pins of his happen. Ryan Seacrest should never again ask Steven Tyler for an off-the-cuff remark when he’s trying to build a telecast to a suspenseful climax. (More on that in a minute.)

American Idol Exclusive: Kris Allen Set to Perform on April 19 Results Show

But first — before we get to how the results played out — let’s review some of the highs and lows of the show.

* That “Raise Your Glass” group performance had more issues than a Real Housewife of [Insert Your Own Debauched Bravo Flavor Here] — the “call me up if you want gangsta” pose was particularly atroshe — but watching Phillip try to pull of choreographed dance moves, hearing Elise riff magically on the melody, and getting to see Ryan Seacrest and a Coke cup do their best Fred & Ginger was worth the price of admission.

* Nothing says “we didn’t have the budget/time/will to get out of bed for this week’s ‘Ford Music Video’ than a bit of basic animation with the Top 7’s disembodied head shots hastily slapped into the mix.

* Second only to the Phillip-Colton tender moment for pure entertainment was Colton getting all impressed by a very intense prom invite from a fan and noting “this is a strong maybe.” Come to think of it, Mr. Dixon could probably make decent money working the high-school dance circuit, but you know the fine print in the Idol contract probably means that 50-75% of income derived from such a pursuit goes to the good folks at 19 Entertainment.

* So James Durbin is blonde now! And he’s got himself a raucous rock band. I just wish I liked “Higher Than Heaven” a little better, or maybe it was just the weird vocal effect that was bugging me.

* Speaking of songs I wish I liked more, Jennifer Hudson sounded great on her duet with Ne-Yo to “Think Like a Man” — and she makes me want to rejoin Weight Watchers and control my portions till I’m down to a shot glass of Sauv Blanc and a tablespoon of gelato every night — but I don’t think there’s been a moment in her solo career where I felt like her material was on par with her voice. And this little ditty was no exception.

* Even Jimmy Iovine is breaking out the “singer-songwriter” description for Elise, Phillip, and Colton — presumably without having heard two bars of any of their original compositions. Let’s hope one of ‘em surprises Jimmy in the post-season with “Macarena Confessions (Part 2).”

* Now that Colton has publicly chided the judges for never having given him a standing ovation, who wants to take odds that they’ll rise for him next time around, even if he performs a mashup of Ke$ha and Enigma. “We do it when we feel it!” smiled J.Lo, as she muttered under her breath, “or when Bossman Lythgoe tells us we have to!”

* Jennifer telling Ryan “I don’t wanna stay up here [on stage]” after the Judges’ Save was the least Emmy-worthy bit of acting on Fox since the network aired Osbournes Unloaded.

Anyhow, back to results — Kieran, please dim the lights — the contestants were split into two groups, as follows:

Stage Right
Hollie Cavanagh
Phillip Phillips
Colton Dixon

Stage Left
Jessica Sanchez
Elise Testone
Joshua Ledet

Sent to Safety, Then Asked by Seacrest to Choose Which Group Was Also Safe
Skylar “too smart to fall for that nonsense” Laine

Sent Back to Safety Next

Forced to “Sing for Her Life”

Of course, I put “sing for her life” in quotes because the certainty of the Judges’ Save getting used was a foregone conclusion after Ryan asked Steven Tyler how he felt about the Bottom 3, and the Aerosmith frontman ignored whatever Uncle Nigel was screaming into his earpiece and declared, “We’re gonna use our card tonight — especially with an outcome like this.” So, yeah, whether it was Joshua, Elise, or Jessica on the chopping block, the axe had already been slipped back into its black velvet bag and hung in Uncle Nigel’s closet.

And then, since our “esteemed” panel of judges really haven’t gotten enough time in the spotlight this season, they rushed the stage midway through the opening verse of Jessica’s cover of Deborah Cox’s “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here.”

“Gimme that mic!” shouted J.Lo (verbalizing what goes through her mind every time a Season 11 plebe performs), resplendent for the occasion in curve-hugging tangerine. “This is crazy! Yes, we’re gonna use the save! Go sit down!”

And so, in a move that was somewhat reminiscent of Simon Cowell giving Melanie Amaro a last-minute reprieve on Season 1 of The X Factor, Jessica went and embraced her fellow contestants while Randy dubbed her “one of the best singers in America — ever!” How can you not vote her all the way to a date with a confetti shower and an treacly ballad composed by select Coca Cola contest winners or Kara DioGuardi or (if neither of the above are available) whoever won Bravo’s Platinum Hit last summer?

I’ve got to admit: I’m not sure if what went down tonight was 100 percent organic, or if it contained more artificial ingredients than a deep-fried Twinkie, but in any event, it wasn’t boring.

What did you think of the Top 7 results show? Are you glad the judges held the Save for this long? Were you shocked to see Jessica in jeopardy? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Not a surprise , it came down to an audience that connected with a singer versus ability at least in the case of Jessica and Joshua

    • Leo says:

      I honestly think they’re scripting this whole thing. No way Jessica got less votes than Hollie or Elise. Just NO way.

      • chistosa says:

        I’m not so sure. Dialidol had her in the bottom 3. And I wouldn’t go see Jessica in concert but I would go see Elise or Joshua. What I don’t understand is how Hollie was not in the bottom.

        • Leo says:

          Yeah. Hollie not in the Bottom 3 is the reason that I guess it is kinda scripted. To go for the “judges-screaming-wrong-bottom-3-and-use-the-save” moment. Surely, it can get people talking, right?

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            People, people, people – Lee Dewyze beat Crystal Bowersox in Season 9 and you think tonight’s melodrama was scripted? Nothing was more unexpected than that. I’m sorry, but you can’t make this stuff up and I’m not sure J-Lo, Steven, and Randy are that good at acting stunned. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Hollie would not end up in the bottom three.

          • Yo' says:

            Well, it would be easier to believe it had not been scripted if TMZ had not broken the story of the results show earlier in the day.

          • Rusty says:

            So votes can be submited throught eh AI website…and Hollie has a huge contingent of fans in the UK. I think that’s where her boost is coming from.

        • MusicGrrrl says:

          A lot of us love Hollie and really feel what she’s singing. I thought her performance of Perfect was poignant and heartfelt. I really enjoyed it as did everyone in my family, so we all voted for her.

          • It is because Michael keeps missing the human element of the performance that trump pure ability , it is the same reason that Pia got cut so early several years ago.
            I saw it early from Hollie , that what she might lack in technical ability she more then makes up with her ability for others to relate to her. This is the same reason that both Joshua and Elise are having trouble and sad to say Jessica.
            Lets call it the Kris Allen / Kelly Pickler effect where personality can take you the distance to win.
            My guess though that at the moment the strongest player is really Skyler who starting to peak at just the right time.

          • BTW , your not alone and it is a problem both Melinda and Michael are both having ,,
            In both cases they are attracted to the best technical singers , they are not though drawn to emotional singers which is why when I look at who they like in the competition there tends to be a disconnect between their reviews and how the votes play out.
            I get it , Melinda and Michael have been favoring singers that have the best technique and sad to say have not been putting enough attention on how the end product translates to the average viewer.
            This reminds me of Ice Skating , where a performance can be moving but lose in judging because the judges are voting also on technique.
            The difference here of course is that Michael and Melinda are the judges are frustrated because the final score is in the hand of the public that votes instead on the performance and how it makes them feel and not on the technical details.

        • Seker says:

          I’m with the ‘motivation factor’ when the judges basically said ‘your done’ to Hollie the voters were the ones that rose up with ‘the save’ …. In a way earlier on in last yrs performance’s feel that was the case with Haley as well – espec Randy’s regularly negative comment’s driving votes
          Also remember that Pia was the favorite as well and we all know what happened there
          I only care about Elise in this competiion with Phillip second – but never woulda expected this ‘3some’ at bottom 3 — tho if Elise goes don’t think Phillip be enough for me to bother continuing with this shkow….

          • Michael says:

            I voted for Hollie. I haven’t voted all season. Steven and Randy have been especially cruel, even when her performances haven’t deserved it. Because I hate them both, I voted for the girl. Doesn’t make sense, I know, but they’ve blown smoke up other singers’ butts for performances on par with Hollie’s “Perfect”.

          • gregk says:

            I’ve voted for Hollie all season precisely to give the girls a break (voted for Pia last year for the same reason). I like her for her singing too of course, but the guys have the teenage vote advantage. Did not expect Jessica at the bottom though.

        • Yo' says:

          Anyone who has watched this show more than one year could have predicted Hollie would not be going home after the judges behavior on Wednesday. She was part of a massive backlash.

          • Ron Crisostomo says:

            I disagree with you completely.. The judges have been very objective all season, remember, they are singers and are producers of albums and I’m sure they were chosen as judges because of their credentials. Hollie should have been booted out a long time ago. This is a singing competition, not a pageant so looks don’t count. She has been very inconsistent the past four weeks and I think American should judge based on performance. She is stiff on stage, very mechanical and contrived, unlike Jessica who sings and moves effortlessly like the other contestants. I was shocked that Hollie was in the top four. It is quite obvious that she is an amateur and is not ready for more. Maybe in 3 to 4 years, she can audition again.

      • ejones says:

        Its pretty obvious that Jessica is not ready at 16. She should have finished her time at high school and then entered this kind of competition at 19 or so.

        • barondale says:

          really ??? you dont know music !!!!ang to tell you, age doesnt matter , come on

          • Lea H. says:

            I agree, age doesn’t matter, but experience does and unless you’ve experienced a lot and can take these moments and use them to convey a message or a feeling of a song, grab the audience’s attention, make them feel the words like you’re telling a story, if the singer can’t do this, the listener won’t feel the connection to the song or the artist and ultimately, will not vote for them, even if the singer is technically brilliant.

        • Jaxguy says:

          stupid comment

          • Jaxguy says:

            this is for ejones not you barondale

          • Lea H. is exactly right. That is just why Jessica was in the bottom. Technically brilliant but somehow boring. Very hard for someone 16 to connect with adult songs because they usually don’t have the life experience. Don’t worry about Jessica. If she gets voted off, after the tour some promoters will take her to Asia and make a truckload of money. Remember William Hung? He got taken to Asia after “singing” She Bangs and made a million dollars. Jessica would make 20 times as much, especially in the Philippines.

          • HudsonRiverside says:

            @ThomasF.Sutton “William Hung” I get what ya did there old boy! It was ever so subtle but it’s because she’s ASIAN! That was you being humorous right? snort… snort… I gotta write that one down! I’m glad you took the time to post that here. Wait, where do we take Joshua and Elise?

        • Ray says:

          I pesonally do not think they should have lowered the age for participation. It was and is a bad idea.

        • SallyinChicago says:

          Do you feel the same about Rachel Crow?

          • Ann says:

            Yes, because she was too immature and couldn’t handle the fact that she didn’t make it through. That can be emotionally traumatic for a young person who doesn’t have the maturity to handle it.

          • Sallyin Chicago…I sure do feel the same way about Rachel Crow! Too young!

          • Red In Denver says:

            I feel they should re-think the minimum age especially because of Rachel Crow. She was not emotionally mature enough to handle the expectations, and certainly the rejection.

            Her emotional melt-down when she was ‘sent home’ was terrible to watch; and SURELY could not be considered ‘entertainment’.

        • says:

          I totally agree, she is too young. I was so happy to see her in the bottom 3 at last!

        • Ron Crisostomo says:

          Age doesn’t matter in this competition. Is it her fault that she’s only 16 but sings like a pro? Even if she doesn’t make it to the top spot, she has proven to the world, through American Idol, that she can sing, and she can sing really good!!! I hope that being a Filipina doesn’t count as well. At this age, we should all be beyond racism. Talent is what counts, not the age or nationality.

      • Marianne says:

        Yes – scripted, for sure. And, Michael, maybe not boring, but certainly not the real drama they wished for. (Unless you are feeble-minded). The show (FOR ME) is stupid.

      • Sarah says:

        I believe it Jessicas so boring and judges kissing her ass last night made me dilike her more and them

      • Roger says:

        I agree the entire “competition” is engineered for the sake of drama and an attempt to recapture drastically falling viewership. I do not beleive voter call-ins determine the outcome, rather the producers. I;ve never read about any “audits” of the phone-in numbers.

      • Lisa B says:

        I agree Jessica has a great voice, great control, etcetera… and she seems like a nice girl as well. But every show night, I always *want* to like her more than I do. She just doesn’t move me to vote for her, so I don’t. And I believe the judges’ dismissive attitude towards Holly garnered her a lot of votes. Also, think about where the people who were voting for Deandre moved their votes… to Philip and Colton, that’s who. And that makes perfect sense. Do you really think the judges care who wins? They just want to keep pulling in those mega-paychecks, so they pimp whoever they’re told to. By this point Jimmy Iovine knows EXACTLY who he’s going to sign, and nothing any of them can do (or not do) is going to change that. Jessica will get a huge record contract and they’ll mold her into whoever they want her to be. Which is sad, because she’s been being pushed and molded since she was like 4 years old. I almost cried when she said TWICE how hard she’s been working all her life. I also think that a lot of the little girl and ‘tween crowd like Jessica, but in the end they’re going to vote for the cute boys. And a lot of people simply assume Jessica will be safe because of the fuss the “judges” make over her.

      • shelbybb says:

        A disappointing night of pure Idol BS! I’ve love watching the show through the years but after the Adam/Kris year I stopped voting. There will be a great book written some day about “The American Idol Years” and we’ll see what’s really going on behind closed curtains!

    • Sam says:

      So how is the audience connected to Phillip or Hollie? They’re the two blandest personalities on the show.

      • exactly says:

        Good point. This show is about teen voters.

        • Templar says:

          Don’t rule out the sympathy Hollie gathered because of the judges unfair ripping on her Wednesday.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I think the “uncomfortable deafening silence” probably generated sympathy votes as well.

          • Jessica says:

            exactly^ i knew she had to be safe.

          • Ron Crisostomo says:

            I don’t understand why people should vote for Hollie based on sympathy. This is a singing competition so we should all vote based on performance and not based on who gets backlashed the most or who is the underdog. Why hold a singing/talent competition when you vote emotionally. Let’s all be objective and vote based on performance and talent!

          • Templar says:

            Ron: Because when a contestant does pretty well and better than their previous performance, but the judges absolutely trash that singer, there is going to be a backlash.

        • Zapp says:

          The teen voters are the same ones that will most likely buy music. Adult contemporary starts do not bring in the money that pop and R&B stars do.

          • Leila says:

            Not all major album sales are due to teen music buyers. Take Adele, for example. I’m in my 40’s and I bought her albums when I heard the buzz last year from friends who are in their 30’s and 40’s. Other musical best sellers were Norah Jones, that old lady from Simon Cowell’s show, which just goes the mature public will also make a difference.

      • Tarc says:

        I’m certainly not a teen voter, and I’d give the win to either P2 or Colton. They’re really the only two that I’d buy albums from (just my personal taste). Joshua’s voice usually gets grating after a minute or so, and Jessica mumbles. I think Hollie should have gone home, but all the rest of the contestants are pretty close in talent (which is high).

        • John says:

          Same here…. and I’m 27. Definitely not teen voter… Phillip and Colton are my personal favorites. I can understand and respect what great singers Joshua and Jessica are, but it’s not my taste. I just don’t understand all this Phillip bashing, and all this “growl” talk… he didn’t “growl” yesterday, and I actually thought he sounded pretty good. He’s not the flashiest contestant, and his range isn’t really big, but his awareness of harmony and rhythm and musicality is just really awesome

          • Tarc says:

            I toally agree. I think phillip will have the best and longest career (as long as he can get or write good material).

          • sam says:

            i’m a big fan of philip but I have to agree with jimmy’s bottom 3 — philip was easily the worst of the night and his problem is that he sings the same style week after week. I don’t think he will have any problem getting a contract.

          • chistosa says:

            I am not a teen voter either. I am in their targeted demographic but I would never vote for Jessica. I feel nothing when she performs. I like Elise and Joshua. Phillip was one of my favorites but his refusal to grow as a professional is starting to dim my enthusiasm. Each week he dresses in drab colors and just stands at the microphone with his guitar. I cannot imagine paying to go see 90 minutes of that.

        • Jaxguy says:

          ignore tarc he obviously dislikes Jessica and Joshua and love p2 who is not that good

          • Josh says:

            According to you… You are entitled to your opinions. In my opinion, Jessica and Joshua are great singers, but hard to connect to. I would never buy one of their albums – not my personal style.

          • Tarc says:

            Actually, I do not dislike them. I think they are all very talented. I find Joshua’s voice grating after about a minute (with the exception of this week, when he was great doing Bruno Mars – and if he gets a contract, he should be begging him to write for him). I also think Jessica could be amazing, but she’s 16 and has a few problems (she mumbles lyrics in order to make a more pleasing sound, but it’s awful to listen to music with lyrics when all you get is a huge vowel movement; she also loses control of her slow vibratto regularly, and can have problem connecting with the lyrics – something that I also had problems with Scott McCreary and Lauren Alaina regarding last season). Jessica’s just not there yet – which I think the voters also said this week. I certainly hope Jessica and Joshua get the chance to do their own thing. So, don’t speak for me, Jaxguy – you have no idea what I think.

        • Will says:

          I keep seeing you pop up and saying that Jessica mumbles, but I have yet to hear her mumble. I have fully understood her in every one of her performances. Care to site your sources with timestamps?

          • HudsonRiverside says:

            Just listened to Stuttering on youtube and Jessica never mumbled once. And as for connecting with her emotionally, she definitely does for me. So do Josh and Elise. Trio has provided some of the most electrifying performances in the history of Idol. I do believe the trio of Joshua, Jessica and Elise who possess the widest range and vocal technique do not connect with an audience who are used to karaoke and expect them to tear up or lose themselves in a song when the three are actually trying very difficult runs. If the three acted silly on stage, stayed mid range with one or two high notes, and picked top ten songs to cover it would be a formula for success. The only crucial ingredient missing is that none are WGWG.

          • chistosa says:

            Sorry HudsonRiverside but I disagree with your WGWG statement. I keep reading and hearing about how hard it is for a female to win Idol. I am a female in the targeted age demographic. Last year I voted for Haley because I liked her but I also liked Scotty. He connected with me in some way and made me want to watch him. I am not a country music fan. This year I have voted for Elise because I think she is someone I would want to see in concert. I feel the same with Joshua. I am beginning to feel that way about Colton who seems to be growing as a professional. I would be happy if any of those three won. I don’t vote for a “cute” guy nor do I vote female just to make a statement. I vote for whom I would go see in concert. So give the female voters more credit. Maybe they vote male for reasons that are not gender biased.

        • junebug says:

          I’m 43 and I would never buy a Jessica or Joshua album. This “old lady” likes to rock.

        • Leila says:

          Joshua Ledet is the only one with real star power this year. Like you said, musical taste varies, but if you know what it takes to be big int he industry you’d be betting on this young man, regardless if he wins the show.

      • Layla says:

        Thank you @Sam ! She’s obviously connected with many of the past Idol winners and industry mentors so they must all have no clue either.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        They’re good looking boys.

      • MusicGrrrl says:

        A lot of us connect with Hollie and Phil. They’re the two favorites in our family which ranges in age from early 20’s to mid 40’s and contain both male and female voters. As a matter of fact, the guys like Phil’s performances just slightly more than Hollie’s and the females like Hollie a little more. And there isn’t a teen in the family.

      • Lisa B says:

        This is what I like about American Idol… you don’t connect to Philip and I do. It’s totally subjective. From my perspective, he leaves everything out there on the stage in most performances, and his passion for music just oozes from him. I also find his personality charming and completely authentic. As I said in another comment, Jessica seems like a nice girl, but she’s been “trained” since she was 4 years old!!! In many ways she’s very immature, and it’s not hard to picture her singing into her hairbrush in front of her mirror. I actually feel kind of sad for her, because she’s definitely going to get a record deal out of this, and she’s going to be pushed and prodded like a trained seal… and is any 16-year-old really ready for that?

      • Noelbelle says:

        I’m assuming Sam, that you are a guy, because there’s something inherently sexual about Phillip that women respond to. When it comes to lady votes, I’d say the teen girls are going to go for non-threatening Colton, and the women are going to go for Phillip. I don’t know why anyone’s connected to Hollie other than that she seems so young and earnest, like she’s really trying to get it right for everyone. I get why people aren’t connecting to Jessica. She’s a great singer, but there’s something about her performances that I personally don’t connect to — something that feels artificial.

    • takakupo says:

      Seriously! People who think that Philip Philips or Colton Dixon, two extremely straight men who appeal to every demographic in America and have since the beginning of idol, were somehow in the bottom and the producers just didn’t want to say something are in extreme denial. Elise’s performance was lacking last night, Joshua’s wasn’t modern and Jessica got screwed by fear, sexism and lax voters. In my opinion, she had the 2nd best performance, only beat by Skylar who was brilliant. In 3rd was Hollie who sang exactly what she needed to sing in a brilliant way (no way was Michael’s presentation of her performance correct) and then got bussed by the judges. Today’s results were very logical if you look at the history of the show.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      That was wild….and fun….and Jlo jumping up for the save!

    • sam says:

      what you guys fail to understand is that EVERYONE knew that hollie was the one in trouble, yet she sang great last night and the judges unfairly threw her under the bus. The judges praised joshua — it’s the whole Pia thing — you think that someone is safe and therefore don’t vote for them. This is the very reason why deandre nor any of the others should have been saved until this moment. What sucks is that there is gonna be a huge frenzy next week on voting since two will be going home next week. This is a great top 7 and sorry whoever has the most intense fans are gonna win out in the end.

      • Sandiegocat says:

        Yes, Hollie did a great job last night, but the judges gave her the goodbye remarks. (I’m glad you made it this far.). They didn’t seem to even want to try to appreciate her beautiful and understated performance of Perfect.

      • Andy J says:

        If it makes you feel better I’m sure only one will be going home next week due to the double elimination of Jermaine and Shannon. Otherwise the show will wrap up one week early.

      • C says:

        Two will NOT be going home next week. Because of the Jermaine incident at the start of the season, they are a contestant short and can’t fill out their full number of shows unless the save was used and then only ONE contestant went home the following week. The week where TWO contestants left has already happened. (Jermaine and Jeremy back in week one.)

    • Chris says:

      sorry but I personally find it much easier to connect to someone like Josh (and I’m a 30 something white woman) than Phillip-who comes across as a bit smug and lacking personality.

      • Bytes says:

        Ur 30 ur man i believe ur not married so yes u can connect with phil… am i…hehehe

        • Ann says:

          Phil stinks and can’t hit the right notes when he sings. Colton is just a wannabe pretty boy “rocker” who isn’t as good as people think he is. Hollie should have gone home because she has stunk all season long and sending her home on the one week that she did a decent performance would have been a good send-off for her. As I have predicted from the first night of the top 12…Colton and Phil will be the last two contestants remaining because they’re both cute, white boys that tweens love.

      • Leila says:

        Joshua feels every note he sings. He’s versatile and performs well both balads and uptempo. Phil is a one-trick pony with a gravelly voice that has never, once, given the “goosies” to anyone. Everyone else in the show has had their big moment, except smug Phil. No wonder he’s Vote for the Worst’s pick.

    • Nephtalia says:

      I voted for Hollie for the first time last night! She sung ‘mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood’ last night! Then right after, she got ‘mistreated, misplaced and misunderstood’. And for people to think she will be at the bottom 3. Then people have no idea of the ‘American minds’. I would have bet money that she was not going to go today! I am a Skylar fan! Skylar is the most lovable girl ever! I was a Pia fan last year! Her journey on Idol made me realize! Idol is not just a technical/vocal contest! You’ve got to touch people’s heart! I have to want to make you the next star to pick up the phone and vote! Being bland, cold, boring and arrogant would not make you the next American Idol! I vote at least 500 times each night for my favorites! But you got to give me a reason to be so passionate! Jessica, I am sorry, looks like the girl that would not stop to sign an autograph if she see me on the street! So no, I would never vote for her!

    • BostonBuddha says:

      I think the real reason for mediocre white male singers continually getting far more votes than they deserve is Idol’s unlimited voting system. If they limited a person’s votes to ten per contestant each week, the outcome would be fairer. The only people who have the time and interest in voting nonstop for 2 hours each week are young women in their teens and twenties — and they tend to vote for cute white males.

      But one of Idol’s key sponsor is AT&T (who benefits financially by Idol’s unlimited voting system because they sell cheap cell phones and cell phone plans that enable voters to group their votes, so that each time they press a button to send in a vote, they are sending in not one but ten votes). Using AT&T phones, one voter can cast thousands of votes in two hours.

      This is such an unfair system of voting — no wonder no woman had won Idol in years (particularly since this “grouping” feature on AT&T phones didn’t exist years ago).

      Viewers and writers like Michael should demand that Idol restrict voting to ten per contestant.

      • Jen says:

        Thank you for explaining that. I was wondering why on earth they hadn’t changed the voting system after year after year of WGWG’s winning. Girls shouldn’t even bother to audition for this show anymore. The judges are a disgrace as well. Why on earth Randy Jackson still has a job is beyond me. When you compare these 3 gasbags to the judges on the Voice….who give thoughtful, helpful constructive insights (and no one boos them btw)…..well there is just no comparison.

        • Sheri says:

          Randy said we should vote for the best voice. The show is American Idol not The Voice. So realistically we’re supposed to find the next “Idol”. This show is so out of tune, don’t know why any female would even bother with this show. Try the X-Factor, at least a female won that. Loved your gasbags comment–right on Jen.
          Also need to know why the show starts with please welcome your judges and the 3 gasbags walk out like some kind of royalty.

          • Jen says:

            I know right??! Ridiculous!!!! It’s so JLo can show us what outfit she has poured herself into each week.

      • Corina says:

        Oh my gosh, Boston, you are SO right! You are EXACTLY right, the voting system is off and AT&T profits off of it!

        As for my opinion, Colton is a one-trick pony….Phillip is cute but boring with a very limited vocal range. Joshua is exciting, vocally diverse, the predictable vocal grating is fine, but he’s no Idol. Hollie is cute and has great talent, but has no personality. Elise is just OK, but NO Idol. Skylar has got lots of personality and a great voice, but she eally seems like she has to force her upper range…she’s a maybe. For my vote, Jessica has it all…fabulous, effortless voice, young, cute and powerful vocals. Since this is supposed to be a singing competition, I believe SHE should win. I was an undefeated female vocalist for seven weeks in a row on “Star Search” back in the ’80’s

  2. katie says:

    “I’m not sure if what went down tonight was 100 percent organic. . .” Are you suggesting the bottom 3 was not actually the bottom 3? Because I could kind of believe that.

    • PFitzDC says:

      I think Slezak meant that the judges probably knew all along who was in the Bottom 3.

      Yes, it’s a travesty, but is it really that big a surprise to people? People vote for their favorites, even if they have an off night…At this point, there is no obvious weak link….

      • Jake says:

        I totally buy the Bottom 3–first of all, Joshua and Elise have already been in the Bottom 3 before…Joshua and Elise read older to me (not who teen girls would vote for) and their personality is not coming across or a bit negative…Jessica also seems to be void of a personality and seems like Pia 2.0–great vocalist that missteps with faster/poppier songs…she sings brilliant but picked an obscure song while Hollie picked something everyone knows…I have to believe the teen girls who are not voting for the boys are probably connecting stronger to Skylar…will 2 be voted off next week? if thats the case, things look bleak for Elise, who will not benefit from sympathy that Jessica gets this week

        • chistosa says:

          Joshua just celebrated his 20th birthday this week. How is that older? Jessica is like a Stepford child. Always the politically correct response, always the gratitude for advice, always doing the right thing but she does not portray any genuine emotion or feeling. I believe that is why people are not moved to pick up the phone.

          • ThemApples says:

            Yup. Well said.

          • Eolra says:

            I think by “read older” PFitzDC meant that they have a more mature performance style, not that he actually is older. It’s an “old soul” kind of vibe, rather than a pop-tart vibe.

          • Girlie says:

            Yes…I agree 100%. Jessica seems cold as a stone to me…not feeling her at all.

          • john says:

            @chistosa you’re so envy about jessica’s power vocals….. aren’t you? i guess you cant even sing lol!!!

        • Cip says:

          tell me how Joshua’s personality comes across as negative?. he’s been nothing but humble, sweet and appreciative of his experience.

        • Jaxguy says:

          What the hell does devoid of personality mean? thats BS

          • Tarc says:

            I’d agree – she doesnt’ show much personality. Then again, Hollie is almost dead on stage (but quite personable when not performing).

          • Suggestor says:

            TV audiences are raised on drama and over the top personalities, especially when it pertains to reality shows. So Jessica does not have a tragic suicide story, her family is very supportive and she isn’t a gregarious party girl. She’s a student of voice, performance and immerses herself in that world. People are desperately trying to find that hook to make them ” connect” with their lack of empathy towards her type of persona: A studious person. For tv it is ” boring”, if they imagine her as a “cold mean girl” then it helps them like the storyline they made up in their heads. However, many would love that type of endearing quiet shy charm and work ethic coming from people they personally know. Just not on their tv sets. All evidence including the tweets her fellow idols posted about Jessica as thier “lil nice but quiet sis” after the show are conveniently cast aside. They don’t want to hear that even from the very idols they favor.Jessica’s only fault is that she trusted her talent and hard work was enough. The rest of the day she can be just like most girls and shop and not have to think of building up her backstage persona. I disagreed when Tommy H. Was saying the idols had to dress the same off stage. That was ridiculous, and is what’s wrong with the in flux of pseudo celebs who TRULY connect with America right now… REAlL HOUSEWiVES, JERSEY SHORE, SURVIVOR, etc. I find Jessica not being able to connect with mainstream AI audiences a true badge of honor. She’s the real revel, she’s truer than the facade we’ve been fed the past ten years. She actuallymjust wants us to listen to her sing on stage. As far as her not emoting on stage, that’s completely counter to what every Idol mentor have said, the various singers who have publicly stated their love for her singing and most of the former Idols themselves. They know what ittakes and how to emote for the crowd. This was a week when Jessica’s fans let her down, they were complacent. If in the end the audience wants another idol, that’s perfectly fine but please let’s not attack this girl with uncalled for comments. I’ve seen similar fantasies said about Hollie, Philip and Elise it’s really what’s ugly and distasteful about the sort of viewers who watch this show. Rant over.

          • Marsaili says:

            I don’t know what the heck you are talking about—Idol is the ONLY reality show I watch, I don’t want any crap TV. Your analysis is long winded and just plain wrong—it has NOTHING to do with her being quiet or studious. She doesn’t CONNECT to the songs she sings, so she doesn’t CONNECT to much of the audience. Sure, people can get past that and just be enamored of her awesome voice—but if a singer doesn’t FEEL the song, then I don’t feel it. Which is why I tend to like people more like Elise and Phillip and Haley and Casey—you KNOW they are feeling the song. Jessica has a wonderful, perfect voice—but she sings the songs exactly the same as the originals, injecting none of herself into the song. Numerous stars and industry experts have come out and said Phillip is all that, too—but there are plenty of people who can’t see why and when they are reminded of this fact they resort to insults like—“they must be deaf, or who listens to someone like that” but it’s been the same people that like Jessica in many instances. Music is subjective—what I like, you may not and vice versa—your long-winded rant doesn’t describe any of the people here that I have heard state that they don’t connect to Jessica—get used to the fact not everyone is going to like what you like—there is not long explanation—it’s just how it is. Jessica is a wonderful little girl—but she needs to learn to stop mimicking her idols and put herself into any song she sings—-once she does that she will reach a much larger audience!

          • nikkiqm says:

            Marsaili the idea that she does not CONNECT which has been thrown around a million times on this forum is your Opinion. For me and plenty of others she does connect. It’s subjective. Secondly you haven’t said it possibly but many others have attacked her personality and saying she’s too shy or too quiet or seems like a diva etc. Why?!? Does anyone personally know her … No. That’s all just an assumption. Also I’ve seen people bash her for lack of personality and being shy but saying that this same quality in Phil is charming or endearing. Talk about a one sided way of thinking.

          • Marsaili says:

            I said it was subjective—and for me and plenty of others on this forum she doesn’t connect and enough people outside of this forum because Jessica was voted off on Thursday–not just in the bottom 3, she was voted off. Now we can all speculate as to why but the facts are,without the save she would be gone. Honestly, I don’t know where anyone is getting the “diva” business—that little girl seems far from a diva to me—from what I’ve seen of her. She is shy and quiet—her fellow contestants even say so. Phillip is quiet, I wouldn’t call him shy, I’d say he’s more contemplative but he’s also immensely goofy as we’ve seen time and time again. He hasn’t had to opportunities to be silly like he was when his buddy HeeJun was around–but people are also calling him arrogant and egotisical because they misunderstand him as well. The FACTS are that none of us know these kids from Adam—all we have to go on is some snippets here and there and when they sing. When Phillip, Joshua, Elise, Skylar and Colton sing—even Hollie at times, I get my equivalent of “goosies” a lot of the time. I only got those from Jessica once—when she sang “I Will Always Love You” and I think it was probably more because I was still sad because Whitney had just died and I loved her version of the song (which is EXACTLY what Jessica sang—-all Whitney—no Jessica—and I just listened to her studio version earlier and it’s the same way) Other than that—i’ve had moments where I was impressed with her vocals and the clear beauty of her voice–other than that its cold to me—an imitation, not a real thing. I WANT to hear JESSICA, not Jessica mimicking Whitney or Beyonce’ or anyone else.

          • Suggestor says:

            I like how you disagreed with me but totally prove my point in the long run. I said the same thing happens to Philip. You have selective memory if you forgot how people jumped on his case about what they incorrectly perceived as arrogance and smugness. So by your logic you agree with thse people or just because they MIGHT be fans of other idols they are wrong? If you buy into people seeing the truth then you have to buy into it all. I disagree with your constant and I do mean constant crits on Jessica’s “connection” to songs. You tried the mumbling thing and people saw through that. You may not see the emotions in Jessica’s voice but you’ve basically posted that here numerous times. So mlet’s stop with the personal attack of being “longwinded”, try stringing your countess comments of the same thing over and over again. I mean, you don’t believe people can’t see they wouldn’t fill up a page all by themselves? Get real.

          • Suggestor says:

            Btw my reply was to Marsaili as well. His (or her) answer sounds like he’s the ONLY one I was refering to in the first place and I was refering to many others here who HAVE said those unfair things about ALL the idols. His response appeared like it was a personal response to him which was not until he responded directly to mine.

          • Marsaili says:

            Gosh, you haven’t seen me state that I am a 46 year old housewife/mother of 6? :-)

          • Marsaili says:

            I do agree that people need to stop with the personal attacks—plenty of people here go around calling people names if they don’t like Jessica, MANY posters denigrate all the contestants that they don’t like. It’s like listening to a bunch of middle schoolers—it’s ridiculous and mean. I may not like one contestant as much as another but I have said from the very beginning that ALL these kids are immensely talented and great at what they do and deserve respect for their talents, regardless of whether they manage to connect to me or not. And you and Nikki need to come to grips with the fact that PLENTY of people on this forum have stated that Jessica does not connect to them or her songs. I am not the only one. And I always have nice things to say about her otherwise—so go yell at someone who is being a jerk with their opinion because it isn’t me.

          • Suggestor says:

            I was not refering to just the songs if you read my post. Btw, I vote for Philip and Jessica because in my eyes they have a perspective to the competition I personally enjoy. They go on and sing and do not play to the camera off screen. I also liked that Philip personally vouched for Jessica on twitter being “quiet but nice” yesterday. He didn’t have to do that. I think theyare probably both quiet and reserved. So please, try not lumping everyone and take your own advice.

          • Marsaili says:

            Sorry, I was more replying to Nikki rather than you–but I responded to both of you in my reply—very confusing!

          • Suggestor says:

            Apologies, your identity is duly noted. :)

    • I remember last year, Jennifer gave Pia Toscano the same kind of line that she did to Jessica last night, that she has to amp up her performances and then the next night Pia was eliminated. It’s just interesting to note. I thought Jessica had voters because she is a teen, just like a lot of voters, but guess not. Guess those all go to Phillip and Colton. I don’t know about the producers manipulating anything, or making this happen so people would get on the Jessica train, but it does indicate that Jessica and Joshua aren’t connecting to the main core of voters. Elise is just in trouble every week. That’s just a given now.

      • Templar says:

        No one was going home tonight regardless of the voting. This was so staged, so manipulative and so poorly executed it’s laughable. FOUL!

        • sam says:

          and who did you vote for exactly?

        • C says:

          I agree. The judges have to use the save this year to fill out the schedule, since they lost Jermaine early. If they waited till next week to use it, everyone would know ahead of time that “it doesn’t matter how I do this week; they have to use the save and this is their last night to do that”. This was the only way they could have ANY suspense left for the save at all. Plus, it shook the Jessica voters out of their complacency, so Idol’s one to gets more votes again.

    • Princess Adora says:

      I think there’s something to that as well. As that show ended I had an overwhelming feeling that I just saw something that was completely scripted. I don’t know if that means the bottom 3 we were given were not in fact the bottom 3, or if maybe the judges and Ryan were in on the results. It just all felt very inauthentic. Except Jessica’s reaction (and Phillip’s – his face made me laugh), she looked so shaken before AND after the save. Poor thing :(

  3. –I know they saved Jessica but she is in serious trouble. Other than 1 time in Season 3, no American Idol winner has EVER won the show after being in Bottom 3, and obviously no Idol winner has ever got eliminated to then have to get saved. Jessica might be saved this week, but unless she finds a ton of fans somewhere and people realize how special she really is, then she could be in danger every week going forward.
    –Also love Steven Tyler keeping up the suspense. HAHA. Before Ryan even announced who was Bottom 2 he announced they were using the Save. Don’t they know better than to go to Steven for witty/smart commentary. Guess not.

    • Shana says:

      Steven’s comment was hilarious but refreshing at the same time. Glad he’s not just spouting off whatever Uncle Nigel is telling him to, like the other two. You can always count on Steven to be unintentionally honest

      • TheBeach says:

        I’m sure the paramedics were administering CPR on NIgel after Steven blurted that out. Too funny!

      • Rick says:

        He’s still a total douche. The only thing he could say to Hollie is you looked good, idiot! Do another line bro, Can someone please tell me how Randy Jackson still has a job? I just so hate this set of judges.

      • davej says:

        I find it hilarious that the judges think that America got it wrong. Hey judges, we think your comments have been scripted, fake, and wrong all year!!!!!!!!

        Every time JLo looks down at her notes before making a comment, I cringe. Simon was great and honest on this show, but he has become a cheerleader and a sell out for the people he mentors on X-Factor. Hopefully, Jimmy Iovine will be made a judge next year and he has a clause in his contract that nobody gets to tell him what to say.

        • ejones says:

          The pitch invasion is likely to do Jessica more harm than if it had been a straight forward save. It was Randy shouting out something like ‘America you should be voting for the best’ that bugged me. A bit rich coming from the judge who tried to undermine Haley, who even he must have known was the class act of season 10, at every turn. Now in season 11 Haley is getting silent praise with the introduction of the formal duets in an attempt to reproduce her ‘Moaning’ magic moment. Unfortunately none of the singers have that something extra that Haley brings to duets.

    • Chris says:

      Um….Kris was in the B3 and he won.

      • Tim says:

        He was in the B3 I believe when there were 5 left, which means he was probably 3rd in the voting. Not the same thing.

      • claire says:

        It’s not the same thing. Jessica, if they didn’t use the save/didn’t have it to use, would have been voted off. Being in the bottom 3 doesn’t mean you’re voted off. Haley Reinhart saw the bottom 3 a few times, and she made it to the top 3. But she was never voted off like Jessica.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I think this will wake up her fans who may have thought her easily safe and she may be easily safe next week. But yeah I think this means she is doomed in the end. She almost certainly will not win. Elise is sadly in a world of trouble I fear.

      The whole thing is odd though, dial idol had the bottom correct except for Joshua vs Colton which means Colton may not be as strong as thought. So wow who has not been bottom three? Philip? Colton? Colton was perhaps close this week though? So Philip is still leading it all?

      Country set will rally for Skylar she is top two with??

    • Bobbi says:

      I saw it differently. I think Steven Tyler gave a big F’ U to the AI producers for trying to create this contrivance. Really think Hollie got MORE votes than Elise, Joshua and Jessica? So Steven was like screw that noise because the audience can see right thru it and I’m gonna spoil it. He was having none of it. This was wrong. Not just for the save schtick the judges must now go thru, but how it screws with the contestant’s minds for ratings. Elise, Joshua and Jessica all deserve better – all three pour their young hearts out for ths show (as well as the other contestants). What were they doing with Skylar’s mind having her choose sides? Thank god that girl was raised right!

      • chistosa says:

        Hollie was in the top 3 on Dialidol which has no affilitation with the powers that be. So while I do not understand it at all, I do believe that Hollie got more votes than Elise.

        • TheBeach says:

          It could be that Randy&Co driving that big ole bus over Hollie week after week backfired on them and got Hollie a bunch of F.U. votes.

          • Ren says:

            I agree that Hollie got the sympathy votes, but I don’t agree that she is the worst singer left. I voted for Hollie although I thought Jessica was better Weds. night. I thought Jessica didn’t need my vote. Hollie is a great singer, but the judges have taken her mojo away. They did the same thing to Siobhan Magnus in Season 9. Hollie is the type you want to rescue, she seems so fragile but very talented. Skylar was great on her solo performance; esp., when you compare her to Kellie Pickler, but when she sang a Kelly Clarkson she was ghastly. Stop underrating Hollie — with confidence, she’s great. BTW, Philip has charisma and is good looking enough to be a movie star. He is reminiscent of Paul Newman with those eyes, females are voting for him like crazy.
            I do think the producers manipulated the show and Jessica wasn’t the one with the least amount of votes, Elise was.

      • TheBeach says:

        Ryan pulls that same shtick every year (trying to get the remaining one to pick a side) and it has really become tired. I think only one contestant actually fell for it and that was years ago. I’m sure all these contestants have seen him do this over and over and knew enough to take a pass.

        • Angela says:

          I know, WHY does he keep doing that? In all the years of “Idol”, every time a contestant has been asked to do that they’ve reacted with an emphatic, “NO!”, so seriously, let’s just stop that now.
          The only surprise tonight was with whom the bottom 3 were. I expected Elise would be there, but wasn’t expecting Joshua and Jessica to be there. But I’m not at all surprised with them using the save, and I thought the judges coming up on stage all protesting was really bizarrely done. If this show isn’t staged, that whole bit with the judges’ reactions could’ve fooled me, and if it is staged, try and make it a little less obvious. Meh. Anywho, be interesting to see what happens here on out, then.

          • derek says:

            The first year they did it, I think George Huff chose the wrong side (JHud’s departure). Adam Lambert also had a decision but they didn’t tell him he was in the bottom and asked to choose the side he thought he was on so he ended up choosing wrong. Taylor Hicks also chose a side (he shook a competitor’s hand and then cross over) causing Ryan to say, “I’m sorry but you are…..right” (or something like that)..

            But yes, most of the time, the contestant just says no. (Bo, Melinda, David A.)

      • Shana says:

        I recall David Archuleta and Melinda opting to sit down on the floor when Ryan asked them to choose in their resepctive seasons. When is he going to realize that the contestants aren’t going to choose. ugh

        • junebug says:

          Exactly what I thought last night. I even told my daughter, “watch, they’re gonna make Skylar choose which group.” Sure enough. What a “shock”.

        • Leila says:

          Adam Lambert chose a group and it turned out they were the bottom 3…

      • Jaxguy says:

        In my opinion the 3 best from last night. I have years of listening to draw on and they are in the bottom 3. As always in AI land AMERICA always, gets, it, wrong! IT looks like they will again this year. This will be my last season watching.

        • Tarc says:

          The problem being, they don’t get it wrong. It is what it is – a vehicle to show commercials. The fact that some kids get some facetime to try and further their careers (and at least one gets a record contract – which might not be a good thing at all) is simply a side effect. The ones with the ability to get good enough material and have a bit of luck succeed – regardless of their elimination spot.

        • Sue says:

          No one cares if a whiner quits watching.

          • kaodai says:

            Sue, everyone is entitled to their opinions. That doesn’t make them whiners, because if so, everybody on this site is a whiner… including you.

            I really don’t understand people like you who can’t discuss their opinions in a civil and adult way.

        • chistosa says:

          America doesn’t get it wrong. They vote for whom they will support economically buying records and going to concerts. They vote for who pleases them. It is rarely the best vocalist in the pack. But being the best singer does not make the public like you. So the ones that win are the ones the public likes. In that respect, there is no wrong or right. At least SYTYCD changed their first season thought they America was voting for the best dancer to the winner being America’s favorite dancer. And that is the same for Idol. People vote their favorites.

          • Exactly! People vote for their FAVORITES – NOT who they think is the best singer. This is NOT a singing competition. Popularity always plays a role. Just like it does in everything else in life. Don’t you remember high school elections and they told you to vote for who would do the best job (and, of course, no one did)? It was always the most popular who got elected to be school president. Same here.

            I, personally, don’t believe I’ll buy anyone’s music this year. That is unusual for me. Last year, I bought every song Haley sang. The year before, I bought every one of Crystal’s. And the year before, I bought Adam’s. No one is moving me to purchase their songs. But I’ve been voting for Skylar. I think she’s a great singer, but I also adore her personality. She makes me smile. So, for me, I’d like to see her go all the way to the end because I’d miss her if she was gone.

          • Suggestor says:

            People buy into their favorites but how much do we really know about their other interests besides what Idol edits for you? How did they become your favorite? Remember if we went solely by how Idol edits the shows, most of these final seven were barely covered in the early audition rounds. We’d all be saying many of the other long gone contestants connected with us much more. So how much is Idol filming and editing to spoon feed us? I look at some of the after show clips and they only show parts of some idol’s answers. Why do we like a contestant over another? By what we are shown and how their personality is spun for the audience. Of course that’s what most viewers are there for every week anyway, SHOW us more of so and so behindthe scenes, the singing is secondary. This is a reality show sandwich first and we all get to take a bite. The AI producers are the ones who tell us what’s available on the menu. They’re the ones slicing and dicing these kids into how they want us pereive them.

      • Louis says:

        To think that the voting was rigged is ridiculous. If it ever got out that the results were fabricated, then the show loses all its credibility and get cancelled. Remember the game show scandal in the 50’s? These shows are not rigged and to think it might be is assinine. Hollie got saved because she has an incredible fan base. Do you go on Twitter? Fans went crazy to vote after judges dissed her. Makes perfect sense.

        • millie says:

          I agree somewhat Louis. Besides the fact that they’d lose their show, every single contestant from every single year could sue the pants off of them. But I think they can screw around when it comes to bottom 3, as long as they’re correct with who has the lowest vote and goes home.
          I’m not going to say anything about the singers because we all have our favorites and that’s a good thing. But please, I am so tired of and disgusted with the “judges” that I’m finding the show hard to take. Everywhere you see comments that people just want qualified judges giving honest critiques and let the chips fall…. That’s why so many viewers have gone over to The Voice instead. What AI thought would be a riveting script last night was insulting to their viewers and the other contestants. I believe Randy and perhaps JLo as much as called anyone who didn’t vote for Jessica, stupid. So now I can’t like who I like, I must like who they like, or be stupid. And that fawning over Jessica, well it certainly won’t help her. If they could have, they would have crowned her last night. And although not her fault, it did not go over well. And it seemed to me they threw the other contestants right under the bus.

          • Templar says:

            ITA However, I believe that the judges’ contracts stipulate that they must push Nigel’s and Jimmy’s agendas of whom they are to praise or denigrate. That’s the adjustable ethics they must bring to the show to earn their massive paychecks.

    • Nicole says:

      Ruben Studdard of Season 2 was in the bottom 2 before and he won.

    • tg says:

      Reuben Studdard was in the bottom 2 once and he won.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah, Jessica has so much work to do. TBH, I think she comes off like a bit of a “mean girl” bitch. I personally don’t like her. Personality is important in a show like this. That’s why Skylar may not have the vocal ability like Jessica has but I think she’ll definitely go farther.

      • Layla says:

        If you follow Jessica on Twitter you’ll know that many of the ousted contestants from Bailey, Candice etc. just find her sweet and are very protective of her so nothing could be further from the truth.

        • Nephtalia says:

          I follow her on Twitter too and everyone else! She still comes off as a ‘mean girl’ b**tch!

          • Bobbi says:

            Cite some examples because I was just on twitter and found nothing that states she is a mean girl at all, entirely the opposite!

          • RandomBlahBlah says:

            Maybe it’s because Jessica’s skinny and classy. Bitches love to hate on their same kind. Just saying.

      • Jaxguy says:

        that is among the stupid things that have been posted here tonight. Are you in a coma? The girl is a brilliant vocalist and thus probably too good to win this crap anyway.

        • Mark says:

          Um, I said she has a great vocal ability? What are you talking about? I just don’t like her personality whatsoever.

      • Shaun says:

        Pia and Jessica share a quietness which people think makes them shy or not outgoing enough.American voters can’t be counted on to vote the right way most times(Thanks for Obama :)).

        • Leila says:

          No, thanks for 8 years of Bush that drove this country to the ground and sent us to an unnecessary war in Iraq. Back to Idol now.

        • chistosa says:

          Pia and Jessica share something but I don’t define it as quietness. It is lack of emotion. They are not pleasurable to watch. Great vocalists but not amazing performers.

      • Pal says:

        I find her personality a bit bland too but I find the people who are calling her names just ridiculous. They’ve made up their minds that she’s the meanest girl contestant but in fairness to Jessica, I’ve never heard her cuss or diss the other contestants so I find the extra hate unnecessary.

      • kaodai says:

        IMHO, it’s not that Jessica comes off as a mean girl. It’s more that she seems fake. Her answers, her reactions appear calculated. It’s like she puts on a mask. She’s the opposite of Skylar who seems so authentic (and no, not because she’s a country girl).

        It’s too bad because I really loved Jessica at first. Nonetheless, I have to say that she’s crazy talented and she’ll probably have a good career in the future, whether she wins this competition or not.

        • Jenay says:

          Agreed. Her comments come off like a beauty contestant and she says what she thinks the audience wants to hear and you just don’t see the feeling behind it. Music tastes are very personal and they are all good singers at the point. Randy telling us we are stupid for how we voted is not going to help Jessica or Joshua. The favoritism is only going to hurt them.

          • Tansy says:

            IMO What you are seeing is a nice girl programmed by a stage parent to behave that way. Think the teen version of Toddlers & Tiaras. Thia and David A are 2 more examples. Nice kids manipulated by ambitious parents. They may sing very well, but they don’t connect emotionally because that can’t be taught.

          • Bobbi says:

            Disagree. A groomed beauty contestant would have little precocious asides, and well constructed answers. Jessica actually answers more like most young but reserved kids do, often with a one word exclamation like “Amazing!”, she likes to shop and then she gushes about her music heroes. Of course, others find that boring because she says she sings to boxes. She has no cutter story, or the time she ran away from home. Yawn, not entertaining or Real World Housewives enough. I like that Hollie, Skylar and Jessica seem to be their own personalities without any drama. Just different and nice. None of them appear pageantryat all. Imagine if some of the REAL trainwrecks and showbiz personality types we saw inte auditions made it into the top 13! No thanks, give me these three roomies any day.

        • kaodai says:

          Oh I forgot to say something. It was really laughable the way Jessica said TWICE that she worked hard all her life. It was really funny, because:
          1. she’s 16
          2. she should tell that to children in Indonesia or Cambodge who work… for real.

          • Bobbi says:

            Why should she? Are they working hard at singing? Don’t try to put too much meaning to what a 16 year old’s context in a stressful situation. One can also work hard in the context of their chosen field. She never said others did not work hard and in fact had long ago complimented all the other contestants on their drive and work ethics. Skylar was just on twitter upset that people were picking on one image of her stating she was angry at the save when in reality she is one of Jessica’s supporters, friends and roomie. Anyone on that top seven worked hard that’s what all the other 90,0000 rejected contestants may have overlooked.

    • HAL says:

      Ruben and Kris were each bottom 3.

    • Tc says:

      I believe Jordin Sparks was in the bottom 3 before she won the whole thing

  4. The ability to vote internationally via the facebook app stopped working last night…maybe thats why jessica was eliminated.

    • abfidy says:

      Ooooooo that’s a FASCINATING development. Sabotage so that they could use the save? Or is that too nefarious even for Idol?

    • you can vote internationally through facebook? I did not know this…

    • Holly says:

      That is interesting. Maybe all the British folks voting their butts off for Hollie managed to break the system!

    • Tarc says:

      If that was the case, then one has to ask if Jessica, should she win, would actually be the AMERICAN Idol.

      • Layla says:

        Yes, because Jessica she is an AMERICAN whose father served in the US armed forces in Iraq. It’s not called, “America’S Idol”

        • Tarc says:

          Actually that is,in fact implied, then proven out by the myriad of Idol shows for most other Western nations. I have no doubts that Jessica IS American, but votes should be limited to the US and territories.

        • Joy says:

          If the name means that the winner has to be American, then why have they had non-American contestants in past seasons? The implication has always been that it’s the idol of the American audience, regardless of that person’s nationality. I can’t actually imagine that international voting has that much impact, though. Facebook votes are limited in number, so you’d need an awful lot of heavily invested international viewers to outweigh the masses of power-texters here in the US.

          • Layla says:

            And the time difference for voting in the Philippines would have people doing it in the ridiculous wee hours of the night. If we have that standard for Jessica then Hollie’s overseas vote would also fall into the same category even though the time difference is not as bad. Unless we are implying Jessica’s vote are coming from Mexico and Canada? Doesn’t make sense.

  5. Ana Muti says:

    That smashing of glass you heard around the world is the colletive sound of glasses/cups/channel changers going through flatscreen TV’s.
    That bottom three was the worst in the history of worst, and I will NOT watch another moment until the producers change the voting system!!
    ONE PERSON ONE VOTE! Com’on, it’s possible in this day and age isn’t it?

    • ali427 says:

      This bottom 3 was tied for the worst–remember the ridiculous trio of Fantasia, JHud, and LaToya London?

      • FreeHaley says:

        forgot about that one but yeah this was tied with that for insanely awful

      • Tarc says:

        It wasn’t that strange. Teen girls elevated Phillip and Colton and Skylar was awesome. All three are current. Hollie probably got the Vote For The Worst crew. Joshua, who finally sang a song in a way his voice didn’t irritate me was next. People haven’t warmed to Elise (though she’s awesome). And Jessica is a little robotic and mumbles. It’s not that odd.

        • TheBeach says:

          P2 is VFTW’s latest pick, not Hollie.

          • Tarc says:

            Ah, well, that’s why I never pay attention to VFTW (and frankly, I can’t be bothered to even verify that). Hollie was by miles the worst. Regardless, Colton and P2 will be the record sellers of this bunch.

    • Jaxguy says:

      one of the best posts of the night. YOU ARE SO right. THE WORST Bottom 3 in IDOL history.

  6. Sam says:

    This. Wasn’t. Real. They obviously tampered with the results. If Jessica went home tonight, America could have screamed bloody murder for a recount. She didn’t. And they won’t.

    For the last three years, the judges have used the save on people who probably should have gone anyway. Mike, Casey, and Matt were all fine singers, but none of them had a prayer of making the finale. This time they needed a big save, a headline grabbing save, and she was the way to go.

    • Lizabeth says:

      AGREE! That was the most contrived episode of reality I have seen in a while, and that is coming from someone who watched this last season of The Bachelor!

      • Lizabeth says:

        *reality tv

      • forrest says:

        so IF the proceedings were on the up and up – this justifies “the save” for future seasons. I love Stevens honesty that the bottom 3 didn’t deserve to be there or anyone to go home. Only 1 goes home next week. Hollie will be crucified by the judges before she ever sings a note. Praise and directing the audience will follow Jessica through the remainder of the competition. …just waiting for Jessica to be voted off next week…..just sayin’ Randy…it’s gonna happen.

        • Sandy says:

          I think thats how Hollie got thru…people voted for her because the judges are trying to set her up for failure. It hacks me off because she actually sang well last night and did not get good reviews. Someone has to go home but it is not up to the judges to tell us who to vote for. Still I never thought Jessica would be the one to go home.

        • Gerit says:

          that will not happen you jerk!

      • Me says:

        Ha Ha! This last season of The Bachelor was comical, nothing if not contrived (then again, aren’t they all really ;-/) But, I digress…. I’m not as suspicious of the AI judges/voting results as many are. I don’t believe the show is “fixed” or influenced by the producers because I would think the producers would see the “true” voting results as an indication of possible future success of each singer. I wouldn’t think the producers would want a recording company (record label) to waste their money on a new singer/artist the public likely will not respond to. If I were Jessica, I would be concerned as to why I didn’t connect with the audience. Jessica leaves me with the impression that she believes she is the best singer and deserves to win. She needs to ask herself why the voters may not believe that.

        • HudsonRiverside says:

          If any of the singers do not believe they are the best singer and deserve to win then they don’t deserve to even be in the contest.

        • Lizabeth says:

          Yes, I do think all of the seasons of The Bachelor are contrived! =)

          The only reason I thought tonight’s results show seemed unreal was because I was already convinced that the judges would save anyone but Holly. So, it seems plausible that Jessica was used to freak America out and drum up some ratings. With that said, I do agree with a lot of the comments about Jessica’s inability to connect with the audience. It’s because she’s so young. AI is really doing talented younger singers a disservice by keeping the age lower. Also, Joshua’s off-stage/on-stage persona is much more Beyonce/Sasha Fierce than Jessica’s.

    • Tarc says:

      I didn’t like the results, but I can completely believe them. It’s a very tight pack this year, and if Hollie had been in the bottom instead of Joshua, I wouldn’t bat an eye at it. Colton and Phillip are the only people on the show that I’d ever buy an record from. *shrugs*

      • Jaxguy says:

        Then you have the taste of a preteen girl.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        Okay, the comment about buying an album from Colton/Phillip I don’t understand, but to each his own. I am curious about just how close these votes are. Of course they keep it a secret, but I would love to know by what margin Hollie beat Joshua who beat Elise who beat Jessica. Cause I’d heard things saying that Jessica was far, far ahead of everyone else in terms of popularity. Her youtube videos are certainly the most watched, but I guess that doesn’t translate to votes? Is there any way to find out the margins?

    • Brigette says:

      Completely disagree. BECAUSE Jessica is so good and because she’s a front runner, people don’t think they need to vote for her. There’s been a few weeks when I didn’t vote for her because I thought she didn’t “need” my votes as much as the others did. I automatically thought she’d sail to the top three with or without my help. (I DID vote for her last night, though.) I also like P2, but I have NEVER voted for him because he doesn’t “need” me. If it’s true that someone as good as Jessica couldn’t possibly have gotten the lowest votes, then explain Pia.

      • chistosa says:

        Pia and Jessica are very similar in that they are amazing vocalists but do not connect with the audience or the voting public. Even when I saw the Idols tour this past summer, the ones I connected with were Casey, Haley, James (and I was not a fan), Scotty and Naima who while a mediocre vocalist was immensely entertaining in concert. Pia sang beautifully but my attention kept wandering. That is how I feel with Jessica. I can easily believe she was at the bottom.

      • Marsaili says:

        Nope, I think I’ve been right all along—tonight just verified it—Jessica is a beautiful singer but she doesn’t connect with the song and with many of the audience. Period. The proof was in the results. In any of the package videos, Jessica comes off as boring, Hollie and Joshua come off as fun and interesting and silly—and Jessica just stands there and says “this is weird” and has no personality. She just needs to grow some—that is all. She could be a huge star, when she’s a bit older and develops a personality.

        • Jaxguy says:

          She is the only one this year that connects with me. THis show really is total BS anyway. I would only BUY her record. Just as I will buy Haley’s after she was robbed last year because two average teens finished in the top 2. WILL NEVER buy their records. Never connected with them for the entire season.

        • Jaxguy says:

          THe personality things is tiresome. I am hating this show and the boring people who watch it more and more. THEY HAVE NOT FREAKIN’ TASTE. IF THEY DID HOW THE HELL WOULD P2 STILL BE ON and not in the bottom?
          PUre crap

        • Shaun says:

          I don’t understand why voters don’t think she can grow?Pia and Jessica are still quite young.They both have tremendous talent like Aguillera and Britney did at that age.

          • Marsaili says:

            I said she just needs to grow some more—I do think she can grow and end up;being even better than she is now! Right now, she isn’t connecting with people—hence, she was in the bottom 3 and would have gone home if not for the save. The proof is in the votes. And for all those saying it’s rigged—it’s not. It is ILLEGAL to rig contests so it is what it is. I don’t like that Elise was in the bottom 3 again, but I’m not surprised. I AM surprised that Joshua was there—-he was fantastic AGAIN. I think he’s got a better chance of winning than Jessica—and he should. He’s the total package. Pia was not quite young, she’s like 26 or 27—closer to Elise’s age than Jessica.

          • TheBeach says:

            I’ll agree with the “tremendous talent” of Xtina but certainly not Britney. She can’t sing a lick and her music is all smoke and mirrors, studio manipulation and great production and marketing.

          • Volcfom says:

            @Marsaili. Pia was 22, but she did look older.

        • Sally says:

          Doesn’t connect with the song??? Um, have you been watching her performances? If anyone thinks this, then I’m sorry, you’re either deaf or blind.

        • Suggestor says:

          This logic is flawed because if Jessica was in the bottom three due to not connecting, then that means MOST of remaining six connected even less! At least five of the contestants were in the bottom three this season. Jessica being in the bottom this week was complacent viewers who did not vote or voted for others to protest against judges. Jessica definitely connects and much more than Pia, otherwise those mentors wouldn’t be gushing and that live audience would not have been stunned. There’s lots of armchair quaterbacks here sayin tthey expected it, well just look at the stunned idols themselves when that result was announced. Read older comment sections, no one was saying that. There’s a handful of posters on here trying to sway the public but Jessica is definitely connecting and popular enough to get in the top three or four.

          • Marsaili says:

            And yet, had there been no save, she would be gone right now. The other six never got voted OFF.

          • Templar says:

            What you don’t seem to be taking into account is the fact that, week after week, more and more people are realizing that she has no emotional connection to the music. They were at first dazzled by her voice and as time goes by they realize it’s all one song to her. Pia and Thia were the same and after the viewers got wise, they were gone.

          • Suggestor says:

            If there was no save, all the fans would vote differently. There WAS a save and much media was devoted to it. All the viewers knew that. So the REAL test will be iIF she gets into the final three. I’m realist enough to think that any female who gets in the final three is in trouble. Anything we are stating right now is plain old theory. If Jessica is back in the game two weeks from now then her non fans will need to find another theory to grasp on to. Definitely do not agree she is one note.

      • gazebo says:

        Yes, I think Jessica being in the bottom 3 was a classic fans-getting-complascent situation. I doubt she’ll be in the bottom from now on because her fans are freaked out now. Same thing happened to Adam Lambert about this stage of the show.

    • abfidy says:

      No way the votes are a lie. Standards and Practices for network television would be all over them. Nigel would never risk tampering with the votes like that, it would be way too much of a legal liability and it could conceivably ruin the biggest cash cow on television. No, these results were real…it just so happens that they play out to the production’s advantage.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        anyone out there is old enough to remember the game show scandal of earlier eras? abfidy is correct. there’s no way they would tamper with the votes. There was even a movie about the game show scandals but I can’t recall the name.

        • Yo' says:

          That is what I have always thought, but I have read debates about it, and some state that is not so because it is actually a reality show, not a contest. I have never read about any review by standards and practices, but would certainly like to see it. I suspect they have some latitude not ordinarily provided contests, but the person on the bottom is the result of votes. The real manipulation is by the producers and, worse, the judges. I think there was some scripting on Wednesday and Steven Tyler is just so lousy an actor, he didn’t really give Holly any actual criticism. He instead pretty much dismissed her, which set the show up for a massive backlash. There would have been backlash in any case, but the stunned silence ensured a big one.

  7. JC says:

    What little doubt remained about whether they’d use the save this week (or save it til next week) vanished as soon as that RIDICULOUS bottom 3 was revealed, so I was cool with Steven spoiling it. What was America listening to yesterday!?

  8. Miscellaneopolan says:

    Well, you can’t say the judges weren’t smart for saving that Save.
    And in related news: WHAT? It was like America voted in reverse. It’s time to limit the number of votes per person already, or least make it so that votes count for less once they go over ten or so.
    So are there going to be two people going home next week, or just one since the show already lost a week due to Jermaine’s early ouster?

    • theschnauzers says:

      I believe it’ll just be one next week because of Jermaine’s DQ at the beginning of the season. I also think the use of the save this week was written in the stars once the show was a week ahead because of that.
      Also notice that Ryan never said who was the “bottom” 3 until after Skyler and that group of three were “saved.” I think this is likely like other seasons where at Top 7 Nigel has done the exact same thing and the last three to learn their fate were necessarily the lowest three vote getters.

  9. Marissa says:

    I wish Jessica left. I find her to be so dull. Great singer, but boring.

    • Morgan says:

      I totally agree. She sounds great most of the time but emotionally I don’t find she connects with her songs or her audience.

    • fran v says:

      Thanks for saying it. I thnk Jessica has devoted her entire life to developing a great voice but hasn’t LIVED. I find her performances technically perfect and emotionally vapid.

      • Elloise says:

        The perfect evidence is her “America’s Got Talent” audition – she sings Celine Dion’s “I Surrender,” and she sings it well, but you’re right that she was raised this way. How on earth could an 11-year-old possibly connect with that song? Unfortunately, not much has changed in terms of emotional connection.
        That seems to be the case for all these little kid singers on “America’s Got Talent” or related shows- 4-year-old Kaitlyn Maher singing “What a Wonderful World” or “Somewhere Out There”? These kids are brought up to sing and have talent, but that’s where it ends.

    • Jaxguy says:

      Good reason to wish her off. God you people are shallow.

      • Ryan says:

        Jaxguy, “shallow” would be saying we want her gone because she is unattractive, or something unrelated to singing. Being dull and unconnected to what she is singing is a problem and certainly a reason to wish someone off (see: Thia Megia, Lil Rounds, etc.).

      • Tarc says:

        And you’re just a mouthy troll.

      • junebug says:

        Jaxguy, when I listen to a song, it’s because I relate to what the singer is saying. All Jessica does is mimic other singers. Her performances are what is shallow. Yeah, she can sing her butt off, but so can thousands of non-famous people who are singing other people’s songs. She sounds like tons of other people. Nothing different about her.

    • katrilotta says:

      I agree with you. She has a beautiful voice, but you can tell she’s really young. I agree that maybe she should’ve waited 2-3 years before participating, so that she would’ve had time to mature.

    • Kee says:

      Jessica connects to her songs. You people need a reality check.

      • Alita says:

        Apparently not, since people all over this page have commented on it. How does a 16 year old connect with a song like “I Will Always Love You” even? She sings well but isn’t charismatic or emotional in her delivery. That’s not to say that Hollie connects any better, but Joshua is slightly older but infinitely better at connecting with what he sings (except when he picks a terrible song like “Runaway Baby” for a singing competition).

        • ladyhelix says:

          It’s a rare 16 year old that can sell different songs with believable heart and soul. And I still think they short changed Allison.

        • Suggestor says:

          Don’t understand the logic, “Run away Baby” was a stand out performance arguably second to Adele’s in ths year’s Grammy. What larger stage of singing than the Grammy’s.? It was a good move for Josha to show another side at thetie. It doesn’t make sense that he gets less votes for singing a current up beat hit song well. Especially when he gets criticized as one note and not current in previous weeks.

  10. StereotypicalSuzie says:

    I was so excited for Jessica!

  11. Honestly, Jessica is getting bad coaching. When she has shown on Youtube that she can absolutely slay massively popular songs like Adele or Love on Top, why would she pick something so obscure? She will be successful in her careeer no matter what happens but if she wants to win, she has to build in voters the expectation that next week she’s going to sing another song they want to hear. She is just doing too many songs that VOTERS (not music appreciation afficionados) are ambivilent about, no matter how well done they are. VOTERS wouldn’t vote for John Tesh or Yanni week after week either. SING SOME POPULAR SONGS JAY PLEASE!! She is the best part of the show for me and I’d hate to see her gone because of poor song choices and bad mentoring.

    • chistosa says:

      It is not song choice that is causing her to be near the bottom. She is too perfect, too contrived and devoid of genuine emotion when she performs. Amazing vocals. The rest of the package is lacking.

      • Jaxguy says:

        It seems that WOMEN know nothing but how their little boy singer is so hot with such personality. Pink skittle and Chistosa you are why music on the radio is pure garbage. And people who can’t even sing are making millions.

    • SallyinChicago says:


    • uncmick says:

      This has been a common problems thru the years for many singers on Idol (and other shows): it’s called ‘self-indulgence’. It’s when a singer picks something they like (self-indulgent) rather than a song the public likes (or even knows). You’d think after all this time, these guys (and their mentors) would understand this. Most of the IDOL audience are causal music listeners and are not going to be impressed by ‘difficult-to-sing’ songs as opposed to simpler, more recognizable songs.

      • Jaxguy says:

        Another lame comment and another reason why these shows suck and radio is garbage.

        • HudsonRiverside says:

          Agreed Jaxguy! Jessica balanced out her performance all season with VERY well known songs, sung by huge stars. Maroon 5 versus Whitney? Bruno Mars versus Beyonce? Jessica does ONE unknown song by a well respected songwriter in the industry and she is now judged self indulgent.

    • TheBeach says:

      Colton and Phillip have also sung some pretty obscure songs.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I think the only thing Colton’s sung that I recognized was ‘Piano Man’.

        • FreeHaley says:

          you’ve never heard of TIme After TIme or Love The Way You Lie or Everything?

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            I hadn’t heard of Everything, but Time After Time and The Way You Lie are huge. I think that Colton by and large has chosen very recognizable songs.
            Personally, I love that Jessica chose something like Stuttering, which I’ll freely admit I had never heard before but which, thanks to Jessica, I now quite enjoy. I think it’s great when a singer opens your ears to something new, but I’m going to have to agree with the original commentator and say that as long as they’re on the show, it’s probably a good idea for them to stick to well-known songs. It’s a bloody shame, but it’s wise. They can always be original afterwards.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Oopsie, forgot about Time after Time. I had not heard “Everything” or “Love the Way you Lie”.

  12. gailer says:

    Jessica is boring. Let America vote off who they want. Randy has no biz telling who America should vote for. Errrrr

    • Jaxguy says:

      another lame boring comment. that is the lamest of all excuses not to like someone. Nicki Minaj was horrifying on the grammys and her vocals were garbage but she wasn’t boring, but I would take an ax to my TV is she won a show likes this. So that evaluation is stupid.

    • Lea H. says:

      I 100% agree with you! Watching everyone here arguing back and forth, who they like, who should win, who should go; that’s what the shows about, we all have the right to vote for who we like and want to see stay in the competition. I think the judges made a wrong move getting up on that stage and telling us that we shouldn’t like the contestants we like, that we should vote for who they think we should vote for. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Especially, after both JLo and Jimmy Iovine stated that Jessica needed to step it up with her performances. JLo told her the voice is phenomenal, but she needs to be entertaining as well, like Joshua. Everyone of those kids left are talented and I hate to see anyone go, but people are voting for who they connect with the most and that’s who will win the competition, IMO, is the singer who can touch people with their music.

  13. NotMyRealName says:

    I thought the results were hilarious.

  14. Shana says:

    I call shenanigans! NO FREAKIN WAY that was the bottom 3 ?!?!
    I knew this season was turning out to be too good to be true…
    The question now is whether one or two will go home next week?
    Jessica was so poised and composed and her “sing-off” was awesome. Glad she gets to stay. She will perform last next week for sure.

  15. TC says:

    I taped the results show and had to come to this recap to see what happened before watching. My curiousity got the best of me. I’m incredibly DISGUSTED and shocked with the bottom 3 tongight. Josh and Jess amaze me every week, and Elise is also incredible when she’s on her game. To think P2, Colton and Hollie had more votes than those 3 is an atrocity. I know it sounds silly to say but I’m kind of embarrassed for America

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Don’t Worry, they’ll get a record contract.

      • TheBeach says:

        But will those records sell? It’s always interesting to me to see which ones transition successfully or even find some success while others of equal or greater talent bomb and are never heard from again. You just never know.

        • NedPepper says:

          Probably not. Let’s be honest. How many Idols or Idol alums have put out really great albums that light the world on fire? You have Kelly and Carrie…and let’s be honest…even these, for the most part, aren’t artistic endeavors. As much as I like this show, I find most of the albums put out to be vapid and shallow. Even Crystal Bowersox. I LOVE Haley…but will the Haley I love actually show up on her album? Will there be “Moanin” and “Bennie” style songs? Is anyone really rushing out to buy (download) James Durbin’s album? No. I honestly think that’s a part of why people don’t vote anymore. Fantasia and Ruben were great on the show. But nobody gave a crap about their music. Acutally, Slezak mentioned JHud…and he’s right. There’s the failure of Kris Allen (who may have actually put out the best Idol record, but to medicore sales), Lee Dewyze, Taylor Hicks,,,the Idols never really become…well, real music stars. Even Lambert became more of tabloid success than a musical success.

          You have Kelly, Carrie, and Daughtry (who I find vomit inducing). Is there ANYONE in this group you see joining that list? Honestly? Not Phillip. Not Colton. Not Elise. (Even though I’d be all over her album…but that’s just me.) Not Jessica or Joshua. This is the real issue.

          • Templar says:

            Yes, there is. Scotty McCreery. Platinum sales for his first album. New Artist of the Year. On tour through October with Brad Paisley. He’ll be around a long time.

    • Tarc says:

      It’s hardly an atrocity – other than Holly being high and Elise low, it’s exatly the way I voted.

      • CMC says:

        Yes Tarc. This was an atrocity. There’s no way Jess and Josh (based on last night’s performances as well as their previous performances) should be in the bottom 3. Just because you obviously prefer mediocre talent doesn’t make it right

        • Jaxguy says:

          Finally an intelligent post. Thanks cmc. Tarc just loves P2 too so he hates Jessica and Josh. That why I have been trashing him/her. Don’t know if tarc is a man or woman.

          • Marsaili says:

            You’ve been trashing Tarc because they like Phillip instead of Jessica or Josh. Wow, that’s mature. And since when is CMC the be all and know all of talent? Every mentor and Jimmy has said that Phillip is the most talented. So, I suppose they are prefer mediocrity as well—Jimmy and all these huge stars??? You people are ridiculous. Anyone here has a right to like any of the contestants without being called names—grow up!!! I’m so sick of people like you and Joe going around calling anyone who doesn’t worship the people YOU worship names, ya’ll must be in middle school or something.

        • Tarc says:

          LOL! You mistake your opinion for reality.

        • Ali says:

          Applying the word atrocity to the results of a singing competition is more than a bit much. A little perspective makes a more effective argument. If the competitors can take it in stride, without declaring the results an act of extreme brutality and cruelty, then I think fans of the show can do the same. I could find something to compliment and criticize about every one of the remaining singers and if people were being honest and not letting the haze of fandom cloud their judgment, so could they.

          I was fine with the bottom 3 vote getters, but I would have been fine with any other combination as well. People like what they like, what’s the point in chastising America on behalf of a single singer. If the judges want that much control they should have declared a winner back in February and freed up some programming space for Fox.

          • Gary says:

            Ali, I think you are in the wrong place. You are way too insightful for this board.

          • ladyhelix says:

            This board didn’t used to be like this. I think people on got sick of all their adds and came over here. It’s a free country – but I miss the discussions that didn’t center around “you’re wrong because you don’t agree with me” (with wild hysteria colorful language)

  16. abfidy says:

    Best possible outcome. Colton and Phillip won’t get a panic boost into the finale, so hopefully their tween voters will get complacent enough to get a girl into the finale. Jessica will get a boost for the next several weeks and so will Joshua I think. Only really two variables as far as I’m concerned. Elise will either be fired up to perform next week or she’ll crash and burn because she’s given up on this competition. And Hollie will either shine knowing that she has a fan base that can help her through being bused, or she’ll crack under a backlash that I’m sure will come over the next couple days. I’m worried for Skylar. Hopefully she continues to get votes. It’s a good sign that she survived the death spot, and a night where people were apparently power voting hard. She just has to keep it up.

    • TheBeach says:

      What a difference a day makes (apologies to Dinah Washington). Just yesterday the majority of posts on this site were predicting a Joshua/Jessica finale.

    • Brandon R. says:

      You have a very good point there, abfidy. Although I’m not a Phillip fan (I like him, but don’t love him and certainly would rather not have him go too much farther), I was worried about him potentially needing the save, because that would have ensured a finale berth for him…he has such a large fanbase already, and a brush w/elimination would have fired them up for the rest of the season. Of course, there is a chance he might step up his game the next week or two rather than keep coasting…but still. At least there’s a bright side to the awful Bottom 3 we got tonight. And I agree with you on Skylar. Let’s hope she stays above the radar.

  17. Melanie says:

    This is proof of voters getting complacent. They need to realize that no one is safe, and that maybe on a singing competition they should vote for vocals not just personality, not that I’m saying Jessica doesn’t have both. (Then again this really isn’t a singing competition in reality)

    Jessica, Elise and Joshua below Hollie? What is this world, I mean seriously!

    Oh, and we all knew that if anyone besides Hollie was on the block, the save would’ve been used. That pretty much went without saying.

  18. gailer says:

    P.S. Tonight should start more conspiracy theories about Idol. It is now clear why they didn’t use the save on DeAndre. Perhaps tonight was all planned out?? LOL The drama and now to get people to vote in their darling???

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      It was clear in the beginning why they didn’t use the save on Deandre. He was never ever ever ever a front-runner. Ever. Never ever ever.

    • fran v says:

      Conspiracy theories abound every season when things don’t turn out the way some people think they should. Once I get Bush v. Gore figured out I’ll work om this one.

  19. Linda says:

    Out of all the seasons of Idol, I have never seen such a staged results show as the one tonight. If that wasn’t staged, there isn’t a cow in Texas lol. Wow! What a joke! I know who I won’t be voting for next week. I think this staged OMG stunt will backfire. America isn’t stupid! And what an insult to the other contestants by the way the judges acted tonight. You would have thought it was the second coming!

    • NotMyRealName says:

      I agree, it was pretty insulting to then others, especially how they were herded around her at the end. Check out the indifferent look on Joshua’s face.

    • abfidy says:

      Yeah that was JLo’s worst acting since Gigli.

    • H says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Staged and not even bothered to be more subtle about it. Now I am pretty sure they keep us, the audience, for an idiots.

    • NedPepper says:

      You think they faked the Bottom 3? Because I don’t. Nigel does know voting trends, and probably knew this was coming. And that’s why they held onto to save. The voting public alway does this. Every year. Two white guys will be in the finale unless Nigel and Jimmy can manipulate the hell out of America. And they will try. And to be honest, I honestly don’t blame. A Colton/Phillip finale will absolutely horrible.

      • chistosa says:

        I agree. They would fake the bottom 3. They try like anything to manipulate voters to vote their way but they definitely stop short of faking the results. Look at other sites. Jessica and Elise and even Joshua are not trending as high as any of the others. Not as much interest in them. Even Deandre after his elimination was trending higher than Jessica. Hollie is down there as well. These results were not as much of a surprise as some seem to think.

  20. Erinn says:

    If they really wanted us to be ‘shocked’, they wouldn’t tell before and during the show how shocking the result was. Lame. I don’t entirely believe it either.

  21. allie08 says:

    “Raise Your Glass” was the worst Idol group number I have ever heard, Durbin’s performance made my ears bleed (I didn’t think it was possible for him to actually get worse) and the judges “save” was as contrived as the Ford commercials. That was an hour of my life wasted.

    • Owen says:

      I dunno, I’ve watched the Phillip/Colton part half a dozen times now…usually I forget about the group numbers immediately after they happpen..

    • Shana says:

      Agreed about Raise Your Glass. The highlight of that was Phillip stroking Colton’s head. That was just gold and should be shown on idology every week :)

      • Rick says:

        I totally agree that’s a true idol “moment”

      • allie08 says:

        as long as the rest is muted they can show it all the time :)

      • Brigette says:

        YES, they need to show that clip every week. In other news, I think that was one of the worst group performances ever. EVER.

        • Marsaili says:

          Funny, I was saying it was the best group performance EVER. they sang well, they were having fun, the song was fun, the little moments were fun. I thought it was great.

          • aravis says:

            Aaargh, I can’t believe you thought that! I was cringing the whole time they were singing although the hair caress made me laugh.

        • ladyhelix says:

          And they sang LIVE. I love that – even when it’s bad. Trying to dance, petting hair, awkward partnering – all gives me more insight into who these people are. Singing live in the group – there is nowhere to hide. Some of them are hopeless (Brooke White) – but they keep trying and they keep smiling!!

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Yeah, all unexpected results are faked. Because we know the American public is incredibly intelligent and pro-active and never ever screws up. I mean, c’mon, Colton and PhilPhil in the top three? We know they aren’t attracted to cute white guys. They are all about the music. If you believe different, you are a tool of the establishment. And god forbid you are a tool of the establishment. Better to believe the AI voters are musical geniuses.

    • TheBeach says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought Durbin’s performance was pretty awful.

    • Jaxguy says:

      Raise your glass was the longest 2 1/2 I can remember. Nobody sounded very good. I loved James last year, but I agree. It was kinda painful for me.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah, honestly Pink sang that 10x better than all of the combined.

      I only caught a tiny bit of Durbin but he sounded kinda bad.

      • HudsonRiverside says:

        The original singer SHOULD sing it better than any of the idols could. Why? Because the Idols have to learn new choreography, new song lyrics and then harmonize with one another in a few days. They do not have a chance to live with the song, nurture it and tweak it for weeks, then sing it to audiences numerous times. It was written for the original artist or chosen for their voice. It’s funny how people think this is so easy to do that they can just match the original singer. When you get that rare moment that everything clicks it’s a very rare occasion. The best is just to think about doing it justice.

        • aravis says:

          Hmm, that makes sense but there have been some (or maybe even quite a number of) instances that I liked the cover better than the original (esp when rearranged or changed up some way).

  22. Owen says:

    Hollie fans (just by evidence of these boards) are a CRAZY fanatical, rabid lot. They watched their girl get bum rushed by the judges, read the online crtiicisms, and voted thier asses off. Possibly P2’s fans did the same. With such a great cast, most thought Jess HAD to be safe, if anyone was, and most fan bases powervoted not only for thier favorites, but presumably sent some votes the way of most everyone but percieved front-runner Jessica. This is the only theory I can offer up on how this happened. And it was lucky for Mr. Tyler, as the only thing to bring back the evening’s tension after he put a pin in it, was that Jessica was the one picked for elimination. Now, THIS is why the save was invented. Not for Casey or Matt, etc. For someone who really could and SHOULD win. How ironic this happened the night of JHud’s return to the Idol stage!

    • Renee says:

      I was wondering who is voting for Hollie to make her safe in this group. I get voting for the cute guy thing (or really any guy under retirement age with hair) but how is Hollie –who seems nice enough but neither a great singer nor particularly engaging– getting big numbers compared to fellow female singer Jessica? (I’m not a really a Jessica fan- just wondering.) Puzzling.

      • Hollie’s fans (and I’m one of them) get energized by the piling on by the judges. Simple as that. And no one actually gets voted off, they just get left behind when their own fans aren’t motivated.

        • Jon Smoth says:

          Agreed, voted for her the first time last night and got 1,000 calls in during the 2 hour window.

          Hollie forever as of now, after how she was treated last night.

      • Owen says:

        There is still, unfortunately, a huge segment of America that worships (and yes, “idolizes”) the pretty, young, white, blonde girl. Lauren Alaina last year wasn’t getting the country votes, they went to Scotty.

        • Seriously, Owen, before you make allegations like that you need to have solid demographic numbers on who voted for whom. Which we never will. Speculation (especially racially charged speculation) helps NO ONE.

          • Owen says:

            ….because white America has never proved itself to ever be racist, right…Though I’ve read between the lines here on TV Line, especially in a lot of pro-Hollie posters, on other boards its downright OBVIOUS racist. I read somewhere last night complaining that Randy is black and Jennifer a Latina so they are anti-white, that’s why they hate on Hollie and are pushing Josh and Jessica because they are ethnic. These posters are SO mad. Tea Party mad. And then when I ask them to explain the Lauren pimping from last year, they don’t even answer. And just why is racially charged speculation on why Hollie keeps getting more votes than she deserves “not helping”. Don’t you know that denying racism is the new racism? And are you so naive to believe that race has nothing at all to do with voting on American Idol? Really?

          • Of course white America has been racist. Everyone — every single group, race, nationality and religion has been racist at some point. And I’ve seen plenty of people on these boards and others making terribly racist comments. It’s awful. But saying that “pro-Hollie” posters are all racist is not only incorrect but unhelpful. Lumping any group together and assigning an attribute to them is misleading. The only thing I know about “all Hollie supporters” is that they all like Hollie. I don’t know anything else about them that is true for all of them at the same time. I am certainly not denying racism — that would be assinine of me. Of course it exists, and it exists among American Idol voters. But I have no idea — and I don’t think you do either — that it has any appreciable effect. There is no data we can look at and say, “wow, these votes really go along racial lines, what can we do about that, if anything?”. All either of us can do from here on a message board is guess about it. I don’t think that is helpful because if racism ISN’T a factor we’ve gone and put it into people’s minds, and seeing racism where it isn’t is just as bad as being blind to it where it DOES exist, in that it desensitizes people to something that is terrible.

          • Owen says:

            Okay, you do realize I never said all Hollie supporters are racists, don’t you? Cause someone saying that would presuably be trying to deemphasize what I was actually trying to say by trying to falsely villify me to distract from the real conversation. Just. Sayin’.

          • I do realize that. But you also say Hollie is getting “more votes than she deserves”. Says who? Hollie has been in the bottom three several times. This week she wasn’t, and I’d say that has a lot more to do with the judges picking on her (as we saw them do all last year with Haley) than with the color of her skin. So what exactly was your point that you think I’m trying to derail by “vilifying you”?

          • 4H&J says:

            I completely agree with gallowaycreations. It seems that Owen is the one obsessed with the color of something. I love both Hollie and Josh and usually mute when Jessica’s on for I do not care for that type of music, that’s all.
            Owen, to accuse us of racism is a new racism. Your comments are rather hateful.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Good grief, American voters put a black president in the White House but they won’t vote for minority contestants on a reality singing show? Seriously! I am older than dirt and grew up listening to Sam Cooke and Motown , and I don’t really give much thought to the contestants’ race.

          • shnaa says:

            Actually the website What Not to Sing has done several statistical analyses of AI contestants and found that, over the course of all the American Idol seasons, white singers have had roughly a 9% advantage over singers of color (meaning contestants of color need to sing 12 points better on a scale of 100 each round to stay in the competition). So I would say, yeah, there’s probably some racism going on in the voting. Like Owen said, it’s probably not “I hate people of color” negative racism. It’s likely more of an “Aww, that blonde white kid is so loveable and innocent, so I’m going to vote for her over and over” positive racism.

          •’s ratings are compiled from website reviews, not voter opinions, or voter demographics. Those numbers would have to come directly from 19 Entertainment, and they have not been very forthcoming. So whether any kind of racism makes a difference in the results is unknown regardless.

          • Natou says:

            I agree! To win Joshua and Jessica has to sing 50 times better than Philip and Colton to have a slight chance! I don’t want to call it racism, I call it being relatable! I am a colored woman! I am not angry or calling racism at every corner! But my dad did teach me that the fact that the majority does not relate to you as much as one of their own! You need to be 50 times better than your counterpart! I am not angry by it, I take it as a challenge! I told Joshua the same on Twitter! My favorite are Skylar and Joshua! Joshua does have less chance to win than Colton and Philip! And part of the reason is his race! Sorry to break the news but it’s true! But can we stop the politics of race now! Let it be a taboo and enjoy a great show! We got great vocal talents this year!

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            @Natou – I am Little Miss WASP in a Dress from Nordtroms and this week I related to Joshua the most. His performance was great – his Runaway Baby reminded me of the old Ike and Tina Turner Revue from my youth. Now THAT was a show!

      • takakupo says:

        I think Hollie is a fantastic singer actually.

    • Tarc says:

      Sorry, Casey was the probably the closest thing to a musical genius the show ever had, so he’s exactly what the save was invented for. Not that his vocals were technically perfect and they certain weren’t ‘pretty’, but he certainly broke down a lot of Idol prejudice toward jazz and blues.

  23. Deb says:

    The judges (and that means you, Randy) better watch 1) lecturing the audience because they have the final say after all 2) over-hyping their favorites because backlash is a b**ch and remember 3) that every contestant that goes leaves votes up for grabs and those folks are often disgruntled.

    • Cookie says:

      I wanted to jokingly compare Jessica getting the least amount of votes to Sherri Shepherd on DWTS as 2 shocking vote results this week. But they actually are kind of similar reasons. There was a backlash at Sherri from the judges overhyping her and it turned off voters from voting. The difference is that Jessica is a very good singer, and Sherri was overhyped without cause. In both cases, the judges oversold it.

  24. M says:

    Steven should come with spoiler tags if they are asking him questions like that.

  25. Idol Fan says:

    It was a stinkie twinkie, Michael. The stench is still spilling over from last weeks result.

  26. Pat says:

    The manipulation doesn’t help Jessica.

    Will it help her for a week or too? Sure.

    But calling off her singing for the save, freaking J Lo tackling her, pulling the mic out of her hand like she’s the second coming of Christ, and saving her off of two notes DOESN’T help Jessica.

    She was in the bottom for a reason, while one of the most talented contestants, she’s obviously not fully connecting with the Idol audience.

    So, instead of her singing and deservedly singing well enough to get the save, we have goofy ass Randy and J Lo literally SCOLDING America for not voting for her while Jessica stands there terrified and confused as to what is going on. THAT’S NOT GOING TO HELP HER YOU IDIOTS.

    Let her sing for it, let the tension and anger of her being in the bottom build naturally in America, make them take a second look at her, and then reward her with the save. Screaming for votes doesn’t help and is certainly not going to carry Jessica to her much deserved Top 4 or better finish.

    • Leo says:

      I agreed with you that the wise thing to do is let Jessica sing for the safe until the end. Hey, maybe it’s another way to get people to vote for her less seeing that she’s “treated” like that by the judges.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree, Jessica is a great singer, but really has no personality and does not connect with the audience. It is like Pia, great voice, but not much of a personaliy. The way the judges handled it was not right. They made it sound like the other contestants did not deserve to be there and that is not true. They are awesome.

      • aravis says:

        If you’d check out her Finalist Diaries on you’ll see she does have a personality. Hollie is really rather adorable, however.

        • Suggestor says:

          It is how they have covered her and edited the packages thus far. They could have filmed her immediately after Deandre getting booted off and captured her emotional goodbye to her buddy but instead they place her the next day with Joshua and Hollie goofing off. Obviously she was the third wheel and still a bit sad, so it makes her look aloof if no one has watched her other idol vids or never saw her interact in her old yutube vids that Idol asked her to take down before the competition.

  27. Rick says:

    The Judges pissed off too many people with the Hollie bus last night and they paid :S

    • I saw it during the 1st live performance with Hollie , she has that Kelly Pickler quality that people love. Hollie has a good voice but it is her inner quality and non diva nature that is helping her get votes.
      This is the same thing that is hurting Joshua and Elise who both come off as divas.

      • Owen says:

        It also helps that Hollie is the WHITEST white girl this show has seen in years…just sayin’….

        • Excuse me? “Just sayin’…” like that excuses your racist comment? Beat it troll.

          • Owen says:

            Um, one can’t be racist against white people. But I bet you’re white and believe in the myth of “opposite racism”. But good try in deferring the actually racism by pretending I’m the one who is.

          • “one cant’ be racist against white people”? That is the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard. Look up the definition of racism… I’m fairly certain it has to do with judging someone based on the color of their skin, instead of the content of their character, to paraphrase the words of a great man who seems to know more about it than you do.

          • Tarc says:

            “one can’t be racist against white people” What a load of garbage, Owen.

          • FreeHaley says:

            how can you say that it is not possible to be racist against white people?

          • takakupo says:

            You have no idea what racism is. Look, I’m as liberal as they come but I’m also informed. The term that Rush Limbaugh coined and that you’re looking for is, “Reverse Racism” and frankly, there is NO such thing because racism can be used against all races. Just take a look at the definition which is the premise that one race is better than the other. While race does play a factor in people’s voting decisions, it’s quite minimal. Take a look at the stats gathered over at “” and you’ll see that it sucks but it isn’t the only factor that should be considered in Hollie survived (Amazing performance, bussed by judges) vs. Jessica (Amazing performance, praised by judges) so please stop saying uninformed things.

          • Owen says:

            Racism has to do with power. There are few instances where a person of color has any real power over a white person. You people just make me sad for America.

          • And you people who see racism in everything make me sad for America.

        • Brigette says:

          I’m a white girl and I completely agree, Owen. It’s the “Barbie” factor. It’s real.

        • A says:

          So people weren’t racist the 2 weeks she was bottom 2 but this week they are? So a white blond girl can’t sing? Just because you don’t call yourself a racist doesn’t mean you are exempt from the label.

          As for Barbie…she’s skinny, tanned, tall and blonde. Hollie fits one of those categories. By that standard, Colton, Elise, and Jessica are more like Barbie then Hollie. Vote and listen to who you like but accusing people of racism and specifically targeting Hollie’s fans with that label is disgusting

        • Jen says:

          I don’t think that’s fair. Rueben, Fantasia and Jordin all won AI. I think people voted for Hollie for 2 reasons. 1 they geninely like her or 2 they do NOT appreciate the way the judges repeatedly dismiss her and throw her under the bus.

      • FreeHaley says:

        It didn’t help Elise any that they stuck her that joke bit about how she ‘forced’ Philip to sing a song she could better and when Philip agreed she was better. Idol voters tend to be petty and take that out even if not even the person’s fault. That actually probably got P2 more votes and Elise a few less. THey did support Elise otherwise a fair amount this week at least unlike the greyhound fleet diss as her and Hollie the week before.

      • CMC says:

        Josh- a diva???? what are you smoking Joseph????!!! he’s nothing but humble, unassuming and courteous in interviews. Talk about a strech of an excuse. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that he’s not a semi-cute white guy with mediocre talent. That’s his only disadvantage-sad but true

        • Marsaili says:

          First of all, no one here is a mediocre talent—none of these kids are mediocre. They wouldn’t be here if they were! I am a middle-aged white woman who lives in rural America surrounded by corn fields and republicans (ick) and I LOVE Joshua! I have gotten “goosies” from him every week since he sang “Jar of Hearts” —-which actually brought me to tears. I ALSO love Phillip and Colton and have voted for them every week since we’ve been able to vote. I have not been able to pick an absolute favorite—it changes week to week depending on the performances. But I can say for sure that when this is all said and done, assuming they all get recording contracts, I will be buying albums from Phillip, Colton, Joshua, Skylar, and Elise (and Erika should she get a contract) and for what it’s worth—I voted my fingers off for Hollie this week—I loved her Perfect this week, I love the studio version even more. Jessica—I admire her immense talent, she moved me when she sang “I Will Always Love You” but other than that to me she’s young kid with an amazing adult voice who needs to grow into her voice.

  28. Holly says:

    No surprise at all. Jessica is a great singer. In fact, she’s so perfect and so young it practically guarantees no votes from the 12-year-old-girl contingent that perenially decides the Idol winner (and losers.) Plus, as good as she is, she is not yet capable of putting across a really genuine, heartfelt performance. That will come with age, and my prediction is no matter where she finishes (and I can pretty much guarantee it won’t be first,) Jessica will have a major career one day.

    • Owen says:

      Yes, Jessica is going to be a superstar someday. No matter what happens on Idol.

    • laurence says:


    • Jaxguy says:

      The 12 year old voters is accurate, but the genuine heartfelt performance is not true. I think she has given some very heartfelt performances. There have, in the past been some brilliant singers who got their start as teens. I’m old enough to remember some of them. Age has nothing to do with it.

      • Tarc says:

        To suggest that the tweener vote did that is simply silly – and inaccurate. The vote totals are too high. I haven’t seen a heartfelt performance out of Jessica, except I Will Always Love You, which was heavily cloned directly from Whitney. Look to Elise if you are interested in heartfelt performances. And yes, age has a great deal to do with successfully singing a song.

  29. JVC says:

    idolbetthejudge, season 2 and 8 winners were in the bottom 3/2 and won, and unlike Fantasia, Ruben and Kris were only in it once. And this is Jessica’s first trip to the bottom so it’s not like she was ever on borrowed time. There was no doubt in my mind she would get the save, and honestly Jessica can make it to the final 3, unless she tanks every week starting next week. I was worried philip was going to get the save, because i haven’t been getting him all season.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Yeah, but Jessica wasn’t just in the bottom 3. She was eliminated. And there’s no history of someone coming back and winning after that. Not saying it can’t happen, but it would be a first. Jessica was the great big hope for a female winner this year and now… I dunno.
      I think Jessica should take J. Lo’s advice. Sing something big and brassy that everybody knows. That was J. Lo’s advice, right?

  30. Tim says:

    Woohoo, we get another mediocre white guy winner.

    • chistosa says:

      First of all the final results are not in so nobody knows who will win. Lee DeWyze won by default his season. But Scotty and Kris Allen are not mediocre. They are both enjoying success. Kris is writing songs for big name acts and constantly performing. Scotty, well enough said. Platinum, best new country artist of the year award. He is doing quite well. Country is not my preferred genre but I would never label him mediocre. I have seen both Kris Allen and Scotty perform in concert and they put on a good show. Jessica I am not so sure of.

      • Jaxguy says:

        Scotty: I like country but his album is the epitome of mediocre. Kris Allen isn’t half the artist or singer as Adam Lambert. By the way all the crap about Jessica being boring is bs. Adam was the least boring contestant ever on AI yet he lost to a nice guy, who for me was nothing special. Lee was horrible. Crystal was far from boring. Some of the crappiest “artists” in music go platinum. And country fans will buy any old crap.

        • HudsonRiverside says:

          What’s interesting is that BOTH Adam Lambert and Kris Allen have publicly stated their favorite is… Jessica! They have no problems with her “personality” on stage and they know the process better than anyone posting here. Jessica’s thrown in with kids one or in most cases 3- 10 years older than her. Most with huge personalities, All living in a dorm on steroids, in a network reality show: that’s very intimidating for anyone! She is living her dream so staying focused on that, practicing and keeping up with the big kids is just all I need to see from her, forget all the personality BS kid and knock ‘em dead next week with your talent! After Idol, she will see that the world will be kind to her as long as she stays true to herself.

        • Marsaili says:

          The ONLY reason Adam lost that season is because he came out before the finale. I think if those pictures of him kissing a guy hadn’t come out on the internet and the homophobes hadn’t caught wind of the truth about him, he would have won. Pure and simple, Adam possibly had it in the bag until those pictures came out. It’s a sad, sad truth in this day and age.

  31. Linda says:

    Agree on that this bottom 3 was a set up & if anyone were to believe that Jessica Sanchez was the one with the least amount of votes then they don’t understand ratings. The criticism on the show by the judges is the least amount there has ever been. Every is amazing or gets a standing ovation. This show needs a harsh critic like Simon Cowell not a spaced out Steven Tyler, I Love You All Jennifer Lopez or their In It To Win It Randy Jackson

  32. mary says:

    its kinda silly if the masterminds behind this show staged the whole thing. i mean they should use at least someone believable that could be in the bottom three. i mean if they staged jessica being in the bottom three.. its kinda silly i meann shes like one of the best (if not, the best) singer on american idol!

    • Marsaili says:

      Mary, what you are accusing them of is illegal—there is NO way they could tamper with votes like that. Jessica would have gone home last night because that is how America voted. There was outrage when Pia was voted off early too—but it was for the same reason—beautiful girl, great voice, no personality. The proof is in the voting—no matter how you feel about her personally, she didn’t connect with the majority of the voters. Jimmy, Gwen, Jennifer—they ALL told her that she needed to bring more personality to the stage. She’s just too young at this point–she’s got a GREAT future ahead of her—even better than Pia—but she needs to grow up a bit first.

  33. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Oh my gosh, my American Idol vision is being realized for once! I wrote this on MJ’s Big Blog a while back:
    “Are we all familiar with the Curse of Kristy Lee Cook? After she was voted off in 7th place in Season 7, all the winners’ names can be combined to spell hers. KRIS Allen, ScotTY McCreery, LEE DeWyze, and David COOK. Now that the curse has been broken, it’s a girl’s turn to win. In fact, here’s how it could come full circle this season: one of the remaining women gets the lowest number of votes and goes home in 7th, but the judges use their Save on her, and then she goes on to win! It would be Kristy’s last revenge!”
    That’s exactly what’s happening now! Jessica’s been the favorite to win from the start. She got the lowest number of votes in 7th, and the judges saved her! Now it’s hers to lose! I knew it! My little Jay is this year’s American Idol! Forget period, this calls for an exclamation point!

  34. blingedup says:

    “Ryan Seacrest should never again ask Steven Tyler for an off-the-cuff remark when he’s trying to build a telecast to a suspenseful climax.”

    This has been one of my favorite Idol moments for awhile. God love him.

  35. Christina says:

    So can we say that Idol still has a white guy problem

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Nope. Don’t think so. I like white guys and I don’t think it’s a problem. But last night Joshua’s “Runaway Baby” was my favorite.

  36. JAO says:

    This show was completely orchestrated. The judges were so phony. Unbelievable.

  37. Eric says:

    Wow that was a surprising outcome. While I understand the people who don’t think Jessica connects with all of her songs, being a trained vocalist myself, she has incredible technical ability and tone more so than any other singer this year and this was her best week as far as connecting to a song goes and technically nobody even came close to her last night from pitch, skylar nailed pitch too, to control, enunciation and phrasing and her use of dynamics was excellent. Not saying she should win but should be top 3

    • katrilotta says:

      Yeah, but why do we have to care about that?? I’m not a trained singer and I really couldn’t care less about technicalities. If the delivery of the song is good that’ll get my vote.
      Does James Hetfield sing like an angel? No, but he’s an awesome performer. Being an idol is more than just being able to sing pitch perfect. You need that “something else” also.
      Is this a competiton for who can sing best technically? No, it’s who’s gonna be an American Idol and frankly Jessica might not be that.
      I think it’s gonna be between Phil and Colton. If America wants to vote between who has the most beautiful and pitch perfect voice, maybe then it’s between Jessica and Joshua.
      And I really felt sorry for the other contestants when the judges stormed to the stage and practically shouted that vote for Jessica she’s the best! She’s gonna win, she has to win! Nice work.
      Let’s hope the others sing their a**es off next week leaving her to bite the dust.

  38. Mary says:

    This explains why they have been so horrid to Hollie. I guessed it a few weeks back. Hollie has been taken votes away and they wanted Jessica in the finals. The thing is I actually think Jessica is a great singer, and let’s face it she has a contract no matter what. I think either her fans were complacent or that she never was a front runner. She does not need the win. People who watch AI roots for the underdog and Jessica is far from it.
    I guess this means a women will not win again this year. I would say this is a strong top 7. The thing is, Jessica has not shown her personality, she is shy reserved but people are not connecting to her.

    • Owen says:

      Aha!! Never even thought of this. Of course!!

    • abfidy says:

      Yeah I think that’s it too regarding Hollie. Jessica’s numbers must have been dropping for weeks.

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Holly is pitchy as hell, has no breath control, and overthinks everything. Your opinion is insane.

      • Mary says:

        Your remark is rude. Hollie was great in the beginning, however you try to sing every week when
        You know the judges are going to attack her. She has been pitchy on a couple of songs, but so
        Has a few other contestants and they have not been called out on it. You are naive if you think
        The judges and nigel don’t know how the voting is going and they try to sway the audience.

      • Marsaili says:

        Are you kidding me? I’ve been watching back all of Hollies performances today and playing her studio versions and while she is stiff and awkward on stage, her voice is just as good as Jessica’s–even Jimmy has said that. The difference is that Jessica has more poise. But Jessica also boring. In the back stage videos she is boring, in the house videos she is boring—Hollie has a big personality, combined with Joshua, they are hilarious kids while Jessica is standing on the sidelines looking perplexed. She’s spent SO much time practicing and singing that she never learned how to be a goofy kid. So up on stage she has the poise of an adult with no personality. She’ll get it someday—but right now, the people have spoken, Jessica isn’t the Idol—but she’ll be fine anyway.

        • Jaxguy says:

          Calling you out again for dumb comment about boring crap.

        • HAL says:

          Mostly i agree with you Marsaili, except I’m not sure that Jessica will get it someday. Pia still hasn’t and she’s quite a bit older than J.

          • Marsaili says:

            Well, and the thing about Pia—since her ouster from Idol, I’ve seen her more involved in getting sexy pictures of herself out there than promoting her musical career. She’s on my Twitter and Facebook and for a while there all she was posting was sexy pictures and asking people what they think. Ok, she’s beautiful, I get it! I haven’t heard a thing about music from her—of course I unfriended her from Twitter and FAcebook so that could be why…… JESSICA, on the other hand, I believe will use this as a learning experience—because she actually IS a good pupil, as was noted earlier in the season. I think Jessica’s talent far outweighs Pia’s and she is 10 years younger than Pia was when she was on the show–I think she’s got a good chance at eventually getting out there!

        • Kee says:

          Sigh. This is not a personality/BigBrother/popularity contest. In her defense, back in the early days of Idol contestants just mimic songs.

    • NotMyRealName says:

      You are right that a lot of people watch don’t necessarily root for the supposed frontrunner. And people aren’t so stupid that they can’t tell that the show has continuously positioned Hollie and Jessica as an either/or proposition. Jessica has been pimped from the start and Hollie gets ridiculous amounts of unwarranted criticism. Not trying to speak bad about Jessica, but there was bound to be back lash from the constant throwing of Hollie under the bus.

    • FreeHaley says:

      yeah it seemed all along they were afraid that hollie and elise could knock off skylar and then they were afraid hollie could knock off jessica

    • teatime says:

      Good point. Hollie has a beautiful voice and she is a very good singer. She is also a likeable teenager and someone they could ‘mold’ musically. It has never made sense to me why they have been trying to get her into the bottom 3 or even booted off. If Jessica were the front runner then why not let Hollie be for several weeks at the beginning of the season? But maybe Jessica was never really a “front runner” and so they wanted to consolidate those votes.

  39. patjs says:

    I guess Randy has forgotten when the “2 Divas” were all in the bottom 3 and Jennifer Hudson got eliminated. He said then that “America got it wrong”, but you have to forgive him, because he can’t remember what he’s saying most of the time. And for those of you that think the results were fake-that’s the theory every year.

  40. Jss0058 says:

    The whole thing was stagged by the producers to create “buzz” and drama for their fading show. And from reading the comments it looks like a lot id you bought it

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      So are you new here?

    • Marsaili says:

      You do realize that it would be illegal for the producers to fix or change or stage the results. They can make some drama out of existing results but to tamper with anything would be ILLEGAL.

      • Tansy says:

        Says who? What agency would have jurisdiction over a reality show? it’s not like a game show where the producers were feeding the contestant the answers. They never publish the numbers and they never actually say who the bottom 3 are. They just move them around the stage and then say one is at risk of being eliminated. It’s not at all scientific.

        • abfidy says:

          Broadcast Standards and Practices. They are the official jurisdiction for reality television. They are the ones Nigel has to answer to if he’s pimping someone too hard (I remember they got on him for letting James open and close Top 4 last year) and they would be the ones to intervene with the show if the production were to lie about votes.

          • Tansy says:

            How can it be a lie if they never reveal the votes? I don’t think they’d actually send someone home out of turn, but they will mislead by illusion. Since they already knew no one was leaving they could do as they liked.

  41. Putting my tinfoil hat on right now. I’m miffed at what happened. And though Jessica deserved the save, the way the judges went about it was just unclassy. Thanks, f*ckers! You folks know how to ruin a show and ruin someone’s chances of winning.

    • Tarc says:

      Personally, I didn’t think she had a chance of winning before (as a teen girl). One of the boys is highly favored (Colton or Phil).

  42. Dawn says:

    I am pissed, pissed, pissed. So the three best singers in the competition are not loved by America. The only one of that group that deserved not to be in the bottom was Skylar. Some are crowing about Jessica almost getting the boot, but Josh and Elise too? I don’t blame the judges, I blame the folk who want the same boyfriend, I mean winner every year. I also hate that someone who is prepared and poised is considered boring. But we americans seems to aspire to the happy middle anyway. Excellence is not embraced or celebrated. Jessica shows that you really can’t come to this show fully formed and ready. You must struggle, me ordinary, and then make that ‘surprise’ transition. I guess she should have waited until she had failed at everything else. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Sad….. only the bottom three will be getting any income from me

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      So does anybody want to start a letter-writing campaign asking Nigel to change the voting system to normalize the impact of the much-discussed (though I must point out, seldom backed-up) teen girl vote? I have to think that would solve the problem, if indeed that is the problem.
      We should write the letters in an angry font, like Helvetica.

  43. NedPepper says:

    The show continues to lose integrity. I think a small portion of the audience acutally votes, and the ones that do, power text to ridiculous lengths. I will say, Josh and Jessica are very talented, but I kind of predicted this. I’m not sure they are connecting with the audience. It shouldn’t really matter, though, because Hollie and Phillip and Colton can’t come close to their talent. They just can’t. And so, like last year and the year before, the final 2 is going to be a huge let down. And like last year without Haley, I will not be watching. It’s like going to vote in a national election but instead of having two parties, you just get two Republicans or two Democrats with pretty much the same message. That’s American Idol…(and on Idol, they’re Republicans.)

  44. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahaha! Where is Ben with his snarky comments about his predictions and Jessica’s fan base?

    I don’t think for a minute that this was a “contrived” (i.e. fake) result. This is what comes of:

    A) having the judges pile on and pile on and pile on to one contestant — Hollie — while praising the crap out of others who may or may not deserve it — Jessica. (Really Randy? One of the best singers in America ever? You are such a tool.)

    B) allowing unlimited voting.

    The judges energized fan bases into radical action. Hollie wasn’t even in the bottom three, and Jessica gets complacency and a backlash (people voting for anyone BUT her). Tell me how this would happen if one household-one vote was in place.

    • nodak says:

      If the judges want someone to go home, they shouldn’t give them negative criticism- that just fires up their fans to vote their fingers off. Also, this show tells us it’s about finding the next singing star, but it’s really about tv ratings, and bragging about how many voted each week. TPTB don’t care who is continues on or their future success or failure as recording stars, as long as they can create drama that will bring in viewers.

    • Jen says:

      I completely agree with everything you said. Piling on one contestant while consistently praising the the others brings out the outrage in the mama bear types (like me) whose hearts BROKE for Hollie while she stood there in crestfallen silence. It makes us give a big FU to the judges and dial away for the underdogs. I hope she wins the whole thing just to see the look on JLo’s snarky face.

  45. Johnak00 says:

    TPTB at AI have chosen to put voting control in the hands of young adolescent girls. They have the interest, inclination, and ability to power vote to the extent that any other demographic is swamped.

  46. brandon69 says:

    I am happy that jessica got the save. But as a “junk in the trunk” kind of guy, I was even happier to see Jlo hit the stage! wow- what a side view! Now hopefully we can get rid of P2 next week?

    • Chris says:

      No, try Hollie, then Elise. P2 will make top 5 – he has a huge fan base (obviously – look at the results over the past 2 weeks, when he has slipped)

      • Tarc says:

        I vote for Colton, Phillip, and Elise (assuming Skylar already has enough oomph from the country vote) because they are the contestants I think can sell records today.

      • takakupo says:

        I don’t understand. Are you encouraging Philip to make the top 5 or are you just giving him a pass because he’s a guy? Either way, he sucks and should have been eliminated weeks ago.

    • Jen says:

      She needs to put down the twinkies or she is gonna start resembling Xtina.

      • Marsaili says:

        Oh come on, those are exactly the kind of comments that make women and young girls starve themselves. Geez, people—appreciate people for their beauty within. I hardly think J-Lo is in any danger of being overweight. She burns more calories dancing one dance than most couch potatoes burn in a month.

  47. Justin says:

    Tonight just drives home the point that if you’re not a “nice” white kid it’s impossible to make the finale on this show any longer regardless of how well you sing. I knew Elise didn’t stand a chance because of her distinctive voice, the fact she doesn’t dress like a pageant princess and the fact she has a musicality too sophisticated for this show’s target audience to really appreciate. However, there was really no excuse for Joshua or Jessica to be down there, particularly considering how Phillip and Hollie did this week. Some of you might not want to accept reality, but Southern evanglicals rule the voting on this show and they come equipped with their own automatic biases against certain contestants. Talent is secondary on this show.

    • Cip says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Tonight’s results show was cringe worthy. I’ve posted a similar comment on this page before. In my mind, Josh and Jess are the most amazing of all the contestants but they aren’t guitar playing, cute white guys who sing mediocre. How do we expect 14 year old girls to get it?? You’d think AI would finally figure out that this voting system is just inadequate and full of flaws.

      • Jaxguy says:

        if they changed the voting rules they could no longer carry on about the 50 million votes from last night even though only 17 or 18 million people actually watched.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          Do they usually mention the vote count, though? As I recall, they only whip it out when the numbers are particularly impressive. Mostly they don’t, so what would be the problem if they limited the number of votes and just gave up mentioning the number of votes on air completely?
          If anything, talking about the number of votes discourages me from bothering, since I vote, like, twice for a contestant I want to see more of, three times at most if they really did a great job. Capping the number of votes might actually energize a larger number of voters, which in the end has to be better for their ratings, not to mention the results.

          • afghan says:

            You voted 2 times! Are you kidding me? 2! Lol! And people are blaming the 12 years old girls. I see now. The standard for a real fan on my Twitter is at least 250! A real fan devotes two hours to vote for their favorite as simple as that. The principle is to not be able to feel your thumb at midnight. Limiting votes discourage that type of passion. After voting that hard for someone, you will want to watch the results show and the next show the week after. So I don’t think limiting votes will be a good thing for the #1 reality show in America right now. If people don’t like the results, stop being lazy and vote for the one you want to see the week after till your thumb hurt lol!

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            “The standard for a real fan on my Twitter is at least 250! A real fan devotes two hours to vote for their favorite as simple as that.”
            Okay, now this is exactly the problem. At the risk of offending a great many people on this board, I’m going to say that, in my entirely personal opinion, people who vote for two hours straight until they’re “not… able to feel [their] thumb” are insane. I watch the show for two hours. To expect me to give up an additional two hours power-texting isn’t just an expectation of loyalty; it’s more like slavery (Joke! Joke!). And whatever those super fans may think, I have to believe that most of the viewing public votes like I do. So maybe the problem isn’t 12 year old girls specifically. Maybe it’s power-texting fans generally, because the voices of the reasonably texting many (I’m assuming here) won’t be able to be heard until the voices of the screaming few are curtailed.
            And once the voting system has been balanced, the results should more accurately reflect the opinions of the American viewing public at large rather than just the opinions of those fans with the… let’s just call it willpower… to vote like people possessed, and that’s a result I think a show called American Idol would be happy with.

    • ali427 says:

      Very well said, and completely depressing. I’m beginning to believe that all this is really true, which means I have to accept the fact that this is no longer the show I’ve loved since season one.

      • karenb says:

        @afghan. Love your post and I agrees with you. To me, it’s always fun to vote. I don’t know how many votes I actually get it and it probably varies from week to week depending on what I’m doing that night. Multiple votes, to me, anyway, definitely add to the excitement on vote off night.

        And, no, people, I’m not a teen or tween or lonely ugly housewife. And I do have a life. I just really enjoy Idol season.

        And I would venture to guess that the majority of the people who are whining on this board never take the time to vote. You can’t complain if you don’t vote.

    • NedPepper says:

      It’s really not all that different from American politics. Souther Evangilicals dominate our culture. Scary, aint’ it?

      • Tansy says:

        Then why do we have that bat rastard in the WH?

        • abfidy says:

          Don’t even go there man. Seriously. No one wants to get into an internet fight about politics on an American Idol page. Take that business to the Huffington Post comment boards where it belongs.

        • Marsaili says:

          REALLY??? Seriously? Disgusting!!!!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Very poor taste. The President and the office deserve respect, whether you like him or not.

        • NedPepper says:

          And that “rat bastard” has been demonized in ways that go way beyond the rational for any recent American president. Where does this come from? Southern evangilicals. Trust me, I live in the South. I see it every day. And American Idol is a represention of America, particulary in the fact that it’s based on votes. Except on Idol, you can vote a million times to keep someone from winning…..

          • Tansy says:

            I’m not evangelical or southern. If Hillary was in the White House i’d be farting rainbows. And it isn’t due to his color either. He’s a one-eyed jack and we’re seeing the other side of his face.

          • Marsaili says:

            Well, this is a forum for Idol, not a forum to disrespect our President whom I happen to respect greatly. Take it somewhere else, please.

    • Shana says:

      I have to agree. It actually reminds me of the top 7 results show in season 8. All four white men (Kris, Adam, Matt, danny) were safe while the African-American, the Latin-American and the Indian-American contestants comprised the bottom three.

      • Me says:

        Really? You guys are turn this into a racism, religious, and/or political contest? Really????

        • NedPepper says:

          If the shoe fits….there’s a history of this on this show. People just don’t like talking about it. Fortunately, I’m not most people.

          • karenb says:

            Ned-I am a crazy lib and voted not only for Obama , but for every “southern evangelical” on Idol. So I think your blanklet statement is seriously flawed. Not everyone fits into your box.

            As for you Miss Darcy’s Evil Twin- as usual-you rock!

          • Tansy says:

            It isn’t a “history” Use your head. The reason for the results are the fact that the majority of the Idol audience is southern and midwestern whites. They watch, they identify, they vote. It’s no surprise that there has only been one northern winner and he was anything but “urban street smart”. It’s a taste and comfort thing. They like what they like. But soul and R&B are popular in these geo areas, too, which explains Ruben and Fantasia winning. Jordin was popular with every demographic, period.

  48. Miss Otis Regrets... says:

    I fail to see how Hollie affected voting for Jessica. Hollie just did somewhat better than usual this week.

    • millie says:

      Because the “judges” have set it up as Jessica vs. Hollie, and Phillip vs. Colton – rather than 7 people competing against each other. So if you felt bad for how they treated Hollie, the one person you weren’t going to vote for was Jessica. What helped Phillip and Colton was that between them they probably got the balance of DeAndre’s voters.

  49. Forwarddad says:

    It’s not Jessica’s fault what the judges do or say. Vote for whom you want but what had this teenager done to be called a diva? She is polite, respectful and a great singer. Possibly she should sing songs the audience knows but then she would be criticized for not singing popular songs. Blame the judges, blame Nigel for leaking the results to TMZ or more importantly blame the messed up voting system.

    • mcfudge says:

      Thank you. Jessica does not seem the least bit like a diva, and did not deserve to be anywhere near the bottom. This was her best performance week, I think. Go figure. That said, the judges were atrocious. I don’t think Jessica knew what was happening when they stormed the stage.


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