Exclusive Grey's Anatomy First Look: Cristina Tells Owen to [Spoiler]!

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd) did a bad, bad thing — a “horrible thing,” he even acknowledges — by cheating on Cristina. But above and beyond having a bowl of cereal lobbed in his face by his Mrs., is he ready to truly face the music for his fit of infidelity? TVLine has a first look at the next intense exchange between husband and wife.

Grey’s Anatomy First Look: Meredith and Friends Suit Up for Their ‘Moment of Truth’

As seen in this clip from this Thursday’s episode (airing at 9/8c, on ABC), Cristina (Sandra Oh) wants, among other things, details on Owen’s indiscretion — but he refuses to elaborate. What will that steadfast stance cost him? Press PLAY below and find out, via the last words out of Cristina’s mouth.

Grey’s Anatomy Scoop: St. Elsewhere‘s William Daniels Scrubs In as Cristina’s [Spoiler]

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  1. Erica says:

    I am so sick of this story line Iam tried off Sandra’s OVER ACTING !! its getting annoying and old Owen has been ruined and nothing is being done about it why can’t crisitna get her behind kicked she is selfish and arrogant and downright mean I am so tired of this stupid story line lets hear about the others for a change

  2. Robin Richardson says:

    I hope he is gone for good! This lame character sucks the life out of the show.

  3. Adk says:

    Here’s what….the real fight between Christina and Owen should just be that she doesn’t WANT a baby not that she aborted one. He should BE suggesting an adoption because the obvious reason she supposedly doesn’t want a kid is because she doesn’t want to be pregnant and slow down from surgery. As far as him cheating on her, that’s weird, Shonda might have wanted to add the stress on their marriage of not having sex as the reason of him looking elsewhere not just randomly jumping into bed with someone. Merideth mentioned that Christina’s silence meant that she was going to forgive Owen; it would of been a bit interesting if they started laughing after the cereal in the face incident.

  4. Andrea says:

    me gustria saber que hizo Owen a Cristina, pero tengo que esperar 4 dias para ese episodio… me muero de curiosidad y saber que actitud tomara ella

  5. Jill says:

    There is no excuse for cheating. Owen is an ass, that is all.

    • guest says:

      no. there is no excuse. but it’s not the end of the world. he screwed up. everyone screws up once in a while.some worse than others.

      • BisouBisou says:

        and cristina wasn’t? both are not innocent in their troubles. they both were being idiots by not communicating properly.

  6. juan says:

    Always hated Owen and I hate them together. I cheered so loud when she threw the bowl of cerial at him cause he is an ass. first teddy now christina, He really is an horrible person

  7. guest says:

    Christina needs to get over it and either work on their relationship or break up with Owen. She is being a huge jerk. He made a mistake and is trying to make up for it. An affair doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. it only means he slept with another woman. Freaking get over it.

  8. Adot says:

    That Shonda Rhimes intends them “to stay together” seems very strange. Hunt is an abusive man and the relationship is completely unhealthy. Cristina got sucked into this desaster when she was at a weak point in her life. Clearly, she has issues that she needs to address in therapy.

    Rhimes has worked with support groups for battered women in the past, now would be a good time to let them evaluate Hunt’s behavior which clearly raises a lot of red flags. Why not educate the public about how an abuser operates via this crazy-looking storyline?

    1. Get the woman when she’s weak. Check.
    2. Bind her to you via the holy sacrament of marriage. Check.
    3. Make her feel guilty when she’s not doing what you want. Works best when your viewpoint is supported by societal or religious standards. Check.
    4. Ensure that woman has no support system to speak of – no family, no community, no friends. Pretty much check, as Mer is the the only friend she has.
    5. Isolate her from everybody so that you can abuse her. That’s what he’s doing when he wants to be her “person” – isolating her from the only close friend she has. Check.

    I could go on.

    So far, the storyline is okay – BUT ONLY if Rhimes intends to drive the point home that Owen Hunt is an abuser. That would be the responsible thing to do, to edutain. It seems that a lot of young women can’t tell a healthy relationship from an abusive one…

    • BisouBisou says:

      As someone who works in the domestic violence field as a profession and deals with physical and mental abused women on a daily basis, I think you have a misconceptionwhat abuse really is, it definately is not what is going on with Cristina and Owen. Sounds like you are describing the movie Twilight. Owen and Cristina are not Bella and Edward..

  9. yvonne duran says:

    Are they ending the show?

  10. BisouBisou says:

    Fail to see how someone blacking out because of PTSD is an abuser. My best friend has PTSD from Afghanistan and has had similar issues (though not as severe) during flare ups but if you have ever known anyone with PTSD you would know the difference between that and abuse. Educate yourself on PTSD before you make such absurd comments.

  11. Betty says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m done watching grey’s. Christina gets a pass for having and abortion, and Owen gets an hour devoted to how horrible his cheating is. Neither is right, but according to this show, an abortion is much easier to get over…and causes less emotion within a couple. You don’t have to accept responsibility for an abortion.

  12. Janice says:

    OMG!!!!!! This is dragging on FOREVER!!!! Yang either needs to forgive and forget or lose the guy. This is dramatic overkill.

  13. TC in TX says:

    I don’t believe in abortion. If Christina had already made that decision though, she should have done it and never spoken a word of it to anyone, ever….and THEN afterwards had her tubes tied so she’d never find herself in that position again. Regarding Owen….leave his sorry ass! All that drama about details – totally a waste of time. Who cares?! The dirty deed is done. Get a divorce – it’s the best thing for both sides.

  14. TC in TX says:

    Correction: Okay, so Christina can’t have a tubal unless she’s already had a baby….Then how about a “Chastity Belt”? ;)

  15. soxfan says:

    I LOVE Owen & Cristina together – while he did a terrible, terrible thing & he is very, very remorseful, I believe the tide changed the moment Cristina called her husband a boy to his face. It remained about her as she yelled at him about how she should be concentrating on her boards instead she was in the bathroom with a boy. Wow … another verbal assault from her to the very guy she is supposed to be in love with & the look of shock on his face at what she said to him. Long ago I learned when one calls another a name what does that make the one who called the other a name? So if Owen is a boy then that makes Cristina a little girl – that’s a match.

    Her passing the boards should be a wonderful time for Cristina AND Owen – I thought they were in this together– this isn’t just about Cristina but she made it that way as usual.

    While it was very sad that Owen moved out, I am happy that he did. Hearing Owen tell Cristina that he would always love her & that she is the love of his life made the entire situation that much sadder. However, we all have to know when to move away from someone who is dragging us under. Cristina still has under lock & key what is really going on with her. What drives these two characters are their pasts & I still don’t think either of them are over their PTSD …. We know Owen will most likely always have it because of being in the war & I don’t think Cristina has ever been the same since the shooting rampage in Season 6 & I think things go even further back with her.

    Owen did a terrible thing to both of them & to their marriage but Cristina also did something terrible – she took away any right he had to their child. I am fully with the law – women have the right to choose but we all know that she never included Owen in the decision making. How about when she returned her engagement ring in his hand telling him he was wrong telling her surgery was just the thing that she needed (when she collapsed in the OR that it took Meredith to get on the floor to help her out of it) & I also understood Cristina to mean their marriage. She left him sitting there with such a pained look on his face that it said exactly how he felt without him saying a word.

    I am hoping that the time away from one another each will reflect on how they treated the other – good and bad. There actually is a ball in each of their courts – will Cristina choose a career over Owen & could Owen come to the realization he can’t live without her & will forego having children? I think these are the only two questions that need to be answered. I hold out hope that they can repair what they called a marriage to make a real one & this time using cement as God knows their foundation has been made of sand but I am not holding my breath … it is why marriage remains a mystery. What works for some won’t work for others on all sorts of subjects & levels.

    • Gretchen says:

      “women have the right to choose but we all know that she never included Owen in the decision making”
      If a woman doesn’t want a baby or pregnancy, how is the man to be included? He cannot carry the pregnancy. The only thing he can do is convince her to go against what she wants and that would not be right.

      If children were so important to Owen, he should not have married Yang, simple as that. He never stated that children were mandatory to him, not once.

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  17. manisha says:

    pls pls pls bring BURKE back….he n christina were just amazing and hilarious! da 1st 3 seasons jus rocked…….
    anyone agrees with me???

    • Susie says:


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