Exclusive Grey's Anatomy First Look: Cristina Tells Owen to [Spoiler]!

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Owen Hunt (played by Kevin McKidd) did a bad, bad thing — a “horrible thing,” he even acknowledges — by cheating on Cristina. But above and beyond having a bowl of cereal lobbed in his face by his Mrs., is he ready to truly face the music for his fit of infidelity? TVLine has a first look at the next intense exchange between husband and wife.

Grey’s Anatomy First Look: Meredith and Friends Suit Up for Their ‘Moment of Truth’

As seen in this clip from this Thursday’s episode (airing at 9/8c, on ABC), Cristina (Sandra Oh) wants, among other things, details on Owen’s indiscretion — but he refuses to elaborate. What will that steadfast stance cost him? Press PLAY below and find out, via the last words out of Cristina’s mouth.

Grey’s Anatomy Scoop: St. Elsewhere‘s William Daniels Scrubs In as Cristina’s [Spoiler]

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  1. Bailey says:

    I can’t decide how I feel about this plot arc. On one hand, I love the two of them together and I want them to work it out. On the other…sometimes it seems like this is trying to undo everything Cristina has built over the last eight years in being one of the most consistent characters on the show. I know Shonda has said they stay together, but this whole story makes me uncomfortable.

    • Aria says:

      I agree, I feel this has undone all her progress and Im finding it hard to like Owen just like it was hard to like Derek before when he was so angry at Meredith.

      • Minnie says:

        I dont think this plot arc undoes anything that Cristina has built over the last few years. we have seen a very hard, cold, career driven, & oftentimes emotionless Cristina. I absolutely LOVE that Shonda has brought out the emotions we merely got a glimpse of when Cristina broke down during the whole Burke fiasco. this plot arc is making Cristina a stronger and well rounded doctor and person. she needs to get in touch with this side to herself to better understand herself, who she is on her own and with Hunt, and to be a better surgeon. Also, this is making her independent of Meredith…

        • Rachel says:

          Agreed 150%!!!!

        • TQ says:

          I totally agree. We need to see growth w Cristina and w that her character will be much better and more rounded. I hope they work it out and would be unhappy to see them part.

          • Kim says:

            Is Burke coming back??? Wow interesting thought. It will keep the story going!

          • sarah says:

            i would lovvvvvve burk to come back and fight for christina make owen fight for her. im watching all the old episodes and up till the day he left her i loveddd burks character, bring him back and give owen a run for his money. pleaseeeeee

        • Cathy says:

          Very interesting insight and I agree 100%!!

      • you guys are wrong, this is not doing progress is not just feeling the joys of love and relationship, it is embracing the entire experince however painfull it can be sometimes

    • Drew says:

      I thought it was obvious that they forced this whole “Owen cheated” storyline just so they could somehow even the field in their fighting. It didn’t fit the character at all and detracted from the real issues in their relationship. They had real issues to deal with, and this just completely derailed that with stupid generic soap opera cr@p, just so she couldn’t be mistaken as the bad guy.

      On top of that, I think that her being physically violent toward him is not something that should be depicted as anything less than an act of abuse. If he threw anything at her (while not suffering from a severe case of PTSD), be it cereal or anything else, there would be no end to the outrage.

      • adrienne says:

        Seriously, that is not abuse.. Someones always has to point out something ridicolous.. He deserved far more than a bowl of cereal in his face.. Slap or a kick in the balls would have been more appropiate. But I guess you would really hate that.. lol

        • Drew says:

          So if he was upset about her having the abortion and started doing things like throwing cereal in her face, you wouldn’t view that as a physical act of violence? You’d be there, cheering him on and saying that he should slam her head into a wall or knee her in the gut?

          Maybe it’s because males are brought up with the whole “don’t hit girls” thing while women are taught that it’s fine to throw stuff at guys or slap them around, but physical violence is a slippery sloap. Starts with cereal. Then it’s the bowl. Men typically shake it off because they don’t want to be seen as weak by complaining about their abusive wives. Do you know how many men are physically abused by their wives and never say a thing? It’s not the subject of PSAs because it’s shameful toward the man.

          If Owen was upset about the abortion and threw cereal in her face, it would have played a lot differently than when she did it. She would have gotten that victim look on her face and the music would have played up the drama of that moment when he crossed the line. They would show the milk dripping off of her face, and the pain and humiliation in her eyes.

          Women can afford to laugh this off because they’re not taught any better.

          • adrienne messer says:

            I was brought up in a home of violence.. I dont see throwing a bowl of milk in someones face violence.. But SHE is not abusive to her husband.. Yes I know that violence in homes with both women and men.. I just think in this particular scene it was a ridicolous point to bring up.

          • Drew says:

            I’m not saying that it’s as if she beat him with a baseball bat. I am saying that it was an act of physical violence, which is not something that should be cheered on as much as it has been. If he had thrown a piece of cake in her face at Zola’s party instead of yelling at her, how do you think her friends would have reacted to that?

          • NatalieOz says:

            Totally agree with you 150%. While Owen has a checkered history with cheating (its kind of ambiguous if he was still engaged at the time he first kissed Cristina and then there was the whole I wanna hump Teddy’s leg but I love Cristina nonsense) I hate that the whole abortion issue has been glossed over and forgotten in favor of “oh what an a**wipe Owen is because he ignored and then cheated on Cristina”. This is not where the problems began, they began with her getting pregnant accidently, AGAIN, and then deciding an abortion was the answer. Not sure about anyone else but as a physician committed to her career, falling pregnant by accident twice is downright stupid in my opinion. But I digeress, What is the biggest crime? Having an abortion against one partners wishes or cheating on them with a ONS? Shonda is writing Cristina as the victim, or so we are to believe, because Owen cheated on her. But why did he cheat? Is what I want to know. I find the Owen/Cristina relationship completely one sided, it all tilts in favor of Cristina. It has to be her way or no way. He has stated he doesn’t get a say or an opinon on anything that goes on with them. They were pregnant and options should have been discussed and a decision made together. BUT In the absence of the ability to compromise or discuss options Cristina made the decision all on her own. She then compounded that behavior after the fact by not considering that Owen may be grieving the loss of a child he made with the woman he loved and she ridiculed him for not getting over it “it’s done and can’t be undone”. IF Cristina had wanted the baby and Owen insisted on an abortion, Owen would have been scum. As you pointed out if Owen had thrown cereal in Cristina’s face (I also saw it as an act of violence) he would have been vilified as violent. No one for some reason wants to see Cristina as the bad guy here, so the abortion issue has been white washed and put to rest because “Owen went with her to the abortion so he must have agreed to it” . I say that is garbage. He was guilted in to going by Meredith, and I don’t think considering what has happened since, that going with her was a sign he agreed. Merely a man going with his wife to make sure she got home alright.

            I was not a fan of making Cristina pregnant a second time. She has one fallopian tube For Gods Sake, which makes it difficult to fall pregnant so she can NOT have been using birth control. Someone so opposed to family and children should not be falling pregnant for a second time by accident. I wish they had never gone down this road. They could have had Cristina wanting a permanent birth control solution and Owen being opposed to it and still had the same emotions and issues to deal with, and Cristina wouldn’t have looked so pathetic in my eyes. As it is i can’t feel bad for Cristina. Her whole attitude and lack of compassion for her supposed loved husband and what he wants and feels makes me less inclined to side with her. I can see how Shonda will right this though. Owen will grovel and Cristina will make the supreme sacrifice and forgive and take him back. There by making women out to be controlling unfeeling robots. Just wish she’d do it quick so we can all move on.

          • TXCleo says:

            “Women can afford to laugh this off b/c they’re not taught any better.” Seriously dude, are women children in your outdated viewpoint? The first act of (non PTSD-related) abuse in this messed up relationship IS the cheating: it puts ones partner at physical risk and harm of physical, mental, and emotional repercussions. How about “Men aren’t taught to not deal with their issues via sexually, are not taught to communicate their emotions or emotional needs” (owen’s all of a sudden extreme need to have a child with a partner he is very well aware puts her career first and so obviously wouldn’t want to take ‘the mommy track’). They both messed up by not communicating and discussing such an important issue before getting married. But don’t act like she is the only abusive one in that relationship because “Men aren’t taught that viewing women as sexual or procreative objects and treating them as such is wrong; then punishing them, when they don’t fall into that expected role.” Nobody laughed this situation off…

        • LOL!! I totally agree! Its ridiculous to call out a bowl of cereal to the face as ‘abusive’ when it’s w/in this context. If these characters were more “real” — he would’ve gotten his balls kicked in or his clothes bleached/burned depending on what side of the universe they’re trying to depict.

          I hope they can work it out but whatever, in the end, Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for a LONG time and it’s going to get difficult to keep the show entertaining — if it hasn’t already started showing signs of this …

          • Drew says:

            Another woman who is fine with the idea of kicking a guy in the balls.

            Show of hands, men! How many of you would be okay with the idea of Owen kicking Christina, no matter how angry he was?

          • Chris says:

            So it would be okay for a woman to kick a guy’s balls because he cheated on her? Hmm, would it then also be okay for a man to punch a woman in the ____ if she cheated on him? You are being ridiculous.

          • Jordan says:

            So just out of curiosity when would it be ok to kick a man in the balls? Would it be ok if a woman was getting attacked either by a husband/ boyfriend/ stranger? Or should she just say now that’s not nice to do, didn’t your male friends teach you better than that?
            An appropriate response to a male cheating on a female would to be go cheat on him with his best friend (if his best friend doesn’t have a gf/wife) and if he is taken then go for someone in his family, then for celebration after toss a bowl of cereal up in the air and if it accidentally lands on someone oh well but technically you weren’t throwing it at anyone… Whaddya think about that would that be an ok thing to do??? Oh and just so you know I am a female my name may be Jordan but I assure you I’m a female.

          • Drew says:

            Jordan, if a man is attacking a woman, all bets are off. If she is in danger, she’s more than welcome to stab him in the face for all I care. But that’s not what the discussion is about. It’s about her attacking him, not her defending herself.

            If a man cheats on her, no it is not best for her to cheat on him with his best friend or a family member. First of all, you’re working under the assumption that his people would jump at the chance to betray him if given the chance. Regardless, two wrongs don’t make a right. If his actions destroy the relationship, the best thing to do is leave. Just like Owen should have left Christina if her actions destroyed their relationship. Getting into a cycle of “You hurt me, so I’m going to hurt you more” is not going to work out well for anyone.

      • kat says:

        I think the “Owen cheated” scenario doesn’t try and distract you from Christina’s miscarriage, but shows you that in some marriages, when a man feels betrayed and hurt there are times when even if he regrets it later, he lashes out to hurt his significant other through cheating, or many other ways in other cases. I think its just showing you how one thing can throw everything off balance.

        • Kristy says:

          Miscarriage?! She had an abortion – she killed his baby. This marriage has been over for a loooong time.

          • Amanda says:

            Agreed! Don’t mistake a miscarriage for an abortion…she made the choice to kill her baby!

          • Susie Zander says:

            OMG I totally agree. She is definately NOT the marrying type. You’d think they would have discussed having children or not during their courtship. I think it was very selfish of her to have the abortion. She should have just kept her mouth shut, not tell anybody she was pregnant, and do what she wants. That way, nobody gets hurt.

          • Aida Ramilo says:

            i totally agree what she did is unforgiven& cant be undone & cant be forgotten for the rest of their lives it will haunt her..scars will remain forever in someones heart she betrayed & hurt him.

          • Harriet Tubman says:

            A fetus ain’t a baby until it comes out. that’s what birthdays are all about. And a woman who is not allowed to decide when and if to have a child is no better than a slave. Cristina is no slave.

      • Mary says:

        it seems like this whole train of thought comes down to the abortion. So I will itemize.
        1. punching is abuse, intent to do harm in anger is abuse
        2. throwing a sandwich or a bowl of cereal is not abuse
        3. these apply regardless of gender
        4. if the intent is to maim the person with said object then it is then abuse
        5. he did far worse under the affects of PTSD and it was still abuse but she stayed with him

        Abortion/miscarriage issue
        1. When wih burke she had a miscarriage
        2. she did not want to get married at all to owen. She did not want to play house
        3. she did not want children
        4. he assured her he would be on her side and that things did not have to change
        5. he a, hoped she would change her mind. b, when she got pregnant tried to coherce her into keeping the baby.

        cheating vs abortion
        she did not willfully get pregnant, but he willfully cheated therefore no it would not be acceptable for him to physically retaliate for her terminating a pregnancy that she did not want. like it or not it is her body. now if said child were born and livign and she hurt the child then yes he has the right to get phsycial to defend his child.

        back to abuse
        forcing a woman to carry a child that they do not want is forcing her to do somehting against her will. that is abuse
        having a child experience every single day that they are not wanted is abuse

        Now you don’t have to agree with abortion, you dont even have to agree when life begins. I am a mother, and I am not sure I could ever have an abortion. But I do believe in women’s right to choose. If a man can father a child and then walk away with no reprecussions physically emotionally or financially why cant a woman? The law stipulates that under a certain amount of time abortion is legal so the matter here isnt whether you agree with abortion or not

        the issue here is whether or not she willingly got pregnant. We do not know if she was on BC or used protection because pregnancies can happen under those circumstances.

        final point No she doesnt have the right to hurt him by violence but he did deserve a slap or a bowl of cereal in the face and if she had cheated same thing,

        • Susie Zander says:

          Totally agree with everything you said. Very well done Mary!!!!

        • Anita says:

          Totally agree! It’s excellent analysis.

        • jen says:

          Iagree with a lot of what you say about the abuse, but the abortion stuff is awful. She’s gotten pregnant twice on this show. She’s a doctor, she should know how to not get pregnant especially seeing how strong she feels about not having babies. She needs to not use abortions as a birth control method, that’s what infuriates me. She’s old enough and has the resources to get her tubes tied or at least get an iud or go on the pill. She may not have “willingly” gotten pregnant but I find it hard to believe she did everything she could to prevent it. Then to get so mad at Owen for wanting a child? Selfish.

          • emily says:

            Just thought that i should let you know that after her miscarriage in season 1 she lost a fallopian tube so it would make her less likely to get pregnant and you have no idea if she was on birth control she might have been. So personally i do not think she was using abortions as a birth control method

          • rmb says:

            You all realize, of course, that both pregnancies of this fictitious character on a TV drama were written in by the team of writers in order to create dramatic tension, right? Christina is not real. Vilifying an imaginary person for making bad choices, when those choices are clearly writer-driven manipulations for plot purposes, is just really weird. Attack the writer for making absurd choices for a character as smart and capable as Christina–definitely. But, seriously, all of this blah, blah, blah about a doctor using abortion as birth control should know better implies that this is a real person in the real world, which so clearly she is not.

          • Mary says:

            I dont believe that any one of us feels these are real people. They are obviously created by Shonda. However it is not specific to this discussion to refer to the charactors actions as their own. The reason it creates the dramatic tension you refer to is because there are people who mirror these relationships in real life.

            It the nature of people to judge. Judging tv charactors allows us to exam the horrors and joys of daily life and judge to our little hearts content without hurting feelings.

        • Jill says:

          well said.

        • IWY says:

          TWO WORDS.

          YOU ROCK!

          THAT’S IT.

        • Drew says:

          I find it interesting how many women here are rationalizing physical outbursts while men would think that such things are completely out of line. What Owen did to her when he was suffering from the PTSD was no small thing… but it was also in his sleep, if I recall and not a conscious act of violence toward her. Nobody excuses that. He needed treatment, which he got. She should have gotten away from him, for her own safety.

          I don’t recall mentioning the abortion thing at all, but let’s discuss what you said in your post. First of all, she did willingly get pregnant. Unless Owen raped her, which I do not believe is an issue in this case, Christina willingly had sex with him. Sex is human reproduction. As a doctor, she should know this. It is a proactive step toward reproducing. As a doctor, she should also know that no birth control is 100% effective, and she could have explored more effective options to avoid pregnancy. Kepner is doing that, I believe.

          I don’t know where you live, but men do not have the option of simply walking away without any repercussions. Unless the baby is put up for adoption, the father is usually required to pay child support, whether he wants to or not. Are you saying that you support the right of men to disown the child before it’s born and walk away?

          But let’s get back to the real topic at hand here, which is the act of violence that she displayed.

          Do you believe that if you walked up to a stranger on the street and threw a soda in their face, you would face punishment for that action? Do you believe that you would be liable for damages, etc? Do you believe that would be assault? Are the slushies on Glee okay with you, or is that unacceptable bullying/abuse?

          Physical abuse stems from a person who is incapable of controlling themselves. They lash out by throwing things, or hitting people. Either way, this is an act of violence, caused by the inability to restrain one’s temper.

          Do you believe that it is acceptable for men to slap women, even if they don’t intend to maim the woman? Let’s try to establish where the line is for you here. What object could a person throw at their spouse that is just too much? Is it based on the emotional status of the person doing the hitting? Like, if she’s really upset and she hits him, that’s okay? But if it’s just for fun, then no?
          Was it okay for him to cheat on her because he was hurt by her killing his child (his opinion, this isn’t a political thing)?

          I’m not sure that I understand why women are okay with these acts of violence, but I’m eager to find out. Because as I said before, it seems to be the women here who are okay with hitting and lashing out.

          • Maggie says:

            I agree with Drew – I’m a woman and I’m NOT ok with hitting or lashing out in anger! (EVER) I do not think men or women should hit or throw things or (I’ll even take it a step further) berate each other! I think those actions are for the immature! As an adult you can talk it out rationally or you can walk away but to throw something or lash out in a fit of rage, whatever the reason, IS abuse and as such is unacceptable! In my opinion, if you’re an adult – make a decision to talk it out or walk away!

          • IWY says:

            Simple, women here are okay with the lashing out, because the men who cheated in their marriage deserve it or more than it.

            No one excuses what Owen did in his PTSD, that is because Cristina did NOTHING to deserve that, to deserve being almost chocked to death, to deserve to be yelled at in the OR room, to deserves the outsburst and throwing the pan in the sink. Cristina did nothing wrong to deserve to be cheated in that way, ptsd or not.

          • Mary says:

            First let me say, the debator in me is enjoying this.

            Second You are correct, you yourself did ot mention abortion but others on the thread did and as yours was the root in the thread, I grabbed it.

            While I could split hairs on abuse vs assult in this case they amount to the same. I will say this, had that been her initial reaction i would argue that it was knee-jerk. While not acceptable grown up behavior in light of his mr. pious attitude it would have been understandable. But rather it was after a week of silent treatment, staring him down and then.. toss.

            regarding the argument of walking away from a child, You are correct, by law there is garnishing wages and all sorts of tactics to keep reluctant fathers in line. However there are quite a few lawyers kept in business by those reluctant dads. I really dont want to turn this into an abortion rights debate. In fact my whole goal was to agknowlege that for many that is the sticking point.

            The one place I can argue you and will stand behind is the willingly pregnant part. You made good the rest of your argument and my sleep deprived mommy brain cant argue that. But as for the willingly pregnant part. Kepner is a virgin still.. and that is why she is not risking prenancy. She is at the very least abstinent if I missed an episode somewhere. Accidents do happen with or without birth control. God-complex not withstanding doctors are still human. It is true she could have gotten her tubes tied but in this day and age to say that to have sex amounts to being willing to be pregnant amounts to being willing to die because I step out my door. Sure I am staying on the side walk, looking both ways, being generally cautious but sometimes that sucker gets through he red light and curb checks at 90 mph and there I go woops!

            Also while I agree slushies in the face on glee is bullying and assualt, it like Grey’s is a tv show. and both reflect somethings that happen in real life.

            Couples fight and occasionally it turns into a food fight. KIds assault eachother daily and because it is as higgins says not with a classified weapon.. get away with it.

            You said originally that women are condoning and men are saying absolutly not. I cannnot speak for others but I can not speak in absolutes. In my house we do not condone even as mention, play slapping.

            I may not be as articulate at the moment as I would like and I apologize for that, but thank you for the lively and well argued debate.

          • Samantha says:

            Are all you people forgetting it’s not the first Hunt cheated on Christina?
            He cheated with teddy a while back. Someone cant force you to have a child if your not ready to have one. It would have been like Meredith and her mother. Its not fair for the child. But there is no reason in the world to cheat on your wife/husband!!!

          • Drew says:

            Mary, I appreciate a good debate too. :-)

            I have to disagree with you though. Your analogy about walking out of the house isn’t the right analogy to use… In this case, the person we’re talking about is the person behind the wheel of the car. You get into a car knowing that you are accepting the responsibilities that come along with it. Accidents happen, but you accepted that risk by getting behind the wheel. If you hit someone, you are responsible for it, because that is the risk you decided to take.
            When you have sex, you accept the responsibility of that action. We all know where babies come from (I assume). It has nothing to do with this day and age, it has to do with simple biology. Sex leads to pregnancy. There are ways of reducing that risk, but none of them are 100%. Then there are ways of avoiding that risk completely. Christina didn’t trip and fall over Owen’s p*nis (don’t know if I can use that word). She accepted the responsibility of having sex. Therefore, it was an outcome that she was willing to accept. Playing Russian Roulette means that your chances of getting shot are lower than your chances of living… but if you play, you accept the possibility that you will be the one getting killed.

            IWY, I do not condone cheating. If he doesn’t want to be there, he should leave. If he doesn’t want to leave, he needs to respect the marriage. That said, it doesn’t change the fact that she physically assaulted him. And if that act wasn’t bad enough, what happens if someone does that and it doesn’t just end there? What if the milk in his eye causes an infection? It’s not unheard of. Probably happens more often than lions attacking their owners in Seattle. Do you think she would have to be held accountable for that?
            Owen hurt her by cheating. She hurt him by having the abortion (and don’t say that he was okay with it… he didn’t have a choice. She made the decision and his only options were to be there or to leave). Neither one of them has the right to turn their pain into a physical attack.

            Maggie, I don’t have much to say in response. Except, thanks for agreeing! :-)

        • Annie says:

          If she didn’t want to get married she should have said NO. He did not knock her down and drag her to the altar. He is NOT Burke and she wasn’t marrying him to appease him. She was there, she organized it and yes she was traumatized and to scared to be on her own but she did say yes.

          Yes she accidently got pregnant BUT she is
          1) A Doctor
          2) a career woman totally opposed to a children and a family
          3) has 1 fallopian tube after an ectopic pregnancy – so 50% less chance of falling pregnant

          Yet still managed to fall pregnant so must have been totally lax in the birth control area, so it could be argued/debated that failing to use birth control is willfully falling pregnant.

          Yes a woman has the right to chose. BUT just because a man doesn’t carry a child for 9months doesn’t mean he has 1) no rights 2) can’t grieve the loss of a child through abortion. I find it abhorrant that we always consider only the woman’s right’s in these things.

          As for a child living every day with not being wanted by a parent pfft that the Meredith debate and she turned out alright despite everything and as Cristina is not Ellis I think it’s a crock to bring up. It has nothing to do with how Cristina would or does feel that is Meredith considering her own mother and Cristina one in the same and I don’t see that. Ellis was a closed up person and I think half her obsession with Richard was because he walked away before she could. Cristina is not the same woman.

          Lets break the cereal bowl incident down. What is physical abuse? For lack of better definitions lets look at it legally?

          No one is ever charged with physical abuse – its a description – they are charged with degrees of assault.
          Throwing things at people could be considered threatening behavior? If that escalates and the thing being thrown connects that is considered assault.

          So throwing say cereal at a person, or even a sandwich, would be classed as assault – therefore it’s physical abuse.

        • Sonja says:

          Awesome Job Mary!! I love how you broke it down!!

      • traynor says:

        Cheating is wrong, but the overreaction of Christina was ridicioulous. He screwed up, get over it or leave. It seems everyone forgot that Christina had an abortion!!! She killed THEIR child without his consent, she is a selfish bitch and only cares for herself and her career, then she shouldn’t have gotten married. Marriage is a team effort you are no longer an individual. Remember Owen lost a child he desperately wanted, he was hurt and drunk and made a mistake, think it was overacted, and Christina needs to realize she is not a princess, and marriage is two ways.

        • Francie Huber says:

          I wish they would spend less time on the two most physically and emotionally unattractive characters in the series: Owen and Cristina. Their lives are part of the series, but seem to be taking it over.

    • Danielle H says:

      I hate it. It physically made me ill when he confirmed the affair. I think it’s one of the worst storylines in the show’s history IMHO.

      • Ninna says:

        And completely ruinned the couple even if they stay together. That’s a phatological relationship.

        • Christina says:

          I agree. This whole storyline has been the worst one EVER in the show’s history, it’s only rivaled by the Mark/Callie/Arizona baby drama last season. They shouldn’t have made Cristina pregnant again in the first place, instead we could’ve had a storyline where she wanted to have her tube tied to make sure she never got pregnant again, and that could’ve caused drama between her and Owen.

          Cristina had a right to get an abortion, but when you’re in a relationship, that other person DOES have a say in the matter, which she didn’t acknowledge at all. She made it all about herself and ignored his feelings. They should’ve sat down and discussed the options in a constructive manner, but instead she booked a time for abortion and just informed him she was getting rid of their baby. That in itself shows that she shouldn’t be in a relationship.

    • grace says:

      I am reading somehting different of this plot from what I have seen. My interpretation is Hunt is a bit resentful right now of the decision that christina has made regarding the pregnancy and aborting it. I think that christina still has a lot of growing to do, I think that her character is still selfish. When christina got pregnant with hunts baby, I thought that now that she is in a marriage with a man that she loves, she would want a family. But she was adamant that she does not want the baby and decides to abort. Hunt character begged her to not to, if even for love just try and see. she wouldn’t and after the abortion, to be walking around with zola and hunt watching her being so nuturing to someone else child. If that was me I would explode. I thought he would leave her. That was too much to bear, some kind of consequence has to come for that decision. He will probably forgive her but I think somethings gotta give. I hope they make christina’s character grow up and stop being so selfish. she hasnt grown much, thats my opinion.

      • Goldie says:

        I’m getting really tired of people saying that getting married = having a baby, regardless of your earlier thoughts or plans. I work in a PEDIATRIC hospital and worked for quite a few years with a female surgeon who never intended to have a baby. She married, divorced because he cheated on her, and then remarried and REMAINS HAPPILY CHILDLESS!!!! It doesn’t make her less of a person. Cristina got pregnant at the end of Season 1 and she lost Burke’s baby, but she intended to abort it anyway. She told Owen, Teddy and Callie in Season 5 or 6 that she never wanted kids. He doesn’t get to act like this. Not cool. She never blindsided him with this. I love Owen and Cristina together. They seem to truly love each other but I could roll up a magazine and “snout” Owen about now.

        • Kelly says:

          Thank you! I hate how people these days look at you as if you’re some kind of alien, if you say you don’t want kids. Regardless of what many people think, getting married is not just for the sake of having children. I think that this all goes back to when/how Owen proposed to Cristina. He KNEW she was traumatized, he KNEW that she wasn’t all right, but he went ahead and proposed anyways, knowing that she couldn’t make a rational decision. If he had proposed before the shooting, she would have had much more time to rationally think about accepting the proposal.
          He’s not stupid, he knew that she didn’t want kids. He knew that that wasn’t her plan for life, yet he married her anyways. If you ask me, he should have thought about doing that before he did it.
          And for the people blaming Cristina for not having birth control…..what about Owen??? Condoms aren’t just for girls to buy. Sheesh.

      • Brooke says:

        Being selfish would be keeping a kid you don’t want and making them grow up knowing that you weren’t wanted by your mom. Becoming a parent isn’t a selfless thing, and not wanting a kid does not make you selfish. Creating a new human being because you decided you wanted a baby is not an act of altruism. It’s a very, very self-focused thing, something that is done to fill your wants.

        • sue says:

          It’s selfish to think if you don’t want a baby and get pregnant anyway, that there’s no way you could change how you feel about the baby.

          • Kelly says:

            And when your feelings don’t change? Then you have a kid you don’t want. It’s selfish to force someone to have a child when they don’t want one.

      • Ninna says:

        Hunt has shown a great deal of growing, indeed. Not that I disagree on your comment. But going with someone else when things aren’t the way he wants at home, shows that he’s an immature brat of 40’s.
        Instead of walking away chooses to stay and chooses to cheat. For me the character is done. As Cristina was when she did the abortion in the mans face knowing perfectely well how much he wanted that child.

      • B says:

        how does some one “try and see” deciding not to terminate a pregnancy… what happens when the woman clearly “sees” exactly what she had decided in the first place was right? oh wait, here’s this baby i DID NOT WANT and wait I still don’t!

  2. nyla says:

    It’s a crime that Sandra Oh doesn’t have an Emmy for Cristina Yang… I know the show is way passed it’s “glory days”, but the woman still brings it every single time.

    • Magali says:

      I completely agree

    • Ana says:

      Agreed to the hundreth power. It is a travesty that Sandra’s thespian mastery continues to be ignored by the Hollywood elite. Instead they lavish accolades on inferior performers that better suit their fancy. Sandra has the ability to not only convey the emotion of a moment, but you feel it as well. It grips you to the core. She’s not just a magnificent actress, she is truly gifted in her craft.

      • sarcastic jerk says:

        Travesty. Thespian. Mastery. Hollywood. Elite. Lavish. Accolades. Inferior. Fancy. Convey. Core. Magnificent. Truly. Gifted. Craft…

        Hey, I’M the sarcastic jerk around here!

      • Dana says:

        Yes and its a travesty that Sandra Oh is still on Grey’s Anatomy. I hope she gets to star in a show of her own. She deserves it.

    • Julie says:

      She does have a Golden Globe and a SAG award. So she hasn’t been completely ignored. She is a great actress though.

    • Jasmine says:

      Your so right! That’s my girl!!!!

    • ellenlee2 says:

      Sandra Oh does a marvelous job of playing what I perceive as a despicable character. I find nothing to like about Christina, and I feel no sympathy for her. She has dug her own hole deep and wide. She is a prime example of narcissistic personality disorder. She no doubt is and will be successful in her profession but a real dud in her personal life.

    • juan says:

      Completely agree, its beyond me how she hasn’t won one for this role, every single season she brings her A game and is amazing even when some of the writing is a little weak. Also have really liked Ellen Pompeo’s work this season but still not as increadible as Sandra Oh

    • Ninna says:

      A good reason for her sucess in her scenes is the fact that she has an excelente actor as her partner. Don’t forget that. Everyone mentions Sandra, but KMK is a talented actor too.

  3. s says:

    What does she say? I can’t watch the video.

  4. I love Owen and Christina together, and hope they can work through this. I would never have thought that Owen would actually cheat on her, but the strain on their marriage from the abortion was serious as were the issues they were facing, and I guess he was just trying to escape from that (not an excuse). I like seeing more of who Christina really is. She isn’t JUST a surgeon, even though she tries to make it her whole life. We’ve seen her grow and evolve over the seasons, to a point where she was able to try to make a life with someone. Many people think Christina was better with Burke, but at that point in her life she wasn’t ready for that kind of committed relationship. It says a lot about her growth that she was finally able to open up to Owen and I think he has been really great for her personally. Sorry to ramble, but like I said, I hope they stay together!

    • Katt Moccio says:

      Everything that I wanted to say…I totally agree with you 100%. Sandra/Christina is a magnificent actress and deserves so much more honor for her talents and gifts….They have all grown since the first episode and has been a journey to watch their growth unfold…I really hope that Shonda has plans for these two to make it work. They have both overcame obstacles in their separate lives and I hope they allow them to overcome obstacles in their together lives…

    • Rosa says:

      Stay together seems so hard, extremely painful. emotionally wrecking, and it is what we love. We love the drama. Owen’s infidelity isn’t painful enough for Cristina, she seems to need more pain. She now wants to hear about the details of his infidelity. Why? Does she feel she deserves to be punished even more. What does she feel so guilty about that she must keep being punished for? Killing their child? She is hard core and only she will decide when enough punishment is enough! I think she subconsciously has created what she is going through. Maybe after this, she will have hit rock bottom and begin her healing process, maybe she will be ready to move on…forgive, forget and even perhaps, soon, be a mom.

  5. Goku says:

    She should throw a bowl of cereal in his face! She should do this in every episode! ;)

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed. McScreamy deserves every kind of crap she gives.

    • Drew says:

      And then he can punch her in the face!

      See, when you put domestic abuse into context it’s a little less awesome, isn’t it? I know we’ve been bred to believe that it’s okay for women to throw things at men. Cereal, vases, or whatever, but abuse is abuse. If you wouldn’t be okay with seeing a man do it to a woman, it shouldn’t be accepted when a woman does it to a man.

      • I wouldn’t have minded a bowl of cereal to HER face if she was the one that cheated. Abuse is something that’s more constant than when it’s done w/in this context. “and then he can punch her in the face” is way too extreme. He betrayed her — all she did was throw cereal in his face. When someone gets a drink thrown in their face at a bar for being crude and disgusting, no one calls or considers THAT abusive …

      • momof3819 says:

        As a woman, and mother of two sons and a daughter, I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY AGREE with you, Drew. “If you wouldn’t be okay with seeing a man do it to a woman, it shouldn’t be accepted when a woman does it to a man.” Also, I was taught by MY mother (I’m 40) that just b/c boys shouldn’t hit girls (and they shouldn’t!), does NOT mean a girl should think they can get away with hitting a boy and them not defend themselves. Why people don’t “get this” is beyond me. Sad.

        • Ninna says:

          momof3819, I had to say something when I read this bc I too am a mother of two boys. At some point in my elder son’s life, about his 12, 13 years old. He had the bad idea of helping a fellow girl who was running after a ball. He touched the ball to stop it and the said girl misunderstood his nice act, and began to savagely beat him with punches to the head ,neck and face, even when he was bent to catch the ball and he couldn’t defende himself. She hit him so badly that he came home with his eye swallen, purple and black and other marks all over the place.
          When I asked why he didn’t react to that he answered that he couldn’t, she was a girl, it was wrong and and at the end the one who would be punished it would had been him.

          That girl had a luck that not even her know how much bc he at that time already had a blue Karate belt. If he wanted to beat her up, he easily could.
          I was truly infuriated, and I taught him if a girl hits as a man she can get beaten up like a man. I taught him to defend himself always he is abused, by another guy OR gal. POINT.
          If he gets in trouble bc of that, I’m his mother I will staunch defend him before the school council and if necessary I’ll take the help of lawyer.

          My son is a good nature person, he is known by the ‘good soul’ among their fellows. He’s respected by fellows and teachers at the same time, which is a feat. Now that he is 17 he has won two prizes of value in his school among 1400 students for two consecutive years. He is his class representative. We call it The Delegate. More, he’s the chief of the Delegates of all classes. All the other Delegates answer directly to him. Whenever there is a dificult situation they don’t have the courage to ask teachers or the boards school, they call him. He has known by teachers that are not his, by his name. And was invited to accept a post in the student association of the school. He is a math student of 20(our scale is 1 to 20). He has a girl that says she’s blessed for having him and he is going to Medicine univ. this year.

          Did he deserve that?

          So, girls here who think that is OK to abuse man, be aware their might be other guys around so well taught by their mothers has mine.
          I do understand where Cris’s act came from, but I don’t accept it.

      • ok Drew, Get ff-ing real! You starting to sound like a real douche, wining about this bowl of cereal like that’s the same thing as physical violence. It’s a major sign of anger and disrespect, true that, however physical violance means actually putting your hands on someone, not throw a drink or some milk and cereal at them. The two are completely different and not even adjacent to one another. Just sayin, get off your high and mighty horse and admit that some milk wasn’t the worst thing that could’ve happend to him, and DON”T CALL IT VIOLENCE. Calling it violence is actually a kick in the groin for people who have been dealing with REAL violence, and you are just stepping on that by comparing the two……

        • tripoli says:

          Thank you. Getting tired of reading Drew’s ridiculous rants on the cereal incident.

          • Susie Zander says:

            LOL…….me too!!!! It is NOT violence. If you think it is, then you don’t have a clue what getting your ribs broken, or your arm twisted out of its socket!!!

        • Dana says:

          If Owen had thrown the cereal at Cristina the Owen haters would have screamed bloody murder. Heck all he has to do is look at her crosseyed and someone’s panties get in a stitch. Same o same o for 3 seasons.

  6. Gem says:

    Can someone tell me what ever happened to Owens PTSD? That doesn’t just disappear with a bit of counciling and everythings fine. It annoys me that Adele having alzheimers is a bigger deal then a serious issue like PTSD.

    • A. Kennedy says:

      Now, I’m not saying that PTSD isn’t a serious issue, but I think Alzheimer’s is just as serious as PTSD. People cope in different ways and there is no cure for either. Alzheimer’s happens to be important to this show in particular because Meredith’s mother had it as well. The condition has been mentioned throughout the show since the beginning.

    • cyndi says:

      I understand the PTSD is a serious issue that many individuals (including many of our brave soldiers) face, but please do not try to downplay what a horrible disease Alzheimers is. The chief and Adele have never raised a family, so we can’t really see how much this affects so many different people rather than just husband and wife. My grandfather died with that disease and it is incredibly heartbreaking to watch. I for one, am enjoying watching, (as heartbreaking as it is) the journey Adele’s character is going through. Thanks to Grey’s for putting a face to such a heartwrenching disease. That being said, I truly would have liked to see more of Owen’s PTSD problems. That would have been a great long term storyline. So many people struggle with PTSD and it would’ve been nice to see it play out longer.

    • sara says:

      He learned how it affects you deeply and messes with your emotions and then used that to manipulate Cristina when she was suffering from the same problem.

    • Gail says:

      Let’s not minimize Alzheimers or any form of dementia. My 94 y/o father, who is now living in a nursing home, was once a vital, loving husband and father, who enlisted in the Coast Guard when Pearl Harbor was attacked and put in his time and then gave my mom and his children a wonderful and comfortable life until he started getting age-related issues and then the onset of dementia which, to me, is like him having a brain that is slowly dying. At this point, he no longer knows us. You cannot compare Alzheimers/dementia at all with PTSD, which can be cured – the other cannot at this point.

    • Katt Moccio says:

      I was wondering the same thing. I could be because PTSD has its moments of showing up and going away. Alz’s is constantly there…its mild then gets worse but its always there…PTSD is more silent and stealthy, I think. Shonda could have an episode where it comes blazing back because of all the stress thats going on with him and Christina. It could be a pivotal point for Shonda and the writers…who knows. Just a thought =0)

    • krys says:

      PTSD is a serious issue and thank you for recognizing it as such. I would like to see more of Owen dealing with that issue in his life but I have no problem with it not being the focus right now. It feels real to me. As the wife of a disabled vet who suffers from a case of PTSD at least as bad as Owen’s character does those episodes where his PTSD was prevalent were very real to me. I have experienced similar things with my husband, but so is this time when it’s not manifesting at the fore front of his life. PTSD ebbs and flows. With help you get a grip on it for awhile but a trigger can come out of nowhere. Certain times of year can be hard and then during others you can behave function much more normally. I also speak from the experience of suffering from PTSD myself (although not from a combat situation) and many years later it still effects me, but not every day. There are times I function so normally that no would ever geuss and then a trigger hits. As far as Adele’s story line I’m glad to that too. I’m glad the show tackles so many real issues.

    • Stu says:

      Why? Because it’s a show written by women and it’s a man who had the issue. Just like the rest of the feminist crap on this show sometimes.

  7. Kiki says:

    I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea for a storyline, but it really is one of the worst ideas in Grey’s history. It goes against everything that these two stand for and have been through. In fact, this whole season, starting with the abortion, has been ridiculous for C/O. What happened to all Cristina’s emotional growth over the last few seasons? Yes she has a right to have an abortion, but without one conversation with her husband? Really? And Owen – I guess Shonda just couldn’t leave that one alone. She’s been itching for him to cheat since Season 6. The Owen hunt we all fell in love with is Season 5 is not a cheater. And the Cristina that he inspired woudn’t be so cavalier and thoughtless. At this point, I’m not even sure I care if they make it through this mess. And to what end? Because you know that Shonda will think it’s clever, adult and complicated to have Owen’s ONS show up next season with a tiny ginger baby. Maybe Shonda should start watching the Good Wife and see what good, complicated, adult TV is all about.

    • Nicoe says:

      Here we go again. Cristina did talk to him, and he knew before he married her that she didn’t want children.

      • ghoxo says:

        She knew before she married him that he did want kids. He’s allowed to grieve for the child/children he’ll never have.

        • Kimmyb says:

          What happens if the woman he had sex with ends up being pregnant?? Just a thought!! That would be something !!!

        • candienziia says:

          I think we’re all forgetting that these two didn’t sit down and have a discussion about getting married. Someone held a gun to her head and she decided she wanted to no part of a big life because being a simple girl who was happy with getting married and popping out kids wouldn’t have been in that situation. This wasn’t a marriage borne of a desire to really spend their lives together and it falling apart makes complete sense. Cristina was scared so she clung to the person who was most safe at that moment, which was her boyfriend who tried to come to her rescue in the OR. Considering she watched her father die as a small child can we really be surprised the girl’s got attachment issues?

          All of that being said, having an abortion is one of the worst experiences a woman can have, even one who really doesn’t want to have children and I think Grey’s did a really good job of showing how horrible it is when the person you’re with can’t understand that asking you not to do it is a million times more unfair than asking that person to respect your decision. Truth is, there’s a reason men have no legal right to weigh in on the decision.

    • Sara says:

      But she did talk to him. And he’s always known she didn’t want children; he was just hoping for her to change her mind which we all knew wasn’t going to happen…He was with her when she did it, and looked like he was being a supportive husband, and then he treated her like dirt…

      • ghoxo says:

        Yeah, except when she bashed him after the whole Henry incident. The cheating is awful and no one deserves it. But it takes two to get to that point and Cristina hasn’t been an angel in all of it.

        • Sara says:

          I’m not saying she has been, not at all. Although, I can’t blame her for lashing out at him after the Henry incident. She finally became friends with Teddy and he forced her to lie about something she wasn’t comfortable lying about.

    • Gail says:

      Christina needs a new man in her life who understands and respects her independence. Or… we need a new bunch of writers to help Shonda out with changing this storyline completely.

    • Emilia says:

      I don’t agree with you AT ALL. That people grow emotionally does not mean they become flawless, this is life!! When she had the abortion she did have a conversatuon with O and he supoported her. Then he regretted, what makes them adult and human above all. People cheat, this is human as well. If Grey’s was a happy ending TV show it would have finished after Cristina saved Derek’s life and got married with Owen.

    • Brooke says:

      How did she end up having an abortion with Owen holding her hand if she didn’t have one conversation with him? Did you miss a few episodes? That’s all they talked about for a while. She’s always stated she didn’t want kids, and Owen knew that. She was crystal clear and he stupidly assumed she’d change her mind.

  8. Lara says:

    Can they just fix it! They love each other so much!

    • LOL … I agree! Something about this couple is so not right, but right all at the same time …

      I really hope they’re in it for the long haul.

      OMG, can you imagine if Derek cheats on Meredith?? =O … I wonder what’s in store for THEM.

  9. kenly says:

    Owen has always been an asshole. Cristina should have dumped him long ago.

  10. ghoxo says:

    Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd own every other actor on Grey’s. Brilliant, brilliant acting from the two of them.

  11. Tom says:

    I think he is making the whole thing up. The only true way to be done with her is to make her hate him so much, she leaves. Remember, she aborted THEIR child. She deserves everything she gets for being so selfish. I’m thinking that as a husband and a father.

    • xav says:

      Sorry, but choosing not to be an incubator for a child you do not want is not selfish.

    • Sara says:

      You’re thinking that not only as a husband and a father, but as a jerk. If he wants it to be done, he should grow a pair and leave, not make up a story about infidelity just to make her hate him; that’s sad, pathetic, and incredibly immature.

      Yes, she aborted ‘their’ child. But guess who was sitting next to her when she did it? Owen. Guess who feigned support of his wife? Do you think it’s easy to have a child aborted? Even if you don’t want one? It doesn’t work that way. He knew all along she didn’t want kids, he was the selfish one trying to force it upon her. Your point of view, sorry to say, makes me sick to my stomach. You justify him cheating, whether he did or didn’t, because she doesn’t want to be a mother?

      Your thoughts on abortion and children sound rather selfish, if I may be so bold.

      • dg says:

        Well said!

      • layc says:

        I thought he made up too. To kind of “test” her and see if she’d stay with him for doing something so horrible since, in his eyes, she did something just as horrible when she had an abortion. He’s upset about it still but he was there for her when she did it. I guess we won’t know until we see.

      • Annie says:

        Is it such a foreign concept that sitting by her side while she had an abortion in no way indicates he was okay with the abortion? Because I don’t believe it does. It was a matter of she has to have someone with her, Meredith would have gone if he didn’t. While he doesn’t and didn’t agree with the abortion he is not going to let his wife have a procedure alone. It’s called compromising your own feelings for the woman you love. A concept Cristina has not and will not experience because she is self centered and absorbed.

    • Alie says:

      When you have the ability to give physical birth to a child THEN and only then do you get the right to decide what happens ultimately. Christina is not a bad person for having an abortion she did what she did because she did not want a child. What everyone is forgetting is to bring a child in this world without 2 parents to love it and cherish it is not right. There are enough babies out in this world without parents. So please don’t judge anyone without having gone through the situation you have zero right. And please know that if a women says I do not want children and you are planning on marrying this women and she is as hard headed and stubborn as Christina she means it and no amount of begging will change her mind.

  12. xav says:

    I wish Cristina would just leave him. He thinks who she is as a person is fundamentally wrong and won’t rest until he’s changed her. Whenever she doesn’t do what he wants he punishes her emotionally. So emotionally abusive.

    • ghoxo says:

      It’s frightening that you think Owen is emotionally abusive. He has always wanted her to include him in their decisions and not to cut him out. It’s all he ever asked for and not sure why a partnership in a marriage is considered emotional abuse.

      • B says:

        Not only is it emotionally manipulative to hold someone’s hand while they get an abortion and then call them a murderer later on, it is absolutely emotionally abusive. Christina definitely thought she finally had the support of her partner as she made her choice, something she was going to do with or without his support, only he offered it and she took it only to have the rug ripped out from underneath her. She needs to leave him before he breaks her spirit and trust in men altogether. They aren’t all like that but it’s not likely she’ll ever believe that again.

  13. Ang says:

    It really seems that they will rebuld at some point, into a stronger, better communicating couple. But this slow painful breakdown of the marriage has gone on long enough. I love Cristina/Owen but I would rather them split up for a while than to have this pain go on any longer, for both the characters and their fans.

  14. Linderella says:

    Enough already with this mess of a relationship. They may love each other but neither of them is healthy enough to know that love isn’t always enough. You can’t love your will on to another person. Each wants the other to be something they are not. They are just wrong together.

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree. They are completely wrong for each other. I didn’t like Cristina in the beginning because we couldn’t “see” who she really was. I have enjoyed watching her evolve. I have never liked Owen. I think he’s a manipulative jerk. They are holding each other back.

  15. Ann says:

    Cristina and Owen are meant to be! They will make it.

  16. shaberry14 says:

    i never ever liked christina yang. she knew she didnt want kids after burke she should have had her tubes tied. how can she be so sloppy. her sloppiness set off this chain of events after her abortion they should have been over. he deserves better

    • Sara says:

      Getting your tubes tied is a *serious* thing to do at her age. There is always the chance she would change her mind wayyyy in the future. You don’t just go on a whim and say “Hey I’m gonna get my tubes tied because at this moment in time, I don’t want kids!”. This has nothing to do with being SLOPPY…

    • Brooke says:

      Most doctors won’t even do the operation on someone her age. I’ve known many women who went from doctor to doctor only to be told that they’re too young and will change their minds later.

  17. Stephanie says:

    To be honest this is not the cristina I know and like. That Cristina is strong, and although she’s grown emotionally each season; to see her broken like she was in the last episode was awful. Although I think we each have people in our life capable of breaking us and our spirit, to see such a strong character like that kills me. I am not sure any of this was a good idea. I mean it makes for a strong performance, but they both want things that the other doesn’t want. Owen deserves what he gets from this because he did cheat, Cristina does have the right to know. Also I would not be suprised as one person said that his One Night Stand shows up with a baby.

  18. Chris says:

    First let me say I love both characters. What is bothering is I hate how Cristina is acting about his cheating, yes it was most definitely a horrible thing he did. Yes, she has reason to be angry, depressed and feeling betrayed , at the same time so does he . He wanted their child and in ways even though she didn’t cheat on him – he’s had the same emotions to deal with and she’s hasn’t been understanding or seeing it through his eyes. I think what bothers me most is here is Cristina a highly intelligent doctor/ surgeon who does not want children ever yet not once but twice has managed to get pregnant. To me THAT is something that has never made sense with her character…has that ever been explained? It’s really hard for me to be sympathetic towards her concerning this situation.

    • Sara says:

      So what if she’s a highly intelligent doctor/surgeon….? Some women are more fertile than others. Birth control is not always 100%. Owen KNEW how she felt about children. While he might have the right to be angry, he shouldn’t act the way he’s acting. He sat with her when she got her abortion, and acted supportive, tried to be a good husband, and then he repeatedly decided to throw it in her face. He never should have married her knowing her thoughts on children. He hoped her feelings would change, but shocker! They didn’t! She should not have to have a child she doesn’t want just because her husband wants one. It has to be a mutual decision. Cristina would have resented the hell out of that kid, and for who she is and what she wants in her life, she did the right thing.

      • Chris says:

        I’m not saying she was wrong in her choice to abort. It just seems to me if you know you don’t want children and you already had one unwanted pregnancy why not do something permanent to avoid the situation. My other point was that his feelings are just as valid as hers.

        • Sara says:

          Because it’s a huge decision unfortunately. The thing is, she could change her mind at any given time and by then it’ll be too late. It isn’t an easy thing to do at a young age. I agree he has a right to his feelings for sure, but he also knew how she felt about children. Which is why he gets no sympathy from me, just as Cristina gets none from you lol

          • Carrie says:

            I’m confused. Cristina is adamant about not having kids. Why would she not have had her tubes tied? By your logic she could have changed her mind and not aborted her kid. And the likelihood of a woman with one tube and a history of an etopic pregnancy getting pregnant while using birth control is slim to none. Cristina should play the lottery based on those odds. She should have been more careful about birth control (realizing we’re talking about a fictional character of course). Shonda sells her as a genius doctor and to me a genius doctor would have been more careful to not get pregnant if she never wanted to be a mother. Having your tubes tied is a lot less riskier than an abortion by the way. I’m a Cristina fan but I wanted to give my 2 cents because I keep reading comments like yours and disagree.

        • Sonja says:

          First – He has every right to his feelings, but he shouldn’t be throwing them in her face especially since he ‘acted’ like the supportive husband and held her hand during the abortion.

          Second – A woman cannot get a permanent solution to birth control ‘ex-tubal ligation’ unless you have had a couple kids or a certain age.

      • Lulu says:

        Then why didn’t Cristina get her tubes tied? Oh wait, you answered that already above. :)

        • AGiles says:

          Do you all realize that getting your tubes tied is not a simple procedure. It is a major surgery that involves weeks of recovery, not to mention numerous possible complications. It’s not a simple out patient procedure that you’re recovered from the next day.

          • SP says:

            Actually, It IS an outpatient procedure, done laproscopically, and the recovery time is one week- though I was up and running the third day.

        • D says:

          Why can’t they use condoms, depo shot, the 5 year implant, IUD… as medical professionals I would expect them to know about all the options of preventing pregnancy… It’s so ridiculous to keep getting pregnant if a person is seriously not wanting to have a baby… She is devolving, but let’s be honest… has she ever really come around from any of these continuous stresses she is placed under? Her life right now is a train wreck and has been since Derek’s shooting… She needs a trip to abroad…

          • Sara says:

            Birth control methods are NOT 100% effective, even when you use two methods. It REDUCES the chances, it does not eliminate them. The only thing you can do to avoid pregnancy is to not have sex. Simple as that.

  19. Lisa says:

    I continue to love and appreciate Sandra Oh & Kevin Mckidds devotion to excellant acting. Cristina & Owen love each other and will forgive and be better than ever.

  20. Morgan says:

    Oh, I feel so bad for them. They have made mistakes and to move past something like this Cristina needs all of the gross stuff. Owen knows he made a huge mistake and the love will save them.

  21. Michelle says:

    As it should be! Go Cristina!!!

  22. Debbie says:

    I want them to break-up. I don’t like Owen at all and wish they would write him out of the show!

    • Gail says:

      Debbie, I agree with you. Owen looks like a serial killer and the serial might be Grey’s. I also agree with another writer here about The Good Wife (excellent show). Even Grey’s spinoff, The Practice, has more adult situations. Hope everyone’s in agreement on this?

    • carol says:

      I also agree, I really think Owen is creepy.

  23. Ana says:

    Stay together, break up, I don’t really care that much. I was never crazy about Owen. I think he manipulated Cristina into marrying him when she was at her lowest and needed that comfort and protection. In the midst of PTSD is not the best time to make such a monumental decision. I give him that he had a right to be upset and mourn the loss of his baby. But he knew from the get go what her position was so it should not have come as a surprise. Mourn, cry and move on. But this? Lashing at her, treating her like crap and now cheating? No. That behavior is unacceptable.

    • ghoxo says:

      Except for the part where she said yes to marrying him of her own free will and even said in therapy that there was a reason that they were married. She could have up and left the moment that she recovered from her PTSD and yet she stayed.

      • Sonja says:

        He/Owen is the one with PTSD.

        • tripoli says:

          Do you not recall the story line she had after the shooting? If that wasn’t PTSD, I don’t know what is.

      • SP says:

        You mean just like the part where no one put a gun to HIS head when he proposed to a woman he KNEW did not want kids? We can go over the who’s to blame game over and over– She was traumatized by the shooting, she was not thinking clearly- what was his excuse? I mean, right up until the shooting, he couldn’t decide between Cristina and Teddy- How do you go from that to marriage?

    • Mary Bacmeister says:

      I totally agree, Owen has been manipulating Cristina all the time, he’s been using her, when all she needs is love and protection. Since the beginning Cristina said she didn’t want children, well, at this point Cristina, being an excellent doctor, why didn’t she do something permanent to avoid this situation, maybe deep inside she feels some maternal instinct. She is a very immature person who doesn’t know what she really wants. When she got pregnant, well, the easiest thing to do was to get an abortion, life is not that easy, and here are the consequences. On the other hand, Owen, who is a jerk, is so angry for the loss of this baby, he is treating her so bad, even cheating on her!!! The behaviour of both is unacceptable…

  24. mrushing02 says:

    I think that it is ridiculous that they had to give Owen a “bad thing” so that we could shift the focus to that instead of the abortion issue; as if on a scale they are anything comparable.

    • ghoxo says:

      It’s all about the women on this show, the men will always be in the wrong. Why focus on the legitimate issues of their marriage when they can shove cheating into it?

  25. Shalomo says:

    He didn’t cheat. He is lying

  26. Mikey says:

    I love this show! I have been a follower since day one and I still watch all the reruns on Lifetime Monday-Friday! I’m fearing that a series finale is in the works…I may actually die.

  27. Lana says:

    Christina and Owen have a passionate relationship. They don’t have one that can be committed because they want different things. I rooted for them from day one but I assumed they would grow to understand each other. Sometimes, love isn’t enough to keep two people together. I would still would love to see them together but it is obvious that they are broken. They have to long way back to each other if there is even that possibility.

  28. Laura says:

    Quoting Teddy (as much as i dont want to) from season 7- “you don’t tell Cristina Yang anything, she has to learn it for herself.” That’s why she has to know every detail. She wants to understand where he’s coming from and what state of mind he was in. They are so much in love, and both of them need to step up in their marriage. Once all the cards are on the table, then they can start to go down the path to forgiveness and understanding.

  29. PL says:

    I wish Owen would get hit by a bus and die on the table. He’s so annoying and the fact that I find him extremely ugly is not helping….

    • Gail says:

      PL: I was thinking the same as you: Owen is certainly not easy on the eyes as is McDreamy or McSteamy. He’s more like McOogly!

      • Jessi says:

        Have ya’ll lost your minds?? Own is maybe MORE beautiful than both McDreamy and McSteamy combined! That’s why Owen’s nickname(s) are McHottie and McBadass!

        • Sarah says:

          No, Owen is McScreamy. He does nothing but scream all the time.

        • Nina says:

          amen sister! Owen is just so attractive! I totally love him Nor is he an asshole or anything else. SHE als KNEW he WANTED kids. its so poor to put all the blame on his shoulders. She was no angel either.She made that decision on her own and did not give a crap about his feelings.did she really think just because he held her hand he was ok with it. Shonda said Cristina still has unresolved issues with herself but more importantly with the man she loves.You dont make these decisions on your own when you are married.Its so ridiculous some people even blame him because he DARED to marry her. She accepted all too willingly. I love Cristina but one has to admit she is selfish and unable to let someone completely into her life. Owen cheated and it was horrible and for some people even unforgiveable.But this did happen for a reason. Cristina failed to notice he was not ok. The baby was no loss for her, but it was for him.She cared more about Teddy,that cow who hitted on him in S6 and wished him dead. She wished a man dead who went through war hell and sufferes from PTST and still struggles. I dont give a damn if she grieves.She was totally out of line. I am angry Shonda turned Owen into a cheater for her stupid political agenda. The truth is, she began this season without knowing where it will end. and now we know she screwed it up and sacrificed owen hunt for it.Not saying Cristina deserved what happened to her, but on the other hand she caused this mess. You cant chose abortion as birth control. She should have stood by her responsibility. And she even admitted she would have loved the baby. She loves Owen, and is not able to love his baby? Come on!!!!!! She would never have resented it. This storyline sucks! And Owen Hunt has all my compassion. He made a human mistake. Out of desperation, pain and sadness. He did not cheat because he was bored or vengeful. I know its not this way. I see it in his eyes. one has to be fair.

  30. really want to know who it was with?! Teddy?

    • Nina says:

      I am so amused everyone suspects it was Teddy. Well IT WASNT TEDDY! the promo showed the actress already. Its a curly blonde named Alexis Carra.

  31. RGB says:

    I dont like Owen and Christina together, never have. He was brought on the show to be a manly man after isaiah left. When he married her he turned into a wimp. Every scene with him is about him doing something wrong until he blew up at her at the party. If they stay together, how is that growth in the relationship. She will never want a kid and if she says she does it will be totally against her character and who she is. I think it would be better if they separated. That would be true growth and love, to love and respect each other and let them live the lives they want to live- him with a family and being a man and her as a surgeon with a strong support system in a man-someone else. He is not learning from her or growing as a person. Let her go. Let him go. The show needs another strong male character- no one else really fits the bill.

    • jeannie says:

      I agree with you Drew. Cristina, I don’t believe, has really come to terms with her decision to force the abortion issue or the issue of having children with Owen. It’s always her way or hit the highway. What she is asking Owen to do in terms of explaining every detail of his infidelity is not going to work. I don’t see the relationship surviving.

  32. Bethany says:

    Am I the only one who sees a problem with Christina’s choices in men? Burke bullied her, punished her, and threatetened her into a marriage that he walked away from at the alter. (Granted, he was terminated from the show, and they needed a reason not to bring him back, but that doesn’t explain his controlling behavior before the proposal.) Hunt assaults her, gets therapy, she forgives him. She is traumatized by the shooting, and while she’s in a vulnerable state, he manipulates her into marriage…. what is going on with her?

  33. Meg says:

    Crazy Theory that is Pure Speculation and not a Spoiler:

    What if Owen and Teddy had hate sex or something? She hates him right now but is feeling very emotional, is a wreck and maybe she gets drunk and goes to him for comfort or to yell at him some more about how somehow he’s to blame for Henry dying, and he’s still upset about Cristina and the abortion, etc. And the next thing they know they’re doing it.

    If he’s not lying for some reason about having an affair (and why would he? that would be very odd and not make sense) but also refuses to divulge who it was he slept with, the only thing I can think of is that it was Teddy, which he knows would destroy Cristina more than anything and ruin her relationship with her mentor, etc.

    I think that would actually be a pretty awesome place to take the story, given Teddy and Owen’s history. And would give Oh plenty of scenery to gnaw on as she deals with it.

    • Sonja says:

      Men do strange things…he could be lying too. My dad lied to my mom recently about having an affair, needless to say that it was an ego thing and he didn’t physically cheat on her.

      I like your theory, and very possible! I’m so excited to find out what happens next!!!

  34. Christine is a very strong woman I can’t wait to see how she deals with this. She’s not one to let people walk all over her any more, so it should be good. I don’t think Christine needs to know who he slept with.

  35. Sue Swafford says:

    Yay, Christina did it beautifully and exactly to the point. Get OUT Perfect words. Owen, You are out of here.

  36. marcela_pozzi says:

    What if he didn´t cheat, and he is making this whole story up? What if he wants her to suffer the same way he suffered with Cristina`s decision of having an abortion? In the show he never appeared cheating on Cristina!!!

  37. marcela_pozzi says:

    I want the show to make more emphasis on Meredith and Derek, on Miranda, on Alex. Cut it out with Owen and Cristina!!!

  38. Debbie says:

    When are Lexi and McSteamy getting back togather??? I am tired of them being apart and they were good togather. Christina has been derailed by Owen. Ready to see the emphasis back on someone else.

    • NatalieOz says:

      Second this.. More Lexie and Mark. I need to see more Meredith/Derek and Alex. SO over Cristina and Owen…leave her like you should have done when she had the abortion.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes! I love Lexie and Mark together. Lexie just needs to grow up a bit.

  39. SISSY says:

    Maybe he cheated by donating sperm since he wants a baby and she doesnt.. maybe thats why he wont give detail..

  40. Michelle says:

    I understand why she wants to know. She wants to forgive him and move passed this… but how can you move on when the question still lingers in your mind about what actually happened, and who it happened with? She will always question the situation if she doesn’t know what happened. If he wants her forgiveness, he needs to tell her the truth.

  41. RainyDay says:

    The writers have completely assassinated Owen this season. Both he and Cristina are to blame for this train wreck but I hope they both can forgive each other and stay together. I cannot stand this painful process anymore just have some kind of resolution…

  42. Royale says:

    I think we all agree that there are only two scenarios that could possibly make sense out of this: 1) he never cheated and is performing emotional terrorism on her to make her hurt like he hurts; or 2) He and Teddy found crossed the “thin line between love & hate” and had “hurt sex”. Either way, I can’t wait to see.

  43. stephanieconti26@gmail.com says:

    Christina stood by him when he was wigging out so this is how he treats her? Bay Boy!!

  44. Jay Rdz says:

    Sandra Oh, a great performance on every sngle scene, however the writers do not know what to do with the great caracters they have created over the years and finally they have decided to make of Cristina a lunatic, come on!, that is not Cristina any more she might be inlove but as she was before, either she forgive and forget or just ends her marriage which is already very much affected by her decision of ending the pregnancy. Several episodes before it was obvious they both were looking for diferent things. So dear writers, please give us a good storyline not webs of contradictions.

  45. Mara says:

    love them I cant wait for them to make it and have a baby of their own

  46. Aria says:

    Owen belongs with Cristina.

  47. tsdonnely says:

    Just break up already…christina is a warrior…she cant have her lover be someone who doesnt understand that..you take away everything you love about christina if he wins at trying to make her be softer. a little softer fine, but dont break her down and make her weak. thats what hunt is trying to do.

  48. Francie Huber says:

    I would like to see more emhasis on Lexie and less on Cristina and Owen. Both characters to me are fairly unattractive both physically and personality-wise. Doesn’t matter how brilliant she is. I’d like to see a little more about Chief and his Alzheimers wife; about their devotion to one another in this day and age of discarding our spouses.

  49. Frustrated Viewer says:

    Yang is being ridiculous. I get it, he cheated, but it’s her fault as well. She’s just as selfish in their marriage as she is. They need to freaking move on past all of their issues or end their marriage. I’m over it!!!

  50. Esstoo says:

    Without having read all the comments above, I wanted to give my view. My husband, like Owen, is bight, articulate and handsome. And he had an affair. After 25 years of marriage. And I heard those same works of not going over every detail and not re-living every cheating moment. And it does hurt and it is so unfair and wrong. I, for one, am anxious to see how they take this story line and work it so I can learn something from this not so ficticious plot.