Exclusive Community First Look: Britta Reveals Her (Hilariously) Sordid Past With a [Spoiler]!

In the wise words of Community‘s Annie, “Some things are funny because they make no sense — and that is not one of them” — “that” being Britta’s absurdly funny revelation in the following exclusive first look that she once dated a carny!

As we first reported, recurring Parks and Recreation player Kirk Fox (Pawnee’s “Sewage Joe”) drops by Greendale this Thursday (8/7c, NBC) as a carnival worker with ties to the romantically-impaired Britta. (On an unrelated note, Dean Pelton — as his latest flamboyant attire firmly establishes — is into trains now.)

Poll: Can Community Survive (Perhaps Even Thrive) Without Chevy Chase’s Pierce?

Press PLAY below to watch the study groupers react to Britta’s kooky carny confession!

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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    Love community, praying it gets picked up (along with Fringe and many other on the edge shows).
    However…its really hard to watch scenes with Chevy since the whole deal with him and Harmon went down. (Not that Harmon isnt in the wrong too) but i never liked Chevy, and to not only say the horrible things he did, but to majorly dis the show how he did (“mediocre un funny sitcom”)….IMHO they should fire him. Since day one i never really liked the character of Pierce, never found him funny, the only way he is useful at all is because of his horribleness/racism, other people reactions are what are funny, not that character directly. And im sure to keep him on the show they have to pay him a lot, so fire him and save the show $xx,xxx.xx a episode and put that towards keeping the show alive.

  2. Harrison says:

    I don’t understand how the Dean manages to steal every single scene he is in. Jim Rash is just perfection.

  3. sarcastic jerk says:

    Come on NBC, just once “forget” to put a U.S. only tag on your stinkin promos. It’s just a freakin commercial!

    • juliahogg says:

      THIS. Maybe one day they’ll pick up on the fact that encouraging overseas viewership is just as valuable to them, especially when they have people overseas who love the show so much they don’t want to wait for it, and then also buy DVDs from the US instead of from their own country. Sigh.

  4. Christine says:

    I can’t wait for this episode. I really hope that NBC renews this show for a 4th season. It’s my favorite comedy on tv, and I would miss it terribly if it were no longer on.

  5. rubytu says:

    I don’t get the hatred aimed at Chevy Chase. He’s quite funny. He’s not Rodney Dangerfield, but funny. I can’t imagine dropping a show because of one character (as a viewer). I’ve watched shows where I didn’t like the main character because I liked the other characters, so I don’t think that getting rid of Chevy is the answer to keeping the show alive. It’s a great show.
    I don’t understand at all at all at all the dislike of Chevy Chase. How can you not like someone who tries to make you laugh?
    It’s really the totality of all the characters together that makes the show. My favorite is Abed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love all the others. Cause I do. Ok, Chang grosses me out, but oh well.

  6. Dean says:

    I may be in the minority here but I think Chevy/Pierce is quite funny simply because he isn’t funny. His vanity (that rivals that of Jeff’s) and his desperate attempts to be included or liked is what makes his character amusing. I found myself laughing nonstop in this season’s halloween episode when Pierce told them a ridiculous scary story and the study group was just staring at him speechless and in disgust.

    • rowan77 says:

      I agree that Chevy is very funny on the show. Sadly Chevy doesn’t think he’s funny, but I firmly believe it’s because he’s playing a character that is outside of his comfort zone. If this show were on in the 70’s Jeff would be played by Chevy – the smart, sharp confident leader. Pierce is the butt of jokes instead being the guy who makes the jokes, and that seems to still be difficult for Chevy after three seasons.

      Chevy – however polite the crew says he was when he did it – should not have walked out of the shoot that day. Not professional. Harmon shouldn’t have lead the crew in a ” F**k-You Chevy” chant at the wrap party, and certainly not in front of Chevy’s wife and kid. Super un-professional on Harmon’s part. Harmon also shouldn’t have played the voicemail message in front of 150 strangers – massively unprofessional. Chevy’s screwing himself because no one will want to hire him after this – and Harmon is screwing himself as a showrunner because no one will let him run a show again if this is how he behaves. He isn’t Chuck Lorre.

      • Cloudy Knight says:

        I’ve thought for quite a while now that the Pierce character sticks out like a sore thumb. That whole story arc where he was ‘evil’ just stunk. Not that this show stays grounded in reality too much, but nobody would tolerate the stuff that Pierce was doing, and they certainly wouldn’t keep him in the study group. Casting Chevy Chase was a terrible mistake, one they seemingly made as an incentive to NBC to pick up the show in the first place. It hasn’t worked, IMO, and is the weakest part of a great show.

    • Angela says:

      I loved that episode, too. The reaction was great. You nailed exactly what makes his character work. And he has had his touching moments with the group, too. I hope all the behind the scenes crap can get fixed and they can go on at least being civil to each other if not buddy-buddy. I just want the show to keep going and have everything work out.
      Anywho, as for this episode…oh, Britta. Can’t wait to see how that reunion with her ex plays out. And gotta love the Dean.

  7. Ruby says:

    I don’t care about all the behind the scenes crap. I love this show, that’s all I know. Everyone is fabulous, and the writing is really special. The drama behind the scenes doesn’t mean anything.

  8. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Oh wow, I would be into carnies.

    I think I have seen Joel McHale wearing Oscar winner Jim Rash’s train conductor costume before on The Soup.

  9. gillian says:

    Britta is so my favorite character.

    • gillian says:

      i’m not gillian jacobs by the way lol I just happen to be called Gillian and love Britta (:

      • Angela says:

        I love Britta, too, she’s been brilliant on the show as of late in particular :). And I’ve read interviews with Gillian, she seems like a very cool, nice, smart girl. Which is great to see.

  10. bucketmonkey says:

    My grad school group was about the size and near identical character makeup of our beloved study group. We would have been happy to not have our Pierce, and tried to oust our Pierce on occasion, but to no avail. Our memories of the group without our Pierce would have been less worthy of story. I feel Pierce Hawthorne definitely adds to the ensemble, and does make the show better. If Chevy were out I’m sure Leonard could step in, or even John Goodman. It seems that Chevy’s ego (inline with his character) may have resulted in a situation that is irreversible. There have been other times where Pierce “left” the study group and it just felt like it was so the powers at be could write up a new contract. His character is a jerk, but one we can care about, and that is the hardest one to play on the show. Kudo’s Chevy for the performance.