General Hospital Cheats Death as ABC Instead Ends The Revolution Talk Show

The Revolution will no longer be televised — as of July 9 — as ABC has elected to snuff the daytime self-improvement show, our sister site Deadline reports.

As such, ABC’s last remaining soap opera General Hospital, which was at risk of being sent to the morgue upon the September 10 arrival of Katie Couric’s daytime talker, has a new lease on life and will thus live to celebrate 50 years on air come April 1, 2013.

General Hospital Puts Another One Life to Live Vet on Contract

Filling the gap from The Revolution‘s end to Katie‘s debut will be GMA In the Afternoon, a companion show of sorts to ABC’s morning program.

What do you say, GH fans? Are you thrilled to dodge that bullet (unlike pregnant Carly was able to when Sonny popped her in the noggin)?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. pokeyspride2002 says:

    They could repair the damage they did and put OLTL back on in its original time slot and channel. We don’t need any more talk,news, or cooking shows at this time of day on ABC, What the hell is wrong with you people, Can’t you hear the fans shouting Stop taking our shows away and replacing them with crap!

  2. Tonya says:

    Thank God!!! Glad they realized that these talk shows will never withstand like soaps. I think Katie Curic is going to bomb too. In fact I hope so! ABC should suffer for letting go of their soaps that the fans really love!

  3. timcurry says:

    So glad. I couldnt stand Katie Couric… GH has always been the top show whether it won the emeys or not. I would have been really ticked if GH would not have been allowed to continue

  4. Joni Watts says:

    To be honest, I have completely stopped watching ABC daytime with the exception of General Hospital. Reality shows NEVER last. The soaps are a way to escape for just an hour and a great conversation piece over dinner. Sure do miss Susan Lucci and AMC as well as Erica Slasack and One life to Live. ABC execs you must have had a senior moment when you cancelled these shows! Bring them back! and leave GH alone.

  5. Stacy says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t EVER cancel General Hospital….

  6. Tiana says:

    Honestly all these stupid talk shows just tick me off. I could care less about AMC cause that show was just getting on my nerve, but I really loved OLTL. I hoped it would not get canceled, but that obviously didn’t happen…Lol!!! I love GH, but the whole Sonny story line anything having to do with him is boring me to tears. They need to stop making him so needy and whiney!!!

  7. Heather Piotrowski says:

    Is this REALLY true … or is this like when Robin, {Kimberley McCullough},was SUPPOSED TO HAVE DIED????? Cuz I don’t wanna get my HOPES UP only to have them SHOT TO HELL!!!!!! I LOVE “MY FIVE STAR GENERAL” & WOULD LOVE FOR IT TO STAY ON THE AIR!!!!!!!!! “Is this REALLY true????” But, I also know: THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES IN THIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {& that INCLUDES our soaps!!!!!}


  8. MarLo McFadden says:

    This is the best news!!! Very smart on ABC’s part!!! I am 37 and have been watching GH since the 3rd grade! I along with thousands of others would have been devastated! If its not broken don’t fix it!!!!!! Thank you again ABC for recognizing a good show with superior acting, writing, directing talent and keeping GH right where it should be!!!!!!

  9. Elsie says:

    Y………………….es, I am so happy I love GH. I have been a fan for over 30 years.

  10. Cheryl T says:

    I am so happy General Hospital has been saved !!!!
    I have been watching it since I was a young girl! I love this soap!!!

  11. ABrashear says:

    Thank you! I have been watching General Hospital for most of that 50 Years. Since I was a small child! I refuse to watch The Chew or The Revolution because they took off my other 2 favorite shows………..One Life To Live and All My Children……..I miss the shows so much and the characters, they were a part of my life! I hope they have the since to bring them back in some way. I will never watch anything else on that network during their time frame………now I am watching 2 soaps I don’t even like on anothe network. If they had to take them off why didn’t they put them on the SoapNetwork! That would probably have made too much since!

  12. kris propes says:

    Your a idoit gord from abc……Soaps have been on for years you don’t think they made a profit look at all the fans and the emmy awards and the daytime book we use to buy.I hate daytime now all talk show and what’s up with all these doctor shows there is only so much info you can get. Hate daytime now only 2pm is the best and that is gh to bad you do not listen to our comments we are telling you what viwer want……

  13. Amy says:

    im shocked GH got renewed because since the OLTL writers showed up, GH has gone down hill fast. I have watched GH since i was born (35 years) and its just not the same. If the writers don’t get a grip, it will be the next cancelled show on ABC and then we can thank the writers for ruining not only, OLTL, but GH as well! oh and GH writers, haven’t we had enough alter egos on OLTL and crazy ppl (allison) do we really need Heather Webber now too? YIPPIE THE CHEW stays!

  14. Sheena says:

    Alright all you old, lazy women. I grew up with my aunts and grandmas watching ALL the afternoon soaps. This was 20-something years ago! I am a stay at home mom (two kids and hitting 30) and I don’t want to watch stupid soap operas. Why are they on for sooo long in the afternoon?? Times have changed. I want to watch shows that are inspiring and knowledgable, but interesting to watch. I watch the Revolution almost everyday (the one show I watch all day) and absolutely LOVE it. I am a former viewer of The Doctors and I prefer The Revolution over that show any day. This is probably one of the best shows on daytime t.v. right now. Part of the problem is that the hosts are not that well-known. Ty Pennington is the only big name carrying the show. Now that I’m familiar with Harley Pasternak (unsure of spelling), he is my favorite. Replace the Tiffany gal, I have never heard of her and I don’t think she contributes much. Otherwise, the chemistry is all there!

    There is an entire network devoted to stupid soap shows. I don’t know a single person in their 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s that watches these shows!! ABC, you need to give The Revolution more time to gain an audience. Not every show is an immediate hit like “Modern Family”.

    In closing, I’d like to say I can’t believe all the people that are so adamant about removing a show that lasts a stinking hour. Too bad The Revolution cuts into your soap time, boo-hoo hoo. You are probably the same people that watch The Rachel Ray Show and The Talk (I know those are on a different network). You want to talk about awful t.v., there you go. All of those ladies are beyond obnoxious, I have no clue why they’re still given a chance to have shows.

  15. CATHY says:

    I could careless what show they put on the air between the hours of 1-3 I will NOT watch. Still sick that they cancelled two AWESOME SOAPS. People need to say NO MORE of this reality crap they keep shoving down our throats morning/noon/night. I’m over it. Put AMC/OLTL back on PLEASE.

  16. Sheryl says:

    I’ve truly missed AMC everyday since it last aired. There’s really a void in my day without it. I only missed 5 episodes since ’84 because of vcr problems, before I got a dvr. If it would come back, I would be so happy!

  17. Bob says:

    The Revolution was just horrible. Ty Pennington gives up a good show for this crap. Extreme Makeover actually made a difference in people’s lives.

  18. jjbean1024 says:

    SO glad GH has been saved! I have been watching since I was little (used to watch with my Great Grandmother!), in other words, since it has been on!

  19. Ramiro says:

    Disappointed that GH will not be cancelled. ABC should just drop the other shoe and not care about the (remaining) GH fan base. Let them boycott, there will always be something to bring back those zombies to their network. Maybe they will even pickup new fans who always hated soaps.

  20. amber060 says:

    General Hospital is the best Soap opera I’ve ever watched I heard that it might be going off the air, and I was very sad. I have been watching GH for years, my mom was hooked on it and she watched it every day and so did I. I may not agree with a lot of things in GH but I still watch it all the time. I’m so glad it is still going to be on!

  21. nanna says:

    I stopped watching ABC after One Life to Live and All My Children were cancelled. No more GMA or Kelly. I only watch General Hospital. I now watch NBC,CBS, TNT anything but ABC. I won’t watch Katie or GAA.

  22. kkwolf says:

    Well “The Chew” made the cut! LOL I can’t stand the show. I never was able to stomach “The Revolution”. I think to much “reality TV” is being stuffed down our throats. The ironic thing is that “reality TV” is fake, it’s scripted, and fixed up for the viewer’s. At least we knew the soaps were fake! The impression reality TV gives the youth of america is that it is real. There is nothing wrong with a little fiction. I think ABC is realizing that. The Chew is good for now but this show is destined to fail within the next few years if it was such a phenomenon the show would have tripled the numbers of the soap ratings instead they are barely acheiving were the soaps left off. Look at the Prime Time come back of Dallas on TNT.

  23. Melinda Smith says:

    My husband and myself dearly love “The Chew”. We tape it every day and watch them all on Friday night. I had watched “All My Children” since it began and it got so awful that I was embarrassed for the show. “One Life to Live” wasn’t much better. ABC’s lineup is worth watching now that they are systematically removing all of the horribly acted soaps and putting on shows that you might actually learn something by watching them. If I feel the need to so completely escape reality, which is what you are doing by watching soap operas, then I would rather pick up a book. I didn’t care for “The Revolution” at first, but I do enjoy it now. It has taught me quite a few things that I didn’t previously know about my own body. I don’t care for the fashion segments or the home beautifying parts, but I do like the segments with the doctor and the gynecologist.
    “The Chew”, in my opinion, is the best show on daytime TV, but then I have a brain and I love to cook!

  24. Andree Patti says:

    So happy I don’t have to boycot abc since there keeping GH the talk shows suck but at least I still have GH

  25. Christie says:

    I couldn’t believe when they took All My Children off and then One Life to Live. I always looked forward to watching AMC, OLTL and GH. I was stunned. I am so sick of cooking and how-to shows. I turn my tv off when The Chew comes on and I turn it back on to watch GH. What happens to the Daytime Emmys? We would skip lunch at shcool to go home and watch AMC and that was a long time ago.LOL

  26. Gary Los Angeles says:


  27. Diane says:

    I wish The Chew would be next to go. It is sickening!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Brianco40 says:

    Glad revolution is cancelled. Abc h got to realize who your fans are in the afternoon. The other shows will eventually bomb too. Gh will always be the best show in daytime . I miss ANC and loyal also. Daytime tv sucks now I’m at the gym I get home in time to watch gh!

  29. Barb says:

    I liked the Revolution, not the Chew. We didn’t need another show about food. At least the Revolution tried to help people with their diet and health and decorating.

    I do miss All My Children

  30. j.van says:

    I am thrilled they are keeping GH on…. atleast for now . I was skeptical when they brought the viewers The Chew and the Revelution…. i have enjoyed the Chew/ The recipes, laughter , and hosts that were as different as night and day added a bright spot to daytime tv after canceling 2 much watched soaps , that i did enjoy. the only time the CHEW has been majorly irritating is when they kept harping on and on about how Mario’s mother felt they should wear hair nets and gloves …….that was almost the clincher to me to stop watching the Chew /who is Mario’s mother and why does her oppinion matter ….i totally agree with viewers about the Revelution / dry , depressing ,boring , definately NOT entertaining ….except Tim and Ti were enough of an odd couple mix to throw in some humor at times during that hour slot on TV . Without Tim and Ti i would have rated the Revelution ‘ 3 snores ‘ i really hope they keep GH on permanently viewers have enjoyed the soaps for decades and would love to continue to enjoy them

  31. Barbara says:

    Life is not worth living w/o General Hospital!!!!! Seriously it has gotten better than ever. just hope the powers that be realize how much people love it. is there anything hotter than John and Sam. OMG. Who knew bringing a brand new character in would result in this fantastic pairing?

  32. victoria fowble says:

    I want my soaps back..sick of talk shows and reality tv. thank god for netflix where I can watch British shows that are far superior to American junk tv…one exception was The Killing on AMC

  33. Lady says:

    Yes, thrilled GH will still be around! I also like the addition of the One Live to Live characters… now all they need is some AMC and us ABC fans would not feel as left hanging.
    I am thinking Zach, Kendall, David, and a couple others. … I think the storyline of JR shooting someone in the final scene should be Commisioner DeVane’s next case after she solves Anthony, Cole, and Hope’s… finds Luke, and sends Heather back to… never to be heard from again, would be good with me. ;)
    I just don’t want to see Erica, except to see her marry Jack once and for all! (Always a sucker for weddings.) ;)

    On another note, I do not see why they have to put Katie’s new show in GH’s slot… why fix something that is NOT broken. They’ve been in that slot for almost 50 years, right! Why change now??
    If anything, they should put Katie in the 10a slot… we do not need 2 seperate Dr. Oz shows!! Keep GH at 3p, and GAA at 2p!

    Like I said, no need to fix what is not broken!!

  34. Erlinda Gorgona says:

    Thrilled beyond belief that General Hospital was renewed!!! I do not watch Good Afternoon America. Neither will I watch Katie Couric. You would make millions happy if you bring back the cancelled soaps

  35. Susan says:

    I want The revolution to be put back on. It is so refreshing to watch something uplifting and positive instead of mindless drama on the soaps. I did watch soaps here and there but The Chew & The Revolution were the first productive & motivational shows I’ve seen in a while worth watching. I’ve lost 22 lbs recently and give them alot of credit in helping me. Isn’t it better to improve yourself than to watch Carly and Sonny faking sex scenes?

  36. Roberta says:

    I live in the Philly area andd it says Katie will be on at 3:00 if so what is happening to GH?

  37. Stephane Hobson says:

    why not put all these talk and reality shows on their respective channels, not on the mainstream channels, and bring back the good old shows that have heart like AMC and OLTL along with keeping GH. All these talk and reality shows are VERY,VERY,VERY Boring and no one wants to see them. ABC has lost my vote for a couple of hours a day.

  38. Cathleen says:

    Im so happy that General Hospital is not being cancelled,I’ve been watching this over 30 years
    I heard a rumor today that it was being cancelled ,I hope it’s not true,I really love General Hospital,its part of my life

  39. Katrina says:

    ABC needs to keep General Hospital on the air indefinitely!!!!! Don’t they kbow in this economy we need a show that lets us escape?????!!!! Who needs needs to watch someone elses reality??!! I have my own problem & trials in life

  40. Elaine Mullenhour says:

    I have no desire to watch yet another talk show. Shows that were on the air for decades upon decades with loyal viewers, have been dumped for garbage. I just saw a clip for the Katie Couric show and it states that it will be on at 3:00. The Chew, The Revolution, Ms. Couric and the rest can get lost. Put the soaps back on and give those people their jobs back.

  41. Jamie says:

    Thank Goodness, I’ve been watching GH since 1966, if ABC ever got rid of GH I don’t think I’d ever watch ABC again!

    • Agreed! I just don’t get it! How can they think it’s a smart move to cancels two shows that have survived decades when there aren’t many shows these days that last a couple seasons… Maybe ten yrs for the best! It’s really poor, poor decision making ABC!!!!!

  42. Barbara Lewis says:

    I am 71 years young and have watched General Hospital since it first aired. I also watched One Life to Live and All My Children from the start. Ryans Hope was also a ABC soap that I watched. Bring back the soaps . These talk shows and food shows are so boaring. With the food shows most people do not cook that type of food and if they do they have cook books for that or just go on line and find it.
    BJ Lewis april 27 2012

  43. Von says:

    Not thrilled about Katie and her talk show. You have already canceled All My Children and One Life to Live, which i was a die hard fan of, now you are thinking of canceling General Hospital in 2013. Guess if this happens I will stop watching ABC and their affiliates, I will find another channel to watch. Need to bring back the soaps and stop all this talk show nonsense.

  44. Vickilou greenling says:

    I am sick that they took off everything I watch and now that they changed the time to 2pm I will turn dieectly to CBS till nights news and will now be watching Good MORNING america and dancing with the stars I was loyal for over 40 yrs and now CBS will get my time…all day all night…

  45. nancy says:

    Ok so what about GAA.with Lara & Josh? That show is worse than Chew which is worse than Revolution was. I have been watching GH at 3:00 since Luke and Laura got married the first time. This is really gonna be hard for me since I work till 2:15, guess it is time to invest in some sort of DVR. Damn my addiction is now costing me money.

  46. Vickilou Greenling says:

    I won’t be watching Katie; as I will switch to CBS, so that means i won’t be seeing Ellen either//// you people BUTCHERED Afternoon….the decision malers are the only ones to be REPLACED!

  47. STILL HEARTBROKEN & missing OLTL! I would NEVER WATCH A SHOW that abc made the terrible decision to replace it after decades!!! That being said, THANK GOD for GH!!! BUT BUT BUT!!!! John being in port Charles is wonderful b/c it feels like home… But WHY WHY WHY have him do this to Natalie???!!!! It makes me cringe watching him with Sam!! Come on abc! Don’t make yet another wrong move!!!! Just bring Natalie to port Charles for good!!!remember the dream of nat & johns little boy & girl?!??? We CAN SURVIVE ONE healthy relationship! Sam + John. :(

  48. Nar says:

    I strongly disagree with critical comments concerning the Revolution show. I think it was a very education and informative program that benefited our society greatly in particular in regards to such critical subjects as psychology, proper nutrition and weight loss. It is sad to realize that educational and intellectual programs are unpopular and irritating for many; and therefore they are unfortunately being replaced by primitive “no-brainer” type of shows such as soap operas.

  49. JoJo says:

    I am delighted that GH is still on and that some of my favorite OLTL characters came along. I am sick to death of talk shows and reality shows. They just repeat the same old stuff over and over and over again ad nauseum. Really, can’t these networks come up with something NEW for a change? Even Dr. Oz has become boring with nothing but shows about how to lose weight and look better. Yawn ……….

  50. rydravyn says:

    I refuse to watch anything they put on in place of All My Children, One Life to Live or General Hospital