The Voice Recap: Did the Right Contestants Get Saved This Week?

team cee loNothing like singing your heart out for one final chance at reality TV/singing stardom only to receive an unceremonious slap on the rump from Carson Daly that sends you down the gauntlet of potential anonymity.

But yep, this is The Voice, and that’s how the results-show telecasts are structured: America picks three out of six singers from each coach’s team to advance; the three vocalists in limbo grab their mics, one at a time, to try to earn a repireve; and then our trusty host brushes ’em off the stage while a decision is made about which one earned another week in the competition and an awkward interview in the social-media room with Christina “Dip It Low” Millian.

But enough about the superfluous details, let’s talk results.

Voted Through by America
“In no particular order!” –Carson, channeling Steve “we miss your jawline already!” Jones
Tony Lucca
Three letters: Pip (Three more letters: UGH)
(It’s a win for uni-monikered singers everywhere!)

Last-Chance Performances
Kim Yarbrough: Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” — Her face spelled defeat, her neck spelled a failure of air-conditioning, but her voice was pure victory. I like her old-school belt-eration. “Baby open your eyes!”

Karla Davis: Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” — I really loved her in Battle Rounds, but girlfriend just doesn’t have the breath support to sustain her musical ambitions.

Katrina Parker: No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” — Solid in a peanut butter and jelly kinda way, but I don’t know where this soulful stylist got the idea she’s a rock chick.

Adam’s Save (coincidentally, the unanimous pick of his fellow judges)
Katrina Parker

Voted Through by America
Juliet Simms (hell yeah)
Jamar Rogers (Hell Yeah: Part Deux!)
James “Hairband” Massone

Last-Chance Performances
Tony Vincent: Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” — The crouching! The man-scarf! The snarling! I think I saw a horror film based on this performance once upon a time.

Cheesa: Eric Carmen’s “All Ny Myself” — Not sure why she wore a white nightgown to her last-chance performance, but the vocal was like something you’d get at the butcher shop: Meaty, raw, and bloody good.

Erin Martin: Elton John’s “Your Song” — Sorry, dear, the competition already has Mathai for jazzy vocal quirkiness, and not only does she hit her notes and know how to pronounce one-syllable words, she also didn’t get the egomanicac edit.

Cee Lo’s Save (coincidentally, the unanimous pick of his fellow judges)
Cheesa. Or at least I think it was Cheesa. Cee Lo’s mind said Tony, but his heart said Cheesa. And Carson assumed heart trumped mind. So, yes, Cheesa! And yes, another win for the uni-monikered!

What did you think of this week’s results? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. rochelle says:

    So glad we get to hear tony Lucca again. Let’s hope Adam picks a song that actually suitable him this time.

  2. rochelle says:

    Also, Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, erin. Buh-bye

  3. says:

    As long as Erin Martin went home, all it right with the world…..until of course, she surfaces on yet another reality show to try again. I wonder how many it will take before she finally gets that for many in the record buying public, the sound of her very weak singing voice isn’t appealing and the persona she presents is just as unlikeable.

    • TheBeach says:

      Whew, let’s hope that’s the last of her.

      • Jason says:

        Damn jealous bitches are out in full force to night!!! Erin was great!!!! I bet you can’t sing as good as her!!! SHe had a much more interesting voice then Chessa and that horrible boston kid!!!! Ceelo just totally screwed her with the song choice!!!

        • Tarc says:

          Frankly, it’s beyond me how anyone could say that Erin could sing. Whatever she does is just *painful*.

        • TheBeach says:

          I’m neither jealous, nor a bitch nor female, so bite me! I just happen to have ears and recognize a horrible singer when I hear one.

        • notjealouse atall says:

          she picked her song, duh? she can not sing, also words with one sylable should not be split to make the song interesting.Every time she sang I just had to cringe. she sounds like English is her second language. ( baby talk). Saying she has a Unique voice / sound, is just polite for OMG she can not sing.

        • larkwoodgirl says:

          Scooby Do and Shaggy did a better version of Walk Like An Egyptian than Erin Martin did. Ruh Roh, time to Go.

    • FreeHaley says:

      She seemed likeable to me (and no not just because she is totally hot).

      She was too timid this week, probably pulled back too much from the criticism and didn’t project enough with Walk Like An Egyptian, and then went a little too much in her save with her the Philip Glass of pop take on things although not quite as far as she had in the battle rounds.

      She might be able to re-tool herself into something, there is some cool stuff there but it’s a little too extreme Philip Glass to make it for sure as is, hard to say.

  4. Amy says:

    So glad Katrina’s safe!

  5. Shana says:

    ugh I hope this is the last time cee-lo gets to save Chesa, he should’ve listened to his mind with that one.
    Karla’s exit speech was sweet and considerate, sad to see her go because she was decent, better than pip. Katrina looked even more like adele tonight :S…

  6. Sam says:

    I don’t know what people were watching but all I know is that Cheesa absolutely KILLED tonight. She was absolutely amazing, and I could hear a bunch of dropped and off notes with Tony.

    Also, I thought Karla had a “purer” voice, but Katrina had fewer off notes.—I thought that was a tie

    • Justin says:

      I agree Sam. Cheesa was easily in the Top 3 in her group, along with Jamar and Juliet. She should have been voted in, not had to depend on the save. The correct decision was made by Cee Lo.

      • TheBeach says:

        I also agree. She should have been there instead of James. Sorry, he seems like a nice kid but his whiny, nasal voice just doesn’t cut it for me. I’ll bet if he had been in the bottom 3 that CeeLo would have saved Tony Vincent.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          If James had been in the bottom 3, there is no way that Cee-Lo would not have saved him – especially with all the screaming girls there?

  7. Shannon says:

    I’m sorry I don’t get Cheesa at all. I really think Tony Vincent should have gone through but he will do fine no matter what so that makes me feel better. Chessa seems like a nice person but I just don’t get her appeal or think she is that great of a singer.

    • rjcarr says:

      Thank you! I agree … Cheesa sounds horrible to me, and she always has. That said, I didn’t like any of the choices and none of them are going to win anyway. If I had to pick it probably would have been the girl in yellow (Erin?), even though her quirky delivery is a bit overdone.

    • ET says:

      Shannon, I agree. I just don’t get “Cheeza”. I am sick to death of all these female “power ballad” singers that sing karaoke versions of songs with “money” notes. Tony was MUCH more interesting and entertaining!!

    • notjealouse atall says:

      Cheesa is the least of the evils, she will go soon. Tony, well face it many Broadway performers think they can sing, when they actually can only perform. he was out of breath a lot. and frankly, If I wanted to hear Dracula sing, I would watch staurday night live. Please stop confusing technical ability with talent.

    • sobrdj41 says:

      I can’t sit through anything Cheesa sings. All I heard when she was singing was her blowing into the mike like three or four times. In my opinion Tony Vincent was top three out of all twelve on Monday.

  8. MusicFan says:

    Ha! When Tony was performing I was literally thinking ‘last night I was having flashbacks from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and tonight you are just scary. He’s scaring all the youngin’s watching this show. Is he a closet freak? I think I like it. Damn he nailed that song. Drama!’

    Cee Lo, I hate to say it but you should have gone with your head on that one. Perhaps next to the goddess Celine herself, I am still trying to get past the powerhouse of Pia (you know from AI) singing that song. Cheesa just pales… disappears in comparison. Tony is an entertainer and when I thought about which concert I would you go see – no hesitation, Tony would be the guilty pleasure and so so so up your real avenue.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      He actually looks a heck of a lot like Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins (a scarier version of him). I thought he was the best of the three. Chessa was overwrought and Erin has always been awful.

      • Mary says:

        He was creepy, remind me of Charles Manson with those eyes. Glad he wasn’t saved, Plus I did not think his voice is all that.

    • EveatEden says:

      Tony was soo good. 100% agree with you!

  9. Renee says:

    Really, really surprised Tony Vincent’s performances were so weak. I’ve seen him four times in demanding roles and he was terrific. Give years of musical theater, I can kind of understand the overemoting (though I think a good mentor should have helped him pull it in – I think he was always cannon fodder for Cee Lo) but his voice just sounded far weaker and thinner than I expected. Any other Broadway fans out there w/an opinion? Is he in poor health?
    I think the choices tonight were solid. But mostly I continue to be distracted by Xtina’s renaissance:). Suddenly she’s no longer orange; (overprocessed) hair and skin looking amazing; no bulging from a Snookie-like outfit. And not just that, but she’s also bright-eyed and providing tough but fair feedback. What happened? Juicing? Scientology? Whatever it is – sign me up.

    • Connie says:

      I know its like a totally did different person up there.. .but I’m so happy to see her like that

    • Shana says:

      lol or maybe she’s just simply taking care of herself better? and she got a new stylist perhaps. I too LOVE the new refined, polished, yet honest Christina

    • Justin says:

      I agree with you. Christina has pulled it together. She looks great and is giving feedback that’s actually worth listening to.

      • EveatEden says:

        She looks like she lost a few pounds and toned down the clothes, hair and makeup. She looks fresh, young, gorgeous and sexy ever since the live shows started. She looks so much better this way!

    • RGNYC says:

      I agree about Tony V. He has an amazing voice and I never heard it on The Voice. Hope to see him perform again somewhere soon. Now he can focus on being a dad.

  10. Gracie Bean says:

    I have to admit Tony scared me, but tonight he won me over…and then Cee-Lo dashed any hopes of getting to see additional performances! Sorry, that was a bad choice–Cheesa hit a glory note and has shown improvement since her blind audition, but I simply find her “one dimensional” with no appeal…as for Adam’s team, I can’t understand why Pee Wee “Pip” Herman wants to be a rock star–I think he’s the weak link…as for his choices, none of the performances were particularly noteworthy! I’m betting Red Team takes the title this year…

  11. CX says:

    SO sad that Tony Vincent is no longer on the show.

    • Renee says:

      I seriously think the combination of bald, eyeliner and super-intense performances was too much Bond villain. He can certainly sing – wonder what would have happened if he’d eased off the ‘staring’ intensity and delivered a big ballad – maybe something for the new baby? (Use that backstory!)

  12. shelbybb says:

    I wanted Kim to be safe. Love her sound, her style and her spunk! I was shocked James got through – really?? (is he the one that wears his hair in the head band? -( FYI not a good look dude) And surprised “scary Tony” didn’t get through. I just assumed he would sail on through. He very good and very intense, just a little too much so for me :(
    My favorite of this whole group is Juliet – just plain wow girl, you leaves it all on that stage!
    Good Luck and now let’s bring on Idol!!! wuf, wuf!

  13. Jaime says:

    Pip is an amazing singer and the audience and America loves him. Just because you don’t like him Slezak, doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be on The Voice.

    • Justin says:

      He can sing… if you like 10-dollar-a-plate dinner theater. His performance last night was a complete and utter embarrassment! He is NO rocker and came off as a total poser. Not to mention, his vocals sucked. He needs to stick to show tunes and cornball ballads.

    • TheBeach says:

      Someone should tell him that if he is trying to adopt the bow tie as his trademark, not only is it ridiculous (esp. with a motorcycle jacket) but Blaine Anderson beat him to it.

  14. Juan says:

    I love Pip, but he was terrible last night and I knew it the second he started singing.
    The fact that Kim is going home.. wow.. just.. wow.

  15. Brittany says:

    Based on last night’s performances, I think the right people went through. Pip didn’t pull his off but I still thought he was stronger than the others who didn’t get voted through from his team. I was disappointed CeeLo didnt save Tony. But he was a bit off his game I think the fact that his wife just had a baby recently prob didn’t leave a whole lot of time for much else. He’ll still soar :-)

    • Tarc says:

      Yeah, I’d have gone with Tony, hands down. Cheesa doesn’t bring anything new or interesting to the table – though she definitely *can* sing..

  16. Nanc says:

    I can’t believe TonyTheVincent is gone – nothing against Cheesa, just didn’t care for her performance. I was shocked that he didn’t breeze through. Perhaps CeeLo believed that since Tony didn’t garner enough votes for “America’s” save this early on, he wouldn’t fare well Later in the game. His looks may be of putting to some, and therefore, not compelling to voters. Sure hope this isn’t the last we see of him.

  17. Juan says:

    This may sound crazy.. but I think Kim should have sung Nicki Minaj’s “Turn Me On.”
    The pace of the vocals would have suited her better and allowed her to really wail the way she can.

    Suggestion for Cheesa for next round..?

  18. Betsy says:

    I’m so glad Katrina made it through.

  19. Justin says:

    Hormonal women are clearly hijacking this show just like they do Idol, putting through “cute” guys at the expense of women who are better. Pip was atrocious and Tony Lucca wasn’t much better. Same with Jermaine from the week before.

    • Alisha says:

      I don’t know…my hormones seemed to enjoy Tony Vincent the most …and that got me no where :)

      • Justin says:

        Sorry for you, but Marilyn Manson lite is more off-putting to the American viewing public than a “sweet” boy-next-door.

        • Barbara says:

          I’m past the ‘hormnal’ stage. I listen to the quality of the vocals. I have no earthly idea how Pip advanced. He has little range or emotion during his songs. I am so sorry that Kim had to go home. I wish she had been voted in by the public. Tony or Cheesa also. All three had good voices. I am surprised by what is left ot the team.

      • Stacey says:

        I’m in the same boat Alisha!

        • Denyce says:

          I also agree with Alisha. I probably won’t watch much more of The Voice this season but I will be watching for Tony’s career to go on.

    • Sheri says:

      Unlike Idol, hormonal women and everyone else have a LIMIT of 10 votes per person. Unless they have 20 phone numbers, computers, etc. they can’t stuff the ballot box like they do on Idol. Guys don’t vote normally on any shows, so maybe if they did the results would be more to your liking.

    • ET says:

      The mediocre Tony Lucca is apparently being pulled along by legions of pathetic Mouseketeer fans….. that’s a shame, really. There is a REASON why he didn’t make it big like Justin and Christina, and that is because he is not good. Period.

  20. dukeroberts says:

    I thought Tony was creepy and not very good. He had such great success on Broadway. I think that is the right place for him. It’s certainly not on this show. Cheesa’s performance was better, but that’s not saying much. Cee Lo finally corrected his two time error of choosing Erin. She was an absolutely wretched singer. I watched it again with the sound muted and loved it though. I could stare at her for hours, but I couldn’t listen to her for another minute.

    I really thought James’s falsetto was bad last night and that Juliet’s performance was a mess. Mostly everyone else, with the exceptions of Mathai and Jamar, were pretty bland and didn’t do much for me.

    • Jason says:

      Yet Erin’s still a better singer then half the artists on the charts today and half the contestants left on the show. She has a great quirky sound that could easily be recorded into a hit song. Just use the Rihanna echo.

      • dukeroberts says:

        If “great quirky sound” means a terrible, fingernails on a chalkboard voice incapable of hitting any notes on key, then yes, Erin has a “great quirky sound”. “Different” and “unique” are not synonomous with “good singer” and this is a singing competition. If she sang uniquely, and well, then she would have been fine. As it stood, she was terrible. She was a beautiful girl, but a terrible singer.

    • Becka says:

      I think Tony would be great on Broadway, but he’s just not really a rocker like he’s trying to portray himself as. You can hear it in his delivery. Every time he starts to get into it, he backs off from the gravel that would push him into rocker’dom. So I’m happy he’s gone from The Voice and I hope he goes back to broadway because it’s clearly what he’s good at.

  21. Alisha says:

    I am so sad to see Tony go..he was amazing..I might have liked Cheesa more, but she kept pfffting into the microphone and that makes me crazy!!! bad choice for CeeLo..bad bad choice!!

  22. Melanie says:

    Pip wasn’t very good last night, that’s a fact. He’s going to sail right on through though because of all the teenage girl votes he’s gotten and will get. He’s cute, spunky and has a sparkly smile and that’s all that matters to the mass of teen girl voters.
    I’m riding on Juliette to win this thing, if she keeps doing what she’s been doing she’ll rightfully take the crown.

  23. 30CamdenSquare says:

    Juliet, Jordis & Lindsey are my 3 favorites. I see those 3 ladies making up 3/4 of the top 4.

    • Sheri says:

      You picked the correct ones

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Well based on the performance during this round, I’d say Juliet and Lindsey belong there (I like Jordis but her last two performances haven’t been as up to part) and Jamar and Chris Mann would be my choices for the other two spots.

      • 30CamdenSquare says:

        I agree that Jordis has been inconsistent. For me, both “Maybe I’m Amazed” in the blinds & “Wild Horses” last Thursday were really strong, but not strong enough for a top 4 prediction. I admit I’m partially basing that on how she performed on Rockstar a few years ago, so I know she’s capable of greatness beyond what she’s shown on The Voice to this point.

        IMO Juliet hadn’t really shined until she sang “Roxanne, but last night, she absolutely blew me away.

        • angelstorm says:

          Yeah I definitely agree with you. When I heard Jordis do “Maybe I’m amazed” – I thought – finale/winner ! Then I was so disappointed but I still lied her so when she did “wild horses” she was good again ! I think the problem is song choices with her . . .

          And then I remembered thinking “cool” when I heard Juliet in the blind auditions but then last night she just kicked it right out of the state (forget about the park!) That was awesome !!

        • dawn says:

          Ok, so I’m not imagining things about Jordis. She did appear on Rock Star-INXS. She did an amazing version of ‘Dream On’ back then.

  24. Juan says:

    Tony was just not “on” last night.
    He had a chance to totally rock the hell out of that song, but he Broadway-ed it.

    • Renee says:

      I think Adam would have been a good coach for Tony V. Except Adam wrinkles his nose at the Broadway thing but Tony really needed someone w/pop experience to guide him on song choice and performance rec. Cee Lo has always been off base on that sort of thing. (Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy still haunts me lol). For instance, Pip was NOT good but I gave him xtra pts for cool song choice. (Not related but one thing I like about the Voice is the honesty – I enjoy that Blake openly hates every number with ‘spectacle’. I don’t always agree but at least he just puts it out there so you know where he’s coming from.

  25. I like the show during the auditions , BUT , have found the song choices and the lack of willingness of the singers to listen and learn to be a major turn off to the show.
    Not sure how much more of The Voice , I will watch but at this point maybe not very much more.

    • Becka says:

      I at least find it better than American Idol. Where everything there is strictly pop and so cookie cutter that I just can’t stand it. And truthfully, I think the Voice has a much better and well rounded quality of singers. Idol is so cookie cutter that it is just ridiculous.

      • Tarc says:

        I don’t think you’ve watched Idol in a while – it’s hardly all pop music anymore. In this top 7, we’ve got blues/rock, pop power balladeers, country, gospel/soul, emo, and a rock chick than can do R&B.

        • Tim says:

          And with maybe one or two exceptions, this bunch on The Voice is nowhere near as talented as the current Idol finalists.

  26. Tim says:

    Chessa is as generic as they come. I would have picked Erin or Tony.

  27. schmed says:

    Tony Vincent’s surprisingly early departure just underlines what a travesty it was to choose him over the other guy (Josh?) in the Battle Rounds. And why do you suppose they showed Josh in the audience last night while Tony was singing–to show he was “cool” with the guy who beat him (wrongfully)?

  28. Jason says:

    The kid from Boston was atrocious!!! Teen girls strike again. Tony Vincent or Erin definitely should have made it before Him and Chessa. Chessa and Boston kid seem like American Idol contestants and Erin and Tony seem like Voice contestants. Cool song choices and weird quirky style should win over bland choices and vocal histrionics. Especially on Cee-Los team!!! Ceelo should have went with his head because the season just got a whole lot boring. Especially when it’s obvious JAmar and Juliet will be the last two standing anyway. Too bad they have the lame format where only one from each team makes the finals. I think Jamar and Juliet should both make the finals. That one performance by JAmar was better then anything Danny Gokey did his entire season of Idol. Bet AI is kicking themselves now!!! The winner will come down to the battle between Juliet and Jamar on semifinal night!!!!

  29. marie says:

    When I realized which three Cee Lo would have to choose from for one to save, I was truly at a loss: all of them, IMO, should have gone home. I found myself saying out loud, Does he HAVE TO save one of them? I disagree with Slezak about Cheeeeeeeeeeeesa, whose singing I have found from the first time we heard her as sloppy as her nonsensical spelling of her own name. I am a big fan of musical theater, but surprisingly find Tony Vincent WAAAAY too theatrical in the context of this kind of show – not unhappy to see him go, and the less said about Erin Martin, the better.
    But we still have the likes of Pip and his ridiculous bow tie, and mush-mouthed Rae Lynn…I don’t know, I think I might soon be done with this show. My wife wants to stick with it for now, though.

    • Maggie says:

      I did some asking around about that name, and while nobody knew that specific name, I did learn that a lot of Filipino languages (Cheesa’s parents are both Filipino) do use glottal stops, and don’t generally use a double ‘e’. So if the name is of Filipino origin, it probably would have a stop there, meaning the original pronunciation if you’re sounding it out carefully (and using Spanish-like phonetics for the other sounds, which is typical for Filipino languages) would probably be “Che-esa” — basically an extended short ‘e’ with a quick pause in the middle. In actual conversation, stops often get slurred, but you’d probably still hear a slight distinction between the two ‘e’ sounds, not just the single short ‘e’ that winds up being the closest approximation for English speakers.

  30. Becka says:

    Frankly I think the folks america saved…namely Pip and Tony Lucca was all wrong. I think Christina was right when she said Tony was very one dimensional. He is. His voice has sounded the same through all his songs and he just doesn’t seem to make anything different. I don’t think it’s suited for this competition. There are too many people that blow him out of the water and even though he made it through this week, the competition is too good for him to stay much longer and be a real contender. I would have saved Kim instead.

    And Pip….man. It’s just too cheesy and corny for me. At least Jesse has something (i don’t think it will carry him too far if he doesn’t start improving)…Pip is just…and truly…that Killers song kind of suited his gig…they are kind of odd and eccentric…and Pip kind of is too, but he just doesn’t have rock in his voice at all.

    Now for the ones that had to sing for their lives…The coaches made the absolutely correct choices. I’m so happy to see Tony Vincent …the Billy Corrigan wannabe…gone. When he turned Tears for Fears into a showtune, I was lost. And he tries to look so fierce when he really isn’t. His outside persona does not match his vocal type at all. I’m happy to see Erin go. Yes unique voices are cool, but they are an extremely niche market. And truthfully most of her songs sound the same….so yeah, neat voice…but she really kind of annoyed me.

  31. Becky says:

    I can honestly say that I haven’t agreed with A LOT of the choices that have been made this year on the show. However, I can accept the fact that not everyone is going to have the same opinions / tastes and still enjoy the show. With all that being said, I think that America dislikes Adam (blasphemy!), LOL! Judging by his attitude after the reveal last night, I think he knows it too. Before anyone yells at me and tells me that “America chose” and “So and So” is better than everyone else. . .save it.

    I watch the show for mindless enjoyment, nothing more. It makes no difference to me who makes the teams (although I am tickled that Erin was sent packing). If you don’t believe me that there was agenda voting at play yesterday, get Bieber to back RaeLynn and see who is the winner of season two, LOL.

  32. Heather says:

    I’m really confused about the Cheesa save… she is not singing she is yelling and not really in tune… she hit the beginning of her big note last night, but it was falling flat by the end of it…

    Extremely happy that Erin is out of there, she tried to kill one of my favorite songs of all time last night, and that is unforgivable!! :)

  33. EveatEden says:

    America got it right. Adam got it right. Cee-Lo got it wrong. Chessa is painful! Cannot stand her at all. Glad that Erin went home but Chessa should have been right behind her. Tony was much better than her and he killed with his save me performance. Song choice for the voting show was horrible for him. He couldn’t show off with it. He showed off last night. He should have stayed instead of Chessa.

  34. I agreed with all results except Cheesa. Haven’t been a fan at all. I would have saved Tony.

  35. davey says:

    If Pip wants to advance he needs to develop his Glee personality and give up on trying to be an edgy pop star. I’m still surprised he made it this far but stranger things have happened.

    As it is, I have no one to root for right now on this show so I will just watch and be tortured.

  36. tomitweets says:

    All I truly cared was that Erin has left the building…and the cartoonish assault on my ears. But I was with Tony all the way. And Team Adam got weaker with the exit of Kim and the keeping of Pip

  37. Jess says:

    As long as Jamar’s still around, I’m still in! Also liking a couple of others but i’m love to see Jamar win!

  38. Louis says:

    Poor Elton John. After hearing Erin Martin’s rendition of “Your Song” I’m sure he and Bernie Taupin will decide to never again let a reality show singing contest tackle one of their songs. It was BRUTAL

  39. syb says:

    Team Adam is going to suffer the fate of Team Paula. Yikes.

  40. jaz says:

    All the people in the bottom 3 last night were fodder.
    Add Tony Lucca and Pip and they’ll all be gone shortly.

    America wasn’t far off. Definitely closer to reality then the coaches themselves.

    Tony Vincent has talent but it isn’t as if he’ll ever be a pop singer type. He was a good showman but that was his end game.

    Cee Lo should have kept the Shields Brothers. They crushed Chessa in the battle and were different so brought show versatility.

  41. TinyTim says:

    Cheesa does have one impressive note she can hit but you can’t be an artist on one high note.
    Tony Vincent by contrast could flow through a song but never hit the high notes to win anyone over.

  42. TinyTim says:

    James Massone got very lucky this week, his performance was very weak and he gets a pass by the judges. I think Christina and Blake said good things so he would get through, and said bad things about Tony Lucca hoping he would not make it.

  43. Pennagirl says:

    Mathai??? Yuck…she wasn’t that good. Pip?? him either.

  44. sobrdj41 says:

    Out of the twelve that performed this week I really liked Juliet, Jamaar & Tony Vincent. Although Kim has a powerful voice I find her completely boring to listen to. Cheesa is like scratching on a chalkboard to me. In her last performance all I heard was her blowing into the mike. I think Christina & Blake have three contenders between them & Cee Lo has Juliet & Jamaar, I don’t see anyone on Adam’s team with a shot at winning. It is a shame that Jamaar & Juliet will have to knock each other out & anyone on Adam’s team could possibly make the finally.

  45. marie says:

    So Cee Lo was struggling between going with his “head” or his “heart” for the save…well, I guess we can be happy that at least he didn’t go with the part of his anatomy that would have wanted to save Erin.

  46. sobrdj41 says:

    At least I can cover my ears and look at Erin. I don’t want to look at or hear Cheesa.

  47. Joe says:

    I have to say, I was really surprised that someone with the professional success Tony Vincent has had landing parts on Broadway and in London didn’t have a better voice. Seriously, his voice felt thin and not up to the task of the songs he chose. Even his blind audition of Queen wasn’t mind blowing.

    I wanted him to do well. I was pulling for him, but it just never all came together. Sweet Dreams last night was his best performance and I think he should have stayed over Chessa for sure, but I also was a bit underwhelmed by him vocally.

    Chessa was good last night. I’ll give her that although I am tired of people on singing competitions getting passes for being able to hit money notes. It seems like they are turning songs into the high jump and most of the song is just them running up to the jump to see if they can pull it off.

    Pip getting through was surprising, but I’m guessing he has a fanbase or something.

    Quite honestly, I think Cee Lo is the worst mentor (and I love Cee Lo). If he turned around and I had a choice of any other mentor I would pick them over Cee Lo. His song choices are ridiculous and I really think he is just trying to entertain himself with the staging and choices. I don’t think he thinks about what’s right for the artist. I think he thinks about what might tickle his fancy to see.

    At least he got Jamar right.

    The top 16 still has a lot of fat to trim from it, but there are some good one’s mixed in. Adam has the weakerst team by far. Christina has a shot to win this if she lets Lindsey so what she does without too much interference.

  48. angelstorm says:

    Juliet Simms KILLED it !! She was awesome ! So once she was through – I was good ! Done for the night !
    I definitely don’t think Adam’s going to win this season of The voice. His team is weak.
    With Tony vincent – I see a lot of people above are disappointed that he’s gone – to be honest I expected more from him – they said he was on Broadway and I was expecting a huge voice that just never came . . .
    Also glad Erin is gone (sorry to her fans) but I just found her voice sooo grating ! I had to mute the volume and go get myself a drink till she was done !

  49. Steve Z says:

    if they ever cast a musical based on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” they can give the part of Jack Skellington to Tony Vincent.

    And while I appreciate Xtina’s honesty… can she not apply it to her own contestants? And perhaps a wider vocabulary would help her be polite about it?