The Voice Recap: Xtina Marks the Spot

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton may have been the co-winners of the battle to deliver the best one-liner on this week’s episode of The Voice, but in a surprise turn of events, they lost the war of taking home Most Valuable Judge trophy to Christina Aguilera.

Oh, sure, Blake’s “I almost threw my panties on the stage” was a priceless response to James Massone’s lady-baiting rendition of “Don’t Know Why.” And Adam hit the bullseye poking fun at Blake’s consternation over a group of shirtless male backup dancers: “I think that Blake just bought a one-way ticket to Boner Town.”

But it was Xtina — the heavily painted, cleavage-baring madwoman who’s spent much of her two seasons on The Voice teeterting between self-indulgent psychobabble and embarassing attempts at humor — who suddenly started delivering the type of tough, honest, and often constructive critiques that aren’t usually a part of The Voice‘s red, black, and spotlight-heavy tapestry. In fact, I counted eight separate occasions when Xtina was able to pinpoint a specific problem with a performance — whether Katrina Parker’s restrictive dress, or Erin Martin’s failure to interact with her dancers, for example — that could lead to improvement next week. And the fact that girlfriend has a voice that’s an upright-walking entity in a sea of single-celled organisms makes her point-of-view that much more intriguing. Here’s hoping this turns out to be more than a one-week trend.

And now let’s turn our attention to the good, the bad, and the Cleopatra-from-the-gutter, with an eye on figuring out which three singers from Team Cee Lo and Team Adam will advance to the quarterfinals based on the public’s vote, and which vocalists will get saved by their respective judges to round out the pack of eight vocalists who’ll still be standing at the end of Tuesday’s results-show telecast.

Mortal Locks
Jamar Rogers: The Season 8 American Idol contestant — he got cut in Hollywood while his BFF Danny Gokey advanced — almost lost me with his “social media lounge” nonsense that he doesn’t have fans, only family. But by the time he finished a scorching cover of “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” I was ready to call myself a third cousin once removed. There were plenty of distractions in the staging — aggressively pulsating lightbulbs on that mini staircase, a pair of guitatists on stilts, the contestant’s unfortunate two-tone hair — but Jamar’s thrilling, pitch-perfect growl drown out everything else, and he’s got a frenetic stage presence to match his vocal firepower. Plus, that final glory note had all the crispness and whoosh of a freshly cracked can of soda. I can’t wait to see what dude does next.

Juliet Simms: Yeah, she received a pretty unappealing personality edit during Battle Rounds, but methinks the standing ovation Juliet got for a stunning rendition of “Roxanne” may have vaulted her back into front-runner status. I liked her wacky black and gold dress with one sleeve of fringe from the Xena Warrior Princess Collection, and I loved the way the sparse arrangement of the opening verse highlighted the gruff, almost desperate nature of Juliet’s delivery. And yet, once the number crescendoed to its climax, Juliet proved to be one of the evening’s few performers who was never at risk of being swallowed alive by the 10-ton whale of The Voice‘s house band — a trait that could carry her deep into the competition.

The Weakest Link
Erin Martin: It’s interesting that Cee Lo repeatedly referenced the early response his contestants had received on social media, which might explain why he saddled the snooty, much-maligned Ms. Martin with the Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian,” a fast-paced, lyric-heavy novelty hit that suited her voice as well as a hot-pink tulle tutu would fit Bruce Willis. It didn’t help that Erin, dressed as a dime-store Cleopatra, spent most of her time indulging in “sexy” posing while paying little mind to pitch, projection, or the writhing, shirtless centurions on stage. But, hey, at least she didn’t attempt a single note during the last 20 seconds of the production number, so it’s not like I can say it was a total failure.

The Question Marks
Personally, I’m hoping Team Cee Lo will be rounded out by the uni-monikered Cheesa and James Massone, but I suspect it’ll be James and Tony Vincent.

I was one of the many folks who entered the week thinking Cheesa should’ve been left behind at the auditions, or at least during Battle Rounds, but she delivered a solid if not spectacular vocal on Thelma Houston’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” and was the only member of the Season 2 Top 24 to successfully nail a bit of synchronized choreography with her backup dancers while managing to stay on pitch. Granted, her yellow t-shirt, blue tracksuit/pantsuit with red piping, and gobs of red sparkly eye shadow, didn’t exactly scream pop star, but girlfriend has improved with every round, and it might be interesting to see what she can accomplish with a little more confidence and polish.

I wasn’t a huge fan of James’ “Don’t Know Why” — Xtina was right that he had his share of pitch problems, while Cee Lo was spot-on in his note that his lady-lovin’ team member had serious issues with projection whenever he held a note — but at least there was a sweet tone that bubbled up amidst the wretched park-bench/street lamp/autumn leaves set and hideous letterman tuxedo jacket. Yeah, James still needs to pump up the volume and work on improving the nasal quality of his delivery — his heart is drenched in whine? — but at least he can blame youth and lack of experience for his performance issues.

Broadway vet Tony, meanwhile, has no such excuses for the intermittent pitch problems, dropped phrases, and quavery-to-the-point-of-unpleasant tone on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” I know the guy got a lot of early-season buzz, but Blake was right that he was upstaged by the “evil, hellish” set and backup dancers, and there’s something incredibly forced about his delivery. That final “worllll-dah!” — complete with self-satisfied grin — had me rolling my eyes, certainly not heading to iTunes to download the performance.

Mortal Locks
Xtina was correct in pointing out that Mathai’s rendition of “Ordinary People” was a little lounge-y, but she was nevertheless the major standout at the end of a disappointing, and sometimes disastrous, showing for Team Adam. The girl definitely has a soothing quality to her vocals, and a pleasing penchant for zigging with the melody when you expect her to zag, and she gets bonus points for a lovely a capella intro. I was a little bit distracted by the black-and-white glamour shots of Mathai being projected against the backdrop, but I guess you can’t blame Adam for wanting to remind America that his star player isn’t too hard on the eyes.

Kim Yarbrough: Cee Lo had a good point that Kim’s choice of “Rolling in the Deep” probably wasn’t the most astute, since it invites comparisons to the all-powerful Adele, but I’ve got to admit I was shocked that the competition’s elder stateswoman got mostly negative feedback for her pitch and delivery. To my ears, she nailed almost every note — and brought the requisite weariness and heartache to the lyric, to boot. Plus, Kim served serious diva face when the camera zooomed in for the final closeup. If that’s not enough to advance to the next round, then Cee Lo’s cat isn’t fluffy!

The Weakest Link
Pip: Granted, I’m still having problems with the fact that this bowtie-sporting dandy wants to be known solely as “Pip,” but even if his name was Preppy McHappypants, there was really nothing redeeming about his cover of the Killers’ “When You Were Young.” This was a classic case of a bunny rabbit trying to deliver a TKO nibble in a fight against a grizzly bear. Pip not only has no rockstar swagger, but his smooth, polished instrument just isn’t cut out for music that’s hard around the edges, and it rendered the entire performance as inauthentic as a “Louis Vuitton” handbag in the back of a dank Chinatown warehouse shop.

The Question Marks
Step right up! We’ve got a three-way battle between competent, pedestrian, and thoroughly wrong-minded!

I’d have to give the edge to the “competent” Tony Lucca, who gave us solid karaoke on Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” as a weird backdrop of lemon Life-Savers whirled against the backdrop. I actually thought Tony’s styling — gray sportscoat, big hair — and his penchant for throwing back his head and baring his teeth, stripped the performance of any sense of cool, and after so much rehearsal-footage buildup to his falsetto woes, it felt weird when Tony essentially bunted instead of trying for a home run. I can’t say I disagreed with Xtina’s assessment that “there are better voices on the show” than her “one-dimensional” former Mouseketeer buddy, but it did seem a wee bit harsh for a performance that was mid-pack at worst, no?

The real scrimmage might come down to Katrina Parker vs. Karla Davis, a couple of women who were terrific during Battle Rounds but fell apart for their first shot at the live stage. Katrina’s vocal on Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” was certainly stronger and more in tune than Karla’s whispered/gasping version of B.o.B.’s “Airplanes,” but it was also less exciting than the umpteenth T-mobile commercial with that chick in the pink dress. On the flip side, I’ve got to at least give credit to Karla for thinking so far outside the box that she wound up making an origami monster out of cardboard.

I felt a little bad for Katrina when Adam noted “the elephant in the room is Adele,” then proceeded to send his team member onto the stage in a dark, flared dress and slicked hair (just like Adele!) to perform a song that made absolutely no sense for her voice, earning her the most convoluted negative critique of the season: “You went too far in the direction of no frills.”

Karla, though, brought out my frown-face emoticon too when Adam placed her atop a literal airplane wing — emblazoned with her own name and the Team Adam logo — to perform “Airplanes” (while clad in perriwinkle sequins and cowboy boots)! There were actually moments during Karla’s performance where I wondered if her mic had been accidentally switched off — “it was a little bit of a whisper a lot of the time,” said Xtina — and it made me wonder what happened to the woman who looked like she had a serious shot at taking home the Season 2 crown back when she killed “Easy” in the Battle Rounds. Should she get a chance to sing again based solely on that one pretty run she snuck in, and because, as Blake pointed out, she “did as good as you could do with that song”? (I also think Karla was hindered by 5 lbs of lipstick and eyeshadow.) Or should Katrina be rewarded for at least hitting the bulk of her notes and…oooh, sorry, I’m getting a little sleepy thinking about that performance for the second time in two paragraphs.

Letter Grades
Juliet Sims: A-
Jamar Rogers: A-
Mathai: B
Cheesa: B
Kim Yarbrough: B
Tony Lucca: B-
James Massone: C+
Katrina Parker: C+
Tony Vincent: C
Karla Davis: D
Pip: D
Erin Martin: F

What did you think of this week’s show? Who should advance to the next round and who should get the boot? And what did you think of the new and tougher Xtina? Sound off below, and for all my reality TV recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. erin says:

    I’m expecting the following to get America’s votes: James, Juliet, Jamar, Tony, Matthai, and Pip. I know Pip was by far the weakest link last night, but I think his previous edit and the young girl factor will help him out. I think the judges will add Kim and Tony to their teams. I just hope we’re finally done with Erin Martin. Yikes.

    • Rob says:

      Disgree, Pip was awesome.

      • Justin says:

        lol @ “awesome.” I was in awe, alright, but the awe was in trying to imagine how he even made it this far. Remove his “quirky” little bowtie and this guy is nothing more than a mediocre musical theater singer. Funny though how a tiny little gimmick can convince people that someone is special when they are anything but.

        • Kelly says:

          In your opinion…
          Seriously, it amuses me that so many people think their opinion is the last word. I also very much enjoyed Pip. It’s all subjective. Justin, you are a small person for criticizing someone so crudely when others may be fans. And clearly America agreed- Pip is through.

    • Ablo says:

      Overall, a bad night.

  2. Renda says:

    I love Tony Lucca and I think Christina’s words were harsh…but I do think he has Javier Colon syndrome. He peaked in the blind auditions and he hasn’t been able to re-capture that magic. I think America will vote him through, and if they don’t he’s definitely getting the save from Adam. Either way, he deserves to move on because he was top 2 on Adam’s team last night.

    • Joe says:

      I really felt that all of Tony’s problems on stage last night would’ve been solved if he played acoustic guitar. He was leaping around the stage trying to look energetic during a song that would’ve worked with his voice with him at a mic with a guitar. Adam has the worst team out of all the mentors and he didn’t really help any of them last night to be honest. As for Xtina shredding him, you have to know there’s more to that story than we will ever know. I think a lot of mouseketeer shenanigans have come flooding back to her since she remembered who he was and I think they are not good memories. She eviscerated him. It was borderline uncomfortable to watch.

      • NedPepper says:

        Yeah, I gotta agree with you. Those two have an uncomfortable history. She verbally pounced on him in quick brutal fashion like she was had been biding her time. Thing is, she was right in everything she said. Still, it makes you wonder about those mouseketeer days….

        • Steven says:

          Yes, I am sure she suddenly remembered she went to 2nd base with him and instead of him giving her his mouse ears to wear, he gave them to Britney. You people are ridiculous.

          The woman gives honest critiques for all the singers and was right about everything she said to all of them. Doesn’t mean there is any uncomfortable history or some back story that happened between these tow when they were 13 years old.

      • Maggie says:

        @Joe I totally agree!! Tony has the type of voice that just doesn’t fit with a big production number like they tried to pull off last night. He got lost within the backup singers & the music, which did sound quite loud. I think he’ll be fine tonight bc people really like him but it would be advantageous for them to think about stripping down the production to just pure vocal & a couple of guitars.

      • Jo March says:

        Since Christina is a super star, no matter what her past history with Tony, she could have taken the high road and been more gracious in her critique. She brought in how it’s a voice contest, not a which celebrity-do-you-know contest (at least that’s what she seemed to be driving at), which was rather uncalled for. Giving an opinion is one thing, being rude about it is another. She didn’t win any fans with her behavior.

      • Sookie says:

        I have to agree that I was completely taken aback by Christina’s harshness! I figure there has to be some sort of back story. Maybe Tony and Justin used to pick on her or something.

  3. Angel says:

    Christina’s comments for Tony Lucca were definitely harsher than needed. There was nothing constructive in her critique. The “celebrity sway” comment, while maybe not wrong, wasn’t necessary…I didn’t hear her saying anything about Alicia Keys filming a video to support Jermaine.

    • Sarah P says:

      Totally agree with this. I wouldn’t have even known JT was encouraging people to vote for Tony had she not mentioned it.

      • joy says:

        It reeked to me of jealously on Christina’s part that JT is still friends with Tony when she didn’t even know who he was. Like she had to knock him down a peg just to make a point. (especially since she didn’t say the same about the guy who used to be the backup singer for Alicia Keys)

  4. Melanie says:

    Agree with the Erin Martin comment… yikes is right. Her statement that her voice is “an aquired taste” was an understatement, And the costume made it worse!

  5. Sm says:

    For the first time, I agreed with everything that you said. The only thing is that although I agree that WYWY was not a great song choice for Pip, I think he was better than Karla.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      All I could think of was that there’s no way he can be dangerous or rock n roll in a bowtie.

      • Sookie says:

        I totally agree. He went on and on about changing his image and then wore that stupid bow tie. I think the first thing Adam should have told him was lose the tie!

      • TheBeach says:

        I thought the same thing: He’s wearing a bow tie with a motorcycle jacket? Rock star cred…ahahahahahaha

  6. Natalie says:

    Adam made a serious error letting some of his contestants choose their own songs. He should have talked them out of it. The poor song choices along coupled with terrible arrangements/entirely too loud band overwhelmed the contestants and made his team look extremely weak. Cee-lo’s team was the biggest surprise for me. On the whole, they did great. Sure there are a couple of weak links, Erin Martin for example, but the potential of most of them is definitely there. Juliette stole the show for me…she just walked on that stage and owned it. She has a Janis Joplin quality about the way she performs that is classic rock but somehow manages to feel SO refreshing and new! James Massone has so much potential it’s scary. He seems like such a nervous wreck on stage…so timid and unsure of his abilities. He’s got an absolutely gorgeous tone to his voice. If he could ever get out of his own head and loosen up on stage(which will relax him enough to open his mouth wide enough to actually pronounce words and project!) I really think he could surprise A LOT of people. And Jamar…dude can make singing the alphabet into a hit song…If only he wasn’t so….what is it about him that is so overly annoying when he speaks? If he’d just say very little in interviews and smile that beautiful smile he’d be much better off. Sometimes it seems like he’s trying to win the interview portion of the Miss America pageant or something!

    • Betsy says:

      Totally agree with everything you said. Would add that Christina was way overly harsh to Tony Lucca and I think Tony will get through BECAUSE of it.

    • rachelleet says:

      I agree with all of this except for your critique on James…I actually thought he seemed overly calm and collected on stage that I think sometimes he almost forgot he was singing and instead felt the need to touch every girl in the audience. He does have a gorg voice tho…and I think he will get voted thru.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Totally agree with your assessment of Juliet and Jamar but not on James. I usually like Jamar but that backstage interview in the media room was silly (they should get rid of that altogether). I might be in the minority but I dislike James’ voice. He had major pitch problems even to my untrained ear last night.

      As for Erin Martin, it was the one time that I wanted the band to drown her … out … but strangely and unfortuately she came through clearer over my tv than many of the far superior singers (which is pretty much everyone else in the competition whether I like them or no).

      • TheBeach says:

        Right with ya (am I detecting a pattern here?). I think Juliette and Jamar are terrific but I just don’t get James. I find his tone whiny and nasal, his pitch often way off and he is not a “lady-killer”. He seems like a nice kid but not ready for prime time.

    • NedPepper says:

      Last night, I remembered why Gokey was his BFF. Every time Jamar talks I want to vomit or change the channel. Just sing, dude. This isn’t a motivational seminar.

  7. Sarah P says:

    I appreciate Christina giving actual critiques, but I thought she was over-the-top harsh with Tony Lucca. It wasn’t Tony’s best night, but I still hope he goes through.

    If I could pick, I would send Erin, Pip, James and Mathai home. James rubs me completely the wrong way – I feel like he’s one of the worst ones there, and I was really surprised by the crowd reaction last night. And Erin….just go away already.

  8. ef says:

    I was really surprised at the song choice by Karla. She got the 5 second clip from her audition, and then the “Easy” for Battle Rounds. None of which shows the kind of music she seems to be interested in writing or performing (based on her website). I was really surprised she’d take her 1 chance (win or lose) at performing for the public solo and then picked Airplanes. Really odd. I hope she gets through, but I have my doubts.

  9. checkermate says:

    Those weren’t lemon lifesavers. They were irises, and there were many colors. Ya know, “In Your Eyes”? (They were freaking me out, though)

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Well the art director or whomever designed them did terrible job because I thought they were Lifesavers too … and then I was thinking that I did not know the company was a sponsor.

  10. Leila says:

    I just hope that Juliet, Mathai and Kim advance. The others I couldn’t care less.

  11. Meg says:

    Thing is Tony Lucca is SO much better than his performance last night. I still like it and thought Christina came off as way harsh and kind of bitter that Tony was getting “celebrity sway.” I don’t think In Your Eyes was the best song for Adam to choose for him. Tony has done some awesome covers in the past (Bring It On Home by Sam Cooke has to be one of my favorites of his) so hopefully Adam will choose something more suited to Tony next week.

    • Kate says:

      I watched a behind the scenes video on Hulu this morning, and Tony Lucca said that they changed his song last minute. I’m not sure what the original song was, but I’m guessing they couldn’t get the rights to it.

    • Maggie says:

      he does a cover (it’s on YouTube) of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” w/ just piano & vocals that it so beautiful. THAT’S the kind of performance he needs.

    • TheBeach says:

      I saw a quick backstage interview with Tony today and he seemed really taken aback with Xtina’s critique. Maybe she’s still bitter about Adam last year getting all The Bieb’s twitter fans to vote for Javier.

  12. Brooke says:

    Completely disagree that Kim is a “mortal lock” – Rolling in the Deep is so far beyond overdone it has become a “safe” selection like Cee Lo mentioned. I think Pip & Kim are eliminated – Adam is frustrated with Pip. He needs to go back to the theatre world, he has no hope of ever becoming a rock star. Kim will not be a record seller either – Karla & Katrina have more potential for Adam to mold them & push them in the right direction. Karla was brave for doing Airplanes and Katrina has some haunting elements in her voice that need to be highlighted. Tony Lucca should be a lock – like it or not star power & popularity is part of the equation of any reality show.

  13. TinyTim says:

    I thought this was too much like American Idol this week, nearly all Karaoke.

    This weeks Karaoke club includes Tony Lucca, Cheesa, Kim Yarbrough, Pip, and Tony Vincent among others. How Tony Lucca has so many followers when every high note looks like he is in the surgery room , and Cheesa looked like she was wearing the weekly KMart special for $29,95.

    The only two singers that pulled off their songs for me were Juliet Sims and Jamar Rodgers, although it is too early to say if they can sustain it.

    Mostly Cee Lo and Adam were responsible for this disaster, letting these Karaoke songs happen and then claiming they all were brilliant. I imagine Christina and Blake were happy after watching this, last week was way better than this.

    • Mariah says:

      “How Tony Lucca has so many follower when every high note looks like he’s in the surgery room…”

      LOL…don’t ever watch Joe Cocker sing if you can’t appreciate performers who actually make facial expressions while they sing.

      • TinyTim says:

        If Tony has no falsetto at his age heaven help him.He sings like he is in pain, lol.

        • Mariah says:

          Not every male performer has a falsetto voice – just like not every female performer can hit whistle notes. I don’t find his voice lacking because he can’t channel his inner BeeGee any more than I fault Adam Levine for not being able to mimic Barry White. As for the ‘singing like he’s in pain’ thing, I don’t really see it that way. Guess it’s a good thing the show is The Voice, rather than The Face. ;p

          • CX says:

            Ahh.. no. Every male performer *does* have a falsetto voice. Falsetto is not the equivalent of whistle. Males have whistle registers too, those are harder to hit. Falsetto in males is more equivalent to the female head voice, which opera singers apply in almost every note they sing and pop singers apply judiciously.

  14. MDEP says:

    Throughout the audition and battle rounds, I thought Adam was making terrible contestant choices, and tonight confirmed it for me. I thought they all ranged from okay to terrible. I thought he lucked out with Tony, but was disappointed and thought his performance was nothing special. Last season I thought Adam had the strongest team, this season, not so much. He will need to really push his team if he wants to win again.
    I did love Juliet, but cannot be so sure she is safe vote wise. From what I have seen, rock females tend to not do well in these type of shows. I do think if she winds up in the bottom, Cee Lo will save her.

    • Joe says:

      I felt like Adam won last season so he punted this season and didn’t really fight for the good one’s. I think he’s trying to let another mentor win this one. His team was really uninspired across the board. And I still can’t believe that Cee Lo was the only judge to turn around for Jamar in the blind auditions. I’m calling shenanigans on that and I wonder if Cee Lo was handed the winner on purpose. It makes no sense no other judge wanted Jamar based on voice alone.

  15. Mariah says:

    As a HUGE Tony Lucca supporter, I will concur that “In Your Eyes” wasn’t his best showing. I’d even agree that he has yet to top the awesome that was “Trouble” – although the studio version of “Beautiful Day” is just freaking incredible. Christina’s “critique” however, was ridiculous. To call him one-dimensional while two members of her own team – Chris Mann and Jesse Campbell – have yet to offer performances that even flirt with stepping outside of their respective operatic and gospel comfort zones was just the most transparent thing I’ve ever heard. “Overly harsh” is an understatement of epic proportions. The bottom line for me is that she knows she has a real contender with Jesse Campbell and she was trying to undermine Tony in America’s eyes by insinuating he was in the competition based on ‘celebrity sway’ rather than his amazing talent.

    • Kristen says:


    • joy says:

      “The bottom line for me is that she knows she has a real contender with Jesse Campbell and she was trying to undermine Tony in America’s eyes by insinuating he was in the competition based on ‘celebrity sway’ rather than his amazing talent.”

      Nail on the head! Well put!

    • Natalie says:

      I couldn’t agree more! She actually came across as almost…spiteful with her comments of Tony. I find myself really disliking her more and more every week. She says some spot on things here and there but a lot of the time she makes some idiotic ‘critiques’. She just acts like such a self righteous know it all ‘B’ a lot of the time that it’s hard to take her seriously(not to mention that I SWEAR she is trying to show her nipples in every episode).

      • Meg says:

        Ive been trying to figure out the exact word for how Christina was towards Tony and spiteful is dead on.

      • NedPepper says:

        Well as someone who feels like Tony Lucca is overrated, I’m glad Xtina is calling him out. I didn’t get the JLo spite out of this….I got more repressed childhood memories bubbling to the surface…or just brutal honesty. And there is a feeling like he is skating through on name recognition, and maybe Christina doesn’t want her name attached to him winning for the wrong reasons. Because however you slice it…that was an awful performance. But god help a woman having a strong opinion…..especially from other women who have crushes…..

        • Joy says:

          Had she not made the “celebrity sway” comment, I personally wouldn’t think her comments were anything other than brutal honesty and her opinion. I’m a very big Tony fan, going on 20 years (and not because of a crush thankyouverymuch) and I didn’t think the song choice did much to showcase how great I know he can be, so I can understand why there would be some criticism of the song. Christina took it somewhere else and it was unneccesary and spiteful – especially considering the “celebrities” that are lending their support to him are doing so because they are FANS of his voice. But take that with a grain of salt…god help another woman having a strong opinion about something!!

        • Natalie says:

          I’m perfectly fine with a woman voicing a tough brutally honest critique…I happen to appreciate it, however the way she goes about it sometimes goes well beyond constructive criticism, which is what the contestants need. She says things that are more mean than constructive and I’m sorry but it’s completely unnecessary in this format.

  16. Chris says:

    Team Cee Lo: I enjoyed everyone except Erin. I just ignored the stage tactics this time and focused only on the singer (it was kind of hard to ignore the pogo stick guitar players but still… )

    Jamar – I think he did really good (maybe a little over singing going on) and think he’ll definitely be in the initial four. I liked that he referred to his fans as family but I don’t think he needs to label himself of it any further.
    Juliet – I loved what she did with the song. I was at first unsure about her and I didn’t really enjoy what I was hearing but she won me last night with that performance. I agree with Blake because I actually got to hear her voice this time. The yodel in her vocals did get a tiny bit annoying. I am curious to see what she’ll do next. I know she’ll be in the initial top four.
    Cheesa – I liked her performance but there is something about her persona that turns me off just a little. She can sing and has shown improvement which shows potential for further growth.
    James – I want them to do something different with his appearance (hair/clothes) and I do think he could have delivered the song a little stronger, but I liked it. I like his genuine smile and that he’s overcoming his stage freight. He has a nice voice. I don’t think he has The Voice, but a good one.
    Tony – I was disappointed. I was expecting less theater, a little more soul, and more “right here with you”. I was having flashbacks of Pink Floyd’s The Wall …. Then I remembered which team he’s on. I think it’s a toss between him and Cheesa for the initial four.

    Team Adam: I enjoyed most of the performances but really didn’t understand Adam’s lack of coaching, really. He led most of them astray with song choices and I was surprised by that.

    Mathai – She won me over a little more last night. I do see entertainer in her and she definitely showed improvement from her last performances. There’s something a little old school; yet really fresh and new about her. I like her and her voice. I think she’ll be a contender and in the initial four.
    Kim – I was disappointed in the song choice because no one should cover Adele unless you are changing the songs arrangement up – and that song in particular just doesn’t have the same effect unless Adele is doing it. I just feel that there were so many other songs she could have chosen (instead of choosing one that she thought would help with younger voters). I think she did well with the song and she definitely sang the mess out of it, but I think Adam should have encouraged her to pick something else. Great critique from Cee Lo.
    Pip: Adam gave him the right advice but Pip missed the delivery completely. I think he should have gone with an entirely different song choice (and I think Adam should have encouraged him to do that). There isn’t anything edgy about his voice and well… we’ll see.
    He was the weakest in the team tonight for sure.
    Tony: I did like his vocal performance but felt like it was a safe song for him. I was a little shocked by Christina’s critique… makes me think she’s a little bitter by Justin Timberlake’s tweet supporting Tony. I think it’s a little early to be throwing out ‘one dimensional’ accusations. I appreciate her honesty and her way of thinking but it is a competition C and he’s playing the game. I think they need to give him a hair cut and shave. He’ll be in the initial four.
    Katrina and Karla are a bit of a toss for me. I think Katrina is out of her league at this point and will probably get the heave ho. I kind of stop listening when these two performed so …we’ll see. I’m thinking Karla for the initial four.

    Caron’s hosting abilities are a little hit and miss for me as well. I like seeing Justin in the audience and still feel like Cee Lo should have chosen him in the Journey song battle round. His voice is so much warmer and shockingly more versatile than Tony’s… Oh well.

  17. Renda says:

    I think in general, these live shows have been terrible. All of it can be blamed on terrible battle round pairings AND decisions made by the judges. Too often strong contestants were paired against each other or the judge would flat out pick the wrong person. Sadly, this season had a lot of potential to be great.

    • ET says:

      I agree totally. And it is a shame, because last year’s show was really good. The judges made some POOR choices in the “battle rounds”, for example, Adam choosing Tony Lucca over Chris Cauley. I might watch another show or two but won’t finish the season unless it gets a LOT better!!!!

      • Joy says:

        I think both Tony & Chris should have been in, they are both wonderful. Pitting great singers against each other in the battle rounds makes us end up with people like Erin in the show ahead of people who are better singers. I hope they rethink the format next season…way too many people went home that were heads and tails better than some of these singers.

  18. dee says:

    Could it have been ANY MORE OBVIOUS that Christina was reading her critiques? She even made mention of “notes,” because she kept looking down during her critiques. But when shown during performances, she was never wiriting anything! So where did those “notes” come from? My suspicion is that someone wrote them for her based on watching dress rehearsal or something. The whole drastic change in her look (softening her) coupled with her sudden ability (NEVER before shown) to give constructive criticism makes me very suspicious indeed. Something’s fishy.

    • TinyTim says:

      Yes this is shocking, a judge is actually critiquing the singers. And Christina is smart in pointing out how bad last night was, it also helps her team. Even Blake didn’t give much support to last night, another smart one.

      • dee says:

        Completely missing the point, which is that Christina is reading someone else’s criticisms. Since when has she exhibited an ability to make a coherent critique? Since when has she exhibited the ability to dress herself like anything other than a circus clown or hooker? But suddenly she’s soft and pretty, and making sense. There’s some serious image remaking going on here, all of a sudden. Obviously her “people” didn’t like what they saw/heard in the pretaped shows, and have taken action.

        • TinyTim says:

          Yes you are right and that is why she is smart, use the show to improve her own image. Actually if you watch the coaching sessions Christina has been the best coach next to Blake, while Cee Lo and Adam have laid eggs.

        • dan says:

          That may be true, but it could be that Xtina sat in on the dress rehearsals and took notes. Remember a few years ago on Idol when Paula started discussing one contestant’s second song even though he had only sung the first one? They confirmed afterwards that Paula was confused because she started reading her notes from dress rehearsal and “forgot” that the contestant had only sung one of his two songs by that point in the show.

    • Shana says:

      why does Christina get so much criticism for having an opinion? the guys can say anything and no one bats an eyelash but Christina opens her mouth to critique and it’s unforgiveable…
      Christina loses some weight and presents herself more attractively and it’s up for criticism as well. Seriously? She just can’t win with some people. FYI Christina is not the only one that looks down when critiquing.

    • Sam says:

      I saw her writing some things down

      • Justin says:

        I did too. The negativity being spewed Christina’s way is useless. I actually thought she was the most coherent and useful judge last night.

  19. rochelle says:

    I also feel that Christina was “overly harsh” with Lucca. Other contestants she said truthful yet constructive things. She just sort of jumped down his throat over a thing he has no control over. And to say he’s one-dimensional when she’s heard him sing 3 songs is a tad ridiculous.

    • dee says:

      Don’t forget she also turned her chair for him, too. What would she be saying if he’d chosen her? She’s just pissed that the Mouse Club fraternity is rallying around him rather that someone on her team.

      • NedPepper says:

        Or maybe he’s a douche bag. I find odd that she isn’t warmer with him, but I don’t think it has anything to do with her team winning. Come on, if you’re going to use psycho analysis, at least give it some in depth thought. Truth is, you’ll never know why she doesn’t like him. And she doesn’t like him. Her body language screams it. And I don’t think it has anything to do with his singing ability.

  20. ET says:

    Last night’s show was a total waste of my time. The ONLY one that I could even begin to like is Mathai, and even she had a fairly weak performance. “The Voice” has become all about the production, NOT about the singing, and has definitely “jumped the shark” for me. Sad.

  21. marie says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying Idol more than The Voice this season – I would not have believed it if someone predicted that six months ago. I liked the audition rounds, but nothing much after that. Absolutely no one really stood out for me last night; Mathai, Juliette, and Jamar came closest, but honestly I’m not all that enthusiastic about any of them. I actually told my wife that now that it’s baseball season, if she wants to give up The Voice in favor of watching the night games, I’m ok with that (she opts to give Voice one more chance, though).
    The part of the show I enjoyed most was Blake continually ragging on the too-elaborate production: it has gotten way out of hand.
    Several of the singers I found just awful, as I did some from the first group last week. I am amazed that Idol affords me so much more entertainment this season.

    • Joe says:

      marie – I agree. With Josh, Jessica and Skyler alone, Idol has 3 voices that dwarf what’s on the voice right now. All 3 of them could win the voice easily. Then when you add in Elise, Hollie & Colton those 3 are still better than most of the voice contestants. The Voice needs to weed out a lot of canon fodder still to get where Idol is right now.

      • TheBeach says:

        I prefer Skylar’s voice to RaeLynn but I like Jamar more than Joshua. There really is no Jessica-type singer on The Voice. Juliette and Elise are similar and kind of a toss-up for me.

  22. jw says:

    I’ve been put off by Juliet Simms in the early rounds, but she completely won me over in that performance of “Roxanne.” I think all of the other performances were terrible, as were all of the performances last week. Part of this is that a lot of the right performers went home in the battle rounds. Chris Cauley, for example, would have killed that Peter Gabriel song.

  23. Autumn says:

    I definitely thought Christina was way too harsh with Tony. As for his performance,I thought it was good but I think it suffered from a couple of things: 1) The band was too loud and 2) a behind the scenes interview revealed that for some reason he had to change his song last minute. Who knows when that footage was taped then. Yesterday maybe? Anyway, what I love about him is emotion. He feels what he sings. Also, knowing his work outside the show really gives him an edge. He is a genius songwriter. Seriously.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I’d add 3) having to touch the audience members also probably hurt this performance. It took the seriousness/romanticness out of the song and probably hurt his breath support as well.

      • Sookie says:

        I guess he had to go out and touch peoples hands because otherwise Jimmy Iovine would say he was “standing still”.

      • TheBeach says:

        I’m really over all this hand-touching on both Idol and The Voice. When you bend over while singing it cuts off your air supply to the diaphram, throwing off the pitch and often the timing.

  24. tomitweets says:

    I do not agree with you on about 50% here, but we are in solid agreement about Erin Martin. And guess what Cee Lo? You SHOULD have picked the Shields Bros! Erin is so pathetically bad…and Coach Red made it WORSE by turning a fun Bangles song into a cartoonish MESS. Don’t we have enough marginally talented, autotuned pop chicks on the market already? I am also behind Kim Yarbrough. NOTE TO CEE LO and XTINA: STOP DISTRACTING THE AUDIENCE WITH OVERBLOWN RIDICULOUS PRODUCTION FIASCOS! Remember what you said to Tony Lucca, Xtina? “This is about the voice…” while you applaud the “production.” Wuh? While Tony Vincent’s production was somewhat silly, I at least was not distracted by the nonsense. And Jamar certainly rose above it. I loved his.

    • Mariah says:

      I have to agree. I think there’s a balance between Blake’s apparent preference of zero production and the over-the-top circus show that CeeLo put out there. I think the production size is relative to the artist’s ‘talent’ and CeeLo’s confidence in them. Less talent/confidence equals bigger production.

    • ET says:

      Tomitweets, I agree that CeeLo should’ve picked the Shields Bros, just as Adam should’ve picked Chris Cauley over Tony Lucca, and Blake should’ve picked Adley over RaeLynn. I just don’t understand what is in the judges’ heads this year!!!

      • Snsetblaze says:

        I would have thought that Ceelo should have matched them up better to get rid of both Erin and The Shields Bros. Putting one up against Angie and one up against Cheesa would have saved Angie (the soldier). But I preferred the Shields Bros too over Erin.

        • TheBeach says:

          Totally agree…again. And to add to that, why would CeeLo pit Tony Vincent against the guy with the beard who was actually better?

  25. Irby says:

    I get that Slezak is an Idol junkie and that Skylar is his current favorite (or one of them), but I just don’t see how he could give Skylar’s “Wind Beneath My Wings” an A and give Juliet’s “Roxanne” and (Jamar’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way”) an A-. I’ll use Juliet as my example because I particularly liked “Roxanne.” I went back and watched both WBMW and Roxanne before posting just to make sure I wasn’t overhyping Juliet’s performance in my mind. Skylar was very nasal and gave a straight-ahead performance of a cheesy song. It was countrified but little else was changed. (I enjoy country, so I don’t think this is a musical style thing for me.) Juliet took a classic song that’s still cool and gave a really fresh take. That’s always hard to do. Also, Elise is my current Idol fave, but I think Juliet’s Roxanne was superior (or at least on par with) Whole Lotta Love, which Slezak also gave an A without the minus. Juliet’s performance skills are also much more advanced than Elise’s. What gives? Is he grading on a curve for Idol because he likes the show more? Is it because Idol gives you more of a chance to develop favorites whose grades you inflate? Is it because The Voice contestants (like Juliet) often have major label deals in their past so you expect much more? Do the Idol folks get a pass because they seem more “amateur”? Or am I just in the minority in thinking Juliet’s performance was better than WBMW and as good as or better than WLL?

    • WhoSaidThat says:

      I’m just curious why Juliet lost all 5 record deals from her past. Does anyone know?

    • marie says:

      I guess it’s at least possible that Slezak simply enjoyed Elise’s “Whole Lotta Love” more than he did Juliet’s “Roxanne” – I know I did myself – and Skylar’s performance more than Jamar’s. I’d be surprised if it were any more complicated than that.

      • Irby says:

        I don’t doubt that he did enjoy the performances more. I just suspect that if he viewed the performances in a vacuum he would not. In fact, I find it interesting that for at least the past four weeks he’s had at least one A for an Idol contestant in each performance show but he’s given out no higher than an A- since The Voice live shows started. I agree that there are some duds that made it through on The Voice, but the good performances are excellent and usually much more inventive than the Idol performances.

  26. MusicGrrrl says:

    Why did your front page headline say that Christina was channeling Simon? Simon never had a helpful critique during his entire tenure on Idol. Some people loved that he was mean and called that honest, but his comments were as predictable, trite and meaningless as anything Randy Jackson ever said. If I heard the comments “utter rubbish,” “lounge singer,” or “karaoke” again, I felt like I would scream. None of those comments are helpful criticisms. So glad he’s gone.

  27. Steph says:

    if it was Simon make comments nobody would have anything to say. They always praised Simon for being rude, harsh, whatever but since it’s Christina people have a problem with it all of a sudden. At least she was actually being a judge. You see so many of these celebrities “judges” who doesn’t even judge. They just sit there and look pretty.

  28. Linderella says:

    I only voted for Katrina this week. The problem with Katrina is she is a singer, not an entertainer and there’s a big difference. Tony was a disappointment, unfortunately. The song choice issue is becoming a big problem for me. At this point I’m just not loving anyone from Team Cee Lo and Team Adam which is kind of surprising.

  29. Trisha26 says:

    I love Katrina and her voice and voted for her only. Her styling, song choice (or more probably the arrangement), and band issues aside, she is vastly superior to many praised on the show. Jamar will be okay, ditto for Juliet. So many of the others were just bland or unoriginal – or worse – so quirky no one would want to listen to anything they recorded. Erin? Why is she even here?

  30. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Thank you Michael for calling out Jamar’s nonsense and for mentioning the absurd pretentiousness of Pip’s name.

    Tony Vincent cannot connect with his song to save his life. Juliet was good, Jamar was overwrought, Tony Lucca really is one-dimensional (thanks for pointing out the head-throwing, teeth-baring mannerism), Cheesa was a pleasant surprise, Katrina was decent but boring, Karla was screwed with that song choice, Mathai is infinitely annoying with her inappropriate smiling while singing, James and Erin can go the EFF home.

  31. Shana says:

    I LOVE the new tough Christina! Easily the best judge on the voice and she’s certainly miles better than the idol judges. It takes a voice to judge a voice, just saying…

  32. Amy says:

    Mmm I’d just like to defend Juliet for a second here, because there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding over what she said during the Battle Rounds package last week. She said ‘louder, grittier’ NOT ‘louder, prettier’ so she definitely did not get the beech edit.

  33. Paula says:

    You are so right on with Xtina’s comments. I was surprised and pleased with how spot-on her critiques were. Juliet was definitely the best of the night. I disagree about Katrina, though. I thought she did a beautiful job with the song. In fact, her song and Juliet’s song were the only ones I bought on iTunes last night. On Team Adam, I hope that Katrina, Mathai and Kim make it through (I think Kim deserves another chance and some better coaching). On Team CeeLo, I hope Juliet, Jamar and James make it through. I really saw the appeal of James’s performance, even though the staging was quite cheesy. He was sweet and romantic.

  34. Justin says:

    Juliet was amazing to me. Loved it! Jamar is solid but I am really tiring of his canned, self-indulgent and from all indications pre-prepared “I am an inspiration” comments. Seems he took a page out of his buddy Danny Gokey’s “milk a sob story for what it’s worth” trajectory on Idol. I hope it backfires on him. Cheesa was very good. She DESERVES to advance based on what she did. The backlash over her beating Angie in the battle rounds was ridiculous, especially considering she clearly outsang Angie.Too bad Cee Lo seems enamored with Tony Vincent (who is far too affected and Broadway to cut it as a recording artist). Nearly everyone on Adam’s team flatlined. Mathai was decent, if sleepy. Though she did not do too well, there is something I like about Karla so I’d like to see more from her. The rest I could care less about. America will vote for Pip simply because of his dumb bowtie gimmick, though his performance was just horrendous.

  35. twostepcub says:

    She’s even got the hair.

    It’s pretty evident that Cee-Lo kept her around because of the history and/or prospect of boning her.

    At least he knows he has a ringer in Jamal, who clearly won the night. There was not one thing wrong with that performance. zilch.

    Juliet Simms impressed me more than she’s ever done (I guess like Blake), and Kudos for taking a song like that and not genderchanging. I subconsciously do feel the rocker thing a little wee bit forced, but she did cover that with chops

    Xtina was a bit grumpy – lack of food perhaps? (zing). She may be a little more focused on critiquing (comparatively) but her takedown of Tony Lucca was a bit bitter. I mean, if you’re going to razz him, razz him for his overemoting. His mouth at times looked like a dogs with its head out the window of a moving car.

    Katrina Parker tried. I loved her last time out, but she was a bit out of element on this tune. They only have a couple chances to win over people, why keep pushing them into weird choices? I did agree that the dark nature of “Tonight Tonight” didn’t fit her able but too clean voice.

    Cheesa is a mess. She annoys me. But she did adequate sing “Don’t Leave Me This Way” as well as any cruise ship disco singer can. But the made-at-Walmart clothing/makeup scheme was really wacky, like someone rolled her face in glitter.

    Kim Yarborough: professional, but as was said too-safe of a choice. It’s way too early to separate “Rolling In The Deep” from Adele unless you’re gonna go a completely different direction with it.

    James Massone: No. Just No. No to the weird headband thing (hence all the Ally Sheedy references). No to the whining being pawned off as soul. No to his “I can’t believe I’m getting laid” expression he constantly has.

    Matthai: I blame Lana Del Ray and Norah Jones for all this. There are too many weirdly affected accented singers this year, and singing precociously only works if you’re Zooey Deschanel.

    Pip: Can’t separate the name from picturing the real-life embodiment of the South Park character. He tried. Man, he tried. Adam really should’ve picked a less rocking song for him. He will never pull it off.I admit I like his voice though, and hope he stays to make a better choice.

    Karla Davis: “Airplanes”? More like “Train Wreck”. Taking a rap song and thinking that embellishing the ever repetitive chorus makes a good live choice is mind-addled. I think she was whispering the whole time in case she forgot the words.

    Tony Vincent: OK I get it. He’s straight. Straight straight straight straight straight broadway queen. Lord. But whoever’s idea it was to make him sing that undramatic song off a set from “1984” with the backup dancers from Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” video needs to go to the Ministry of Love’s Room 101.
    At least he knows he has a ringer in Jamal, who clearly won the night. There was not one thing wrong with that performance. zilch.

    Juliet Simms impressed me more than she’s ever done (I guess like Blake), and Kudos for taking a song like that and not genderchanging. I subconsciously do feel the rocker thing a little wee bit forced, but she did cover that with chops

    Xtina was a bit grumpy – lack of food perhaps? (zing). She may be a little more focused on critiquing (comparatively) but her takedown of Tony Lucca was a bit bitter. I mean, if you’re going to razz him, razz him for his overemoting. His mouth at times looked like a dogs with its head out the window of a moving car.

    Katrina Parker tried. I loved her last time out, but she was a bit out of element on this tune. They only have a couple chances to win over people, why keep pushing them into weird choices? I did agree that the dark nature of “Tonight Tonight” didn’t fit her able but too clean voice.

    Cheesa is a mess. She annoys me. But she did adequate sing “Don’t Leave Me This Way” as well as any cruise ship disco singer can. But the made-at-Walmart clothing/makeup scheme was really wacky, like someone rolled her face in glitter.

    Kim Yarborough: professional, but as was said too-safe of a choice. It’s way too early to separate “Rolling In The Deep” from Adele unless you’re gonna go a completely different direction with it.

    James Massone: No. Just No. No to the weird headband thing (hence all the Ally Sheedy references). No to the whining being pawned off as soul. No to his “I can’t believe I’m getting laid” expression he constantly has.

    Matthai: I blame Lana Del Ray and Norah Jones for all this. There are too many weirdly affected accented singers this year, and singing precociously only works if you’re Zooey Deschanel.

    Pip: Can’t separate the name from picturing the real-life embodiment of the South Park character. He tried. Man, he tried. Adam really should’ve picked a less rocking song for him. He will never pull it off.I admit I like his voice though, and hope he stays to make a better choice.

    Karla Davis: “Airplanes”? More like “Train Wreck”. Taking a rap song and thinking that embellishing the ever repetitive chorus makes a good live choice is mind-addled. I think she was whispering the whole time in case she forgot the words.

    Tony Vincent: OK I get it. He’s straight. Straight straight straight straight straight broadway queen. Lord. But whoever’s idea it was to make him sing that undramatic song off a set from “1984” with the backup dancers from Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” video needs to go to the Ministry of Love’s Room 101.

    • NedPepper says:

      Tony Vincent is the straightest broadway drag queen ever. I don’t get him at all. I appreciate being yourself. But man, for a straight guy, he plays a gay stereotype really well….

      • ef says:

        I did not understand at all that Cee Lo is shown saying not to be too Broadway in the rehersal and then they cut to the overproduced number with a chorus (dancers) and a final flourish like you’d see in a musical. I had no real opinion on him prior to because I hadn’t seen his audition nor his battle round. Did not get it.
        I know there is some sort of “demerit” for going safe, but given the parameters for all of these people up to this point, it seems like the logical thing to do would be to showcase your talent and musical interest for the first live show.

  36. NedPepper says:

    To comment on the show itself….I don’t know what’s happened, but something is amiss in Season 2. What made Season 1 so interesting was that it felt edgier. It wasn’t the cheesy, teenage dream that was American Idol. We had an indy rocker, two lesbians, and Javier Colon in the final four. And they gave some really great, fresh performances. Season 2…all that edge is gone. Where is the Dia’s rearranging songs? Where the VOICE of Beverly rocking out? These contestants either aren’t very good or no one cares about their success. The show has become overly produced and, to be honest, kind of boring. Usually I enjoy at least half of the performers. That didn’t happen last night. On last night’s show, I like Katrina (there’s potential there), Mathai, and Juliet. Juliet was the only person that actually made me turn my head and say, “Wow.” That’s the problem.

    Advice for next season? Go back to being edgy and not pandering for looks or back stories. Dia, Javier, Beverly, and Vicci felt….I dunno…kind of cool. They were anti-idols. Pip, James, Karla, and literally with Jamar…these ARE Idol contestants. And I’m not big on Blake or Xtina’s team either. I’ll stick with Jordis. And the chick with the side of her head shaved on team Xtina. That’s it. And that’s the real shame.

    One last thing…would it kill them to acknowledge Dia or Javier or anyone from last season? No? Then what’s the point of winning this show? If the show isn’t going to promote you….you’re back at square one. Which makes becoming The Voice….pointless.

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      Still though, I like Lindsey, Jordis & now Juliet, more than anyone, other than Elise, on Idol this season. I liked Dia last year, but Lindsey’s rearrangement of “Say Ahh” was more… um… rearranged than anything I remember Dia changing up last year. So, I don’t know, I see 3 great female singers, this year, with as much potential as Dia, so I’m psyched. The over production is a drag though.

  37. Larali says:

    A standing ovation for u Mr. Slezak… for this savvy full recap of The Voice! i enjoyed it exceedingly!

  38. Ryan says:

    I think Christina’s critique was SPOT on. I see Tony isn’t taking it well, he seems to think he should only get praise.

  39. Ronnie says:

    I was disappointed with last night’s show. With the exeception of “Roxanne”, no one did anything exciting. I was hoping that someone would put their own spin on something the way Wade did “rehab” in his audition, but we haven’t seen much of that yet. Hopefully, whoever’s left next week will do something, or I’m done.

  40. ET says:

    Ned, I agree with what you said about the show not being as edgy this year. I don’t think I’ve heard Javier’s name mentioned at all, but Blake has said a couple of times that Dia toured with him….

  41. 30CamdenSquare says:

    I friggin’ loved Juliet Simm’s cover of “Roxanne”!! That was my favorite performance from last night, last week, and anything sung on Idol 80’s night last week!!

  42. madMaddy says:

    I was very impressed with Christina’s comments. I agreed entirely. Great recap.

  43. Ryan says:

    Team Adam: Love Mathai, Pip, Katrina, and Tony, and I hope all four get through (I do think this could happen too!). Kim is too generic, and I never remember who Karla Davis is. I felt like Adam’s team members were always nit-picked, in a way that Cee Lo’s team members maybe deserved but didn’t receive. James, for example, was pitchy, and while I liked the intriguing take on the song, that should have been made a bigger issue, whereas Christina was downright nasty to Tony D., calling him “one-dimensional” and criticizing him for “celebrity sway” when other artists also stay within their desired genre, and when Jermaine Paul had his friggin’ video reel from Alicia Keys to support him every time he is mentioned.
    Team Cee Lo: I think Jamar, James, and Juliet are through by America’s vote. All the “new dad” talk might have improved Tony Vincent’s image, and vocally maybe he has more potential than Cheesa, but Cheesa deserves it more based on last night. If Erin picks a song that isn’t crap, she might have a shot too. She’s Katy Perry-esque in that her voice is meh but her performances could be great in their “over-the-top”ness. My money is on Tony since America’s issues with Cheesa and Erin were mentioned (and the coaches, after all, want to keep whoever America will keep). But if Cee Lo sees the obvious (that Jamar and Juliet will be his team’s final two), he might put Erin through for the exposure and because she’s polarizing and interesting in a villainous way.

  44. Larissa says:

    My favorites of the night were definitely Jamar and Mathai!

  45. Van says:

    I thought Xtina was dead on with Tony Lucca… His performance sucked and he should have never made it pass the battle rounds. I think this is a clear publicity scheme to shine a light on yet another mousekteer. His performance was weak and I agree that the celebrity sway is not fair to the other voices, which are better than both jermaine and Tony. I feel bad for Xtina because she can’t win…

  46. Paramour says:

    My picks starting with my fav at the top…I could care less about rest. None of them will win.


  47. When Simpon did his spiteful critiques on Idol nobody bashed him they actually enjoyed Simon ripping off the contestants, but when Christina does it (and I think she was spot on) she is bashed constantly. double standars I see.

  48. syb says:

    Man there were some atrocious performances last night, but Erin was in a travesty league of her own. I sorta liked her at first–Grace Jonesian mystique and all. But while the song choice was terrible, it was revealing. That girl’s talent is all skin deep only.

    Juliet was magnificent. The only one I’d care to see or hear again of last night’s group. Matthai had her moments with the well placed runs, but I agree with the poster above who said her voice and enunciations are too affected to be appealing.

    Other than that, yeesh.

  49. Kayla says:

    does anybody know where i can purchase the dress that Juliet Simms wore or the brand name of the dress? thank you:)

  50. angelstorm says:

    I thought Christina was on point last night !! I was impressed – she was tough but mostly fair (grated slightly harsher than necessary on Tuny Lucca but hey . . .)