Report: Days of Our Lives Axes 4 Stars, Including Matthew Ashford and Christie Clark

There’s another mass exodus underway at Days of Our Lives: According to reports, the NBC soap has axed four castmembers.

Per Soap Opera Digest (which first broke the news), Days staples Matthew Ashford (Jack), Patrick Muldoon (Austin) and Christie Clark (Carrie), as well as three-time Daytime Emmy winner Sarah Brown (Madison), have been handed pink slips.

The cast cuts come on the heels of last week’s backstage shakeup, which found head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. ousted in favor of former Days scribes Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell. All My Children‘s Lorraine Broderick rounds out the new writing team.

GH Welcomes Another One Life to Live Vet

Days engineered a revival of sorts last fall, bringing back beloved favorites like Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn in addition to the aforementioned Ashford, Muldoon and Clark. The soap also introduced Brown’s new gal about town, who blended in seamlessly with the show’s major players, including Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Alison Sweeney (Sami).

How do you feel about Days’ latest departures?

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  1. Deb says:

    Think Million Dollar Listing. Bunch of HOT gay men that we all want for our gay husbands. Give them some real drama.

    And Markena and Jon please cannot turn into Abe and Lexi- boring.

    Abe needs to go already. He should have been the first. After he knocks up the blonde doctor at the pub.

    Gabi can get really interesting if she continues to go paycho over chad, will and any other guy she can’t have.

    See the problem with the old writers is they had all that stupid filler. I mean who wants to see Madison and Brady ride around the square to some sappy love song?

    The BEST storyline going is with stefano and the coin and everything that has happened since they opened that box. They need to really play that one up and through.

    Oh and PLEASE get rid of Billie!!! I love Lisa Rennee but she never could act and she adds nothing to the show.

    Then we need to give hope multiple personalities and let Roman fall for her alter.

    And it’s time for Chad to grow up and go team Dimera! He needs to get evil, and will needs to be a bit of a bad boy too. He and EJ are the best 2 actors on the show and the chemistry they have onscreen is amazing. Plus having a Brady turn Dimera is just too fun! So will and chad need to get their geek on and put it to use for some Dimera dirty work.

    The only problem with that is that Titan has no more employees except Kate. That whole war needs to flame up with Brady fighting with someone other than Kate and EJ- time to bring Phillip back.

    And shouldn’t Ciarra be ready for puberty so they can start to develop a new high school crowd? And what are they doing with Theo? Giving him his grandmas psychic powers? That will be cool except they will need an actor who can complete a sentance to pull that off. Sorry but that boy is certainly handsome but he can barely speak.

    I don’t like that they use the Theo character to make autistic seem stupid. They need to think Rainman becomes a medium! Super smart with extra gifts and no social skills.

    So they can’t get rid of bad characters because that was bad writing. Keep the good actors and give them great stories. Rage may be boring and narcissistic but he’s always part of the juice. Give Daniel and chad some juice and they will be fabulous.

    And for those of u who think Daniel is boring its bc he’s hanging around Maggie. Anyone around Maggie’s gets boring fast! Don’t u remember when Daniel busted Kate for poisoning Chloe? That was classic! He just needs the writers to write for him. I was disappointed that they started this whole thing about his shakes and then just put him back in scrubs. I was hoping he would end up desperate enough to become Titans mad scientist or baby switcher.

    Hope my rant helped the new writers keep the show alive.

    I’m a writer…can u tell?

    I think they should be thinking Real Housewives meets Grays anatomy meets Salem! Freshen it up for the generation who is watching bc I will die if days gets cut for another boring variety talk show-enough of that!

    Or just bring all the soaps back and give them their own cable channel!

  2. Kim says:

    I was out of the loop until just now with what was going on with days. I had become so hooked and excited about watching it again. I used to only dvr on Fridays because if you saw one you saw the whole week. Then they picked up the pace story lines played out faster and I was hooked daily. Since the explosion it’s back to boring days. I skip most of it. I guess I’ll have to give my devotion back to prime time. Bring back Carrie at least!!

  3. Linda says:

    I am absolutely furious that they actually ‘killed off’ Jack and Madison both. I have watched from the beginning of the show and I am saddened that they feel the sow is better with homosexuals. The majority of Americans DO NOT want to watch men kissing. It is repugnant. I don’t like having this shoved down my throat. This is the only soap I ever watch since ‘Another World’ was cancelled,. Please – Please tone down the homos.

  4. Alexandra Manziano says:

    Lexi and her health issues? zzzzzzzzzzz. she needs to go. Carrie needed to go. zzzzzzzzzzz. Austin needed to go. (even thought I love him!) but the story was zzzzz.
    Let’s bring back Eugine and Calliope (sp)? They were fun, kooky and always entertaining. What I liked about Matthew (Jack) was that they USED to write VERY FUUNY for him. I say used to- because different writers have turned him into a non-funny guy. Back in the 90’s (c’mon writers- look it up in the archives) who ever was writing then, was the BEST for Jack. However, I remember it’s also when Marlena became possessed. (bleh!)
    Let’s be honest- how many years do we have left of Days, before they too, replace it with some cooking show, or talk show? Let’s have Days go out with a Bang. I mean it, with all love for the characters. Let’s make the last few years snazzy and front TMZ news.
    The recipe for that, would seriously be the same formula that Melrose Place used- today we have RHWONJ- but you get the idea writers. C’mon. We need more catfight’s, snarky one liners, jealousy , hair pulling and bed hopping DRAMA! If you can make Marlena float like the exorcist, and Hope become a Jungle Gina and some amateur horror flick -bad acting and zzzzzzz boring actress who played ‘pregnant with Shawn’s baby’ Lauren, toss her way down a flight of stairs to die (rightfully thank you!) then you can have Nicole hop into bed with John. Hope slap Kate and pull that horrible dyed part in her hair/ weave out- Have Sammy slap Nicole and throw her into a swimming pool while wearing a leopard NJ style catsuit. Really… and why not have Romona from RHONY guest star as a plastered pino drinking slosh who get’s into a row with the ever hot Nicole?

  5. Alexandra Manziano says:

    @ DEB– Hey! I see we think alike! After I posted my post and re-read it, I saw yours. I LOVE the Idea of Abe having a steamy hallway tryst with the blonde from the pub. ANYTHING but the abe-lexi snooze fest. I think if you and I were writing this show, we’d turn everything sideways. (ooohhhhh idea! – how about a four – six month SIDEWAYS aka LOST theme where everyone thinks something else is going on and then poof- at the end of four-six months- it was all a parallel universe and things return to normal AKA snooze fest! It would be an outrageous $$ making six months for advertisers!

  6. nightmagic says:

    please bring Matt back as Jack .jack and jenn are magical together and this is because of the wonderful talent of Matt and Melissa .Please please let their story go on .No one has ever captured my attention in /days as jack and jenn does !!!! and only ever as Matt and Melissa and it is an insult to Matt and Melissa s fans and definitely an insult to Matt who has worked sooo hard to portray this character in such a charming romantic serious mischievous way .Matt is the only one who can ever play jack .Days is nothing without him !!!! im really disgusted by the lack of respect given to this actor .He has given his all to this character .Every single storyline was done in such a romantic serious tragic mischievous playful way that only Matt could play Jack NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO LIVE UP TO THE TALENT HE PORTRAYED ON THIS SHOW AS JACK

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  8. Dixie says:

    I wish they would fire Will and Sonny! Yuck!

    • Linda says:

      I agree! Watching 2 of the same sex making out is really gross. Also, Peter Reckell leaving is the pits. Days has really gone down hill…….l

      • janie says:

        I didnt mind the storyline on Sonny and Will until they had to show the entire making out session when Lucas came knocking. Do you have to go so far on this? Give viewers a break on all of this gayness being shoved down our throat. GEEZ.

  9. Brenda Howard-Schug says:

    I like every one that’s on the show I’m pissed a few of the main people are gone Bo needs to come back and Melanie needs to come back too.there’s a lot of people that were let go that shouldn’t Of been. Kristine why is she back I didn’t like her then and I don’t like her now. Nikki she is getting on my last nerve. The thing I don’t understand is why do you drag the story lines out so long that’s where I get bord. I’ve been watching you for about 40 years you are my favorite show. Please bring back of the main people and keep the ones you have left….

    • Linda says:

      I am so sick of the fact that Days feels they have to ruin a great soap by graphically showing the seemier side of Homos. If they go through with the abortion, I, and a lot of others, will stop watching. This has been my only Soap for over 40 years. I am totally ashamed of the way they have brought it down into the sewers. Just because the world has changed so drastically, TV could stay above the seemier side.

      • Cheryl says:

        Although the gay issue is not my favorite part of DOOL, it is real and prevalent in our society. There were other soaps that included real-life issues beginning a decade ago and they were hailed for that reason. I feel DOOL is finally turning the corner by including real-life issues like Alzheimer’s, homosexuality, and abortion. Remember…this is a television drama with fictional characters and not a program that is exploiting real people.

        • Linda says:

          Just because the world is going the wrong way, doesn’t mean I have to like it or be subjected to it so graphically! I mostly resent that they went way over the line by showing too much of the “sex scene” Friends of mine who are a little more liberal, couldn’t watch that either. The show is wanting people to think that Homosexuals and abortion are Okay. Sorry it isn’t!!

          • Cheryl says:

            Linda, DOOL’s writers are showcasing what is real. Would you rather watch the characters being possessed by the devil or their minds being altered? In answer to your statement that the show wants the viewers to feel that homosexuality and abortion are right, what about drug use? That issue has been a part of the storyline and I’m willing to bet there are not many people who condone drugs! But, again, drugs are a real part of today’s world.

  10. Linda says:

    I still say the writers of DOOL do not have to make things so graphic. Best left behind closed doors. If you want to be of the world that is your choice. We all have a choice. My choice is to go with God and what the bible says about Homos. Sorry you don’t see it that way!! Drugs are a fact of life and not a good one but as I say. People have a choice!! Seeing 2 men go at it is hardly the same as seeing someone strung out on drugs.

    • Cheryl says:

      Linda, I don’t enjoy watching Will and Sonny either, but it is what it is… At least we have not been subjected to the extent of sex displayed by heterosexuals on the show! Personally, the possessed Marlena era as well as ALL the times Stefano re-engineered the minds of people like John and Hope, were ridiculous and disgusting! I’ve watched DOOL since the very beginning and there are countless times that the show has made me ashamed to be a DOOL addict!

  11. Linda says:

    It is what it is! Thankfully we still have a right to express our opinions. Bless the USA!!

  12. nightmagic says:

    i cant believe they killed off such a talented actor as Matt Ashford .Jenn and Jack have so much chemistry !!!! they wrote the scripts so well for those two and they always had such exciting adventures .It never made sense for Matt Ashfords Jack to leave Jenn it doesnt now . .what happened to the good scripts The scripts were always written for this couple not against like it felt this time around . .Matt Ashford took this character and made it his own and together Jack and Jenn were magical .and written properly could have been again !!! what a waste to kill this character off and what an insult to Matt Ashford and all the Jack and Jenn fans who followed this couple !!!

  13. Jules says:

    I know that the above comments are at least a year old but I just came across this site this evening and I want to comment, not so much on the comings and goings of the actors involved, but on the missed opportunities that often happen where this show’s story-lines are concerned.

    (I have to confess that I haven’t really watched Days of Our Lives much since my high school through college years – 1988 to 1996 – but I did love the Jack and Jennifer storyline at the time and I still feel that the Jack Deveraux character was the most multi-facited character on the show back then; if not ever.)

    It is truly sad that this show never really delved into the PSTD storyline in any real depth. There are so many individuals in our country – and around the globe – who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This disorder affects – not only the traumatized individual – but also all of the people involved in their lives, including family, friends, colleagues and teachers.

    As the daughter of a naval officer, as the wife of a marine corp officer, and as a special education teacher who works with students who have severe emotional disabilities, I have witnessed PSTD first-hand and I can attest to the fact that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very real in today’s world and It has some very serious fall-out for those people who are affected by or exposed to it.

    When I read that Days of Our Lives was going to be tackling the PSTD issue and that Matthew Ashford’s character, Jack Deveraux, was coming back to the show as a person suffering from the disorder, it intrigued me enough to start watching the show again after a 15 year absence.

    As an educator, who works with many traumatized students and their families, I guess that I was hoping to see PSTD brought out into the light of day so that people could become more informed about the disorder and less judgmental of its victims. I guess that I was hoping that the show would portray the supportive therapeutic and community environment that needs to be set into place in order for these individuals and their families to become somewhat whole again. I guess that I was hoping to see how the family dynamic is changed by this experience and how professionals, family members and friends need to work together in the recovery process. I know that Matthew Ashford did a great job with the material he was given. (I think the Emmy voters knew this too when they nominated him for his performance.) I know that he is a great actor who is capable of reaching deep for those all important emotions. I guess, however, that the powers that be lost interest in the storyline before it ever really got started. I know that it truly is sad that Days of Our Lives let this story-line and this actor fall through their fingers. I know that this is yet another missed opportunity for this show. I know that there could have been great story here with an abundance of seedlings that could have been planted to grow many future stories. I guess these seedling will never have the chance to grow though because the parent plant was allowed to whither and die. Too Bad. So Sad.

    ……….. ………… …………. ……….
    P.S. – To all of the “gay’ bashers/haters out there. Please get over yourselves. It’s just a television show. Don’t watch it when the Will story-line is on. No one is forcing you to. I, for one, believe in accepting and promoting diversity in our society and I also believe that people are born with either heterosexual or homosexual tendencies. I applaud Days of Our Lives for trying to tell a story that is important to many of our members, friends, and neighbors. Jesus said, by the way, “Love Thy Neighbor…”. If more parents taught their children those three simple words, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much bullying in our neighborhoods and schools today. Think about it! Share the love!!! :)

    • Jules says:

      The above comment should have said:

      … “a story that is important to many of our ‘family’ members, friends, and neighbors.”