Report: Days of Our Lives Axes 4 Stars, Including Matthew Ashford and Christie Clark

There’s another mass exodus underway at Days of Our Lives: According to reports, the NBC soap has axed four castmembers.

Per Soap Opera Digest (which first broke the news), Days staples Matthew Ashford (Jack), Patrick Muldoon (Austin) and Christie Clark (Carrie), as well as three-time Daytime Emmy winner Sarah Brown (Madison), have been handed pink slips.

The cast cuts come on the heels of last week’s backstage shakeup, which found head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. ousted in favor of former Days scribes Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell. All My Children‘s Lorraine Broderick rounds out the new writing team.

GH Welcomes Another One Life to Live Vet

Days engineered a revival of sorts last fall, bringing back beloved favorites like Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn in addition to the aforementioned Ashford, Muldoon and Clark. The soap also introduced Brown’s new gal about town, who blended in seamlessly with the show’s major players, including Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Alison Sweeney (Sami).

How do you feel about Days’ latest departures?

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Honestly, I agree that Ashford shouldn’t be let go, and neither should Austin and Carrie. I, for one, have become a daily watcher again based on the revisting of fav characters from when I first became a fan of the show. However, it is easy to deduce that it is a money decision. Ashford, based on experience, has to be making bucks, and this is why he is underused. Muldoon and Clark had to have been lured back with dough as well. And unfortunately, firing the Melanie, Chad, Gabi set probably wouldn’t come close to equalling what they save by letting go those four, all with extensive experience. Another consideration is contracts. if Galen has a contract, or Shaun, then of course it may be expensive to let them go. And letting Drake, Deidre, Allison, etc go may lose more viewers than the show can spare. The three past characters coming back served their purpose: they recaptured old viewers. In daytime, all these decisions are $$$$$$$$$$$$. And the younger (horrible) actors are a dime a dozen. If I were Ashford, I’d think twice before accepting another deal (for the what, sixth time?) to return. But what becomes of Jennifer now?

  2. dinah says:

    This stinks!!! I think everyone here reflects the same opinion. Love Jack & Jen. Put them back in the news biz. They’d be very effective!! Lots of mischief there! I’m very tired of the Gaby, Melanie, and Chad thing. Oh…and I was happy to see Bryan Datillo back….but seriously?? Pitting him against EJ again?? Sort of dumb idea. You’re also cutting out Lexie soon…then what happens to Abe??

    Matt & Missy were the reason I started watching Days again. Guess I move to GH or go to old reruns that I taped…since it’s better than the stuff the writers are coming up with now.

  3. Jenn says:

    It’s too bad the viewers can’t vote on who should go since we are the reason they are still on the air. Gabi, Daniel, Billie, Madison, Chad, and Melanie should leave. Daniel is a man white, Gabi’s acting is pathetic, Madison is boring, Chad and Melanie have no story, and I forgot to mention Abagail! Bad actress that’s only on because of her looks. Will’s storyline and scenes with Marlena are award winning! I don’t tune in to see Brady and Madison screwing 24/7 with no chemistry at all! Princess Gina shown smoking in every scene?? Very irresponsible and stupid story!

  4. Jenn says:

    Dang phone! I meant Daniel is a man whore!!

  5. Laura says:

    Wow. What the heck are they doing to this soap? Stories can’t unfold and gain traction when the players are constantly being yanked out. I admit, the story lines weren’t that great but that isn’t the fault of the actors. I’ve been watching for over 30 years and can’t believe the ridiculousness that is the revolving door at Days right now… (and in the past couple of years, for that matter…). Viewers and the actors deserve better.

  6. Becka says:

    I gave up on Days when Marlena was “possessed” because that was just the pinnacle of ridiculousness. And as much as I love Stefano because he’s just a really great bad guy…it still seems like the same story line with him over and over again. I LOVE Matthew Ashford. He was great as Jack. It is like I loved Callopi and Eugene…I missed them after they were gone too. But poor Matt. He’s been fired and rehired so many times, there should be an award somewhere for the most hirings/firings/rehirings and he’d win it hands down. They really did his and Jennifer’s characters a disservice when they brought them back this time. when I found out they were coming back…I would peek in on occasion if I was home in the evening to see it on soapnet. And it was just awful.

  7. Vicky says:

    I loved Jack back in the days of Jack & Jennifer and loved when they brought him back this time. Very disappointed that they thought this was a good move. Hate the John Black/Princess Gina story and forward through all of it. Not sure I will record it any more, tired of the jerking around, why bring Billie back? An ISA agent, really???

  8. Z R says:

    Absolutely ridiculous what is going on at Days. Spent all of this time and energy on a revamp only to undo it all with this nonsense. To be honest, I was not impressed with the revamp to begin with except for the Marlena/Will story line. Everything else has just gone down hill. These new decisions are just going to make things worse. The soap genre is already in trouble with the cancellations of the ABC soaps. I am afraid that Days is going to be next. I believe that NBC and the other powers that be secretly want that and are deliberately sabotaging what could be a great soap! I have been watching for the past 25 years and I have to say that these days, I don’t get excited and run home every day to watch it. Too much change is no good for the show and you are losing the little fan base you have left!

  9. I am disgusted with hos Days is treating these actors, especially Matt Ashford. I would really like to know why Corday and Meng hate him so much and this is not the first time they have axed Ashford. . It does not help my dismay when Alison Sweeney and Kristian Alfonso basically downplaying it with a sense of glee and self-promotion. Not impressed.

    Matthew Ashford is incredibly talented and has rarely been used or treated with respect by Corday and Meng. Sad really, he is one only one who got an Emmy premon and days treats him like this. Sarah Brown is another classy person has been treated poorly by the show.

    Yet the show keeps characters that many are not interested in : Rafe and Daniel….

  10. Jess says:

    I’m only watching Days for the will coming out storyline right now. The acting’s superb, and writine quite well done. <– never thought I'd say that about a soap.

  11. MARK says:

    The only one I would have kept was Sarah Brown. I would be ok with Christie staying too. She can act if they would give her some good material. Please, please please send Drake Shawn, & Galen on their way. With them killing off Lexie, I hope they go ahead and send Abe on his way too. He really doesn’t have anything to do. Same thing with Roman. I personally am tired of Allison Sweeney and Sami. Ali keeps showing up on everything (and she was one of the most unfriendly celebrities I have ever met.)and Sami is just tired. They keep repeating the same stories with her. Just get rid Kate, Ian, Billie and Gabi too. Why doesn’t Rafe & Nicole just ask Sami how to switch paternity test. She has had plenty of experience switching results. I maybe in the minority here but I like Melanie.

    • Hugo says:

      I agree with you about Sami (Sweeney). Played-out character and a pathetic actress. Days would be better without her stupidity.

  12. Rolfe says:

    I’m not too upset. I’m bored my their storylines.

  13. Ana says:

    Days simply does not have writting talant & Ken Corday simply hasNO idea how to identify it. In his poor choice of writters lies the problem & thats why days is on its last legs. Take a character like Jack Deveraux. You have full history of the character, both his good and his sinister, you have a great actor, and you have a established supercouple with Jennifer and yet the guy has NO story! They can’t write for him because the writters are not capable of creating a story with any layers or depth. So what does Corday do?? He just keep firing & hiring & refiring & rehiring..Too bad he can’t get sent to London like poor Jack:(

  14. Hugo says:

    Get rid of Sami and there will be enough money to keep BETTER characters!

  15. NEK5552 says:

    I don’t think it is a certain charector or actor hurting days. It is the writing and I think replacing the writers was the right decesion. DH and DH returning was great, but the writers did not know how to write for them. DH prison storyline was boring if not toture to watch. The princess gina nonsense was awful that almost got the show cancelled the first time around why they would go there again is beyond me. I think the actors fired could have been written for better and that would have done the job. They are taking storylines from the past and repeating them and saying they are going back to tradition and that is where the mistake lies. Viewers are wanting fresh stories with familar charectors. The fans have proved in the past if write the show they way the want the will come back example the serial killer storyline, nicole’s baby switch, and the writing for carly. I think if they find the right writers it will fix them problem. If y and r would follow suit everything would be right on track.
    To go off subject with y and r. It Marie Bell was not a Bell she would have been gone a long time ago. Sony/CBS needs to get over the fact that she is a Bell and do what is right for the show at hand and get a new writer. I think Latham was a better writer than her and she was hated by the fans. I think they should get Jack Smith back ASAP.

    • bklyngirl says:

      ITA. Lynn Marie Latham and Jack Smith executed fast paced storylines that propelled and branched out into other stories, and they wrote a good dose of romance, passion and intrigue. Yet some idiots hated on them, and now here is the worst wear, Maria Bell and Hogan Sheffer to downslide everything. Victor and Sharon pairing coming to the screen! So damn gross!

  16. Kay says:

    Good riddance to this show. The only reason I started watching again was because of Matt/Jack. I feel like I’ve been completely duped for the past year, watching day after day, thinking the writers SURELY will come up w/a decent storyline for this character one of these days, considering I can think of 5 or 6 without hardly blinking an eye. What a waste of time it has been.

  17. Constance says:

    Well I did it today instead of watching Days Of Our Lives I watched Young & The Restless and Bold & The Beautiful. I found it to be way better Than Days a soap I have watched my whole life but now can not stand. Never made the switch before but I have to say I am glad I did much much better. I am so upset over Matthew Ashford being fired again I can’t stand it the only thing I can do is not watch and hope for news that Days has been canceled.Days does not care about the fans. Days does not care about telling good stories anymore. Days has destroyed themselves they only have themselves to blame for poor ratings. The actors are not the problem never have been. The PTB are the problem guess its just easier for them to blame long time fan favorites for poor ratings. I think the PTB should be changed not the actors. I do not want Daytime Soaps to end that is why I am now watching Young & The Restless and Bold & the Beautiful. Where I live they are on the same time as Days. I also watch General Hospital have for years. I would like to know why the PTB ruined Days I think this is what they wanted all along.

  18. pegasus says:

    I join in with the scores of posters here who are disgusted with DAYS for firing Matt Ashford.
    I was thrilled when Jack returned, & have been waiting for the show to do something with his character. His imprisonment in Afghanistan, PTSD, & reconnecting with his family could have all been great stories, but DAYS saw fit to only touch upon them & devote too much time to teenage models & the prospect of yet another paternity debacle. If anyone should go, it should be Dr. Dan. I just hope that now Jennifer is not paired back with him! And the show does not need Billie or Gabi either. DAYS has treated Matt poorly for years — it’s like Corday can never wait to get rid of him. Going back to failed writers is only hastening the complete demise of DAYS. And if they kill the Will/Sonny story, they are even more stupid than I thought. I also will be sad to see Christie Clark go. I’d rather see alot more of that Brady sister than the ever-present & ever-annoying Sami.

    • I so agree with this..they didn’t give Matt/Jack much of a chance at all…its upsetting to see such little regard for him as an actor or for all he has given to the show…Jen and Him are a super couple yet don’t every get their chance at happiness…Jack/Matt can shine in his own right with pretty much anyone they pair him with on screen…they don’t know a good actor when they see one…he brings so much to the table…and is no cookie cutter hero…his humor, his depth, is lost on this show…SAD …I was so hoping they would finally give Matt his due…as a long time fan (watched since close to when the show started..stopped the last time they did this to Matt as it was too many times then) I will not be watching Days after this

  19. Rose says:

    Jack is a great character that was brought back with an interesting storyline of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have so many vets returning from war right now, that a PTSD storyline is very topical and could be informative to families dealing with this. But they seem to have abandoned this story, which is shameful.

    Why are they trying to put Daniel and Billie together? He’s already slept with both her mother and daughter. To have him go after Billie now is sick.

  20. I returned to watching Days just for Matt’s/Jack’s return…he was so horribly treated by Days the last time..and I was so hoping they finally realized what a gem of an actor/character he is…he was just warming up…jen and him were just starting to hit their stride…the stuff with him dealing with his captivity with sessions was really riveting..and so much more could have been done and now Days pulls the plug??????????? Seriously? I am so upset that they would do this to Matt one more time…he is a big part of Days history and now…he was not only a part of a super couple…he was great in his own right…he can act with anyone…has chemistry with all..and brings layers upon layers upon layers.. I can’t believe Days is doing this again…I will not be watching the show in the future..

  21. Monica says:

    Can’t they keep Matthew Ashford and give him a chance to play out his story, for once?

    If they don’t, can he take Melissa Reeves with him, please? And Lisa Rinna?

    I love this show, I’ve been watching it for 26 years, and I don’t want it to be cancelled, but it never ceases to amaze me how it can always take a great idea and screw it the heck up!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I have watched Days for 30 years, then due to job got away from it a while. Recently got laid off from work and all I cared about was watching the show once again. I was excited to see some of old characters back and now I read this! Are you kidding? Get rid of Gabe…dislike very much. Put EJ back with pregnant soon to be ex. Can’t there be any successful marriages on this show with a good story line? I am so tired of seeing sad love losses! I have loved Melanie since the 1st day she arrived and watched her evolve. She has the most beautiful smile. Come on and right some your wrongs! It wasn’t the actors, it was the writing that was bad.

  23. cathy says:

    Carrie is the ONLY reason I watch, She goes and so do I
    back to GH for me

  24. tj says:

    i do argee with fans i think that when ever the storeys are told the actors have to paid for it i am verty upset for all the changes on this show and fire all of my favort actors i will never watch this show again and sick of them bringing back all these good people and then fire them again this show sucks ;(

  25. Jeff Snyder says:

    OMG my wish came true!!! They are getting rid of Carrie and Austin! I cannot stand either one of them. Patrick Muldoon acts as if it is difficult for him to talk! He sounds so phony and he hasn’t aged well. Christie Clark has always been and will always be BORING! Plus, the character of Carrie is so selfish and a bigger slut than Sami will ever be! Trying to pair her with Rafe was a ridiculous idea! I agree with everyone about how terrible the show has treated Matthew Ashford, even though I have never cared for him or the character of Jack. However, as someone who suffers from PTSD I was finally interested in Jack for the first time ever! And I hate that they fired Sarah Brown as Madison. I loved that they introduced a brand new character and really got into her whole storyline with Brady and her evil ex, Ian. And repeating what several have already stated: the day they tamper with my Will and Sonny storyline or let either of them go I will be finished, Marlena too! Deidre Hall has never been better than in her scenes with Chandler Massey’s Will. I love having the original Billie back. I like Jennifer with Daniel. I’m really enjoying this new possible pairing of Rafe and Nicole. Nicole is one of my favorite characters too so they better not ever get rid of her! My advice: get rid of boring Chad or at least recast him, this actor is terrible. Gabi too! I would almost say that about Abigail too except she is starting to grow on me now that the whole thing with her and Austin is over! And I like Kate and Stefano together!

    • Jeff Snyder says:

      P.S. I’m gonna shed lots of tears over Lexie! Renee Jones is one of the most beautiful women on television. I love a good tearjerker but I seriously would’ve rather them just write off both Lexie and Abe, have them move away! Now that Will has finally come out to himself and a few people, I am anxiously awaiting for him to come out to Sami and Lucas. And I really have been looking forward to a love story between him and Sonny so I really hope they don’t disappoint us. DAYS has done such a great job with the whole storyline, taking their time, etc. I just hope they follow through with letting these two characters fall in love. I think E.J. is going to turn out to be John’s son instead of Stefano’s! And this Drew that I keep reading about that they are casting I’m wondering if it is Andrew Donovan, Shane and Kimberly’s son, since Shane is supposedly returning…hmmm….

    • LittleMissS says:

      I agree with most of this!
      Rafe and Nicole is really cute! But of course it wouldn’t be forever. I like Jack back. I do not like this new “brother” of Lexi’s. If they’re going to bring in new DiMeras or re-cast them, they better be as HOT and charming as EJ.
      Jen and Daniel were intriguing. Will & Sonny are the hottest thing on TV. As are EJ & Sami.
      Lucas is annoying yell-talking and nose-breathing all the time. He and Sami are BEST as friends, I love that he loyally backs here – But ONLY as friends.
      Nicole RULES. Brady is Smokin’ HOT. Madison was cool, sorry to see her go!
      Gabi and Austin need to GO ASAP – Yuck! But I admit, I do love seeing Carrie and Sami fight, because they’re SO opposite…Sami insane/sparky/fun and Carrie boooring. Billie and her fake lips are so annoying.

  26. Rita says:

    Stefano dimera and ej dimera are planing to take rafe of out Sami life and to kidanpped and drug him and puts him in the dimera mansion and in the basement killings Samantha love for him and I am sending this to Sami Brady and rafe I am so sorry for this I am sending this to you it about ej dimera and his father sefano they are planing on destroy Sami life so they can have a another that look like rafe and him him to do what stefano and ej are planner for this guy that look like rafe and make him get in bed with Sami and destroy her life this not going to happend in that show

    That is sexuial and a raped that make Sami life up side down that is not going to happend them they have mission for this guy that look like rafe and him as a cirinmal guy turn him to rafe that make Sami life destroy

    And to keep rafe oyt of the kids life good that is not going to happend they having hit man to kidnapped and put him in the basement and make him forget Sami so can to calm her down ej have something to destroy Sami and and rafe that I’s not going to happend

    Iwant Sami to get custody of her kids nit let ej custody of his his done something bad thing and his shoot Sami step father John black and and run away so his get the car with Sami and raped her so they can resize Lucas hi life was in the blaxne

    His kidnapped baby syndey and pay Anna to kiddnaped her and then he told Sami that she was dead and catch syndey in the river and that is the story of ej and stefani

    I am sending this roman and Bo and hope and Sami and rage and will and Caroline Brady

  27. buttafucco says:

    Matt Ashford really soil is done. Why get rid of him? Starting today I will never watch it again! And my friends I went to college with will never watch again either! Go ahead everyone don’t tune in. Take days off the air because nbc is stupid they r killing the show.

  28. LittleMissS says:

    The writes who (I think) were just let go is a shame, because the crazy intense storylines that move fast and are scandalous were a HUGE relief from the idiots who were writing before that (the ones who separated EJ and Sami).
    I started watching again when Ejami started interacting again, because they are the BEST COUPLE I’ve ever seen regarding chemistry!
    God, I hope they don’t go back to that cheesy romance stuff (like Doc and John) and stay with hot stories like Will and Sonny and Ejami (BEST ever).
    I can’t believe they fired Madison, seeing Nicole and her fight over Brady would’ve been awesome! Madison’s character is sharp, smart and successful – wtf?
    In the end all that’s a staple for me to keep watching is Ejami, but Will coming out is AMAZING, Kate/Stephano and Ian are interesting and this new thing of Madison, Kate and Ian challenging Sami is FUN!
    I liked Carrie and Rafe only because of constantly seeing Sami seeth, and because Austin makes me want to barf (yu-uck!).
    Nicole if FABULOUS and always will be. Celeste is ridiculous being played by anyone else. I really like Kate and Stephano together. Jen & Jack are great (but boring). I’d LOVE to see Austin constantly get hurt (sorry :S). Gabi’s a joke. Most BORING ALWAYS award goes to Lexi/Abe/Theo. Madison and Brady are hot. Love/hate Melanie. Love stable Jen/Jack/Abby. Glad boring Sami/Rafe is finally over! Will forever be in lust and obsessed with EJ (omgyum)! Sami & EJ are Days’ Supercouple and can last forever bouncing from Happy & Lustful to Hot Fights and Makeup sex!!
    ~ A single, 39 yr. old hip chick

  29. asw says:

    Oh for…..
    Lucas’ fiancee dumps him over a trip home? GIVE ME A BREAK!
    They better NOT put her and Lucas together – ew! They rule as best friends

  30. Steve Thomas says:

    they should have kept austin carrie and fired gabi rafe ej stefano i will only watch for bope and john marlena roman sami and the rest i cant believe you would fired the vets after you guys got them return days will never be the same or win award

  31. Capycatt says:

    Oh no, not Matt Ashford again! He literally just returned! I absolutely love him as Jack and was looking forward to his reunion with Jennifer, but obviously a good storyline is not what the Days writers are capable of anymore. I can’t bear to watch this show tank, and it is tanking, so after 30 plus years, I bid adieu! NBC – it’s the writers that need written off this show!

  32. Sherrie Collins says:

    I just started watching again because of the “reboot” last fall. I loved getting back to the basic characters that I used to tune in for. I loved Jack and Jenn and still do. I guess I’ll start losing interest AGAIN! And why Bo?!?!?!?!?!?!

  33. Randy says:

    Ahhh. back in the day… does anyone remember the Patch and Kayla love scene where they played “Lady in Red” in the background? The most memorable scene in Days history.. at least for me (LOL).

  34. Mary Ann says:

    I was so happy to see Mark Ashford back on days now they are letting him go. Shame on you! Jack and Jen forever!!! Carrie and Austin are quite boring won’t miss them.

  35. Storm says:

    Get rid of Sami, horrible actress, boring. how many times is Lucas going to Waste his time with her. She just loved Rafe and couldn’t get enough of him, she’s changed. Now she doesn’t even think twice about him .this storyline is soooo tired already. I’m done with her. I like Brady and Nicole together at least there is some chemistry. Nicole and Daniel? Yuck. Daniel was good with Jennifer, can’t stand Madison. Love Kate she’s a hoot and at least adds some spice. Gabi go away, chad, bad actor, this show has tried to hook up so many people with different partners that it is just ridiculous. The writers have no talent. You can predict the storyline every time. I could write better!!!

  36. Cat says:

    I have to agree. Gabi, Chad, Melanie, Carrie, Bille, Chelest, and that Yucky looking Austin needs to go. Jack wasn’t one of my favorite characters but my husband has PTSD and I would have like to seen where his story line would have gone. Gabi is the worst actor on television and Chad is right beside her. EJ is beautiful. I only watch it to see him. If he is not on I don’t watch it. I am starting to like Will’s new roll. This show has really lost it’s touch.

  37. sweetcindal says:

    personally I think the cuts mentioned above are absolutely ridiculous.

  38. Judy Laramie says:

    No issue with Jack and Austin leaving…..but Madison….??? Gabi should leave….

  39. Betty Meyer says:

    Please get rid of Kate. She is the worst. With her soft spoken witchiness and power to overcome anything including lung cancer! !!! They kill off babies and Lexie and let the evil witch survive. Give Sami and Lucas a chance. Make his overbearing mother Stefano’s murderer and execute her. I’d have a watch party for that show.

  40. Suzy Carter says:

    I am so glad that Carrie has left.She has no sex appeal at all.The other three should have left along time ago.They can take John and the doc. With them along with Gabi. Where did these people learn to act at.They really have stayed their welcome.But its time to move along but before you go stop and take Shawn Dougles and his wife who I heard was coming back please take them with you.Don’ t go to far though you forgot Kayla.I have been watching Days since 1967.That was when Days was at its best you couldn’ t wait till the next day to see what was going to happen between Julie and Susan.No matter what I had to do the next day I had to be home by 1:00.But now it doesn’ t really matter.If EJ and Sami, or Nicole and Dan, or Will isn’ t on I don’ t even watch.Most of the time I fast forward anyway.Once last perso Lucas Please leave with the rest their are others but I can again fast forward them.Days is the best soap opera on tv for me just try and keep the good and get rid of the bad. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO PAY SO MUCH FOR TALENT THAT WE DON’T THINK IS TALENT.such as John and the doc. You paid way to much for that tatent really you did….

  41. glowworm says:

    I am an old timer and I also hope they keep the Will/Sunny storyline going. They never
    should have brought back Marlana and John back. Neither one of those have been
    able to ask since day 1. I was also happy with Jack and Jen; or even Jen and Daniel.
    Jack to hook up with someone. Want Brady to stay, but his gal friend can go. Kate should
    have gone all LONG time ago. Ian should never have been brought in. I like Sami, Lucas
    and E.J. They are the ones that really keep things interesting. I also like Chad and
    Melanie. Not real sure about Stephanie and Cameron!

    That’s my 2cents worth.

  42. Fancy says:

    I don’t mind the any of the storylines as long as the writers do not drag it out over 6 months. Really, I believe I could keep the people interested by doing a good storyline, and not letting it take forever to be over. And for once, ever once in a while let something good happen without drama be brought in. I want Rafe and Sammi back together. EJ and Nicole together. Let something good happen for a change…

  43. Linda says:

    I have been a faithful viewer ever since it was a half hour show. I have mostly enjoyed the storylines but not when they draw them out forever. I especially do not like the Will storyline. He acts like such a brat! and now they made him a homosexual. I wish they would get rid of him. I like Sonny a lot better. He has a lot more class.

  44. Judy says:

    Gabi, Melanie and her boy friend, Rafe and Daniel, Carrie and Austin can go, but I sure am sad about Bo leaving!

  45. Cheryl says:

    I cannot imagine DOOL with Bo! Although I’m not a fan of Sarah Brown’s (Madison) wardrobe, I think she’s an EXCELLENT ACTRESS and I’m sorry she’s leaving. I’m totally fine with Austin’s exit but I love Carrie. I agree with many before me; we can do without John Black. With Jack gone, I hope Jennifer and Daniel get back together, but there’s that whole Nicole thing…

  46. Cheryl says:

    OOPS!!! I’m so upset after reading about Bo’s departure that made a Freudian slip above. I meant to say “I cannot imagine DOOL without Bo!”

  47. I’ve been watching for over 30 years and there definately is a pattern: a mass firing of several well loved characters, then a new line up of writers to “spice things up, followed by some outrageously stupid storyline (usually involving yet another return of Stefano) like the Princess Gina or the Rafe double. Then the fans get tired of the silliness of the storyline and things begin to drag, ratings go down, and rhen the cycle repeats itself again.

    I agree that Matthew Ashford has again gotten the shaft. His storyline with his book and managing his PTSD and of course his family interactions with Jennifer and Abigail was just beginning to become developed. Getting rid of him now is just going to leave all those loose ends hanging, never to be finished.

    As for Carrie and Austin, it would have been more interesting to let them stay and keep the story with Rafe alive. I liked Carrie and Rafe together. Austin seemed kind of wimpy to me. But I am just fine with them leaving, too. Same goes for Madison. I sure hope we don’t have to see Brady turn back to drugs and rehab again. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nicole go, either. She and Daniel together?? Come on, there’s no way he would have any kind of interest for her as much as she’s slept around.

    I am surprised that more people aren’t upset over Peter Reckell leaving. Bo and Hope always had great story lines and fantastic chemistry. He will be missed a lot by me. I don’t think I will be able to accept another man in her life since they’ve been together for so long.

    I am tired of the “young” characters’ story lines. I like Melanie and Chad, but I could lose Gabby. I think the writers need to return to keeping the older characters in the forefront. We could see some more of Maggie and Victor. And what about Doug and Julie who just pop up every once in a while? And we need to find out who shot Stefano and who EJ’s father is. We don’t need another new far fetched story line. Just continue on with the ones we have and do them well.

    • Linda says:

      I agree with most of that. Bo leaving is the pits. They could have given him more money. How can Hope go on?? I like Madison and Brady together. I have been watching for over 40 years and it makes me mad when the “bosses” fire people that are important to the show. Like Matthew, Peter. Glad to see Carrie and Austin gone, boring, Get rid of Gabby. Please keep Peter Reckell and Matthew Ashford. Wake up!!!! NBC

  48. Rhonda says:

    I don’t mind Austin and Carrie leaving, it was beyond time, but Jack shouldn’t have been fired. There are a lot of actors and storylines that need to go. I am so sick of seeing Marlena and all of her whining! Sami, EJ, Will and sonny are the best stories they’ve got going.

  49. JJones says:

    Please don’t let Bo go, he’s the only reason I watch the show. I left Days for 10 years and returned only because of stable characters like Bo and Hope. Everybody in Salem can’t be crooked. Please don’t let one of the good guys go…I will be forced to stop watching. Let Bo and Hope fill the shoes of Tom and Alice Horton. Seriously, they are the ONLY stable characters as long as Hope stays away for pills. Please reconsider.

  50. Deb says:

    Goos writers need good actors who are versatile and can go deep. I totally agree getting rid of Carrie and Austin bc they sucked as actors and no script or story line could fix that. Madison was fabulous and they could have done anything they wanted with her! What a mistake! Glad lexie is gone bc not only couldn’t she act, there is no room in a soap for someone who is always so Polly Anna and never gets in trouble.

    Daniel is fantastic. The writers just don’t know what to do with him, but this time they might be onto something with the Jen Nicole triangle because he has amazing chemistry with both of them. He was no good with Chloe. I never bought into their connection bc they had no onscreen chemistry.

    Jon is the pita. He needs to go and Marlena needs to end up with stefano in a juicy kate, Marlena stefano triangle.

    Maggie is the pits. She’s another Pollyanna who is always boring and she is bringing victor down. No one wants to see a watered down pwhipped victor! Evil victor needs to come back- or Maggie needs to put him in a coffin.

    Maybe Jon and Hope can go back to Alamania to get that divorce and turn back into Gina and the pawn but the new Gina is evil and kills Jon do stefano can have his queen of the night- over kates dead body.

    Love the will and sonny thing and whoever thinks women don’t want to see that are totally out of touch. We don’t want more gooey romance we want complicated relationships. So after T gets done beating up all the gays, he needs to come out and just admit he’s always been in love with will. Them they need to add more gay cast members and have the same drama, love triangles and intrigue. Like will needs to impregnate Gabi. Don’t write differently for the gays- make it more real- think milli