Report: Days of Our Lives Axes 4 Stars, Including Matthew Ashford and Christie Clark

There’s another mass exodus underway at Days of Our Lives: According to reports, the NBC soap has axed four castmembers.

Per Soap Opera Digest (which first broke the news), Days staples Matthew Ashford (Jack), Patrick Muldoon (Austin) and Christie Clark (Carrie), as well as three-time Daytime Emmy winner Sarah Brown (Madison), have been handed pink slips.

The cast cuts come on the heels of last week’s backstage shakeup, which found head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. ousted in favor of former Days scribes Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell. All My Children‘s Lorraine Broderick rounds out the new writing team.

GH Welcomes Another One Life to Live Vet

Days engineered a revival of sorts last fall, bringing back beloved favorites like Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn in addition to the aforementioned Ashford, Muldoon and Clark. The soap also introduced Brown’s new gal about town, who blended in seamlessly with the show’s major players, including Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Alison Sweeney (Sami).

How do you feel about Days’ latest departures?

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  1. A says:

    I think there are other people who could and should have went first… Gabi, Rafe, Melanie…

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yep, I agree, those three would be an excellent start. And I’d be okay with Daniel and John–whoever said Drake Hogestyn was awful this go-round was being kind, believe it’s much worse–gone as well. As with other viewers, I hope these changes don’t affect the Will coming out storyline or a possible romance with Sonny; it’s not only the most compelling arc on the show, but in all of daytime right now.

      • A says:

        I agree, Will’s coming out is definitely the best thing ANY soap is doing currently… Unfortunately Greg Meng has already given an interview talking about how Days needs to get back to romance and that women probably don’t want to see “that” kind of romance. I’m getting deja vu from the Kish storyline all over again.

        • Lena120 says:

          Meng actually said that?! Unlike Kish, both Will and Sonny are part of legacy families: Bradys, Hortons, and Kiriakis’. They can’t just sweep them under the rug. Will’s coming out storyline and Lexie’s health crisis has been the only thing worth watching for me. I thought the writing was great and Chandler Massey and Diedra Hall have been Emmy-worthy.

          I’ve never been a fan of Rafe. He’s a boring character, so he can go and take Gabi with him. Also, Doctor Dan just isn’t working. They don’t know what to do with Shawn Christian. It’s like wash, rinse and repeat with him.

          • A says:

            He did an interview where he was quoted as saying the gay storyline is probably “not the story that most women are going to tune in for every day, the one they don’t want to miss” and that “the women want to see romance.”

          • Rolfe says:

            Will and Sonny is the only reason I’m watching now.

        • dee123 says:

          What an idiot. For some reason with Meng i think he has the mindset of that: We see a shirtless straight male character um, Brady for example & we fall to our knees.

          Will’s storyline is the ONLY good thing they have going right now.

          • A says:

            They want to win back viewers, yet they are repeating the same mistakes and failed storylines that caused viewers to tune out in the first place? Will’s storyline is the only one giving Days positive buzz right now, yet they are already starting to backpeddle… If we’re lucky we’ll get the four months of material they have already shot and they won’t cut anything. August is when we’ll start seeing changes.

          • Carolyn says:

            I totally agree. Except for the Will storyline – which is compelling and excellently acted – this show has totally gone off the track. The (just fired) writers ruined some beloved characters almost beyond recognition. I’ve been a fan (was a fan!) for 40 years and now I resort to fast-forwarding through most, if not all, every day. I’ve just about given up.

          • carol says:

            I don’t like the Will and Sonny storyline.

        • Jeff Snyder says:

          Are they kidding?? Women are infatuated with gay men!!! The storyline with Will and Sonny is what brought me back as a viewer! (I grew up with the show as did my siblings due to our mom.) I’m a gay man and I am so proud of Days of our Lives for finally airing a gay storyline and they have been doing it so well and respectfully!

      • JanieB says:

        I have always loved John, just because he’s gotten older is no reason to disrespect him. He’s as original as far as I’m concerned! Its the writers that think women or men that watch Days are stupid and only think on the level of an eighth grader which thows ridiculously written scripts out there leaving us saying, “What the heck are they doing AGAIN”? Same old, same old adulterous couples, babies out of wedlock and humorous villains.

        • Janie B says:

          I will have to say that I have enjoyed this weeks episodes with a lot of the old cast. Wished they would bring Sammi’s twin brother Eric back to Salem. He is never there for family things and its crazy. Bring in a good licking blonde guy and create a good storyline with them both!

      • Linda McBride says:


        • Linda's Husband says:

          I do.

        • Modern society has paved the way for those that have been judged by narrow minded people. They have simply added a story line which depicts what is going on in the real world and they are doing a very respectful job of it. Tolerance, understanding and acceptance of those that walk a different path than you or I might do not deserve to be slandered or judged. It’s exactly that kind of judgement that causes hatred and violence.

        • Peg Sumner says:

          WOW!!! Are we homophobic? Personally, having a gay brother (who died of AIDS in 2003), I am proud of Days for doing a respectful story line of the struggle gay men & women have to accept who they are and to be accepted by their families and friends as their loved one. No boundaries in unconditional love. Go DAYS!!!

        • Serenity says:

          I Do! And I am a straight married woman who has watched the show off and on for 39 years!!

          • Annie says:

            Do you have an off/on switch on your TV…channel changer??? Days is in the present and you are not…

        • Mark M. says:

          I do too. We don’t all live in Stepford where mindless churches and schools teach “ignant” intolerance and basic stupidity. Here’s hoping for more “homos” on days!

        • DWIGHT WALTON says:

          you are so sick….. these guy who protray these gay characters are not GAY IN REAL LIFE !!!! GET OVERSELF HONEY

    • Maggie says:

      Gabi, Rafe & Melanie are good choices to go. But not Jack. They started a good PTSD storyline for Jack, and then seemed to drop it.

      • Jenn C says:

        I blame NBC for that, Marlene McPherson said herself on Twitter that they were never able to tell their stories because NBC kept forcing them to drop most of them. I feel bad for Matt Ashford, Days constantly brings him back only to fire him again. He doesn’t deserve that, the man, when given decent material, is an incredible actor. I fear for Bryan Datillo next, Lucas just returned, I don’t want to see him gone again. I didn’t mind Rafe, and even liked Sami and Rafe at one time, but they’re just not Lucas and Sami. Those two have so much rich history, the show spent over a decade telling their story, then abruptly fired BD after pairing Lucas in a lackluster relationship with Chloe, that made no sense. The triangle should’ve always been EJ/Sami/Lucas, Rafe has no place on the show.

        • Natalie says:

          The problem with this show is that it is driven by the religious right. No one ever has an abortion. Now they want to dismiss the best SL ever–Will and his gay friends. Whenever I think NBC has matured, I’m proven wrong. That’s why they’re in last place in the ratings. The good actors are not developed. Melanie and Madison could have made a difference. I like Rafe & Carrie. But again the writers choose violence over reality. They don’t care how violent the SL gets as long as there’s no abortion, no gays, no sex outside of marriage. I wonder why they allow all these women to sleep around. Are they degrading women too?
          I’ve watched Days since the begining but may not be watching much longer. It the same SL over and over. Frankly, it’s just too boring. I can anticipate most of the ending to the secquences.

          • marie h. says:

            i agree why do we have to bring story lines like this in a show that has done great over the last 40 some years. i’ve watched since the summer of 1967 it’s a political hot botton and i would rather watch tv soap for enjoyment and to get away from things that are so controversal. i probably will stop watching this soap as much anymore. i don’t come away with good feelings anymore. the people that you think have some morals are falling in love with people other than their spouses. Sammy so inlove with rafe she sleeps with ej when she thinks her son in dead. not realalistic. and her sister who has a hunk for a husband falls for rafe and he her?????????????????? don’t know where this show is going but it may not be with me for too much longer. i left all the other soaps long ago and hung on to days but i think i just might let ths one go also. where are the writers imaginations i think it has left them maybe new writers can bring back better story lines but i’m not going to hold my breath.
            as for the religious right it would be nice to beable to watch a show with a little bit of morality in it. the world needs more morals not less.

          • Jessica says:

            Not sure what show you are watching. All there is are in married couples having sex. Daniel & everyone, Chad & Melanie, Brady & Nicole & Madison. So on & so on. Not minding that there are not abortions on here.

            I like Rafe, Carrie, Madison, & Melanie. Glad Jack & finally Austin are leaving. John is the biggest over actor. He makes David Caruso look good.

          • Harriet Landry says:

            No sex before marriage? Most of the people having sex are not married. Are you watching the same show as me?

      • Mrs. C says:

        Jack is the best thing that ever happened to DAYS. I stopped watching when they let him go the first time; came back a year later and now will be very happy to NEVER have to watch again after nearly 46 years.

      • Teresa says:

        Glad to see Austin and Carrie go wish they’d take Gabi with them!

    • smidnite says:


    • dude says:

      I’ll give you Gaby but Melanie and Rafe are two of Days’s best characters. Austin/Carrie NEEDED to go. They were dragging down the show and Sarah Brown’s character was just annoying. She’ll always be Carly.

    • Sandee says:

      Been watching this show since the beginning, with my Aunt, when I was little ,watched it along with The Doctors,need more cuts,Chad,Abigail,IAN is so stiff,Kate looks terrible since all the plastic surgery,BIlly looks like Donald Duck’s sister,Madison is a bad actress,So if they would let these go and get back to the True Days, ” Madison,Ian,Kate,Billie,Chad,Gabi,Austin,Carrie,Melanie,Abigail,Jennifer,and do not like the new Celeste,should of brought back the original Celeste,or none at all.,

    • Rita says:

      Stefano dimera and ej wells dimera
      Ej and stefano are planner to have rafe kill and shoot him and his loser his memory and he puts a needle into him symster and to can not remember the real rafe is I’n the basement and the fake one is the one that the guy was about to get a pastlic suergy that look like rafe but he is a fake rafe he done some bad thing and he was I’n the accident I’n janaury
      Ej and stefano your plan is taking you down you will pay for what you did to rafe Sami the man that you make love to is not the real rafe he could be a criminal he done some bad thing and the reAl rafe is locked up by stefano and ej and she should kwon what is going on with then

      I am sending this to Sami and will and Bo and hope and Abe they should kwon what is going on with rafe is not the real he is the crinimal he is a fake and he is abe and Bo and roman and hope and Sami and will

      I hope you get this button of this stefano and ej are planner on they have rafe the real one and the fAke rafe is with Sami at her house
      I think that Sami should get custody of her kids and should will get custody of her children but ej he is a monter hens going to pay for whT you did to rafe

      A sending this to Brady black and taylor walker

    • Rita says:

      They should get the search ej and stefano house so they can be I’n jail for the rest of they life in prison theybshould pay and take the way the key stefano ulus about tonshoot rafe u butter get down there at the dimera mansion and I’n the dimera basement

      • Kyle says:

        Please go back to school and pay attention in English class. Also, this is a fictitious show, the characters and their actions are not real.

    • Linda McBride says:

      I am really unhappy about Matthew Ashford – Sarah Brown and Peter Reckell leaving the show. How can you do this to very popular members of the cast? Days is already losing ‘Lexie’ and they got rid of a heavy hitter, Stefano. What is wrong with you people??????????

    • vgrandja says:

      What about who shot Stephano? I would think that person (or persons?) would leave the show and Roman Brady was saying something during the beginning of the investigation that it will shake people once its found out who shot Stephano. So…I thought Hope, Bo, John, and Marlena would be leaving. I also thought that DOOL would keep all new characters going. I guess not.

    • Peggy Spring Sumner says:

      WHY ARE WE STILL GETTING SO CALLED UPDATES FROM APRIL?????Hellooooo it’s October people. Does TV Line k ow that the story line is IMPROVING??? Get this stuff current so I do t have to keep deleting from my email. Thank you.

    • pat says:

      If new writers join a show, I think they should learn about the characters and their history. It is obvious that the new writers don’t know the characters.

  2. Sarah says:

    NOT MATT ASHFORD! I am sure Austin and Carrie will leave happily together. I never cared for Madison. But does this mean that Jack and Jennifer are going to break up again. This is horrible.

    • amber says:

      y let matthew ashford go. matt is the reason i watch jack and jenn just got back togther. and right when things seemed to be looking up they let him go

    • crochetowl says:

      They are bloody idiots. They basically have him return with tons of potential (PTSD story) but instead stick in the worst triangle ever and then backburner him when there was fan outcry on the storyline. Tack on his 2-3 appearances a month and it was obvious they had no interest in the character (which actually has the most potential storylinewise than most of the characters on now). Hope MA never returns to the show (I’m officially done with US soaps) because this time around they’ve treated him like a leper.

    • JanieB says:

      It’s also a hilarious storyline showing Austin and Carrie dicussing a family and have been married 20 years. LOL

  3. The only firing that makes sense is Sarah Joy Brown (because her character was poorly written & wasn’t connecting well with the viewers). The rest of these firings SUCK, especially in the case of Matthew Ashford, who is one of the only two actors who managed to grab an Emmy pre-nom for Days. Why do people like Galen Gering & Shawn Christian still have jobs over there?

    • Maggie says:

      Galen Gering & Shawn Christian are pretty, but can’t act. To keep them around but get rid of Ashford is just sad.

      • Lena120 says:

        I really wanted them to put Jack in Billie’s orbit. Jen has been pinging back and forth between him and Dan. It would have been good to see her stew for a while.

    • Joannblueeyes says:

      I agree. The pairing of Carrie and Rafe was a very bad idea. They just didn’t have any chemistry as far as I was concerned. I do feel bad for Matthew Ashford. I happen to like the character of Jack, and given a good script, he would have been an aset to Days. I knew once they fired the head writers this week and brought back another set that heads were going to turn. i didn’t expect them to get rid of Jack. I do hope that they get rid of Carrie. I just don’t like this charcter. The worst storyline was Austin and Jack’s daughter. That was ridiculous! They just seam to recycle the same old storylines. Dosen’t anyone have new ideas. Soaps now a days are much different then when they started 40 years ago. as always, things and circumstances change through the years, but Days seems to be marching the same tune.

      • crislsoul says:

        I think Carrie and Austin are just so awkward with each other. It is laughable. ( sorry to be blunt), Glad to see those characters go. I agree with many that the PTSD storyline with Jack could have led to all kinds of interesting avenues. I;ve been trying to figure what age group the soap is trying to attract, with all the recent younger actors, I’m guessing high- schoolers.

        • JanieB says:

          Having Carrie and Austin speak about having or not having children in the story line is laughable seeing that they have been with other for 20 years. I would hope that any married couple would have made that decision at the most five years into marriage. It so hilarious!

        • LittleMissS says:

          That’s because Austin is effeminate and totally gross! She can’t even act attracted to that guy – blech!

          • Annie says:

            Somebody else sees the effeminance (word?) in Austin!! Not because of this AT ALL but he ihas NO backbone and is such a wimp he is So unbelievable!!

          • Annie says:

            I TOTALLY AGREE! Austin makes me throw up a little in my mouth LOL

      • JanieB says:

        I agree with joannblueeyes about the same old scripts of everyone falling in lust with someone that is their sole mate but given time on the program and they find ANOTHER soul mate! It really gets old. Lucus, poor baby, cannot keep from shouting when talking and always looks so mad. I wished Nicole and EJ could stay together OR Sami and EJ. I loved both relationships….of course I am a big EJ fan and hope he stays on the show and Nicole can go back to him for no fear of him being a DiMera. I think Carrie is unable to move her lips, right? Her mouth always stays pursed unless she’s laughing madlessly, which seldom happens. I apologize for this lengthy post. Also, writers….look to the new book on the best seller’s list, 50 Shades of Grey…Character of Christen. That, my dear writers, is EJ! I’m sure you would never have EJ that dark but the storyline is GREAT!

  4. Robin says:

    This is not good news…that’s my take on it. I don’t really watch but I used to, and if I wanted to watch again it’s characters like Austin and Carrie that I’d be interested in watching…so I guess I will not bother. Sad to hear that they are getting the boot…:(

    • Mandy says:

      I totally agree. Had thought about watching again when I heard Jack and others were back. Now I won’t bother.

    • dude says:

      Carrie has been pathetic since they brought her back. All she’s done is cry over Austin and try to sleep with her sister’s husband. Stupid hoe.

  5. Didi says:

    I think it’s disgusting how they’ve treated these actors. This viewer leaves when Matt Ashford goes. I’m done.

    • wendy kalthoff says:

      I agree. love carrie and wish they brought the old austin back. a riduculous storyline having carrie go after rafe

  6. Yolanda says:

    Letting Matt Ashford go is the biggest mistake this show has made. What part of “one of the most popular actors” don’t these goofballs get? I am done with Days. They have no clue how to write properly for this brilliant actor.

  7. Candace says:

    It’s obscene what the show continiously does with the Jack character. The character is always the first to go whenever there is a cast schuffle. So I’m really not surprised. Bringing back Patrick as Austin -instead of Austin Peck -seemed to me -a mistake. He always seemed too old for the actress who plays Carrie. I’m surprised that Madison is going -I guess the show is condensing the couples and Brady will be paired with Nicole -again. I am not getting a good feeling now with the show -this looks like a sign of desperation. And I’m beginning to feel that the best story Days has done in years -the coming out of Will Horton and a possible pairing of Will/Sonny might right now be in jeopardy.

    • wendy kalthoff says:

      i agree. always thought austin peck should have been brought back

      • Dan says:

        Austin Peck wasn’t an option. He was pushing porn… then music, over in Llanview. Now if they decide to bring Jack BACK… I think he’s free. He’s married to a New Yorker though… so I don’t know if he’d be interested in commuting.

        • Janie B says:

          The storyline this week has been sad and brought everyone back. I have enjoyed seeing them all mostly. I wonder why they have never had sami’s twin, Eric, on the show. He could be an interesting part.

    • bklyngirl says:

      ITA! The way Matt Ashford is treated is a disgrace! I would love to meet him and ask him how he feels being shafted yet again. And yes it should have been Christie Clark and Austin Peck who returned. They were more so the supercouple over Muldoon. Their love scenes were sexy and they just flowed. They won the SOD award for Hottest couple.

      I haven’t fully watched this crap sh*t show in 5 years, because its lacking that drawn factor. The veterans and long-term supercouples are disrespected/fired, when they made the show watchable to their real fans.
      Ken Corday is a downright S.O.B. I hope he gets his karma, CANCELLATION!

      • Natalie says:

        Corday’s parents knew what they were doing. Too bad Ken doesn’t have a clue. Days will be canceled. The lastest firings and writing is so poor. The best actors are let go and the story line is just a replay of years of Days. Who needs it?

  8. Derek says:

    Matthew Ashford should never go back if asked. They have jerked him around more than any other actor on the show. He deserves much better. Christie & Patrick do as well. They need to cut some of these pointless relatively new characters especially some of the younger ones b/c the “actors” are terrible.

    • Lena120 says:

      I agree about the younger set. With the exception of Will and Sonny what’s really going on? What was the point of making Chad a Dimera if there’s barely any interaction between him and them? Melanie doesn’t have much going on. Getting rid of Carly was a big mistake because their relationship was a huge draw for me. Don’t care about her dad. Gabi yawn.

  9. Lauren says:

    I am so outraged over Matthew Ashford being involved in another one of these firing sprees. All of these moves further push Days of Our Lives in a downward spiral. I have no doubt that they’re headed for Sept 2013 cancellation now. I don’t see how Gary Tomlin magically will fix anything. From this article, it seems that the wrong actors are getting fired in lieu of other useless characters sticking in Salem. So unfortunate.

  10. Matthra says:

    The wrong people are leaving. Plain and simple. Days needed to clean house, but they threw out the china, and kept the paper plates!

  11. Amanda says:

    These mass firings and hirings are getting ridiculous. In my opinion, it throws cast chemistry off. Sarah Brown’s character hasn’t even been fully developed, she’s a great actress and her story still had so much potential. Christie Clark has been given crap for a storyline, yet she’s doing great things with it. I’ll be the first to say I’d rather have had Peck back as Austin, but Patrick Muldoon was finally starting to grow on me. Matt Ashford has been fired and rehired so many times, DOOL should really be ashamed of how they treat him. He is a fan favorite, plain and simple, and they gave him like what? 10 episodes since he’s been back. How in the world does that make him apart of the problem?
    This latest reboot will probably be an even bigger fail than the last one.

  12. Michelle says:

    I think is a huge mistake. These actors are not the problem and not these 4 great actors. And to think this is the second time Days has done this to Matt and Christie. Sham one you DOOL

  13. Gloria says:

    They should had just tightened up the writing. Getting rid of so many characters is going to do nothing but drive people away. I can’t see this as being anything but bad for the show after all the hard work the show did by bringing back fan favorites last year. NBC and the producers really messed up here. It’s not going to save the show -just stop people watching. Is that the game plan here -get the fans so mad they start tuning out. if they get rid of Marlena, Will or Sonny next -then that’s the final straw for me.

    • cindy strong says:

      I have to agree with some of this post..but think about…maybe NBC know exactly what it’s doing…by letting the good, well loved actors go, keeping the not so good, but lesser salaried people, then doing almost the exact opposite of what everyone wants to see in the show…they will all too soon get DOOL cancelled…then we can have yet ANOTHER talk show!!! Is that the plan? I have watched DOOL for all but the first year it was on and what is being done is so incredibly sad. The viewers let it be known what they want to see – and who they most want to see, and what do we get?!? Yay, eventually ANOTHER talk show. I would love to see the remaining soaps stay on the air, but this is like watching a family member die a slow death. The end result will be what the NBC execs want…ANOTHER talk show. (and to rub more salt in an open wound…General Hospital will now be airing opposite DOOL in our area!!!!! Sorry, no dvr in this house) After 40 plus years, I hate to jump ship, but with Peter Reckell’s decision to leave, it’s also time for me to leave. No more soaps, sorry, and I certainly will not watch ANOTHER talk show.

  14. Chris says:

    Matthew Ashford’s firing, AGAIN is ridiculous and once again, goes to show that Days doesn’t give a hoot about it’s viewers. Matt is one of the best actors on Days with a pre-Emmy non and they still fail to give him and the character of Jack Deveraux the respect they deserve. Good riddance, Days……I’m done with you and pray for your cancellation……you suck!

    • crochetowl says:

      Yes, a pre-Emmy nod with only a handful of appearances I might add. This has to be personal because he has the acting chops yet he is always given the axe while many of the talentless (and cheaper) remain.

  15. Vikki says:

    Bye bye, Days. You fire Matthew Ashford, you lose this viewer and seemingly many more. This is why your ratings are so low. You bring back a fan fave, give him a serious storyline but no screen time, and then you fire him.

  16. Jason says:

    These are probably the more expensive actors. CHaracters that need to go Daniel, Sonny, Rafe, HAte to say it but John Black actor has been pretty awful this time around. Jack’s PST story had been pretty good and I’ve been witing for the JAck-Jennifer romance to blossom again!!!

  17. Theresa says:

    Days has just made a HUGE fanbase extremely angry by firing Matthew Ashford yet again. Yet they think these firings are going to improve the ratings. I hope the ratings do a free fall. When are TPTB at Days and NBC going to realize they keep firing the WRONG actors?! I for one am extremely angry but unfortunately not surprised by this move Matt Ashford has not been shown any respect since the first time they fired him in the 1990s.

  18. Colleen says:

    I’m actually pretty mad just thinking about this -and getting madder by the minute. I have no doubt now that NBC is deliberately trying to cancel this show earlier than its September 2013 date. And the network is messing with the shows audience to make it happen. I’m not putting hopes that Days will be around much longer -and I’ve been a viewer for over thirty years. This is heart-breaking. I don’t know if I really want to stick it out with the show now. Knowing these actors are leaving -for what -a possible few months of happiness before they put all the fans through the grinder again. We’ve been through this too many times.

  19. Kelly says:

    I am done with this show! Letting Matthew Ashford go is the biggest mistake they could make. I am assuming they will break up Jack and Jennifer, which is so disrespectul to loyal viewers who have LOVED them for 20 YEARS!! What about letting Gabi go? Really? Haven’t we seen the crazy teenage love plot a bit too much. They were going down a road with Jack that they could have done SO MUCH with….maybe it is time to pull the plug on the show.

    • Linda McBride says:



      • marie h. says:

        i agree ! why can’t we have more doctor story lines i’m a long time viewer since 1967 we don’t want to watch two guys making out. guess i’m old fashioned. but it makes me want to puke!!!!!

  20. Kat says:

    I don’t understand why they would let Matthew Ashford go. The others however make sense. Carrie and Austin just need to go away together, and stay away. Madison didn’t fit in very well. Though I agree with some of the other posters, several of the others I would expect to leave as they add nothing to the show.

  21. Jeff Siperly says:

    They need to get rid of Sami. Tired old storylines. I”m in lovewith EJ. No wait, I’m in love with rafe. No wait, EJ. Lucas is back in town? I’m in love with him now. But I’ll still mess aroundwith EJ. Sure hope with all this unprotected sex I don’t get pregnant again. Won’t be sure WHO the daddy is? Mother of the year!

  22. DP says:

    Matthew Ashford and Patrick Muldoon needed to go.Christie Clark should stay. That Sara Joy Brown never fit in. The character was awful, and she didn’t look as good as her part called for.

  23. ErixN says:

    I wish they would have kept Christie and Sarah. I liked those two. I’ll sort of miss Patrick, but I won’t miss Matthew at all.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Days better start working out their PR problem because all the media coverage on this is going to do them no favors trying to get an audience to “buy into” their new stories. We need to see if it is worth it to dredge through almost four months of useless story time to see this “new” revamped Days. The problem is not with the actors -it is with the writing. Give us stories we haven’t seen and stop with the constant repitition. Gabby’s current storyline is almost identical to Abigal’s. The only good thing to happen recently has been the moments with Marlena and Will -and the return of Lucas. I just want real honesty and sincere moments like Will’s and Sonny’s today -but those are so far and few between.

  25. YowzaPowza says:

    Ugh. Jack? Are you freaking kidding me? This guy comes and goes all the time. I was hoping he’d be here for a while this time. Carrie and Austin as well. Arg.

  26. Constance says:

    The last person that should have gotten fired is Matthew Ashford. He is the best actor Days has ever had. He can do comedy, Drama, Romance, He can be the villian or the hero. Days has lost a viewer in me for good. He is always the 1st one to get fired. letting him go never got the ratings to go up in the past you would think Days would try something new like say keeping Matthew Ashford but no they don’t get it and never will this is why people continue to drop Days. I hope the next news I hear about Days is that they got canceled. I have watched this show for at least 30 years and never stopped watching in the past.But I have had it I am tired of them disrespecting Matthew Ashford and treating the fans let they are stupid and do not matter. The man got an emmy pre nom. So why would you fire him

  27. Lia says:

    I don’t know why these actors keep taking the beating! It’s like the show is Bi-Polar!! I wouldn’t ever come back if they played with me like that. I don’t watch anymore from the time they “got rid” of “John and Marlena” and now their back with the same boring Stefano/Princess Gina story! blah!

  28. stacey says:

    I was just finally starting to like Jack again and now they are sending him away. Grr! Not all that upset about carrie/austin or madison. But they couldve got rid of gabby, aren’t they trying to kill off Lexi? Let her and Abe go. So, so tired of Sami and her selfish behaviour and childish tantrums.why bring billie back? Why Lucas? Not even liking the marlena/john return– except for marlena’s interaction with Will. They need help, with everything!!

  29. Laurie says:

    Matthew Ashford always does great work on DAYS…and as a reward has been let go from the show again and again and again. Why is Corday bringing that hack Gary Tomlin back? Boo hiss…

  30. Jodi says:

    I’ve been a Jack fan since he first stepped foot in Salem. His recent PTSD needs to be better explored, and Abby needs her dad. Austin and Carrie can move back to Switzerland, and Madison can take Mad World to another soap where she’ll have a better story.
    Can we please start a Save Jack petition?

    • Mrs. C says:

      I was also thinking about a petition to save Jack, but then thought better of it. Why should anyone want to save DAYS? I have been watching for 46 years and Jack was the best part of the show. He is better off without all the bull. I will not be watching anymore. I hope Matt Ashford gets a role on some good nighttime show. I will be a devoted fan.

  31. jerry says:

    I’ve watched Days off and on (mostly on) since 1987. It’s glory days definitely (and sadly) seem to be behind it. And I agree with others here, the problem is the writing. So much hoopla over this reboot and all they did was rehash old story lines. There have to be some gifted writers out there with new ideas! The Will storyline with Marlena and Sonny has been amazing. It’s the best and most fulfilling storyline they’ve had in ages and Chandler and Deidre have been spectacular. If they fire either of them or the actor that plays Sonny I’m done. I’d love to see more of Victor and Maggie too. Per usual, DAYS gets people together and then their storylines end. I challenge the writers to KEEP people together AND keep them interesting. It is possible.

    Sad to see the way Matthew Ashford is being treated (again). Shameful. And I love Christie Clark. I wish they would keep her. That smile is golden. Sadly, I think this show is marching toward cancellation. I’ve watched some of these characters for so long and love them but PLEASE try something new. I keep hearing all this “people want romance” and I’m not sure that’s true…not the way DAYS has been doing it. That scene where Brady & Madison were riding around on Segways with that sappy music in the background was embarrassing. I want intrigue. I want honest, touching moments. I want laughs. I simply want to be entertained.

    Respect your audience and they will tune it.

  32. jerry says:

    tune IN that is, haha.

  33. Angie says:

    Not Matthew Ashford! Wow. I just hope the show cuts Melissa Reeves as well at this point, because Jack and Jennifer should at least exit together. I am so disappointed and angry that Days is tossing Matthew Ashford! Cuts were necessary, but Matthew Ashford’s Jack should not have been one of them. (The show should cut Daniel, Melanie, and Rafe for starters.) How can MA/Jack have anything to do with Days doing poorly, as he hasn’t been featured much? Why not look at the characters who have been featured and have failed to get people to stay interested? Jack had such real story potential that was still untapped. It frees me from Days if he goes though, because he was all that had me hanging onto the show. I cannot believe the unique and wonderful character of Jack will be leaving while so many boring and generic characters stick around. Jack and Jennifer had the most beautiful love story; they have fans who have followed them for so many years. I grew up loving Jack and Jennifer. After such a long investment, Jack and Jennifer fans should at least get to see their couple ride off into the sunset together. I will leave Days not only disappointed, but feeling bitter and cheated. I have long cherished Jack and Jennifer’s love story, and to have the show dangle another chapter for Jack and Jennifer and get me tuned back in for it, and then for the show to fail to utilize Jack so that I’m barely watching anyway, slaughter Jennifer’s character/JnJ’s love story (when an angsty Jack and Jennifer reunion story was so obvious and should have been so good) and then send Jack away without Jennifer—that’s just (in the words of the great Susan Banks) mean, mean, mean! I would be disappointed if Jack and Jennifer left together, but I could understand and accept that, but to send him off without her again? I’m ticked, and I will now wait wait in hope for Days’ cancellation and feel nothing but glee when the axe falls. Days’ MO is making all the wrong choices.

  34. James M says:

    I actually enjoyed Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon returning. I gave them a try again. It was nice to see Patrick Muldoon as “Austin” again. Too bad “Anna Brady” did not return to see her daughter. I wish “Brady” would go and they could keep “Austin”.

  35. Jeff Siperly says:

    A lot of these comments such as ” Had thought about watching again when I heard Jack and others were back.” are cracking me up. Jack and the others have been back for some time now. Nobody was watching because they were too busy “thinking” about watching. So the producers had to do something. “Think” about that.

    • Maggie says:

      I only see one comment where someone says they “thought about watching again when I heard Jack and others were back.” Most of the comments are from people who ARE watching DOOL.

  36. Maggie says:

    Days has lots of characters that are dead wood and could be cut: Daniel, Gabi, Rafe, Melanie, Billie. But Jack isn’t a character that should be cut. He has an interesting story of PTSD, and it hasn’t been fully explored. Matt Ashford is one of the best actors ever on the show.

    Galen Gering & Shawn Christian are 2 of the worst actors on soaps, but since they are “hunks” they won’t let them go. Ashford may not be as hot as other soap actors, but he can act. We care about Jack because of his ability to sell the character no matter what the writers give him to do. I haven’t cared about Rafe or Daniel at all no matter what the writers give them to do, because of how boring the actors are that play those roles.

  37. zakspeak says:

    It’s all about cutting $$$. I never understand how that hack Lorraine Broderick keeps getting hired.

  38. Amy says:

    I am so glad they got rid of the writers. They have totally botched these story lines up. Good riddens!

  39. They made another mistake YET again with firing Matthew Ashford, he’s one if not the best actors on that show, they are complete idiots over there at Day’s they had a story for him and dropped it, I can’t believe this show, it’s just so sad for all his fans that we have to endure this crap from them YET again!!! Matt deserves better then this, there are so many other actors on the show that need to go but NOT him!!!! They are going to lose a LOT of viewers over this stupid move

  40. bad kevin says:

    Don’t know how long Days of our Lives will last but it still the lone soap opera on NBC and ABC also has its lone daytime soap in General Hospital.

  41. Elena says:

    Speak for yourself Catherine! Madison did have a lot of fans, 3 boards created for her and her coupling. She was hated but so is just about every character on canvas. I will miss Madison and Sarah. All new hires are usually first on the chopping block so no surprise.

    They brought Matthew Ashford back but didn’t use him. Carrie and Austin were pretty boring so I will not miss them. The ratings reflect dissatisfaction yet I was pretty dissatisfied before the ratings hit new lows. One man’s trash is really another man’s treasure and vice-versa.

  42. Dana (Collis) Schenkel says:

    I feel completely conned. I came back to days AFTER 20 YEARS just to watch Jack and Jennifer. Not only did they not get a very good story, but their airtime was ridiculously low. Jack wasn’t in suits. Jennifer was falling all over someone else (totally out of character). But Matthew Ashford came through as always and secured a preliminary Emmy award nomination. He fulfilled HIS end of the bargain and yet Days has once again yanked the rug out from under all of us. Needless to say, I will now have 5 more hours a week and will take up watching the online series The Bay.

  43. Jennifer says:

    This is what DOOL does! Every couple of years. They bring back great characters with promise of great stiries, then they mess it all up and in few years have written characters into corner or at very least really bad storyline and then fire everybody. For example, I still never understood a storyline that supposedly put Hope in prison for I don’t even remember how long. This is why I stopped watching or even caring, just don’t care anymore.

    • James M says:

      Even more ridiculous is bringing back Hope as “Princess Gina”. I want to scream. Who cares? Who remembers?

      • TC says:

        you forgot to mention how AWFUL Kristen Alfonsa is at attempting to do a Princess Gina accent. I never thought she was a great actress but I gringe when I hear her attempt to sound British (or whatever accent that is suppose to be)

      • Angela says:

        We (the older watchers) loved Gina then and it is time for summer & it was time to shake thigns up.Great to see Carrie,Austin and most of all Madison.Will needs to go to,he whines to much.

    • sandy kane says:

      I agree. I couldn’t wait to see the show back in the day. now it is boring, boring boring. the writers are writing such unlikely scenarios, that I rarely watch it anymore. occassionally to see if they have better story lines, but I don’t think there is much chance of that.

  44. JAmandaFan says:

    Keep Carrie and Austin! Days needs to stop bringing back vets only to fire them the same year!

  45. Montie says:

    I’m so pissed that they’re doing this to Matt Ashford again. As much as I love Jack, I hope he tells them to stick it next time they ask him back.

    I don’t understand all the Rafe hate.

    I wasn’t thrilled when they brought John and Marlena back. They have always bored me and nice as Drake H. is, he can’t act. Also, watching him kiss anyone bugs me. I have enjoyed Marlena with Will and Sami though.

    They could get rid of Billie, Gabi, Madison and Ian and I wouldn’t be upset.

    • Janie says:

      What we don’t know is this may be what the actors want due to family. They come back for special episodes and go back to their families.

      Also, thinking outloud to myself, Days is trying to replace with young actors to take over for those that wish to leave. These actors are not obliged to stay with Days until they are old and die! Just saying…

      I wish they could all stay too because I have enjoyed them all. I remember when “Samuel” came on the show. She couldn’t that well but as time went on she became seasoned. These newbies just need an actual good story line. And if Will doesn’t show his mother some respect I am not going to be a fan of his. And he’s cute too! Lol

  46. KoolRebel says:

    Ashford is the worst actor on the show along with John Black, Marlena & Jennifer. I’m also happy about Carrie. I love Austin & Madison, they were good. Get rid of Billie, Jennifer, Marlena, John & Lexie’s entire family. I’m so happy Lucas came back.

  47. Constance says:

    Matthew Ashford is the best actor on the show he can do comedy.drama, romance, he can be the villian or the hero. He has won a lot of awards. Not to mention Jack & Jennifer are one of daytimes greatest loves stories. His acting ability is amazing. No matter what they gave him, he would pull it off making it believable and entertaining at the same time. Shame on you Days.

  48. Scott says:

    Can’t believe they keep firing and re hiring Matt Ashford.. He should really stop going back to Days and he deserves better. Who should be fired? Rafe & Daniel

  49. Scott says:

    And also the crummy way they keep letting a group of actors go and then hiring a flock more is ridiculous indeed. Want to reboot Days? Writing Writing Writing!! The Marlena/Will story is the best and any scene with Kate!!