Once Upon a Time Shockers: Regina Makes a Play for David! And [Spoiler]'s Identity Revealed?

Romance — or at least a facsimile thereof — and a (possible) revelation are on tap in the April 29 episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, based on newly released photos from “The Stranger.”

Once Upon a Time: Emilie de Ravin to Return as Belle! Plus, a Frenemy Is Back!

Per the ABC synopsis, “August promises to enlighten Emma and take her on a journey that will show her how she can beat Regina and possibly take custody of Henry; with Mary Margaret returning to work, Regina puts a plan in motion to seduce David. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, with the Evil Queen’s curse about to strike, Geppetto agrees to a plan that will save Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter, but with a proviso that could also save his own son.”

For starters: Regina working her “magic” on David?! Sacrebleu! But it’s the other storylines that, combined, seem to point a neon flashing arrow in the direction of August’s true identity. Remember, this is the guy who claims he never lies and complained of “splints” when he neared the river in the last episode. Now, in an episode named after him, we get some Pinocchio backstory involving a seemingly tragic event near the water?

Could it be that the enchanted wardrobe that transported newborn Emma to safety in the pilot had Pinnochio secreted somewhere inside, and now grown he is the hog-riding “stranger”?

Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Mr. Gold Investigates August in a Rumpel-Heavy Episode

Check out the pics, try not to scream too much at the Regina pics, then weigh in with your latest theories. Once resumes its freshman run on April 22.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. xav says:

    Oh man, that dress is amazing. Doubt it will go anywhere but I like David and Regina having scenes together. I do hope he says he just wants to be friends.

    • Leo says:

      Damn, I’m so excited for this “Pinocchio” episode! I think Gepetto “turns” his son temporarily into wood then stuff it into the compartment with young Emma (since it can only contain one human), then in “real world”, Pinocchio turns back into a young child, then grows normally as August.

      • luli says:

        wow, great theory :)

      • A says:

        ya I think that’s a good theory especially if you remember how they were shocked when Emma first came into Storybrooke because no stranger had ever entered and August was the second stranger after Emma to enter.
        Can’t wait to see this play out. Also read somewhere that Sebastian Stan will be later this seasonI

      • Carolyn says:

        I think that too, and that he is the boy who saves Emma.

    • dianaprince says:

      I feel like I may have missed an episode! The last aired episode was a rerun and I started watching it and deleted it. Right? There’s not another new one until this April 22 episode – right? Or did I miss one? How is everyone seeing all the hints about Pinocchio? I’ve never seen any hints. Or about Bae — when did that happen?

      • Leo says:

        August said it a few times, in the episode where they drink from the well, “I’m not a liar.”, then he said it again in the Regina’s flashback episode, “The Stable Boy”. Then he had shin splints which viewers predict have something to do with the fact Pinocchio is ‘wooden’. “The Stable Boy” is the most recent one, before that, it’s the Alice In Wonderland episode. I hope you don’t miss any episodes, though.

        • Templar says:

          Also, in the cafe August told Henry that the tales in Henry’s book were “as real as I am” because Pinocchio isn’t a “real” boy.

          • jen says:

            but the tales “really happened”. and that’s why the characters wound up in storybrooke,living under the curse. so august is real. he knows too much about what’s going on. wanting emma to believe. all that trust,faith,would never betray. maybe he was bae but something bad happened.

      • Leo says:

        Oh and hints about Bae is totally from the promo for 22 April episode.

  2. Khorrie says:

    Yeah, August is Pinocchio. I think most of us had that figured out already.

    • Templar says:

      I’ve said this all along, but I also believe that he [Pinocchio] was the 7 year old boy who found baby Emma on the side of the road.

    • crystal says:

      No hes not hes Rumpelstiltskin’s son !

      • Khorrie says:

        This episode is called The Stranger – which is what August was referred to before he got an actual name – and it’s about Pinocchio’s backstory. Those facts alone pretty much point to August being Pinocchio without all the other hints the show has already given.

        • Drea says:

          To me, that seems like a clever rouse to get people to think he’s Pinocchio. The writers like throwing a few vague lines in like that to throw the audience off. You could interpret however you want. Ep 19 is called “The Return”, it could mean the return of Bae to Rumple’s life, or it could mean the far more obvious return of Kathryn. We don’t know what happened to Bae yet, so some plot device could have allowed him to grow up and stay the same age like everyone else cursed, he could have somehow escaped his father’s curse, who knows. But it’s unlikely he’s Pinocchio, because we see that he has Rumple’s knife, the young Pinocchio in fairytale land is a ginger and his “shin splint” occurred on the same leg that (as we see in pics from ep 19) Bae had previously hurt. I’m hoping he’s Bae, but either way I’m pretty confident he’s not Ponocchio.

          • jen says:

            don’t think he’s pinocchio either. should be epic seeing the gold/august confrontation. and,yeah,august has the dagger in the promo.

  3. Addie says:

    It almost seems too obvious that August is Pinocchio, but I kind would like him to be someone completely different. Not Baelfire either. And as hesitant as I am about the Regina/David stuff, it does seem like he rejects her and Lana and Josh are really pretty

  4. sara says:

    I almost wish they could actually pursue a relationship between these two (obviously they’re not going to) because they are so incredibly pretty together.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      Yeah, if I can just chime in here. Photo #5? No warm-blooded man backs away from that.

      • sara says:

        Amen. He must still actually be in the coma.

      • foguer says:

        I hope you are not married because O_O
        So if you loves someone but another hot person tries to seduce you………..O_o, as she is hot….
        Are you……..sober?

        • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:


        • Addie says:

          I’m pretty sure everyone is just joking here. Don’t take everything so seriously, David/Regina is clearly not going anywhere and Regina will likely be taken down a few more notches after this episode. Also? Asking about someone’s personal life is you-know-what move

        • dude says:

          He is not married, he is single. She is single. She is hot, He is hot. No single man would say no to a woman like that.

          • Sunny says:

            ^ This. Who in their right mind would turn her down. I most definitely wouldn’t.
            At the end of the day they’re going for David/Mary Margaret and their “true love” of course. And Regina might get the love of her life, Daniel, back? I would love to see Noah Bean and Lana Parrilla together again anyway. But until then I would love for them to explore other options instead of just going around in circles with D/M. And Dallas and Parrilla do not only look ridiculously good together, they’ve also shown some very interesting chemistry in the past. I’m fine with it.

          • Fifi says:

            I agree and will sit here silently judging David if he doesn’t at least kiss her. And call me crazy but that actually looks like a genuine smile from Regina in the first pic. Am I wrong in thinking that she actually likes David. Or is it just part of the act. I tend to think there is more to it than trying to get back at MM. Just a vibe I am getting.

      • Liz says:

        I’m a straight female and I think I’d have a hard time backing away from that!

      • jen says:

        regina’s gorgeous,on the outside.(lana’s amazing!) but prefer snow(gennifer).

    • foguer says:

      Belle and August are pretty too so……….why don’t they have sex?
      O_O This is not Grey or DH, it’s a fairy tale. David and Regina plot is a cheap soap opera.

      • sara says:

        I’m not actually serious, honey. Although I don’t really find either of them attractive. Nor have they met and interacted.

      • Sunny says:

        But it’s not. The whole point of life in Storybrooke is that it’s not a strict black/white, good/evil fairytale. Characters can be all wonderful shades of grey and make mistakes. Their actions and relationships are true to real life.

  5. Well, it only makes sense. Regina is nothing if not efficient. Replace sheriff man candy and simultaniously take Snow’s man. That’s what I call a twofer. I love this show… I really really love it.

  6. foguer says:

    Regina trying to seduce David……What original plot.
    Writers doesn’t have more ideas, right?
    This is awful, soap opera, cliche and disturbing.
    Of course, I want David laugh so hard at her face.

    • sara says:

      Or, he could actually be a nice person and tell her he just wants to be friends.

    • Addie says:

      You are getting really upset about this. It’s fascinating. It actually makes sense if you think about it. Regina hates MM/Snow, she knows exactly who David is, so what better way to try to stick it to MM? You should be happy because I’ll bet you this is a catalyst for David to start getting all of Charming’s memories back. And I say all this as a Snow/Charming shipper

  7. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Actually I’m still thinking August is Baelfire, the I’m not sold that he is Pinocchio yet. For one thing, Pinnochio has really red hair and August’s is dark brown.

    Also in the episode before this we see August holding Rumplestiltskin’s knife, in the promo photos for that episode we see Rumple giving the knife to his son. We also see that Baelfire hurts his leg, the same leg that August was favoring when they were in the woods.

  8. Lily says:

    Run David Run!!!!

    • Jess says:

      But you can make out first ;D

      Kidding, I’m kidding everyone

      • I love how you had to add it twice that you were kidding…
        I think it would be hilarious in some way if they would actually make out just for a moment and then realise what they are doing…. At the same time David would see just how «great» of a friend Regina trully was to Catherine (and you know things would sort of start to get back on track with him and Snow.. I mean Mary Margaret ;) )

      • Fifi says:

        Haha I’m not I would love to see that.

  9. me2 says:

    This maybe a stupid question but who is Baelfire? And if August is from the fairytale world how could he have not been in Storybrooke? I guess if he was never there to begin with it could make sense. And wth is David even doing associating with Regina? Seriously? I have no words. Okay I have two words- completely ridiculous. He better tell to get lost b/c just no. No, OUAT, no.

    • Templar says:

      Baelfire is Rumpel’s son from before he became The Dark One. if August is Pinocchio, he is made from the same magic tree that Geppetto used to make the wardrobe that took Emma out of Fairytale before the curse was laid. Geppetto knew what Snow and Charming were going to do, so he may have sent Pinocchio ahead first so he could take Emma to safety once they were transported.

      • Drea says:

        He can’t be made from the same tree. In ep 2 Pinocchio had already been turned into a real boy, before anyone learnt of this magical tree.

        • Rae says:

          I may need to go back and watch the pilot again, but if I remember right Gepetto either already had the wood he crafted the wardrobe from, or it was given by the blue fairy, so he could have used it to craft Pinocchio previously.

  10. JDHetherington says:

    Remember though they did the fake out with David Anders and the “Big Bad Wolf” thing. They could be trying to mess with you…..they’ve suceeded before.

    • Leo says:

      Yup. But in this case, I think they mislead us into thinking August is Rumple’s son while August is actually Pinocchio. But who knows if Rumple’s son = Pinocchio = August? I mean, just look at Red Riding Hood. This show isn’t that easy to predict, that’s for sure.

      • And I believe this is what makes the show interesting, at least now. I have started to like these little twiches of the real fairytales (like Rumple being Beast for example) and how they just didn’t stick to the whole Princesses are BFF&F story. And yes they have fooled us before so it should be interesting to see who or what August really is…

  11. FairyTaleLover says:

    Regina better keep her bitchy, evil queen hands the HELL off David. As for August, I kind of thought he was Rumple’s son. Oh well.

  12. kirads09 says:

    Well, that woman proves Regina doesn’t care about Kathryn in any real way either. Making a play for David would be a betrayal of her “friend” in a sense too. I keep thinking David and Regina – ewww. No way – no how.

    Anxious to see the Pinnochio story and find out more about August.

  13. Sandy says:

    I’m not gonna lie…I did scream a bit at the pictures….

    So……I totally called August being Pinocchio but now it seems too obvious. Darn…I was hoping they didn’t give it away so early.

    I hate these long breaks.

  14. Gilda says:

    Awwww I didn’t want him to be Pinocchio. Im sure it will be great, and they are good at putting weird spins on characters, but Pinocchio is not mysterious and brooding and motercycle-y. And yes, I’m sure once can pull it off and convince me, but I’m personally gunna hold out hope he’s rumples son. Ah well it’ll be good either way

    • jen says:

      totally agree. can you imagine pinocchio doing shots of whiskey with emma? unreal. don’t think he’s pinocchio. and feel bae is dead. so sad for my favorite, rumpel.

  15. Anthea says:

    But August lied about lemurs!!! In his conversation with Rubby, he talks about seeing lemurs in Tibet, but this animal only exist in Madagascar.

    • jen says:

      NO, he did not lie. lemures(always plural) are ghosts, which would haunt temples”full of lemures” even in nepal (not tibet). ruby asked “what’s a lemur?(singular)” he answered truthfully.

  16. sarcastic jerk says:

    Ahahahaha!! He made the wardrobe out of Pinnochio!!! Lolololololmao!!!!

    • Michelle says:

      Actually…you’re not that far off. The wardrobe was made of the same magical wood that Geppeto used to make Pinocchio

  17. the sudden picture of the doll will have me make nightmares….. holy moley!!!

  18. toti says:

    WOW! I don’t know who Pinocchio is, but August is Bae – I bet on that!!!

    • jen says:

      or was bae. in the promo,august even has the dagger. and rumpel finds a picture searching august’s room of the dagger(do see where everyone thinks pinocchio. but wouldn’t go along with that character’s story. )

  19. I believe that August is Pinocchio only because of one theory: that he, like Emma, is allowed to go outside of Storybrooke unlike any other characters.
    I also think as I’ve mentionned above that Regina and David could share a little somethin something and it would lead to David realizing just how great of a friend she really is to Catherine, thus realizing that he’s made a mistake from the beginning… I don’t know this made more sense in my head I think lol!!
    Anyways either way I cannot wait to see this! I can’t believe this show’s first season is almost over already! T_T

  20. Bobby says:

    Regina and David? What about Snow? She is so perfect and delicate. Why she always get the short end of the stick?

    • xav says:

      Is she getting the short end of the stick? She was just yelling at David to leave her alone.

      • jen says:

        i’m with snow on this one. she’s being framed and scared to bits. and this guy,who she loves, was totally unsupportive. no faith. he even thought she may have killed katherine.

  21. Rae says:

    I like the idea of August being Pinocchio, and Gepetto having turned him back into the puppet to smuggle him out of FTL. Since he couldn’t exist in our world as a puppet (the same as Jiminy Cricket became human again), he became a boy, (the boy who found Emma) and because he wasn’t subject to the curse remembers exactly who he is. I don’t think he has had any scenes with Gepetto, yet…
    From the way August and Mr Gold have interacted I really don’t think he is Bael, but I’m still smarting that they killed off Sheriff Graham, sho was my first choice for the wayward son…

    • Templar says:

      The only things I’m wondering about are the Kansas license plate on his bike [OZ?] and the unicorn decal [Maleficent?] and the lemurs in Tibet which are actually Rhesus macaques [flying monkeys?].

      • jen says:

        what unicorn decal? missed it. lemures (always plural) are ghosts-did a paper on roman ones. lemur(s) are the animals. he didn’t lie. that kansas license plate….forgot about that.

      • jen says:

        oh! the jewelry he wears seems symbolic. the chain mail bracelet is similar to ones worn by the knights templar.

  22. I just wanna say that the Mad Hatter story was AMAZING! Genius.

  23. Could August refer to Pinocchio being the eight puppet Geppetto made, or refer to the month he was “born” in?

    • Templar says:

      Well, August means esteemed or revered [loved son?]. His middle name is Wayne which in old english means wagon or means of transportation [wood]. And his last name is Booth which is generally made of wood and is a place to hide i.e. phone booth, voting booth etc. [wardrobe?].

      • interesting. thanks.

      • what you said could also mean that August is the actual cabinet that transported Emma to the real world.

        • Templar says:

          Maybe, but the cabinet was only a portal, like the sinkhole where they found the shards from Snow’s coffin. I don’t think the wardrobe actually left Fairytale. But if August is from Fairytale he had to have left before the curse was laid as he can come and go from Storybrooke which is in Maine and his license plate says Kansas.

          • ah, you’re right. the cabinet didn’t leave Fairytale land. it would have been an interesting turn, though, if it had come back to life… I had forgotten what others have been saying about a seven year old that found Emma. that leads weight to the theory that Pinocchio made it… another thing that leads credence to it is that Gepetto’s Storybroke counterpart doesn’t have any children. If Pinocchio had been sent to Storybroke with him, then he would be there and he would be his son, just like Granny is still Red’s grandma and Red is her granddaughter, and Hansel and Gretel are still brother and sister, etc.

          • jen says:

            the only item that left with emma was her baby blanket (that granny made) with her name on it and some blue ribbons. why did rumpel want to know the baby’s name? why did mr gold say “emma. what a lovely name.”? strange. but everyone seems to have some really good ideas. hope we get some definitive answers in#19 & #20, yeah… that license plate…forgot about that…
            why kansas?

  24. Felicity says:

    This story better not end with August turning into a giant wooden puppet that Emma needs to fall in love with and kiss passionately in order to break the curse!

  25. August is an Observer…

  26. GotIt says:

    What if August is bae and at the same time, gepetto’s grandson. The twist may be that for gepetto to save his son, being rumplestiltskin, he must save his grandson. It would make sense why August would have to fill in the story book with a missing piece that no one has ever seen. Or maybe bae is gepetto’s son and rumple raised him as his own as we never knew who bae’s mother was. These would surely both be “lost” like plot lines.

    • ChantelleB says:

      Rumple was “evil” when gepetto lost his parents, and when they showed Rumple’s son he was still human and hadn’t taken over the power, so there is no way pinnochio is Rumple’s son.

      • ChantelleB says:

        But there is something to be said about Rumple turning Gepetto’s parents into wooden dolls….

      • GotIt says:

        I think you mean jiminy cricket. Jiminy cricket was the one who lost his parents to rumple. That leaves the gepetto story above up for debate.

        • GotIt says:

          Nevermind, Now I understand what you meant.

        • Templar says:

          Jiminy accidentally turned Gepetto’s parents into puppets [they’re on the counter in Gold’s shop]. The blue fairy turned Jiminy into a cricket to watch over the orphaned Geppetto as long as he lived.

  27. Anonymous Coward says:

    What if Gipetto made the wardrobe from Pinnochio after Pinnochio turned back into wood? (See picture 11.) Or at least a drawer or something. To keep Emma safe.

    Then after they both got to the Real World, Pinnochio turned back into a boy and “found” baby Emma, and grew up to be August. He got to grow up because, like Emma, he wasn’t in Storybrooke.

    • Notorious Rake says:

      Isn’t that what was stated above? Or did you not read all of the comments?

    • In the first episode we saw Gepetto and Pinoccio working on the wardrobe together. Pinocchio was a real boy. Why would Pinocchio turn back into wood? If he turned back into wood, who would turn him back into a real boy once he appeared in the real world?

      The only way that Pinocchio can make the trip from one world to the other is if he does it as a real boy.

      I’m sure that if the seven year old boy that found Emma was made of wood, people would have taken notice.

  28. Gabiroba says:

    My goodness this fairytale is turning confusing, just reading the comments i remember that i havent been remembering things well enough. i just hope the writers can keep it all straight.

    and no way that david will stay with regina. he’s an idiot, but eventually he does the right thing. its a fairytale, true love always conquers in these things. and then the bad guy/witch dies or suffers somehow. circle of the fantasy worlds.

  29. It is impossible for Pinocchio to have made the trip from one reality to the other as anything but a flesh and blood boy. There would be no Blue Fairy in the real world to turn him back into a real boy, and it’s not like he has the super power to switch between wood and flesh at will.

    • Not true. There was no fairy to turn Jiminy back into a real person but he is a human being now and Ruby isn’t a were-wolf anymore but she doesn’t have to wear the cape. My guess is that the magical transition between worlds made people able to function in our world. A walking talking puppet would probably attract a bit of attention.

      • Except that the idea here is that Pinocchio ESCAPED the curse, just like Emma did, therefore, even though, as you point out, the curse made Jiminy and other non-human characters functional in our world, it would have NOT affected him.

        • I didn’t say the curse did it. I said the magical transition between worlds did it. I’m assuming there is a magical componant to any transition between worlds. Just like the hat had to be magical. If you’ve ever read any Madeline L’Engle books you’ll know what I’m talking about. Something that ensures that any traveler that moves between worlds will be able to survive in that world. Just a theory of course but that would explain how August got there and isn’t affected by the curse.

          • All things being equal, the most likely way that August (if he is indeed Pinocchio or any other character from Fairytale Land) arrived in the real world would be through the wardrove or through the curse. There has not been a third way established in the show. If he came through the curse, then he would be like everyone else in Storybrooke (i.e. unable to come and go and unable to remember his past in FTL). In all likelihood he came through the wardrove and he is the seven year old boy that found Emma, in which case he is Pinocchio. If he was that seven year old boy, then he wasn’t made out of wood.

          • I think they’ve made it pretty clear that August is not inside the curse and they’ve heavily hinted that he wrote the story book that Henry has. He looks like he would be in the right age range (around 35). Although these things make a very very strong case for him being Pinocchio I wouldn’t put it past Eddie and Adam to throw us for a loop and make him multiple characters. i do think it’s a heavy hint that Geppetto’s parents were turned into wood and Rumple has them but I don’t know what it means. I can’t wait to find out.

          • AncientLyre says:

            How about this. Gepetto sent Pinocchio through first, so he’d be there to receive Emma. Then because he had used part of the magic, he told Snow and Charming that only one could make the transition.

          • Except they show him working on the wardrobe after he talks to Snow, not before

          • AncientLyre says:

            Because he had that plan.

          • I don’t think it works that way, Lyre. If Gepetto had finished the wardrobe, he would have let Snow know so that she could go through before Regina launched the curse, not waited until she was about to give birth.

          • AncientLyre says:

            So, Snow would have ended up giving birth alone on the side of the road? Don’t think so.

          • That implies that they knew where to the wardrobe would send her. Their plan from the start was to send Snow in the wardrobe while she was still pregnant. Not seconds from delivering, but clearly before that. watch the pilot again.

  30. Fifi says:

    Seriously am I the only one looking forward to this David/Regina thing. Should be interesting to see how it plays out. And I still maintain (and nobody can convince me otherwise) that Regina actually genuinely likes David and there maybe more to this than simply trying to get revenge on MM. Just looking at those pics intrigues me. Especially the two she is smiling in. She just looks genuinely like she is enjoying his company. Now it could be her putting on an act but I really think there is more to it than that. That looks like a pretty genuine smile to me in the first one. Just a vibe I am getting. I am not saying she is in love with him or anything I just think there is something about him for her. Plus David I am silently judging you for pulling away in the fifth pic, if that is what he is actually doing. A woman who looks like that coming at you and you turn her down. Idiot man!! Honestly!!!

  31. Jameson says:

    “…with the Evil Queen’s curse about to strike, Geppetto agrees to a plan that will save Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter, but with a proviso that could also save his own son…” August is Pinnochio… It’s all to obvious

  32. jen says:

    If he is Pinocchio then how did he get his hands on Rumpel’s dagger? I think he must be Bae. I saw a pic somewhere about Bae and Rumpel, and it looked like he was giving him the dagger. That would explain why August had it. I guess we’ll see. I’m so excited for that episode, cuz I love Rumpel!!! I can’t believe Regina would try to seduce David. That’s revenge and a half! Kinda eww though, since she adopted his grandson.

  33. Now, in an episode named after him, we get some Pinocchio backstory involving a seemingly tragic event near the water?

  34. Galahad says:

    First I’ve tried my hand at this, but why not a character from Oz? Hiding in plain sight. The bit about the lemurs as flying monkeys is intriguing, along with the Kansas plates, etc., but even more interesting to me is the concept of portals. Someone here said there have only been two set forth, the wood cabinet, and the curse. But is that strictly true? Where did the Hatter go? Did Emma’s hat really create, inadvertently of course, an alternate portal? Isn’t the whole point of Wonderland this continuity of unlimited alternate universes touching one another? And when you think of Oz, isn’t that also a story of transition between the real and the imaginary world? Remember, Dorothy and the Wizard found not one, not two, but three ways in and out of that world, the tornado, the balloon, and the ruby slippers. I think before this is over we may be in for some real out of the box surprises. Like, what if August is both a character from Oz, AND an escapee from the Grimm zone in FTL. IOW, could he have “portaled” more than once? Just something fun to think about.

    • Templar says:

      I don’t think it’s ever been stated that there are only two portals. We already know there are at least four possibly five. First = the curse, second = the wardrobe, third = the sinkhole where shards from Snow’s coffin turned up, fourth = the steps below Regina’s father’s crypt. Possible fifth = Jefferson’s hat. And we also know that even though Rumpel is subject to the curse, he is able to come and go from Storybrooke because he went to Arizona to bring back Henry for Regina to adopt.

  35. Possum Snoodle says:

    Remember, THE NAME GAME:
    August+Wayne+Booth = Noble, as in, a Knight + Cartwright; a maker or repairer of carts or things + Carol/carrel; a boothlike study desk found in libraries. Now, piece it together:
    Noble-Knight+Wrighter+Carroll. The White Knight + A person who (w)rights things/writes things + Lewis Carroll.

    Alternatively, I’ve noticed clues August might have a Tin Man connection – and others say he’s the Wizard (per Kansas plates on motorcycle) but the Wizard didn’t really have any magic in Oz. However, Aunt Em, Uncle Henry and Dorothy crossed over to Oz to live for some time. So, maybe, August is a relative. We’ve not yet been treated to an all-out Oz related story on OUAT but the writers will have plenty of explaining to do on Aunt Em and Uncle Henry if so.

  36. cindy says:

    So if the curse is broken will they all go back to FTL and what will happen to Emma and Henry. Will Henry be unborn or what? Will Emma go back to being a baby?

  37. Dreamer says:

    August is definitely Pinocchio. It’s kind of cool that Gephetto found a way 2 get his son out, but it’s also cool that Rumplestilskin’s boy is still out there also cuz he made it 2 a world without magic. I think it’s cool the writers are making it that Pinocchio’s character will have a part in the curse being lifted – as Mr Gold only let August go brcause Emma trusted August. That must be part of what breaks it or brings him closer to his son – since this whole curse thing was tied to Rumplestilskin getting his son back. It’s also cool that Emma’s ‘super power’ being that she can always tell when someone is lying that she is paired with a guy – Pinocchio- that learns not to lie, which is how he is turned into a real boy in the first place. It’s a nice tie in…by the writers.

  38. Dreamer says:

    I also agree that the hat Emma made worked bc the Mad Hatter wentvthru it back 2 his land…hopefully. Emma kept that hat…so it’ll probably come up again…..as another portal for them 2 use.