NBC's Whitney on the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

Come mid-May (if not sometimes sooner), the networks will be making some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2012-13 TV season, and which … won’t. As we did last spring, TVLine is singling out select “bubble” shows to survey their prospects.

Next up is a much-maligned freshman laffer that you may not think deserves a second look (but actually really does!).

THE SHOW: Whitney (NBC)

THE TIME SLOT: Most recently, Wednesdays at 8/7c.

2012 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

THE CASE FOR KEEPING | As many a comedy does — right, Cougar Town? — Whitney stumbled a bit out of the gate. (Dan O’Brien’s Mark seemed like a particularly caricaturish “oops.”) But darned quickly, the show found its footing, establishing its central sextet (yes, even Mark) as possibly the most endearingly quirky ensemble this side of Happy Endings. Plus, the yin/yang pairing of series creator Whitney Cummings and Chris D’Elia made “Whitney” and Alex not only a wholly believable couple that was easy to root for, but arguably one of the cutest duos on TV.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | It’s a shame that Whitney bagged its best ratings at the start of its run, when creatively it was at its weakest. Though the show improved, the so-so first impression that it had made, stuck. So NBC now is faced with the question: “Do we renew it and hope we can find a way to get people to re-sample it? Or do we walk away jealous that CBS got the Whitney Cummings project that really took off (2 Broke Girls)?” Also muddying matters: How will NBC look if it shows faith in the freshman sitcom that, merited or not, was critically derided, while Bent, the one that garnered near-unanimous kudos, fades away without a lick of network nurturing?

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Vote below, then hit the Comments to make your own case for keeping or cutting Whitney.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AmyLynn says:

    I know I know this is supposedly one of the worst comedies on TV right now but I actually really love it. Chris D’Elia as Alex is one of my favorite charactors on Tv. His drunk Alex had me rolling around on the bed laughing. I wish more people had given this show a chance to grow on them…in my opinion it is way funnier than 2 broke girls

    • Laura says:

      I agree with everything you said! Alex drunk was hilarious. And when he proposed and the audience clapped, it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t watch 2 broke girls more than once or twice…

      • bluebonnetbelle says:

        His drunk Alex sounded like his pot-head character on Glory Daze which was another great show that was gone too soon.
        I wouldn’t be sad to see this show go as long as Chris D’Elia found a new TV home in time for next season. I’m using all my wishes that Bent will live to see another day!

      • Kelsie says:

        In Two broke girls seems like its trying too hard. Every little thing they say is supposed to be witty, but really making it too staged. however I absolutely love Whitney! My favorite show so keep the episodes coming!

      • Jovrick Martin says:

        im gonna keep it simple im a 22 year old black male and its one of my favorite shows to watch so funny please keep

    • Jay says:

      I like Chris D’Elia, but he is the only reason I’m watching, the other characters just seem kind of blah. I feel like if this show were on cable, then they could get away with a lot more, I know that Whitney Cummings has it in her, have you seen Two Broke Girls? Even a later time slot might help.

    • Bella says:

      I agree! I didn’t watch Whitney at first because of the bad reviews, but did watch 2 Broke Girls. Now that’s reversed. I quit 2 Broke Girls because it only plays one note and isn’t funny anymore. Whitney, on the other hand, got better and better, and we watched it every week. Whitney and Alex together are hilarious.

    • Sawyer says:

      I totally agree with AmyLynn. I was looking forward to 2 Broke Girls cause I like Kat Dennings but after about 4 episodes, I couldn’t stomach it anymore and stopped watching. On the other hand, I heard nothing about Whitney but watched it and it’s now my favourite new show. Love the relationship between Whitney and Chris/Alex.

    • Debbie says:

      I totally agree. I love Alex and I also love the chemistry between he and Whitney. Wouldn’t mind if they found some new friends, though.

    • Vana says:

      I fell in love with this sit com since when they showed the very first preview. Every episode was hilarious in my opinion and its been long overdue for Whitney to com along. The last time that I can remember that I enjoyed wacthing television was with Will & Grace. Not everyone gets the Whitney & Alex humor, and thats ok. Let Whitney live on!


    • Jill S says:

      I agree. I caught this mid season and loved it, along with my friends. I like 2 broke girls, but I don’t switch my schedule around to watch it.

    • Shannon says:

      AGREEEEEEE! This show rocks!

    • Molly says:

      I agree with u totally! I usually don’t like comedies cause nothing really makes me laugh besides big bang theory. I love 2 broke girls. But I can’t live without Whitney!!! It makes me laugh so hard and my husband loves it too!!! I’m praying it doesn’t get cancelled because it’s brilliant and I love the whole cast especially the Whitney Alex relationship

    • cappacino says:

      this is absolutley one of my favorite shows. when Alex was playing the Mad Men guy, i almost peed my pants laughing. The way that whitney and alex are together, makes me want a relationship like that. This is the one show on nbc that i, a 16 year old, enjoys watching.

  2. Erin says:

    I say keep. While I agree with the rest of the world that the first few episodes were crap, but I stuck with it, and glad I did – the show got sooo much better by the end! It’s not my favorite show, but I grew to like it a lot. I’ll keep watching if they bring it back. “Chelsea,” on the other hand, can go away, and I’ll shed no tears

  3. Polly says:

    i really don’t get all the hate on this show.
    to me it’s funnier than many other multi-awarded and critically praised shows.
    and as said by Andy in the article, the episodes got better throughout the season (my favourite is the one that tells how Whit and Alex met).
    give it a chance! renew this show!

  4. David says:

    I am indifferent about this comedy unless something like Community or Parks and Rec get cut and this is saved.

    Then NBC pretty much Britta’d the line up

    • Anna says:

      Agreed. I voted cut because I really despised what little I saw of Whitney but I’m not going to begrudge the Whitney fans their show. If Community of Parks & Rec get cancelled and Whitney gets picked up, expect the fans to raise some hell.P.S. Nice use of the verb version of Britta. :)

      • mawhi says:

        I’m in this camp. I’m glad that Whitney got moved to Wednesdays, because it was making me nervous having it in the line-up with Community and Parks.

        I’m also more likely to root for Whitney after Lee Aronsohn’s comments about women-centered comedies. Whitney may not feature my particular brand of lady humor (I prefer the Leslie Knopes, Nancy Botwins, Kelly Kapoors, etc.) but at least it’s lady humor and it’s on the air!

    • Christine says:

      100% agree. If Community and Parks and Recreation are renewed, it makes no difference to me whether Whitney stays or goes. However, if Whitney is renewed and either or both of my two favorite comedies are cancelled, I will RAGE!!!

      • Angela says:

        Echoing this general sentiment. I’ve never seen “Whitney”, so I can’t comment on how good or bad it is. But I know how upsetting it is to see a show you like in danger, so for the fans, I hope they get what they want from this. If NBC’s smart they should probably just keep all three shows and make EVERYONE happy.

    • schmoe says:

      I disagree. Community has had three seasons to produce. It has grown a small loyal fan base, but the ratings are mediocre. I’d rather NBC give a struggling first year comedy a second chance than give this three year comedy another chance. We don’t know if giving a struggling comedy another season will help. We do know, based on the past two years, that giving Community another year will not help. Community has reached its max upside.

      Or alternatively, give Community a lame timeslot, say 10:30 Friday. Community fans can access the show via tivo while leaving the time slot open to a new prospects that may actually produce.

  5. maf23 says:

    Ok, Whitney isn’t better than 2 Broke Girls, but that shouldn’t be the discussion here. I understand that this kind of sitcoms don’t usually survive for long but I actually enjoyed the show, it had some great one-liners and a good cast especially Chris D’Elia and the perky humor of Whitney Cummings made it special. I say keep it for another year!

  6. P says:

    I’d really like to see Whitney stick around. I’ve been watching since the begining and it’s really gotten into it’s groove along the way. I also went from not being a big fan of Mark to all of a sudden rooting for him to get with Roxanne. And the way Whitney and Chris play off each other is just hillarious. The shows unconventional in a lot of ways which is fun. I prefer it over Bent to be honest because despite the show being somewhat cute, the only character to really make me laugh out loud is the female lead’s sister. The season finale of Whitney kind of felt like a series finale so atleast there’d be a little closure if they cancel it but I’d much rather it be renewed because I’d love to see Alex get drunk again, because that scene was hillarious!

    • f trig says:

      I agree with this post. This show deserves to keeping going and growing and has gotten funnier and more entertaining each week. The last four episodes were some of the funniest I’ve seen all year especially the Drunken Proposal. If you look at the history of many of the best sitcoms it took at least two seasons to find their groove. I like the current vibe and energy of the writing and I enjoy the chemistry of this particular cast. Hope the suits give it a chance!

    • schmoe says:

      ” I also went from not being a big fan of Mark to all of a sudden rooting for him to get with Roxanne.”

      I like the show because it teases the viewer into thinking the plot is veering towards a conventional cliched route, than it veers into a totally different direction. For this reason, I prefer Mark’s/ Roxanne sexual tension be one sided. It also more realistic, as in real life Mark’s character would stand no chance. He is not in her league.

  7. Webstercuno says:

    Kill it, kill if with fire! Please god, kill it. People who thinks this is funny should go back to rehab or something where they came from.

  8. Frank says:

    It got better with age. Keep it around for one more season and see what happens.

  9. George says:

    Bent the only thing that deserves a season 2 sampling. Sorry but Whitney rating now are the highest their ever going to be. NBC fracture core audience does not trust it’s brand right now.

  10. Tara says:

    The show looked really bad from the previews, but I gave it a shot and it has really grown on me. I think that it started to hit its stride after the first few episodes. It would be a shame if they didn’t renew it, but I don’t have much faith in the networks these days.

  11. nicole says:

    As long as Community stays on the air I don’t care.

  12. Keith says:

    I really like Whitney and look forward to seeing it every week. I really hope they renew the show. 2 Broke Girls is hardly perfect. A lot of the jokes on 2BG are tired, i.e. Olaf. Even a lot of the funny lines don’t seem natural at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like 2BG too.

  13. Eli says:

    It’s kind of funny if you start taking a closer look at both shows:
    Whitney – started bad, but got progressively better as the season went on. Although one characters sudden coming out didn’t really work for me personally, the writing has gotten better and the show has become less about Whitney herself and more about the ensemble and that makes it much stronger (absolutely love Rhea Seehorn).
    2 Broke Girls – started good, but got progressively worse as the season went on. This show has the worst ensemble cast pretty much on tv right now. It thrives completely on the strength of the the 2 main girls and their chemistry. Especially Jennifer Coolidge’s new character that was added in the 2nd half of the season is just awful.
    PS: Bent is cute, but it really isn’t THAT good. I feel like sometimes shows like Bent get a lot of positive press simply because they don’t use a laugh track, they try to be innovative and they are the alternative “independent underdog”. Which are all fine qualities to see as positives, but it doesn’t automatically mean a show is also good.

  14. TV Gord says:

    I believe the problem with both Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea? is that they don’t belong in the strict confines of network TV, especially at the 8pm hour. Both women can be hilarious, and they both had capable casts around them, but the shows seem creatively stifled.

    • Hols says:

      I think you may have a point with Cummings. I will, however, maintain to my dying day that Handler has always been awful.

      • Polly says:

        Chelsea Handler herself is funny.
        Are you there chelsea? isn’t.
        it’s simple as that IMHO

      • TV Gord says:

        LOL! I can’t fight you on that because I used to agree with you. I used to watch Chelsea Lately just to complain about how unfunny she is. Then, E! was taken off my cable dial where I live, and I really missed her. Now a few years later, E! is back, and I’m a regular viewer. I don’t know whether she’s gotten funnier or I’ve lowered my standards, but I really “get” her now. :-)

  15. AD says:

    Keep Whitney on the air! Of all the new sitcoms that I started watching in the fall, this has been my favorite. It’s so sweet. However Whitney and Alex disagree, you can tell that they love each other and are committed. The Mark/Roxanne dynamic has been great as well.

  16. Well… In real life, garbage gets thrown out. This is one of the worst comedies I have ever seen. Cut

    • Tarc says:

      Agreed. But they need to throw the dead awful 2 Broke Girls out with it. Both were the worst of this past season.

  17. Michael says:

    I gave Whitney the first 12 episodes and I just cannot give it anymore….I have heard from some people that it got better, but even that would not be enough…it was just terrible when I watched it…Whitney has no acting skills, she has one face and one attitude…which for her stand up is great, love her stand up, but for a sitcom she has to show something….as for Chelsea….dead on arrival….

  18. Cloudy Knight says:

    If it’s between Whitney and Bent (or P&R, or Community), I vote against Whitney. The cast of Bent is MUCH better, and much less cliche. Whitney is basically Friends without the chemistry, or Happy Endings without the writing and acting talent. Bent has much more room to grow.

  19. Jessica says:

    I have to say keep! I was definitely a nay sayer at the beginning, but it really did get better! I even stopped watching but someone convinced me to come back, I really like it now and am hoping for at least a second season!!

  20. dan says:

    I was ready to hate on this, but reading the comments here makes me want to give the show another chance. It sounds like they fixed some of the problems with it. My issue was that Whitney herself was somewhat unlikeable, and I couldn’t see her being the center of everyone’s attention. But I’ll check out a few more episodes now.

  21. Whitney may have been terrible in the beginning, but it truly has become a great comedy with a LOT of heart that we don’t usually see in mutli-camera comedies. The leads have great chemistry. The jokes are on point most of the time. There are some gags that have made me literally roll from laughter. Against it’s other comedies with the same ratings, I’m betting this is also MUCH cheaper to produce. I hope NBC keeps this one. :/

  22. JJ says:

    TV shows can only survive if their ratings warrant it. Personally I didn’t like Whitney and I was ready to love it before it started (the promos were funnier than the show ever was!). I gave it several chances to win me over, but it is crude and just not funny. Reading what has been posted here, these are the people that like or love the show, they will want to save it, of course! Keep it cut it, it doesn’t matter to me.

  23. Donna says:

    I like Whitney and feel it s really funny. The characters are funny but I liked the couple that was engaged then he turned gay or bi. better when they were a couple.The rest of the characters have all become more likeable than they were when the show started. I think they should keep it.

  24. Tom says:

    It’s an okay show. Not great, but watchable. The Chelsea Handler thing that follows it is awful. I’m sure that doesn’t help. I also think they’ve been trying too hard to change the show to boost the ratings — which is having the opposite effect. But this is NBC we’re talking about here — I think an okay show should definitely be a keeper. Seriously, does anyone think NBC would be able to replace this show with something better? I think it’s worth giving this show another chance.

    • Brian J says:

      You and I are on the same page, as you can see from my (very long) post below. Enough of its very young shows seem decent enough that they deserve the chance to grow. I have no away of proving this, but I suspect that some stability in the schedule (as in, leaving shows in the same place and/or not putting up an entire night of new shows each season, unless you’re doing a complete overhaul) in addition to having decent shows is the key to growing the network.

  25. Zooey Dianna says:

    I’d much rather see this get cut than a brilliant show like Parks and Recreation!

  26. Brian J says:

    I can certainly see the logic in keeping the show around. Mostly because of my own personal commitments, the last episode I saw was the Christmas one, but it was definitely better than the ones at the start of the season. While its ratings on Wednesday were not great, they had stabilized. But since relatively so few people have seen the show in the first place, there’s probably a chance that renewing it would almost be like a first introduction, rather than a re-introduction.

    Here’s perhaps a better question: Would it be better to can this show but keep Cummings at the network, in the hopes of creating a better show? If not, why not?

    It’s not clear that the show will ever be that good, nor whether a new show built about Cummings would be any better, but since the network is struggling in so many ways, it’s not as if it’s there’s any obvious candidate to replace it. A lot of the comedy pilots in development at the network sound good, but right now, there’s no scripted show around which to build a night. What I mean is, even the best show might end up failing in the ratings, so why not renew a show that people say has gotten better, and give it a chance to get even better in its second season?

    On a larger note, NBC is in such a weird position: it has a lot of shows that are good, but many of them are old, and the network could go either way with many of the shows that are young enough with the potential to grow into hits. Aside from budgetary issues, you almost have to ask yourself what the network has to lose renewing a show like “Bent” or “Awake,” or even a show like “Whitney,” and seeing what it can do? I haven’t seen “Bent,” again due to personal commitments, but if it’s as decent as everyone says it is, why not order 13 more episodes, put it after “America’s Got Talent” on Wednesdays in the summer, and then see what happens? In a lot of ways, I think NBC should be operating like the WB used to back in the day: ordering a smaller number of episodes, for any number of reasons.

    I could go on and on about this topic, but were in charge of NBC, I would renew a large number of shows on the bubble, like “Bent” and “Awake,” and then place the focus on them during the summer and the fall season. I would even go so far as to bench shows like “SVU” and “The Office,” just to make as much room as possible for potential new hits. Perhaps the key is, like I said above, to renew them for only 13 episodes, with a commitment for more if need be. However that is handled, I would use a summer hit like “America’s Got Talent” and any other show that might end up working, plus all of the holes in the schedule, to get as many eyeballs as possible. Double pump “Awake” on Thursdays and Fridays and make sure that “Parenthood” and “Bent” get the spots after any hits. Give away copies of previous seasons if need be. And while all of this is happening, promote the hell out of any promising new shows, hoping that some of the catch fire, and then use them to build a night around.

  27. JJ says:

    I really hope they renew Up All Night over Whitney…..

    • Brian J says:

      Since I am determined to not get any work done today and to monopolize this thread, I will go out on a limb and make a few predictions. I am all but certain “Parks & Rec,” “Up All Night,” and “Parenthood” will be renewed. Some of this is due to the relationships at the network–I doubt NBC really wants to piss off Lorne Michaels all that much, for instance–and some of it is due to critical respect. And unless the network is going for a massive overhaul, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two bubble shows, like “Awake” or “Whitney” or “Bent,” get renewed. Maybe a lot of them will see another season.

  28. pattieann says:

    I don’t understand why people don’t like this show. Whitney is awesome. We never miss an episode.

  29. Its funny at times but towards it the end, it began getting repetitive and gimmicky. I say nbc should cut it and give bent a real shot.

  30. bill norris says:

    those polling numbers are entirely too close….cmon people lets trim this show from the schedule.

  31. brandizzle918 says:

    I was on the bubble with Whitney to begin with but it has quickly become my favorite new comedy of this season, where as I have given up on 2 broke girls which started strong but seems to have fallen short in my opinion. I find myself laughing a lot during Whitney and I too root the Whitney Alex relationship. I vote the kick Chelsea to the curb and come back with a Whitney/Bent night next season. I hope that if NBC is stupid enough to drop a show as good as Bent that another station is smart enough to scoop it up.

  32. I love Whitney. I agree that the core group of friends are endearing, funny, and charming. They definitely gave Mark’s character some much needed development, and he is one of my favorite. Alex and Whitney are a great couple, and I would love to be able to see more of their relationship and the other relationships on the show.

  33. TigerNightmare says:

    Why would anyone who gave it a chance “stick it out” just in case a show they didn’t like would magically get better? Maybe it did get better but this is most definitely a case of too little too late. I watched about four episodes and probably laughed a total of three times. Too much effort is made into making Whitney’s character a goofball and I’ve had enough with the soulless comedy goofball. Humanize your characters at least occasionally or people just aren’t going to care. It reminds me of that sitcom Louis CK was doing within the show Louie that was just really stupid and cliche.

  34. Luke says:

    Keep BENT!!!

  35. davey says:

    Bent, Up All Night and Community are all much better than Whitney.

  36. Kelly says:

    I’ll be a little bummed out if it goes. It wasn’t great at the beginning, but it was never as bad as people said. Many critical viewers have come back to give it a second chance and they found that it had improved. If the show is renewed, even more people will have the chance to give it another shot. It will be a real shame if the winning side here is people who haven’t watched the show since the third episode and continue to make fun of it just because it’s popular to do that right now.

  37. mia says:

    I started watching Whitney in its second half of its season and I really enjoyed it.

    I’m really hoping it gets renewed! Its actuall really unique to what’s normally on tv.

  38. CJ says:

    I love Whitney (after about episode 8 or so anyways) and I love Bent. I will be sad to see either of them go.

  39. Nikki says:

    I cannot believe so many people criticize this show. I laugh out loud when watching it; the actors are so talented, especially Whitney Cummings and Chris D’Elia who not only share amazing chemistry but are hilarious. I really want NBC to keep this show, at least give it one more chance to win over those who do not like it. I will be so upset to see it cancelled :*(

  40. CindyRPT says:

    Whitney is absolutely my favorite sitcom on television at this time. The chemistry between Whitney & Chris is absolutely real and you can see it in their characters. As time has gone by, each character has grown & developed to form a quirky, yet cohesive group of friends that brings different things to the table. So many different character types make for an abundance of storylines that they have been able to develop over time. Two Broke Girls? I agree that this sitcom is most definitely one-note. Ok, I get it…she was rich & she’s clueless! Those jokes became tiresome & boring very early on & I quit watching. But with Whitney, I could clearly see that all the characters were slowly developing into their own, I gave it a chance and continued to watch. And just like my mother’s homemade soup…she added all the ingredients together and the longer it simmered, all those ingredients eventually developed together and made something truly enjoyable. That’s what has happened to Whitney and I most definitely want to see this sitcom renewed. P.S. “Drunk Alex” was SO incredibly funny that I did not delete it from my DVR after watching it. I watched it again last night and it had me rolling again! And the “landing strip” comment Whitney made? LOL The whole scene seemed totally natural…even unscripted. These two are incredible together.

  41. Volcfom says:

    Please renew! The show really turned a corner, starting with the “male break-up” episode between Mark and Alex. It is the only new comedy that has made me laugh to the point of stitches. I enjoy it more than 2BG, Chelsea, Up All Night, and even seasoned The Office.
    I hope NBC will give it another chance. From what I remember in ratings, it was on par with a lot of the Thursday comedies.

  42. jericho says:

    The show has grown a lot from the first episode until the present. In NBCs comedy world, they really need to give a show that has grown so much a shot to continue growing.

  43. chloe says:

    CANCEL it. Cancel both of her shows, and cancel her friend Handler’s show. They are horrible.

  44. Mali says:

    I think Whitney is a great show. It really makes me laugh out loud, which is rare for me.

  45. I don’t understand why people get so worked up over a show they claim not to like. If you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it. Why do you care so much whether it gets renewed or canceled? I have shows that I stopped watching like 2 Broke Girls and New Girl, they both lost my interest midway through, but I am not going to begrudge their fans and say those shows should be canceled. I just won’t watch them. I like Whitney better than those 2 shows, it has made me laugh aloud (where as I found the laughs to be more hit and miss with those other sitcoms I mention above, but I usually found at least one thing funny in most Whitney episodes) and I find Mark to be the funniest character especially when he is being a doofus. I like all of the characters though, and I think they have geled together better as an ensemble cast as the series went on. I admit I gave in to the hype that Whitney was bad and did not want to give it a chance at first because of that. I ended up watching all of the episodes on Hulu closer to the end of the season, which gave me a chance to see how the series had progressed. I think it got better as it went on and I hope that it will be renewed for next year!

  46. Linda Lou says:


  47. CJ says:

    Wasn’t really into this show in the beginning but stuck with it anyways, and I am so glad that I did. I really love this show and I’m sorry to see that so many people are voting “cut” after watching the pilot and not giving it a chance to grow into its own. A lot of shows have awful pilots and it takes a while to find a groove. Keep. Please.

    • CJ says:

      Also, anyone who has ever gone back and watch the first season of Friends or Seinfeld can see clearly just how messy a first season can be, but what a show with potential can become if given the chance.

  48. sam says:

    First impressions unfortunately stick, i stuck with it for three episodes and i think I got really annoyed with the entire episode’s premise that she got jealous.

    Having said that the new show the b in apt 23 is hilarious — but it’s the second episode that is laugh out loud hilarious and the pilot is just so-so. i saw both episodes online. Apt 23 premieres this wed after modern family at 9;30.

  49. Dyson says:

    I think we have a shot. After reading all these comments it’s clear i’m not the only one seeing how good Whitney is. Yes the first couple eps weren’t strong(although i really like the 3rd episode) but as it’s gone on we’ve come to care about the characters, and Cummings and D’elia have that something special that makes people want to watch them.

    I think NBC’s problem is the other networks have such established shows. Whitney was going up against American Idol & Survivor when it moved to Wed. Community is going up against BBT and American Idol atm.

    Whitney clearly has potential. I love 30 Rock and Office and Parks & Rec is just ok to me, but i laugh out loud more at Whitney than i have at those shows in a long time. Hopefully the NBC people don’t go by the word of a few people who never got beyond the first part of the season.

  50. Patrick maloney says:

    Cancel it! CanceL it as soon as possible, this is one show I will actually be happy to see go.