New Spoiler Alert! Hot Dair Gossip! New Girl Trouble? A Smash-ing Shake-Up! Lost Redux!

Gossip Girl is currently in full-tilt Dair mode, and we here at Spoiler Alert! are celebrating the couple’s newly consummated relationship the only way know how: with a doozy of a scoop!

This week’s installment of TVline’s new web series jumps ahead to May sweeps to tease a surprising new obstacle facing the frenemys-turned-lovers. And for those of you not riding the Dan/Blair ship, we have some non-Dair news about the possible return of a former Upper East Side resident. The twist? He/she is dead!

Wait, there’s more!

Episode 10 of Spoiler Alert! also features fresh intel on how Uma Thurman will be shaking up NBC’s Smash, a weighty dissection of Sunday’s Betty-centric Mad Men, and a closer look at New Girl‘s recent ratings woes.

And last but not least, get ready to relive one of Lost‘s most iconic cliffhangers in another retro edition of “Spoiler Alert Theater.” We have a hunch you’ll want to go back!!! and watch it again multiple times.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jude says:

    Regarding Gossip Girl, okay continue with Dair, whatever. I just want to point something out: funny how the only way to have good sex with Dan is being drunk. No, but really. Perfect couple, ladies and gentleman! :D

    • al says:

      That’s what you got from the episode? Wooooow, someone needs a brain donation.

    • Josh says:

      Totally true, if only Dan was abusive, he’d really be able to compete with Chuck! But sadly, no he’s a loser who respects women and most of all, Blair.

      • Jesus says:

        Don’t you know good sex is the most important thing? Chuck has so much practice with call girls and hookers and unwilling preteen girls, Dan couldn’t possibly beat him! Chuck and Blair 4evaaaaaaaaa

      • Shannon says:

        Did you know though, it wasn’t Chuck’s fist that hurt Blair… It was the window. Apparently. I beg to differ though.

        • Jeanne says:

          Remind me who punch the window? If I shot you, you’ll be dead because of me, not because of the gun.

          • Shannon says:

            Remember when Chuck punched the window whilst very angry and aggressive because Blair was getting married and the glass fell on her cheek and cut her? Yeah well chair fans are saying it’s not Chuck’s fault she got cut it was the window’s fault. Illogical ‘shipping’ scares me.

          • Shannon says:

            Ok I now I re-read it I think I can see your sarcasm. Oh well if not I explained it anyway haha

    • Jane says:

      I dont’ exactly want to wade into this shipper war thing, when I find both couples equally interesting story-wise, but the problem with their sex WASN’T that they were sober, it was that they’d built it up so much and were over-thinking it. It’s not that they can only have sex drunk, it’s that the alcohol let them just go with their instincts. I think now they won’t have any trouble on that front, though obviously, other things will show up. I happen to like Dan/Blair, but I also think the specter of Chuck/Blair hanging over their relationship will be an interesting thing for the show to deal with.

      Excited about the Return of Bart, and LOVED seeing that old Lost clip (albeit done a little differently). Made me nostalgic.

    • ggny says:

      i think it was more being drunk made them let loose and get out of their head and not over think it

  2. Annie says:

    “She may drop him for Chuck anyway” LOL. First thing that has came out of Ausiello’s mouth in months about GG that actually makes sense.

  3. Tiffany says:

    So happy that I no longer watch Gossip Girl, that show needs to be put out of its misery …

  4. Emily says:

    Thank you for the Bart scoop! I’m glad some sites are finally talking about things other than one single couple on GG. I really want to know about Chuck/Serena/Nate, and this is a good start. :)

    I want Bart to be alive, though. :( Not going to lie.

  5. jon says:

    As much as I love Spoiler Alert, and special guests, I hate to tell you that I always fast forward through Spoiler Alert Theatre.

  6. Chris says:

    “She may drop him for Chuck” WHAT? no Ausiello, that doesn’t make sense like at all, about the scoop..thanks but i think we already knew about it from the spoiler chat

  7. I don’t speak English so I understand better when the news is written, what say about New Girl?

    • Lauren says:

      They basically said that the ratings have halved since it premiered and they were worried about a second season. But they think it will be renewed because it’s a ‘critical darling’.

      • Thanks Lauren, I dont really understand why it has such low ratings, the show is great!

      • dargie77 says:

        I wonder if this has anything to do with DirectTV dropping FOX. I think viewership for all FOX shows has been down this week since this went into effect on 04/01. I don’t have DirectTV so I don’t know the status of all of this or if it really is impacting FOX’s numbers, but it is just a thought…

      • Personally I think the reason that New Girls ratings have dropped isn’t because the quality of the show has dropped it’s just the kind of show it is. It’s like cotton candy for your brain. If you want something that’s witty, engaging, intellectual or deep you have to go elsewhere. It’s bubblegum TV and maybe audiences are getting a toothache from all the sugar. That’s why I stopped watching. There really just isn’t anything hugely compelling or engaging about the show. It’s like watching a monkey play with a puppy. Sure it’s cute but it gets boring after a while.

  8. Jenny says:

    Dair, just love them. The best of GG!!! 

  9. alexa says:

    Ausiello. Let me love you. Thank youuuu for all the Dair scoop! I adore them so much!

  10. hannah says:

    please bart bass be alive. seriously. wasnt andrew in the car with him when it crashed? how come he was perfectly fine? well i guess the driver in 5×10 wasnt hurt badly even though he was in the front were the car crashed.

  11. Kelso says:

    Can I be really picky and just point out that run was ORIGINALLY done by Snow Patrol and then covered by Leona Lewis and not the other way around like matt said

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Noted. (Though I did say “I think….”)

      • vighorois says:

        Next time you might as well say Power of Love is a Celine Dion song covered by Jennifer Rush, or Make You Feel My Love is an Adele song covered by Bob Dylan.

        On a lighter note, Lost can provide plenty of Retro Spoiler Alert Theater. Even the sound effect at the end makes me nostalgic.

  12. Spoiler Request says:

    AUSIELLO can you please post times for each segment somewhere on the page? Like Mad Men spoilers start at 0:30, Smash at 1:34, The Office at 2:03, etc. I want to find out spoilers about certain shows only. I don’t want to be spoiled about other shows in the clip that I haven’t caught up on yet.

  13. Hollie says:

    run is a snow patrol song that leona lewis covered and destroyed it really annoys me when people think it was originally by leona

  14. Emily says:

    I HATE Karen . . .. TEAM IVY FOREVER . . .can Karen and Ellis fall off a cliff?

  15. Cheryl says:

    I was just about to post the same thing. Why would in the hell would Snow Patrol cover a Leona Lewis song anyways.

  16. Sally says:

    Drop him for Chuck? It have no sence

  17. ICU says:

    She is going to drop him for Chuck. We just don’t know in what context. Anyways, it’s nice to see Ausi going back to his biased ways.

  18. Star says:

    I really love Dair but you two are probably right poor Dan has got himself in the Chuck and Blair cycle of doom and he wil probably be a casualty just like everyone before him. Blair is just so obsessed with Chuck its hard to imagine it won’t come up by end of season. Chair is such a realistic portrayal of an obsessive unhealhy relationship EXCEPT the writers don’t see it that way so I am not on the same page which is why I just can’t enjoy Chair. I will however take whatever Dair cuteness comes my way and maybe get to see Blair a little happy for a few eps before Chuck comes around with his dark cloud of miserable manpain. I know Dair is dunzo this season prob so that will be the last thing I find interesting about GG so I will be freeeeeee. Lol

    I appreciate they gave a little Dair before Blair has to return to her pimp, its just tv so what are you going to do?

    • Jenn C says:

      “Dark cloud of miserable manpain” Ahaaaaaaaaaahahahaha That is the absolute PERFECT description of Chuck Bass.

  19. Jake says:

    What the hell? GG is going down the same crap over and over again, Dan and Blair define perfection in a couple and breaking them apart dosent make sense…’she might leave him for chuck anyway? what the hell man, Dan is the perfect guy for Blair instead of that low life spoilt brat chuck

  20. Carla says:

    Dan and Blair can conquer any obstacle, I have faith in them

  21. Maddie says:

    I love your little web series, Mike. It’s always interesting to hear what you guys think and I agreed with a lot of what you said. I’m really glad you brought Matt back too. He’s a great guy on here, helpful and cool with the plethora of fans. I’m glad Betty’s back on “Mad Men” and I agree that it’s hard to imagine Weiner doing something like that. Still love him though. And I’ve been a little worried about “New Girl” too. I really enjoyed this week’s episode and agree with Mike that it hasn’t dropped in quality and with Matt that it will get renewed. I think the DST effect is long gone so I’m not sure what the deal is. Hopefully it picks up again or at least gains some stability.

  22. ksenija says:

    it’s interesting how they talk about new girls ratings but there’s no mention on gossip girl’s ratings and the fact the last ep didn’t even hit one million viewers (first time ever for cw show). good work, safran, you should really be proud.

  23. rubytu says:

    Chuck is a tormented soul; only Blair has gotten past his walls of defense, seen him, loved him, understood him. He must have her.
    Blair is only with Dan because she believed that her “deal” with God would put Chuck in danger. Because she truly loves him so much, she set him free for his own good.

  24. Ana says:

    Never been the biggest Chuck fan, but I honest to God hate Dair, they’re so awful together it makes me cringe. I’m actually kind of annoyed at Blair and her sudden personality transplant… and she’s was the only character in the show I liked so I guess I’ll stop watching.

  25. ale m 84 says:

    i like dair so much i can’t even imagine how blair could leave dan for chuck,their relationship has grown day by day getting deeper and deeper,they love each other,respect and support each other,they have a strong connection,both physical and intellectual,they are meant to be together…when I hear people saying blair will always love chuck,I think they are right,but her love for dan is true as well,I think there are different kinds of love!a part of her will always love him but not the way he wants her to.dair in gg reminds of pacey and joey in dawson’s creek..she will always love dawson but their love was childish immature and made her stay the sixteen year old girl who lived by the river,so she didn’t choose him over pacey..blair with chuck is always caught up in schemes lies cheating,if she wants to stay trapped in this,she’ll choose chuck..if she wants to grow up and live a complete and mature love,with no games,revenges,brokenhearts and pain,she’ll choose dan!!!

  26. cj says:

    who are those fine ladies in the pictures behind you Michael? *rawr*

    thank you for the Lost flashback (see what i did there?!).

  27. re says:

    The New Girl ratings worry me as well especially since the show is getting better not worse. It makes no sense. And I’m glad that you like Betty! She needs more support. I think Betty is the most interesting character on Mad Men.

  28. Sabi says:

    Snow Patrol ORIGINALLY by Leona Lewis? WTF???! Get your facts right…

  29. Meghan says:

    I’m sure the reason New Girl’s ratings are down is related to Glee’s hiatus

  30. basslover says:

    I know Ausiello is a Dair shipper, which is fine, everyone is entitled to there opinion. BUT, when I heard him say “she’ll drop him for chuck”, my first thought was, THANK THE LORD JESUS!!!!!! I stopped watching the minute Dair set sail, and according to the downward spiral in ratings, it looks like I’m not the only one. I used to love GG, it was my guilty pleasure. I’m hoping that when I return for the season finale, this show can give me a reason to watch a, most likely, shorten 6th final season.

  31. Run is a Snow Patrol song. Written and performed by Snow Patrol. Leona did a cover of it.

  32. Hannah says:

    I just love Dair!! They are incredibly adorable!

  33. Pia says:

    THANK YOU Matt for saying “raising the question” and not “begging the question.” Also, New Girl is just not as cute and funny as it started out.

  34. C Wo says:

    Chuck and Blair made sense and were fun to watch. Dan and Blair together is like watching paint dry with the fumes making a person extremely nauseous. I would like to see Chuck and Blair back together but the show has made Blair so immature and unlikeable in this season it might be too little too late for this one time GG Fan.

  35. invisibletalent says:

    I love New Girl. It has a lot of talented people on it and they are still trying to find their characters true identities. This happens a lot on new shows. The characters are written a certain way and sometimes the team gets lucky and it just pops out. Take TBBT for example the characters slowly matured to their now best and loved selves. For that show though they were given a little help on how to play it. A certain birdie on the Internet suggested how the characters should and would be in RL. Same for New Girl. Give it a chance guys. It has lots of potential and you all need to just look a little deeper.

  36. katie says:

    Chair FTW!!!!

  37. JH says:

    The reason for the drop in ratings of GG? Dair. And Dair=likely shortened sixth season. Why? Chair fans will not watch Dair because Chair has been a five year relationship in the making. Dair fans will watch Chair because, well, let’s be real…she randomly decided on Dan after literally 2-3 episodes after professing her undying love for Chuck. So way to get GG canceled Dan and Blair fans/writers.