The Secret Circle on the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

Come mid-May (if not sometimes sooner), the networks will be making some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2012-13 TV season, and which … won’t. As we did last spring, TVLine is singling out select “bubble” shows to survey their prospects. Next up is a freshman drama hoping to conjure up a pick-up:

THE SHOW: The Secret Circle (The CW)

THE TIME SLOT: Thursdays at 9/8c.

2012 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

THE CASE FOR KEEPING | With so many plots still to be resolved and mysteries to be delved into, a well-crafted season finale unleashing the right twists and a great cliffhanger could push the show into the Must See category alongside The Vampire Diaries. The ingredients are all there – an appealing cast (more Diana, please!), dark threats, intriguing power struggles – but it just needs that extra “something” to kick the show into full gear. Also, considering the timeslot competition (Grey’s, the red-hot Person of Interest, whatever’s airing after American Idol) and the challenges that come with a first year show finding its storytelling groove, it’s possible Secret Circle just hasn’t yet gotten a fair shot to show us everything it has up its sleeve.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | The witchy drama is a solid companion to The CW’s vampy crown jewel, yes — but is that enough? There’s no sugarcoating it: Despite the build-up to its launch – It’s from Kevin Williamson! It’s also based on a L.J. Smith book series! It’s got magic! – TSC hasn’t been able to generate the same level of dynamic storytelling, ratings and buzz as its lead-in. And with so little real estate available – The CW only programs 10 hours a week – perhaps its time to give another series the plum perch behind the netlet’s most watched program?

Fox’s Fringe on the Bubble: Keep or Cut?

Vote below, then hit the Comments to make your own case for keeping or cutting The Secret Circle.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tina says:

    This show is poorly written at times, and definitely poorly acted by others. But I love this show. It is my guilty pleasure. I cannot get enough of this show. So really it needs to stay. If any channel can get away with sometimes cheesy and ridiculous scenarios masquerading as dark and sinister it’s the CW…and it has to keep this show.

  2. Dhhdddh says:

    They F—ed the show up by killing one of the main characters. Adam is an annoying jealous dusche he isn’t suppose to be like that. Then Melissa I don’t like her. Diana isn’t suppose to be jealous of Cassie.and last Cassie is annoying and Jake isn’t suppose to exist. Cassie and Adam weren’t suppose to be in a relationship this early. Nick was not suppose to be with Melissa. Nick and Cassie were suppose to date but they screwed that relationship storyline up.I hate the fact that the parents want to use their own children for their own selfish reason to get their powers back. What’s gonna happen when the group finds out their parents ( fayes mom and dianas dad) killed nick cassies mom and fayes grandfather they are so not going to like that once they find out, especially not Cassie they are gonna get their children killed if she finds out. I tried watching it for a little bit but I can’t do that anymore they ruined it. If Cassie and Jake end up together I will watch it again they would do something right by that . If not nick it should be Jake she gets with. But if not then cancel or cut the show would be the best thing to do.

    • katy917 says:

      If you’re going off the books, then Melissa shouldn’t be in it at all, she is an amalgamation of Laurel and Melanie :p but this show has not followed even slightly the books. It’s really annoying, as TVD don’t follow their books, either, but they find ways to give the book fans a nod, like with Klaus and Meredith – fans of the books will recognise where the inspiration behind these characters came from. But TSC there is none of it at all, if it didn;t have the same name and \I watched an episode not knowing it was based on the books, I would never guess in a million years!

    • cb says:

      Yeah like above it’s based off the books but not the books brought to tv. I haven’t read the TSC books but I’ve read the TVD and the way that show includes a name but the character doesn’t match the character in the book is very annoying. I just remind myself the show is the show and the books are the books. Sounds like the books are rather interesting and the show probably would have done better to follow them closer but at the same time for the last few eps it’s really picked up

  3. CJR says:

    Keep it! But dump the teen romances . . . and the guy of the week, enough already. Develop the characters they have, especially Melissa, Faye and Diana. To say nothing of the parent’s storyline and even the grandparents. That’s one tangled family tree they’ve got. More magic and intrigue, less maudlin teen lust and angst.

  4. Steve Z says:

    I would watch a second season of this show ONLY IF they let the kids in the circle SMARTEN UP.

    All the plots have been the same so far:

    Someone is introduced in the new episode
    That person “helps” the kids ONLY UNTIL
    That person tries to kill a kid/all the kids
    (usually while a school function is going on)
    Kids hold hands and chant the CW equivalent of “kumbaya” to save themselves.
    The kids LEARN NOTHING from the last episode and go on to repeat said process.

    Are you telling me these kids can’t come up with a truth spell or something?

    Almost none of them have progressed in their powers except Cassie. Learn to brew a potion ladies. I’m surprised that Faye hasn’t mastered anything that would give her some of the power she use to have.

    And where are all the other books? We still haven’t seen them all, and now everyone needs to look for a crystal?

    There are too many lose plots for a show that week after week seems to go nowhere.

  5. Whatever. I just tune in to perv on Robertson and Tonkin.

  6. Stay says:

    I really love this show! And it has so much potential to be a long term stuff! From here their current state to they go to college! There are many beings of the night which will be introduced!

    For the comparisment to other shows, Nikita and Ringer are pretty expensive! So they could get cancelled instead of this show! HoD I love as well and want it to get renew! And CW should already get the 10o’clock timeslot!

  7. Tina says:

    Something I would love to have clarified is the idea of the circles. They say that a circle is made up of 6 (which I know is different from the books 12) but if that is the case, then how were all of their parents in one circle? They talk like all of their parents were all witchy and met in the circle, but that would mean that the parents circle was 12. I could understand if they were two separate circles but that is never mentioned. The only one that talks like he was never a part of the circle is Blackwell. It is just a nitpicky thing that has been bothering me.

    • Hols says:

      Agreed. I feel like there are some serious back story loose ends that just seem like lazy writing/plotting. I mean its enough that you have to assume they all married each other and got pregnant at exactly the same time, so they could at least clarify things about the parents. like when they died, were they all in one circle, etc.

  8. Ram510 says:

    I’ve been wondering for a while bow that if it were up to me would I keep or cut TSC.

    On one hand it’s been bleeding out a lot of it lead in (way more than Nikita last season) and it just hasn’t quite caught on with an audience. It wasnt until the past few episodes the story has moved ridiculously slow and started very rough to the point that I would ask myself ” why am I still watching”.

    TSC probably won’t survive without a TVD lead in. And it’s pretty certain that CW will put a new show behind TVD (my guess is Arrow) so where could they put TSC where it won’t crash and burn? Wednesday @ 8? Friday @ 8 would be possible if the move or can Nikita (which I hope they give Nikita a season 3). It’s numbers are already kind if low and that with a TVD lead in, people have tuned out. With that said it feels like they would be renewing just to soon cancel (like Life Unexpected, maybe it’s a Brit Robertson thing lol)

    However it the most promising out of CW’s new shows this season. And if the want to save 1 new show just to save face and say they didn’t cancel every new show this would be the one (however does a network with such low numbers worry about “saving face” lol). As of the past few episodes the story has really picked and has been more entertaining that TVD as of late (even though anyone who has seen TVD knows it won’t be boring for long). I like Brit Robertson on the show and was the sole reason why I watched. I also like Chris Zylka and Joe Lando. This show has a lot of potential story wise and could do a lot with a second season.

    My final verdict would be to CUT this show. KEEP NIKITA!!! However if the keep TSC it’s not a bad decision just be prepared to replace it midsession like how they did with Life Unexpected. Unless this show makes a miraculous ratings turn around in it’s second season and can stand on its own with no TVD, which right now I don’t think it can.

    At least Nikita is consistent on a FRIDAY! TSC probably couldn’t do that Fridays at 8 which is where it would likely go.

  9. Christen says:

    Keep it! But writers take note, there is a chemistry between Shelley and Thomas on screen that makes you love them together, and makes the Cassie/Adam pairing almost painful. I read the books and loved them together but take some artistic license and send it a different direction because it isn’t working. (thank you no-more-love-potion!!) Otherwise, love this show and always look forward to Thursday night!!! Oh and please let Cassie be closer to the other girls, her isolation breaks my heart!

  10. Reward says:

    I prefer to see renew for Ringer and Nikita than TSC! Because, besides TVD, this show is really poor.
    Nikita and Ringer are two very different show for the the CW’s target and they can change it. Of course their ratings are so low … because people who watch this network are not used to watch these shows but only show where there are beautiful men and teen drama.
    Ringer and Nikita have many potential and they can direct, floor plan, a new kind of target (not women 18-39) that the CW haven’t.
    So, give a chance to Nikita and Ringer and cut TSC, 90210 and GG!

    PS: Did you watch “Ringer” last night? Well, it was amazing. And I don’t tell this because I love Ringer – actually, I had given up because the first few episodes were horrible – but because this show is changed.

  11. Ashley says:

    LOL this is show is not even close to being on the bubble. It’s the second highest rated show on the CW. Why would you even write this article?

  12. Donna says:

    When this show began I was very much on the fence. First 5 epiisodesI was thinking of dropping it. Then things got interesting. I think it deserves another season to see if it can continue to grow.

  13. sarah says:

    I watch tons of shows on Thursday and I watch Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle “live’ and record Greys and POI. I have not gotten to the point of LOVING Secret Circle but am keeping with it. However at this time CW only has 2 times slots open (Wednesday’s) so they have to cancel a couple more shows to make room for 4 pilots or they will just pick up 2 pilots and renew all the other shows. However I do not see that happening so for me of all the shows on the CW I do not want them to cancel: 90210, Ringer, Vampire Diaries. I do watch Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle and would like them to stay but I have a bad feeling for HOD, SC and Ringer. Then CW will bring in 4 new shows that will do worse than these.

  14. gidge says:

    I’m just happy to see something other worldy that’s not vampires or werewolves vs. Vampires or cartoon vampires. They’re everywhere and on my last nerve. Although they take A LOT of liberties regarding witchcraft (which really can be quite boring so I see why, plus it’s geared to teens) it’s quite good compared to what I’m normally forced to watch, so yes, please Keep this show and help me Keep my sanity.

  15. reebus856 says:

    I’ll admit that TSC started off verrry slow but has manage to rebound a bit since the Christmas holiday hiatus. I do recall that TVD did about the same in ratings during it’s freshman season. The problem[IMHO] comes down to writers & show runners. Actors can only do so much w/ what they’re given and the storylines have got to grab the audience’s attention. This is a show about the supernatural..not so much about teenage high school angst. the adults on the show have been under utilized eg.: Gale Harold, Ashley Crow,etc.
    This 2nd half of the season has breathed new life into the show they’ve picked up the pace and have begun adding story arcs w/ accompanying characters. The writers/producers for TSC could learn from TVD in that TVD episodes are more layered & interwoven now; making TVD more interesting to DVR & re-watch. All in all I say give TSC a second season and the young & experienced actors will step-up & the audience will follow too. BTW:1)it should continue to follow TVD, at least for one more season. 2) I’m still holding out hope for Nikita. Maybe it should move to another night(?)

  16. Aeysha Banfield says:

    Keep it! I love this show :) I love anything witchy or supernatural, ok so the acting is sometimes questionable, but I like all the characters all the same. The return of Blackwell has certainly made it more interesting! ;) I started to watch Ringer but got tired of it, TVD bores me, and allthough I watched all of Nikita up to date it won’t upset me if it doesn’t return. So yeah keep it…

  17. Emery says:

    Keep it. It’s not as good as TVD but it’s still in its first season and has improved greatly. I agree that Thomas Dekker is terrible but they can always kill him off.
    I love the Diana/Faye/mellisa friendship.
    It would really be a shame to cut this show when there is so much garbage that has been renewed for a new season. Eg Gossip Girl, that died after the second season

  18. joann says:

    I just don’t get why they introduced people like Gale Harold into a show and then don,t use the talent that he has. IMO they were looking for his fan base to help the shows ratings, and once they made it appear he was going to be a factor in the show and got the fans hooked, they kept giving him less and less air time. I voted to keep the show on, because he is still a part of it, But if it makes next season and Gale gets killed off or is still on in bits and pieces, I will just watch his parts on youtube and the show wont get this fan again.

  19. Jon says:

    The ONLY reason to keep this show is Pheobe Tonkin. All the other teen actors are subpar (maybe with the exception of Diana) and the storytelling is flat.

  20. Jake says:

    I say KILL TVD…Have Cassidy Freeman’s character wipe them all out. Sick of the over emotional vampires…Vampires are supposed to be bad ass. I have watched the vampire diaries and it makes me cry. It’s like Twilight…poor acting mostly…I mean Kristen Stewart cannot act without sucking in a breath every 5 seconds and the actresses in TVD are the same. AXE it. Keep the Secret Circle, Nikita.

    • jon says:

      Um… Cassidy Freeman’s character died this past week. Also, The Vampire Diaries may dwell on angsty emotions and love triangles a little too much, by they maintain a pace and storytelling dynamic that’s basically unrivaled by almost any other basic-network television series.

  21. katy917 says:

    CUT IT!! Anyone who says that this show is better the TVD is not watching the same two shows I am. I have watched TSC from the pilot and I keep watching it to see if it improves, but it doesn’t. TVD drew me in from the very first scene and I have been a HUGE fan ever since. The acting, writing, everything is perfect, with genuine chemistry between the cast. TSC there is not a single actor who I like, I find them ALL to be over the top, over acting, over cheesy – in over their heads! The story lines are stupid and uninteresting, the characters are incredibly boring, there is just nothing there. I watched it, as the books were my fave back when I was a teenager (I’m taking 10 years ago), and it was being made my the same peeps as TVD (and interestingly, I HATED TVD books) andb because I pretty much adore all things Kevin Williamson, but I just cannot like it, no matter how much I force myself to try, and I’m not a quitter, I have stuck with it and I do watch every episode straight away, and if it is renewed I will keep on trying. But I do feel there are better, more deserving shows on The CW (NIkita for one, and depote it’s poor reception, I like Ringer, too)

  22. Jeanette says:

    I like the show enough for them not to cancel but the acting does need to improve and cut some of the cheese lines.

  23. Molly says:

    This show is okay, but Cassie is super annoying and I hate her ~destined romance with Adam. The idea that TSC is going to be renewed while shows like Hart of Dixie and especially Nikita are in danger of cancelation is so frustrating.

  24. Morgan says:

    At the very least TSC should have a season 2 to see if it can build a real foundation. One season just is not enough. Besides, Gale Harold (Charles Meade) must have more screen time! :D

  25. Fran says:

    I’d like it to get a second season, but they need to utilize the entire cast including the parent generation if they want to secure extra eyeballs.

    Especially Gale Harold!

  26. BOBBI says:


  27. dramedygirl says:

    I tried to like this show and I even watch it every week, but the writing is weak and the acting (for the most part) is even weaker. Only Jake, Melissa and Diana don’t make me cringe. I’d like to see it go and something truly great take it’s place. It had all the “right stuff” as far as production and LJ Smith, but yikes, the writing is abysmal.

  28. mike says:

    Keep Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

  29. Cameron says:

    I think there is potential for the show. I wouldn’t get rid of it because it has made some missteps along the way. Bringing back in Nick -and getting rid of the Adam/Cassie romance subplot are positive steps in the right direction. It’s tough to build a mythology on a show like this but I believe it is starting to find it’s groove.

  30. LetishaCR7 says:

    OMFG…Vampire Diaries is the best show ever not only does it have the hottest brothers ever but it also has an awesome storyline.TVD next to Twilight are the best tv shows and movies ever made

  31. Chris says:

    I would say keep it not because i’m a fan but because i do watch the series and i want to see if after season 2 is worth the renewal!
    The main problem that this series in on the buuble right now is that CW was obsessed selling it as the next TVD that at one point the TVD fans actually were kinda skeptical if they wanted to see!
    When the premiere ratings came it was obvious that every TVD fan watched but then the comparison were inevitable and Boy did the Secret circle loose!
    I mean this show does not have the twist and turns of TVD!TVD has 2 jaw-dropping scenes in every episode besides some episodes that help for character development but they are still great!
    Also unlike TSC ,TVD has a terrific cast!I mean look at Nina Dobrev.How gret she handles to different roles!Remember this year’s People choice?she was not even in consideration and yet she won!That partly to her great acting!
    What’s more what TVD did better and smarter was the develpment of the main trio (and not only)!In the TVD fanbase yes there are some who are DELENAs and some who are STELENAs but everyone likes both Damon and Stefan!
    In TSC everyone hates Adam and Jake (Adam especially is the male lead and yet he is the most hated)…they even hate Cassie!
    Adam coild die and noone would care but if Damon dies the show will still be the top rated show on the network but the ratings will be down at least -50%!That due to the great story telling and develpment TVD gives to every character!The viewer cares about the show’s characters!
    Also TVD is more epic on its core!
    BTW i don’t think that this series will see a third season!I can see how eager CW is to promot “Arrow” so obviously TVD will be its lead in while TSC will be sent to Fridays or Tuesdays to die!
    I’m telling you the only two CW shows will be standing when the 2013-2014 season(?) will start are TVD and Arrow!
    SPN will end its run because the rating are not that goos and it also survived 8 season!Gossip girl right now is maybe the lowest-rated show on the network!The beauty and the beast series is already doomed!The carrie diaries will be the next Hart of dixie but also add the fact that it will dissapoint the alreay dissaponeted fro the movies Sex and the city fans!Ringer and Nikita for me are already saying their goodbyes!And cult is not the type of series that would survive on the CW just because CW is a teen driven network!

    p.s sorry for my english!

  32. Gina says:

    Watch both TVD and TSC with my eldest son. We love them both and there’s plenty to appeal to the varied age ranges. Hot girls (for my son) hot guys (for me) supernatural goings on and romance, teen or otherwise. We never miss an episode (being in the UK we’re usually behind) and look forward every week to what’s happening next. Love Stefan, Damon & Elijah in TVD. TSC definitely deserves a 2nd season, the twists and turns have been coming thick and fast in last few episodes – I’m hoping for a major cliff hanger for the season finale to keep everyone interested.

  33. gigi says:

    nikita and ringer has a very low rating and most likely to be cancelled this is according to tv by numbers at zap2it website.

  34. mina says:

    i tottaly love this show such a great show hope they keep it !!!!

  35. Ryan says:

    Keep – unless it comes down to choosing between TSC and Nikita. In that case, cut immediately. Nikita > any and every show on the CW right now, in my opinion.

  36. Tee says:

    I watched it for a while and finally gave up, I don’t miss it. Mediocre writing, acting, etc. But it looks better than some of the junk CW is looking at for the fall at least. And really none of the new shows this year have kept me interested. I’m still watching Hart of Dixie, barely, but quit Ringer as well a little after TSC (which felt long overdue).

  37. Bianca says:

    The first few shows were okay, not half as good aas the wons coming out right now so if you havent watched em, watch em.It got REALLY GOOD since episode 15 Return.Stop comparing it with TVD, its getting there you just gotta give it a chance.I really hope they renew it, I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW CW,PUHHHHLEASSE KEEP!!!!!(:

  38. KEEP IT! I think that TSC should be given a second season to really come together in the story and the acting. It has gotten a lot better since the beginning and it continues to get better. TVD and TSC are two different types of supernatural shows and should not be compared to each other. Also they are in different season. TVD has gotten better each season and I do think that TSC would too. I do think that there should be more male characters. I love Zylka and Hunter. And I am glad that Hunter is coming back. As for Dekker, I do not care for much and I do wish that they develop adults story line more too.
    I like Nikita. I have watched the show since the beginning but I hasn’t kept my attention the way that TSC has. I have watched TSC live every Thursday; where else, with Nikita, I would DVR it and watch it may couple days later. Nikita has had it second to develop and bring in more viewers, (even for a Friday show) and it has not done that. I have also watched every episode of HOD, and I can that it is cute and a good southern show but I would not miss it if it does not get renewed. Supernatural should also get it’s series finale too. It kinda feels like the stories are going in a circle now, everything has be done 2. I don’t look forward to the show anymore.
    I say keep TSC and cut either Nikita or HOD or both. Next season should be Supernatural’s final season.

  39. dude says:

    Nowhere near as good as TVD but still a good show. It’s just not must-see. I’ve never felt like I HAD to watch the next episode but the cast is really likable and it has a lot of potential. I think it’s earned a season 2.

  40. lisa says:


  41. Willbur says:

    Keep keep keep. It’s only getting better!!!

  42. Lauren says:

    Keep it! IMO I think TSC just got better with the addition of John Blackwell/Joe Lando. Surely there are some stumbles….but shows tend to get better in their sophomore season. We need more back story on the parents’ circle, etc.

  43. Deidre says:

    Keep!!! I am to old to love this show but, it is great!!!

  44. Alfred says:

    Bottom Line: TSC is my TVD replacement.

    It may not be as good as TVD was but at least I can watch a supernatural teen show without being forced to watch Klaroline romance. A thousand year old Vampire plucking a girl who is stuck as a 17 year old on her 18th birthday out as a lover is just ewww… It’s on the same level as Jacob from Twilight’s romance with Bella’s new born daughter. Not to mention he makes creepy drawings of her and cannot stop with the pedophile voice.

  45. Jen says:

    I like the series. I read the trilogy when I was a kid, so I was excited for the series when I heard LJ’s TSC was being made for tv. Love both Dekker and the girl who plays Cassie, but I think it was a serious mistake to kill off Nick and bring in his ‘older brother.’ In the series, he didn’t HAVE an older brother. Faye and Diana are COUSINS, not frienemies and Melissa…she’s not my favorite person by a long shot.

    The core of the trilogy was the push pull between Cassie and Adam and Diana, the friction between Cassie and Faye, and the adversarial relationship between the Circle and Blackwell, who by the way, I don’t think is as scary on the show as he was in the books.

    All in all, I like the series, I think it could get better, but I don’t LOVE it. I also don’t love TVD. So…there you go. There’s something compelling about Supernatural though. Maybe because I was such a massive XPhile back in the day and Supernatural was created by those guys.

  46. zombiehugs37 says:

    I would like to see it get a second season but wit some changes like not so much focus on Cassie, every guy wanting her, her having black magic etc. I can’t stand her character for some reason. Love Faye and Diana though.

  47. vissy says:

    If it comes down to this and Ringer I would definitely like to give Ringer another shot, TSC has mostly been the same the entire season, even when it was supposed to be shocking or revealing it turned out to be just “meh” IMHO, while Ringer has been dramatically improving over the last few weeks, not to mention the superior cast and acting.
    I was really excited when TSC was picked up but right now I find it hard to tune it every week.

  48. pat says:

    Keep! I love this show! And every thursday I come home with excitment just to watch this after a long day! It really interasting and I enjoy watching it!

  49. ber says:

    The problem with The Secret Circle is the cast. In The Vampire Diaries, even if the episode writting isn’t particularly good (which is very very rare), Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Candice Accola, Matt Davis are people that, by themselves, keep you interested. Their characters also have way more dept than what was given to the Secret Circle characters, it’s true, but the actors are not helping. So even though the portrayers of Cassie, Diana or Faye aren’t bad, they aren’t also capable of holding the show just by that. Maybe each one of them, if inserted in another ensemble would work, but all together, it is just not thaaat strong. On top of that, the show lacks male characters which tend to femininize the show too much which sucks because 1) Guys won’t be interested, 2)Girls won’t have their eye cand so won’t be interested. I think Chris is actually ok (he’s not a great actor, but he has some charisma and presence) but Thomas Dekker is really a weak link, especially when such a large part of the story is supposed to revolve around him and Cassie. Put on top of this a writing that tends to put things circling around the teenager issues rather than the actual supernatural and it’s a receipt for a show that could be, but never quite is. They’ve had good episodes, but even them, I tend to feel that much more could have been done. It lacks spark.

    As for its renewal chances, it will be back, because the CW cannot cut that many shows, but I don’t think it will survive next year when it is moved away from The Vampire Diaries (and it will be), especially if the CW makes the mistake of moving it to Fridays where it will perform much worse than Nikita! If it wants to live, it needs to reimprove itself next year, by doing a big change in their cast… Send Melissa away and have Adam killed in the season finale. Have them replaced by two guys who can act and bring spark (well known names would help). And move the story away from Cassie’s heart problems and Cassie itself, focus more on the circle itself. Romance and relationsips can be there, but as a result of the supernatural stuff, not the other way around! It still can be saved, if it does this andd if it is lucky. Unfortunately, I don’t see them doing this, so I think it will be doomed next year..

  50. Penni Fields says:

    I am an older fan (over 40) who watched this show from day one. I knew going in that this show was about a circle of witches.( I watch Supernatural too.) The storyline was a bit dragging along, I agree. I almost gave up on it myself. But then I heard Joe Lando would be joining the storyline as the much talked about John Blackwell. What a dream come true. He has added excitement and charisma to the show. Every week we learn something new about what happened 16 years ago. The show has been taking some twists and turns that what you think is happening, or might happen, doesn’t always pan out that way. It keeps you guessing and wanting to come back for more. At least it does for me. I would hate to lose Blackwell this season, and if this show is renewed for another one, I hope he is included. Not sure if I would watch it if he isn’t in season 2.