Report: Matt Lauer Signs Long-Term, Big Bucks Deal to Stay With Today

After lengthy negotiations, Today‘s host with the most, Matt Lauer, has signed a “long-term deal” to remain with NBC’s morning show.

“Matt is the franchise, and our franchise player has decided to keep leading our team,” NBC News president Steve Capus told the New York Times (which broke the news). “We’re just thrilled to have his considerable skills for many more years.”

Lauer’s new deal is reportedly worth roughly $25 million a year.

Spoilers on Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Glee, Thrones, True Blood and More

It was reported back in December that Ryan Seacrest was in talks to possibly replace Lauer, who had shown interest in leaving Today at the end of his contract. But this Wednesday those rumors were put to rest when the American Idol host dropped by the program with a “big announcement” — that he’d be joining NBC’s summer Olympics coverage — and ended up ribbing with Lauer about all of the apparently false speculation.

A formal announcement is expected to be made on-air during Friday’s Today.

Are you happy Today has secured Matt Lauer for tomorrow and beyond?

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  1. melosm says:

    I am glad he is staying. He is my favorite morning news person.

    • Jon Smoth says:

      Keep an eye out for how long he signs with Today and how many more years he signs for “NBC projects and specials.”

      Then note how long Seacrest re-ups with Idol

      Don’t be surprised if the exact number of years Matt agrees to stay on Today equals the years Seacrest sticks with Idol.

  2. Sparky says:

    Thank God now if they could just get rid of Anne Curry – she has improved but still I have to switch off every so often

  3. TV Gord says:

    Take THAT, Seacrest! :-)

  4. Linderella says:

    It took Katie Couric leaving for me to appreciate Matt. He and Meredith were a perfect team. I’m glad he’s staying. There’s enough change happening in the world – at least mornings will be familiar with Matt on the Today Show.

  5. Ethel says:

    I more or less agree with Sparky. Matt is the Today show but I still have a hard time watching Anne Curry even though she has gotten better. Nice woman but just not right for the hosting job. I miss both Meredith and Katie. So glad Matt is staying, now I won’t have to wonder what to watch in the morning

  6. Butters says:

    Thank goodness Matt has signed on or else I would have to switch morning programs. I will have to agree with the other posters, Ann Curry, respected tv news person, is just not cut out for hosting Today. She just lacks something and I just can’t place my finger on it. Matt has the it factor for the morning program and he had very good chemistry with Katie and even better with Meredith. Ann Curry does not have that chemistry with him.

  7. Mizz O says:

    I thought I was the only one who thought Ann is a great news person but not the greatest as co host. She’s okay but I enjoy Savannah when she hosts with Matt.

  8. Danielle H says:

    Can we say Seacrest out, Lauer still in? Yeah.

  9. Rjrtist says:

    With GMA beating Today the last three days, how long will it be before Ann Curry gets the boot? She’s the weak link.

  10. TV Gord says:

    TMZ is pretty much saying his re-signing is linked to Ann being dumped. Stay tuned…

  11. grumpy says:

    Buh Bye Ann Curry. Hello Savannah Guthrie

  12. outtathewoods says:

    So glad to hear that Matt is staying long-term. He IS the Today Show. I miss the Matt-Meredith days. It’s always great when she shows up on the couch–you can tell that he and Meredith are such close personal friends, and their chemistry really made your morning. I realize why the execs gave the co-host gig to Ann, but she isn’t cut out for it. She seems so uncomfortable making small talk with guests and the other co-hosts and transitioning from hard news to pop culture and other stories. I have to change the channel sometimes because the awkwardness is too much to bear. I think she’s done as co-host of Today, and she’ll end up being a “global affairs anchor” or something at NBC. I think Savannah Guthrie has this gig locked up.

  13. Tom says:

    Ann Curry has made the Today Show unwatchable. If the reports that she’s out are true it’s good news. Savannah Guthrie seems to have better chemistry with Lauer and Roker. And she can string more than four words together without messing up. If by re-signing with NBC, Matt Lauer helped accelerate getting rid of Ann Curry — thanks Matt!

  14. Jackie says:

    Wonderful! Now please get rid of Ann……………it is too hard to watch her. How about giving Natalie the job……………or better yet……………..Katie is looking for work! Today will lose more of us if Ann isn’t replaced. Her interviewing skills are serious lacking and she comes across as phony. I left GMA when Joan Lunden left and have been with Today ever since……but this week I have switched back and forth to GMA. Just saying………….

  15. Chrispy says:

    OK, now pay whatever it takes to get Meredith back. Loved her chemistry with Matt. Ann has no chemistry with Matt, stumbles constantly when reading the teleprompter, and has a sugary, fake-emotions interviewing style that just grates. They gave her the job because they were afraid that she’d quit if she was passed over again. But seniority doesn’t necessarily mean you’re right for the job.

  16. Laura Murphy says:

    Oh, man, I agree… get rid of Ann, please! She is a disaster as anchor. She sucks all the air right out of the Today Show, with her falseness, smarminess, and surprising ineptitude and awkwardness in her new position. She did well as a newsreader, but she is HIDEOUS as anchor. I knew Today’s ratings would fall once she took over and, unfortunately, I was right. Savannah Guthrie would be wonderful as anchor, as would Natalie Morales. Savannah would be the best, in my opinion.
    I’m so glad Matt is staying, because I was going to be one of zillions jumping ship if he had left. I watch much less frequently than I used to, as it is, because of Ann.
    Surely, if NBC had enough sense to pay that price for Matt, they’re smart enough to get rid of Ann.

  17. rwayne says:

    Why does anyone still watch this show? Lauer is the most boring person on morning TV. YouTube the Tom Cruise interview and ask why they pay this loser millions.

  18. Chris says:

    I’m so happy he is staying !!!! Love him!!! Now they need to replace Ann!!!!

  19. Lesa says:

    Wow, I must be the only person who doesn’t like Matt Lauer. If it ends up being Savannah & Matt, I’ll be moving on to a new morning show. I miss Meredith.

  20. eac San Diego says:

    I stopped watching the Today show when Meredith left. Couldn’t stand Ann before…definitely didn’t want to see her as co-anchor! Couldn’t stand Katie either. Katie would make me cringe when doing interviews…always turned her off. Even Ann’s appearance is wacky. Glad to see the back of her. NBC please don’t use her to sub for Brian Williams……Now there’s a class act…….

  21. Andy says:

    Matt Lauer could not be less informed. Ryan Seacrest would be my choice. I had to mute the tv during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies because Lauer just would not stop talking…please send him home.