Exclusive Video: Michelle Obama Sizes Up Biggest Loser's Kim, Calls Her an 'Inspiration'

In Part 2 of The Biggest Loser‘s makeover episode (airing Tuesday at 8/7c, on NBC), the weight-loss competition’s contestants get sized up by no less than First Lady Michelle Obama — and we’ve got an exclusive first look at one of the emotional encounters.

As seen in the clip below, FLOTUS tells Kim Nielsen, a 38-year-old single mom of three (and onetime WWE wrestler) who entered TBL at 252 lbs., that her dramatic transformation is an “inspiration,” one in keeping with the initiatives Obama backs, such as PALA (the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award), a pledge-based program designed to get adults and kids more physically active, and Let’s Move!, which is focused on solving childhood obesity.

Later in the episode, trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince lead the First Lady, the contestants and their families through The Biggest Loser‘s first ever White House workout.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. keith says:

    Mrs. Obama must not have been watching the show, because Kim (and Conda and to a lesser extent, Mark) are examples of how to NOT be a role model. Cant wait for this season to be over

    • Cody says:

      I’m so sick of hearing people attack this season. You don’t know these people at all. Here is what you do know…they were brave enough to air a very painful, difficult, and embarrassing part of their life journey…at the expense of “good tv”, producers opinions, and judgmental fans.

      What you see is not always real, but what is real is the gigantic risk these people have taken and the incredible success they are having at getting their lives back…they are all role models.

      • Angel says:

        They are not role models especially Conda, she has the type of personality that she will gain all the weight back, and I hope she does!!!

        • k says:

          Wow, I can’t even believe how cruel people are. How would you like people judging you without knowing you??? You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Sara says:

        Well said to Cody!

      • dane says:

        Cody – I am always a fan of this show and I agree that this journey must be incredibly difficult. I have always enjoyed the show.. but THIS SEASON the people seem to be less invested in the transformation than they are in the money. It’s like they are ONLY there because they want the $$$, the opportunities and the chance to do things they wouldn’t do if they were back home. It’s the first season where I actually felt like a few of the contestants are destined to go back to obesity within a year or so.

        I am not diminishing the pain and the frustration they have had to endure – but as a member of the audience I truly feel VERY disconnected from the majority of the cast. Yeah, it’s meant to be an inspiring weight loss show – but it’s also ENTERTAINMENT (which is the reason it’s on television). If an audience feels ambivalent about the cast, it lessens the experience to a great extent.

        Conda has been consistently nasty, bullish and mean. I don’t like what they are showing. The cast seem less connected to each other and more eyes on the prize than ever before. Even Bob Harper couldn’t come up with a whole lot of nice things to say about them when asked.

        I’m sorry but for the first time instead of seeing a group of people willing to put it all out there in order to get healthy and change their lives, I see a group of people clamoring to take advantage of a franchise that has launched fame and fortune for those who came before them.

        I respect your opinion and I would expect that you would also respect the opinions of folks who don’t see the pure motives that you see.

      • Adie says:

        You know I was realizing your point the other day. Obviously the contestants like the people who are remaining. From the beginning I kept thinking Conda is a gonner because I bet no one can stand her. However, we are only seeing what the producers thinks makes for good TV and showing us a “bad guy/gal” is good TV. Jr Ewing taught them that. I bet they are all nicer than they are portrayed.

      • Ida says:

        I TOTALLY AGREE with u Cody….People nowadays can’t differentiate what is real and what is not…What these guys had to go through to get to where they are now…are NOT an easy journey for them…They had to work their butts off to prove to their family, friends and to THEMSELVES that they can take back their lives….I RESPECT these guys for their efforts….As for these other judgmental ppl out there…Why don’t they give this a try…and see whether or not they ABLE to do what these guys had done !!!!

    • Gina says:


    • Brendan says:

      Every season is manufactured a certain way. The way they are portrayed on the show is not how they are in real life. Sam from season 9 and Koli were self absorbed jerks on the show but in season 11 when Sam was talking to Austin you could see what kind of person he is. Kim knows what she has lost. She is trying to get back to where she was and will try like heck to get there. She’s a competitor.

  2. Kristi says:

    Well duh the show wasnt airing when they went there. The seasons are taped months in advance!

  3. Kay says:

    I didn’t not realize Mrs. Obama was so tall.

  4. Diane says:

    Well we did see how you treated others. So I hope your apology is coming up soon, or you won’t be an inspiration to anyone, except how not to be.

  5. k says:

    Get over it, if you don’t like it, don’t watch. Complaining about it is negative….try being positive!

  6. Laura says:

    I so agree with Keith.. Cody the only people that attacked this season were the contestants.. the way that Chicago brother and sister were treated? Conda’s complete manipulation and basically a group of mindless idiots. Yes they did a terrific thing losing weight but from what they showed on TV you don’t have to have class to lose weight just fat.

    • Cody says:

      Exactly my point, what do you know about any of them except what you’ve seen 100 minutes a week…is Conda really that terrible? How were the Chicago brother and sister really treated? None of us knows anything outside of the media clips.

      I’m just saying maybe everyone needs to cut them some slack and accept that we don’t see everything…but what we do see proves that they have worked hard and overcome lots of obstacles to get healthy.

      Unfortunately, the last obstacle they will likely have to overcome will be judgmental and bitter viewers who have chosen to be manipulated by a tv show like a group of mindless idiots.

      • dane says:

        How about Bob Harper? Do you think he might know the contestants a little better than the viewers? Here’s what he had to say about this season’s crop:
        They hate me saying that but it’s like you know what? It’s true. It’s nasty and it’s tough.”

        The hateful drama each week on the NBC show has shown the least inspirational characters yet this season, and Bob hesitated for about one second when asked if he liked anyone on the show.

        “I mean…No.”

        With Conda, Kim and youth pastor Mark leading the pack of bullies, Bob did say there were contestants he liked, but they weren’t on his list.

        “There are some. I’m going to regret this. Emily, Cassandra, Chism, I love them they’re really fantastic. Buddy, buddy’s a really sweet guy. The rest of them, they’re nasty!”

        And the bad attitude they’re showing to other contestants isn’t sitting well with Bob, who called them out for their behavior.

        “Bullies, they’re bullies.”

        …. Hrmmm.. maybe what we are seeing isn’t COMPLETELY manipulated by editing??

        • Cody says:

          Good point, Dane…Bob certainly wouldn’t say what the media needs him to say. Interesting that the “bullies are (or were) on Dolvett’s team and the one’s he “loves” were on his team. Certainly the most unbiased article I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing it.

          • Dane says:

            Cody I appreciate your opinion – even when it is hidden under a pile of snarky sarcasm. :) But I ask this – why would Bob Harper say these things about the contestants if they were just untrue? It hasn’t been his habit in the past. He’s always been completely effusive about the people on the show. This is the first time he’s apparently decided to kowtow and play to the media’s demands. I wonder why?

            Also.. Biggest Loser is his meal ticket. Disparaging the contestants is not going to bring in numbers. It’s not going to make the show more popular. It’s not going to make him look like a good guy.. so what’s the motivation?

            As to your thought that he is only putting down Dolvett’s team.. um.. nope. He DOES mention that he has a good deal of affection for 3 players that were on his team. He’s allowed to feel closest to the folks he spends a lot of time with. That said.. Buddy is also mentioned and he’s not on his team. He does NOT mention Chris, Daphne, Megan, Jeremy or Conda.. all folks that had been on his team at one point or another.

            It’s moot. We each have an opinion. I happen to think that this season has been lackluster, the results have been less than stellar (compared to past seasons) and the contestants don’t SEEM as invested (excepting a few). You believe it is pure media manipulation and that these folks are genuine and hard working and that their lack of connection to the audience overall is the fault of the producers or the audience. It’s all good. I just hope the franchise is able to recover from what seems to be the majority feeling that this season isn’t great so that they can have an even better Season 14.

        • Brendan says:

          Then Bob is 2 faced. One for the magazine and one for the camera. On camera, he tells Kim he likes her competitiveness. Dolvet AND Bob liike her.

          • Dane says:

            You can appreciate someone for their drive, competitiveness, spirit and whatever else.. and still think they aren’t a nice person.

          • Dane says:

            And PS.. Kim is my favorite. I couldn’t STAND her a few weeks ago.. but I think she’s grown or (as Cody would have me believe) the producers have simply decided to show her in a better light.

    • Brendan says:

      Adrian comes in bragging how everyone needs to look out. He’s working out 14 hrs a day. He’s going to do this and that. He wears a scarf to a weigh in? C’mon mow. He needed to make friends and not be so loud. Conda is going to fall on her face, if she makes final 4 …. And I don’t think she did. Rumor is that Jeremy and Conda left when the twist was revealed. This competiton is a 3 person race right now: Kim, Buddy and Mark. One of them will be your biggest loser. I’d like to see Kim when the grand prize and Buddy win the at home prize. We’ll see

  7. Mary says:

    Last season was so much better. Everyone was trying to encourage everyone else. They all helped each other. It was hard to pick someone to root for because they were all so nice and positive. This years group was like a clicky high school group, either you were in or not. And if you weren’t in the “in” crowd, watch your back. Hopefully next season will be more like last season. That was positive and uplifting.

  8. MJ says:

    Isn’t it reward enought just to get on the Ranch? I would love to be there, The money cannot be a motivator. What will be the motivator when they get home? Why couldn’t they win something that is more geared towaords being healthy? I know it is a show and I believe that it has inspires people, it has me. The training they recieve is priceless. How many of us would love to afford a tainer? I am cuurently studing to be a trainer. I want to help people, but you have to want it for the right reasons. I believe that fitness, eating healthy, and being happy can change your life. Living a long productive life is what I am after, and that’s my motovation.

  9. Kate says:

    I have watched this show every year. There is almost always a bad guy. But as they transform they transform totally mind, soul and body. There have been some really nasty things this year and both coaches have said it. Tv does edit things but nasty is nasty, once or twice ok I expect it will get better but it never has. These people have shown their ugly side and therefore will always live with that. This should have made them understand that the picking at people doesn’t help them. Maybe that was their plan so that they could win the money. To every person that has graciously left this show because someone else needed it more I applaud you. It is not always about winning but truly for those two single moms that is all they care about. Ever wonder why they are single. Shows fudge it up some but they don’t make the ugly come out of their mouth that is all on them. I feel for their kids who will always have to deal with the fact that they were villains. I will not watch the show with my child in the room unless I am teaching her about how to not be a bully. I really hope that they have sought out mental help once they left the ranch. I hope my child is never exposed to the nasty attitudes those people have shown.

    • Steven says:

      I know Kim’s son, Logan. He and I sit right next to each other in school, and I’m in an aviation club with him. He’s told me before that his mother and father never got married because they just aren’t compatible in the long run. His dad is also an ex-wrestler, and he stays in touch with them. His dad’s always cared for them and is still a major part of their lives.

      I’ve only met Logan’s mother in person a few times. She is a nice person and was very polite. Her kids all care very much about her. Logan stays in touch with her and I think he calls her every week.

      As for the reasons she is on the show, it’s due to 2 major factors. First, she and her family are not very financially stable and haven’t been for the past few years. Second, because of this, she can’t afford to pay for a trainer to help her lose weight.

      By the way, Logan is the guy with braces in this video.

  10. Scott says:

    Congrats to Kim! What a rock star. So good to see the progress you’ve made!

  11. kristina says:

    My dad was actually a wrestler on tna with kim, she has a very inspiring personality and looks better now then she did before when she was in great shape! She is what young people should look up too.

  12. Drew says:

    I think what they are doing is AWESOME.

  13. Terry says:

    Way to go Kim! So proud of you!! Hope you go all the way!! You inspire us all~

  14. Hernz says:

    I didnt like Kim and Conda in the beggining…Whoever Conda and kim didnt like they were voted out. Conda is a Coniving Bitch, She’s doesnt really care to workout like she should, To me Jeremy and Conda still havent lost enough weight to show they are there to lose weight…Chris works hard to stay everyweek, i see that now with Kim, I watch every season and i love how everyone works hard to lose weight each week, Season 14 sucks….All they do is try to see who can get who kicked out…..money is good but losing the weight is more important.