American Idol Top 8 Results Recap: It's Just a Shame, That's All [Updated]

Jennnifer Lopez premiered a “music” video for her new instrumental single, “Dance Again,” on tonight’s American Idol Top 8 results telecast, and surely it’s a good lesson to the Season 11 finalists that with some digital blips ‘n bleeps, a shirtless fireplug of a backup dancer, and some high-quality sand in which to writhe, you too can have a Top 40 hit!

That’s good news for Idol‘s latest evictee and the seven surviving vocalists, all of whom have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they don’t need no stinkin’ Auto-Tune for an average day on stage or in the studio.

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That said, the evening wasn’t without its troubling moments. When Jimmy Iovine astutely pointed out that Phillip Phillips has played it safe with his song choice on Wednesday night and delivered his worst performance of the season, the Georgia guitar-slinger acted as if he was already beyond showing growth or development as an artist. “I’m just bein myself, dude,” he shrugged to Ryan Seacrest. “I’m not tryin’ to walk around the stage and touch people’s hands.”

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That’s all well and good, dude, but does “being yourself” mean singing off pitch and making faces like you’re suffering from acute appendicitis? Otherwise, maybe dial back on the smug-o-meter and acknowledge that if you’d already had everything figured out, you wouldn’t need a televised singing competition to get your music to the masses.

Okay, okay. End of rant. I mean, I don’t have a problem if the guy doesn’t want to wear a sequined Hilfiger jacket and cover Ke$ha’s “Blah Blah Blah,” but Jimmy’s advice — that Phillip needs to push himself musically if he wants to win — was exactly what he needed to hear. And if he really thinks “That’s All” was on par with “Hard to Handle” or “Movin’ Out,” then he needs to go back to the Idol Mansion, cue up the DVR, and give his Top 8 performance another listen.

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Before we get to results, a few other thoughts on the telecast:

* Anyone notice Tommy Hilfiger relegated to the cheap seats with Season 3 finalist Matt Rogers? I suspect by the time the finale rolls around, he’s going to be stuck at the auditorium door pleading with a junior publicist, “But I don’t need a ticket! I’m the Season 11 style guru!”

* I kinda love that Ryan Seacrest, despite being possibly the busiest man in America, is still willing to play the role of full-service host/concierge/nurse, as evidenced by his message to light-headed, nauseous Joshua Ledet: “If you need anything, let me know!” (Cue Joshua ringing a little bell right before Keiran dims the lights: “Ryan, can you get me a warm ginger-ale and some Saltines?”

* If they’d given him an 866-number, I’d have immediately speed dialed for the kid in the far left of the front row in that video of Vietnamese schoolkids cheering on Joshua.

* I really hope Jimmy’s “Jessica needs bigger songs” critique wasn’t his subtle way of pushing her into an “all ballads, all the time” Thia Megia Ghetto. (Cue Jessica dominating the competition on a steady diet of Disney princess ballads from now till the end of May.)

* “Why are there five vocalists?” –my hubby, making a valid point midway through the Wanted’s performance of “Glad You Came” (Also, Sebastian on Glee sang it better, no?)

* Jimmy’s general disdain for DeAndre seems to be dispoportionate to whatever commercial shortcomings the kid might have at this moment in time, no? Maybe there’s a tiny bit of jealousy over DeAndre’s magnificent mane?

* Honestly, Elise might’ve been better off just agreeing with Jimmy that she’d experienced an “old-fashioned choke” rather than give a convoluted explanation that the more she feels a song, the harder it is for her to stay on pitch. Cute headband, though!

* Kellie Pickler was so solid tonight, I’m not ruling out downloading “Where’s Tammy Wynette?” Then again, I might just play the KLF’s “Justified and Ancient” instead.

And now, let’s talk results.

Sent Immediately to Safety (in Order of Announcement)
Joshua Ledet
Jessica Sanchez
Colton Dixon
Skylar Laine
Phillip Phillips

Bottom Three
Hollie Cavanagh
DeAndre Brackensick
Elise Testone

First One Sent Back to Safety
Hollie Cavanagh

Lowest Vote Getter
DeAndre Brackensick

Last-Chance Performance
DeAndre delivered a loose and funky encore of Stevie Wonder’s “Master Blaster,” which combined with his terrific Wednesday-night “I Like It,” proved he’s starting to figure out what to do with that hypnotizing voice of his. Give the kid a couple years for some emotional growth and increased confidence/stage presence, and you could be looking at Idol‘s next big “voted off too soon” success story. But ultimately, I’ve got to side with Steven and Randy who outvoted J.Lo and decided not to use the Judges’ Save.

And now, I turn things over to you.

Did the right person go home? Should the judges have saved DeAndre? And what did you think of Kellie Pickler’s latest performance? (I rather liked it!) Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol news, interviews, and recaps, do follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ilene says:

    It’s amazing!! They all loved him last night, but couldn’t save him tonite? They are keeping the save for a few people and that’s obvious! DeAndre is so talented….and he’s only 17! Why doesn’t Jimmy remember that? He’s so mean to DeAndre. Isn’t Idol about amateur talent anymore? Jimmy has issues….he thinks we care what he thinks!

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      Deandre made me happy, but I’m glad they didn’t use the Save tonight. I think it should be reserved for one of the women. Think about it: In every season where the Save has been in play, a male contestant was saved, and a man won. If they save a female contestant this year, perhaps it will bring good fortune to the ladies’ side.

      • I also agree it is to important to retain the save because if they used it that would mean 2 would go home next week and it would be certain that Deandre would be one of them.
        This at least gives hope to a judge favorite , Joshua to consolidate some of the votes to his banner.
        I could see the judges using the save next week if anyone else other then Hollie is on the hot seat.

        • Andy J says:

          Even if they use the save only one would go home because two already went home in one week (Jermaine and Shannon). However, I don’t think DeAndre was the right person to have used the save on. I think the judges will use the save because they have to to get the show back on schedule-otherwise the finals will be one week early.

          • oh ,, did not know it was scheduled so it had to be used . guess this means they can save it till the last week if needed.

          • Medic says:

            The judges will only use the save for contestant they know can WIN (unlike last year when they used it on a contestant that had no chance of winning the entire enchilada). IMHO There are only three people whom they will definitely use the save for with two more they possibly may use it for. Philip, Colton and Jessica would DEFINITELY get the save. Skylar and Elise may get the save. Hollie and Joshua better have your friends dialing.

          • Lee says:

            I think the judges will use the save for Jessica and Joshua and maybe Phillip. I doubt they’ll use it on the others. Hollie is getting worst and hasn’t proven that she deserves it. Elise is inconsistent so why will they waste it on her. Skylar finally had one good week so it’s still too early to tell if she’ll get it. And I doubt the judges will use it on Colton because he has yet to get a stand ovation from them.

          • Joy says:

            @Lee Barring truly surprising performances next week, I don’t think either Phillip or Joshua would deserve a save if they happened to be the low vote-getters (improbable, of course), because neither has mastered the art of not sounding the same every week. Joshua’s mad talented, but if Hollie’s getting comparisons to Pia Toscano, Joshua deserves them, too — since top 13 week he’s chosen nothing but big diva ballads, most of which are way overdone on Idol (three of them were performed last season alone…), and even when what he brings to them is brilliant, it’s become a little too predictable. And Phillip…well, others (including Jimmy, now) have said it all on that count already. The judges should use the save for either of them only if it’s the last possible opportunity. Otherwise, I hope they’d hold out for a chance to give it to a contestant who’s consistently excellent *and* still growing — either Jessica or Skylar could claim to fit that bill after this week. I do agree with you that Elise would be a long shot, even though she’s my personal favorite — as would Hollie, and I’ll be very surprised if it’s not one of the two of them in need of it next time. I wonder what the producers have up their sleeves to fill that extra week if the save doesn’t wind up getting used at all — maybe a two-week elimination cycle for the top five, with both weeks’ votes counting toward totals?

          • TC says:

            There is NO DOUBT in my mind the judges would use thier save for Joshua if need be. They love him and rightly so. He is, by far, the most talented of all the male contestants this year.

      • gregk says:

        Glad Deandre was not saved; we don’t have to see that flopping frizz anymore. Great to see a guy was at the bottom since the girls rarely consistently get much love (with the exception being Jessica). I’ve given most all my votes for Hollie every week since I knew she (and most of the girls) would always be the ones in trouble. Same story every year going back to Haley and before her Allison Iraheta (her version of “Alone” was one of the best ever).

        • Libby says:

          Hollie is hardly in the same category as Haley and Allison. Not even close.

          • Tusk says:

            Agreed, I wanted and predicted a growth arc for Hollie that never materialised. She’s been running in place the entire season, and now she’s starting to sink.
            I didn’t follow Allison’s season, but Haley’s growth arc accelerated week after week, she flourished as the pressure increased. The same cannot be said for Hollie, in fact, Hollie started off as a front runner, and last year it was, “Haley who?…..Scarnato, right? :P

      • karenb says:

        Why should the save be used simply because someone is a female?? I’m sorry-but Hollie stunk and she knew it. Deandre had his best night so far and the judges couldn’t stop raving over him. I don’t think for a minute that Deandre got fewer votes than Deandre. But apparently, the judges are on the same thought process to push the females through, no matter what happens.

        And Sleazak, while I do agree with you that P2’s attitude was pretty bad, please remember that no, he may not be suffering from “acute appendicitis,” he may be suffering from his kidney stone condition! I’ve been thinking that r hasn’t looked well these last few weeks. Give the guy a break! Sheesh!

    • gailer says:

      I loved DeAndre but I think the judges knew he didn’t have a chance to win and thus, didn’t use the save. That’s the only reason I can think of unless Jimmy was twisting their arms behind the table.

      • Sandy says:

        Yeah, I’m still a big Deandre supporter but since he fell into the bottom 3 twice in the past 3 weeks, the judges have to know that saving him won’t change people’s minds and make more of them vote. I personally wanted him to stay longer so I’d have more iTunes singles to buy, but that’s just me. I still love his voice and think the voice and look make him very marketable, but he went about as far as a R&B soul crooner can go on Idol.

      • shelbybb says:

        I think they were so preoccupied with hoping poor Joshua would pass out on stage that they couldn’t think clearly!
        (Hope he’s feeling better!)

        • sam says:

          honestly, why didn’t they just declare him safe and let him go rest! I thought they were keeping him around because he was in the bottom 3

        • donie says:

          That was some boring, awkward tv … Ryan asking Joshua how he felt, Ryan telling Joshua to just tell him if he needed anything, Ryan asking Joshua if he could stand …

    • Marianne says:

      I also knew they wouldn’t save Deandre. They need to use it for someone who has a chance to win. I LOVE this kid, but I never expected he could win. He is too polarizing. He isn’t typical Idol “material”. The thing is. . . the typical Idol “material” has been soooooo boring to me. That’s exactly why I loved him so much. He is so talented. As far as Jimmy – – what a jerk! He has NEVER liked Deandre, but it really pissed me off when he said he hasn’t progressed/improved, comparing him to Joshua. Joshua hasn’t changed one iota since the beginning. Also Joshua, though still young, is 2 years older than Deandre. Stupid comments. People stupidly confuse not liking someone with not having talent. As for Phillip Phillips. . . all I have to say is – Deandre – – keep touching hands! Phillip was awful last night, yet Jimmy says Deandre was the “worst of the boys” last night. Idol – you can keep your typical “material”. I’m going to have some free time on Wed & Thurs going forward.

    • bigtuna21 says:

      You should care what Jimmy thinks he’s more successful in the music industry than anybody on this show (Steven Tyler aside).

      Who cares how old DeAndre is? He’s in a singing competition and wasn’t nearly as good as the majority of the remaining performers. This isn’t a competition for cookies and participation medals, it’s about making them better performers and finding talented musicians. Jimmy should be thanked for being the only “judge” who gives consistently real feedback.

      • Joe Strummer says:

        Well said bigtune — Maybe that’s what’s wrong with America!! Everyone has to “feel good” and get a participation trophy.

        There are winners and losers in the world. You CAN”T win every time. If Deandre can’t take it he shouldn’t be in the contest. There is no need for coddling these contestants. The real world is MUCH, MUCH harsher.

        This will HELP Deandre in the long run.

        • CAM says:

          Absolutely, Joe! So tired of the “everyone is so perfect” approach. If he can’t handle what Jimmy is saying, he won’t be able to handle the music industry and he won’t grow as an artist.

        • Krista says:

          Joe-why do you say that if Deandre can’t handle it, he shouldn’t be on the show? Deandre handled himself very gracefully last night.

          • Joe Strummer says:

            It wasn’t to Deandre. He handled himself perfectly fine.

            My rant was toward Ilene who said that Jimmy Iovine should remember how old Deandre is and to be nicer to him. I think that is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. If he didn’t do as well as the other contestants he should be called out on it.

            I do, however, think Deandre is a nice kid and always handled himself fine. Actually, he did better than Lauren Alaina did last year and she was about the same age.

      • Tarc says:

        I think part of it is that Deandre will have trouble finding a team that can consistently write music for his (great, cool, interesting) unique voice. And even if they do, will the public buy it? Jimmy’s looking at this as a money making venture as well, and Deandre presents a huge financial risk compared to, say, Skylar, who will probably make money whether she was first or thirteenth. I really like Deandre – but he nned sa few years, some touring, and then he needs to really find or write songs that work for him. He’s not there yet, so it was quite a fair elimination.

        • SallyinChicago says:

          So true! Except neo-soul is hot these days. That’s where Dre would fit, but he would a Neyo type song writer to write for him. If Jimmy was smart, he would do like Simon and take the boy contestants and turn them into one direction. I thought that’s what would happen to Stefano last year, but he’s a solo. I think Deandre would work in a boy band, and then break out as a solo.

          • duranmom says:

            I don’t think Philip would be too keen on being in a boy band. He always looks like he’s going to hurl when he gets screams and applause. After his “I don’t touch hands” comment last night, I have really soured towards him.

          • Templar says:

            I think P2s remark about not touching the fans was a cheap shot at Colton. P2 is more egotistical and calculating than you’d think. He’s kind of creepy in a Criminal Minds kind of way, too.

      • Pfigg says:

        AMEN. Nuf said.

      • HudsonRiverside says:

        Agreed. I also don’t think Jimmy meant that Jessica sing only slow ballads. Just the opposite, she needs to step up her game and show more of her vocal identity to stand out more. Similar to the way she did in the duet and in the Vegas trio. The audience already knows she can sing the slow songs, but she has more to her style of singing that she hasn’t yet fully gotten across. Perhaps if they get to venture into the 2000’s in terms of themes lol.

    • DeAndre had a good night LAST night, but was he gonna win this show? Is he more talented than Jessica or Joshua or even Phillip who would have been in danger if they had used the Save on him? No shot. They and I mean Randy and Steven, did a great job holding that save for someone who has a shot to win, not just get antoher week. I am getting less and less resepect for Jennifer as this competition goes. First she wants to save Heejun now DeAndre. For a chick who wants another chick to win, she is sure not helping the matter.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        Actually Randy had it right about Dre….he IS the most commercial of them all, because I don’t see any of them being big stars. But it’s clear that Jimmy is on the Skylar band wagon (Reba 2.0) and wants another country singer (ala Scotty) and he’s going to push Skylar.

    • Ruby says:

      They SHOULD keep the save for only a few people. Deandre is a cute kid, a good singer, but his style of music is outdated and he never would have won this thing. Best to cut him loose now and use the save on someone who could actually win…this is about the time we get a “shock elimination” so they’re going to need to use it to save Jessica or Phillip most likely. Or…since America seems to actually be getting it right this year (for ONCE, there is a God!) maybe they won’t need to use it at all.

      • SallyinChicago says:

        His “style” of music is not outdated. Have you heard of NEYO? Eric Benet? Anthony Hamilton? Neo soul is hot in the urban cities, maybe not the “majority” areas, but neo soul is hot.

      • Renda says:

        I actually said the same thing last night! I’m so surprised because every week I expect the person I like (Elise) to go home and then America gets it right! Although I thought Hollie was worse than DeAndre this week I thought that those two should be the next to go. Although Elise had a bad week, she has shown she has the chops to win with a string of consistently great performances whereas the other two have been underwhelming. Hopefull America sends Hollie home next week.

      • LA says:

        I dint care much abt Deandre. I’ve always known he has a beautiful voice w/c is quite unique @ this day & age; I thought his voice was reminiscent of crooners’ voices such as Prince, El Debarge, a hint of Smokey Robinson, and Earth, Wind & Fire, etc. I thought he wld be one of the early favourites given his young, good looks. The kid can perform, w/ or w/o flipping his beautiful curly locks w/c I don’t get why so many people hate (bitten by the green-eyed monster perhaps?). After watching his performance last week, I cld’ve sworn Hollie deserved to get the boot. Oh well. Now that Deandre’s gone, who wld the voters be ranting abt next? I noticed that Hollie is always being compared to Jessica. On last Thursday’s elimination night, when Ryan asked Hollie abt the previous night’s judges critique, she shyly looked back over her shoulder to where Jessica was sitting and said, “I mean Jessica’s great.” No explanation as to why she seems to be going down each week. Throughout the show, I felt sorry for Hollie whenever I saw her w/ her head bowed down looking so defeated and abt to burst into tears. Hollie is a good singer. This season is her 2nd stab @ American Idol, along w/ Colton, Deandre, Elise. Hollie should just relax, be comfortable on stage infront of the judges & the audience, stop worrying & analysing herself, & refrain from over-thinking & comparing herself to Jessica. She just might successfully connect her emotion w/ her song/performance. c”,)

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I thought Hollie was the one to go home. As for Jimmy and Deandre, from the beginning Jimmy hasn’t warmed to Deandre, and I think it’s because Deandre (as Gwen Stef said) doesn’t show confidence. He was getting there, and he felt more at ease Wednesday. Last week was da bomb performance. But he has to deliver every week above and beyond. But he’s young, he’s probably happy to go on tour.

      Like Slezak wrote, in two years, this kid is going to be a star. He needs to get with the right label and management. The little girls love him.
      This season there are no “personalities” like S10, and the diversity and range isn’t there. I’m not warming to anyone. There haven’t been “wow” moments, even tho the judges have given standing O’s. When is that “wow” moment coming? I think Elise nailed it last week, that was about as close a WOW as we’ll get unfortunately.

    • Pat says:

      I, too, found it heartbreaking that DeAndre wasn’t saved.. I do know that he is much better than most of the other singer.. I will never watch American Idol again and have no more interest in who wins..

      • Michael says:

        Be sure to tell me what you think of next week’s episode…because we all know that you will be perched in front of the tv next Wednesday.

    • Hey Iiene…A lot of people do care what Jimmy thinks! With all the “beautiful” Bulls*#t the judges are slinging around it sure is nice to hear some truth on the show. You are in the minority. You have issues…and you think we care what you think! Liene, you are not worthy to carry Jimmy’s bags!

      • Ilene says:

        Maybe you could start by spelling my name right!! There’s a way to criticize and then be downright mean! And frankly, I especially don’t care what you think! You probably can’t sing your way out of a paper bag, so Dre deserves credit for putting himself out there because he does have amazing talent! You probably enjoy the opera! I watch AI for something new and different, not the same old crap! It’s called karaoke and that’s what most of them sound like.

        • Come on Ilene says:

          Why must you put down opera in order to defend yourself. Ignorant, very ignorant.

        • Joe Strummer says:

          If you are watching AI to find something new and different I think you’re watching the wrong show. Most of these contestants are just pale imitations of their favorite singers. They even sing the same old songs. It’s really a glorified karaoke contest.

          Nope, nothing new and different here.

  2. Auby says:

    The judges should have saved DeAndre. He is growing and he is the entire package and not a 1 trick pony like most of the remaining 7.

    Elise and her stank face should have gone.

    • gailer says:

      I now have no clue who they are waiting to save???? DeAndre is unique and talented

    • Ray says:

      You are wrong, wrong,wrong!! It is obvious that DeAndre is not the entire package. He is a one trick pony, but I do agree with you that there are others in that zone. But Elise is much more talented. What stank face? Are you against her because she is older than the other contestants.
      I think she has taken the criticism very well.

    • LM says:

      No, Elise “and her stank face” totally deserved to stay.

    • Ann says:

      DeAndre has a nice voice but he really should waited about two years to compete. He could have won then…right now, I think he’s clueless about some of the songs he sings. He sometimes looks lost. I would have loved to see what he could do in two years.

    • Erin says:

      They already saved DeAndre. With the wildcard. A save on top of a wildcard pick is like the judges forcing someone down the public’s throat, and it just won’t work. They probably wouldn’t save Elise either because they “saved” her over Jeremy. And because she’s a girl.

  3. C says:

    I’m stunned, but happily so, that we now have more ladies than guys in the Top 7! I think it was also telling that, when singing for his life, Deandre chose to do a song that featured his falsetto on only one note–the last one! I KNEW J.Lo would want him to stay, but I’m really glad I don’t have to hear anymore of her comments about him. Speaking of J. Lo, that video was totally inappropriate for a show that families watch together.

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      Families don’t watch this show together so much anymore. The median viewing age has gone up, and it’s clear from the last four elimination trajectories that it’s mostly older women who do the voting. Plus, it’s not “cool” enough for the kids anymore; 11 years is too “old” for a TV show. Their attention spans are so short, and they’re all too into the latest Auto-tune sensation to watch someone with a legitimate voice try to make it big. It means nothing to them.

      • chistosa says:

        Exactly how is it clear that mostl older women do the voting based on the last four eliminations? Most “older” women I knew loved Heejun. It was younger people who dislliked him. And Erika? She was an “older” woman herself and again most mature people I know thought she was one of the best voices in the competition. And Shannon? She was just too young and pageanty for most people of all ages. So what is the criteria or where is your data that mostly older women do the voting? Sorry Idol Flash, I don’t believe that. Perhaps you could just look at it as people who love music votoing for music that they would pay to listen to. And that knows no age demographic.

        • Calabash Meerschaum says:

          maybe he meant the last 4 seasons instead?
          Its pretty clear that AI’s core voting audience is older white women based on the string of “safe” white guitar-strumming MALE pop singers…lots of texting ‘tween girls too, but I think the show is quickly losing its cool factor amongst that set…

      • Marsaili says:

        I’ve watched Idol every year with my kids since season 5 and my friends watch with their kids, 3 of my kids are now grown and if they aren’t working they watch and I now watch with 2 of my teens. I don’t know where you people get your ideas that families don’t want and teens don’t watch. It isn’t true at all. No, it is not mostly older women doing the voting—since the voting is completely a secret, I really want to know where you get your information. Speculating doesn’t mean it’s a fact.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I liked his exit performance, but I was wondering why he didn’t sing Sometimes I Cry. Doesn’t he know that judges like big showy glory notes, or at least the Deandre-fied falsetto equivalent?

    • Yeah, that was pretty repugnant. If I want breasts pushed in my face, I will watch the Voice. Last week, Nicki Minaj and this week the JLo vid. Makes me wish Jessica would just remain a youtube star if she’s gonna have to ho it up to be part of the biz.

    • adamfan says:

      totally agree, I am not a religious prude but felt uncomfortable watching this with my kids. Also, am sick of this stupid, phony act JLo does of behaving like a cute little girl with those stupid goosies and the next minute being really provocative and sleazy. Pick one. Also, must she act so surprised that the video will be show, we know that you probably had your agent make many calls to have it air or this type of a self promotion is already part of your contract with idol.

      • Ruby says:

        Because women can only be virgins or whores, right? Not, you know, complex human beings who have several sides. Who do you think you are trying to tell someone to “pick one”? Ugh.

        • Erin says:

          But J-Lo is not in the business of being a complex human for the public. She has a persona. Steven doesn’t try to act like the sensible numbers guy while being his dizzy dreamer self, but I bet he can read and understand contracts. She comes off completely disingenuous and phony acting shy about that video. But then she’s always been a terrible actress.

          • Amy says:

            Well said, Erin. I agree with that. (And before Ruby shoots me, I also agree women are complex human beings!) But I thought of that comment in terms of Jen’s “public persona” too, not overall as ” a woman in her real life.” And she does just come of sickeningly “disingenuous and phony” acting shy about the video etc…totally agree.

        • adamfan says:

          I agree with being complex with many sides, I am. I meant that JLo is trying to have it both ways when it comes to her image. She just comes across as terribly phony. Maybe she just can’t pull it off as well as some other entertainers.

    • JudyVee says:

      I agree that JLo’s video was inappropriate for this audience. Fortunately I had recorded the show and could fast forward through the whole thing (because it was also pretty lousy). About DeAndre – I enjoyed him a lot, but it was fine the judges didn’t use their save. They shouldn’t use it on Hollie either, and I hope she is the next to go because the remaining singers are all stronger and more interesting, not because I don’t like her. (I wish she had gone home tonight and DeAndre had gotten to stay one more week.) Elise is a really terrific singer, gorgeous tone, interesting choices…she just had a bad solo performance last night. Love Joshua. Love Skylar. Hope they’re still standing at the end of this.

      • Andy J says:

        Hollie is a fantastic singer and am psyched beyond words that she was safe. She has a powerhouse voice and hopefully next week will hit it out of the ballpark. I agree that Elise is fantastic-thats what maturity means. Unfortunately I get the feeling that the PTB have decided that she is too “mature” to win-to hear some of the comments one would think she was Grandma Moses,

        • Joe Strummer says:

          Holly just thinks too much when she sings.

          • Amy says:

            Hollie started out this season as one of my “top singers.” But I have seen too, especially this year with so much front-runner talent, overall she’s got work to do and so she’s fallen behind. Voice aside, she just didn’t bring what I thought she might, in terms of song choices, surprises, growth, performance skills or self-awareness as an artist. Unfortunately, all skills needed for the way Idol is played.
            She has so much power “gone wild” right now, that is all we’re hearing. To me, she has not yet learned to finesse her vocal skills, so we don’t really get to hear the actual beautiful tone, and interesting qualities that I think are in there too. She also seems to need experience to lose some of that “I’m concentrating on what I’m doing” stuff, and ease of movement and performing (tour should help.) All hopefully with time, because she certainly has a voice. And yet, not all big voice singers make successful artists, especially these days. But then, so many factors involved, can’t predict any of it for any of them! Makes for entertaining tv and reading of this site, though.

  4. Karen O says:

    I think he could have turned into a really interesting dark horse, so in that sense, I’m sad to see him go in the middle of his improvement arc. But he would have gone home either this week or next. The judges will likely need that save for Elise unless she really throws down next week (and God I hope she does!)

    • elisefan44 says:

      i agree about elise, and something tells me she will – i think she’s already chosen a song with the need to get back to a showstopper performance in mind, and with her talent, if she’s chosen well, we know she can pull it off. i’ve been wearing out ‘vienna’ and ‘whole lotta love’ and basically i’m ready for her album!

  5. Annie says:

    Despite what Jimmy said, Deandre was starting to get better. I think he put himself in a hole with his semi final performance, and it was just always going to be hard for him to make people forget how bad he was that night. He needs to be congratulated for turning things around, and I hope that Interscope or someone at UMG will give him a chance, because he is incredibly talented. I’ll take him over Phillip, who seems to believe that he’s better than he really is. Someone should tell Phillip Phillips that he’s just a contestant on a reality show.

    • Annie says:

      LOL, I just read your rant Micheal. I see that great minds think alike.

      Please America, put Phillip in the bottom three next week, or let him go, so that he can continue being himself.

      • forrest says:

        EXACTLY ANNIE! Early on I bought into the ‘artist just being me’ line from P2. Now he just sounds self absorbed, I am who I am, why do I need to improve? America should realize this. No variety or range beyond his base growling to his own tune. IMHO.

        • Tarc says:

          And after watching season after seaon of contestants get confused and go down in flames from listening to the thousands of conflicting bits of ‘advice’ from the ‘experts’, it’s really fun to see someone that possibly listens to little, rather than dies a quick death from not know who they are.

      • Sandy says:

        I personally respect Phillip for being himself and all. It was cool when he dressed in comfortable clothes and played his guitar a few weeks ago despite the mentors’ comments. My dad interpreted that differently, saying he seemed a little arrogant. I still say he should be himself, but he might take a page from Scotty McCreery, Kris Allen or Lee Dewyze on being a simple, down-to-earth guy who’s gracious at the same time. I understood what he was trying to say but the “walk around stage touching people’s hands” will likely rub some sensitive people the wrong way. I don’t see him losing any votes though.

        • Shawn says:

          I didn’t think it arrogant of him at all…I just saw it as a guy who basically is comfortable with being himself and in this case it’s someone who is gonna stand there with a guitar and sing with all his might and if you like it fine, but if you don’t well that’s cool too. I also find it funny that everyone is getting on him for this, when countless times people here and on other posts have said how annoyingly stupid it is for the contestants to go into the crowd to touch hands or dance with audience members. Why is it now, all of a sudden, an insult for a guy to say, hey I just want to stand in the middle of the stage and sing and hopefully y’all like it, but I’m not gonna be hurt if you don’t. Something tells me it wasn’t what was said but more so whom said it…if this same question was posed to Elise and she gave the exact same response I highly doubt anyone would say anything, much like what the audience at the show did when Phillp said it, I’m sure everyone here would cheer.

          • JudyVee says:

            Sorry, I disagree with one thing you said – Elise would be raked over the coals if she said what Phillip said. Whole different standard for the girls/women – especially Elise!

          • Tarc says:

            I’m with you. Idol can really screw some people up, and it looks like P2 is making sure to avoid that. Should me be a bit more open? Probably, but we can say that from the outside looking in. From the contestant’s POV, they are being handled pretty much 16 hours a day – constantly barraged with ‘advice’.

          • Renda says:

            I didn’t think the problem was the he didn’t want to work the crowd, it was that he totally missed Jimmy’s point. Jimmy wasn’t say kiss everyone’s ass, he was saying pick harder songs and sing them better. Phillip is in a rut and his performance wasn’t good, and not because he didn’t sit in the audience with screaming girls around him but because he had pitch and breath control issues. To say that he is above getting better and that he has it all figured out is arrogant.

        • It’s one thing to “be yourself.” It’s another to look like (and especially be) an a** about it.

          • Shawn says:

            How was he being an a**? Did he say, “These people are idiots, I know everything!” No, he said I’m just doing what I do and hopefully people respond, but if not then okay, but I don’t want to do things which aren’t me. Again, how is that being an a**? Or, again, is it that this contestant in particular said it? I think it’s most likely people’s annoyance of him as a contestant overall-in that he’s not their favorite and they are upset he may do better then others who are-and are looking for something to pounce on and now they finally have something to rally against him with.

          • @Shawn The reason why I had some stuff in parenthesis is an indication that he MAY have been that way, not DEFINITELY WAS. And perhaps, the best option for him would’ve been to shut it, no?

          • Shawn says:

            Oh I get ya, and yes I can agree with that and I know a lot of people feel that way. I’m a big believer in saying what you feel, even if people think you are a jerk for doing so and I Didn’t mean to get in a verbal joust with you personally, I just think people are going at him way too harshly, for what as I saw as a simple, honest comment. Hope you have a great night.

          • Marianne says:

            Well – then he just should NOT have used a specific example of other contestants’ performances. That was the problem. Whether he meant to or not, it seemed he was dissing those singers who choose to “touch hands”. It’s really very simple.

          • Marsaili says:

            I don’t understand how you translate his comment to be “dissing” the other contestants. He doesn’t like to touch people. I think it is as simple as that. He’s been sick, he had surgery, he doesn’t seem to move real well yet—like he could be in pain still. So, how does him saying he doesn’t go for the touching the audience as putting down his friends. I can’t see him dissing the people he cares about. Again, people are making something out of nothing.

          • Tarc says:

            Seeing that you do it all the time, I’d think you’d know all about it. Alas, no.

          • AliAle says:

            I didn’t see people get riled up in the David vs. David finale when DC mentioned that he didn’t want to repeat a song because he saw the whole thing as a progression (wasn’t that involuntary dissing of somebody who chose to repeat a song?).
            P2 just said touching hands is not his thing… was he ignoring the comments on the quality of his singing though? Yes… and he really shouldn’t do that nor become defensive about it.

        • Angela says:

          I fully support people on this show being themselves, I applaud those who don’t follow the cookie cutter outline. And certainly (especially this season) the judges DON’T always know what they’re talking about, they do give out very confusing advice and if you honestly think you’re on the right path with what you’re doing, please, by all means, do it your way. Worth a shot.
          But there’s ways to deal with that complicated issue without coming off as though you have this in the bag already and you don’t need anyone’s advice or whatever. Like stated in the recap, you’re on a competition show and haven’t made a record yet (I would say “haven’t won yet”, but hell, winning doesn’t mean squat anymore on this show, some of the most successful people from this show have been people who were voted off far too soon), so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves and so dismissive so quickly. Also, I do think it’s important to establish a connection with your audience as well-I don’t get anyone who criticizes a contestant for touching hands and such. My favorite artists have always made a point of making some sort of connection with the crowd who sees them, they want it to be an all-encompassing fun experience for everyone. And I appreciate that.
          Anywho, I missed out on J-Lo’s video, so no comment there. Personally, forget Jimmy’s critiques on the kids, I’m finding the back and forth between him and the other three judges particularly interesting. He seems to have no qualms pointing out where they were flat out wrong in praising/criticizing someone, and given the complaints many are having this season about the judges, I find that sorta amusing and entertaining.
          As for DeAndre going home-certainly not who I would’ve expected to leave, I would’ve picked Elise, myself. But eh, well. Again, no big loss to me personally one way or another. Like stated above, they get voted off before their time, that often bodes well for them down the line musically, so I wouldn’t fret just yet, DeAndre fans.
          And now I’ll shut up and stop rambling. Heh.

    • Joe says:

      Phillip will crash & burn like no other once he’s off this show and the tour. He is a Dave Matthews impersonator no matter how much his “fans” claim he isn’t. Outside of his “rabid” fanbase, he’ll be competing with Dave Matthews for people’s dollars and he’ll lose. Big time. He’s not original. He’s a copycat who think acting like Dave will make him Dave. It won’t. Unless he can write incredible music he is not what music producers are looking for. His arrogance up there tonight didn’t surprise me. It’s probably why he & Heejun got along so well. They both think they’re better than this. What they both don’t realize is without this show, they’d be back home in relative obscurity. I think Phillip’s comment about not wanting to touch hands tonight was him admitting he’s ready to get off the ride and go be himself. Just like Heejun was ready to get off the show to go chase those big comedy offers. Let’s see if any of them materialize. I’m not holding my breath.

      • Tarc says:

        How unsurprising! Another P2 hate post from Joe. That makes two hundred now, right?

        • Joe says:

          Tarc – I don’t hate Phillip. I think he’d make a fantastic Dave Matthews fill in when Dave has a hangnail. What I hate is the WGWG nonsense rearing it’s head yet again on this show. Phillip is not even in the class vocally of Josh, Jessica, Skyler, Elise, Hollie or Colton. He’s getting through doing an impersonation of an artist who I dearly love. It makes me sick each week to watch him pretend to be Dave Matthews up there and then have the puppets on the show call him original and the morons who vote pick him because they think he’s cute. Karma’s a you know what and I think the fact that he’s not an original and he is stealing someone’s act is going to catch up with him. If a record exec seriously thinks this guy can compete with Dave Matthews which is the genre Phillip thinks he belongs in, they’re gonna be in for a rude awakening. And if he beats Josh, Jessica or Skyler it’s a crime.

          • Wth says:

            No Dave Matthews fan here. Big Phillip fan, tho.

          • Marsaili says:

            Explain to me Joe, how is Phillip like Dave Matthews? He sounds nothing like him—at all. He wears his guitar high up—I wear my guitar high up too, does that mean I’m trying to be like Dave Matthews? He moves funny and makes faces. Joe Cocker moves funny and makes faces—is HE trying to be like Dave Matthews? Ya’ll that are saying are reaching—-exponentially. Phillip is his own person. Sure, he may have similarities to someone else—but this Dave Matthews crap is so unreal. Jimmy, Diddy, Stevie Nicks, Gwen and any other professional have all said Phillip has something. Nothing more to say…..

  6. Christina says:

    Philip isn’t showing growth, and he’s complacent with his “being myself” attitude. He needs to start listening to the advice he’s getting because his shtick isn’t all that just yet.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      “He needs to start listening to the advice he’s getting because his shtick isn’t all that just yet.”

      Or, as Mr. Slezak said, he simply would NOT need to be on this show (a paraphrase, of sorts).

      From my many years of making and listening to music, I haven’t been able to understand what anyone saw in him (besides the fact that he’s a cute guy). With the exception of “Hard to Handle” which was an unfamiliar song to me, I haven’t been able to stomach/listen through any of his numbers. His “music” is, frankly, exceedingly “unmusical.” So, for those of you Philip lovers who think this week was an anomoly, it wasn’t.

      That said, he didn’t look well, and his health issues, while he may being trying to downplay them (and I’ll respect him for that — but only that!) may really be an issue.

      • Faz says:

        Well, here’s the thing — Michael thinks Colton can sing, so why would you pay any attention to anything he says about music?

        • If you don’t respect Michael’s opinions, why do you even read this blog?

        • NedPepper says:

          Yeah. You guys are bagging on Phillip. Colton has the most affected, phoney, soft alternative rock voice of anyone in the history of this show. (He’s Lee DeWyze level of overrated.) People like his look. (And THAT is a great mystery in itself) That’s it. There’s nothing more to him. He’s not a great singer at all. Why sing when you can pander? I’ll stick with Phillip.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            For a while, I thought you accidentally switched Colton and P2’s name when it comes to overrated. And yes, I do believe P2’s the poor man’s DeWyze.

          • Tarc says:

            I don’t agree, as always Joe, but there is nothing wrong with Lee DeWyze. DeWyze normally sings pop/rock/blues/bluegrass, so how many pop records was he supposed to sell? I expected zero. That doesn’t mean he’s not great at what he does.

          • Ruby says:

            Preach, man. The way he was pronouncing “Time after Time” last night made me want to shoot myself in the face. I am so sick of the judges praising him. He’s just ridiculous. Cute, but ridiculous.

          • nikkiqm says:

            @ Joe. I’m no fan of P2 but he’s far better than Lee Dawyze. I don’t like how strained and forced his voice becomes when he’s singing but can appreciate his musicianship. I wish I could hear him sing a song without over straining his voice and looking a bit constipated. Maybe a softer rock song dare I say even a Dave Matthews or Gavin DeGraw song might showcase a softer quality to his voice.
            @ Tarc stop talking about the praise P2 has gotten from Jimmy and other mentors bc at this point all the contestants have gotten praise from either Jimmy, the judges, or mentors. It means nothing really.

          • Bobbi says:

            Colton’s ‘Time After Time’ vocals sounded a lot like Green Day’s ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. Not a bad thing, just a very close vocal flavor.

          • NedPepper says:

            No. I’m not saying Phillip should win this thing. He does need to grow and experiment. But he’s alive and real when he performs. MY point is that Colton is a construct. There’s nothing real or genuine. The clothes, the hair, the affected voice (Colton, if you are reading this, please never sing Cyndii Lauper ‘s Time After Time ever again), and that sense that’s he’s playing the role of a rock star. Enough. Vote him off. I never want to see those skinny jeans again. It’s like watching a hen strut awkwardly across the stage with music playing in the background and some clucking.

          • Marsaili says:

            No, Nikki, Jimmy has not said that he would sign everyone on the spot—he’s only said that about Phil. The other mentors have not said things about the other contestants that they have said about Phil—Stevie Nicks said he would have been asked to join Fleetwood Mac, for cripes sake! You may not like him or appreciate his talent, but the people in the know do.

          • Amy says:

            Ruby’s comment re: Colton: “Preach, man. The way he was pronouncing “Time after Time” last night made me want to shoot myself in the face.”
            So glad someone mentioned this! I was like…please….put an “m” at the end! He came off not “cool” or artistic, but like he had stroked out and couldn’t close his lips around the word properly! I’m not into Colton, tho’ not a hater…just ambivalent toward him myself, but get that he’s got a popularity thing going.

            P2, who I’ve been a fan of..didn’t make points with his attitude or comments about touching hands..he went over the “being true to himself” (which I support) line. I still enjoy watching him do his thing, and haven’t turned on him. But I’m thinking now….he may be happy just going back to “being himself” playing in bar bands at home with his peeps, because if this stuff bugs him now…he’ll HATE Fame and all the bs “the biz” brings with it.

        • shelbybb says:

          That was so good!

      • Tarc says:

        Well, I’ll put up my own qualifications (and that of Jimmy iovine, Stevie Knicks, Gwen Stefani, etc.) that you’re blathering and incorrect.

  7. R. Duncan says:

    Yes, it was time for Deandre to go home. He was in the bottom 3 for a few weeks and I think he was just too young and inexperienced for this time around. I wish he would have waited until he was 23-25 and tried then. The simple truth is, he was the weakest male voice left.

    That being said, Michael it seems that Jessica has been groomed since birth for this time on Idol. The last song she sung had nothing new to it, it was a Karaoke performance at best. If there is one person I feel who is full of themselves it is her. She has an amazing voice but she has no artistic talent.

    • gailer says:

      I totally agree with your statement: She has an amazing voice but she has no artistic talent.

    • Marianne says:

      Deandre was not in the bottom 3 last week. Sorry.

    • Lizabeth says:

      I have been getting a strange Toddlers and Tiaras vibe from Jessica all season and her performance last night solidified that for me. I really wanted to see her alter-ego come out or at least a bit more charismatic Jessica.
      However, I think she is very, very talented and if she is given time and the opportunity to develop her own (not her folks, or Jimmy Iovine’s or Beyonce’s) artistic talent then I’m sure she will.

    • Sandy says:

      Just curious: can you expound on why you think Jessica is full of herself? I ask because a coworker of mine keeps saying the same thing. I’m like “all I see is a perky little powerpuff girl”. Did she do or say something in particular or is it just a vibe?

      • chistosa says:

        I can’t expoound on why some posters think Jessica is full of herself. I am not a fan of Jessica but I would not say she is full of herself. But she does not come across as sincere. Her behaviors appear to me to be carefully orchestrated and somewhat affected. To me she does not seem authentic. When I close my eyes I love her voice. She has amazing pipes. But watching her perform makes me uncomfortable as if she is always trying to mimic what she has seen. So I would not go see her perform in concert. In my eyes that means she is not idol material, just an incredibly talented young woman.

        • chistosa says:

          oops, I meant expound.

        • Yo' says:

          I think Jessica is certainly good enough to win this, but I agree with your comments: I think she mimics very well. I think she even mimics the emotional aspects to a song. I know it is easy to do, because I did it when I was her age and sang. I got a lot of applause. There is imitating passion and feeling passion. In a few years she will feel it. Not yet.

    • Mary says:

      Give the girl a break, she is sixteen years old. Jessica has a great voice, the stage presence will come in time. I always thought this show was about finding talented singers and help them grow as artist. If you want professionals watch the voice. Just because she can’t change up a song
      Doesn’t make her less deserving.

  8. rod says:

    next week is Hollie´s last chance to prove she can be a contender or she is going home, she better bring it because she has the pipes, and the charisma, she better be back with a vengeance!!!1

  9. gailer says:

    Who are they saving the save for??? Even the 15 year old in my house watched DeAndre’s performance from last night (she hates Idol and has great diverse taste in music) and said I think he will be famous and knows how to perform! lol

    • Andy J says:

      The judges are saving the save for Joshua,, Jessica, and Phillip for sure, and possibly for all the rest.

  10. MB says:

    They need to branch out from Jimmy Iovine – get some live blood up in there. If in the beginning he says someone has tons of potential and needs to be coached, he should get them some coaching, not put them in the bottom three before the first note is sung. Why can’t AI identify these kids genres and get them some actual help – not Diddy yammering on about jet planes and babes. I look forward to seeing funky DeAndre and soulful DeAndre and amazeballs DeAndre on tour :)

  11. ana says:

    Kind of glad it wasn’t Hollie to go. I still like her a lot.

    • shelbybb says:

      She should be exactly what Idol is looking for: A young artist, with talent, potential, stage presence and showing growth. She just needs to select the right songs! Maybe Jimmy will show her a little love this week and help her out in that direction. She could be amazing!

    • That makes two of us. Just hate the Hollie meet bus thing and the Hollie vs Jessica thing.

    • Marianne says:

      Hollie should have gone. Boring & robotic and devoid of feeling for weeks now.

    • Ruby says:

      Hollie seems like the sweetest girl ever, but no. She always looks scared half to death on stage, with the exception of the duet she did with Deandre last night. She is more flat than she is ever on key, to the point where it’s actually surprising when she stays on-key throughout an entire song. (If she’s ever done that.) She actually needs some vocal lessons to help her learn how to control her voice. If she could get some coaching in that (which Lovine and his celebrity friends SHOULD actually be doing…) she could be really great. But right now? Not so much.

  12. I don’t think DeAndre deserved to go home – although I did think he would be in the bottom three. Hollie deserved to go home, as she’s been terribly inconsistent. Everyone thinks she’s a great singer, but I don’t think she has proven that to us.

    As for the judges save, I think they should have used it. They only have a few weeks to use it anyhow, and if not on DeAndre, who else could they have used it on?

    Oh and Phillip’s attitude? Not too fond of it.

    • Tarc says:

      Since when is being true to yourself in difficult times having an ‘attitude’? I’d say that’s admirable fortitude and strength of character.

    • mia p. says:

      it’s not that she’s inconsistent, she consistently terrible… I’m sorry…

  13. Deb says:

    Right call. Hate the save.

  14. Miscellaneopolan says:

    Weak. Weeeeeaaak!
    This is the first year I’ve watched American Idol more than cursorily and this is the first time that I’ve been really surprised and disappointed by an elimination. Deandre had a great show last night! I thought he out-sung both of his bottom 3-mates, not to mention a couple of contestants who were sent to safety. Between him and Erica, the show is starting to make me sad. How do you guys do this every year?
    And what was with Deandre having to go on first twice in three weeks? That couldn’t have helped. On the plus side, the girls now outnumber the guys, although at least two of the remaining guys seem pretty bullet-proof.

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      How do I do this every year? Well, by the end of the season I can accept the fact that it’s just a TV show that won’t affect my life in a harmful way, but I “cope” by writing fan fictions. The contestants I feel were voted off too early, I feature more prominently in the story, and the ones I didn’t care so much for get less attention.

  15. shelbybb says:

    I knew you couldn’t give yourself 15 minutes to cool down before blasting Phillip! He’s taken heat every week for not wanting to wear that stupid Tommy Hilwhatever crap and play without his guitar. He is who he is and that’s not a flashy, dancing, hand touching (Colton) kinda guy. He may have been a little off last night but even with that he sings rings around half the people up there!
    Ok, I feel better, we both got a chance to sound off!

    • Marianne says:

      If he didn’t want to have to conform in some fashion, then he shouldn’t have entered a competition like American Idol. Maybe he should bow out now. He’s awful anyway.

      • shelbybb says:

        ??? Had no idea you had to “conform in some fashion” to be on American Idol – humm

        • Marianne says:

          Has he ever watched the show? He knew they’d try to “style” him, knew he’d have to do some group performances, knew the producers would suggest performance ideas (touching hands of young screaming girls). Humm

        • mia p. says:

          shelbybb, they always try to change the contestant in order to make him/her more markeatable… and since it’s a TV show, they kind of have to look good, you know… otherwise it’s just good radio stuff (not saying that Phillip Phillips should sell out or anything, or that I hate his style)…

      • Tarc says:

        Except that he rocks. And he didn’t sign a contract that included restyling. Of course, P2 *has* made some concessions, but that’s an inconvenient fact.

        • mia p. says:

          I think that ‘P2 rocks’ is more of an opinion than a fact… but I don’t think Jimmy I. hates P2 for not listening to anyone, neither did James Durbin and Casey Abrams, and he didn’t hate them, he compared the two to his stubborn kids…

    • Marsaili says:

      I honestly think that Phillip is still in pain—-the way he moves, and he’s very stiff a lot of the time. In one of his introductory videos his parents said something about him being sick his whole life with his kidneys or something—that may be why he doesn’t want to move around too much. I totally agree with you Shelby—and not everyone takes the styling—Casey didn’t last year, I don’t think Paul did, either—they both brought their own styles and used them for as long as they were with Idol. So there is no reason why Phillip should “conform” if he’s not comfortable with it. He is who he is, period.

      • Eli says:

        ITA. I noticed when the contestants were running up te stairs in the mansion last week, that Phillip was the last one up and he was moving slowly and holding on to the rail.

      • mia p. says:

        I think he is who he is too, but the way he commented about it sucked. He could’ve said that he wanted to stay true to who he was period.
        About moving around… it looks like he’s uncomfortable if he doesn’t move or if he stays stiff and it can be distracting… I heard about his kidney condition too and he shouldn’t do anything that will be painful to him… performing on a stool is not a bad idea, I don’t know…
        well, Casey actually looked better after ‘the makeover’… he looks so hairy nowadays it’s a little scary… so I don’t think using him was the best thing, but I get what you mean…
        I think he should conform to a point… he could wear better clothes, not necessarily what Tommy Hilfiger wants, but better clothes (not gray, but green or blue, nothing flashy) and play his guitar, I don’t think it’s a crutch.

    • Lina says:

      Thank you Shelby!!!!!!!!! I love Phil and vote for him every week…I love his “crazy” mode, he is truly truly musical…i think he misinterpreted what Jimmy said though- he is so afraid that someone is trying to change him, he wasnt listening- what he needs to do is pick a song thats totally out of his usual element and make it philllip because unlike Colton, he doesnt NEED to borrow someone else’s version of it, he just NATURALLY makes it his own. But if he picks a song thats got some edge to it and makes it his own and sings the “i dont know waht’ out of it, THAT will be the best performance of the night! : )

    • NedPepper says:

      Yeah, I usually respect Slezak, but he’s all over the place this season. It’s okay for Crystal Bowersox to be who she is and not conform, but not Phillip. Hell, it’s okay for Haley to be who she is and not conform. But not Phillip. It was okay for Adam, Kris, and Allison…but not Phillip. If you don’t like the dude, fine. But don’t pull the whole “he should conform to Nigel’s vision” argument. It’s hypocritical.

      • Cup of Joe says:

        With all due respect to the folks you mentioned, at least they changed it up every few times to keep fans interested. AND they produced great outings to back it up. With Phil, not really.

        • Tarc says:

          He changed it up this week – to a much slower song. Considering he’s done Usher, Chris Isaac, and Tom Petty in four weeks, for goodness sake, he’s changed it up plenty.

          • Razz says:

            You are completely right, Tarc. Phil really slowed it down and most of the song was mellow and a stretch for him. I rather liked the performance.

      • mia p. says:

        there’s a difference between conforming and taking some advice… Phillip should be true to who he is, but SOME advice won’t hurt… Crystal didn’t change her hair, but she wore heels (which she hated), Adam didn’t stop being dramatic, but he showed he could go soft…
        Phillip shouldn’t stop playing his guitar (and Slezak said that)… but it wouldn’t hurt if he chose better pair of pants and other colors than gray…
        I think that’s what he meant. If Phillip conformed, he would probably be boring, I think.

    • Ruby says:

      Seconded. Wholeheartedly. And it’s sad that he has to keep telling people that, since everyone is trying to change him in one way or another. If someone is amenable to having changes foisted upon them, then great. But if not, that should be ok too. Hollywood is notorious for pretending they love you and then turning around and tying you up in a neat little package. I think it’s actually admirable that he’s standing his ground and not letting them do that to him. That takes a lot of guts.

      • Marsaili says:

        Man, where is the like button when you need it?? :-)

      • Joe Strummer says:

        Yeah, like that episode of the Brady Bunch where they wanted Greg to be the new Johnny Bravo!

      • mia p. says:

        Ruby, it takes courage, but it may mislead someone into thinking that P2 feels he’s the best and that’s why he won’t change, you know? Maybe P2 didn’t mean to be disrespectful (I don’t think he was), but it seems like arrogance when you don’t listen to someone who supposedly knows more.
        I knew some people who thought James Durbin was arrogant for the same reason.
        He’s just shy and wants the music to come first, and that’s great, but that’s now how the show business works, I guess.

  16. C says:

    Where was Elise during Kelly Pickler’s performance? She wasn’t on the couches but it was before they announced that she was in the bottom 3 right?

    • shelbybb says:

      Bathroom break????

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      Someone else was gone too (Joshua I think). There were 4 on the coach & 2 on the stools. Maybe he was feeling sick & she went w/ him.

    • MamaLis says:

      Speaking of Kelly Pickler (amid all the Deandre talk), I can’t believe Slezak did not notice the off-the-chain devil-daggers going on between Kelly and JLo! I thought there was some weird dynamic going on so I hit the DVR rewind/slow-mo and sure enough – WOW!
      So: Ryan is interviewing Kelly. He then flashes over to JLo and Randy. JLo smiles. Then, thinking the camera has cut, BOOM pulls the smile off her face so quickly and with such disdain, her upper lip actually curls tightly in disgust. It was so evil it scared me! lol Then the camera cuts to Kelly – who appears to make eye contact with JLo – and immediately stiffens and squints her eyes into a “bless her heart” type of forced smile. If anyone has a DVR – check it out. Something was going on. Yowzah!

  17. What is the justification for using the save if not for a guy who was not previously in the B3 and who performed well from the death spot vs weaker performances? Really hurts the show’s credibility. Might as well have a non-singerlike PP win the whole thing if the show is just going to become a joke for gauging singing talent.

    • Marianne says:

      Glad to hear others not liking PP. Haven’t liked him from the start and thought he was terrible last night.

      • Erin says:

        Hate him. I start watching on performance nights, and right away thought, “we already have Dave Matthews, thanks.” But having said that I cannot see a scenario where he loses this season. Male, guitar, looks… any arrogance will be seen as conviction. He wins.

        • Delon says:

          100% agree w/ u.

        • Templar says:

          Looks????? He looks like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. “Here’s PP!!!!!!” I keep waiting for his head to explode on camera. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

          • MamaLis says:

            That’s hilarious! I love it!! And here’s another thing that’s funny, the previous projections that he’s going to win. Ain’t gonna happen. In fact last night he ‘turned his tide.’

          • Nikki says:

            My daughter says P2 looks like Justin Timberlake. Which is a good thing, in our house, anyway.

    • chistosa says:

      He has been in the bottom three before. And he was a wild card which means that the voting public did not put him in the group. And if you look at Twitter trends he was not that popular with the public. They would have wasted the save. They were wise to wait. Last year they used the save very early for Casey and he only went home 2 weeks later.This would have been the same thing.

  18. Ohbrother says:

    DeAndre has been improving over the last few weeks, figuring out what works better for his voice and how to feel more comfortable on stage. Other contestants have had zero growth (P2, Joshua) and at least one keeps getting worse (Hollie). So, no, I don’t think the right person went home tonight. Should they have saved him? No. DeAndre is better off finding a different path on which to hone his immense talents.

    • Marianne says:

      Well said! I posted a reply above about Deandre not being typical Idol “material”. I think he definitely needs development, but has so much potential! He is, vocally, so much better than P2 and Colton, in my opinion. Joshua is good, but not my cup of (church) tea.

    • T_T says:

      I 100% agree with you on that. I have to say though, this is the closest AI competition so far. No one is actually a clear front-runner. Every contestant seem to have a solid fan base and haters at the same time. Just funny. Unlike other seasons where we can all predict who will land in top 3 by this time, thing just aren’t clear yet for now.

      • MyTwoCents says:

        @ T_T

        The top 5 keep rotating in rank. They are Phillip, Jessica, Colton, Skylar and Joshua (with Jessican consistently in the top 3). Hollie and Elise rotate in and out but out more than in, the last few weeks along with Skylar and Joshua. Deandre was in the top 5 after his “Sometimes I Cry” performance rotating Skylar out to bottom 3. This is what the judges are afraid of and why they did not save DeAndre because they do want either Jessica and Joshua in the finale or Colton and Skylar. The save will be for a girl next week but which one is up for grabs – Hollie, Skylar and Elise. Once the save is used you will see another guy and girl go at the same time guaranteeing their top 3 pick overall.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      Well I sincerely hope that now he’s off the show, he can start fielding calls from record companies and can be best buds with Eric Benet.

  19. forrest says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. I came to terms with the idea of Hollie or Elise leaving tonight. It was written well in advance guided by the judges comments. 2 of my favorites were at risk by all indicators ….and they were both safe. Deandre just lacks experience. I wish him well with his career, but I’m glad he went home tonight. IMHO.

  20. Marianne says:

    I agree that the judges wouldn’t use the save for Deandre. What I don’t understand is Hollie not being there instead. She’s been consistently boring/robotic/bad for weeks now. Deandre is simply polarizing and not typical Idol “material”. I LOVED this talented kid! The typical Idol “material” has been pretty boring imo. I’m going to miss that sweet boy.

    • The problem is going from the death spot. Even if the number of viewers watching is only 17M in the first half of the show, vs. 17.5M in the second half, 17M of those latter 17.5M are not all people who watched the first half of the show and those who aren’t watching at the end of the show are not nearly as likely to vote as those who watch the end and late performances. Skylar would have been gone singing first but AI wants the country vote, even though she is pretty terribad, judging against the recent performances by Klie and Scotty.

    • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

      Deandre was absolutely the right choice to go home. He was the weakest of all the men, and the women out-sing and outshine them. I’ll miss his energy, but it just goes to show that one-trick ponies don’t win this race. (Doom to whoever takes this moment to insult my Scotty-boy.)
      If I had a water gun to my head (what? would you prefer a real one?) I would say here’s how it’s likely to play out:
      Next to go home: Joshua Ledet. His attitude may not be as off-putting, but his voice doesn’t have as much appeal as the other two guys, and the girls are stronger this year.
      Eliminated after that: Hollie Cavanagh. At first I thought she was a lock for the finale, but she’s running on a leaky tank. Repeat trips to the Bottom 3 reveal that.
      5th place: Skylar Laine. As much as I love her, the other four are kind of like a wall now, and hey, that’ll be enough exposure to start a successful country music career. See you at the CMAs, girl!
      4th place: Elise Testone. That’s much farther than she was predicted to go at the start, but again, there’s a wall situation. But heck, if Chris Daughtry can become a multiplatinum rock smash in fourth place, why not her? (Her kind doesn’t win anyway; they land between 6th and 2nd. Carly, Allison, Crystal, Haley…she’s in good company.)
      3rd place: Colton Dixon. He’s a clever arranger, and I’ve seen that his religious conviction is actually making people interested in him. Plus, he’s a cute young man with the popular rock look, and his voice lies on the border between soft rockers and teen girl heartthrobs.
      Runner-up: Phillip Phillips. A “bad” attitude can’t eclipse the fact that he’s a 21-year-old white Southern man who plays guitar and also has a flair for rearranging songs. He has David’s musical creativity, Kris’ plaid shirts, Lee’s uncontrolled growliness, and Scotty’s charming accent. That gives him the edge over Colton.
      Winner: Jessica Sanchez. They say the early front-runner never wins, but tell that to Scotty McCreery. As we saw with Scotty and Lauren, America loves youth and cares more about vocal consistency and proficiency than arrangement or maturity. Plus, girl sure does not sound 16 when she sings or act it in her live interviews. I think that’s part of what kept Lauren from winning last year. Even if she shockingly gets the lowest number of votes any night, the Judges will jump to save her.
      Can we just stick a fork in the season now and let the network determine whether or not next season will be the last? I start college in September and can’t afford this distraction. I can’t avoid watching, knowing it’s still on television.

      • Name That Tune says:

        I’m not so sure about Joshua. I think he makes the top 4. Elise, Hollie and Phil go next. The judges only get 2 more chances for the save, and I think they are saving it for Elise, Phil or Joshua. Bank on it.

        I can easily see a Top 4 of Colton, Skylar, Jessica and Joshua. And that’s the way it should be if the voters get it right.

      • shelbybb says:

        Regarding Phillip: Like that “being Southern” is a good thing :)

  21. Mice says:

    P2 wants to do his own thing, yet every time I hear him sing or see him pull a face, all I can think of is Dave Matthews. He even hikes his guitar up on his chest like Dave. I believe him when he says he wants to be true to himself, but the show is about singing well and engaging the crowd. He’s starting to remind me of Jason Castro, who kind of mentally checked out when he started to feel like a phony.

    • Hmmm… I’ve already compared him to DeWyze, Abrams, Casey James, Paul McDonald, Gokey *gasp* and now, we add Jason frickin’ Castro?! Makes me wonder what hybrid you get with that combo,

      • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

        Wow, I’ve already heard it said that Phillip is a hybrid of David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and Scotty McCreery, and now we have all these guys in the mix?! You’re right; what on Earth would you get if you mashed all of them up? Can we think of anyone else to add? (Well, he’s cute, so I guess you could throw in Ace Young or Michael Johns, and he has a thick Southern accent and personality, so maybe we could toss in Bo Bice or Taylor Hicks. Kind of/Sort of.)

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Someone also said he looks like a young Steve McQueen, so toss that into the mix as well. Oh, and last week I was in the other room and Gavin DeGraw was singing on TV and I thought it was P2. So add Gavin DeGraw as well.

          • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

            Yeah, but those guys aren’t from American Idol, so we can’t count them here.

      • Tarc says:

        I think anyone would be thrilled to be compared to Casey Abrams – probably the greatest musical genius to ever be an Idol contestant. I’ll also point out that ALL of those guys have recording contracts and albums out… again, quite successful.

        • NikkiQM says:

          WHAT?!? “Casey is the greatest musical genius to ever be an Idol contestant” ?!? And he’s “quite successful.” No one outside of people who really watch idol would know who Casey is. He has an album out? Ive never even heard one single on the radio. That is not successful. There have been very few truly truly successful idols. And in terms of Casey being a musical genius, I dont see it. I think the greatest musical genius idol ever had was Adam Lambert. Techincally great, great artistry and stage presence and never boring. Thats just my opinion.

          • Lana says:

            Totally agree about Adam, there has never been another person as talented as Adam and I doubt there ever will be.

          • shelbybb says:

            Two thumbs up for Adam Lambert :) There will never be anyone close to him on Idol again but it’s still fun to watch the others try!

          • mia p. says:

            I think he means musician as in a person who knows how to play an instrument. Adam is more about the performance and visual… and he knows how to showcase himself, at least in my opinion.

        • mia p. says:

          P2 is a good musician, but not as good as Casey Abrams, sorry if I sound disrespectful. And I haven’t seen Casey’s album just yet, only ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’.

    • Marsaili says:

      Hey, guess what Mice, John Lennon wore his guitar high up on his chest, too! I wear my guitar high up on my chest—it has NOTHING to do with copying someone, it’s what is COMFORTABLE for the guitar player! Jason Castro was very good—one of his last performances was Hallelujah, I would hardly call that a checking out performance.

    • Jason Fan says:

      Step away from the Jason hate. The guy was and is amazing.

  22. suze manning says:

    I feel the worse performance last night was Phillip. While I like his uniqueness, he struggled vocally last night and thus I feel he deserved to go home. While Elise was not stellar like last week, I am glad she did not go home because I think she can go far….I would love to see her in the finale show doing a strong rock tune with David Cook. I think they would deliver a stand out performance during the finale.

    • Marsaili says:

      But Philip has never been in the bottom three and he had one bad performance. How can you say he deserves to go home over people who have been in the bottom 3 more than once, or even over deandre who was a wildcard and has had at least a couple less than great performances. It’s not going to happen.

    • Atticus1 says:

      I agree. Philip’s pitch was off the entire time– yet no one said a word! They were too busy talking about Hollie’s and Elise’s. I think Hollie may have been off a little because she was moving around, and Elise was making some artistic changes that perhaps they did not like. I appreciate what both of them were trying to do. I hate the double standard.

  23. Brendan says:

    I wanted Deandre to be saved… but mostly so that they could not save Phillip or Elise in future weeks. Cuz mark my words, they will use the save on one of them. And I already hate them for it.

  24. Taylor says:

    So glad they didn’t save Deandre. This season of Idol has been the first one where the person I’ve wanted to go home has gone home almost every single week (the only exception being Erika, who deserved to outlast at least Heejun, Deandre, and Hollie). Hollie next, please, and then I honestly can’t decide between the remaining six. Though I’m somewhat partial to Elise and Jessica, that final six would be the best in the series’ history, as far as I’m concerned, and I’d really be very happy to see any of them win.

  25. Mark P says:

    “That’s all well and good, dude, but does “being yourself” mean singing off pitch and making faces like you’re suffering from acute appendicitis?”

    HAHA :)) So true. But yeah, he should start listening to advices and comments if he wants to win and if he wants to make it in this industry.

    • shelbybb says:

      He has a strong fan base and will make it in the industry without selling out. And Michael, I love the faces :)

      • Marianne says:

        I haven’t heard any Dave Matthews Band on my radio in a long, long, long time. So . . .P2 “will make it in the industry”?? In what genre? American idol wants a pop (radio) star. That being said – he still may win. Then AI will have another washed up wgwg.

        • Marsaili says:

          Funny, I hear Dave Matthews on the radio everyday. Phillip could easily make it on radio—and not as POP. The stations I listen to do not play pop but they play Dave Matthews, and a lot of the harder rock groups—Phillip could easily fit into that genre.

        • Tarc says:

          You listen to radio? That’s why. DMB made a lot of money lasy year, with their charity alone donating $8.5 million. Any of these kids could only hope to be as successful and current – they’re touring again this summer, with the RHCP among others.

        • MyTwoCents says:

          Dave Matthews is played in certain areas based on the stations syndication. I do not hear him hardly at all anymore in my neck of the woods but am ok with that. With that said Dave Matthews band has always struggled with being an international success, still not there after all these years have become widely known as a ‘live band’ to follow and they are good live.

          They aren’t the only band to give back to charity.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      To be fair, it’s possible Phillip actually is still suffering from acute kidney whatever. I wonder if the reason for some of his pitch issues/reluctance to move around on stage is because he’s, well, in pain.
      On a related note, what was with Ryan babying Joshua over his alleged sickness? Are you okay? Do you need anything? Can you stand up? The guy was feeling light-headed, not like he was he was going to keel over and die. Yeesh.

      • shelbybb says:

        I agree completely – he was a very sick kid!

      • Marsaili says:

        I posted that exact same thing above, Misc, that’s what I think the whole issue is with Phil. I think he is in pain all the time, that’s why he doesn’t move around a lot and when he does he holds his arm tight to his abdomen. I think that also may be the reason he had a bad week this week—I think it was hurting him too much to try and reach the higher notes, he did seem to strain a lot.

      • mia p. says:

        bring the dude with the black scrubs, right? =P

  26. Kristin says:

    I am very happy with these results. Deandre has a nice voice, but he hasn’t figured out how to master it yet and has been so up and down. I think the other 7 have proved that they deserved to stay. That being said, he seems like a nice kid and I hope he has a good career ahead of him.

  27. Stephie says:

    The only thing I could think while watching JLo’s hideous video is that Simon would have called it “indulgent rubbish!!”

  28. Mary says:

    I am not surprise,his style of singing, either you like it or not and I think the majority didn’t.
    I figure these were the bottom three. I thought Hollie would be okay, the judges were brutal to her last nite, which prompted her supporters to power vote. It is clear that they want her gone, probably because she is taken votes away from the chosen one. she really needs to have moment, ignore all of them and sing the h..l out of the song. it is
    Obvious they are not going to do their job, Jimmy, and give her any help.

  29. sam says:

    I was so thrilled with the bottom 2 — america finally got it right and I’m so happy they didn’t use the save. The falsetto just wasn’t my thing and surprised he made it this far and who are we kidding, a lot of these kids are gonna get contracts.

    when you look at the competition, you can’t give deandre the save, he’s been in the bottom before and look at the singers left, they deserve the save more than deandre — HE WAS ALREADY SAVED WHEN HE WAS THE WILDCARD and you should be happy that he’s on tour and finished 8th, that’s pretty good.

    Philip’s attitude of not wanting to take advice or being who he is == is becoming a bit irritating — I do like him but he’s gotta stop acting like he’s too good for everybody.

    Who’s gonna see American Reunion tomorrow??!

  30. Lo says:

    …best top 7 ever?

  31. zaza says:

    It’s so funny Phillip saying something about not wanting to touch people’s hands, because when he did the duet with Elise last night, I told my husband that, the way Phil was contorting his body, he almost looked like someone who had a phobia about people touching him.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      That was an interesting comment by Phillip. It’s rare that the contestants make direct reference to each other’s performances, and I know that both Skylar and Deandre are (were, sniff) fond of the going-out-into-the-audience-and-touching-hands thing. Also, whatever his feelings, Phillip and Elise could have stood to interact a little more during their duet. They voices sounded good together but I wasn’t getting much chemistry between them as performers.

  32. Challay says:

    I love Deandre and I think he’s got a super voice, so I look forward to any record he puts out. Having said that, it was probably his time to go. I’d much rather he leave at 8th place than stay till the Top 4 or 5 and be hated because he’s beating other people (aka, the Danny Gokey/John Stevens/Tim Urban story). It was good that he go, but I hope he becomes successful.

    • Marianne says:

      Nicely said! He does have a super voice with amazing range! I want to see him do well! Loved that boy!

  33. marie says:

    JLo really angered and irritated me tonight. Elise and Deandre standing there as the bottom two; Seacrest: “Is this the right bottom two?” Lopez: “One yes, one no.” B**ch. I’ve pooh-poohed the idea, but I’m beginning to believe she really is biased against the female contestants. It was clear that she meant Elise, after ONE off-night (I guess that with AutoTune and lip-synching to pre-recorded vocals, she herself doesn’t have to worry about those!) following TWO incredible weeks. And then that ignoramus Randy just parroted his agreement with that ridiculous assessment. That was a real steam-coming-out-of-my-ears moment.

    • Stephie says:

      JLo clearly despised Haley last year and she despises Elise this year. DeAndre is only 17 years old; somebody needs to tell that woman that’s still statutory rape in California.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I dunno. Deandre did sing better than Elise last night (I love them both, for the record), and that’s a fairly reasonable thing for J.Lo. to base her answer on. Maybe she could have explained herself instead of being so blunt, but she’s cried foul when Elise was in the bottom 3 before when she landed there after giving a good performance.
      What I love is the way Randy continually copies whatever J.Lo. does, comments and gestures alike. She may not have anything resembling his edge, but J.Lo. has replaced Simon as the alpha on the panel.

      • chistosa says:

        I have not been a Deandre fan. He has been one of my least favorites. And Elise is my favorite in the competition. But I have to admit that Elise really disappointed last night and gave a subpar performance while Deandre stepped it up and outperformed her last night. But based on the body of work, Deandre should have gone before Elise so the vote was fair in that regard. However, Hollie was the one who really needed to go. Her last two performances have been substandard and not up to the other females.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          I was a much bigger fan of Deandre than you were, but I agree that Elise had the stronger body of work and that if it came down to two of them Deandre’s the one who should have gone home, so in that respect I’m happy. I just don’t think it should have come down to the two of them. At this point, Hollie has used up my good will and I’m wondering who’s voting for her.

      • marie says:

        This brings up a problem I’ve had with the show from the start, and that is, I have a hard time accepting that after a period of several weeks, only the very last performance should form the basis of who goes home on a given night. I’ve always felt – and voted accordingly – that it’s more reasonable to vote considering a contestant’s entire body of work up to that point, and his or her potential going forward. For me, Deandre having sang better than Elise this week – which I happen to agree with – is not as significant as that I feel Elise is the better artist overall. But I know plenty of other viewers would disagree with me, though.

        • ladyhelix says:

          At this point in the competition people who watch regularly often vote on the “body of work” – not just the single night’s performances. It may not be “fair” – but I don’t see it changing.
          How sad would it have been to lose David Cook over Hungry like the Wolf?? There was no way I was going to bail on him because of that one performance – I’d become too “invested”. I think that happens to a lot of people.

    • sam says:

      Sorry elise is terrible and i guess america agrees! Jennifer has said that she wants a woman to win and she did save Elise in the first elimination over her favorite jeremy rosado

      • Joy says:

        No she didn’t. The judges made the decision by majority vote, and Jeremy said in interviews afterwards that J-Lo told him she voted for him. She also told Heejun that she wanted to give him the save, and she made it clear to everyone last night that she voted to save DeAndre. Maybe she fought just as hard for Erika and/or Shannon, but no word to that effect. So however much she wants a woman to win in principle, it seems like she rarely gets as attached to any specific woman as she does to many of the guys. I don’t think it’s a deliberate bias, just differences in how she connects to different people, and a lack of awareness of how that might be skewing her judging.

        • TEA says:

          JLo SAID once she wanted the girls to do better on the show. She said it in the context of giving too-harsh a criticism to a girl. The idea was that she really, really hated to have to give the negative comment because she is such a wonderful sensitive person she really wants to support the girls, but she was just forced by the performance to make a negative comment anyway. At least that is how I remember it.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah she totally hates on any sort of rocker chick who can sing better than her. She completely forgets her bring down the house last week, very excellent the week before, her great duet this week, her not THAT bad this week and then is like she clearly deserves to be the one to go home now? Anyone with a Y and she is in their corner. She will support a country girl (if they aren’t better looking than her for 100% sure) since then they don’t make her feel bad they are safely out in country and safely not as good looking.

      She just acted so jealous over Haley and she sure doesn’t show Elise love. Like last week she was “oooh oooh I SOOOO didn’t want to stand, I didn’t want to stand (after having just stood for like the entire night’s acts prior) but you just finally forced me to in the end.” (I was hoping maybe that was just a poorly put extra strong compliment, although it didn’t seem like it, but this week made it 100% clear it had not been) and then even when she was calling the performance great last week and shaking her head in awe she also had this really jealous I could never have done that gdammit look.

      And Randy with his stupid everyone is in it to win it, oh except Elise (and Hollie). Same BS as last season.

      All those saying Randy and JLo meant that DeAndre belonged in the bottom two and not Elise are crazy. I mean JLo said she voted to save DeAndre so how on earth can you think she didn’t mean Elise? And can you think Randy didn’t either when the night before he named all but Elise and Hollie as people who might be able to win?

      I think TPTB (at least Nigel, perhaps not Iovine) just got scared to pieces by Elise out of bottom three last week and Skylar in bottom three and Hollie above Skylar. They totally flipped on Elise again.

      • Layla says:

        JLo could have meant that Hollie should be in Elise’s place instead. It makes sense because Deandre, her fave would not need to be saved since he did better the last couple of weeks.

  34. Tracy says:

    TOTALLY agree with your rant about Phillip. He came off like such an arrogant prick tonight. And, frankly, I think he’s b-o-r-i-n-g. Maybe he’s staying “true to himself” but it’s coming off as one trick, in my opinion. They keep saying he’s unique and innovative but I’m just not seeing it. Having said that, he was growing on me until this week’s performance and the attitude tonight.

  35. Chris says:

    The audience says SAVE HIM! SAVE HIM! then chants Save! Save! Save! Save!

    I was really disappointed to see him go tonight but I was also realistic that DeAndre was not the next American Idol winner. I’d hoped he be around for a couple of more weeks because he was improving (I won’t even go into the conspiracy theory out there that they sacrificed him to save Elise). I like this truly genuine and vulnerable kid. Best of luck to that sweet, sweet young man. I know he will grow leaps and bounds while on tour. I welled up with tears every time they put his sister on the screen. Could you imagine what his mother was going through trying to console her daughter who’s heart was broken while watching her sons fate come to an end too soon? Heart wrenching. God bless that family, I know they are proud of Kamele.

    With that said Jimmy I have a lot of respect for you as a business man, but you are an asshole. I like that you laid it out to Phillip and Michael thank you for saying what I’ve been bouncing around for weeks.

    I hope they all step it up next week because when they do use that save, two will follow suit.
    I heard Jennifer Hudson may be the mentor!

    Had the judges played it smart they would have used it tonight so next week could go ahead and shake out the two weakest links and take it to the finish line. Either way 2 girls would have been in the top 5 – but I think one of the guys they all feel is a shoe in really isn’t… shhhh. Don’t get too excited. We’ll rejoice when he moves on to his long an winding road of a record deal with Jimmy asshole Iovine.

    • Katie says:

      Are they going to send two home the week after the save? I’ve been assuming since Jermaine’s disqualification that they’d only send one…

      • Sandy says:

        That makes sense to only send one home after the save or just have a free week where no one goes home if they don’t save anyone before top 5. If I’m not mistaken, the date of the finale was set before Jermaine was sent home so they still have to do a same amount of shows with one less contestant.

  36. Tyriq says:

    America definitely got it very close. The judges already saved DeAndre once so no need to do it again; that would just be a waste. Phillip should have been in the bottom 3 and I agree that he is too smug and not quite as talented, or original, as he thinks. Casey was a better musician with more pizzazz but wasn’t as good looking (he was voted off).

  37. fullyCOOKed says:

    I didnt get the impression that Phillip thinks he’s better than he really is. I think, in his down home, naive, country bumpkin way, he was saying, This is what I do, this is how I do it, maybe it wasnt perfect, but it is what it is, and I am who I am. That song was all wrong for him, he was distracted by the presence of his brother on stage,and unless he’s stupid, he knows it was was a sub par vocal, in spite of the judges effusive praise. If he’s guilty of anything, it’s being somewhat unpolished for the role of American Idol, Spokesperson, Role Model, whatever. Having said all that, it will surprise you to know that I’m voting for Colton, so this rant is not biased by my being a crazed female WWWG voter. (Gave that up after season 7, lol)

    • Marianne says:

      An awful lot of excuses for him. He’s not that great.

      • Marsaili says:

        Well, Jimmy and all the mentors who have come through seem to think he is that great—I think they know what they are talking about. Phillip isn’t arrogant at all, I think he’s just sick of explaining himself. Plus, I think he is in pain all the time and can’t move around real well, and can’t bend down to touch people’s hands—and that’s not his thing. There is nothing wrong with that—he just wants to be up there and sing. That doesn’t mean he’s arrogant, not everyone is into the adulation. NO BIG DEAL.

        • Cup of Joe says:

          Not so much arrogant as much as “in over his head and needs a quarter to buy himself a clue.”

          • Tarc says:

            Or rather, “he knows himself very well and won’t get confused by the general Idol hype and will be happy to be himself after this alll is over.”

        • mia p. says:

          But the mentors and Jimmy also like Elise, Jessica and some other people. Stevie Nicks sang with Elise, she said she had to. And Gwen wanted to sing with Colton. You only want to sing with someone if you really like them.

      • NikkiQM says:

        Exactly Marianne!

  38. Derek says:

    Simply put, Philip is a douche.

    • Sandi says:

      Yes, he’s a terrible person because he made one comment that came off a bit arrogant.

      • Wouldn’t go far as to say he’s a terrible person. More along the lines of “this guy needs to wake the heck up and realize that ‘being yourself’ can only do so much for so long and he ain’t all that he’s cracked up to be.”

        • Tarc says:

          Either that or he’s great,a nd will take whatever publicity and success the show and the tour grants him, be grateful and continue on with his career being exactly who he wants to be.

      • Derek says:

        In fact, it was the second time he’s made an arrogant comment (the first time was with Tommy Hilfiger and Jimmy). Not sure what the big deal about him is, anyway. When he sings, he looks very awkward – his hands and arms writing, the painful look on his face. He makes me feel uncomfortable watching him!

    • shelbybb says:

      No Derek, A douche is someone that says something ugly about another person ANONYMOUSLY.

  39. TinyTim says:

    DeAndre Brackensick is Justin Guiarini’s twin, so I am surprised he left so early. If Paula was still on the show this wouldn’t have happened.

  40. Davey says:

    I wasn’t so bothered by Phillip. What else are you going to say when Jimmy puts you down?

    I think Skylar is going to be a prima donna from now on. I could already see it coming out tonight. She’s going to start screaming all her songs.

    So now this is American Powerhouse Idol.

    • WhoSaidThat says:

      How about, “I will take his advice under serious consideration and look forward to working with him further”. Smile and move the moment on. It’s that simple.

  41. Pammy says:

    I’m so relieved because my girl Elise is safe, but it was definitely bittersweet seeing Deandre go. It tugged on my heart strings when he kept looking at his weeping little sister in the audience and saying “Stop crying baby… stop crying.” So sweet. I wish him well.

    And I’m all about individuality but Philip needs to get his head outta his you-know-what and at least pretend like he cares about being on the show. Say all you want about Elise’s “stank face” but at least it shows she cares about the outcome and she wants to do well. There’s a difference between being nonchalant and being comatose. And I think what he said tonight about not wanting to engage the audience by touching people’s hands was a major faux pas. Hey Phillip, I don’t want to touch you either. So there.

    And doth my eyes deceive me? Four girls and three guys left? Wow. It’s going to be really tough knocking the remaining boys out of this competition, but…but… but GIRL POWER! Well, actually I’d like a Elise/Jessica/Joshua/Skylar final four (sorry Hollie). It ain’t gonna happen, but a girl can dream right?

    Hail Queen Elise!

    • Marsaili says:

      Can you please explain to me why it is necessary for anyone to HAVE to touch the audience? Phillip just had surgery, he was very ill and still seems to be in pain. He probably doesn’t WANT to be touching other people to stay away from germs, or maybe, quite possibly, due to his kidney pain, it’s too hard for him to bend over and touch people. The guy just wants to play his guitar and sing—when the heck did that become a crime??? Geez, people, get real!

      • 30CamdenSquare says:

        I don’t think Jimmy even suggested that he needed to high five the audience. He was saying that needed to try harder to improve as a performer (& IMO he really does). Phillip brought up the bit up about not wanting to play Patty Cake w/ the audience (Honestly, I don’t think this adds anything to anyone’s performance). Unfortunately, for him, that’s the part of his comments that appear to be biting him in the a$$.

      • mia p. says:

        I don’t think he likes to touch people, there’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s nothing wrong with touching them. It was just a bad sentence…

    • elisefan44 says:

      word to your whole post, pammy! and i can’t wait to see what elise comes up with next week – i have a feeling she’ll take everything that happened this week into consideration and will come up with another great performance.

  42. Sandi says:

    Sad to see Deandre get the boot but, honestly, I was going to be bummed no matter who was voted off. They’re all excellent at this point. I hated seeing him go but – I can’t deny it – I’m glad it wasn’t a female for a change.

    I think Elise and Hollie are in big trouble if they don’t have a serious moment next week.

    • 30CamdenSquare says:

      I think they need to have “a moment” in order to stay in, but if any of the girls, other than Jessica, falter next week, they’re in trouble. Elise had 3 solid performances in a row, including 2 moments, going into last night, and look how far she fell. The thing is I don’t think the guys are more talented than the girls, they just have larger fan bases for some reason.

  43. shelbybb says:

    Michael – You and Melinda need to have a contest to win a trip to come join you to watch American Idol with (either of) you. I’d do my best to be quiet during the show but talk a lot before and after!!! Doesn’t that sound like a fun night with fans?!
    Who’s in?

    • mia p. says:

      that would be nice! but I’m from outside the States, so it wouldn’t work for me… but it would be cool to see at least someone from the idoloonie nation comment on the finale, right?

  44. Lea H. says:

    You know, we’re all so quick to judge. I admit what PP said sounded a little defensive, but we don’t see what these kids go through behind the scenes. They probably have so many people in their face telling them how to act, what to say, what they should wear, what to sing, how to sing it. That has to be so taxing, and on top of it, it’s elimination night and one of them are going home. Their anxious and nerves are running high. We’ve all been there to some degree and when our emotions are running high, we tend to say things we wouldn’t under normal circumstances. I didn’t hear him say that he’s beyond improvement or the best singer in the compitition. I heard him saying stop trying to make me someone I’m not. I don’t think he was being smug, at all, and you know what Michael Slezak, making fun of this kid about his facial expressions sends out the wrong message when we’re living in a time of extreme bullying.

    • fullyCOOKed says:

      Thank you, that’s exactly what I was trying to convey.

    • wordgirl says:

      Thank you, Lea. I love Phillip. And, yes, he is giving it back to the image makers at Idol and I like that. No matter where he finishes he is still the only one whose music or concert tickets I can see myself buying. I don’t listen to ballads or over the top singing. I like singers who feel the music down to their souls and relay that feeling to their fans.We all have our likes but to judge him on one comment in a very high pressure moment is silly. His popularity speaks to the need for non-cookie cutter idols.

      • Here’s the thing though:he ain’t all that. Would it KILL him to show another side? Would it KILL him to grow his craft as a musician?

        Seriously, he should wake up. And this weeks’ performance, showed off his shortcomings.

        • Marsaili says:

          No here’s the REAL thing—he ain’t all that to YOU. If you check out Facebook, he’s #3 in popularity behind Colton and Jessica in likes—65,000+. That ain’t small potatoes and that’s JUST Facebook. On Twitter, he’s got 141,000+ followers, #2 behind Colton at 156,000+ and Jessica at #3 with 106,000+ followers. AND Jimmy and every single mentor that has been there has said he’s ready to make an album NOW. The facts speak louder than opinion.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Funny, Heejun, if I remember right, had the most followers of these folks and he STILL got voted off. Haley last year had a few of the top-selling iTunes singles and she STILL got voted off short of the Finale.

            Perhaps you should take things with a few grains of salt, no?

            I’m guessing it won’t be long til folks get bored with P2 bandwagon and they jump aboard the Colton train.

          • Marsaili says:

            Nope, Joe—-he’s below Phillip in followers on Facebook and just above Jessica on Twitter at #3 behind Phillip and Colton. Maybe you ought to check out the numbers before you try and make your point.

          • Cup of Joe says:

            Either way, it still proves my point, having a lot of followers and whatnot isn’t the be-all and end-all of things.

            A for effort though for trying to derail and debunk me. Nice try, for what it’s worth.

          • Bobbi says:

            Voting shifts as other contestants leave. So it will affect how many are currently following them on social media. It will depend if any of the other contestant’s fans will shift over to support the remaining one. Heejun’s fans probably shifted more to P2 due to their friendship. If P2 leaves, his fans will shift to Elise most likely (or vice versa). Same with Hollie’s to Jessica. or Joshua. Colton’s fans? Skylar’s? All theory of course but worth a thought.

          • Erica says:

            The analysis about followers is weak. Let me give an example, I am a Christian and whenever I tweet a Bible verse, 5 Christian site/pastor/blogger auto-followers follow me and they never unfollow. I am not saying he is unpopular but I do not think Twitter is a good measure of popularity. I guess some (not all) of Philip’s followers are auto-followers as well. Plus, are these followers even in the US?

    • marie says:


    • Tara says:

      I completely agree with this. I think people are blowing his comments way out of proportion (especially those who already dislike him). Could he have said it better? Probably. But I bet that he’s getting sick and tired of people trying to change him (as would I).

      • Erica says:

        I think MJ said it in her blog best, indie rockers do not try out for AI and when they do they have to eat all the cheese that comes with it. I do not dislike Philip but we have to admit that his words (whether he intended them to be arrogant or not) turned off some of his viewers who do not go to these blog sites (like I do).

  45. Jane says:

    Hated J-LO’s and Randy’s Elise diss. (America got it only half right with the bottom two.) It reminded me of when Randy said everyone but Haley won that round last year. JLO hates any female who is more talented and prettier than her. Randy continues to be joke. Sure, Elise had an off night, but she’s killed it the last two weeks and is more talented than Deandre. Hollie gave the worse performance last night and should have gone home. She totally go the sympathy vote last night. Phillip and Colton both had off nights too, but were they sent to the bottom 3 or even called out for nasally vocals and pitch problems?

    • ma'am says:

      the “diss” could have been for deandre because if the judges thought america “got it wrong”, then they would have saved him. i think if elise would have been the last person standing, they would have saved her because she is definitely a stronger singer than deandre.

      • Marsaili says:

        It’s funny because I thought the judges meant that Deandre deserved to be in the bottom and Elise didn’t. I’ve been puzzled as to why people assumed it was the other way around. Deandre is a wildcard pick,I doubt they would think he should stay over Elise, no matter how hard Jenny is crushing on him! And I mean that in a purely mentoring/judging fashion :-)

        • marie says:

          The way I saw it, at least in JLo’s case, she had been going on and on on performance night, encouraging people to “Vote for Deandre!”, and she criticized Elise’s performance. So from that it seemed to me that she was referring to Elise as the “yes, she belongs in the bottom 2” person.

          • Erica says:

            Well if she based the comment on the previous night’s performance then yes, Deandre was better.

        • FreeHaley says:

          For sure JLo meant Elise, I mean she said she voted to save Deandre so you do the math. And for how Randy acts I’m pretty sure, but not 100% granted, he also meant it against Elise.

          • FreeHaley says:

            actually I am sure Randy meant Elise deserved to be bottom two, because the other night when asked who was in it he mentioned every single name but for Elise and Hollie same BS he did to Haley last season

            they want jessica and skylar top two girls at all costs

      • Jane says:

        They all 3 said Deandre was good Wednesday night and all 3 said Elise was terrible and Randy listed everyone but Elise and Hollie when asked you did well at the end of the night. I’m pretty suyre they meant Elise not Deandre deserved the spot in the bottom two

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah, I hoped they had changed a little since last season, but nope, same old stuff that made me skip most of the first half of this season and may make me skip the rest.
      How can JLo think Elise most deserved to go home? (and it appeared Randy agreed)
      Come on! SHe brought down the house last week and she deserves to go first?
      Same old.
      YOu can tell TPTB fear ELise and Hollie and knocked ’em down and did all possible for Sklyar to make sure Sklyar stays longer than those two.

      • Marsaili says:

        No, Randy did NOT agree, J-Lo said she was the ONLY one who voted to save DeAndre—so Randy clearly did not agree otherwise DeAndre would have been saved the next day.

    • FreeHaley says:

      +1000 why i skipped most of this season and maybe it’s time to skip the rest
      can’t stand JLo and Randy and Nigel’s actions

  46. WhoSaidThat says:

    No. Based on the last couple of weeks (and most especially last night) all things considered, I don’t think ‘America’ got it right tonight. What a pity that the wrong person went home this week…

    What I find interesting is how these idols live interviews keep unfolding.

    Queuing in Queen’s “Under Pressure” ….

  47. Mister Clean says:

    Kellie PIckler is too thin! I’m worried about her

    • Marsaili says:

      I noticed that as well, she is a lot thinner than she was in her videos from her last album.

      • MamaLis says:

        Well, I posted this earlier but I just re-watched it again on my tivo. There was something very wrong and very powerful going on behind the scenes. It looked like it (maybe) had to do with the topic of Pickler’s marriage or husband. But when they cut over to JLo and she smiled, then immediately cut her smile off (thinking the cameras were gone) and actually curved her upper lip in contempt and almost growled at her….it was scarey. The camera then caught the tail end of Kelly receiving that look and ‘moment’ from JLo and…. her face said a LOT in the few seconds before she plastered a fake smile back onto it. Like fear or guilt or disdain. Slow motion really caught a lot. Something was surely up.

        • TEA says:

          Thanks for pointing this out. I rewatched it and you are right! JLo should know better than to allow the camera to catch her like that. She smiled first but then must have thought the camera would have already panned away because boy did her expression change!
          My guess would be JLo wanted her video to be toward the end of the show and instead Kellie go to perform live in that slot. If that is the issue then IMO Kellie did her a favor. The fewer viewers to catch that video, the better for JLo.

  48. Lemon says:

    I love Deandre’s voice….when he’s using the falsetto as a condiment and not a main dish. However, I came of age in the 80’s . Deandre’s voice and singing are totally 80’s…..Prince….etc…and so many other acts from that time…of course I like it. And of course the judges, all over 40, like it too!

    His voice and singing style are retro. Just like his Frampton hair flipping. It’s not what the kids want today.

  49. Sean D says:

    DeAndre was great. I wish Hollie was the contestant eliminated, but I agree with the judges in not saving him. I don’t think he could have survived a double elimination next week, and I don’t think he could have ever won the season. And I think those should be the two principal qualifiers for using the save.

  50. Gina says:

    I felt bad for Deandre. He’s a sweetheart and I like his originality better than some others. Phillip…yikes. Too cool for school, huh? Every other contestant “touched hands” and–guess what–fans are a part of the music industry! Showing a little gratitude is not unmanly or un-artist-y.
    Very disappointing attitude, especially coming on a week that where I thought he gave one of the worst performances of the night.
    Glad that Holly stayed, though.